Monday, July 13, 2009

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dale’s Twitter List Lacking

Far be it from Guido to advise the blogosphere’s esteemed lister-in-chief on how to make a list, nevertheless it has to be said his list of political Twitterers seems deficient: Boris Johnson is #1 by far with over forty thousand followers.

He has also forgotten Derek Draper with some four thousand followers.  Derek might not have achieved much, but this now silent Twitter feed was very important to him.  Let us not deny him his mega-twittery…

Tories Shelving Inheritance Tax Cut

Guido is an unashamed tax cutter who prefers to cut the taxes of the poorest by raising thresholds and cutting the basic rate.  Nevertheless the Inheritance Tax cut promise was a welcome tactical success in that it contributed to Brown bottling the election in 2007, the strategic mistake that doomed his premiership.  The News of the World has been given a steer that it will be shelved (presumably by Andy Coulson, who according to Guido’s sources at the Screws, “acts like he is still the boss”).  Also shelved will be the commitments to cut Stamp Duty and to introduce a modest but symbolically important £20-a-week tax break for married couples.

It will be spun that the dire fiscal state left to them by Brown will prevent the Tories bringing in any tax reduction.  The expected onslaught from Labour on all these tax breaks will be more easily deflected if they take a “only when we can afford it” stance.  The trouble is, unless they slash the budget deficit they won’t be able to balance the budget in first term.  So when will the Tories be able to afford to reduce taxes?  What a depressing poverty of ambition, no bright new dawn, just a fiscal fog.

neilobrien_140x140This timid “give no ammunition to Brown and Balls” approach was first publicly advocated by Policy Exchange’s Neil O’Brien last month, he argued “Dropping the inheritance tax cut will earn the Tories the right to tell the public the terrible truth about the debt disaster.” The public already knows the terrible truth, there is only one way out of debt, you cut spending, there is only one way to grow the economy sustainably, supply side reforms and cutting taxes.  Nuancing the politics might spin well on the comment pages of the Guardian, it won’t bring jobs and economic growth.  Which is more important?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Jonah Jinxes Academy

The Time Educational Supplement headlines it clearly Academy Lauded by Brown Put on Notice

Sheffield Academy JinxedSchool PM Praised for ‘Dynamism’ is One of Two Found Wanting by Ofsted

Two multi-million pound academies have been described as inadequate by Ofsted in the same week. Sheffield Springs Academy and Westminster Academy have both been heavily criticised by inspectors for failing to reach high enough standards and have had their overall performance given a grade four – the lowest possible mark.

Sheffield Springs was visited by Gordon Brown in May, the next week  inspectors called. The Prime Mentalist praised the school’s pupils for their “dynamism”, “determination to succeed” and “high morale”.  The inspectors on the other hand pointed to teachers failing to meet students’ individual needs, poor leadership and inadequate governance. 

Very much like our national situation in a microcosm:  failing to meet individual needs, poor leadership and inadequate governance.

Explain this One to Michelle

What is the Excuse this Time?So the explanation for staring at the Brazilian girl’s ass was that he was moving out of her way.  Sure he was.  So now explain his point of view in relation to this French derriere

Michelle might buy it once, but twice?  It is clear to every guy what these two presidents have been comparing during the photo line-up.

Via : Englishman’s Castle

Has McBride Got a Job?

Damian McPoisonThe Telegraph’s Mandrake reckons Damian McBride has got the £22,000 a year job as “Business and Community Manager” at Finchley Catholic High School.  Guido has been keeping an eye on this and as far as he knows it is still not official.  Guido is also keeping an eye on Draper’s status with the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy – they have yet to arrive at a decision on his professional standing.

Unbelievably Draper has been heard speculating on a possible return to politics.  Absolutely brilliant!

Keen Court Report


This just in from Guido’s court reporter and co-conspirator, Colin Murphy, at the hearing into the occupation of an empty, taxpayer funded property by taxpayers:

It was a very good-natured hearing, delayed by some 25 minutes (the Keen’s counsel in that time instructed to don robe and wig) during which time the Legal Occupiers entertained a standing-room only court no. 1 with choruses to the tune of Ringo’s masterpiece:

“We all live where the Keens are never seen, Keens are never seen, Keens are never seen”.

There was an air of inevitability of the outcome with the Legal Occupiers relying on the claim of procedural defect in that the order was made against unknown persons, despite the disclosed identities being conveyed on the day of the constabulary’s first appearance. There was some precedent in LB Hackney in 1994, but legislation had superseded that event.

With scenes reminiscent of Spartacus, Judge Plaskow in calling the hearing named a defendant and explained the consequences with regard to any costs order of being named, followed with a number of the Legal Occupiers standing one by one to be added to the action, until a further 11 were named as defendants.

One of the number, Mark Felix, was asked by the judge if he was considering a career in the law after a novel and ‘interesting’ line about them having beneficial ownership as the taxpayer had paid for the home and the concept of whether the Keens had acquired the equity of the home with ‘clean hands’ and reference was made to the breaking news that they were to be investigated by the Parliamentary Standards Committee. The judge wisely said that he could not go behind Parliament in this matter.

The bewigged counsel stated that the Keens had not been in residence since August 2008 and it may be semantic but only Mr. Keen was mentioned as the owner during one exchange, raising the question of how Mrs. Keen was claiming a second home allowance.

Ah well, fun while it lasted…

Friday, July 10, 2009

And the Winner of the Caption Contest is….

drudge_obamaIf Matt could send his home address and his T-shirt size Guido we’ll see what we can dig out…

Drudge reckons ABC News is covering for Barack in this video report.  Guido thinks Obama is following that old proverb, “when in Rome do as the Romans do”.

Obama is just taking his cue towards the young lady from Silvio…

Friday Caption Contest (O-bum-er Edition)


Ed Balls Spamming Followers

In a Draperish move Ed Balls has signed up to some dodgy site that supposedly generates you lots of Twitter followers so you seem more popular than you are. What a twat:

Egotistical Twat

It actually just annoys everyone.  Which is par for the course for Blinky…

UPDATE : Note the grammar from the Schools minister.

Hat-tip : Dizzy

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Labour insiders turn on Ed over Powell’s latest gaffe:

“When is he going to stop promoting useless people? He was warned about her.”

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