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Commissioner Ian Blair knew his men had screwed up, and he knew they had screwed up big time. He tried initially to block an Independent Police Complaints Commission investigation, he subsequently kept their investigators out of the crime scene for three days (on bogus “national security” grounds), he also allowed disinformation to be disseminated unchecked which served to smear a harmless electrician posthumously.

Guido is wondering why “Whitehall sources” seem prepared to let Ian Blair fall on his sword so readily, but more than that, they are seemingly clearing the altar for his sacrifice. The leaks coming from the investigation are damning and “the sources” suggest attempts were made by the commissioner to thwart a real investigation. A serious charge – its always the cover-ups that get you.

Could it be that someone in Marsham Street wants the buck for the death of an electrician to stop at New Scotland Yard down the road? When it comes to internecine warfare in Whitehall Sir John Gieve is a black-belt master, remember he was the leading character in Blunkett’s tragi-comedy demise. If the commissioner has fallen out with him, bet on the commissioner losing.

UPDATE : Guido’s conspiracy theory has unravelled, somewhat. The Times reports that a clerk at the IPCC did the leaking and has been suspended. But the Whitehall sources still seem to be briefing against the Commissioner…

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