May 14th, 2014

Farage: I’d Do a Deal With Dave

The Sun cabbie is back to grill each party leader ahead of the Euros. Today he has Nigel Farage in the back of his cab, and got him to commit to doing a deal with David Cameron if the numbers mean they could deliver a referendum:

Watch the Sun cabbie’s interview with Nigel Farage in full HERE.

“After the next election, if we find ourselves in the same position as Clegg did in 2010, I’ve got one priority. One pressing priority. That is, no mucking about, the people of this country have to have in short order a full, free and fair referendum so that we can decide whether we govern our own country or leave it to the people of Brussels to make all our rules. It’s not coalition that interests me, but doing deals on certain things to achieve outcomes, particularly that, does.

He must have seen the polls…


  1. 1
    Old Nick Heavenly says:

    But will sponge barry Nobrain, Brussels and that awful Amanpour woman approve of the result?


    • 33
      Get us out. says:

      In the 70s we voted to join a simple common market of six countries. Yesterday the judges of the 27 states ruled to ban history from the internet.

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    • 127
      liblabcon sh1t4brains says:

      Govern our own country? What a ridiculous notion.


    • 135
      Tom Catesby. says:

      I thought that’s what most people who will be voting UKIP were aiming for, a reversal of the disasterous result of the last GE and enough UKIP MPs to replace the limpdicks and force through an early referendum.


  2. 2
    Pathetic Watch says:

    When will your boses be telling you to turn the comments off again Guido?

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    • 34
      In the interests of openness and fairn... says:

      What’s that? Want to say something ‘After Hours’? Sure!, just make sure it’s before 6pm else it’l…………….6.01pm


  3. 3
    Anonymous says:

    Except he’ll be lucky to get one MP of course, let along the number that Clegg got. And, of course, in doing so he’ll decimate the number of Tory seats, so the leading party will be the anti-referendum Labour party.

    The more this man opens his mouth, the more detached from reality he proves to be.


    • 10
      The Gunpowder says:

      His job is to get us out of Europe.

      Westminster is a sham Parliament. Its composition is no measure of the will of the people

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      • 29
        C O (Ξ7s1) says:

        His job would be to ensure the question of EU in / out is put to the British people. It is for the people to decide.

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      • 118
        Anonymous says:

        Im becoming really sick of nigel.Every time you see him or the rest of the ukip crowd its like amateur night !


        • 126
          broderick crawford says:

          No .

          I do not agree with 118 Anonymous that Farage is an amateur .
          But as I have said before the man is a one man band . He has no credible lieutenants (at least not on the media which is what counts ) and thus IF I repeat IF he ever got the seats Clegg got in 2010 from the 2015 ding dong who else other than Farage could possibly qualify for a ukip Cabinet post ?

          Apart from Godfreyy Bloom who has a very good financiial brain but has been expelled and possibly that Liverpudlian bloke who is the Deputy Leader and whose name we’ ve all forgotten who else is there with any measurable CV ??

          I say this with regret as I would like to see ukip in a uk coalition with Cammo /Tories but on realistic projectiobs that will not happen (unlessof course they win big in the 2014 Euros AND make such a difference in Brussels that either Brexit looks the only option OR EU Parlliament changes its ways /policies so RADICALLY that it would tempt UK proletariat into a visceral change of heart to stay in .
          Can any body see either of those two scenarios
          realistically materialising ?? Thought not.


          • Tom Catesby. says:

            Of course they will win big a week tomorrow, UKIP must then build on that to attract sufficient ongoing support for 2015.


    • 13
      jgm2 says:

      It’s not Farage’s job to worry about Tory (or Labour) votes beyond getting as many of them as he can.

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    • 20
      Norfolk Turkey Ironsider says:

      Come to east anglia my boy, We got a good half a dozen hot spots that are more then capable of returning a UKIP MP in 2015, We might be alot of carrot crunchers to you boys from the smoke but remember we kicked up a bit of fuss in 1642 because we didn’t like being rulled by Rome and we are about ready although in a different way todo the same in 2015 because we equally don’t like being rulled by Brussels.

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    • 46
      Wisdom is knowing that you know nothing says:

      Yeah, you’re Right! (being an ex-Libdem voter and all that) You speak with such sage words and know the Future. You’re soooo smart. Any hints as to who’s going to Win the 2.15 at Epsom?


      • 117
        Persona non grata says:

        No Epsom today, how about York. I’ve put a couple of shillings on Yeeoow.


        • 129
          broderick crawford says:

          I didn ‘ t realize Tim was a racehorse .

          By the noise he s making you re obviously showing him the whip ….


    • 120
      Losers vote Labour says:

      That won’t be such a bad result in the long run, as Labour will have a far from convincing victory and will no doubt wreck the recovery and face permanent total destruction in election 2020.


      • 124
        LB says:

        By which time, the majority of the population is fucked.


      • 137
        Tom Catesby. says:

        Problem is, to avoid total destruction of the country, conlibliebore down the toilet, no problem, can the country wait till 2020? Do it now!!! last chance, 2015.


  4. 4
    Agent Thandi Return to Base says:

    Nigel, don’t trust the slippery weasel.


  5. 5
    Prime Minister"Money's no object" Cameron says:

    Leave Gary Barlow alone!

    Whatever he said, whatever he did, he didn’t mean it.

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    • 17
      Sir Sean Connery says:

      I moved to the Bahamas to avoid paying tax, will I have to give the knighthood back too?

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    • 92
      give £3/month for ummm...Cheers easy... says:

      ..Want You back (Gordon Brown)
      Want You back (Gordon Brown)
      Want You back for GOLD.


    • 130

      Sorry but did anybody notice ?

      Dave had a play on words up his sleeve at PMQS today ready for Milliband s Gary Barlow attack when Cammo replied there was no doubt that taxpayers wanted ” …their money back for good ! ”

      His own ( and Labour ) ranks were /are so far behind the pop music curve that it raised barely a titter of recognition on the Halitosis Hall Richter Scale of Cheering /Jeering .

      Talk about divorced from reality .


  6. 6
    Ockham's Razor says:

    He said he would be prepared to do a deal with the devil if necessary.

    Why be surprised?


    • 21
      C O (Ξ7s1) says:

      I fail to see how a frank and responsible admission of future political realities can be seen to work against either Farage as a leader, or UKIP as a party.

      Most important parts of the interview were the following:

      i) ‘We [UKIP] are hurting Labour’

      ii) The affirmation of the commitment to the referendum and blunt explanation of what is being asked.

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      • 50
        Ockham's Razor says:

        Completely agree.

        Our media must have severe shortcomings if they cannot recognise the realities of politics and consistently manage to alight on the inconsequential (see below.)

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      • 148
        By the way says:

        What about the latest MailOnline headline?

        ‘The party deliberately attracts the racist vote': Ukip poster girl tipped by Farage as ‘rising star’ quits over ‘terrifying’ lurch right.

        Is not that a frank and responsible admission?


    • 64
      The Devil says:

      Already done.


  7. 7
    Must try harder says:

    The Sun. Says it all, Guido. There are all sorts of stories out there.


    • 115
      Witty Moniker says:

      But this won’t do Farage any favours.

      Many ‘Kippers hate Cameron more than they do Europe.


  8. 8
    Traitors and Troughers Incorporated says:

    We have decided it is not in the public interest to require supermarkets to label halal products. After all, what is good for the religion of peace is good for everyone. It is a small but significant step in the establishment of an English caliphate. Remember to vote for the liblabcon.


    • 30
      M'Learned Friend says:

      Pity all the Sikhs who will inadvertently eat meat produced by ritual slaughter which is strictly forbidden in their belief system. Wrong type of minority need to get more vocal and start litigating against suppliers. restaurants etc who have led them to do this – expect labelling might happen then…

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      • 90
        Bottom of the heap says:

        Sikhs seem to like Britain, and like living here. As a result the left will ignore them.

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      • 95
        Jack Ketch says:

        Technically, it is also an abomination to Christians to consume meat that has been sacrificed to idols and false gods. (1Cor 10:14-32), but then abomination in Biblical terms is something carried out on a regular basis in the HoC, right, Mr Evans? Mr Smith? Mr Laws and all the boys.


    • 44
      meat and two veg says:

      Shocking that MP’s rejected a call for halal meat to be labelled
      We’ve lost count of the number of new laws governing farmers,
      manufacturers and shops over recent years-and this one
      matters.I want to eat meat that has been raised and slaughtered
      I don’t care if others want halal-but I certainly don’t and I
      demand the right to choose.


      • 54
        helpful suggestion says:

        Boycott supermarket meat and restaurants
        that serve it.
        Or if you can’t bring yourself to do that,everytime
        you buy meat from such outlets ask the staff/manager
        if it’s halal and make your feelings known.
        Many local butchers will know exactly where and how
        their meat is slaughtered.


        • 57
          like lambs to the slaughter says:

          This issue simply illustrates how completely out of
          touch the current crop of MP’s is with British public
          Either that or they just don’t give a shit.


        • 91
          Butcher only says:

          Already doing so.


        • 131

          Unfortunately most people do not have the luxury of ambling down to their long established family butcher to be informed which part of Aviemore this week s Angus Sirloin hails from etc .

          Most are limited to the box of 20 jumbo burgers for £2 ……. and I would suggest there is no resident butcher at Iceland to whom such provenance matters can be put.


      • 119
        Considering I put a little 'X' in a box every 5 years you sure make a lot of decisions on my behalf says:

        “You can appease some of the people all of the time, you can appease all of the people some of the time, but you can’t appease all of the people all of the time”.


        • 140
          Tom Catesby says:

          ” Whoever puts his hand on me to govern me is a usurper and a tyrant. I declare him my enemy” (Pierre Joseph Proudhon)


      • 139
        Tom Catesby says:

        I wonder what Van Rumpey and Co have to say in Brussels about non-labelling of halal meat? Maybe they don’t want to further offend the permanently offended either?


  9. 9
    Nigel Farage says:

    Why does Nick Griffin get upset when you throw eggs at him? BECAUSE YOU HAVEN’T SEPARATED THE WHITES


  10. 11
    nell says:

    At least he’s clear where he would make deals and why he would do so unlike cleggie who has said he will make a deal with anyone of any political colour providing he can hang on to the Deputy PM’s job after 2015.


  11. 14
    C O (Ξ7s1) says:

    So they are expecting to maybe be in coalition after 2015.

    That could be the most likely outcome.

    Political reality in such a situation would necessitate a deal. The only alternative would be to collapse the coalition consensus. That would not lead to a new general election under current rules, but would put the largest party in opposition into power.

    A minority Labour government fixed for five years as a result of this would be the worst of all possible outcomes – UKIP are not up for wrecking the UK that way, but at the same time would not put up with Dave’s cast iron lies: They would do what Clegg has failed to do – push the Conservatives to change their leader.


  12. 15
    Guido Fawkes says:

    Nigel Farage & Nick Griffin. The Laurel & Hardy of politics.

    Except Laurel & Hardy could be taken seriously. And aren’t always on the BBC.


    • 16
      Flange says:

      Is Nick Griffin on the BBC much? Can’t say I’ve seen him recently.


      • 63
        Axelrod watch says:

        Exactly, Nick who? Laurel and Hardy of British politics is Dick-Ed Militwit and Ed Ballsup. We already had that joke on here some werks ago.


        • 94
          Disgusting says:

          Do not link the genius of Laurel and Hardy with these nincompoops. It demeans their memory,


      • 141
        Tom Catesby says:

        Neither is Farage, Beeboid thought police wouldn’t want that.


  13. 18
    Cloud Cuckooland says:

    Spotted the flaw:-

    “After the next election, if we find ourselves in the same position as Clegg did in 2010″

    UKIP will not win 50 seats in 2015. Its safe to say.


    • 31
      Winston says:

      Vote LibLabCon get One Government that continues to shaft the people.


    • 43
      RickB says:

      Neither will the LibDems.


    • 142
      Tom Catesby says:

      It’s likely Farage meant, a general position, in that a result in 2015 where no overall majority was apparent, only a handful of UKIP MPs could tip a balance and pressure the tories into an early referendum, the few remaining limpdicks will no doubt do a deal with Milliband. No one can predict actual numbers, certainly not at this stage. The election on 22nd May will test the temper of the electorate and as I expect, a good result for UKIP, will doubtless lead to twelve months of relentless brainwashing by conlibliebore and the BBC and metrocentric media machine, to convince the public that 2014 Euro results,was merely a protest and we can all go back to voting for the usual suspects like good little electors.


  14. 19
    British Bulldog says:

    “the people of this country have to have in short order a full, free and fair referendum so that we can decide whether we govern our own country or leave it to the people of Brussels to make all our rules”

    Vote Conservative then.

    Let Ed Miliband in the back door and there will be no vote, just high taxes and surrender. Farage cannot be a traitor to the nation putting his ego ahead of our history and pride.


    • 23
      Fly in the ointment says:

      Dave is a known liar with no credibility.

      Vote Conservative – get Labour policy.


    • 26
      Agent Thandi Return to Base says:

      Dave/Ed, what’s the difference? Both Social Democrats committed to the UK’s entrenchment in the EU.


    • 28
      jgm2 says:

      The SNP didn’t need to compromise with any fucker to get the referendum the wanted and neither should Nigel.

      UKIP need just do exactly as SNP did in Fucking Scotland and let Labour and Tories fight amongst themselves while they (UKIP) come through the middle.


    • 42
      UKIP4ME says:

      Simply not true and you know it.

      The Cameron gang are promising a NON BINDING referendum the result of which they will take as support for their supposed renegotiation trickery, an OUT vote will NOT get us out because Dave said he will never allow the UK to leave the EU. And so your whole premise is flawed.

      The entire charade regarding the fake referendum pledge was forced on Cameron and he has infested it with small print get out clauses until all it has become is a way to kick the can down the road past 2020.

      You people must think we just came over on the banana boat.


      • 45
        Steve Miliband says:

        The result would be an In according to current polling


        • 60
          jgm2 says:

          Then why not have the IN/OUT vote and put the issue to bed?

          If Cameron is so confident then why doesn’t he hold the vote and then all those UKIP voters will just have to accept that there is no appetite for UK independence and go and find another party to support. Cameron could really use those UKIP votes so why doesn’t he do it?

          Because he’s afraid the vote would be PRO-independence and why should he care? Is it because he’s concerned this would be to the detriment of the UK? Is he fuck. He’s concerned it will be to the detriment of generations of senior Tories who will go on to nice sinecures in Europe.


  15. 22
    Steve Miliband says:

    Would UKIP not put up candidates in Tory/Lab marginals? Otherwise although polling nearly 50% between Tory/UKIP we will end up with Lab or Lab/Lib


  16. 24
    UKIP4ME says:

    But what is missing from this is that Farage has a central demand that an OUT vote is actually HONOURED and not a fake NON BINDING one like the one Honest Cast Iron Dave is pedalling to any mug stupid enough to listen.

    There is a huge gap between the fakery and deceitful trickery of Cameron & Co and the forthright honesty of Farage, the only way a deal with the Tories will happen is if they agree to strict and binding terms, which for some strange reason they will not.


  17. 25
    Winston says:

    How long before Guido shuts down the comments again? If you start doing that regularly, you lose your traffic, your advertising revenues decrease and you will end up doing the filing at Tory Central Office. Seems Guido is yet another media outlet that doesn’t like the fact his readers are mostly UKIP sympathetic and despisers of the political/media elite.


    • 75
      Axelrod watch says:

      I sympathise with the Guido team. Far too many window lickers and fanatics to moderate. Perhaps some should think before they type and the anarchists pretending to be far right should stay away.

      Why should Guido and his elves have evenings and weekends ruined by the internet crazies?


      • 101
        Winston says:

        good point. However, such posts appear on most threads. This particular thread had very few such examples and was mostly critical of Guido’s stance on UKIP. So stop posts on this one and not others?


      • 104
        The Master says:

        I am displeased with my fat boy.

        I pay him very little – although more than he is worth – but I expect him to deliver. His recent performance has been unacceptable and he has been given a final warning.


  18. 27
    Nick Clegg says:

    Talking of Nick Griffin, everyone should watch the election broadcast. Everyone should watch it and laugh at it.


  19. 31
    Don't read all about it says:

    At this rate, the Chilcot Inquiry will soon be covered by a 100-year non-disclosure ruling.


  20. 36
    Ockham's Razor says:

    I was out all day yesterday in Sisak county, just on the border with Bosnia. Still many traces of war around after all this time.

    So I get back, having motored for 14 hours to find some dumb-brained floozie, who can barely speak, has left UKIP.

    Why should we care? Is it because she is coloured and therefore her view is supposed to count more than someone’s who is not?


    • 48
      Casual Observer 2 says:

      We don’t care. Her departure is a total non event. Even the Beeb barely mentions it.

      Guido thought it might be big news. Bollux.


      • 59
        Socialist Mathermaicks, Innit says:

        The Beeb (and Sky) is running the story in their headlines today on the ‘news’ channel. Very, very important news. No mention of the brick through the candidate’s window, though.


      • 67
        Ockham's Razor says:

        Her departure is a total non event.

        That important? ;-)


    • 49
      jgm2 says:

      No. It’s ‘cos she’s black/coloured/non-indigenous and she’s not happy. Which means a ‘racist’ incident has occurred and we’re all supposed to drop everything and rush to her defence.

      You really don’t understand the magic power of the word ‘racist’ do you? I bet H*a*r*ry Potter wishes he had the word ‘racist’ in his vocabulary. That Voldermort would be fucked.


      • 61
        Diane Abbot-Potter says:



        • 73
          non taxable pikey says:

          Someone correct me if I am wrong but shouldn’t that be WWWAAACCCIALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLIST>


      • 62
        Ockham's Razor says:


        I noticed that Miss Thandi had described Mr Farage as ‘a babe’ and said Godfrey Bloom was ‘cute’.

        How appallingly sexist!

        Meanwhile, where I was yesterday, countless numbers of real people lost their lives because of differences.

        By the way, I wonder why she wore that blue dress on the steps of number 10 which highlighted her bone crusher thighs…?


        • 72
          jgm2 says:

          Jings. I had no idea what you were talking about so I googled Sanya-Jeet Thandi Images.

          Oi, Sanya, if you’re watching – you might want to google ‘Spanx’.


    • 69
      You got it in one says:

      Yep. because she is coloured the BBC consider her many more times important than if she were white. To be honest, if a white student had resigned it would not have even registered in the local branch office.


      • 80
        well i never says:

        The whole resignation was a total set-up
        timed to try and cause maximum damage.
        The problem for her is the country has wised
        up and moved on from the premise that UKIP
        is racist.So the whole charade was wasted.
        I expect to see her standing for Labour in a
        few years time.


        • 107
          Funambulist says:

          Classic badger game/honey trap. UKIP candidates should be closely examined, warts and all, for moles.


          • inside out says:

            The three main parties who have a fag paper of difference between them on Europe must really be worried to try that stunt.


      • 150
        Anonymous says:

        Measures taken to offset or minimize damage to reputation, credibility, or public image caused by a controversial act, remark, or revelation.
        Merriam-Webster Dictionary


    • 97
      EAsily confuse says:

      I’m still trying to work out what a ‘British born Indian’ actually means.


  21. 37
    nell says:

    I can just imagine an interview with militwit in the back of that cab when asked about his economic policy – “today I’m going to regulate the sale of football clubs” presumably so that only British people can buy them , British Football Clubs for British people a la gurninggordon style

    and when asked about his Health policy – ” today I’m going to regulate GP’s so that they give to give an appointment to every patient within 48 hours ” and when told that does actually already happen in lots of cases he’ll whitter on regardless “but I’m still going to regulate for it”

    and in making these statements, which he has done this morning in the newspapers he is idiotically unaware that neither are real policies for the big questions of Economics and Health.


    • 81
      stench says:

      Shame he didn’t think British Nuclear Power Stations should be run by
      the British before Labour sold them off to the bloody French.


  22. 38
    Be careful what you wish for. says:

    I’m now convinced that a party standing on a commitment to withdraw from the EU would be better than one committed to a referendum.

    There are now too many generations living in this country who have no experience or understanding of what freedom from the totalitarian EU is and know nothing other than the EU superstate.


    • 58
      C O (Ξ7s1) says:

      Would not describe the EU as a superstate.

      A very high proportion of the younger generation of Europe have been unemployed thus far in their lives.

      That is not a solid foundation on which to build a superstate, and if the issue is pushed, will be its violent undoing. The political dogma has primed a very different different demographic time bomb which is ticking – UKIP have warned about this – LibLabCon are in denial.

      Strange as Dave had a direct taste of what the EU is creating across Europe back in 2011.


  23. 41
    Calamity Clegg, Chief Cockroach says:

    PLEEEEEEASE do a deal with me, Nigel. I love the feeling and excitement of power.


  24. 47
    Moley says:

    The media, (and that now includes this site) are completely united in their attacks on UKIP.

    UKIP’s identifying policy is exit from the European Union.

    It follows that the media in all its shape and form will campaign in a referendum for remaining in the EU.

    Does everybody feel happy with that proposition and the demonstration of force behind it?


    • 53
      jgm2 says:

      We’ve been living under the reality of BBC misinformation and propaganda for so long that nothing surprises me.


      • 66
        C O (Ξ7s1) says:

        I think you mean ‘unreality’ : Agreed.

        Case exhibit from the BBC sometime back in the 90s…


      • 70
        no optional extras you pay for everything says:

        I wonder if the people of this country who are thinking about voting UKIP keep their nerves with this barrage of disinformation about UKIP getting louder and more shrill as the voting day is a week tomorrow, I hope the media understand people buy their newspapers and expect them to be honest and without bias, have they wondered why people have stopped buying newspapers or do they just enjoy being the yard brush of the politicians


        • 74
          jgm2 says:

          I’m betting most of the votes are already in.

          Mine is.


          • Vote early, vote often says:

            I voted postally last Thursday. Yesterday I received election literature from Labour and the Greens. They just don’t get it.

            And yes, I voted UKIP in the Euros.


        • 103
          Jack Ketch says:

          Let us just for a moment imagine that some people in Britain are what is known as racist. i.e. they don’t really like people of colour who refuse to adopt British-style habits that would make allow them to fit into society, who would they vote for? Labour, who have owned up to scouring the world for the most unskilled and least appropriate immigrants? The Tories, who never miss a trick to praise the Religion of Peace? The Lib-Dems who have no people of colour in their own party in any responsible position, yet worship “diversity”?
          Likewise, who do all those people who have serious reservation about the onward march of sodomy and pederasty and the increasing moves by the establishment to make it “respectable”, vote for?


        • 132
          broderick crawford says:

          Voting Day a Week tomorrow ??

          Rubbish ! Us cleverclogs have already postal voted yesterday . So that when my repose is this weekend disrupted by various doorknockers pleading for my vote I can say

          “Too late … now feck off ! “


      • 151
        Anonymous says:

        If you think the BBC are bad – try reading the Daily Mail. Then again, should anything in that hate-driven Tory rag surprise anyone?


    • 96
      give £3/month for ummm...Cheers easy... says:

      Plus 1 here.


  25. 51
    ? says:

    Why would Farage do a deal with a closet metrosexual, Eaton cake and a psychotic Liar?


  26. 55
    Long John Silver's parrot says:

    “doing deals” ?

    GSK Chief Exec in China on a bribery charge.

    Two former heads of BARC under arrest whilst helping the police with their enquiries.

    Former head of RBS stripped of a Knighthood with three of their managers having pleaded guilty to charges against them in the US.

    This is just skimming the top of the most reputable 100 companies on the London Stock Exchange.


  27. 56
    A very self important MP says:


    • 71
      bergen says:

      Poor sods trying to run a business whilst having to humour the grandstanding antics of Harrison the trash.


    • 87
      Axelrod watch says:

      Don’t you think they have better things to do than meet with Z-list politicos trying to extort donations?
      Go get your head polished or something Chucca.


    • 93
      Fishy says:

      Pascal Soriot (?)

      A good British name to run a good British company (well British, Swedish, French, Swiss…)


      • 145
        tigerowl says:

        Over forty per cent of British companies are set up by immigrants. Employ millions. Pay millions in tax. And UKIP supporters call them names.
        What happens if UKIP get us out of the EU? Do they only look to trade with parts of the World that do not sound foreign?
        Our steel is made by a company called Tata Steel, ‘A good British name to run a good British company’ …Our biggest car production is a Japanese company, Nissan. that’s a strange silly name is it not?


    • 133
      broderick crawford says:

      And then what Chukka ?

      Ice skating down the Streatham Ice Rink ( if it s still open )?


  28. 65
    The EU Bad uns says:

    Viviane Reding.

    Nowt but trouble that one. She’s got a name that sounds like a porn actress and it is a great shame she did not follow destiny.


  29. 89
    Chuka Makeitupasigoalong says:

    28 000 extra Romanians & Bulgarians working in the UK in the first 3 months of 2014.


    • 106
      Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

      That’s a lot of big issue sellers :-)


    • 109
      Jezza says:

      If they’re earning less than ~£27k pa then they’re net takers


      • 134
        broderick crawford says:

        Who d want to EARN 27k ??

        It s only marginally more than the 25 k that can be garnered on bennies .

        Not worth the effort .. specially if you have ten kids to train up and a fertile wife to keep satisfied all week.


  30. 100
    Anonymous says:

    “Farage: I’d Do a Deal With Dave”
    because someone has to keep the promise of a distant EU referendum going, when he’s long gone?

    “doing deals on certain things to achieve outcomes”
    Begs the question, when all is done: Who benefits from such back-scratching? If it’s not the people, then they might as well remain under the undemocratic yoke of the European Empire Builders.


    • 144
      tigerowl says:

      What deal will Farage do with Cameron? I will support you Dave in removing employment rights, maternity rights, health and safety rights, environmental protection, caps on bankers bonuses, et all.
      And I love this, just a week before we vote….’ under the undemocratic yoke of the European Empire Builders. ‘ Your voting in a democratic process to elect these who you call empire builders. So how is it not democratic?


  31. 102
    Judge Pickled says:

    The hysterical backlash against anything uttered by Nige et al has meant my postal vote has already been marked for Ukip and sent off.
    The silly ‘British born Indian’ tart is clearly an immature, opportunistic waste of space. Nigel – this campaign has been a steep learning curve for you. A proper cull of the nutter wing will be required before the Gen Erection and some established MPs need to join. I’ll still vote for Ukip ‘cos the other three parties, let alone the really loopy ones (Greens) are utter w’ankers.


  32. 108
    Anonymous says:

    “He must have seen the polls”
    Wonder if he’s also seen the missing comment section for the
    “UKIP’s Ethnic Minority Poster Girl Quits Party Citing Racism”
    story too? In lieu of which:

    “This anti-immigrant campaign undermines Ukip’s claim not to be a racist party.”
    Correct me if I err Sanya-Jeet. But don’t they claim to be re-establishing a level playing field, in regard to the nationality of those who come?

    “Ukip is still a relatively young party. No, that is not an excuse to allow racists to stand for election.”
    Nigel was offered the opportunity to experience the process of ideological interrogation. By which means he could then have encouraged candidates to reveal to themselves those illogical aspects of their personal renditions of reality. But like all most ‘leaders’, he chose not to explore that methodology.


  33. 110
    Publius Valerius Publicola says:

    What’s more important is can he guarantee that Cameron will HONOUR the result of any referendum and not just ignore it or hold another one the week after?


  34. 111
    Kim Jong-un says:

    Why don’t you have a “Not like this” option for each comment as well as a “Like this” option


  35. 112
    Da Noledge says:

    Taxi for Farage!


  36. 114
    oogenhand says:

    Reblogged this on oogenhand.


  37. 116
    Fruitcake and swivel eyed loony loving the panic and utter desperation says:

    Cameron is a proven liar who can’t be trusted. Farage has said in the past he wouldn’t do any type of deal with Blue Labour as long as Cameron is leader. So what’s changed?

    Vote UKIP, get UKIP.


  38. 143
    tigerowl says:

    Well most of see no difference between UKIP and the Tories.
    Why is Farage still pushing this rubbish? ‘…whether we govern our own country or leave it to the people of Brussels to make all our rules…’ We do make our own rules. Our own laws. Only regulations over trade and the common market are made in the EU. And they do not just cover the UK. To be a Common Market they cover every country inside the EU. AND every country who wishes to trade with the EU also has to follow the regulations. Switzerland trades and has to follow the EU regulations AND has no say in the making of those regulations. Trading blind. that is what UKIP want Britain to do. Who else we going ot trade with? The old commonwealth? They do not need anything we produce. Biggest trading block is the EU, even during the recession. And farage and UKIP want out.
    So quite rightly, we can say, there IS NO difference between farage and Cameron, UKIP and the Tories. This on the day Parliament is debating deregulation of employment rights. Both UKIP and Tory are anti employment rights and Health and safety regulations. Must be. To talk of 75% of our laws made in the EU need to be taken away, when those are the very rules to provide employment rights and safety at work. Vote UKIP remove your own rights.


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