April 29th, 2014

Mercer Quits

He tells the Sun:

“It is clear to me that the constituency of Newark needs to be represented properly.

I will not argue will the findings of the committee and I can only humbly apologise.

My military background has taught me that you must never let down the people who depend on you, and those people are my constituents of Newark.

If that becomes the case, you must go without any argument.”

Will Farage run?


  1. 1
    Messiah Farage says:


  2. 2
    The Court of Public Opinion says:

    He’s got himself in a right old pickle, all because of a far-away place of which we know little.

    Newark, I mean!


  3. 3
  4. 4
    Bob says:

    1st lets hope he does and puts the willies up the rest


  5. 7
    Spunkmeyer says:

    A gentleman never runs…….


  6. 8
    C O (Ξ7q1) says:

    Farage may not run, but there are plenty of other very strong candidates for UKIP.

    Go UKIP !


  7. 9

    It’s more risky for Farage than UKIP might pretend. Standing in a by election might seem superficially attractive but it means all of the other parties’ guns trained on him. If he loses he’s damaged goods. But even winning means giving up his strategy of keeping the Tories guessing about where he’ll stand, next year they can concentrate all their resources on him.


    • 21
      Inconvenient Truth says:

      I thought UKIP were about Localism. That should extend to the ‘completely crazy’ idea that perhaps, and perchance, there’s a chuffin’ LOCAL UKIP candidate to stand as a prospective MP that’s ACTUALLY FROM Newark! I’m sick of all these ‘Parachuted-in’ Party bigwigs who wouldn’t know their arses from their elbows…..You can take your Alan Johnson’s, Nick Clegg’s, Ball’s, and most of the other ‘overrated’ Oxbridge Tosh and FO IMHO. FPTP or FULL PR.


      • 36
        Tom Catesby. says:

        Alan Johnson, never went to any Oxbridge college as far as I am aware. Your sentiments are spot on otherwise.


        • 46
          Bill Quango MP says:

          He did. He used to deliver parcels there.


          • Inconvenient Truth says:

            The last bit referred to the ‘Oxbridge Tosh’, Alan, although ‘quite chatty’ and just bursting to get out of his shirt on This Week, isn’t in the same league…He should, however, be pulled up for his time as Health Secretary. (Or Chancellor). He was out of his depth at both…


    • 24
      Jim says:

      The complete Pleb insult that the EU election is just a Protest Vote that will return to normal voting in 2015 is just not acceptable in my opinion. He should stand and every Voter in the Constituency should set aside their Politics and Vote for him to gain some credibility with their Politicians. We cannot go on like this for another year or so.
      All the current leaders need to resign now.


    • 29
      Hey round the corner yoo hoo says:

      I hope Farage puts in a local candidate for UKIP because they would have a chance to take it, especially if UKIP gets the EU election, Farage is still needed as an MEP for now


    • 43
      IMHO says:

      Farage would be best advised to keep his powder dry. He will be best deployed for politcal events between May 2014 and the GE 2015 which will keep the momentum up.


      • 58
        YepBlowing Whistles says:

        Did anyone clock Crick ‘foaming at the mouth’ – over the Mercer by election …

        Crick – like so many other media headless turkeys needs to be examined by a psychiatrist.

        The Solicitor General should be warning all these media vultures to CALM FUCKING DOWN.


  8. 10
    Podiceps says:

    It’s a good resignation speech — no ‘lessons have been learnt’ or other flannel. I think more of him for this.

    But if only we were represented properly! What a different place the House of Commons would be.


  9. 11
    C O (Ξ7r1) says:

    Farage may not run, but there are plenty of other strong candidates who can for UKIP.

    Go UKIP ! :-D


  10. 13
    M102 says:

    Farage should not run…until he can walk.


  11. 14
    Tony, War Criminal says:

    There but for the grace of my good friend the baby Jesus go I!


  12. 16
    Nigella Fromage says:

    Farage should stand for the Campaign for Real Ale Party.


  13. 18
    ukip.i.am.not says:


  14. 19
    ukip.i.am.not says:


  15. 20
    ukip.i.am.not says:


  16. 22
    Headteacher says:

    Probably went to some namby-pamby public school, when what he needed was frequent thrashings with the cane to beat the criminality out of the young lad.


  17. 23
    ukip.i.am.not says:

    Pathetic, isn’t it? Cyril Smith apparently visited the infamous Elm Guest House in the eighties, after the Private Eye article and right in the middle of Steel’s leadership


    • 26
      Mornington Crescent says:

      What is deeply disturbing is that Lord Gnome first wrote about Smith in… 1979. Why has it taken the BBC and the rest of the sordid MSM a whole 35 years – thirty five fucking years – to touch this…?


      • 28
        Tony E says:

        Certainly not to protect Smith. I’d be looking for other people they’d prefer to protect.


        • 31
          Hey round the corner yoo hoo says:

          Smith has been thrown in the ring as raw meat to be used as food for the frenzy, time that the rest of this ring was exposed and brought to court.


          • here's an idea says:

            When the next major paedo is exposed, could he
            be alive to face prosecution and imprisonment.


        • 72
          Cesspit of a Country says:

          The others Smith could have grassed up probably included Savile and others at the BBC, so the BBC had every reason to keep stum.

          The true vileness at the heart of the British Establishment is only now, slowly becoming apparent.


      • 60
        YepBlowing Whistles says:

        Try the highest in the establishment over the past 50 years – it is not a huge number in fact that cannot be narrowed down to the ten or so real biggest culprits.

        Remember Haut.e De La Ga.renne was just the starter … and they think they covered that all up …

        Are you thin king what i’m thinking?


  18. 30
    Anonymous says:


  19. 32
    The town of Basingstoke says:

    If only all the other MPs caught with their snouts in the trough had the decency to follow his example.


    • 61
      YepBlowing Whistles says:

      Their cognitive dissonance – will do for em all.


    • 87
      Benefit Fraud @ £70/week!? Try £50K for a chat says:

      He has no decency, he got CAUGHT doing the WRONG thing. He jumped before he got pushed/prosecuted. Decency has nothing to do with it. In fact, if he actually HAD some in the first place he wouldn’t be in this situation. I feel sorry for the embarrassment his old Regiment is going through TBH, and just goes to show, whether it’s Sandhurst or Westminster, a trougher is a trougher, no matter how marble-mouthed they sound.


  20. 33
    Downing Street Dickhead says:

    The British people are very fair and I am sure that in the coming elections they will reward me appropriately for pushing the Knobjockey’s Charter through Parliament.


    • 62
      YepBlowing Whistles says:

      Are all these rufty tufty heads of all these Communist / Marxist unions just airey fairy bumbandit lovers – they sure seem to be?


  21. 34
    Camilla Rod Hull Windsor says:

    Will Farage run?

    Will Boris?


  22. 35
    Ctesibius says:

    Nigel Forage is perfectly suited for Newark for anagrammatic reasons.


  23. 37
    what a joke says:

    Channel 4 News has just discussed the Co- op Bank with
    Ed Balls without mentioning the £50,000 bung he received
    from Rev Flowers.


  24. 38
    Racist says:

    Did I just hear Lenny henry talking about white sheets?


  25. 40
    Zappaman says:

    So let me get the straight. Steel knew that Smith was going into a local children’s home and administering corporal punishment, and Steel thought this was perfectly normal behaviour because it happened all the time at public school? Steel didn’t smell a rat, presumably because important officials were drafted in all the time to administer corporal punishment in the world he knew? Oh that’s alright then! No rats to be smelt around here! Is it me, or does there seem to be a higher quotient of sex pests in politics than in the rest of life? I’ve no empirical evidence, but anecdotally parliament seem to be over-run with them!


    • 45
      Paddy McGinty says:

      What Steel means is that the spooks and Establishment protected Smith, so he might as well fall in line, just like he did with Jeremy Thorpe. What school did the latter go to?


    • 49
      Wibble says:

      The allegations were first published in Private Eye in May 1979 and they were extremely detailed. This claim by Steel is a complete lie and a cover-up of sexual misdoings at the Knowl View boys home by Cyril Smith and other Rochdale councillors at the time.

      Police “investigations” actually began in the 1960s into Smith and his activities and as the last issue of Private Eye declares, it is a complete disgrace as to why these problems were not addressed well before – by the police and the Liberal Party..


      • 71
        John Bellingham says:

        “The Liberal party is not a detective agency”. That’s right–they couldn’t find a c*nt in a whorehouse, although they do seem to find a lot of arseholes, literally and figuratively.


        • 74
          Collaborators says:

          The Liberal party is not a detective agency

          With any luck, in the next couple of years it won’t even be a political party.


  26. 42
    Strategist says:

    Bit northern for our Nigel. Maybe that scouser deputy could run.


    • 50
      Hey round the corner yoo hoo says:

      The first UKIP candidate MP needs to be a local and not one who’s higher up greasy pole because it will set the standard and people will like that, if they don’t then they will be crucified and treated as much the same as the other garbage.


    • 64
      YepBlowing Whistles says:

      Maybe that fucking establishment stooge Martin Bell end will stand as the establishment party candidate!


  27. 48
    Strategist says:

    So Fatman moves to liberals from Liebour when the going gets a bit hot and Steel doesn’t do due diligence checks because the twat was such an electoral plus. As desperate then as now. The eleven other hunts look like they are going to get it. Big names there?


    • 76
      There's too many YTs on my telly says:

      But a UKIPer has tweeter something unPC. That’s far more important.


  28. 51
    HenryV says:

    If Nige wins surely the EU will order the people of Newark to vote again until they give the right answer?


  29. 52
    Jimmy says:

    Another Tory crook caught out. How many more? Plenty.


  30. 53
    the hitch says:

    OT but I have just seen Portillo on TV sporting a rather jaunty toupee
    He looks like Frankie Howard it hilarious, completely different from the hair on the lower half of his head


  31. 54
    Jason Campbell says:

    It would display a level of stupidity as yet unsurpassed if the voters of Newark used their vote in protests against Mercer’s actions to vote in Farage who by his own admission isn’t really sure if his expenses are within the law.


  32. 55
    ukip.i.am.not says:

    Farage = frit


  33. 56
    Lke you said the bankers ARE scum says:

    As double jeopardy no longer applies can’t we again try Thorpe for the alleged conspiracy to murder Scott


    • 68
      YepBlowing Whistles says:

      The age of the net – does allow dead men to tell tales – ref a certain man murdered by the ‘out of control government of the day’ in Oxford.

      Fucking chilcot pah!! just the ” “issue of it” ” being ‘kicked into the long grass’ SPEAKS BLOODY VOLUMES … the truth is out there. innit Mr Dugher?


      • 77
        C O (Ξ7r1) says:

        But was the government involved domestic or foreign ?


      • 88
        fred the pensioner says:

        Mr Dugher was on my tv yesterday (along with some Scotch bloke calling himself Ming — as in Chinese vase — insisting that Cameron attends a debate with Miillipede before the next election. Oh, and there will be no place for Farage on the podium either.

        Why don’t you just tell us all what it is you have on this idiot Labour MP so we can all have a laugh?


    • 69
      G. Rave-Digger says:

      Not without a decent shovel


  34. 73
    Amelia Flower says:

    any news of the arrest and court hearing yet??

    thought not, he’s a tory crook rather than a benefit cheat and so gets away with murder


  35. 86
    bartfartbastard says:

    If Farage bottles it, the UKIP balloon will collapse as though it were in the porcupine cage at London Zoo.


    • 89
      Fred the pensioner says:

      Please detail your reasons for that assertion as I doubt there will be (m)any on here who will agree with it.


  36. 90

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