April 8th, 2014

EXCLUSIVE: Miller Hits Back Claiming “Levesen” Smears

Once again Maria Miller has tried to use the threat of the post-Leveson age to shut down her expenses scandal. Mary Macleod, PPS to the fatally wounded Culture Secretary, today texted Tory MPs begging for support. Again Miller’s people have cited threats to press freedom. Mary Macleod said:


“I believe there is a media witch-hunt on Maria due to Levesen [sic]. How do you feel about it? Happy to answer any questions you may have. She would really appreciate your support. Many thanks Mary”

Too little too late, Guido fears.


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    Bob Crow says:



    • 4
      Smoke screen alert says:

      Fuck all to do with Leveson and all to do with her being a thieving freeloader who won’t say sorry.


      • 33
        UKIPPER says:

        Lets Get Them Out

        Maria’s expense claim hysteria
        Reminded me of Dave’s Wisteria
        And Duck houses on ponds that float
        We even paid to clean a moat
        Yet we must never make a fuss
        One rule for them and one for us

        The time has come to make a stand
        MPs greed is out of hand
        The people need to get a grip
        Turf this lot out and vote UKIP
        With the election drawing near
        Farage the man all MPs fear

        So look out now for dirty tricks
        With smears and lies thrown in the mix
        With racist slurs and nazi claims
        Designed to undermine our aims
        The peoples Army is on track
        UKIP will get our country back

        VOTE UKIP


      • 49
        Apthorpe says:

        Make May 22nd a day that all the light fingered folk that make up the HoC these days have to stop and think. I’m not advocating that UKIP will usher in a new age of universal peace and enlightenment (but you never know) what I am saying is that a strong UKIP result will get this pile of thieving cockroaches scuttling around.

        Treat yourself you have nothing to lose whoever takes the EU seat will waste time and your money might as well stick one to the troughers in HoC for your cash!


        • 60
          Beyond the Pale says:

          Miller’s PPS wants feedback?

          Try @MaryMacloedMP on Twitter


          • Biffo says:

            Yes, there is a witch hunt for Maria Miller – but it’s because she’s a thieving trougher with an overweening sense of entitlement & absolutely graceless with it – nothing whatsoever to do with either Levenson or Gay Marriage. And sending your PPS out to look for support is a pretty dumb thing to do.


        • 138
          we will says:

          I’m in my 40’s and will be voting UKIP for the first time on May 22.
          And my teenager has told me she’ll vote UKIP in what will be her first
          ever election.


          • Village Idiot says:

            That is good news. It is our only(democratic) hope to those of us who know what is happening!


          • Where's me pitchfork says:

            Good for you. Collect you pitchfork at the polling station.

            (PS: If you’re a postal voter, Nigel will have one mailed to you)


          • ed working class hero milliband says:

            At the moment we have three separate layers of bastards trying to separate us from our money, the local council the national government abd the EU ; UKIP represent the one chance to cut that down to two .vote UKIP


        • 171
          Bullshit hunter says:

          She’s a thieving troughing cow who should be hanged.


      • 86
        David Cameron..a Cast Iron Guarantee 2010 says:

        The people of
        Britain have looked on in horror as revelations
        have stripped away the dignity of Parliament,
        leaving millions of voters detached from the
        political process, devoid of trust in the political
        classes, and disillusioned with our system
        of government.
        We will act rapidly to push through farreaching
        reforms to restore ethics to politics
        and revive the electorate’s faith in politicians.
        It will take nothing less than a deep clean of the
        political system in Westminster to root out the
        sleaze and dispel suspicion. We will start by
        cleaning up the expenses system to ensure
        MPs live by the same standards as the people
        who give them their jobs,



      • 172
        richard sniffer and he's wife fanny sniffer says:

        I thought that butter not melt in her mouth. I even toyed with the idea that though marred she may still be a virgin. I have now changed my mind


    • 47
      ted heath's ghost says:

      are we mourning macleod?


    • 54
      A Den of thieves says:


      • 62
        David Cameron..a Cast Iron Guarantee 2010 says:

        A new agenda for a new politics
        The Conservative Party has led the way in sorting out the mess of MPs’ expenses. In government
        we will go further, by cutting the size of Parliament, cutting the scope of Whitehall, and cutting
        the cost of politics. We will make politics more local, more transparent and more accountable.
        We intend to build a new political system that serves people rather than politicians. Together,
        we can change our politics for the better.



        • 65
          Where's me pitchfork says:

          Do fuck off. The Tories didn’t win the election.


          • Cameroon watch says:

            They did actually but Dave decided to go into coalition…..it was easier you see and a good excuse for not carrying out his manifesto.

            Blame the LibDems you see.

            Tell Lies, like we didn’t win you see.


          • Apthorpe says:

            Well he did win actually just not an outright majority. An honourable man would have run a minority government creating alliances where possible and accepting when they where not. More messy, more hard work and much more likely to be tested again (and if need be) again at the ballot box. Much better to chum to the LibDems blame them for the Heathite agenda and then carry on pocketing the cash without have to worry about that uneducated mob the electorate.


          • vera says:

            Couldn’t win it outright against the worst prime minister in living memory – pitiful!


          • Inconvenient Truth says:

            I think she’s just doing her job correctly. She is, after all, Culture Secretary. Isn’t she just demonstrating what the ‘Culture’ is like in Westminster?


          • Where's me pitchfork says:

            He didn’t win a outright majority because;

            1) The public had long memories of Tory divisions and were not sure that it was entirely safe to return them to power

            2) Brown launched his class war to get his core vote out

            3) Brown (with the help of the BBC) launched an anti-cuts fear strategy

            4) Brown (with the help of the BBC) launched a banker bashing strategy

            5) Brown borrowed £40bn to inflate a crippled economy, as a bribe and to create an artificial pre-election boom

            6) Brown took advantage of a gerrymandered electoral system that gave him an automatic 40 seats and a tidal wave of postal votes (that would shame a banana republic (with a lack of curiosity by the BBC))

            7) The BBC as paid up Labour supports gave Brown an easy ride.


          • Drake's drum says:

            You missed the bit about being a flabby, lying, useless wanker.


          • scopes says:

            Actually, the Tories got more votes in the last GE than that bent bastard Blair got in 1997.

            It’s just the skewed constituency boundaries which would have been fixed if that fucking baby Clegg hadn’t spat the dummy about changing when didn’t get his way on PR which prevented a landslide.


          • Terry Major-Ball says:

            Major got more votes than Thatcher and Blair in their elcttions but because the media have deemed him the boring grey man people forget this.


      • 78
        David Cameron..a Cast Iron Guarantee 2010 says:

        It is vital that we act quickly and decisively
        to restore the reputation of politics. Too much
        unacceptable behaviour has gone unchecked
        for too long, from excessive expenses



        • 92
          Read the small print says:

          And there’s nor a single word about the Homosexual wedding in Dave’s 2010 Guarantee.


          • Dirtbox Dave - queen of the homos says:

            I’m not in favour of sodomy despite being a Conservative: I’m in favour of sodomy because I’m a Conservative.


      • 120
        Biffo says:

        Well, he would be wouldn’t he? Takes one to know one.


        • 154
          just a thought says:

          The more times MP’s bring up Leveson the better-
          making increasing numbers of voters aware that
          their elected representatives want to censor our press.


    • 174
  2. 2
    Scamp The Excitable Dog says:

    Jesus, just get this over already.


  3. 3
    THE RAT says:

    I’ve just sent a clan of mine to start nibbling away in her barn.


  4. 5
    lescrompsblogg says:

    Desperate stuff here from Crosby……. er sorry Miller from Miller #keepthepotboiling #deadcat


  5. 6
    Lord Carrington's Binoculars says:

    Oh, I see. Everybody is after her because she pushed Leveson through, not because she’s up to her ears in dodgy expenses.

    That’s the narrative when she finally goes.

    Christ, don’t women hate being caught out….


    • 15
      nell says:

      Oi! Don’t drag women into this! She is simply just another dishonest troughing MP/Minister trying to hang onto the gravy train by her fingernails now she has got caught out. Whether it was a man or woman is immaterial. This is simply about yet another dishonest Parliamentarian.


      • 21
        Anonymous says:

        It is my experience that, in general, modern women hate being caught out and will construct a fantasy version of events to try and cover themselves.


        • 32
          jgm2 says:

          I don’t think that characteristic is exclusive to women. Nor modern women.

          Remember the Maximum Imbecile. Everything bad that happened was somebody else’s fault. Sue’s I think. Anything ‘good’ was entirely as predicted and brought into being by himself.


          • Biffo says:

            Maximum Imbecile shares a chav’s view of life ‘the world owes me a living – and a good one – without any effort on my part. If I don’t get one it’s someone else’s fault’. IT’S MY RIGHT INNIT.


        • 37
          Harriet Harman says:



        • 66
          The Pope says:

          It is a common human instinct. But good upbringing, moral education and character developemnt, the support of morally upright people, noble goals and a sense of decency, altruism and responsibility can counteract and overcome that instinct so that doing the right thing comes naturally. Sadly, few in Westminster seem to give a rat’s arse about such things these days.


          • broderick crawford says:

            How s the Peter s Pence Collections donated worldwide for the upkeep of the Holy See coming along these days Your Holiness?

            Naughty !!


      • 122
        Biffo says:

        One of a large majority I fear. The rest have still to be rumbled.


      • 192
        Terry Major-Ball says:

        She is a dishonest troughing MP/minister in the Tory party. Compare her treatment in the press to Jacqui “4 bellies” Smith who did not stay in a grace and favour home because she wanted tax free expenses from claiming that her BBC news sister’s spare room was her second home and who had her gay porno charged to expenses which her husband took the blame for and then had Parliament illegally searched.

        Somehow the BBC where her sister worked and where she got easy presenting jobs after being voted out was not interested in her corruptness.


    • 50
      dai stolidly says:

      she did it for the kidz!


      • 142
        i want my money back says:

        They STILL don’t get it. Every statement adds insult to injury.
        The press are simply reflecting what people in the real world
        We’re fed up with being lied to,we’re fed up with being patronised,
        we’re fed up with being ripped off, we’re fed up with being ignored.

        Nothing to do with witch hunts or gay legislation.But everything to do
        with corruption and this sense of entitlement that pervades the corridors
        of power.


      • 182
        broderick crawford says:

        A white council house raised well remunerated WASP advertising executive will go to the wall for her chikdren.


  6. 6
    Ippikin says:

    When will this woman learn?
    She has abused the trust we have placed in her, she has shown no contrition whatsoever, no respect for the electorate, nor for her fellow MPs and if she had a single streak of decency, she would apologise properly, pay back the £40 k odd that she owes us and resign.


  7. 8
    Fred the pensioner says:

    A media witch hunt on Maria due to Leveson?

    Well, whoda thunk it.

    This crook was almost single handedly responsible for throwing 800 years of press freedom down the pan. It is only right that she be made to follow – and preferably head first.


    • 89
      Dorkass says:

      The crook was also responsible for the gay marriage lunacy. But she won’t be wanting to remind people of that. Must be a punishment to fit the crime.


    • 98
      vera says:

      Couldn’t agree more, Fred. And why is their thievery always called ‘a mistake’. No, not a mistake! If you and your family live in one house most of the time, that is your main residence – very little thought to reach that conclusion. But to work out how you can take maximum dosh from your expenses takes considerable calculation, which she obviously did. AND IT IS THEFT, not an error.


      • 106
        The Public says:

        It was a deliberate and calculated strategy undertaken over a number of years to defraud the taxpayer and gain a monetary advantage to which she knew she was neither legally or morally entitled.


        • 145
          well there's a surprise says:

          And now we all know why she wanted the press shackled.
          Every MP should be thoroughly investigated to see what other
          skeletons are hidden.


  8. 9
    nell says:

    The ‘fatally wounded’ maria miller is really dragging the tory party with her on this tortuous attempt to hang onto power now she’s been exposed as a trougher isn’t she?

    The longer they keep her the more they are going to be damaged and tainted by her.

    Does she have no sense of honour?


  9. 10
    Ed i don't have any Balls says:

    time to do what Fawkes failed to do, time to issue order 66, wipe them out, all of them


  10. 11
    Garfield says:

    I have just heard that oirish politician Higgins who is on a state visit, he sounds like someone has gelded him.


  11. 12
    Ken Dodd's Dad's Dog's Dead says:

    Resign you fat pudding.


    • 107
      vera says:

      Have you noticed how the political class, certainly the women, pile on the pounds. Cherie was a scrawny thing when she entered No.10. Looking at her since it is hard to believe she is the same woman. Jacqui Smith also ballooned – all that troughing!


      • 124
        Eric Pickles says:

        They shouldn’t let themselves go – very unattractive.


      • 186
        Howzat1932 says:

        Sheere certainly has loaded the pounds on at the recent funeral of Red Tony she turned out in a skirt far too short for her years I have seen better legs on a Victorian piano.Legs built for trousers methinks enough to make a chap look for oriental pleasures.


  12. 14
    Welshracer says:



  13. 17
    Peter Martin says:

    Leveson is surely by now a bit like invoking Candyman?

    One more and it could have been serious. Well, two, given the typo.


  14. 20
    Stewart Jacksons Cat says:

    Too right there is a media witch (for witch read crone) hunt and not before time either. David Cameron is an old former PR man for the pisspoor Carlton TV franchise and knows the score… Maria Miller should go, she is also plug ugly.


  15. 22
    ukipper says:

    We at UKIP are down on our knees : please God we beg you to keep her healthy and in place until the next election. Surely not too much to ask?


  16. 23
    Stephen Hawking says:

    Given the fact that she was only elected in 2005 and in that short time managed to rake in over £22,000 a year – I beleive her apology should have totalled at least 49 seconds.


  17. 26
    Garfield says:

    I think you are all wrong, Cameron has taken action, he gave her a jolly stiff ticking off and made her sit on the naughty step.


  18. 27
    Steve Miliband says:

    Should have done what Mark Harper did


  19. 31
    Madame Guillotine says:

    A pathetic attempt to distract from Maria Miller’s dishonesty, which simply confirms that the public are right about the insincerity of her fake apology.

    I had no idea who Mary Macleod is until i looked her up, but she is a prime example of the kind of slimeball we don’t need in politics. Andersen Consulting, Accenture, ABN AMRO, and then Royal Bank of Scotland. Now a bag-carrier for a corrupt, press-gagging politician. In other words, up to her neck in the mediocrity which infests the ruling class.


    • 105
      Bert says:

      You’re not a fan, then.


    • 133
      bergen says:

      Well said.


    • 141
      vera says:

      Mary Macleod is my MP and she is an excellent representative of our constituency, Brentford & Isleworth. She ousted the previous Labour incumbent who was a serial expenses thief, together with her husband, also an MP, claiming they needed a flat close to Westminster even though Brentford is a 40 minute journey away . I have met Mary several times and like her – she is certainly not a slimeball. Her support for this woman is disappointing but I suppose she is just doing her job.


      • 146
        HR says:

        ‘she is just doing her job’. Her job is to put her constituents and the people of this country first, not to shill for thieves.


      • 147
        hang on a min says:

        You may like her, but she’s certainly not in touch with majority opinion.
        Go down any high street in the UK and ask the public what they think
        about Miller and troughing MP’s. The press are reflecting those views,not
        creating them.


      • 151
        Munch my muff says:

        I love girl on girl.


      • 167
        Truly fed up with troughers says:

        “Just doing her job”. Now where have I heard that before? Ah. Yes. The Nurenberg War Crimes Tribunal. So, that must be OK then. Good defence.


        • 179
          vera says:

          I am not defending her. Although she is our MP, she also works for Miller, which puts her in a very difficult position. And her actions can hardly be compared to genocide.


      • 187
        inside out says:

        Isn’t that the Nazis excuse?


    • 185
      inside out says:



  20. 34
    Common Purpose says:

    MM is clever, hard working and a good minister.
    However she took the piss out of the old expenses rules and she was an arrogant cow to the CoS.
    Under the new rules she could not have done this in the first place. IPSA would have stopped her.
    On balance she has been punished enough and has learned her lesson.

    CMD has a problem with the damage to the party with several elections coming up, but so far it has not moved any of the polls.
    The leftie press are stirring it up, prevaricating, equivocating and making a mountain out of a molehill.
    This is because Labour are doing very badly politically and the Conservatives are doing so well. With a brilliant budget and the economy taking off.

    So the Guardian, BBC and Sun see a weakness they can attack.
    Labour themselves are less willing to attack with six of their MPs prosecuted for expenses fraud they occupy the moral low ground.

    CMD is showing loyalty, perhaps because MM is a state school filly.
    He is looking a strong leader but must bow to what the polls say.

    Expenses, and especially the CoS, will now be tightened up a little more. But already it is the most transparent and honest system in the country. We can see what every MP claims.


    • 48
      Equality Before The law says:

      No. She should be sacked from the cabintet and resign her seat in Parliament immediately.

      She should be charged with fraud and perverting the course of justice. She should be put before a judge and jury and, if convicted, sent to prison.


    • 58
      Tuscan Tony says:

      Left wing press? Hardworking?! Learned her lesson?!?!

      Time for another long, deep toke on that bong.


      • 69
        Dirtbox Dave - queen of the homos says:

        He’s from CCHQ.

        Rather than toking a bong, he’ll be sucking some cock and then taking a big throbbing todger up the Gary.

        They’re all hand picked, you know.


        • 80
          Common Purpose says:

          I am well away from London and am no member of the Westminster village.

          What you describe sounds interesting. Presumably it is what you do.


          • Britannia says:

            Wherever you are – Cheltenham or Langley Falls for all I care – you are clearly well away with the fairies on this one.


          • Dirtbox Dave - queen of the homos says:

            Well away with the fairies indeed.


    • 119
      vera says:

      If she is so clever why didn’t she suss that stealing tax payers’ money by dishonest claims (the house infrequently visited by her, and never visited by her family is ‘my main home’) would not play well either for her or more importantly for her party? Substitute ‘greedy’ for ‘clever’. Maria, you’re a disgrace!


    • 139
      bergen says:

      So “been punished enough” does not include the full return of the money she embezzled ?

      In any other post she would have been sacked on the spot and the Police called in. Instead she was “judged by her fellow Parliamentarians”- all at it themselves , given a fraction to repay and laughed in our faces.


  21. 35
    Beyond the Pale says:

    Poor call, even by Cameron’s usually abject standards.

    Allowing or even using that unelected gaggle Hacked Off to trample over legitimate voter concerns.

    It only serves to underline just how fake Miller’s apology was.


  22. 36
    UKIP says:

    Are we sure she’s not one of ours?


    • 111
      Pookie snackumberger says:

      Give it up son, it ain’t gonna work. The people you aim to convince on here are a tad more inteligent than you take them for.


  23. 38
    Anonymous says:

    Sense of honour? The lard-arse, nondescript bitch doesn’t even understand the fundamental concepts of honour. Hell bent on clinging to office because she’s terrified of losing the perks and the lifestyle it brings. Maria Miller gives even hygiene a bad name! But it will soon be over. And this will be her legacy!


  24. 41

    The House could be getting on with running the country, not that it’s doing a very good job. You took that which didn’t belong to you so pack your bags and go.
    The poor and disabled have been trampled on by your party and you expect forgiveness……MOVE OUT LADY.


    • 55
      Increasingly pissed-off taxpayer says:

      You’re too polite, Sir.

      The message is “FUCK OFF NOW YOU THIEVING COW”


  25. 42
    Increasingly pissed-off taxpayer says:

    Dave, it’s not difficult, just repeat Alan Sugar’s words — “YOU’RE FIRED”


  26. 46
    pissed off voter says:

    Not only should Miller be sacked but also those aides who have been using Leveson as a bullying tool.


  27. 53
    pissed off voter says:

    Just wondering … how much has the Miller investigation cost? Shouldn’t she should be billed for it.


    • 57
      Joe Public II says:

      Her estate should be billed — after she has been lynched.


    • 83
      Details matter says:

      We should be informed as to whether Miller has tried to claim back from the taxpayer any costs for legal services incurred in her lengthy correspondence and obfuscation over this matter.

      I would suspect that, as the parliamentary committee effectively sanctioned her house payment claims, she would argue she was justified in incurring the legal costs to fight her case.


  28. 61
    Concerned Citizen says:

    The Vulture Secretary should go NOW, not tomorrow but NOW.


  29. 64
    David Cameron..a Cast Iron Guarantee 2010 says:

    We will clean up politics: the expenses, the lobbying and problems with party funding



  30. 67
    Nowt so strange says:

    UKIP are laughing all the way to the voting bank with Miller. Who would have thought Cameron could be so UKIP friendly.


    • 74
      Drake's drum says:

      Cameron is a weak, flabby, lying moron.


      • 135
        Biffo says:

        I know many weak, flabby, lying morons who would be exceedingly upset by that comparison to the Gutless Wonder Dave the Know Nothing PM.


  31. 71
    British Public says:

    Resign, you thieving slag. You should be in the slammer.


  32. 72
    Where's me pitchfork says:

    Has everybody lost their fucking heads?

    Get a grip FFS


  33. 77
    Knobcheese Cameron says:

    Vote Tory in local and European elections.


  34. 82
    the mystic mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

    vultures, media and sport


  35. 88
    • 95
      Petitions are no substitute for a poke in the eye says:

      It wasn’t a mistake. This was deliberate, calculated, fraud against the taxpayer carried out on a strategic scale.


  36. 93
    madasafish says:

    I assume Lord Leveson reached out to her in the past and forced her to steal money.

    She must think voters are idiots. Judging by her 30 second apology, she must think MPs are as well…


  37. 94
    Bloke in the street says:

    Media witch-hunt my arse.
    This is just chaff to distract from the real issue.
    This expenses tart needs to fuck off pretty soon or I’ll be down Westminster with a pitchfork.


  38. 99
    Anonymous says:

    Sometimes with-hunts hunt witches.


  39. 100
    Our Nige says:

    Maria Miller – the gift that keeps on giving.


  40. 104
    F##k the LibLabCon says:

    Where’s my fucking money Miller you thieving bitch!


  41. 110
    Norma Stitz says:

    One area where women have certainly achieved equality with men is Parliamentary expenses fiddling. Blears, Jaqui Smith, Moran, Spelman (employing nanny as secretary),
    Yvette Cooper, Mad Nad, Miller….the ladies, given the chance, are just as venal and greedy as the men. Rather depressing.


  42. 116
    Truth prevails says:

    Leveson has nothing to do with media reporting pertinent FACTS concerning this Minister who seems to have acted in such a questionable way that it should be tested as to it’s legality in a court of law.


  43. 118
    Paniagua V5.1 says:

    Kay Burley reaming Mary McLeod a new one. Chapeau *thumbs air*


  44. 125
    MB. says:

    She should resign but there is no doubt that there are too vested interests campaigning against her.

    Labour just see a good opportunity to get a government Minister to resign.

    Many in the press just see it as payback for Levesen.

    The Liberals are probably quietly working along their friends in Labour, Cable is sure to be plotting.


    • 143
      The Public says:

      Nice try, but no cigar. This isn’t about ‘vested interests campaigning aginst her’. This is about her lack of integrity and the state of our democracy. The majority of the public simply wants justice.


      • 170
        MB. says:

        I did write that she should resign.

        Petitions and polls are meaningless, you could get similar percentages calling for any MP to be sacked or have to pay a penalty.


  45. 131
    Ho Hum says:

    Cameron’s Southwest London MPs playing an interesting game here.

    Wimbledon’s Miller (Basingstoke in name only) is a Hacked Off supporter, and so is Richmond’s Zac Goldsmith. Appears Mary Macleod (Chiswick/Hounslow) among them.

    They’re dancing to Hacked Off tune in making this a Leveson issue rather than a matter of integrity and expenses, and really treating the public in their constituencies like fools.

    Some Conservatives like Goldsmith have called for a proper recall option to address discontent with an MP, but those calls start to ring hollow now.

    If not, they’d use this as an example to reinforce demands for a proper recall law, to allow MPs to stand or fall on whatever support they muster.

    I suppose it’s easy to make those calls for a proper recall option when you know Cameron won’t have it.


  46. 140
  47. 149
    neitherdeadnoralive says:

    I’ve heard various people, (the PM, MP’s etc.), say she wasn’t found guilty of anything…….. so why apologise and pay back around a 10th of what she is supposed to have stolen from us ?


  48. 156
    Spunky Maria says:

    Can I still claim expenses whilst on sick leave?
    Can I claim for a sick bucket?
    Can I claim for Lucozade?
    Can I claim for home delivered shopping
    Can I claim for a home help?
    Can I claim for flannels?

    I’m very good at my job you know!


  49. 158
    Sound Advice says:

    I think Maria has brought this on herself and is looking to scapegoat the media or something else. She is a nasty piece of work and should do the right thing and resign. Plus, she is dragging the party down. This is reflected in the polls and it will likely drag on to election. Silly Cow!


    • 163
      All in this together says:

      Oh yes it was the media who told her to take large wads of cash off us taxpayers on the basis that she could get away with it.

      If fat boy Cameron and his Eton toffs think people are going to forget being cheated out of their money he is in far a very big shock.


  50. 160
    A Ship's lawyer says:

    Its Tuesday evening and we still have a thieving trougher as a Cabinet Minister.


  51. 162
    Maria Miller twitter feed says:

    I had a very productive meeting with the PM today at No.10.
    Once again he gave me his warm support and I gave him a soapy tit wank in the broom cupboard.
    I will be in my bunker all day tomorrow.


  52. 165
    Maimed Codger says:

    As Guido says, when Dave realises by staying she is costing the Party Votes… it will be too late, At Golf this week, opinion has swung decidedly UKIP way.. and the general opinion… she should go.


  53. 168
    Penfold says:

    The professional football foul, play the man not the ball.

    Miller has nothing but contempt for all of us, she’s morally and ethically bankrupt.

    A typical example of the 21st century British politician.

    A pox and plague on all the beggars.

    Time for revolutionary change and a complete extirpation of those that occupy the Augean Stables that is Westminster and politics in general.


  54. 169
    b-b-p says:

    The USA had the right to Freedom of Speech written into their Constitution and ratified in 1791.Unlike them the UK remained one of the hemisphere’s only Nation without a written guarantee of Free Speech and Press until Oct 1996 when Article 10 of the European Human rights Act became Law in the UK .
    This gave us in Britain the first opportunity to receive and impart Information and ideas without interference from UK Authorities .However the European Convention has added a codicil “Part 2” which Restricts the Press in the Interests of National Security .So in actual fact the Law bars the Government from Controlling the Press unless it decides to do so .Therefore there is No Press Freedom in this Country hence the Lack of Media attention over Draconian Welfare Reforms, Atos Deaths and Social Cleansing and the many Demonstrations highlighting these Facts .
    Self Regulation only applies if you are playing ball with the Government ,hence MP’S having the ability to self Regulate their own Expenses is a Government Perk in return for MP’s to tow the Line. Cameron in the Miller blatant theft case is loath to take the Perk away because he has less control ,its Bribery .



  55. 176
    Arnold the Anarchist(weekends only) says:

    Shame Chaucer is not with us. He would have had to rewrite the Miller’s Tale.


  56. 177
    pissed off voter says:

    Who is this guy levesEn ?


  57. 194
    StanC says:

    Wednesday Morning:-
    She’s gone. A mess triggered by her not being fully open with the investigation. Today’s Mail obviously written in advance of Miller’s departure, further reporting damaging items. As for the pps , by all means support your boss. But you lady are now in the ‘frame’ too. What is not in doubt is Minister Miller did some good, work, effected great changes. BUT if you are going to make enemies through your decisions – You must make sure you and the rest of your team are whiter than whiter, plus obviously yourself! What’s the betting the ex au pairs will/have been traced, leading to headlines already being prepared for the Mail on Sunday, or other titles. All giving further backup to the previous damaging reports. There is still the matter of the huge
    amount of public money dished out on expenses. The Committee that decided what was right & properearlier – May well now be concluding –
    ‘We were in error with our verdict on the evidence before us.’


  58. 195
    Anonymous says:

    “a media witch-hunt”
    differs from a parliamentary witch-hunt in one major respect. If the accused floats they are innocent. While if they sink, emergency services will be at hand.


  59. 196

    Althara my Dios ah godha bleesui muori nun mani thank a doth
    hezah anywayh am thunk as godha to makh weh shedha bakaie


  60. 197
    Nemesis. says:

    A witch hunt most certainly because Miller’s one hell of a cheating scheming witch with a face to match. Miss Piggy will go down as just another cheating muppet MP. And who the fuck is this moronic Spad anyway?


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