Chameleon Meets Thundering Herd

A Chameleon was spotted at a hush hush meeting in investment bankers Merrill Lynch’s City offices on Tuesday. Guido’s co-conspirator in the Square Mile remarks that:

“his visit to the bank was a marked contrast from that of Tony Blair a few weeks earlier. While Tony drank tea in the staff canteen, chatted with all and sundry and cheerfully mugged for mobile phone photoshoots, open-necked Dave was rushed in and out of the building by a fleet of stony-faced and tight lipped security guards. Those ML staff who spotted him in the plush sixth floor conference suite were ‘advised’ to keep schtum about the visit.”

Probably just checking on his portfolio, long windmill makers, short chocolate makers…

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Quote of the Day

Michael Gove in the present tense…
‘The Prime Minister is doing a great job at the moment’


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