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What does it tell the rotting body politic when this blog alone, according to web analysts Hitwise, is now receiving a larger share of visits than either the website for the Tory party or the Labour party. This has been going on for months (not just recently).

Guido has a policy of not doing interviews or of giving newspapers quotes, because unless it is live or you control the article yourself, you will be edited to fit the narrative. The narrative currently is that a conspiracy of politically motivated bloggers are doing down Prescott. The reality is that the truth is doing down Prescott. The truth will also bring down Levy. The truth is that our political system is rotten and the politicians are allowed to get away with it by enfeebled lobby journalists who would rather keep their relationships sweet than their readers fully informed. They all know that the Labour party traded peerages for cash, they know who did it and how. People bought their way into the legislature to rule over us.

The audacity of the politicians is that they plan to turn this to their advantage so that they get more of the taxpayer’s money to fund themselves and the self-same press pundits will probably bless that as a necessary evil.

In the Guardian after a lot of cant and self-righteous crap from Paxman, Robinson et al last week, Guido finally repaid them in kind. The political media have separated themselves from, and set themselves above the people that pay their salaries. People want the truth about those that rule over them. What do people want to know about Prescott? The AEG/Casino corruption angle? No. What people are searching to know can be best seen from this data:
Guido makes no apologies for giving people what they want, politicians should be held to account if they want to rule over us. Philosopher-kings may be the ultimate ideal, but most would settle just for honest politicians.
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