Help Form Labour’s Education Policy

Little tip from Guido for David Willetts (courtesy of the left-wing pressure group Compass). Compass are campaigning with Fiona Millar (also not known as Mrs Alastair Campbell) to make sure parents have no choice but to send their children to the local comprehensive to learn text messaging and stabbing.

Guido learns from Gavin Hayes that anyone is allowed to submit to the Labour Party’s ‘Partnership in Power’ process. You can do this by sending your submissions to So ‘democratic’, like a people’s soviet for policy making. The Labour Party press office kindly confirmed that “Partnership in Power provides both members and non-members with a forum for making their ideas and suggestions heard through discussions at local policy forums and through submissions to Policy Commissions.”

Now the Tories can really assist Blair and Ruth Kelly with suggestions to get their reforms through. Guido is just trying to be helpful.

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