Civil Service set for 5th November Strike

Guido is truly humbled and honoured that the civil service is set to vote to strike in my honour on 5th November. Much better than just bonfires. I suggest the striking mob should lay siege to Parliament and ….. no must not get carried away… remember, remember. But why only one day? Why don’t you administrators, adjudicators, archivists, auditors, bureaucrats, censors, census takers, contingency co-ordinators, government actuaries, inspectors, monitors, officers, ombudsmen, paymasters, planners, public guardians, racial equality commissioners, registrars, statisticians, regional co-ordinators, regulators, rural payments agents, tax collectors, valuers and vehicle certifiers strike for longer? Is your cause not just? Strike I say, strike for as long as it takes. Bring the country to its knees! See if the country copes without you, eh?

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Quote of the Day

One Tory MP remarked yesterday…

“How many are in four Bakers’ dozens? About 35…”


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