July 14th, 2014

The Editor Who Went Into The Cold

A Guido co-conspirator emailed on Friday:

Hi Just got off the BA flight (BA 232) from Moscow. Fellow passenger in the back of the plane was none other than Alan R. No mistake, definitely him.

Wonder if he was visiting Ed. Snowden?

Ou sont les Neigedens d’antan?

Sure enough the Editor who had his patriotism questioned in parliament by Keith Vaz met Ed Snowden on Saturday at an undisclosed “city centre” location. Civil libertarians will hope Rusbridger didn’t lead MI6 and the CIA to the whistleblower. Alan did leave his mobile phone at the hotel right? His spy tradecraft is clearly less than brilliant. Rusbridger gave Snowden a piece of the government mandated destroyed computer:


Our secret agent gives the game away with the story’s photo credit


  1. 1
    Guy News Room says:

    Owen Jones QC has said Baroness Butler-Sloss should step aside as the head of an inquiry into allegations of historical child abuse.


    • 7
      Iain Duncan Smith (Loose Cannon) says:

      Owen Jones QC just reported rumours that David Cameron/Home Office ‘didn’t know’ Butler-Sloss was related to Havers when they appointed her.

      Oy Vey !


      • 35
        You must be joking says:

        You mean with all those spads and uncivil servants none of the went onto the internet and did a search, did none of uncivil servants/spads the go to the HOC library and ask the Librarians to check, seems we’ve spent millions on dross, sack them, they should not be anywhere near the levers of power.


      • 72
        Anonymous says:

        She’s just stepped down. Maybe if Guido tries hard enough he can find a photo of her with Gordon – lord knows CCHQ will want to deflect any blame from the moron known as Dave.


      • 94


        Who s taking her place Complete-Disaster?


    • 9
      Maqboul the fool says:

      And the imam.


    • 10
      John le Carré says:

      Alan Rusbridger, licenced to Quill.


      • 17
        The two Muppets says:

        Edward Snowden is a traitor to the West and one day will get his
        just rewards . He will be looking over his shoulder for the rest of
        his miserable life . Putins useful idiot .


        • 26
          The two Muppets says:

          Do not even get me started on Rusbridger , A despicable
          human specimen .Where has loyalty to your Country gone ?


          • Arse About Face says:

            Which ‘Country’ would that be then? The one whose Government have ceded-away Sovereignty to a Foreign Body without a fucking vote? The Country where you cannot elect your Head of State? The Country where the House of Lords can block Democracy without ANY of them being elected themselves? The Country where, with FPTP, most people don’t even bother to vote, and of those that do, more than 50% of their views are ignored? British Politics, putting the ‘Hunt’ into Country.


        • 50
          BritishSecretService (lost docs dept) says:

          “Edward Snowden is a traitor to the West…….”

          The “West” as we knew it disappeared long time ago. I would probably trust Snowden with the interests of the ordinary Westerner long before I would trust HMG.


        • 85
          Anon says:

          His just rewards would be a 7′ drop.


        • 90
          Mycroft says:

          The four posts above are fundamentally wrong.

          Snowden is doing us all a favour, the desire to no longer be in the dark and our deeper enquiring nature stems from his and Assanges revelations.

          It is galling that it is the Graun that helped him not the Sun or Mirror or the Times.

          It is galling because of my own loathing for the paper, but in doing what they have done and continue to do they have made a perfect case for their continuing presence on the scene and (grudging, very grudging) respect.

          Talking utter bollocks, as many in this thread have done, is just the reaction of people who have their fingers in their ears whilst waltzing off a cliff, unaware of the warnings being shouted to them.


        • 97

          Putin s useful idiot not for much longer .

          He s got a 12 month visa so after expiry he s going down to Panama –or Venezuela.


        • 118
          Anonymous says:

          It’s scum like you who are the Traitors, Muppet 1+2 .


      • 95

        Write him A “memorandum”


      • 112
        Jim says:

        Is this piece of filth still using a British Passport?


    • 15
      You must be joking says:

      Can’t do that Camoron and Ed have already bought the thousands of gallons of whitewash and the paper shredders.


      • 21
        Confucious the Voter says:

        The whitewash was Brilliant White from the superior ultra thick range.
        They sent out for some new and improved copying machines from the save on paper range.


    • 16
      Q says:

      Don’t tell me that Polly is M.


    • 28
      Confucious the Voter says:

      The Establishment’s Cloak of Respectability has been washed so often it is now threadbare.


    • 44
      Fatty Watson says:

      Then she must be the perfect person for the job.


    • 93

      What is Neigedens please??

      I can find no translation from French anywvhere .

      Is it German (if so I SHOUKD be told !!)


  2. 2
    The Falkland Islanders says:

    Stick it up your Junta!


  3. 3
    geekparent says:

    The photo probably has the GPS coordinates in it


  4. 4
    Alan Russki says:

    Do I look like Smiley?


  5. 5
    Unlucky Alf says:

    Lefty cuuntz


  6. 6
    MacGuffin says:

    That is the cutest whistleblower I ever did see. Dayum.


  7. 8
    non taxable pikey says:

    Channel 5, 9pm Roma on Benefits. Remove all heavy objects that might damage your tv from the room before watching it.


  8. 11
    Will says:

    At some point Russia will get fed up with Edward snowden as a guest and then his usefulness will be at an end and he will be asked to leave. I hope the special branch interview Alan when he returns from Russia.


    • 76
      Mirror fit for toilet paper says:

      Anyone asked the Guardian how much money they have paid this Snowden idiot?

      As for Rusbridger, wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire. I might use Snowden to beat it out though.


      • 83
        Another thought says:

        Will Snowden ever agree with anything the government does, or would that make his new activist career pointless?


    • 103

      They have sent put him on a plane to Guam hogtied and is being waterboarded by the yankeedoodles as we speak.


    • 115
      Jim says:

      You should always follow the money, sex, and booze if you want to know the whole truth. The Russian’s despised the last batch of British traitors but they never gave them up and MI6 never sort revenge for the murders they caused.


  9. 12
    The Sod says:

    He’s a traitor, lock him up and close the Guardian and whilst they are doing that the BBC as well.


  10. 13
    Londoner says:

    string up both snowden and rusprick by the balls over a pit of sharks, with laser beams on their heads


  11. 14
    Ma­­qb­oul says:

    Normally not one to spread false rumours, but who’s to say that Russianbridger was not actually cooperating and working for MI6?

    Watch yer back Alan ;:


  12. 23
    Sir Nob Skelpoff says:

    Cameron’s trotting out every facile sophomoric reason for railroading the Data Retention and Investigatory Powers (DRIPs).
    Here is Cameroids laughable excuses:
    1. The Pedo Excuse —- to catch pedos. Despite the government being itself complicit in covering up it’s own pedo ring, Tony Blair nobbling operation ore and issuing D-Notices
    2.Invisble explosives —- produced from everyday when would be bomber drinks five 2Litre bottles of coke then swallows 50 packets of mentos. It can be ineffective if the jehadist has a weak arse hole,
    3. The EU told the ISPs that it was illegal, so the government has to collect the data itself. Surely then, it’s still illegal under EU law and our right to privacy.
    4. Big boy did it and ran away. It’s all Snowdens fault.
    Never let a good crisis go to waste.


  13. 24
    Long John Silver's parrot says:

    “Unseen enemies ” now.

    Well if you can’t see them how can David Cameron spend £1.1 billion of your money fighting them ?

    Sounds pretty odd .


    • 27
      Cap******** PLC says:

      This is all ethical, transparent ,documented in triplicate, and above board.


    • 52
      Time 2 CTRL, ALT & DEL says:

      Hopefully it will be for the wall round Tower Hamletts and advice from the IDF.


      • 56
        Londoner says:

        I love seeing the passion of yesterday’s pro-palestinian marchers through london, perhaps if they get really passionate about their right to have land on the west bank, they might actually fuck off back there


        • 89
          Dr Death says:

          I would have liked to see some passion from the RAF and napalmed the fucking lot of them….


    • 111
      Joseph Stalin-General All-Round Good Egg says:

      New Government Policy – Everyone’s Guilty, we just haven’t decided what they’re guilty of yet..


  14. 29
    Neil Kinnock Former MP says:

    When the best Labour Leader since me – Comrade Ed – becomes Supreme Leader of England, Wales and Northern Ireland next May, I will be appointed Chief Commander of Downing Street and Joint Prime Minister!


  15. 30
    Sheffield says:

    Not long now Cleggy boy…


    • 32
      Cyril Smith Ex Peado says:

      I took Nick to a Russian Commune once. Very nice young boy he was!


      • 43
        Leonid Brittanski says:

        I agree Cyril, the boy showed great promise and definitely lived up to his performances in the showers. Those skills have served him well “Under” Cameron…


      • 51
        Handycock says:

        I have just made love to a Princess.

        Burnt my balls on the exhaust though.

        Liked by 1 person

      • 81
        WoRaft Chihuahua says:

        Not quite what Prof Tolkien had in mind:

        One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
        One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them

        It worked that way, though. They kept each others’ secrets. Still do.


  16. 31
    Iain Duncan Shite says:

    I am me and I claim a £39.00 breakfast…. Again! Mugs!


  17. 34
    Does not Compute says:

    Since when has first or business class been in the back of the plane?


  18. 39
    Anonymous says:


  19. 42
    Vanessa says:

    Ed Snowdon touched me.


  20. 54
    I can do better than that... says:

    Believe it or not, but she’s actually a spy!


  21. 59
    Bumsex is now Legal says:


  22. 60
    Annular Seal says:

    Rusbridger was in Moscow to spread the gospel about same-sex weddings and the general benefits of the rainbow movement. Oddly, Putin was not at home.


    • 63
      You must be joking says:

      I thought Putin was playing in the USA’s back yard, it seems America is too busy with other things to be bothered.


  23. 61
    Anonymous says:


  24. 62
    Grant Shapps says:

    No10: It was the decision of Elizabeth Butler-Sloss to stand down from the independent inquiry on child abuse.

    Believe that and you’ll believe anything.


  25. 64
    Not in My Name Nige says:

    An amusing cartoon heading this article on Farage’s tongue in cheek election advice to Dave.



  26. 65
    How Embarassing says:

    Butler Dross is standing down…



  27. 66
    Anonymous says:


  28. 68
    Harvey Proctor says:

    I’m available should the need arise.


  29. 80
    The Bourne Bollocks says:

    It would have been a fitting and appropriate end if a sniper had picked him off at Waterloo Station.


  30. 84
    David Cameron Is A Cunt says:

    The only surprising thing about this story is that Rushbridger flew peasant class.


    • 92
      British Airways says:

      Don’t worry: It’s a B747. seats at the back on the upper level are Club World

      “It is the first time BA will have offered First and Club World on the London-Moscow route, and the shortest flight on which the airline will offer fully-flat beds.”


  31. 87
    Handycock says:

    I’m free.


  32. 88
    For goodness' sake. says:

    A broken bit of computer from the sodding Graun? Oooh, thanks Al, it’s just what I’ve always wanted. You fucking awful twat.

    This is the guy who’s sheltered by the oppressors of Pussy Riot et al?



  33. 91
    Philby in Trilby says:

    The wind is blowing from the east and the lentils are over cooked.


  34. 105

    Where does the trail lead in the end?


  35. 110


    If a swallow farts in Langley Virginia the whole of Moscow Centre know about it in half a millisecond .


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