Pollard : “publication of my book is quite clearly a cock-up” mdi-fullscreen
Click to buy Stephen Pollard manages to interview himself in the Times about his forthcoming Blunkett book. The headline quote above is taken from the article and its completely in context, just like all the Blunkett quotes that Michael Howard threw at a squirming Blair during PMQs this week. Well I suppose Pollard interviewing himself makes a welcome change for him from writing press releases for the pharmaceutical industry dressed up as “research”. Pollard always insists on describing himself as left of centre and a Labour party member. But what left-wing opinions does he hold nowadays, apart from despising the Tories? (Which is a pretty mainstream opinion judging by the polls). He describes himself as a blood thirsty warmonger, he writes for the Express, Times, Daily Mail and he is a senior fellow at the Brussels based free market think tank the Centre for the New Europe. Last time Guido bumped into him was at the Adam Smith Institute bloggers shindig, where he seemed amongst friends.

He is positively cackling about having stuck the knife into Blunkett with great finesse. So how is he left wing?

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