March 30th, 2014

Read Guido’s Column in the Sun on Sunday Online

Read all about how Tory MP Mark Menzies told a rent-boy to “bring sexy underwear” to a £250 sex session in Soho in today’s Sun on Sunday. In Guido’s column, get all the latest gossip for just 70p down the newsagents. Don’t miss out on:

  • Exclusive: Number 10 has another baby on way (… for Cameron’s nanny)
  • Umunna Amour: something was lost in translation for Chuka
  • Taxi for Mr Watson mystery
  • Guido parties with UKIP like it’s 1849
  • Clegg’s secret plan to brandish support in second round of the EU debate
  • Farage’s steamy solution to sweating on TV
  • Farage Channel 4 “man behind the pint” documentary reveals anti-establishment revolutionary

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  1. 1
    Saint John The Divine says:

    No sign of the Four Horsemen? Has not The Beast overturned the natural order and made perversion King? Are not Sodom and Gomorrah restored? No? Then same-sex marriage must be the will of The Lord! Henceforth, let men bear child, and women spawn offspring. Praise be to God, and meet me later in the public lavatories for a spot of pre-nuptial courtship.

  2. 2
    The Poof In Residence says:

    Defence Secretary Philip Hammond, asked about the issue on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show, said he had not seen the Sunday Mirror article.

    He said: “This is a personal matter for the fucking poof concerned. Was it not David Cameron who said “We are the party of the poofs and benders?”

    “It’s always very sad when people are involved in personal issues that impact on their careers, but that’s a matter for the homosexual concerned,and perhaps he should marry the Brazilian in question.The drug allegations are a different matter altogether.”

  3. 3
    Mark Menzies says:

    Oh, I love you so
    You pay my rentboy

  4. 4
    you gotta larf says:

    The Tory Party once again bringing gaiety to the nation.

  5. 5
    Mark Menzies says:

    I’ve got no brains
    You’ve got the brawn
    Let’s make lots of cummy

  6. 6
    Michael Portillo says:

    The Tory’s should stop focusing on non important issues like Europe and immigration and come to the centre ground more.

  7. 7
    Expat Geordie says:


  8. 8
    Mark Menzies says:

    In a west end town
    In a dead end hotel
    The Tory MPs
    And west end boys
    West end boys

  9. 9
    Planetoid Eris (not being Rupert) says:

    I strongly recommend SPF50+ lotion application.

  10. 10
    Expat Geordie says:

    Shit, didn’t see that.

    Sixth, anyone?

  11. 11
    Brussels Broadcasting Co says:

    That’s right Michael. More train programs for you.

    *Don’t forget your pink jacket x

  12. 12
    Mark Menzies says:

    I love Brazil nuts.

  13. 13
    Bumsex Army of Dave the Butch says:

  14. 14
    small ads westmincer village people says:


  15. 15
    Mark Menzies says:

    Aint nothing going on but the rentboy
    Got to give a blow j-o-b
    If you want to be with me
    No romance without finance

  16. 16
    M. Oaten says:

    Covered in delicious brown chocolate surly?

  17. 17
    Mark Menzies says:

    He works hard for the money
    So hard for it, honey
    He works hard for the money
    So you better treat him right

  18. 18
    the physically blind man says:

    tomorrow never arrives.
    help the blind man cross the road.
    cross or across.

  19. 19
    Ed says:

    I love them.

  20. 20
    hmmmmmm says:

    A pattern is emerging whereby you can see where the Tory obsession with gay legislation originates.

  21. 21
    Bumsex Army of Dave the Butch says:

  22. 22
    Only in the Stun says:

    £5 off in Lidl.

    That’ll be a couple of extra bottles of White Lightening 7.5% cider then.

  23. 23
    Mark Menzies says:

    The way you make me kneel
    You really turn me on
    You knock me off of my feet
    My lonely days are gone

  24. 24
    Hamish says:

    You really have sold out to Murdoch, Guido.
    That was a Mirror exclusive brazenly lifted by the Sun.
    Why should we read a second-hand story behind a paywall?

  25. 25
    Ah! don't blame the kitten says:

    Never mind your pets.

    This country got TB for voting Labour.

  26. 26
    M. Menzies says:

    I can fit two of the little buggers in my mouth at the same time.

  27. 27
    Mark Menzies says:

    I can feel it
    Coming in my ass tonight
    Oh lord
    And I’ve been waiting for this penis
    For all my life
    Oh lord

  28. 28
    Euphemistically Speaking says:

    The Grauniad doesn’t say Mr. Menzies’ friend is a boy, nor whether he rents or owns his own property. It just says he’s an ‘escort’, which sounds rather nice.

  29. 29
    Mark Menzies says:

    Boys boys boys
    I’m looking for a good time

  30. 30
    grubb says:

    Meanwhile the overpaid fudgepackers in Westminster can afford rent boys at £250 a pop, and I do mean pop.

  31. 31
    Bumsex Army of Dave the Butch says:

  32. 32 says:

    the blind man with his walking stick.
    the difference between in and out is onw.
    the difference between in and out has won.
    difference has won.
    I beg to differ.
    blind man man begs.
    alms for the blind.
    arms please … help the blind man for he cannot see the zebra in the Girraffe shop.

  33. 33
    Oh dear says:

    Mark Ferguson of LabourLost and Labour’s John McTernan are on Sky News trying to put a positive spin on Labour’s lowest poll ratings in 3 years.

  34. 34
    Feminists are thick cunts says:

    The Tory party anthem.

  35. 35
    God says:

    I personally think religion should be banned but I do understand that marriage is basically a religious institution.
    Behind all the happy faces of those who have had their gay wedding is the unhappy face of the malcontents who have pushed for it.
    This isn’t about marriage as far as these malcontents are concerned.
    They hate the concept of marriage and have spent the last 60 years undermining it.
    This is about parking a politically correct tank on someone else’s the lawn.
    That is what pisses people off.

  36. 36
    Mark Menzies says:

    It’s raining men

  37. 37
    Feminists are thick cunts says:

    Which mark of Escort? My fav was the MK 1 Mexico.

  38. 38
    Fixed term is not working out says:

    We need rid of this failed Cameron charade.

    Time for UKIP.

  39. 39
    Reverend Crystal Flower Power says:

    Bless you

  40. 40
    Mark Menzies says:

    This Brazilian
    Is not my lover
    He’s just a rentboy
    Who claims that I am the one
    But he never made me cum

  41. 41
    Brussels Broadcasting Co says:

    …..Time for a UKIP stitch up on Wednesday night ;)

  42. 42
    Where do I tick rent boys on my expenses claim form says:

    I hope he put it on expenses.

    We wouldn’t want our MPs to be out of pocket now, would we.

  43. 43
    Mark Menzies says:

    You’re once, twice, three times a ladyboy

  44. 44
    Common Sense says:

    Why buy a copy of the Sun to read a story which was broken by t he Sunday Mirror?

  45. 45
    F##k the LibLabCon says:

    Diane Abbott?

    She needs to re-release that one and call it ain’t nothing going on but the private tuition fees.

  46. 46
    Forest Gump says:

    This Menzies guy has a rather unpleasant looking mouth. That is all I have to say about that.

  47. 47
    Bill Clinton says:

    I did not have sexual relations with that woman either.

  48. 48
    Peter Mandelson says:

    I also like to chew on a Brazilian nut.

  49. 49
    Generation blah blah blah says:

    No-one cares about the Labour Party. They are yesterday’s men.

  50. 50
    Newt says:

    They mostly come at night… mostly.

  51. 51
    Generation blah blah blah says:

    Yup. They are an unpleasant bunch.

  52. 52
    Selection Committee says:

    Oh dear, pps to one Alan dun’can, early outer, next constituency to one Nigel. All this in a northern rural area, any more Will I Am? FFS, this is what your tolerance brings you. Any chance of anyone doing a spot of work if it’s not too much trouble.

  53. 53
    T May says:

    Has the Brazilian prostitute been deported yet?

  54. 54
    Marc Men-see says:

    I deny everything, even the shape of the world. There that’s all fixed now.

    Warm day for a spot of cot tagging, what!

  55. 55
    Crawl Away says:

  56. 56
    Bender Watch says:

    If we are to believe homosexual marriage is normal, right, equal, fair and other volvox then this sort of thing must also be seen as the same.

    It’s like a gigantic juggernaut of filth tearing through a once decent nation.

    Please Vlad, park your tanks here.

  57. 57
    Vlad says:

    I have no sympathy with your homosexual nation, you need to fight bear in woods, swim frozen lake and bully topless girl groups to show you are normal strong people who Vlad would respect and honour. Don’t get me started on your Mr hag ue.

  58. 58
    What else can a useless lump get up to once he's been rumbled? says:

  59. 59
    Anonymous says:

    Agree with you Hamish. Guido totally lacking integrity

  60. 60
    UKIP or bust says:

    I have no sympathy for your socialist nations who send millions to die in goolags and death camps, force millions to die of starvation in great leaps forward, smash babies heads against (rouge) trees, and live like millionblaires off of the backs of hard working folk many of whom respect and honour, mong like, those same nations leaders.

  61. 61
    Putin says:

    There are no gay people in Russia
    We will not invade the Ukraine.
    If the Ukraine is invaded it will be by unknown troops wearing no insignia.
    I am not corrupt, nor are my close friends.
    Our elections are fair and not fixed.
    You can trust me.

  62. 62
    Briefed for sure says:

    Funny how all these Ministers of the Crown just happen to not have read the awkward stories before they appear on tv. Lying cùnts.

  63. 63
    I agree says:

    Oh to have the good, clean wholesome days of Maggie’s government again, which only had decent heterosexuals like Leon Brittan, Michael Portillo, Harvey Proctor, Peter Lily and her speechwriter Derek Laud, not forgetting her equally wholesome friends Lord Boothby and Sir Jimmy Savile, the latter whom she personally gave a knighthood. Those were the days of a decent, all straight Britain.

  64. 64
    Shawn_Cummerely says:

    I am rather taken bare back by the uncharitable comments so far aired on this wall. Those that take loving care of the interests of this great nation, labour tirelessly for the interests of every man, woman and …. nanny.
    After a hard day’s work at the Commons really what could beat some quality relaxation with a good, stiff…. er, you know……drink – and the pleasure of a good suck on the…..whatchermacallit… pipe, filled doubtless with a young, rather cheeky, exotic type of…… er…… Shag!

  65. 65
    still walking into darkness says:

    why are there so many gays in Parliament, I can only name 20 MP’s, and of them I know Duncan, this bloke in the news today, William Hague, Nigel Evans, Margot whatshername, Douglas Alexander, Gordon Brown, Mark Oaten (although Ithink he’s gone), Simon Hughes, Laws are all well known to be bent, I’m sure there’s others I’ve forgotten about. Hate to say the word ‘conspiracy’ but it does look that way

  66. 66
    albacore says:

    Oh my, old Fawkes, you ain’t arf got your work cut out
    To surprise us with vile revelations about
    The resident swine lurking in “our” Parliament
    A skunk would be embarrassed to carry their scent

  67. 67
    Anonymous says:

    Identical Airplane Like Flight MH370 Stored in Israel?

    Why would Israel have a plane identical to the missing Malaysia Airlines plane in storage in Tel Aviv? The plane in this photo is Boeing 777 2H6(ER) – 28416/155, an identical twin of the missing plane, which has been in Israel since November 2013. What are the Israelis doing with this plane in a hanger in Tel Aviv? Could it be part of a false-flag terror plot in the making? Where is this plane today?

  68. 68
    Magic says:

    She really has cracking norks

  69. 69
    Sir William Wayde says:

    ‘Menzies’ is often pronounced ‘Mingers’, I believe.

  70. 70
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    In the light of current allegations I shall bring forward legislation to “Ban The Bum”

    God save the Queen.

  71. 71
  72. 72
    Just so we know says:

    Was ‘same-sex marriage’ in either the last Conservative Manifesto or the Coalition Agreement?

  73. 73
    Mornington Crescent says:

    Ironic Comment of the Fucking Week: “I look forward to setting the record straight in due course.” Mark Menzies.

    BTW, just how the fuck does a Brazilian hooker who’s overstayed his student visa manage to get a security pass to the Hoc? No, seriously.

  74. 74
    Bosun Higgs says:

    What could a country want with a large passenger plane? Ummm…..

  75. 75
    Tory Bingo aka Grant Shapps says:

    Two fat ladies……..Eric Pickles

  76. 76
    Bosun Higgs says:

    Prostitution is prostitution, whichever orifice is hired out.

  77. 77
    All quiet on the WW1 front says:

    Anyone else notice how since the start of Ukraine crisis the British establishment have suddenly gone all quiet about their inept WW1 ‘celebrations’?

    Don’t want the plebs seeing uncomfortable parallels with a hundred years ago now, do we.

  78. 78
    grubb says:

    No change there then, it’s practically written on the tin. It’s why we wuv him to pieces.

  79. 79
    English speaker says:

    A wood on a steep hillside is a queer place to keep a plane.

    Did you mean ‘hangar’?

  80. 80
    dave the rave says:

    The future is gay! Vote Tory!

  81. 81
    Mr Nobody says:

    The Tories have moved towards the centre ground, it’s just that Labour have moved over to the hard left under unelectable Ed.

  82. 82
    English speaker 2 says:

    A wood on a steep hillside is an odd place to keep a plane, unless you meant ‘hangar’.

  83. 83
    Toxic Tories for Landowning Spongers, Parasites, Criminals, Peedos, & other Wasters says:

    The Tories are looking more and more like the Psychopath in the Bret Easton Ellis novel. Well dressed, smart white shirt, but with blood stains on the cuffs after kniving a tramp in an alley way.

  84. 84
    Reality Check says:

    They would rather look like ignorant fools than talk honestly with the public about the shoddy, immoral state this decadent government is trying to force upon the country.

  85. 85
    Michael Jackson says:

    I was a straight shooting, butch hetero hit with the ladies. Hee hee.

  86. 86
    Feminists are stupid cunts says:

    How typical that the three lefty journalist wanker on the Sunday Politics all thought Farage was wrong to attack the EU over Syria and the Ukraine.

    As much as I don’t like UKIP, Farage is spot on. The EU is a vile organisation, especially the Germans who have unfinished business as they see it from their defeat in WW2.

    AS for Clegg, he’s a cuunt, a liar and a fucking total shit bag.

  87. 87
    Roger-me Santos says:

    I had to work my butt off for that visa.

  88. 88
    Elite Media Luvvies and their "Ophobe" hate labels. says:

    Listening to Brillo speaking to his Metropolitan Journos. “The Xenophobes” just trips off their tongues and Brillo does not bat an eyelid.

    It is quite clear that in their clique, anyone who objects to immigration, which is a very legitimate viewpoint in a free society is glibly and dangerously given their hate label of Xenophobe.

    This weekend we have already seen the hatred for “Homophobes” from the elitist media, now xenophobe, what next?

  89. 89
    Feminists are stupid cunts says:

    They are working up for the next round of lies. Remember all the lies about Assad gassing his own people on the day the UN came to visit? That all went very quiet didn’t it?

    Oh and the usual warmongers claiming that Putin was ready to walk into the Ukraine.

    We are lied to on a daily basis by the government and the media. None of the bum bandit fucks can be trusted.

  90. 90
    Mr Nobody says:

    That’ll be the Opinium poll putting Labour on 33%. Gordon Brown managed less than 30% in the poll that really mattered and with Ed moving to the hard left in a “35% strategy” it’s hard to see him doing much – if any – better in 2015. Ed needs to get the vote out and the signs are that he doesn’t inspire his followers enough to do that.

    Perhaps somewhere between 27% and 32% on the day might be more like it for Miliband Labour.

  91. 91
    Elective Dictatorship says:

    Listen oik, once we get into power, even on the slimmest of margins, we have carte blanche to do whatever the fcuk we want, without any recourse to you ghastly little Britons.

    Isn’t British democracy great?

  92. 92
    Feminists are stupid cunts says:

    Ask Mandelson, he’s the expert at that.

  93. 93
    Maria Miller says:

    It’s unhealthy for us normal sized women to be constantly shown footage of skinny size-zero women like Diana Abbott and Emily Thornberry. It can be very damaging to our self-esteem to be made to think that being thin is the new normal.

  94. 94
    Feminists are stupid cunts says:

    Bombing Libya and Syria wasn’t in the agreement either.

  95. 95
    S*int John The Divine says:

    No sign of the Four Horsemen? Has not The Beast overturned the natural order and made perversion King? Are not Sodom and Gomorrah restored? No? Then same-sex marriage must be the will of The L*rd! Henceforth, let men bear child, and women spawn offspring. Praise be to G*d, and meet me later in the public lavatories for a spot of pre-nuptial courtship.

  96. 96
    Their Bubble needs Destroying says:

    If they can’t see that the EU encouraging the violent overthrow of an elected leader and replacing him with an unelected one because he is pro EU is wrong, then their is no hope for them

  97. 97
    A Turkish General says:

    The Syrians have launched missiles against our territory.

    Straight up. No lie.

  98. 98
    Ed Miliband says:

    I trust you Mr Putin!

    Please sir, can we have some cheap gas so I can freeze energy prices until 2017? I’ll let you have the rest of Ukraine, Poland and the Czech Republic! Pretty please! Oh go on, I’ll be your bestest friend in the whole world!

  99. 99
    Hillary Rodham says:

    Oh, yes, you bloody did! Or do you think Chelsea was some kind of virgin birth. We managed on at least another three occasions as well that I can think of. So don’t bloody deny it.

  100. 100
    Mark Menzies says:

    I promised to look after his cat when he gets sent back to Rio.

  101. 101
    Mr Nobody says:

    Then make sure to keep calling them Anglophobes in return and see how they like it. Two can play at that game.

  102. 102
    Garfield says:

    Brazilian rent boy mmmm, you have got to ask whether Menzies borrowed him from Glenn Greenwald and was he carrying any papers?

  103. 103
    Occupied Britian says:

    They are a Raj class ruling over a people they don’t understand and don’t empathise with.

    Their interests are not our interests. Their concerns are not our concerns.

  104. 104
    Toxic Tories for Landowning Spongers, Parasites, Criminals, Peedos, & other Wasters says:

    The Tories are looking more and more like the Psychopath in the Bret Easton Ellis novel. Well dressed, smart white shirt, but with blood stains on the cuffs after knifing a tramp in an alley way.

  105. 105

    At those prices, difficult to see how they can carry on denying the cost of living crisis.

  106. 106
    Toxic Tories for Landowning Spongers, Parasites, Criminals, Peedos, & other Wasters says:

    I’ve never played Bingo and I don’t drink beer, so what are the Tories doing for me? Eh Dave? Eh?

  107. 107
    Peter Hitchen's blog says:

    Did the EU not intervene aggressively in Ukraine, knowing perfectly well that its intervention was unwelcome to Russia, and that Ukraine itself was strongly divided on the issue?
    Did the EU not know of the existence of parties and factions such as Pravy Sektor or Svoboda, not known for their tolerance?
    When Ukraine’s legitimate government rejected its association agreement, did the EU accept the position and gracefully withdraw?

  108. 108
    albacore says:

    Sprinkling those sods is just no deterrent
    Their nature is completely aberrant
    From any acceptable British norm
    Hang them – that’s the only road to reform

  109. 109
    Ah! at last says:

    The owner of the Independent, Evgeny Lebedev, says the newspaper could be for sale if somebody “offers the right price”.

  110. 110
    Rogerio Me Bottomo Wi Peniso says:

    OOOOOOOOOOOOO two Marks!

  111. 111
    Exporting diversity and gaydom whether you want it or not says:

    I think you’ll find the current Russia is no longer a nation driven by ideology.

    It is the western powers that are positively dripping in dogma and ideology.

  112. 112
    Historian says:

    Britain no longer has a functioning democracy

    AND the Rule of Law has been destroyed

    It’s become a sham

  113. 113
    Tony Blair & Bill Clinton says:

    Give us a bung

    We will give you protection

  114. 114
    Garfield says:

    You see the public can only take so much crap written by Owen Jones, this is what you get. Guardian next.

  115. 115
    Badger spotter says:

    What will happen to Alexander and the kweer brigade?

  116. 116
    Whiffler says:

    Alan Turing does something (then deemed) naughty – and in a public place …… so set up campaigns to make him a saint.

    This bloke enters into a commercial contract with a blessed entrepreneurial immigrant and asks him to wear something for the occasion in private. So let’s mock him. Wouldn’t part of the payment be to cover an expectation of privacy?

    There’s something odd going on. One might also call it a little queer.

  117. 117
    Flowers in the Rain says:

    Top Tory quiT’s in rent boy scandal

    Can’t wait for the paxman BBC interview being a Tory it won’t be an easy ride

  118. 118
    Whiffler says:

    Sir Robert once responded to Alec “I shall have to look that up when I get Hume”

  119. 119
    A Former Assistant Secretary to the US Treasury says:

    Western Looting Of Ukraine Has Begun

    It is now apparent that the “Maiden protests” in Kiev were in actuality a Washington organized coup against the elected democratic government. The purpose of the coup is to put NATO military bases on Ukraine’s border with Russia and to impose an IMF austerity program that serves as cover for Western financial interests to loot the country. The sincere idealistic protesters who took to the streets without being paid were the gullible dupes of the plot to destroy their country.

  120. 120
  121. 121
    Cock trumpet spotter says:

    Oddly enough you could be onto something here……or ….. Given the fact that this week I flew on one of the 600 identical planes to the one that is missing I think on balance probably not.

  122. 122
    Upyough Dorkass & Funn says:

    If they’re cracking already, she should see us about compensation from her plastic surgeon.

  123. 123
    Rory Stewart says:

    Join me, Rory Stewart, as I venture up my own arsehole, tonight at 8pm on BBC2.

  124. 124
    Maximus says:

    Not at all. Why only this week it was reported that little Hammond had banged his little toy war drum. I think Li’i Willy has been out too.

  125. 125
    Victoria Nuland says:

    Yats is the Man.

  126. 126
    Rory is a fully paid-up member of the Globalist club says:

    …and a Bilderberg arsehole at that.

  127. 127
  128. 128
    Garfield says:

    I see that the lunatics have got their hands on a keyboard. Never mind keep taking the meds. Care in the comminty will be opened tomorrow.

  129. 129
    Feminists are thick cunts says:

    The BBC have form on going soft on lefty crims. Not the same for an innocent man like Lord McAlpine hey Paxmong you fuck shitbag twat bum hole.

  130. 130
    John The Baptist says:

    You would not a fact if it bit you on your muzzie cock.

  131. 131
    Expat Geordie says:

    This is a brilliant record and brings back wonderful memories (or is that mammaries?)from my teenage (sixth form) years. I play it a lot in the car where our lass has a tendency to call it “Boobs, boobs, boobs”. This is definitely NOT a bummers anthem.

  132. 132
    Gordon's Cellmate says:

    “As of August 2013, -200ER deliveries to 33 different customers totaled 422″

    The conspiracy grows. Those 33 customers *can only have been*: MOSSAD, Shin Bet, Al-Qaeeder, MI5, CIA, FBI, CI5 (Bodie and Doyle), BBC, The Freemasons, Cherry Bliar’s Faithhealer, The Mafia, The Gay Mafia, The Welsh Maffia, The Scottish Mafia, B&P, The Lizards, PIE, The Monday Club, KGB, Fatchur, The Stasi, Baraka Barner’s *Real* Identity, The Liblabcon, Opus Dei, The Juice, Castro, CBI, The EU, Sir James Savil (living unde r his new identitly), Geedo and his pals in the MSM, Boeing, the Industrial Military complex and the Chinese.

    You think all of that lot working together couldn’t hide an aircraft.


  133. 133
    S o'Lomon says:

    Least read, soonest mended.

  134. 134
    Expat Geordie says:

    Look General, I believe most of that, but that face of yours must have been a bit of a turn off for the ladies – it made you look like you had had the toughest paper round in NATO. I did like the way that you ignored orders and didn’t fire on the Russians in Kosovo, although if you had we might not have been cursed with James Blunt.

  135. 135
    AIPAC spotter says:

    If you examine Mondoweiss

    You will find it is written by j’ews!

    So try and forget your islamophobia for one minute

    And think rationally

  136. 136
    Mr Nobody says:

    I see that “Wee Dougie” has said that Labour can dominate the centre ground…

    When I picked myself up off the floor and held my aching sides together I had to stop and think. What planet is he on? Has he taken leave of his senses entirely? Have his wits set off and sailed around the world on a once-in-a-lifetime cruise never to be seen again as Dougie waves his hanky from the side of the dock?

    Miliband’s Labour are hard-left nutters. They’re not quite as far left as Foot was in 1983 but they’re not far off, yet Dougie the dipstick is wittering on about the centre ground. Vocal chords engaged, cerebral hemisphere in absentia.

    The only conclusion is that bereft of sense, the man has flipped entirely and has gone completely cuckoo. Thatcher was arguably closer to the centre ground than Miliband.

  137. 137
    Santiago, your bbc boy from Brazil says:

    I don’t get that much from my daddy Jack.
    He’s lean and mean (and perhaps his todger’s a tad tinier than Max’s)

  138. 138
    Barrie says:

    What do Peter Mandelson and the Metropolitan Police have in common?

    They have both blammed into a Brazilian.

  139. 139
    Could Lee Oswald *reall* have fired the shots that struck JFK??? says:


  140. 140
    Mr Nobody says:

    May be worth a punt, nothing else worth watching on telly tonight.

  141. 141
    Barrie says:

    This isn’t just the same model, its in the same Malaysian airline livery. Allegedly.

  142. 142
    Barrie says:

    Are you questioning the fact that Charles Kennedy was shot with a big suppository by Haley Joel Osment?

  143. 143
    C O (Ξ7m) says:

    Would appear that the snipers who were causing mayhem during the demo’s were actually SBU (U’kraine Secret Service).

    Given SBU’s close ties to M’oscow, some dots can perhaps be joined:

    For their part, K’remlin seems to be passing the buck to say that it is the new U’kraine governments job to figure out what happened. That would be the same government they believe are loony fasc!sts who have no right to be in power at present.

    Provokatsiya fail of sorts.

  144. 144
    Wake up Brillo says:

    Also it was generally agreed that, objectively looking, Clog had won the debate and that opinion polls suggesting Farage had done well were not in accordance with the facts.

    Also a discussion slagging off the B&P. Where was the B&P spokesaryan to counter the statements about them being rubbish when elected etc.
    Brillo got in a mention of “National Socialists” but he didn’t seem to fancy playing devils advocate on behalf of the B&P, which he would in other circumstances.

  145. 145
    Owen's Remedial Eng. Lit teacher says:

    I can well imagine Butch, Clog, Weird Ed and their pals all obsessing over the typeface of their business cards.

  146. 146
    Fat Pang says:

    I think you’ll find that was aimed at the lefty posing as his secret macho hero.

  147. 147
    bumboys all says:

    Surely, God save the queens?

  148. 148
    on the right tracks says:

    11 trackers on this site according to ghostery.
    MI6 not showing!

  149. 149
  150. 150
    Gobshite says:

    Wee Dougie is Scotch, and has a most unfortunate sibling, so we must forgive him his very public nervous breakdown.

    BTW General Pinochet was probably closer to the British middle ground than Thatcher.

  151. 151
    Gobshite says:

    Occam’s Razor, mate, no need to look for a conspiracy — anyone who wants to be an MP is already halfway to depravity.

  152. 152
    Reality Cheque says:


  153. 153
    Whistle Watch says:

    Could it be ??? ^^^^^^

  154. 154
  155. 155
    Mark Oaten (LibDem) says:



  156. 156
    Táxpáyér says:

    Immigration lowers wages and raises rents.

    Both things make the establishment wealthier.

    Subsidised immigration is another welfare state for rich folk.

  157. 157
    David Cameron says:

    I am the Prime Minister in charge of the second most stupid government in British history. (Gordon still takes the biscuit, but not by much.)

  158. 158
    C O (Ξ7m) says:

    Is the whole cat-TB thing just Cameron spin to get rid of Larry ?

    Rat fleas may not have caused the black death:

    But as it came from Central As!a, perhaps open borders and immigration did ?

    Or was it from the cats that were catching infected rats ?

    Save Larry.

  159. 159
    Gooey Blob says:

    You’d expect crossover to occur a few months before the election, but to be talking about it more than 13 months out really shows how unelectable Labour have become under Ed Miliband. Decimation might not be the right word for the fate that awaits them as that implies only one in ten seats would be lost. I’m not altogether sure Labour will manage to win 230 seats in 2015.

    Still, it’s too late to ditch Ed now.

  160. 160
    Yeah, right says:

    The airline has used more than one plane? Whodathunkit?

  161. 161
    C O (Ξ7m) says:

    It is hardly US agitprop: They support the government.

    R’ussia has the desire from the start to discredit the replacement U’kraine government.

    Cui bono / casus belli.

  162. 162
  163. 163
    RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:



  164. 164
    Gooey Blob says:

    Stop complaining and think about the only other person who could be PM after 2015. That rather focuses the mind.

  165. 165
    Mad, Bad & Dangerous Gordon McRuin ( Member in absentia ) says:

    It started in America, you bigoted woman.

  166. 166
    Where's my right of recall? says:

    Nonsense. There are all sorts of better people.

    We just need to throw out the idiots who have taken up their spaces in Parliament.

  167. 167
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    The buggery banner flying over Downing Street. Jesus wept.

  168. 168
    Jack says:

    The illegal Government in Kiev is discrediting itself

    No need for help, expecially from people like you!

  169. 169
    We the People says:

    Most people in the US don’t support Obama and his neocons

  170. 170
  171. 171
    C O (Ξ7m) says:

    Am not discrediting their government.

    R’ussia is.


    Not working out as intended judging by the desperate calls for federalization from L’avrov, especially when delaying his Kerry meeting until tomorrow.

    Perhaps P’utin realizes he cannot afford a war ?

  172. 172
    BBC says:

    We are not letting it drop, there’s just over a year to go and apart from promising money to layabouts there is nothing else.

  173. 173
    C O (Ξ7m) says:

    Larry is about the most credible and likeable inhabitant of No. 10 and it seems that there is a smear campaign out trying to claim that he could be spreading TB.

    That would give Cameron the ammunition he needs to have Larry removed from No. 10, perhaps even terminated.

    This is the depth at which coalition politics is now plumbing.

    Save Larry.

  174. 174
    Handycock whipping it out says:

    F*cking Poofter. Boaz.

  175. 175
    Where's my right of recall? says:

    Vote Dave Cameron, get Ken Livingstone.

  176. 176
    Guy News Room says:

    Tory MP Mark Menzies quits as ministerial aide over gay sex claims.

    Owen Jones was not available for comment today.

  177. 177
    David Cameron, Policy 'think'-tank says:

    Establish a link between cats and potentially fatal human diseases, and sack Larry without incurring negative public opinion.

    Genius !

  178. 178

    Earlier this week Mirror Group Newspapers were celebrating Same Sex Marriage and the gay lifestyle. Now they are exposing the gay lifestyle of a gay Tory M.P. in a critical manner. The Mirror seem to be saying “Let’s celebrate homosexuality but not if You’re a Tory M.P.”

    I always thought a large part of the”gay lifestyle” was engaging in sexual acts with strangers (according to George Michael, and he should know), mostly in public places. So, heterosexuals engaging in “dogging” are regarded as perverts by the Metropolitan based media, but engaging in gay sex with strangers in public toilets or public spaces is to be celebrated (except if you are a Tory M.P.).

    Trying to negotiate modern sensiblities is very confusing.

  179. 179
    Ed Miliband, Sinister Plotting Focus group says:

    Cameron’s latest bid to fire Larry totally vindicates Ralph Miliband’s murder of the kitten whilst drunk.

    Even when p!ssed, Ralph was defending the interests of a UK he clearly did not hate.

    Upswing for Ed.

  180. 180
    Lou Scannon says:

    Sadly, Larry doesn’t seem to have been very effective at eliminating the rats from no. 10. Still, they’re much bigger than him – perhaps we should be sending reinforcements to support Larry.

  181. 181
    Melissa Forthe-Orte says:

    What was Miliband doing getting the kitten drunk in the first place ?

  182. 182
    The Proprietor Of This Blog says:

    Just remember to tread lightly when talking about skunks around here. Some people might take it personal and think you were talking about their hair.

  183. 183
    Cinna says:

    I can never understand why people bat for the other side with that sort of totty knocking about.

  184. 184
    Cinna says:

    + me

  185. 185

    Ask Labour M.P. Clive Betts. He managed to get a security pass for HIS Brazilian boyfriend a few years ago.

  186. 186 says:

    what shall we do about the shiv sena.
    hand the problem over.
    neck pinch or new pinch.
    tich mark is on the mark.
    cover the body in ash.. the issue of hygienne is there…real or make belief … to enjoy put the blind fold on… best use a thick woolen scarf. eyes at the front and bottom of the head at the back when tied together … gives us the THAT ring to escape the lord of the Hell.

  187. 187

    It’s a case of ignoring history once again. The unelected leaders of the EU either wilfully ignored Eastern European history or were completely ignorant of it.

    Russian leaders, of whatever political persuasion, throughout history have always been suspicious of the motives of the West. They always seen the West as possible aggressors and therefore have always tried to put “buffer” states between them and Western Europe. The most recent were the Warsaw Pact countries. Russia’s paranoia was intensified when Hitler invaded via Ukraine.

    Since the fall of Communism the EU has crept eastwards, sucking in most of the old Warsaw Pact countries into its sphere of influence. Ukraine and Crimea being integrated within the Brussels empire was too much for Putin to contemplate and so he acted.

    Putin’s action was to be totally anticipated, so how come NONE of the West’s Intelligence Agencies saw this coming? Ignorance, incompetence or sheer recklessness?

  188. 188
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    Nobody else has got fired for having a second home in Battersea.

  189. 189
    Dave says:

    That mong was on Dateline London earlier ,spouting endless facts but fuck all solutions.

  190. 190
    Lord Stansted says:

    Apparently, Philip Hammond has said that critics of the Government’s decision to legalise gay marriage should get used to it and “move on”. Quite right too.I have already moved on – to UKIP.

  191. 191
    jgm2 says:

    He was shot with Fluoride.

    It’s a heavy metal you know.

  192. 192
    C O (Ξ7m) says:

    There are some pretty effective UKIP tigers out there, and they get on just fine with cats.

  193. 193
    Asslick Almond says:

  194. 194
    Mark Menzies says:

    Shake shake shake
    Shake shake shake
    Shake your booty
    Shake your booty

  195. 195
    Blowing Whistles says:

    How many whistles could a whistle blower blow if a whistle blower could blow whistles?

  196. 196
    Hysterical, outside Number 10 says:

    Ignore that idiot, Dave is going to kill a fucking cat !

  197. 197
    Judge Dreadful says:

    It is actually very simple. Obey the laws on drugs. Choose whatver sexuality suits you but do it in private or be hauled before the courts. If you are in public office and you break the law or show how stupid you are about these things, resign.

  198. 198
  199. 199
    Táxpáyér says:

    Thai’s realise BBC is total crap

  200. 200
    C O (Ξ7m) says:

    West intel missed it thanks to S’nowden. S’IGINT is down, and R’uskies know how to avoid most detection now.

    Clash of civilizations is perhaps the way to see things. R’ussian attitude has been a bit wonky since they killed off all their smart people during the counter-revolutionary efforts after they decided to go with Len!n.

    Still dealing with a country of low life criminal thugs. No change there.

    Can you now see what Labour were trying to do in the UK ?

  201. 201
    Podiceps says:

    It’s difficult to see how you can keep banging on about this nonexistent problem. But then, socialism has nothing to do with reality — if it did, it would vanish in a puff of musty smoke.

  202. 202
    Toxic Tories for Landowning Spongers, Parasites, Criminals, Peedos, & other Wasters says:

    Am I right in saying that Larry the Cat is really the Chancellor of the Exchequer?

  203. 203
    Táxpáyér says:

    If the whistel was made of the heavy metal fluoride, it could be twelvety (a j3wish number).

  204. 204
    Táxpáyér says:

    Sounds like after adjusting for actual inflation we’re still much poorer, since Gordon and Osbourne’s continuity gordonomics.

  205. 205
    jgm2 says:

    How’s that 1% poll lead crisis doing for y’all?

  206. 206
    Táxpáyér says:

    Gordon’s so-called attempt to fix the cost of living was as effective as catching ebola to get rid of acne.

  207. 207
    Garrotted says:

    No….if he was we wouldn’t be in such a mess.

  208. 208
  209. 209
    The Hate Mail says:

    Tory minister Baroness Warsi has warned David Cameron not to try to ‘out-Ukip’ Nigel Farage’s party in an attempt to woo voters back to the Conservatives. She also defended Cameron’s 2006 description of Ukip supporters as ‘fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists’, saying ‘I don’t think I could have put it any better.’ She acknowledged that the Eurosceptic party has drawn support from both Tory and Labour ranks, but added that a ‘chunk’ of supporters came from the far-Right.

  210. 210
    Garrotted says:

    doesn’t want t ospeak with his mouth full.

  211. 211
    Táxpáyér says:

    The West’s Intelligence Agencies are there to protect and service the establishment’s interests and nothing else.

  212. 212
    jgm2 says:

    Dave’s doing all right without Warsi sticking her nose in. Labour lead down from 13% to 1% in less than two years and another 14 months to go.

    Dave’s biggest worry at the moment is that he’ll get such a poll lead by next year that people will think it’s safe to vote UKIP or Labour.

    By September of next year Yvette Cooper will be leader of the opposition. I’ve no idea who will be shadow chancellor but it won’t be unelectable Ned.

  213. 213
    How about this then? says:

    She’s a stupid immigrant mozzie bitch

  214. 214
    Táxpáyér says:

    “Government’s decision” Ha. It’s a rubber stamp of EU nonce sense

  215. 215
    Government Spokesman (off the record) says:

    We are glad that Mark Menzies as resigned; he was a right pain in the arse.

  216. 216
    C O (Ξ7m) says:

    No, that’s Freya.

  217. 217
    Owen Jones says:

    That’s a relief. I thought my halitosis had done it

  218. 218
    Hi Dougie says:

    Wee Dougie is a hypocritical disloyal conniving headline-seeking bastard, and I know that from experience.

  219. 219
    Brenda Ackers ex-chair of Fylde Conservatives says:

    I don’t need to go watch the new Muppets movie. I support Mark Menzies 100%.

  220. 220
    Blowing Wassails says:

    The silent majority hate what this Tory Government is doing and that the Tories lied about their true intentions at the last election (e.g. no top down reorganisation of the NHS). Many of the silent majority believe the current Government to be the worst of their adult lives.

    The silent majority also particularly hate Tories trying to pretend the worldwide recession was caused by the last Labour Government. They know it was caused by the banks and started in America

  221. 221
    Rogerio dos Santos Pinto says:

    Mark Menzies is only the tip of the iceberg.

    I have much,much more to tell.

  222. 222
    Peter Oborne says:

    Britain is being bullied and blackmailed by the US Treasury. When will William Hague stand up for us?

    On the whole, William Hague has been a disappointing Foreign secretary, and for an unexpected reason. When Mr Hague was in opposition nobody shouted louder about the importance of British sovereignty. In government, by contrast, he has repeatedly failed to stand up, or even attempt to stand up, for legitimate British interests.

    There are numerous cases in point, but the most embarrassing concerns Mr Hague’s habitual crawling to the United States. Whatever the reason, he will never challenge Washington. The most important current example of the institutional impotence of Mr Hague’s Foreign Office concerns Iran.

  223. 223
    h says:

    Nurse Botha will be back soon with the fizzy pop

  224. 224
    "Thrasher " Mitchell says:

    Hear ! Hear !

  225. 225
    Joking apart says:

    it must really hurt

  226. 226
    dave is so butch says:

  227. 227
    Blowing Wassails says:

    Like Osborne, promoted way beyond his level of incompetence.

  228. 228
    speaker says:

    miniature donkeys on Countryfile

  229. 229
    Gordo says:

    I prefer Mr Bingley

  230. 230
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Tory MP Mark Menzies had resigned after paying £250 for a rent boy! It turns out that Tory limits on expenses for rent boys is £175.

  231. 231
    nell says:

    I think it’s fair to say the nhs under andyburnham that killed so many people is the worst ever and that education under bullyballs saw the most dramatic fall in reading writing and arithmetic standards as well as the biggest and fastest rise in teenage unemployment. I think its also true to say that gordonbrown’s management of the UK economy was the most catastrophic we have ever experienced.

    I suspect the silent majority NEVER wants to go back to those 13 years of labour terror!

  232. 232
    nell says:

    No disrespect but who is markmenzies?

  233. 233
    White rabbit says:

    He is being entirely predictable as a fucking lying Labour Socialist fucking lefty twat, in being a liar. All Labour politicians lie.

  234. 234
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Lots of words, little real meaning. It could be called ‘waffle’, this blog. Much like the speeches of the politicians, and all the while the real policy is formulated at Davos meetings, the G8 summits, the Bilderburg Group and the offices of Goldman Sachs and the Federal Reserve. That’s where the real power lies and it affects nations with war, fear and uncertainty

  235. 235
    Benny Fitzcheet says:

    Mam was delighted with the big bunch of daffs I picked from the front garden of that snooty cow who lives along the street. Just ‘cos she bought her council house, she thinks she’s better than us!

  236. 236
    nell says:

    Well that’s interesting. Yawn. Given Revd Flowers, that labour party stalwart and personal pal and funder of bullyballs indulged openly and regularly in this sort of behaviour – what sort of rates did he pay, using co-op bank funds?

  237. 237
    Anonymous says:

    My God, if this blog counts as waffle, how do your constant bilious maunderings and repellent paranoia rate?

  238. 238
    Janis says:

    I wish I could say something like that.

  239. 239
    nell says:

    I grew up in a village street of council houses. Everybody worked, Mum and Dad and the grown up kids . Everybody gardened , grew veg, had chickens at bottom of garden. Houses and kids were scrubbed clean , read bedtime stories and encouraged onto grammar school.

    Are there any council estates out there like that now?….

    I don’t think so I think modern corrupt , live of benefit, lazy labour has destroyed them and the glorious hardworking aspiring people that lived in them!!!

  240. 240
    The flaming poodle says:

    I love the way you and your pet lizard speak for the ‘silent majority’.

  241. 241
    Mark Menzies says:

    Turning on the news and seeing blokes kissing. Pass the sick bag.

  242. 242
    BW's 86 year old mummy says:

    Clean your filthy bedroom. there’s a good boy.

  243. 243
    nell says:

    Probably better care in the community than care in the nhs under the control of andy’deathmerchant’burnham! – God Forbid he ever gets back as Secretary for Health!!

  244. 244
    nell says:

    Oh my God that cravat is such an art form. Gone are the days when our men dressed as well as that!!!

  245. 245
    nellie no knickers watch says:

    Yeah yeah, turnips for lunch, dinner and tea.

  246. 246
    MagicFlute says:

    It’s just a question how the BBC’s lefty bias will manifest itself under the ministrations of Mr Dimbleby. Few questions to Nigel in the ‘… when did you stop beating your wife …’, vein.

  247. 247
    Blowing Whistles says:

    You’re not suggesting that Tories are into bestiality too, are you?

  248. 248
    JJ12 says:

    When the US repealed the Glass-Steagall Act (with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act in 1999) that had separated (in law) the casino investment banks from the plain vanilla retail banking system, which had protected the US from the predatory avarices of Wall Street since the 1930’s depression era, it was in fact in response to Laissez Faire capitalism that had been installed in The City of London under the New Labour government of Tony Blair.

    Blair then went further to allow naked capitalism to let rip.

    “There were suggestions that the FSA stifled the UK financial services industry through over-regulation, following a leaked letter from Prime Minister Tony Blair during 2005. This incident led Callum McCarthy, then Chief Executive of the FSA, to formally write to the Prime Minister asking him to either explain his opinions or retract them.

    The Prime Minister’s criticisms were viewed as particularly surprising since the FSA’s brand of light-touch financial regulation was typically popular with banks and financial institutions in comparison with the more prescriptive rules-based regulation employed by the US Securities and Exchange Commission and by other European regulators by contrast, most critiques of the FSA accused it of instigating a regulatory “race to the bottom” aimed at attracting foreign companies at the expense of consumer protection.”

  249. 249
    the 15 inch cravat says:

    Get down you dirty bitch!

  250. 250
    E L Wisty says:

    Funny thing is……You never got married Mark.

  251. 251
    nervous sheep says:

    It’s a fucking certainty the way things are going.

  252. 252
    nell says:

    Turnips, parsnips, carrots, broccoli, brussels, King Edward Potatoes, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, apples, pears, apricots, gooseberries, redcurrant, blackcurrants…..Chickens at bottom of garden – fresh eggs and chicken meat – rabbit and hares off the fen …..

    You name it we grew it – they were the days!

    And it wasn’t just the Fens. My Uncle lived in a council house in Dagenham and worked at Ford and he and his neighbours lived the same life too – scrubbed kids encouraged to Uni.

    Labour has destroyed those working class ideals!!

  253. 253
    ʍȫʊʂʂȁ ҞϴџṦṦậ says:

    In those days there was industry and jobs. Then came along Thatcher.

  254. 254
    GFDE says:


    Never thought of it like that before but you are correct. Immigration provides them with a plentiful supply of cheap obedient servants and tradesmen, at the same time either dropping the wages of the locals or putting them out of work.

    But those rich media Luvvies still get their cheap servants either way.

  255. 255
    Not jumped up,just notice things says:

    One Liebour area ex council estate went I through today had signs up telling people arson was illegal, make of it what you will.

  256. 256
  257. 257
    coffin dodger watch says:

    OMG, ‘ere we go…..

  258. 258
    Anonymous says:

    He’s Tory, gay and has money to throw away.

  259. 259
    George 'we're taking people out of tax' Osborne says:

    “Poorest homes face £120 council tax rise as safety net goes
    More than 670,000 households in UK face increase in council tax from Tuesday, a survey of local authorities reveals”

  260. 260
    Not jumped up,just notice things says:

    Liebour destroyed industry on the EU’s orders, fishing was the first, steel, when it ended us as the peoples steel, some joke, ship building, coal, the car industry all destroyed by Liebour and finished off by the unions when they tried to destroy Thatcher with strikes every 5 mins.

  261. 261
    Lord Owen Jones of The Cottage says:

    Good Evening just catch up on the News. Why has Mark Menzies resigned over a Brazilian ,Whats waxing got to do with politics?

  262. 262
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    Nothing sinister about it.

  263. 263
    Guy News Room says:

    Nick Clegg has claimed today that he was forced into sexual slavery and was used as an unwilling ‘rent boy’ by senior Conservative MPs in what he said was a humiliating 4-year long orgy of perversion, deviation and debauchery.

    The Liberal Democrat leader claims not long after the election in May 2010, he was made to perform demeaning and perverted acts against his will by senior members of the Tory Party in order to satisfy the increasingly perverted demands of their right-wing electorate.

    However, Conservative leader David Cameron has denied the allegations and claims Mr Clegg was more than a willing participant – and even played a leading part – in the degenerate orgy of abuse and extreme depravity which has continued unabated for more than 4 years under the coalition government.

  264. 264
    Tooting Popular Front says:

    The slogan “Can’t pay, Wont pay” springs to mind

  265. 265
    Anonymous says:

    Didn’t he work for Leon Brittan?

  266. 266
    nell says:

    There’s jobs available in agriculture now but the young english benefits cheats schooled by lazy labour made it quite clear on the bbc they had NO intention of giving up their easy benefits to go picking apples and such – much too hard work.

    Likewise folks who live in those council houses I was brought up in no longer work or garden . The gardens are overgrown with weeds and the folks living in the houses are on benefits and rarely venture any further than their mobile phone to call up take away meals. The supportive, hardworking working class community, some of it churchgoing, all of it decent and striving for better times through higher education has become a ghost of the past. It doesn’t exist any longer.

    Labour killed off the proud hardworking working classes in its corrupt quest for votes by creating welfarism.

  267. 267
    Magistrate says:

    We’re going to be busy

  268. 268
    Dai Laffing says:

    All part of the Neo-liberal plan to end all redistribution of wealth for the equity of all and turn the country into a dog-eat-dog fighting pit where the rich become richer and the poor are ground into the turd-strewn dirt.

    The Conservatives: Helping grow the siphoning-up economy™

  269. 269
    nell says:

    I think the saddest thing is that the council estate I grew up on in the 50’s and 60’s now has labour council signs up saying no playing on the verges and no ball games!

    We used to congregate under the one lamp post in the street until 9pm , under the watchful eye of many parents, playing football. We dug holes in the grass verges to play marbles and chalked hop scotch thingies on the paths. We’d probably get arrested for such things these days!!!

  270. 270
    nell says:

    All I can say is I think love is better than hate.

  271. 271
    Ethel in the Fox & Werrity says:

    Surely not, that nice Mr Clegg told us that the government has taken the poorest families out of tax, and Mr Cameron agreed. And Mr Alexander, that nice man, and his friend Mr Osborne. They said the poorest have been allowed to ‘keep more of their own money’. They weren’t lying, were they?

  272. 272
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    Fiona Brice on the Antiques Roadshow. Does she get dressed in a dark room, or is her head stuck up her own arsehole while she dresses?

  273. 273
    fluffy owl says:

    Yeah, I’m willing to bet you’ve graduated to dogging now nell.

  274. 274
    nell says:

    Anyone who has had an elderly relative stay in an nhs hospital in the last 15 years knows how bad care can be.

    Visiting my mother who had had a fall and broken her arm in 2010 in NHS Peterborough I found an elderly lady curled up on the floor, in the aisle of the ward, having had a fall and my Mother and 5 other patients ringing bells, fruitlessly to get help.

    When I went looking for staff I eventually found all of them comfortably esconced laughing joking and drinking coffee tucked away in a comfortable lounge where they could not hear the bells of the distressed patients. This is the NHS that andybirnham and labour created – it does not give a toss about the patients it is supposed to be caring for !

  275. 275
    OnBenefits says:

    A cut in council tax benefit plus bedroom tax, zero hours contracts – there’s nothing like kicking people when they are down is there?
    Yet VAT is twice what it was when it started, bringing in the chancellor hundreds of millions so what’s he doing with all that extra cash?
    And why don’t the likes of Google pay their fair share so the NHS and reasonable benefits can be paid out?
    I think we all know the answer to that question don’t we?

  276. 276
    a rent boy a day keeps the turnips away says:

    I love to hate the gayers nell, what do you think of that?

  277. 277
    Food Watch says:

    Cream crackers ?

  278. 278
    nell says:

    You are a bit of an idiot – don’t know what dogging is but what do you do for a living? Is it anything useful?

  279. 279
    nell says:

    I think people who love are better than people who hate .People who hate are negative, uncaring, hateful and soulless and we should pity them.

  280. 280
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    Why,oh why did Mark Menzies opt for a Brazilian rent boy?

    There are many English rent boys available for crying out loud.

  281. 281
    nell says:

    Well gordon brown is thriving on his zero hours contract so why can’t you??!!

  282. 282
    Benny Hill says:

    Can you imagine Cameron doing this?

  283. 283
    Hellboy says:

    That explains a hell of a lot actually.

  284. 284
    a rent boy a day keeps the turnips away says:

    I do love. I love to hate.

  285. 285
    Fishy says:

    ‘Public INTELLIGENCE Network’

    You’ve got to laugh.

  286. 286
    Ippikin says:

    Talk about Rent Boys.
    Here’s a cheap and cheerful alternative.

  287. 287
    fluffy owl says:

    I work for the NHS and I can tell you that our patients are a fucking nuisance. The ward would work much better without them.

  288. 288
    Not jumped up,just notice things says:

    The verges in our area have signs saying no horse riding, not nice for people having to get back on the busy road whilst riding a horse, the other complaint is horse muck on the pathways, people complaining whilst they are running and running into it, they moan when you say I suppose you looked what’s on both sides of the pathway, it’s fields with horses in them, who’s home area is it then?..

  289. 289
    fluffy owl says:

    And dogging is where you do it doggy style in the forest. Don’t tell me you haven’t done that nell, I wouldn’t believe you.

  290. 290
    The Silent Majority says:


  291. 291
    Benny Hill says:

    Who knows those kids will probably be telling their grandchildren about that chance meeting in years to come.

  292. 292
    nell says:

    THe NHS is very sinister when it comes to care of the chronically sick of any age and the elderly. Labour demolished the principles of nursing care established by Florence Nightingale and has left people suffering and dying in terrible circumstances.

    Jeremy Hunt is trying to re-establish decent,moral, supportive medical and social care for patients by nurses in hospital but UNITE is resisting his demands that nurses should provide such basics!! Nurses nowadays, after labour’s and andy burnhams excoriating spell in government don’t nurture patients, don’t feed patients, don’t support patients, don’t dress patients wounds, don’t care for patients – so what do they do then??!!

  293. 293
    jemesbond says:

    Strickler Imports, your dealer in Daphne, Alabama offers new and used vehicles, as well as parts and service. We are ready to serve all of your needs, so come visit our dealership today. | 29753 Frederick Boulevard Daphne, AL 36526 | (251) 626-8830

  294. 294
    nell says:

    THe NHS is very sin is ter when it comes to care of the chro nic ally sic k of any age and the eld erly. Labour demolished the principles of nursing care established by Florence Nightingale and has left people suffering and dy ing in ter rible circums tances.

    Jeremy Hunt is trying to re-establish decent,mo ral, supp ortive med ical and social care for patients by nurses in hospital but UN ITE is resisting his demands that nurses should provide such basics!! Nurses nowadays, after labour’s and andy burnhams exco riating spell in government don’t nur ture patients, don’t feed patients, don’t support patients, don’t dress patients wo unds, don’t care for patients – so what do they do then??!!


  295. 295
    Benny Hill says:

  296. 296
    Gordon Brown's Poo Time says:

    ** Plop **

  297. 297
    jgm2 says:

    The ‘silent majority’ aka the 28% who believed Brown’s version of events at the last election are only a ‘majority’ in your fucked up head.

  298. 298
    White rabbit says:

    Dressed for a walk on part in a Punch and Judy show.

  299. 299
    jgm2 says:

    War, fear, uncertainty AND the heavy metal, Fluoride.

  300. 300
    IDS says:

    We are told they won’t work for minimum wage.

    Of course, nor would the Brazilian.

  301. 301
    Mandy says:

    I’m absolutely browned off with the continuing exploits of all these shirt-lifting brown hatters, they all need the largest golden rivet available rammed up their back door entrances, taken in hand and given a stiff talking to. And you can stuff Alan Duncan in with them. He is a very naughty boy – I should know!

  302. 302
    Ippikin says:

    Hieronymus Bosch is on his annual holiday.

  303. 303
    Guy News Room says:

    Footage of Owen Jones’s punch on Guido Fawkes!

  304. 304
    Londoner says:

    My council tax has gone down. Not by much – about 4 quid – but it is a start.

  305. 305
    Ippikin says:

    That’s only ten. Can’t you count?

  306. 306
    nell says:

    He only needs to ask the Revd Flowers , personal pal and funder with co-op money of BullyBalls . Sure he has loads of contacts he could pass on!!

  307. 307
    Ippikin says:

    It comes under extraneous material.

  308. 308
    nell says:

    As I said……………

  309. 309
    Mark Oaten Of The Tonsure says:

    Been there, seen that, felt that too!

  310. 310
    The Belmarsh Tooth Fairy says:

    Coz they’re fucking perverts!

  311. 311
    Just Asking says:

    Does this mean that Andrew Marr’s a righty now?

  312. 312
    nell says:

    Ah there you go fluffy owl you work in the uncaring , don’t bother us with patients, NHS. That explains everything!!

    It’s a bit like the teachers in the state sector who are more concerned with striking over their gold plated pensions than they are over the education and welfare of their pupils.

    Welcome to labour and how to feather your own nest = never mind the rest of society!!

  313. 313
    Reality Cheque says:

    Who the fuck is she to warn Dave? Do one, get the postal votes organised, love.

  314. 314
    Pearl Necklace says:

    And been thoroughly blammed by them too.

  315. 315
    Pearl Necklace says:

    Good God, I’d forgotten Harvey Proctor. Wasn’t he duffed up by some-one in a shirt shop?

  316. 316
    jgm2 says:

    Andrew Marr remains a c*unt.

  317. 317
    Ippikin says:

    Correct, think it was in Winchester. Maybe he was muscling in on Mark Oaten’s favourite shop trying to lift a shirt?

  318. 318
    Reality Cheque says:

    Now tell us who and what you like about present times.

  319. 319
    Reality Cheque says:

    Vat is the only way to get South Asia people top pay tax.

  320. 320
    BBC Tories says:

    For a broadcaster that many of you believe is biased against the Tories, they certainly give employment to a lot of them. Just saw Rory Stewart MP hosting a documentary about the history of Northumbria. Add to that Gyles Brandreth, Andrew Neil, Portillo, Widdecombe. If they were as biased as you say, they wouldn’t have any of them on their channels.

  321. 321
    Historian says:

    If I made so many cavalier assertions and dodgy comparisons, I would lose my job. The subtext is vote no to Scottish independence.

  322. 322
    a rent boy a day keeps the turnips away says:

    As MOI said!

  323. 323
    Yvette Cooper says:

    It was a canny programme like, man.

  324. 324
    Mark Menzies,Moderator says:

    The comments below have been moderated in advance.

  325. 325
    the mystic mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

    the BBC have probably twigged that the Scots wont be paying the license fee after independence

  326. 326
    A day to bury bad news says:

    Adolf occupied the central ground of europe. Is this what he means?

  327. 327
    Barter Like Tata says:

    Which is why so many of them like to haggle with cash

  328. 328
    Lord Owen Jones of The Cottage says:

    Tory MPs earn a combined £4MILLION from their lucrative jobs on the side –

    Mirror Online

  329. 329
  330. 330
    Not jumped up,just notice things says:

    It’s from the lefty Mirror, when they add Liebour into the scrounge pot then maybe they will have something to write about.

  331. 331
    It's an embarrassment being a hospital doctor nowadays.... says:

    Ever since Nursing went Academic (about 15 years ago), the quality of nurse plummeted. Nowadays, they sit around at desks, filling in “care plans” (or, as we call them, “I don’t care plans”), with actual bedside care delegated to “Care Assistants” of various types. There is no patient empathy any more. Many of them are foreigners, who do not or cannot communicate. Twenty years ago, they were nice Irish girls but now they’re Asians who just don’t care.

  332. 332
    tin. 3. says:

    key stone cops.
    key lime pie
    turr key.
    at the time when there is a flood about, get dutiful like prince not.
    stone cold is silver.
    worship if you want.
    no need except social progress.

  333. 333
    Foreign Policy tips for David Cameron says:

    Watch and learn Dave:

    See: Larry knows how to stop the R’ussians.

  334. 334
    big Ed says:

  335. 335
  336. 336
    Cameron's Britain says:

    To expand on your point:

  337. 337
    The Indian Island Water Board says:

    The flight you need is a reverse rendition flight to the Hague.

  338. 338

    The glitch seems to have been corrected today. Who knows? We shall see. Certainly even a seven point lead is pathetic considering the quality of the government,

  339. 339
    Avoid the NHS like the plague says:

    Asians? You should be so lucky. In Whipps Cross they all seem to come from Kinshasa.

  340. 340
    Marr says:

    His left looks fucked so no doubt he is a,rightie

  341. 341
    Isaac Hunt says:

    Nice one Cyril ;)

  342. 342
    Ex banker says:

    Excellent description of what happenened

    Still denied by the banks and their legions of PR scum in London

    But the naked criminality of the City continues

  343. 343
    David Miliband says:

    But not bad considering the state of the opposition leader.

  344. 344
    Pussy's Gaylaw says:

    Larry’s riddled with TB.

    Kill it.

  345. 345
    pat.a.cake pattern. says:

    the part human part royalty kate o mara, the knowledgeable lord ganesh equivalent of our times. her twin with the sweet tooth the diva of our age is Joan Collins. diva! divawally.
    the noose is around the neck. put the blindfold on (correctly). and enjoy the
    it’s a whitewash. is the white man going green with envy.
    those blooming supercars in the sedate knightsbridge of times past.

  346. 346
    PIE 'n' mash says:

    When members of the Liblabcon bump into Joe Public, they usually do a runner, like Cleggie boy the other day.

  347. 347
    Ed Miliband says:

    You forgot it was Mothers day then or don’t you care?

  348. 348
    Later that Day in Dave's Rose garden says:

  349. 349
    Peter Oborne says:

    Now this is truly fucking sinister…

    Parents who deliberately starve children of love face jail under new Cinderella Law

  350. 350
    TheBandyDandy says:

    Pupil on school trip: Miss! Miss! What are those two men doing kissing outside that church!!!
    Teacher: It’s perfectly normal. If you argue with me, I’ll punish you.
    Pupil: Miss! Miss! Why is that woman dressed from head to toe in black and walking 5 paces behind her husband and carrying all the shopping?
    Teacher: It’s perfectly normal. It’s a way of life for some people. If you argue with me, I’ll punish you even more severely.
    Pupil: Miss! Miss! Why are those men hanging around getting drunk while my daddy works hard and mummy is at home house making?
    Teacher: Right! That’s it! You are being abused and I am calling the soical services!

  351. 351
    Work will set you free says:

    Does this include parents who won’t parent and instead dump their children into state nurseries everyday and get strangers to do it for them?

  352. 352
    Caledonian Comment says:

    Another excuse for no-good, know-nothing, left-wing social workers to take kids away on some flimsy evidence and place them with gay adoptive parents.

  353. 353
    The LibLabCon are Cunts says:

    Hmmm, does this apply to all sections of society ? Including the religion of peace ?

    This is a joke….right ?

  354. 354
    The world has gone fucking mad! says:

    Basically if you do not promote the joys of homosexuality, they’ll take your kids off you and farm them out to a pair of married blokes.

  355. 355
    David Davis says:

    So how will the Love-Police measure love then?

  356. 356
    Dfg says:

    They will offer a prize to the first person to a invent a Love Meter!

  357. 357
    Utterances says:

    A specially adapted love truncheon?

  358. 358
    The LibLabCon are Cunts says:

    I’ve rewritten this post half a dozen times now, I just can’t put into words how sinister and alarming laws like this are. We’ve already seen foster parents who vote UKIP being deemed unfit to look after children, how many times will we see the Gestapo social services using this law as a pretence to steal children?

    We’ve got to get rid of the three main parties ASAP. We already have an education system more interested in pushing propaganda than teaching children how to read and write and now we have laws that ensure kids can’t be taught anything the state disagrees with at home.

    Orwell’s 1984 was just 30 years too soon…

  359. 359
    JJ12 says:


  360. 360
    It's an embarrassment being a hospital doctor nowadays.... says:

    I see that UKIP’s election manifesto includes a Healthcare commitment to bring back old-fashioned Vocational Nurse Training.

    Probably the most sensible thing I’ve heard in a decade.

  361. 361
    JJ12 says:


    If you haven’t read post #132

    I thoroughly recommend it! ;)

  362. 362
    The Social Contract says:

    When laws like this are tabled, it is time to start pushing back against the state.

    And that used tampon politician, David Cameron, delayed the Q’ueen’s speech by over a month for that shit.

    Under common law it is quite legal to counter oppression with deadly force.

  363. 363
    Adam Smith says:

    I agree that Russian oligarchs are kleptocrats and criminals

    Why welcome them in London and protect them and their assets?

    Or havevthey just biught the UK authirities and C ity banksters?

  364. 364
    Pissed Off says:

    Gay marriage, laws to lock you up if you fail to provide the state prescribed amount of love and affection to your kids and who knows what else to come.

    With the country collapsing under it’s own debt, the enormous effect on families of having millions unemployed, social services stretched to breaking through the effects of mass immigration and lack of infrastructure planning and old people left lying in their own excrement in care facilities, it’s good to know that our government has it’s priorities right.

    Nick Clegg apparently supports popular uprising and the overthrow of government elsewhere. At this rate I think he might be able to see it a bit closer to home soon.

  365. 365
    Floppy Whistles says:


  366. 366
    Adam Smith says:

    Tony Blair made Britain the 51st State of the US

    It hasn’t changed since

  367. 367
    jgm2 says:

    I’ve not been following this too closely but I think they’re rushing to pass a similar law in Fucking Scotland.

    Which suggests to me that just like banning smoking and the sudden importance of gay marriage this is something the EU will shortly be making compulsory so, rather than having to publicly be seen to enact a weird EU diktat with obvious scope for abuse they’re going to rush to implement it as though it was their own idea.

  368. 368
    This is what comes next... says:

  369. 369
    jgm2 says:

    The 7% result is the outlier. Even prior to the 3 consecutive 1% Labour leads the average lead was 4%.

    But if a 7% lead turns out to be more than a glitch then my advice to Labour to keep Toxic Ned Balls away from the TV/radio is working.

    It’s your only hope. Coupled with a tragic hill-walking heart-attack for Useless Ned Miliband. It’s been known to happen.

  370. 370
    1984 says:

    It was.

    And, if you re-read it, substituting in the EU for what you thought was the Soviets, it’s even scarier.

  371. 371
    Sir Gay Lavrov says:

    If West accepts coup-appointed Kiev govt, it must accept a Russian Crimea

    “The West is inconsistent in not recognizing the Crimea referendum as legitimate, while recognizing the military coup in Kiev, Russian FM Sergey Lavrov said. He accused the EU and US of duplicity and described sanctions as a “dead-end track.”

    If the West accepts Kiev’s coup-appointed government then it must, in turn, accept the legitimacy of Crimea’s referendum to join with Russia, Lavrov said in an interview Sunday.”

  372. 372
    Andy Burnham says:

    Hear, hear!

  373. 373
    Táxpáyér says:

    LVT makes everyone pay. You can’t hide land.

  374. 374
    Táxpáyér says:

    All power is in Fluoride.

  375. 375
    Táxpáyér says:

    Fluoride poisoning.

  376. 376
    Táxpáyér says:

    The NSA have his phone selfies and receipts?

  377. 377
    Táxpáyér says:

    Actually nonsense on a stick.

    Glass Steagal did prevent credit problems, but in a mechanism that retarded credit looping, i.e. credit volume, not via the nonsense mechanism stated above.

    It thus slowed the growth of debt, which slowed the pressure to put interest rates below the risk level of lending (which is why the banks all went systematically b4nkrupt).

  378. 378
  379. 379
    C O (Ξ7m) says:

  380. 380
    Enough is enough says:


  381. 381
    Agent C O (Ξ7m) says:

    Fuck off you EU Troll

  382. 382
    C O (Ξ7m) says:

    It looks like some are trying very hard to do that.

    For some strange reason, they refuse to break.

  383. 383
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Fluoride 253 is the heaviest of all metals and is a biproduct of nuclear fusion. When combined with sodominium at temperatures above 160c it produces Judem gas, which is toxic and probably the cause of everything bad that has ever happened. Eat my science bitches.

  384. 384
    Blowing Whistles says:

    First you get the fluoride, then you get the power, then you get the women!

  385. 385
    Not Blowing Whistles says:

    Here is one to stir some peoples pots:

    Putin has bought an apartment in Tel Aviv for his old G’erman teacher and kitted it out with appliances and stuff, as a thank you:,7340,L-4504539,00.html

  386. 386
    The Good Old Days says:

    I remember Whipps Cross when most of them came from Ireland. And lovely girls they were too. Trained to care for patients, with a bit of humanity.

  387. 387
    Handypara says:

    Coming soon in the European Socialist Republic of Scotland

  388. 388
    The answers page says:

    .. in which case, Nige should simply reply: “Mind your own business, oh and by the way, WTF does that have to do with immigration or the UK staying in the EU?”

  389. 389
    Village blacksmith says:

    Get your pitchforks sharpened here.

  390. 390
    Dos V Danya says:

    .. and we might by now all be speaking fluent Russian

  391. 391
    Ich bin ein Gasmeter readerkind says:

    Judem gas? What a odd name! Who thought of that one?

  392. 392
    mansion dweller of olde England says:

    They dressed like that simply to keep themselves warm because the mansions they lived in were always bloody freezing.

  393. 393
    mansion dweller of olde England says:

    Congregate under the lamp post?

    Didn’t you have a decent Wimpy bar for that sort of thing in your little village? At least it was warm inside and the coffee wasn’t bad.

  394. 394
    mansion dweller of olde England says:

    .. and your bin collection has now been reduced to once every third Friday – if they remember to turn up.

  395. 395
    mansion dweller of olde England says:

    Yes, cut the degree crap (think of the money that will be saved!) and teach them how to actually nurse people.

    ..oh, and how to spik ingerlish too.

  396. 396
    Be warned - Sweden is a very unpleasant country to visit, so stay well away says:

    In Stockholm last week 2 Malaysian parents who have lived in the country foe over 7 years were jailed for several months for slapping their misbehaving kids. The legals believed the 4 kids’ (oldest just 13) version of events rather than the parents.

    Looks like the revolution is already here when busybody nanny-state magistrates can tell folk how to bring up their own kids.

    Sweden is now off my holiday list permanently.

  397. 397
    Eric Lustbader says:

    I thought, last night, that we might just see a camel toe with those tight trousers she had sprayed on.
    She really is a stick insect, but not too bad a MILF.

  398. 398
    (That's enough Eds, Ed!) says:

    You were a fucking freak!

  399. 399
    (That's enough Eds, Ed!) says:

    The little snot ruined it for me!

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