May 28th, 2014

WATCH: Ed Miliband Meets the Public: Round 2

A few weeks ago Guido brought you the verdict of Channel Four’s GoggleBox on Ed Miliband. The Bafta winning show captures the reactions of people from all walks of society watching TV at home. It wasn’t happy viewing. Well, they’ve had their say again:

“Ain’t he got a funny mouth?”

“He looks like he’s straight out of college. He looks like he’s on an apprenticeship for Labour leader.”

“I think he looks very slimy. I think he sounds more slimy, he sounds very nasal. You can’t trust a man who’s that nasal.”

“It turns me off whenever I hear him talk. I keep thinking blow your nose mate, you’ve got some cold or something.”

“It feels like his mouth shouldn’t be moving but his nostrils should.”

“His nose is squashed, it looks like he’s been in a fight.”

Slim pickings for the Labour leader…


  1. 1
    Ma­­qb­oul says:

    Thstop picking on Ed.


    • 5
      The two Muppets says:

      He may be a socialist plonker ,but God help our country if ever this cretin
      gets into power .

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      • 8
        Caz says:

        It doesn’t matter what Mili looks or sounds like, it’s his lunatic sub-Gordon McMental policies that are the real problem.

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        • 18
          táxpáyér says:



          • 10.85 says:

            left thumb nail broken. this leads to smack at the nack of the head.
            the wool of the sheep torn.
            next cermonial sword broken. pre this the YofallYs gunned down. the handle of the ceremonial sword when broken reveal metal. it broke into mother eart. mother earth pissed. sun taken the money.


        • 96
          Dorkass says:

          Not to mention his two left Balls.


      • 62
        Anonymous says:

        It’s the cretins in numbers 10 and 11 who’ve put the country in hock, public debt wise, for years to come.

        Ed might not be photo friendly but he’s a very bright man who will set this country on the right path again.

        God help the UK if the criteria for PM is the ability to deliver a false smile effectively on camera.


        • 66
          F Bacon-Butty says:

          She doth protest too much, methinks


        • 118
          Ma­­qb­oul says:

          Errr, that was Gordon Brown who did that.


        • 123
          Sleepless in Godalming says:

          ‘…set this country on the right path’? That dickhead? Every time Labour got booted out of office since the WW2 they always left us with a f*cking enormous debt to pay off before the incoming mob could do anything useful!

          Then every lefty cretin in the country bemoans what a horrible bunch the tories are for reducing the spending by an inch, completely ignoring the overdraft they were left with.

          No wonder Osborne hasn’t cut back on the overdraft much. What’s the point when it just leaves Milibean and Ballbag the opportunity to increase it again when we plebs put them back in office…


          • thostids says:

            Yes. And the present pair of isometric gonads have simply continued running up the National Debt at an unfuckingbelievable rate. That is the conspiracy of politicians in Westminster. The Treasury stepped in when it all exploded in 2008 and that plan has been running ever since.
            Brown waves at the Africans who have told him that if he actually debarks onto African territory he will be mixed into a large cast-iron pot with root vegetables and eaten. Brown suspects that this is true as it is certainly likely if he ever stays in Westminster. Balls is still undergoing remedial classes in body language for infants. He just can’t get the ” look at me, open, steady eyes – I’m telling the truth” which becomes “I’ve got wide staring eyes. It was a bad trip man, you’re dead meat”. Blair thinks he might flee the tomb a la Christ and perform a similar feat to Berlusconi. He should not forget we have no Limitation Act for criminal acts and when the little monkey thinks it’s safe to come back, he’ll find that inter alia Rupe’s had his gonads transplanted onto a small nematode worm that is plugged into the mains. Burnham by name, burn”‘em by nature. The last NHS Minister to be proposed for honorary membership of the Grand Order of Embalmers, Cremationists and Undertakers for “Sterling Services rendered in the long term interests of the Profession”.


        • 124
          Anonymous says:

          I think your “It’s” should read “It was”. The public debt problem has much, if not more, to do with the last occupants of numbers 10 and 11. But, of course, the present Opposition would rather paint a different picture.


        • 137
          Fuck The One-Eyed Scottish Fucker says:

          As always, Anonymous, you’re the cretin. I always suspected you of being a Liabour plant. In that vein, do us ALL a favour and crawl back under your deluded, magic money tree.


        • 162
          Scum on Benefit says:

          He won’t set this country on the right path again. He will do what the bankers tell him. UK governments borrow money, their economic policy is dictated to the government of the day. The rest, “gay” marriage laws etc is cosmetic.


    • 20
      Not Worthy, due to more important people says:

      Mongos watching head Mong.

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    • 75
      ingerbergman says eat broken glass says:

      mummy says what are ball bearinf.
      fucker wants to know


    • 125
      Bob cuntface Crow says:

      Different subject but just put BBC news on and they are saying third of population racist but the emphasis being put on uneducated white working class.The fucking retards,there is more racism from Asians towards blacks but they wont mention that wil they? The fucking smug dickwads.


      • 166
        Joe Soap. says:

        Early this morning about 06.15 the Today Programme had a comment that the largest increase in “racism” recorded within this report was in educated professionals.
        Subsequent Today Programme comments and of BBC news programmes emphasized ONLY on this trait being within unskilled working class and emphasizing London versus West Midlands.
        Nothing about the BBC casting anyone mentioning immigration as a racist for the 13 years of Labour rule. This Labour / BBC / Guardian regime obviously curtailed free speech on this and other “sensitive” subjects.
        BBC = Biased Bullshit Correctness.


    • 171
      disgusted of tunbridge wells says:

      Does resemble the secret love child of Kermit the Frog if I’m honest. This did prove a problem for William Hague, who looked like my bell-end, when he stood for leadership.


  2. 2
    David says:

    Ed’s weird.


    • 9
      Everyone says:

      Yes, but so are you.


      • 56
        BBC Spokensman says:

        Important events of the week:

        Scottish Independence and the Chancellor’s Cat


        • 168
          Haribo Halfwit says:

          Freya must be considered a security risk, as she will be present at top-level discussions about the British economy.

          The media insist on treating it as an amusing ‘and, finally..’ kind of filler story.

          Wake up and check for EM radiation being emitted from her, as a prerequisite of a full security clearance.


    • 104
      Ed Milibaconsandwich says:

      I may be weird, but I have more intellectual self-confidence


  3. 3
    Lord Sugat says:

    I’m better than you Ed.


  4. 4
    Steve Miliband says:

    Still going to be PM though


    • 13
      Champagne socialism says:

      Pissed Monday


    • 17
      Neil Kinnock says:

      Ed’s alriiight!


    • 22
      PD77 says:

      Primark Model? His style smacks more of man at C&A.


    • 29
      Bulls**t Baffles Brains says:

      Won’t be PM if he gets stabbed in the back first. Why do you think we’re being bombarded by all the ‘weird Ed’ stories at the moment? Labour briefing against itself, again.


      • 60
        jgm2 says:

        Noooooooooooo. Useless Ned must be preserved as shadow leader.

        I think it’s too late for Labour to do anything about him now anyway unless he has a hill-walking accident like John Smith or Robin Cook.

        All that energy and publicity as they tear themselves apart so close to an election would be delicious but would do even more harm than good.

        Best to just let Useless Ned take the fall and then get on with electing Yvette Cooper as leader of HM loyal opposition in July/August of 2015.


        • 80
          Perry Neeham says:

          Dead right, the last thing we want is Yvette, Chuka or even David Milipeed (if he can do without the £300K he’s raking in from the International Rescue Committee) taking over from Weird Ed.


      • 116
        Anonymous says:

        You need to be breifed that he’s weird?


        • 139
          Fuck The One-Eyed Scottish Fucker says:

          It’s “briefed,” you twat. See your own post above, which totally contradicts this piece of crap. Whatever medication Nurse Ratched has you on, it’s not enough.


    • 68
      F Bacon-Butty says:

      Over my pig’s dead body


    • 101
      Anonymous says:

      And you can tell how unhappy Guido and Hodges are with that.


  5. 6
    Nick Clegg says:

    There is an official Rock, Paper, Scissors League.


  6. 7
    JH2382198409283 says:

    I keep saying it. It is going to be The Two Eds 24/7 in late April/Early May next year.

    People are not going to like what they see. Many ‘traditional’ (read: thick) Labour voters wouldn’t follow Miliband to an ice cream van, never mind a polling station.

    Not that Ed would know what an ice cream van was. I doubt they had them in Primrose Hill.


  7. 10
    CCHQ says:

    Good Edit. Well done, you promised us one which would dismiss Nigel as well. Chop Chop.


    • 107
      Anonymous says:

      I’m sure he’s working on it.

      It really is desperate stuff from Guido these days.


      • 144
        Fuck The One-Eyed Scottish Fucker says:

        How about the desperate, badly-written drivel from Anonymous pumped out every couple of minutes, all day, every day?


        • 147
          Anonymous says:

          I detect some hostility. Do you vote Tory, sleep in a cave during winter and eat a lot of salmon?


  8. 11
    It's shit I know but my wife watches it says:

    There is a female vicar on that show whose idea of relaxing is to watch the telly with her dog collar on.
    Or she wears it to qualify her dripping wet left wing shite comments.
    The old couple who are retired teachers also wear their left wing politics on their sleeve.
    The couple one describe as ‘right wing'(because they don’t mention politics) are the most funny and were probably largely instrumental in the show winning its award


  9. 14
    MB. says:

    I thought Gogglebox had been shown to be scripted?


  10. 23
    James O'Bottom says:

    He’s weird that Millipede isn’t he!!?


  11. 24
    Vote UKIP/Labour to ensure England stays in the EU says:

    But come the GE this lot will vote for him without a second’s hesitation


    • 30
      Ex Tory voter says:

      Catch Lord Heseltine being interviewed by Paxo the other night on BBCi player.
      The bloke thinks your a c*nt and so do his mates Cameron and Osbourne.
      They have no intention of leaving the EU


      • 37
        The Burning Cactus Festival Organising Committee says:

        I bet Hesltine has never invited Clegg round to see his greenhouse


      • 65
        BBC Spokensman says:

        Lord Hestletine

        Comrade Hestletine was the Cabinet Member who fired Margaret Thatcher (Nartzi Party Leader)


    • 43
      Vote Tory get the EUSSR says:



    • 135
      Cost-of-Labour-crisis says:

      Their grandads did.
      Thir fathers did.

      What a bunch of retards.


  12. 27
    To be Frank says:

    He is a breath of fresh air, no skeletons in his cupboard.


  13. 28
    Raciism is a much overblown thing (by thhe BBC) says:

    Of course the BBBC’s shock horror we are disgusted with white males headline may simply mean that more people after years of fear are now no longer afraid to tell the truth.

    And of course it’s not really racism anyway. It’s human nature to mistrust lots of strangers. The odd stranger is always made welcome in most societies but flood the society with outsiders and you get trouble. ITV I’m a celebrity plays on this by establishing two camps, allow them to bond and then wham bam they flood one camp with all the members of the other camp.


  14. 31
    Sir Nob Skelpoff says:

    The ‘oh so witty’ comments the public make are not exactly spontaneous:

    TV insider claims Gogglebox makers write the jokes and coach families on what to say
    Fakery Bakery


    • 39
      I know it's shit but my wife watches it says:

      That helps explain the large amount of left wing shite comments I suppose.


  15. 33
    Neil "Brown Envelope" Hamilton says:

    Strong hint from Nick Clegg that Guido Fawkes( a right wing political blogger) will be disciplined over his comments to undermine the leader – when Parliament returns next week


  16. 34
    Taxpayer funded astroturfing EU Troll says:

    In the Guardian no less.


  17. 36
    Racist? By whose measure a thin skinned white bloke? Hahahaha says:

    I’m sure Martin Luther King would look at what these left wing pricks consider racism and laugh just before he rightly got fucking angry that they had debased the whole meaning of it.


  18. 41
    Diane Abbotabad says:



  19. 42
    To the left says:

    Now print the stuff they said about Cameron and Ferage.


  20. 44
    Winston says:

    Nobody likes bullies, Guido. Continual personal attacks on Miliband, does you no favours and just trivialises this blog.

    Perhaps, you can ask the UK media why it is failing to cover the civil war in Ukraine. Nothing on the BBC or Sky. Yet, a European nation, that wants to join the EU is firing missiles at its own people.


    • 49
      jgm2 says:

      Miliband can fuck off if he’s worried about ‘bullies’ and you can stop taking umbrage on his behalf. Miliband okay-ed a risible personalised attack party political broadcast against Clegg.

      Miliband is a c*unt and is fair game.


      • 67
        The Gloves Are Already Off says:

        Absolutely. He is a crypto-Marxist anti-British traitor who planned and implemented the wrecking of the economy of this country and facilitated an invasion by immigrants in a bid to get more Labour voters. He refuses to acknowledge the right of the British people to have a say over membership of the EU.


    • 54
      The British Public says:

      The Ukraine is none of our business. They are not in NATO, nor are they in the Commonwealth.


      • 136
        Bob cuntface Crow says:

        Yes.Fuck the Ukranians,although the women are more than welcome to seek refuge in my semi.


    • 74
      Wake up and smell the Costa Coffee says:

      The topic of the Ukraine has been discussed here long before the first shot was fired.
      In fact we were talking about it when the first barricades were going up in Kiev.
      People here largely predicted what would happen and it has.
      For all the notice common sense gets these days from the political class(fuck all) they deserve derision at every opportunity.
      That they do notice especially from a blog like this.


      • 83
        actually says:

        Ukraine has had plenty of coverage in all sections of the British media-
        sadly and predictably most of it skewed in favour of the pro-EU West side.


    • 108
      A reminder says:

      From recent events, it would seem that half the population want nothing to do with the corrupt EU. The expansionary EU officials responsible should be taken out and shot for causing all the recent mayhem.


    • 111
      Christ on a Bike says:

      So if heaven forbid Miliband becomes PM, and has to perform on the world stage against people like Putin, Kim Jong-un or even Merkel or Hollande, will he go crying to his mummy about the nasty bullies?


      • 126
        Some Wanker says:

        Never mind Putin. I strongly suspect he would be bullied by Peppa Pig.


      • 151
        Axle Grease says:

        Why would Miliband argue with Putin and Kim? He probably admires the way their states control the livesd of people and thwart democracy. Also he can agree with Merkel about her time supporting communist totalitarianism in the Soviet block, and how the Euro is worth damaging the livelihoods of your citizens, and of course Hollande and he would agree on everything.


  21. 47
    Get to fuck says:

    Rolf’s wife is rather pathetic for standing by him and going to court every day after the old fuck admitted having an 11 year affair. Even if the girl hadn’t been underage, he’s still admitting shagging a friend’s daughter who was also his own daughter’s best friend for over a decade. And the decrepit old hag goes to court every day to support him.


    • 58
      JH3904023923-093-4 says:

      Stockholm syndrome, pure and simple.

      I’ll bet Rolfy can turn quite nasty when it suits. Here’s my fist flying towards your face. Do you know what it is yet?


      • 99
        jgm2 says:

        Stockholm syndrome also explains why constituencies that have been shitholes for 80 years of Labour representation still elect Labour MPs.


    • 59
      Innocent Until Proven Guilty says:

      That is her business. Having an affair with a consenting adult is not a crime.


    • 63
      Botus says:

      I think the idea is that people will feel sorry for him having an old bag like that following him around.


      • 85
        also says:

        I’m shocked the daughter is supporting him.


        • 93
          Someone says:

          Maybe she doesn’t believe the lies being presented in court. It is quite clear that a lot of the evidence is utter bilge.


          • Get to fuck says:

            Apart from the letter to the girl’s father in which he admitted ruining her life and said he felt disgusted with himself. Even if she was of consenting age, he admits he damaged her.


          • A reminder says:

            Maybe – but that is not what he is on trial for, so actually completely irrelevant and just the usual legals’ shit stirring to extend the time in court (and add to their expenses chits).


      • 120
        The two Muppets says:

        I think that it is wrong to talk about his wife and daughter .They are not
        the ones in the dock.


    • 108
      Dorkass says:

      You clearly believe in guilty until proven innocent you sad troll.


      • 134
        Get to fuck says:

        Did you read what I said or are you blind? I was referring to his admission about having an affair, I didn’t say anything about the molestation allegations. He doesn’t deny cheating on his wife.


  22. 50
    Guy News Room says:

    Sources close to Roger Helmer says Neil Hamilton was “disgusted” by the “dirty protest” behaviour of his friend Nigel Farage.


  23. 53
    lolita says:

    what a weirdo


  24. 64
    Anonymous says:

    Been instructed to give Miliband the UKIP treatment then, have you?

    Any chance of some real political information-or don’t you do that anymore?

    Pity, you were good once upon a time.


    • 72
      BBC Spokensman says:

      UKIP Protest vote for racist, Natzi, mentally deficients, is now officially over.

      Supreme Commander Miliband will lead the country uk, formally known as Great Britain, to victory as a minor eyro-state providing funds to the the Noble Eastern Block immigrants.


    • 76
      Winston says:

      Agreed. Very few revelations on here these days. Its just an outlet for info from the posters. You get some good links to proper blogs with proper stories.


    • 84
      Dan Hodges says:

      After Gordon the mong proved such an easy target for blogs you would have thought labour wouldn’t have chosen another mong to be leader.
      But they did.
      What a bunch of mongs.
      Labours Mongditude deserves to be brought to the publics attention.


  25. 69
    Guido says:

    Keep up the pressure on the MET.
    Tom Watson should get more support.


  26. 86
    Fabians and paid trolls are Evil says:

    Labour caused the problems with their marxist dogma- why on earth would you trust them to clean up if they are still marxists?


    • 90
      String Vest says:

      If anything, Labour have moved further to the left after the unions got their choice in as leader. The Blairite camp have been edged out and weakened and the old guard have been reinstated. No modernisation there then!
      They are stuck in the old Labour rut of stereotyped leftie marxists trying to disguise their true colours while seeming mainstream.


    • 91
      A Voter says:

      I don’t.


    • 103
      The Labour Party says:

      The previous Labour government did not cause any problems, and even if it did, whcih it didn’t, Ed has a New Generation working for him today. You will see no one in his shadow cabinet who had anything to do with all the monumental fuck-ups that occurred under Blair and Brown. Not that there were any fuck-ups. Nobody working in the Labour movement today was working in the Labour movement back then.

      So, under Labour’s 1920’s political idoilogy and Ed’s progressive vision, Britain will move forwards.

      Vote Labour.


      • 106
        String Vest says:

        Well that is a load of bollox for a start.


        • 110
          jgm2 says:

          Not at all. That is Labour and Miliband’s official position on the 1997-2010 economic and social clusterfuck.

          It wasn’t us. And even if it was. Which it wasn’t. Then it wasn’t us.

          One Nation.


          • Tim Yeo-Yo says:

            According to Labour anything bad that happened between 1997 and 2010 was all Thatchers fault. Bunch of Mongs!


      • 112
        Militwat says:

        This is New New Labour


      • 148
        Cost-of-Labour-crisis says:

        Like Mr & MrsEd Balls, Harperson, Burnham, the Eagle sister, etc. all milllionaires to boot.


      • 165
        Filth on Benefit says:

        The past is an eternal present in which the Party is always right. OK, Comrade


  27. 94
    Child says:

    has Cameron sorted out the adoption process yet? Or is he waiting till 2017 for that as well?


  28. 95

    Vote UKIP :-D


  29. 117
    Not in my name says:

    The often overlooked key point about kicking someone when they are down is to make sure they do not get up again.

    So kick away.


  30. 128
  31. 131
    Anonymous says:

    Ed Miliband will always be on the wrong side of history, based on his voting record (source ‘TheyWorkForYou’ website):

    Voted for equal gay rights
    Voted for allowing marriage between two people of same sex
    Voted against an investigation into the Iraq war
    Voted for more EU integration
    Voted against a referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU
    Voted against a reduction in spending on welfare benefits

    Voted against raising the (personal allowance) threshold at which people start to pay income tax (despite constantly talking about the ‘cost of living crisis’).

    Voted against reducing the rate of corporation tax
    Voted against measures to reduce tax avoidance
    Voted against reforming the NHS so GPs buy services on behalf of their patients
    Voted against greater autonomy for schools
    Voted against academy schools

    Voted against an equal number of electors per parliamentary constituency
    Voted against fewer MPs in the House of Commons
    Voted for introducing ID cards
    Voted for laws to stop climate change
    Voted against capping civil service redundancy payments
    Voted for Labour’s anti-terrorism laws

    Like almost all politicians (regardless of politcial party), he is a gutless opportunist, e.g. he got the backing from Union Barons, giving him an unfair advantage to trample his brother and claim Labour Leadership.

    He is also a hypocrite e.g. he talks about the ‘cost of energy crisis’, even though his green tax policies (as Environmental Secretary under Gordon Brown) were partly responsible for the rise in energy prices.

    The green taxes that add £112 to your energy bill (The Spectator, 10 October 2013).


    • 154
      CEO of Scottish Power says:

      Don’t worry the cost of wholesale Energy has actually gone down over the last few years, we just like finding ways to boost profits for our shareholders. I’m sure you right wingers understand that.

      Global warming of course its a myth, we need you to believe that. So we don’t have to accept any responsibility for it.


      • 161
        broderick crawford says:

        yeah look seriously ….

        It should not matter a politicians appearance or perceived /actual physical shortcomings .

        After all Roosevelt was in a wheelchair and was a good US president during the war years . Schauble is very good at his job as German Finance Minister and similarly wheelchaired. Blunkett whilst not a fantastic Home Sec is blind . Heck even Nigel needs some dental work on his bottom teeth !!

        ( I suppose the exception that proves this rule is McManse who regardless of visual impairment was a disaster in retrospect as both Chancellor and PM !!)

        But no one baited these people about their handicaps as people now do ato Milliband who just looks weird and sounds adenoidal .

        However — despite this ( and I do so with a despairing heart ) I forecast that come May 2015 and absent a Scots Independence referendum victory he will be PM of possibly a 20 seat Labour majority Govt . aided to by what will be left of the ” for hire ” rump of the Lib Dems should their presence be required.

        It will be the old ” vote for the rosette on the desd meerkat as long as its Labour ” syndrome which will take hold at G E time and will see the ukip protest vote revert to its Labour roots in a death fight for victory .

        The Right will be split and not recover r for at least ten years UNLESS Cameron takes the initiative and invokes Article 50 of EU Treaty in his negotiations with the EU which would signsl that if he does not get suitable derogations for UK then it is free to initiate departure process –AND he should give electorate BEFORE May a written cast iron guarantee that he would invoke that Clause if certain EU concessions are not won — which concessions should be made public .

        Other than that unlikely scenario — prepare for another ten years of Blair /Brown Mark Two !!


  32. 132
    The Critic says:

    Yes, my money’s on Ed:

    2011 Scottish Parliament Election:

    ‘Ed Miliband says Labour’s fightback starts in Scotland’ (BBC)


    The Scottish Labour Party lost seven seats and suffered their worst election defeat in Scotland since 1931.

    ’nuff said


  33. 138
    Docmartin says:

    He reminds me of the Walt Disney toon ‘Goofy’ and seems to have the same thought processes. Another metropolitan, cardboard suited, vegetarian commi.


    • 146
      non taxable pikey says:


      I always put the bacon on when a Veggie visits. I just love to watch that battle they have with their inner core beliefs.


  34. 145

    But Ed does speak through his arse?


  35. 149
    Let's Work Together says:

    What’s required now:

    1. Withdrawal from the EU. Negotiate a trade and co-operation agreement similar to that enjoyed by Switzerland and Norway.

    2. End mass immigration. Introduce a system of temporary work permits where necessary.

    3. Put in place anti-Sharia legislation to protect our democracy.

    4. Institute a referendum system of democracy, similar to that developed in Switzerland.

    5. Pursue energy independence.

    6. Ensure gainful employment for all young people and eliminate all incentives to welfare dependency.


    • 156
      ali baba's chief thief says:

      You forgot about sending all the pakkkies etc back where they came from and starting over – but this time with proper stringent border control and extremely hard tests to pass before a visit visa is considered for issue one of these days.


  36. 150
    Axle Grease says:

    This story is shite. Even worse than “Milliband wipes nose with hanky – horror” yesterday.
    Like any reality show, even if the comments are not scripted by others, the equty-card-seekers will know what is expected from them and will have prepared. They’ve watched enough reality themselves to know what to say.
    Plus the editors will pick out what they want. The only surprise is that Miliband is picked on. Looks like there are splits in the ranks.

    Any update on the “UKIP bloke stabbed by Labourites” story, or have you been told not to go there?


    • 155
      Anonymous says:

      Ukip candidate (Bobby Anwar) claims he had cheekbone and eye socket broken in ‘assault by Muslim neighbour (Labour supporter)’ (Metro, Wednesday 21 May 2014).

      Man arrested after Ukip candidate ‘stabbed in the face’ (ITV).


  37. 160
    Baza says:

    They all have the look of Milli


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