The Man in the Chameleon Suit

When Dave gave his pro-family speech to the National Family and Parenting Institute the Labour party sent some poor sod dressed up in a rubber blue chameleon outfit to hand out leaflets outside the venue. Whilst Dave was promising tax breaks for parents the lone Labour campaigner was sweating buckets in the heat.

The suit is reputed to have cost the Labour party some two thousand pounds, nearly as much as Cherie’s monthly hairdressing bill. Is this money well spent? Surely the local elections proved that the chameleon attack line is not working – people like the chameleon and it reinforces the Tory change message. Even Dave’s daughter likes it according to a well crafted piece of Cameronite spin.

Guido feels a little sorry for the man in the suit. Still at least it gives John Prescott something to do and keeps his picture out of the papers.

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