Continui-tea Miliband: Kinnock Spotted in Burnham HQ


A co-conspirator over at 83 Victoria Street reports that Neil Kinnock was in the building this morning.

The Westminster serviced office block hosts both Liz Kendall and Andy Burnham’s leadership campaign teams, and no prizes for guessing where the windbag was heading.

The Burnham camp are playing down the meeting, with a source telling Guido that it was just a cup of tea and that the former leader will have “no role, formal or informal” on the campaign: “Andy meets with people from across the party”.

Kinnock didn’t pop in to see Liz though…

Cash For Influence: How a Labour Donor Killed a Bill

Guido has written previously on how Labour have let trade union donors buy influence in the House. Well, they have been caught red handed once again.

On May 29, Labour peer Baroness Turner sponsored a Private Members’ Bill seeking to reform Easter trading laws – introducing it at its first reading in the House of Lords.

The bill would have removed the prohibition on Easter trading for large shops.

Two weeks later, on the afternoon of June 16, the general secretary of the USDAW union emailed Labour peers asking them to oppose the Labour bill:

From: John Hannett

Sent: Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Subject: Please oppose the Easter Day Trading Bill – Second Reading on Friday 19th June

Dear XXXX,

As the main retail union for the UK’s 3 million shopworkers, Usdaw urges peers to oppose the Private Member’s Bill on Easter Day Trading at second reading on Friday. The UK already has the longest trading hours in Europe, with over 150 shopping hours a week, and only 2 days per year of large stores being closed – Christmas Day and Easter Day…

As the attached briefing sets out, two thirds of shopworkers are already under pressure to work on Sundays, and this pressure intensifies at busy trading times, with holidays not permitted…

For these reasons, I urge you not to support the Easter Trading Bill. 

Yours sincerely

John Hannett

General Secretary, Usdaw (Union of Shop, Distributive & Allied Workers)

Just three days after that email was sent to Labour peers, Baroness Turner withdrew her bill:

In the last five years, USDAW has donated over £6 million to the Labour Party. It has regularly lobbied in defence of exisiting Sunday trading laws.

A major Labour donor, which lobbies heavily on a single issue, successfuly gets a Labour bill withdrawn after lobbying Labour peers. It stinks…

Labour Admit They Can’t Stop Tories Voting For Corbyn


Last week Labour sought to nip the #ToriesForCorbyn campaign in the bud by insisting everyone voting must “support the aims and values of the Labour Party and if they don’t then they won’t be allowed to take part”.

Since then, the only change made to the process has been to ask participants to agree to this statement:

“I support the aims and values of the Labour Party, and I am not a supporter of any organisation opposed to it.”

Yet Labour NEC veteran Ann Black last night admitted that the new system would not stop Tory entryists:

“Some members are concerned about registered supporters and whether our political enemies can subvert the process… Of course people can always lie”

The Corbyn campaign is now seeking to allay concerns:

“much has been made of the idea that Tories are joining the party to vote for this or that candidate. Our instincts tell us to be suspicious of a storm whipped up mainly by the Tory Press. We doubt if it adds up to much.”

He might doubt it, but he’ll be hoping that it does…

Complete Government PPS List

Including junior PPS positions finalised over the weekend…


The Prime Minister: GAVIN WILLIAMSON
Chancellor of the Exchequer – George Osborne – CHRIS SKIDMORE
Home Secretary – Theresa May – MICHAEL ELLIS
Foreign Secretary – Philip Hammond – CHRIS PINCHER
Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice – Michael Gove – ROBERT JENRICK
Secretary of State for Defence – Michael Fallon – GRAHAM EVANS
Secretary of State for Work and Pensions – Iain Duncan Smith – DAVID RUTLEY
Secretary of State for Health – Jeremy Hunt – STEVE BRINE
Leader of the Commons  – Chris Grayling – MIKE FREER
SoS for International Development – Justine Greening – ANDREW BINGHAM
Secretary of State for Education – Nicky Morgan – ROBIN WALKER
Leader of the House of Lords  – Baroness Stowell – KWASI KWARTENG
Secretary of State for Transport – Patrick McLoughlin – STUART ANDREW
Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills – Sajid Javid – JOHN GLEN
Secretary of State for Northern Ireland – Theresa Villiers – REBECCA HARRIS
Secretary of State for DEFRA – Liz Truss – MARK SPENCER
Secretary of State for DCLG– Greg Clark – HENRY SMITH
Secretary of State for Wales – Stephen Crabb – DAVID MORRIS
Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster – Oliver Letwin – ALOK SHARMA
Secretary of State for DCMS – John Whittingdale – HEATHER WHEELER
Secretary of State for Scotland – David Mundell – IAIN STEWART
Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change – Amber Rudd – PAUL MAYNARD

Ministers attending Cabinet:

Chief Secretary to the Treasury – Greg Hands – JAKE BERRY
DWP: Minister of State – Priti Patel – ALEC SHELBROOKE
BIS: Minister of State – Anna Soubry – MARK PAWSEY
CO: Minister of State and Paymaster General – Matthew Hancock – GARETH JOHNSON
Minister without Portfolio – Robert Halfon – ANDREW STEPHENSON
Attorney General – Jeremy Wright – REHMAN CHISHTI

Ministers of State:

Financial Secretary to the Treasury – David Gauke – CONOR BURNS
Home Office: Minister of State – James Brokenshire – CRAIG WHITTAKER
Home Office/MOJ: Ministers of State – John Hayes and Mike Penning – CHRIS WHITE
FCO: Minister of State – David Lidington – JAMES MORRIS
FCO: Minister of State – Hugo Swire – PAULINE LATHAM
MOD: Ministers of State – Philip Dunne and Penny Mordaunt – OLIVER COLVILE
Health: Minister of State – Alistair Burt – KAREN LUMLEY
DfID: Ministers of State – Desmond Swayne and Grant Shapps – CHARLOTTE LESLIE
DfE: Ministers of State – Nick Gibb and Edward Timpson – STEPHEN METCALFE
BIS: Ministers of State – Nick Boles and Jo Johnson – ANNE MARIE MORRIS
BIS/DCMS & DECC: Ed Vaizey and Andrea Leadsom – SHERYLL MURRAY
DEFRA: Minister of State – George Eustice – MATTHEW OFFORD
DCLG: Ministers of State – Mark Francois and Brandon Lewis – ANDREW GRIFFITHS


Parliamentary Adviser to the Party Chairman – Lord Feldman – CHLOE SMITH

Duncan’s Blimping Good Idea

duncan blimp Sir Alan Duncan floated a novel idea today to help local people properly visualise the impact of wind farms on the landscape: force developers to fly blimps.

“A photo montage never really give an accurate picture of the visual impact of these turbines, will the Secretary of State consider making it compulsory applicants to fly a blimp in order better to show the real height of any turbine that is proposed.”

Capital idea…

Labour Councillor Defends Auschwitz / Austerity Comparison

Labour councillor Bernadette Fisher could have said that she retweeted this tasteless Auschwitz photoshop by accident.

She could have said she didn’t look properly before clicking.

She could have said she was hacked.

All three would have been better than the defence she has given to her local paper.

“The point of the tweet is to see the consequences of austerity are grave for people. It’s a pretty extreme message but I think that if you ignore the needs of the poor what are we doing to them? They are trying to make a big thing of it but I am confident of the morality behind my decision to retweet it.

I am not intending to offend, I am intending to make a political point. I feel very strongly about this and I think it’s not good enough that all we are doing is dealing with the deficit. The danger is that you systematically destroy those things that make us so proud.

“I have all kinds of people tweeting back and they are all on the right. Whoever they are, they are doing it for a political reason. They are doing it to have a go at a Labour councillor and that’s what happens when you are doing a tweet and put yourself out there.”

No, Bernadette, they aren’t having a go because you “put yourself out there”, they are having a go because you compared government policy to the Holocaust.

Her critics are on the left too: the former chair of her local Labour party has called for her to resign:

A UKIP councillor would have gone by now…

UPDATE: And there it is:

Mandy Loses to Sissay

Peter Mandelson has been devoting his time to the election for the new Chancellor of Manchester University.

Well, the results are in:

Number of eligible voters: 143,915
Votes cast by post: 111
Votes cast online: 17,772
Total number of votes cast: 17,883

Lemn SISSAY, MBE ………………………… 7,131 Elected
Sir Mark ELDER, CBE ……………………… 5,483
The Rt. Hon. the Lord MANDELSON ……….. 5,269

Who will tour the TV studios explaining why he lost?

No, 250,000 People Did Not Protest On Saturday


Numbers have never been a strong point for the left. Hence why Owen Jones and his new mate Charlotte Church were pushing the quarter of a million figure for Saturday’s march in London. It’s nonsense.

Even lefties are sceptical:

While the police will not publicly give a figure, a source tells Guido this morning that Parliament Square can hold around 20,000 people. With a bit of overflow, the working estimate is around 25,000…

250,000 would fill not only Parliament Square but Whitehall and Trafalgar Square too. Twice over.

In order for the comrades to have achieved 250,000 people on their march, 5,000 people would have to have left the starting point at Bank every minute – almost 100 per second – in the time they claimed to have achieved this fantasy number. “A tight military formation couldn’t even do that,” Guido’s public order numbers bod derides. 

Are the lefties really saying they had the same number of people who marched on Washington in 1963 at the height of the Civil Rights movement – put at between 200,000 and 250,000:


Is Owen Jones really saying he is a bigger draw than Martin Luther King?

250,000 was also the figure given for Obama’s famous speech in Berlin in 2008:


Notice a difference in the size of the crowd?

This is what 250,000 people looked like when Paul McCartney played in Mexico in 2012.

Shall we look at Saturday’s picture again?


Looks about a tenth of the size… pretty shoddy journalism for the papers to just regurgitate the number given by the People’s Assembly Against Austerity without so much as a raised eyebrow. Continue reading

Unite Labour Councillor in Sick Auschwitz Austerity Slur

Having served 25 years as a national secretary for Unite, career comrade Bernadette Fisher finally got the call up to be a Labour councillor in Whitstable in May.

Six weeks into the job and she is already retweeting tasteless photoshops […]


Voice of Angel to Critics: “Hopefully Your Dick Will Fall Off”


Charlotte Church spent her Saturday marching with the People’s Assembly Against Austerity – whose aims include “increasing taxes on the super-rich” and “closing tax loopholes”.

As Guido revealed in the Sun on Sunday, this is the same Cardiff […]


New UKIP EU Attack Ad

Refreshingly, UKIP are going after people who aren’t members of their own party this morning.

This new EU campaign video stars Jose Manuel Barroso, Viviane Reding and Martin Schulz:

A Farage-led ‘out’ campaign would at least be punchy…[…]


Rich’s Monday Morning View



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Quote of the Day

Liz Kendall is asked by Tom Newton Dunn if she would ever ban the Sun from one of her press conferences:

“If you stripped naked and ran in front of me, Tom, I might have second thoughts about it, but apart from that, no.”

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