Wednesday, May 21, 2008

+++ ONS : Public Net Debt 43.1% +++

The Office of National Statistics makes it official: 40% Golden Rule smashed by Northern Rock being included as government debt… don’t even think about Network Rail or the unfunded public sector pensions deficit…

The Guardianista Class

Ever wonder why it is that the Guardianistas are against grammar schools? A co-conspirator points out that this post keeps getting mysteriously deleted from the Guardian’s CiF comments:
Editor Alan Rusbridger (Cranleigh); political editor Patrick Wintour (Westminster); leader writer Madeleine Bunting (Queen Mary’s, Yorkshire); policy editor Jonathan Freedland (University College School); columnist Polly Toynbee (Badminton); executive editor Ian Katz (University College School); security affairs editor Richard Norton Taylor (King’s School, Canterbury); arts editor-in-chief Clare Margetson (Marlborough College); literary editor Clare Armitstead (Bedales); public services editor David Brindle (Bablake); city editor Julia Finch (King’s High, Warwick).; environment editor John Vidal (St Bees); fashion editor Jess Cartner-Morley (City of london School for Girls); G3 editor Janine Gibson (Walthamstow Hall); northern editor Martin Wainwright (Shreswbury); and industrial editor David Gow (St Peter’s, York).

If only Guido had had the advantages they did…

UPDATE : A school chum draws attention to Seumas Milne who is an Old Wykehamist (Winchester College) and at Balliol, Oxford, another mentions the Observer’s Andrew Rawnsley – Rugby School and Cambridge University.

UPDATE II : This was apparently in Private Eye originally. Wouldn’t know – actually don’t read it. Y’know – it is like fortnightly – so twentieth century…

Tonight’s Football

Guido was looking to see who Brown had backed so as to bet on the other team. It appears he cursed wished them both. Guido fears a terrorist outrage…

Don’t Shout at the Telly :LiveChat PMQs Watching the Daily Politics

Be here from 11.55 for fun and to throw rotten tomatoes…

Watch Daily Politics online here.

Guido Now Available Offline on Amazon’s Kindle

As part of Guido’s continuing contribution to saving the trees from slaughter and making himself ubiquitous this blog is now available offline to subscribers via Amazon’s Kindle reader.

Everybody is Twittering nowadays, rolling news keeps on rolling frenetically and somewhat pointlessly. Perhaps instead you need to download the 4000 or so articles Guido has written in the last 4 years and sit on a beach under a tree. Get a Kindle and you can, it is like an iPod for text. (You can read things called books on it as well.)

You are either in front of Guido, or behind…

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tamsin is the Real Toff According to Burke’s Peerage & Gentry

The hypocrisy of the grand-daughter of a baroness running a campaign* against the son of a successful cobbler and accusing him of being the toff has been breathtaking. However the toffs’ bible, Burke’s Landed Gentry (19th Edition) correctly lists her not Ed Timpson. She is “one of them” as her charming leaflets describe toffs. Her politically contrived fake “one of us – working mother” spin will look a little less believable tomorrow…

*Don’t forget it also turned out that the top-hatted Labour Party campaign worker turned out to be an ex-public schoolboy as well. Patronising working class white voters with a stupid knuckle-dragging campaign to elect a baronesses’ grand-daughter with acres in Wales seems hypocrisy on a monumental scale. On Thursday voters will see through it…

UPDATE 22.44 : Paxo just put this to Tamsin live on Newsnight – she looked unamused.

UPDATE 23.04 : Courtesy of an An Englishman’s Castle, we have Tamsin Dunwoody’s pile “Cwarre Dduon”, Ambleston, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire.

N.B. It seems that Chris Whiteside had this story first. Guido’s hat is tipped.

+++ Editorial Advisory – 10pm – Blog Exclusive +++

You will laugh…

Sir Michael White Concedes to Guido

Many will remember fondly Guido’s spit roasting by Paxman and Sir Michael White last year. Guido remembers that they both took particular umbrage at Guido’s news priorities. At the time the top story on the blog was a video of Gordon picking his nose. Paxman went into his faux outraged Grande Dame routine at this prioritising of political tittle tattle. Today in his column Sir Michael concedes that perhaps Guido knew better what the public want. He has obviously been studying the YouTube charts:
“YouTube’s clip of chancellor Brown picking his nose is twice as popular as his PM’s debut last June.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown arrives at Downing Street
Views: 118,600 on the Downing Street YouTube channel

Prime Minister Gordon Brown picks his nose on budget day
Views: 233,649 on the Guido Fawkes’ YouTube channel

So you can teach an old dog new tricks…

Who Will Tell the PM?

Guido has been asking around his Labour Party sources. Nobody has any knowledge of a planned Milburn putsch – though one source said he would support one. The difficulty in a candidate getting 71 nominations from the PLP is irrelevant, the rules state that a challenge had to be in place in April for the party conference. Guido’s Sage of the Handbook says it doesn’t really matter about the rules. If a significant number of Labour MPs told Brown to go, he would have to go. If only people like Milburn, Clarke, Hoey or McDonnell say it, he can weather it.

The sage thought that if only a handful of members of the cabinet were to tell Brown to his face that he had to go for the sake of the party, that would be that. Jack Straw would be the man deputised to do the job. Brown has been a disaster for the Labour Party, he can’t be the change he promised, he is clearly physically and politically exhausted. Will Jack be the one to put him out of his misery on Friday?

UPDATE : Word is that Gordon will flee to Fife on Friday. What was it Alex Salmond called him? “The big feartie from Fife” will want to be well away from any PLP posse wanting mutiny. When there is trouble he will be gone…

Is this Really Why Fiona Gordon is Going?

From January to June 2007 HM Treasury staff took an average of 166 days off per month due to stress-related illnesses. From July to December 2007 HM Treasury staff took an average of 106 days off per month due to stress-related illnesses. The stress levels dropped off dramatically from the moment when Gordon went from the Treasury to No. 10.

Fiona Gordon, Political Secretary to the PM, is leaving this summer. The spin is because she wants to do other things. In fact, Guido is reliably informed, it is because she bears the brunt of most of Gordon’s mobile phone flinging tantrums. It was she who procured and failed to secure David Pitt-Watson for the General Secretaryship of the Labour Party. Some Labour activists suspect she is now the real acting General Secretary of the Labour Party. As Gordon’s henchwoman it should be remembered that, if the Crewe campaign ends in disaster and Gordon tries to deny his active direction of it, Steve McCabe, the orchestrator of the campaign, is Fiona’s other half. The nasty party campaign comes directly from Downing Street…

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Westbourne-Change-Opinion Guido-hot-button (1)

Knifed former civil service chief Bob Kerslake on his recent troubles:

“Many thks for kind wishes following back opn. Incision measured 16cm. A pretty big knife in the back! Photos on request.”

TJ says:

And i’ve noticed that 100% of Guido Fawkes staff are men. Looks like Guido has a woman problem. Or is it an hypocrisy problem?

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