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Scientific and objective? Who cares, look who came came top!* Guido was reluctant when Iain asked for a few hundred words for his Guide to UK Political Blogging, however when he said the Miliblogger was contributing – well you know how it is – so buy a dead-tree-copy or scrounge one off Dale at a party conference. Alternatively download it here and see for yourself the result. Guido assumed an earnest, caring social justice promoting blog would come top. Totty-watching must have even wider appeal than Guido originally imagined…

*Guido’s blog was judged the #1 Non-Aligned Blog & the #1 UK Political Blog Overall. Notice that Guido was in the non-aligned category, not Tory, though this never seems to get through to some lazy journalists and a certain type of pro-regime apologist for New Labour’s sleaze.

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