Blunkett’s Luck and Bad Timing mdi-fullscreen
On Monday Blunkett said the family trust would sell the shares at no profit. In fact after the costs of establishing the trust are taken into account it would probably be at a loss. Then he resigned the next day. So if he has sold the shares it was unnecessary now he is once again a powerless backbencher. So Blunkett (or he would say the trust) will miss out on pocketing a few hundred thousand pounds when DNA Bung-Sciences floats. Bad timing and bad judgement.

Or will he? Has he actually sold the shares?

Guido too was unlucky. Blogging Blunkett’s downfall instead of betting on it yesterday morning. I called William Hill around 9.30.

Guido : I’d like to put £50 on Blunkett going.
WH : Which race is that?
Guido : Its a political bet not a horse, he’s a government minister.
WH : We don’t do those I’m afraid.
Guido : I have a press release from Graham Sharpe saying you are offering 7/4 on Blunkett going.
WH : I’ll check.
15 minutes pass, Blunkett fails to show up at the select committee.
WH : Hello, sorry for keeping you waiting. We’re not taking any more bets on that.

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