April 29th, 2014

Hacked Off Seek EU Diktat to Force Through New Press Laws
Watson Backs Brussels Directive on Media Ownership

After Sajid Javid signalled that he wanted to put the issue of press regulation “to bed”, Hacked Off last night called for an EU directive to force through new laws and overrule the Culture Secretary. Evan Harris and Natalie Fenton, two of the group’s directors, endorsed a new campaign aiming to secure a petition of one million signatures and seek a diktat from Brussels to set limits on media ownership at a European level.

The campaign, which has the somewhat sinister name ‘Reclaim the Media’, is backed by the Green MP Caroline Lucas, the National Union of Journalists, the Trades Union Council and Labour’s Tom Watson, who was due to chair last night’s meeting but failed to attend after he was “unavoidably detained in his constituency”Evan Harris’ face told you everything you need to know about the prospects for Hacked Off’s latest doomed venture…

Click to enlarge.

MediaGuido was particularly interested by a series of graphs provided at the meeting. Reclaim the Media’s campaign for plurality focuses on the Murdoch and Rothermere titles, despite their own evidence showing that it is actually the BBC that enjoys unrivalled dominance in the news industry. Confused Labour MP John McDonnell suggested the motives were personal: “there are thousands of asylum seekers locked up because the government is pandering to the racism of the Daily Mail”, adding that MPs were “petrified by the bucket of sh*t that The Sun pours on you”. Yet according to their own evidence it isn’t the Mail or the Sun that threaten press plurality, it is the BBC…


  1. 1
    Ah! but doctor says:

    how does micro become 5 inches?


  2. 2
    For Successful Living says:

    To live well it’s often wise to find out what Evan Harris is doing and aim for the opposite.


    • 21
      Mornington Crescent says:

      He’s quite possibly the most sinister man hanging around the corridors of power today, made worse by the fact that he has absolutely no democratic mandate whatsoever.


      • 34
        William Hague. A native Europhile. says:

        Democracy is over rated, that is why we support the overthrow of a democratically elected leader in the Ukraine and his unelected replacement.


      • 95
        Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

        Harris is a loony but nowhere near as sinister as Mangledbum or Handycock


  3. 3
    Aardvark says:

    Scratch the surface of any caring, sharing Socialist worried about the poor – and a Stalinist thug reveals its self.


  4. 4
    Left and Green says:

    But the BBC is OUR propaganda mouthpiece


  5. 5
    Labour's Vision for Britain says:

    Labour MP John McDonnell suggested the motives were personal: “there are thousands of asylum seekers locked up because the government is pandering to the racism of the Daily Mail”

    The cat’s out of the bag. Labour MPs want to let asylum seekers come here and roam free.


    • 14
      jgm2 says:

      “there are thousands of asylum seekers locked up because the government is pandering to the racism of the Daily Mail”

      No, you c*unt, they’re locked up because you didn’t finger-print them and photocopy their passport before they got on the plane so you’d know which fucking country to drop them off in when they flushed their passport down the shitter at Heathrow.

      It’s very simple. Force the airlines (and ferries and Eurostar) to fingerprint or DNA non UK (or non-EU if we have to play that game) nationals and take a copy of their passport before they get on the fucking plane.


    • 29
      Winston says:

      Just go to his constituency: Hayes & Harlington. It used to be a decent white, working-class suburb. Now it is a filthy crime-ridden, multi-cultural hell-hole. Only the poor and old working-class remain.


  6. 6
    jgm2 says:

    Mock all you like. press censorship is coming. Although with the various hate-crime and speech-crime laws on the statute books the concept of ‘free speech’ is already long dead.

    If the EU is recruiting paid cyber-shills to counter UKIP it’s only natural that they should cut costs by simply abolishing or outlawing non-conforming parties in the first place.

    And of course the same holds for non-conforming citizens.

    Press regulation is coming. In fact, via all the variously invented ‘hate’ crimes and laws prescribing what you can and cannot say it is already here.


    • 11
      Ah! but says:

      …with but a few asterisks , you can say what you like on here.


      • 18
        jgm2 says:

        You reckon? I reckon that if the mood took them the forces of UK law and order could arrest half the people who post here for various ‘hate crimes’.


      • 25
        still walking into darkness says:

        If you want to reach an audience of about 12 people that is.

        New press laws would hold blog hosters liable for comments


    • 37
      Ockham's Razor says:

      They had better build another 20 million jail cells for the UK then. At least it will keep the traffic off the roads…


      • 41
        jgm2 says:

        Why don’t 20 million people just stop paying their taxes or their TV licence fee? After all, at least half of us resent every fucking penny the crooks take and squander.

        Because they jail one or two dissidents, ideally OAPs who refuse to pay their council tax, and the rest of us get the message.

        Mass civil disobedience is all very well but thee only ones who seem capable of organising a good fucking riot are Labour and the unions. And they want us to pay our taxes and they’re fully behind the hate-crime’ initiative. So they’re not going to be taking to the streets for free speech.


    • 52
      Gladys says:

      jgm2 you are right, the pace of this anti democratic tide is increasing and I am getting quite scared of where we will end up.


  7. 7
    Nermal says:

    Where are they getting the money to back this farce? cannot imagine fatty Watson doing something for nothing.


  8. 9
    Sarah Millington says:

    Let them destroy press freedom & print editions.

    “We az da internetz now”, as I believe Old Holborn is fond of saying


  9. 10
    Mitch says:

    Detention centres for asylum seekers were brought in by that other socialist who hates a free press, David Blunkett?


    • 15
      Aardvark says:

      The prime motivation for the Left is not the poor or equality – it is that others see them as virtuous and superior.

      This is why much of what they say or do is grand gestures in front of cameras about how much they care.

      It is an mental illness. Their hubris requires them to be admired and to see themselves as higher beings.


      • 19
        Dave Grunshaw says:

        They’re just fidgeting busybodies unable to get a job in the real world.


        • 49
          Aardvark says:

          Who, in the private sector, would hire any of these Socialists thugs. Not exactly ideal employees. The State is the only place they can get employed.


  10. 12
    Peter Martin says:

    The BBC can surely assist in evolving the story and especially those graphs away to the point of oblivion?

    They have considerable editorial experience and expertise in this regard.


  11. 13
    Ell Bee says:

    Clifford made but one mistake. He didn’t become a politician.


  12. 20
    Nermal says:

    Last desperate effort by Caroline Lucas, she is definitely down to lose her seat next year.


    • 24
      jgm2 says:


      Professional bedwetters piss me right off.


    • 32
      Dangerous times. says:

      The green party is 100% totalitarian. Their version of democracy is everyone forced to abide by what they decree or go to jail.

      But more worryingly the LibLabCon is not far behind them and the EU is in front.

      Do not forget the EU gave a British grocer a criminal conviction for selling his produce by the Imperial pound.


      • 46
        John Bellingham says:

        Was the change in the rules of eligibility to stand for election that allowed the mentally ill (we used to call them lunatics) to become and remain MPs co-incidental with the rise of Green politics, or a result a general acceptance that psychopaths, kleptomanics, megalomanics and sociopaths with a PPE degrees need to found some form of work?


    • 43
      Ockham's Razor says:

      Lucas Industries is no more because they were utter crap and unreliable.

      She is version 2…


  13. 26
    Ordinary Joe. says:

    Dave. We await your statement on this, knowing that you are a true robust Conservative, intent on protecting our freedoms.


    • 75
      catesby says:

      Don’t hold you breath mate!


    • 76
      catesby says:

      The Fascist left have been running this country for years now we are governed by backdoor Marxism. Of course Scameron has done nothing to alter this situation and has no intention of doing so.


    • 77
      catesby says:

      The Fascist left has been running this country for years now and Scameron is doing nothing about it and never will. We are controlled my backdoor marxism.


  14. 30
    bergen says:

    Harris must be the most illiberal Liberal in the history of the party. His constituency had the sense to get rid of him. Why is he still hanging around the corridors of power like a bad smell ?


  15. 31
    Outraged of Toxteth says:

    How could John McDonnell tell if someone poured a bucket of shit over him?


  16. 33
    Winston says:

    Just goes to show where the real power to make policy resides: the EU. Vote UKIP.


  17. 35
    Ctesibius says:

    Might this proposal accidentally put breaking up and selling off the BBC into play? It would actually be the best outcome for everybody, BBC included. It could then genuinely go global on a mixed advertising/subscription basis.

    i remember when Harriet Harman never the sharpest knife in the drawer, argued that any broadcaster with over 30% market share should be broken up. She meant to target Sky obviously and when it was pointed out to her that this applied to her friends at the BBC she backpedalled.


    • 67
      Fred the pensioner says:

      Yes +10 million!~

      So why does the newly appointed Minister simply stand on his hind legs and pre-empt all this nonsense by simply announcing the sale of the entire BBC and all its works with the end of January 2015 as the relevant deadline?


      • 68
        Fred the pensioner says:

        * Minister NOT stand… etc


      • 98
        NE Frontiersman says:

        Two rival public service broadcasters, competing for their share of the existing licence fee according to viewing figures, could be fun to watch. Still not sure I’d start paying it, though.


  18. 36
    how sad says:

    How the hell can the NUJ back this?


  19. 38
    FrankFisher says:

    And they call UKIP fascists…

    Do not for one second think that this is not serious, that these people represent only themselves. And do not think for one second that they would not criminalise all dissent if they thought they had the muscle to enforce it. We are living in extremely dangerous times and ther eis no Westminster party that will tackle the slide.

    Vote UKIP, for your great-grandchildren’s sake.


  20. 39
    jgm2 says:

    I understand why Labour would want to limit free speech and control the media but why Lib Dems and Greens would be so illiberal is a total fucking mystery.

    Do the greens not see that in a controlled media environment, ie one that they don’t control, that their loony ideas would never have got any publicity, totally contradictory, as they are, to the spread of the socialist internationale.

    Do they think the media controlled environment of the old USSR with its filthy, toxic, polluted industry would have tolerated the hug-a-tree bedwetters like Lucas. And yet now they presume to tell the rest of us that their version of ‘the truth’ is to be protected by law and the rest of us will be subject to censorship and pre-approval and monitoring.

    They really are the most utterly cynical and stupid bastards.

    They think they’ll be the ones dictating what can and cannot be said indefinitely. They cannot see the tools they’re putting into the hands of their ‘enemies’.

    Just like ID cards. They think they’ll be the ones deciding who can and cannot access this or that. when, with a show of hands or at the point of a gun they’ll find that they’re the ones being herded like fucking cattle and all facilitated by the paperwork that they put in place.

    Utter fucking morons.


    • 86
      Anonymous says:

      They were all in favour of it, until they suddenly discovered that FOIA and EIR etc. applies to them too, when people starting using it to uncover the greens dirty dealings.


  21. 40
    Anonymong says:

    Those circle ‘graphs’ are always an attempt to misrepresent data.

    The difference in area between the largest circles (in this case the BBC, funny old thing) and the next largest is far greater than the human mind detects. A 1cm difference in radius can lead to a huge leap in area, and it is only the area that actually represents the data.

    What a bunch of fooking crooks.


    • 45
      Anonymong says:

      Nevermind, I didn’t see that they’d included a log axis until I expanded the image.

      Guess they’re ok after all. :D


      • 56
        Anonymong says:

        Just to be clear, that log axis gives the game away.

        To give an idea of how dishonest this graph is, ‘BBC One’ is actually ten times bigger than ‘Sky One’ according to their own axis. ‘All BBC radio’ is actually 3 times bigger than ‘global radio’.

        I bet that’s a hell of a difference to what most people would perceive with their naked eye.


  22. 42
    Gerbil 7 says:

    If Lucas supports it then it can’t be good for the general public.


    • 50
      Jack Ketch says:

      Ms Lucas has a university degree in “Women’s Studies”. She is therefore unqualified to discuss anything outside housework, pregnancy, child allowances, shoes and how to really piss people off.


  23. 47
    Moley says:

    Time to invent the counter- petition.

    We the undersigned totally oppose the petition titled—(in this case, on the grounds that anyone expecting the EU to protect their freedom needs their head examining).


  24. 48
    Anonymous says:

    “seek a diktat from Brussels”
    I may be mistaken. But wouldn’t that necessitate our soon-to-be-elected representatives, having the power to implement changes concomitant with the wishes of a majority of their electorate? Given that such a situation would negate any requirement for the referendum that is being prevented. Is not therein, evidence of a duality in the political ‘reality’ field Captain?


  25. 54

    I always thought that the Levenson report gave of the unmistakable stench of Brussels, this only confirms it.
    Very soon at this rate the only publication allowed will be bland novels and the EU version of Pravda.


  26. 55
    john in cheshire says:

    Couldn’t someone raise a petition calling for Hacked Off to eff off? I don’t have the skill, energy or time otherwise I’d consider doing it myself. Besides, it needs someone with broad access to the media to ensure it is prominently advertised so as many normal people as possible have an opportunity to sign such a petition.


  27. 58
    EyeSee says:

    Whatever title it hides behind, Hacked Off, Green, Trade Union, Labour, Lib Dem, Marxism does not like truth tellers. Now the Mail may be sensationalist and written in an insulting ‘dumbed down’ style, but who relentlessly pursued the killers of Stephen Lawrence? The BBC? The Guardian? The Police? Nope. The Mail. A free press is a key aspect of a capitalist, free democracy. It can vocalise the objections of a nation and it can hold the Executive to account. Any politician would fear it, but Marxists the most. And their objective would be to remove it. Hence their supportive, ‘state’ broadcaster, the BBC remains above reproach from these dangerous creeps, whilst their campaign to destroy those who oppose them continues. Watch for controls on the internet, that really has been a pain in the a**e for them, look at the AGW scam and how that is falling apart as people are allowed to talk about it, on the Net.


  28. 60
    Anonymous says:

    Controlling the press will not change public opinion. The media aim at a certain sections of the public by reflecting their opinion. If you want low circulation figures (like the Guardian) they you aim as the left wing public.
    If you want high circulation figures then you aim at the right wing public (the Sun and the Mail for example)
    Each paper aims at a different subset of a group.
    Ensuring papers are owned inside the EU will not work. As you close down the printed editions of the Sun and Mail you are creating a gap in the market. Others inside the EU will move into this lucrative gap because of the high circulation figures. Alternatively the Sun and Mail could set up affiliated companies that have head offices in the EU.
    Why are the left so thick?


  29. 61
    Bricktop says:

    I agree with the previous comment – how the FUCK can the NUJ support this ?


  30. 62
    calukgr says:

    The fascist left at work. There will be no dissent. There will be no argument. All opposition will be closed down; all who argue will be silenced.

    Absolute scum, the lot of them.


  31. 64
    VelvetChasm ooh baby says:

    This is what we should be focusing on: a shower of Hunts wanting to gag the media from exposing their shagging, thieving and lying. I bet there’s a few arseholes chewing on cloth at Clifford’s predicament as if he does a deal the torrent of filth he could release about big names would rock the establishment to the core – allegedly.


  32. 78
    Freedom says:

    Its about time these nasty fascists were made to leave public life. They certainly should not be allowed to hold meetings in Parliament. Their constant conspiracies to destroy freedom of speech is not only about enabling celebrities to hide their criminality, it is about ending the British way of life in favour of an authoritarian system of thought control.


  33. 84
    Hacked Off can fuck off along with the EU says:

    The BBC are criminals and a threat to our liberties. Scum.


  34. 85
    Inspector Clouseau says:

    I may be wrong but I thought Real & Smooth Radio was now part of the Global Radio group – as of this March.

    So the left hand graph is in fact wrong – quelle surprise. Where is Channel 4 fact checker when you need it.


  35. 88
    Non-PC Pleb hacked-off by Hacked Off says:

    Nothing like an EU diktat to do your dirty work for you – don’t want democracy getting in the way.


  36. 90
    Bill Quango MP says:

    The law of life says anything Caroline Lucas is involved with is going to be

    1. Loony
    2. expensive
    3. loony and expensive.


  37. 96
    Oh, really? says:

    Time to hand my NUJ card in? #Not in My Name.


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