July 11th, 2014

Random Reshuffle Rumours Reach Railway Reportage


  1. 1
    DtP says:

    FFS – it really is bloody amateur hour

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  2. 2
    el tigger says:

    Er, isn’t Mike Hancock the MP for Portsmouth South?


  3. 4
    The only political item of interest says:

    Did she mention any noncing prosecutions?


  4. 7
    Cynic says:

    “She had been working for ………”



  5. 9
    Big D says:

    Expect she will be out on her ear by this afternoon .
    Whats her name , does any one know ?
    These people are priceless in their stupidity .


  6. 11
    hang on says:

    if it’s that easy to get someone booted out then I heard Harriet Harman, Chuka Ummana and Diane Abbott all talking on a train about a plot to oust someone called Ed?


  7. 12

    Probably there was no one at the other end of the phone , i’ve often seen them doing this after a few drinks ,they imagine it makes them sound important .


    • 20
      Helpfull tip says:

      Remove the ‘deleted’ text from the Website bit otherwise we can see all your sock-puppet monikers.


  8. 15
    STFU says:

    Those having phone conversations on trains always speak
    loudly ensuring everyone can hear because they think
    they’re so fucking important.


  9. 16
    Socrates says:

    Oh dear, Flick, you really need to leave the daughters of your Roedean pals back in their finishing schools.

    I’m not surprised that so many Portsmouth Tories think that you and those around you are vacuous twerps.


  10. 19
    Anonymous says:

    Charlotte Leslie is going to be the new Minister for Sport.
    Nicola Blackwood the new Minister for Arts.
    Penny Mordaunt to be the new Armed Forces Minister.


  11. 22
    fun? Not for long, make the most of it. says:


  12. 23
    David Cameron says:

    Wimmin, Wimmin, Wimmin


  13. 26
    Socrates says:

    Is it true Flick Drummond sent her kids to Eton and her husband is called Hereward?

    That’ll play well in inner city Portsmouth, then.


  14. 27
    Steve Miliband says:

    Quiet Bat people


  15. 28
    Amateur Alert says:

    More public sector incompetence.

    If these people can’t handle a phone how can they handle departments and budgets worth billions?


  16. 31
    Red Top Hacker says:

    FFS at least make the chase fucking interesting.


  17. 32
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    What the heck does this thread have to do with Bumsex ?


  18. 36
    Ed Moribund says:

    Glad that the Tories operate a “Here to Hear” policy on trains as well.


    • 78

      Yeah I saw that very drole. I think Talons has appointed herself the RingMistress(Master?) of the three ringed Westminster circus with all the clowns dancing to her every beck , call and hand gesture.

      Mind you Lansley had a face like thunder for the NHS questions — probably coz the cited improvements were not carried out on his watch .

      Possibly he already knows ( from Flick Drummond ) that he s for the bullet .


  19. 37
    He Battery is going Flat says:


  20. 38
  21. 45
    Ian says:

    Guess I’m out of a job then !


  22. 46
    Labour watch says:

    Tristram Hunt to step down as MP for Stoke Central?

    Offered a safe seat in London?


  23. 47
    Ed Miliband says:

    I’ve just tried a 5 fingered reshuffle.


  24. 50
    ATOS says:

    Sorry Mr Duncan-Smith but after careful consideration you are now deemed as fit to work from Monday.


  25. 55
    Max says:

    Titanic and deck chairs


  26. 56
    Sorry how did this happen again? says:

    Loose lips sink ships but it not John Prescott it seems


  27. 57
  28. 58
    Anonymous says:


  29. 60
    Paddy Power says:

    Off down the bookies for a bet on a DWP reshuffle on Monday…. Hope I’m right….


  30. 62

    How long before Huffpo have this as an exclusive?


  31. 63
  32. 66

    If you know you are being overheard (or perhaps hacked) always a good laugh to feed them all a load of bullshit.


  33. 69
    visibly shaken says:


    PIE? calling the shots again

    socialist trolling


  34. 70
    Big Ears Goes on a Train says:

    Esther McVey? The one who gave up on the McCanns eventually…?


  35. 71

    A spoof conversational piss-take, ennit?


  36. 79
    Drummond says:

    That’s Herr Flick to you, young lady.


  37. 82

    Reblogged this on Reblogged Blogs and commented:
    Who needs to go through official channels? Every day it’s like an episode of the thick of it! Snoopers charter, fourth sector pathfinders, free bus travel for young carers, I know you’re laughing because it’s true ROFL


  38. 83
    A Firm Pair Of Breasts says:

    The woman on the train was DWP Special Adviser Romilly Dennys


  39. 84
    Anonymous says:

    “phone conversations on trains…”
    No further need to be circumspect with conversations. The Great and Powerful Dave hears all anyway.


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