Pass Out

The Cameron revival means the number of pass applications are up 40% on last year (7,200 v 5,000). A co-conspirator sent this picture of the resulting queue this afternoon. Send more pictures…

Guido will be leaving the Westminster cellar for Bournemouth tomorrow in time to heckle Iain Dale and Ann Widdecombe who are speaking at a Hansard Society/BT fringe meeting on “Can Politicians Ignore the New Media?” Answering that question in a practical fashion.

Then it will be on to the “Prohibition speakeasy party” being hosted by The Free Society, an offshoot of the smokers’ lobby group Forest. “The Free Society” is being launched to campaign for less government interference in people’s lives – as well as fags, they’ll be fighting for foie gras, boozing and motoring. Guido will be driving down for the promised free champagne, vodka cocktails and “politically-incorrect canapes” and to support this profoundly worthwhile cause.

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