Wingnut* Says Miliband is a Moonbat*

Iain Murray, a Brit who is a Washington wonk who writes for the National Review (a bit like the Spectator with guns and no sex) points out that the Miliblog was bollocks yesterday.

To recap, Miliband found it “humbling that Al Gore held his first Senate hearing on climate change 26 years ago, in 1980.” Murray thinks that unlikely since Al wasn’t even a senator in 1980. Next Miliband quoted Gore’s claim that “The Chinese symbol for ‘crisis’ is in fact two symbols – one for danger and the other for opportunity. “ Which according to expert sinologists is also bollocks. Finally, and this is more of a philosophical problem, Miliband’s desire to “halt climate change” seems a bit drastic, some of us like the changing seasons. Surely he meant “halt global warming”.

Miliband therefore qualifies as a moonbat on three counts in a single blog post. Murray’s own repressed wing-nuttery is illustrated by him once writing an appreciative story about something on this blog to which he wrote he couldn’t link, much to Guido’s amusement, because this blog sometimes carries sexy adverts – that will be the incredibly popular Anne Summers rampant rabbit vibrators. American Conservatism would it seems crumble at the sight of a dildo. Britsh Conservatives thrive on kinky sex, and Anne Summers are very happy with the passing trade Guido sends to them.

*Wingnut: a rabid right-winger. *Moonbat: a moronic left-winger. The blogosphere loves to use novel insults.

Hat-tip : Iain Dale & An Englishman’s Castle

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