April 30th, 2014

Suspended Council Candidate Doesn’t Make National News

Michael Crick is teasing he has “another astonishing exclusive on UKIP” coming up this evening. You can bet he won’t be giving as much airtime to Labour’s announcement that they have suspended one of their council candidates after he was accused of defrauding his own council. Or LibDem councillor Ajit Atwal, who is still a candidate for May despite being photographed with an AK47. Or the recent Tory council candidate who was revealed to have been a past member of the BNP.

Guido does feel UKIP overdo it sometimes with the cries of smear and establishment stitch up. But when these stories rarely make the news bulletins or front pages and equivalent stories about UKIP do, the press is just playing into Farage’s hands…


  1. 1
    applecore says:

    Here’s a rhyme
    Just in time.
    It’s not amusing
    and doesn’t particularly scan very well.


  2. 2
    Calamity Clegg, Chief Cockroach says:



    • 4
      Incapable Vince, deputy Chief Cockroach says:


      • 10
        Jessicacaca Reed, Guardianista, feminst, pre-packaged dopey PC opinions says:


        head – desk

        Why won’t you white males modernise?


  3. 3
    Kingbingo says:

    The establishment is running scared and the media is utterly complicit.


    • 5
      Bloomers in rain-soaked Bongo Bongo Land says:

      HEAR ! HEAR !


    • 8
      Nick Robinson says:

      Its just that we know the traditional MPs. They feed us stories. Leak to us. Give us the jolly lobby.
      UKIP are nobodies. We don’t know them. we don’t much want them in our club.
      So we will hound them until they give up trying to get in.


    • 114
      rollo57 says:

      Like the LibDem MP, who exploded a bomb recently and was jailed. They left this out of the press?


  4. 6
    Nigel Coward says:

    Ukip shoot themselves in the foot to get headlines.


    • 19
      @hateliebour says:

      Of course they do, unlike Liebour who get the headlines with 45 mins WMD, gold sold at lowest rate, I saved the world, plastic plod, murderers let loose to murder again, lessons have been learn’t, headlines that Liebour shot itself in the foot with


  5. 7
    Anonymous says:

    Yeayyyyy! Go Nige!!!!!


  6. 9
    Potty Toynbee says:



    • 33
      Owen Jones says:

      She is such a has been. Let me be chief leaderliar writer for the Gruniad, Alan.
      I’m ready for it. I can get ten things wrong in a single paragraph.


    • 46
      Pretty Polly says:

      I never let facts spoil a good lie.


  7. 12
    • 34
      gatwick obviously says:

      one breaks doors, the other.
      physical…check my balls. smeaker balls, chinese balls, cricket balls.
      psychological…no need to close the physical door, no matter what you the name of the lady is”hysteris” and she lives in hysteria lane.


  8. 13
    All at it says:

    I had a DUP canvasser at my door the other night. He had the brass neck to label UKIP racist……didn’t have much of a comeback when I said ‘bollocks, at least they aren’t sectarian fundamentalist Protestant bigots like your lot’.


    • 41
      Another Norn Iron resident says:

      Damn right; last thing we need is more Free P Taliban. Having said that the rest are not up to much either; UUP busy backbiting & forming a circular firing squad, TUV – tractor drivers named after the German MOT. SDLP backing anything & anyone to avoid meltdown, Shinners trying to avoid having to make a decision on anything and blaming the Brits for everything, Alliance trying to find a fence wide enough to sit on and then (with impeccable timing) say the wrong thing whenever they open their mouths.

      For any lurkers; we do not have proper elections in Norn Iron – just a periodic tribal headcount of the restless natives…

      Liked by 1 person

    • 72
      Tom Catesby. says:

      When can you expect to be shot in the legs?


    • 85
      A NornIron Man says:

      So your point is that my bigots are worse than your bigots? We just hate Catholics; you hate anyone with a different skin colour.


  9. 14
    Ethelred the Unsteady says:

    UKIP is being systematically smeared in the run-up to the Euros by both the Tory print media and the BBC/Guardian planet Zarg metroplex.
    I don’t actually support them but I bitterly resent all these clever people trying to manipulate how I think, poor little stupid me.
    The trick is to ignore everyone’s opinion – and their agenda – and go where the common sense lies.
    I think I may vote UKIP just to stick it up Milly Caminickers – but then, she’s such a minger…


    • 23
      @hateliebour says:

      I do and every smear is a winner, the public have now seen through the curtain of rubbish the the media and the LibLabCons are doing and seem to be moving over to UKIP to vote, May 23rd is hopefully going to show the rubbish what people think of them.


      • 47
        Weygand says:

        Watching all these self-righteous, self-anointed intellectuals showing how dopey they actually are is fascinating.
        How can they not see the correlation between UKIP rises in the opinion polls and each of their half-witted smears?
        The public do not like their concerns being treated as those of racists or swivel-eyed loons and will be queuing up (literally) on polling day to signal their discontent.


        • 75
          UKIPPER says:

          Just watched the news where it was said that one third of the electorate think UKIP are racist but failed to mention that two thirds think they are not racist, How Strange


          • The rest of the electorate says:

            That will be like the two thirds who intend to vote for parties that want to stay in the EU.


    • 51
      applecart says:

      LBC Radio are also continually bashing UKIP at the moment. Show after show during each 24 hour period they queue up to get the boot in. Same for Boris. It’s as if they have daily production meetings where all the weekday presenters are presented with the mandatory editorial line. (Surely not!) Yet they pretend to be so independent. After their rebrand the company stated LBC would stand for Leading Britain’s Conversation. I’ve got a more accurate slogan – Labour’s Brainwashing Claptrap for much of the day. So add them to BBC lynch mob. Disgraceful that people with so much access to the public should be allowed to be so biased. Arrogant mid morning presenter (an ex public schoolboy on a permanent socialist guilt trip) is possibly the worst.


      • 56
        James (Not half as clever as he thinks he is) O'Brien says:

        I’ve got nothing to be guilty about – honest Monsigneur (wakes up in a cold sweat)


      • 87
        All other political parties says:

        I know. It’s very, VERY unfair that UKIP is subjected to the same scrutiny as we’ve been subject to since about 1700.


  10. 15
    Anonymous says:

    I’ve just heard on the radio(PM) that all three party leaders have attacked Nigel Farage for not standing as a candidate in the forthcoming Newark election.They are disgusting. Mr.Farage is being attacked by politicians and media and he is given no respite.Ordinary voters who cannot get their voices heard or their views taken seriously must support Mr. Farage against such onslaught or we will have allowed the ‘establishment’ to walk all over us and put us back where they think we belong. I do not want to belong to a political party but today I have joined UKIP in order to show support for a courageous man and a courageous party.


    • 22
      Using their logic all LibDems are kiddy fiddlers says:



      • 62
        give £3/month for ummm...Cheers easy... says:

        Heard it from his own lips in Bath lastnight, that he thought UKIP “more likely” to select a local person with local knowledge and loyalties to stand for UKIP.


    • 40
      Renoir says:

      NIgel Farage has a job to do. It is to help deliver a massive kick in the nuts to the Westminster Parliament which has utterly failed us. Becoming an MP at this stage is a distraction from the basic task, whihc is to demonstrate the popular revulsion at the EU. I am sure there will be plenty of opportunities for him to turn up at Westminster Parsih council and lecture everyone when the time comes.


      • 78
        Anonymous says:

        dont know why he bothers – the prime minister has given a cast iron garment to renegotiate our relationship with the eu – but only with rumpy pumpy’s permission.


    • 65
      Nanny Big Fee says:

      Agree with all of that. With any luck the UKIP ‘earthquake’ will open up a chasm under Westminster and swallow every venal last one of the assholes in it.


    • 67
      U-KIP, WE-KIP, I'm off to InverKIP says:


      Welcome to the fold matey. Now you can laugh the longest….. :)


    • 118
      The only Country in Europe not to have a Parliament is England says:

      So why does Cameroooon go home to his native Scotland and run scared of the SNP.
      Go on Cast Irony Dave tell your own people why they should stay in a Union to give Scottish Tories Somewhere to become MPs


  11. 16
    Anonymous says:

    Just fun kin g vote Ukip. The liblabcon party have had their time and their lies. Vote Ukip.


  12. 18
    Enemies of UKIP are Enemies of England says:

    After regime change they will be hunted down, arrested, and removed from the DNS gene pool, right down to the last foetus.


  13. 21
    Using their logic all LibDems are kiddy fiddlers says:

    The LibLabCons can’t keep a handle on their own MP’s deviant activities let alone their thousands of councillors and supporters.
    However my point is it is what a party does when they find out that someone is a bad egg.
    Thus far UKIP have a 100% record of kicking them out the three main parties brush them off then bring the buggers back.


    • 25
      M.Crick says:

      but I’m not going to report that, my job is to report on the “outsiders” and what bad, bad people they are.


  14. 24
    Messenger Shooter says:

    All the main parties have an obvious track record. We’ve not got much to go on with UKIP apart from several members being ejected, jailed or exposed as bigots.


    • 35
      A bigot by your standards or a normal persons? says:

      The bar is so low now as to what constitutes a racist that most normal people would fail to limbo their way under it.
      Finding ‘Racists’ under these circumstances must be like shooting fish in a barrel for a prick like Crick.
      Has he ever tried looking in his local Labour supporting working mans club?
      He’ll find plenty there.


    • 94
      Captain Sensible says:

      But in percentage terms….


  15. 27
    Crisp Ackham says:

    Q: What’s Farage having for dinner this evening?
    A: Fritters!


  16. 28
    DerrIn Brown Full Time W@nker for C4 and abusive, criminal creep. says:

    Do people still Crap4 news?


    • 68
      give £3/month for ummm...Cheers easy... says:

      16 mins into Ch4 news….still going on about £15000 donations fron a batty old man!!!

      Neil Hamilton to Channel 4 muppet after Paxmanesque repeating of same question (and getting the same answer..”NO i dont agree with said donors views”)
      “are you a serious news program?”

      F@#$ing hilarious aah ha ha ha



      • 93
        Not an even playing field says:

        The world according to Snow, Crick and other assorted non-entities. No one’s interested in what they think.


        • 119
          The only Country in Europe not to have a Parliament is England says:

          Snow in Scotland asks why Ethnics north of the border feel Scottish but according to the indoctrination of Snow they don’t south of the border.
          The main reason is the boxes on the census forms up until 2011.
          If you did not give people a box to identify with I guess you cut them out of the equation


  17. 31
    A Fine Pair Of Lungs and I Can Prove It! says:

    Arsehole united!


    • 36
      gatwick obviously says:

      poop poop
      fuk u
      lineis the fakir in the ground.kwipes.jellyin. how does the jelly ngo inside the tube?


      • 50
        y ahmonika says:

        i have braces in my teeth.
        you have astring in yours.
        you take my pennies
        you find the future scarie.


  18. 37
    Spunkmeyer says:

    Paxo’s quitting Newsnight.


  19. 38
    • 42
      Bill Quango MP says:

      Why is he quitting?
      Did you threaten to overrule him?


      • 48
        Curious says:

        He cannot face the fact that he will have to congratulate Nigel when UKIP top the poll in May and apologise for all the BBC slurs.


      • 66
        Ian Katz says:

        Apparently I’ve dumbed it down too much for him. Looking to get Toenailz onboard. Boaz.


  20. 43
    C O (Ξ7q1) says:

    Hah, so Crick is saying yet again: Vote UKIP.

    He’s a sly one, is Michael… :-)


  21. 49
    BBC 24hr rolling bollocks says:

    Jeremy Paxman has decided extend the amount of time he can’t be arsed to present Newsnight from three days a week to five.


  22. 52
    Patriots unite says:

    The political cartel and their client media?

    The cartel has to destroy UKIP at any cost in order for their high treason plot to succeed. The cartel will stop at nothing to destroy UKIP and their stooge client media is now holding back stories that damage the cartel and concentrating on the smear campaign against UKIP.

    The cartel cannot ban UKIP though its obvious they would love to, they cannot cancel the elections though its pretty obvious they would do it if they could but we can expect a liblabcon grand coalition after 2015 if UKIP does as well then as it is going to do in May.

    If UKIP wins the cartel will be exposed for the traitors they are and their high treason will be shown to the world, the stakes couldnt be higher for the liblabcon cartel, they have no wish to be paraded in front of a judge on charges of high treason.


    • 60
      Baroness M&S says:

      They sure are going to regret getting rid of double jeopardy precautions


    • 88
      Captain Sensible says:

      What on earth are you on about?


    • 110
      A. Kipper. says:

      Oh dear – I’m a UKIP member & council candidate and this sort of loony comment does not help us.
      Are you an EU funded troll trying to discredit us?


  23. 53
    Happy says:

    Good job for Bercow, I would have thought.


  24. 54
    plop! splash! says:

    I’m sure at some point the old “skeleton-in-the-cupboard” is going to get so old that nobody bothers to register even a yawn of disinterest. It’s become the “…and finally” of political hack journotrolling. Does anyone but the most parrotlike splenetic leftoloon give even a molecule of a shit who used to be this or that. Nicking money, now that matters…


    • 69
      you don't like us, we don't care says:

      …this is probably part of why none of this stuff really has any impact on ukip’s polling.

      People are just bored of being called rac ist etc..if anything, and all the airtime given to the same boring self-important far-left opiniotards.

      So what if they are waythithts? What are you going to do about it? Shout your special and important opinions at them? Kick their heads in until they agree with you? Ban them from working and fill up tje prisons and mental hospitals with thoughtcriminals? Fock off, you useless conts, your opinion doesn’t matter; nor does it hurt their fockin feelins, get ra ped, left-wing shitweasals.

      Hopefully, medialand is going to start tuning in to the fact that just as with the politicians, nobody’s listening to them because they’re not listening to the millions of members of the “bigo ted community”.


  25. 55
    Seen it all before says:

    And in Cambridge a Lib Dem City Councillor running again in May has just been suspended by the party because he’s failed ( so they say ) to tell them hes in front of the beak in June charged with assault of a seven year old by beating .
    Think we can all imagine the BBC report had this been a UKIP candidate !


  26. 64
    Figel Narage says:

    At this rate UKIP will be on 45% tomorrow, another pathetic fail by Crick…


    • 70
      what are the odds... says:

      I’m tempted to have a punt on 50% for UKIP in the Euros.
      Fantastic value if it paid out, and what a giggle it would be…


  27. 71
    As I don't watch or read any News I'm as happy as a pig in shit says:

    Really!? Well then, the naughty boy needs locking up. Also, the Councillor needs a jolly good spanking, then possibly a promotion…


  28. 79
    tigerowl says:

    All well and good, BUT UKIP pretend to be different. To be clean. To be not the establishment. If you set yourselves up as gods you get knocked down so much quicker.
    We are always being told how bad the main parties are. So what news is it when one is found to be bad. But it is news when the saints of UKIP are found to be just as bad.
    Pretend to be one thing and are just like the rest. Meanwhile one numpty questions Mo Farah and his right to run for Britain. Bet UKIP do not put that in their election broadcasts. Millions cheered Mo on at the games. Are UKIP real or just a fantasy game show led by a comic?


  29. 80
    wonkotsane says:

    Two of those I hadn’t seen, thanks for that. I’ve blogged about 8 LibLabCon councillors or candidates in the last few days who’ve been up to no good (including Dayanamby several days ago) and they’ve all failed to make headlines.


  30. 82
    JH343456353245234 says:

    I think the EU elections are going to be a bloodbath.

    At least 50% of people can’t actually stand the EU bollocks and want to just be left alone to be a free, prosperous sovereign nation again that respects and trades with its neighbours and countries further afield, to mutual advantage. Needless to say, we should have firm control of our borders again.

    A similar percentage are tired of hearing a shrill, arrogant leftist media and commentariat claiming to be speaking ‘for them’, which then calls them bigots if they so much as raise an eyebrow.

    These groups largely overlap, but I’d say 60% of the population falls into one of the two.

    The likes of Guy Verhofstadt are not going to like what they see when they look at the UK section of their precious parliament, that’s for sure


  31. 83
    Anonymous says:

    Waahhh, Waahh, it’s not fair, those nasty media types are bullying me wahhh!


  32. 91
    Not an even playing field says:

    Why don’t BBC, Sky and Channel 4 journalists just put on red rosettes?
    Can’t wait to see their miserable mugs the day after the EU elections.


    • 97
      Anonymous says:

      You assume anyone who opposes UKIP is a socialist. That is silly.


      • 98
        domino says:

        They are when it comes in 3 flavours..Red, Blue (or is that greenish blue) and Orange (and I don’t mean the kind Stephen Milligan enjoyed).


    • 104
      A Blacksmith says:

      Indeed. The brief Sky news I happened to catch was saying that Nigel had bottled the chance to become an MP – but failed to go on to mention that he thought local representation would be much more suitable for the constituency concerned. Getting close the the time to think about cancelling the Sky sub.


  33. 101
    catesby says:

    Most people couldn’t give a fig about the meedja Crick is a terrible human mistake. The nastier Lib/Lab/Con get the more rattled they are. Ukippers just remain focused whatever your race or religion. We are all in it together.


  34. 107
    Nigel Bottle says:

    Ukippers just remain focused ON your race or religion!


  35. 113
    Roger Jones says:

    There already, we stopped here last berlooooooody night and getting ready for breakfast as mal said there’d be no morning shag

    Sent from my iPhone



  36. 116
    paulboakes says:

    Not just Derby who have gun-toting councillors! We’ve got our own down in Harrow…



  37. 117
    Jexrab says:

    You cannot trust the UKIP. There stats are lies , lies and more lies.
    Every stat they put forward is a total lie. They are a joke.


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