March 27th, 2014

How Farage Won Last Night’s Debate

The YouGov/Sun poll speaks for itself: Farage had a 12 point boost in his personal approval rating after last night, narrowly winning the debate on jobs and leaving the EU. Worth noting Clegg also saw a 4 point rise in the “positive impression” category. The LibDems are in full damage limitation mode this morning, claiming “the real winners are the voters” and “it’s a marathon not a sprint”. We’re getting closer to the finish line…

UPDATE: Blurt’s Twitter worm analysis confirms a narrow win for Farage:



  1. 1
    Lord Owen Jones of The Cottage says:

    The House of Commons library never estimated the proportion of our laws made by the EU at 7%. That’s simply untrue.


    • 4
      Nick Clegg says:

      Viviane Reding, VP of the EU Commission, said in London that the EU writes 70% of our laws.


      • 6
        Bill Cash says:

        The only govt study of every legal act was done by Germany’s Federal Justice Ministry. It put the figure at 84%.


    • 25
      Cutting to the chase says:

      The quesion should really be how many of these laws ‘made’ by the UK Parliament are actually just rubber stamp jobs ie bringing in new legislation to comply with EU directives.


      • 73
        Socialism = Starvation says:

        Quite a lot, sometimes EU Directives are brought in as Statutory Instruments under the European Communities Act 1972, and other times, the Directives are implemented by Acts of Parliament, e.g part I of the Employment Rights Act 1996 implements and re-enacts previous employment legislation but harmonises it as EU wide law. It looks as if it was an Act of Parliament but in reality it was an Act part of which brings in EU law.


    • 29
      Nick Clog says:

      With so little of our law made in Brussels, I’m beginning to wonder if there’s any point in being in the EU.


    • 37
      F##k the LibLabCon says:

      A simple trick of the tongue, Clegg intentionally mislead the people viewing the debate. When he came out with that “7% of our laws” statement he was referring to ALL of our laws going back to time in memorial. He wasn’t referring to NEW laws being made now or even since our joining of the EU. This is typical common purpose training in action, straw man arguments to avoiding answering the real question.


    • 42
      Londoner says:

      I am not impressed by a man who thinks that the House of Commons library is where you go to find out what is happening in the world outside the Westminster bubble


      • 82
        answers on the back of an envelope says:

        It’s those of us outside the Westminster bubble who know
        the negative effect the EU is having on our lives every day.
        Business owners who have to jump through hoops to meet
        EU directives, overflowing schools and health centres full of
        non- English speakers.
        This is our reality and no amount of lies and spin by the privileged
        elite like Clegg will change it.


        • 141
          Dick Puddlecote says:

          “Business owners who have to jump through hoops to meet
          EU directives”

          That is, quite literally, all I do with my transport business now. And, if anything, the pace of new regulations has been increasing exponentially since around 2005.

          As for the percentage of regulations in transport coming from the EU, it is over 90%. The only one I know of which is solely from Westminster is the Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations 1989.


    • 107
      tommy5dollar says:

      No, it says 9% to 14%. 7% seems closer than Farage’s 75%.


  2. 2
    Outside the Westminster Bubble says:

    They’re each appealing to the extremes, it’s like a debate between a pot of Marmite and a tub of Vegemite, some might find it tasty but most ordinary people don’t care.


    • 9
      still walking into darkness says:

      Most ordinary people do care, because the EU question affects everything.

      Cameron and Milliband’s absence shows their contempt for us. They would never subject themselves to any debate let alone one on the EU where they don’t have prior knowledge of the questions. It’s an outrage they didn’t turn up.


      • 13
        Chris Bryant's soiled Y-Fronts says:

        Polls consistently show people don’t care about Europe. It’s subject reserved for anoraks and angry blog readers.

        The lack of care explains why UKIP are on track to win the Euro vote. Most people won’t vote and within the tiny turnout, many will gladly send a bunch of gibbons to Brussels because they just don’t care what happens there.


        • 20
          Anonymous says:

          Sadly true.


          • Socialism is theft says:

            34.7% of the electorate voted in the 2009 MEP elections compared to 65% in the 2010 General election. This shows that many do care about Europe. Otherwise the European elections would have a much lower turnout.

            Of course a big reason for the lower turnout in the MEP elections is that

            1) there is little or no coverage of EU debates in our media
            2) each MEP has little or no power when it comes to making decisions as they and their votes are overwhelmed by those from MEPs from other countries.


          • Mr Neddy says:

            And the fact that they cannot even create any primary legislation at all, they are there solely to amend/rubber stamp what the EU council and EU commission dictate.


        • 24
          IAC says:

          They don’t care about Europe but they do about all the sub-issues it generates.


        • 131
          inside out says:

          The only way people would care is if Eastenders,Corrie,and Facebook were banned by EU decree, then they would take and interest.


    • 14
      A Misogynist says:

      I like Marmite on toast


    • 18
      Ellie-Mae (9) says:

      Or a pot of marmite and a tub of swarfega


      • 38
        Owen the noisy little orifice says:

        A tube of toothpaste and a pot of KY


        • 83
          what about me says:

          I don’t like Marmite or Vegemite.
          I’d rather have English Marmalade.


          • Made with oranges from the EU. Continue to trade with them but kick them out of our Institutions. What with free movement. all those who wish to live in the EU only have to catch the train at St. Pancres with a one-way ticket.


    • 89
      Benny FitzClaymont says:

      They’ll start caring soon enough when they have to pay more taxes
      or when the Albanian sex-traffikers get a hold of their daughters


  3. 3
    Phos4 says:

    Teresa May, the Home Secretary, is pushing through a change to the visa system that will allow the Government to claim that there are nearly 20,000 fewer immigrants in the UK. In a move that risks being described as an attempt to massage immigration statistics, Home Office officials are considering plans to shorten visas by as little as one day to avoid having to describe them as migrants. Currently, foreign workers brought to Britain by companies to plug skills gaps on short-term visas lasting 12 months count towards the annual net immigration total. The Home Office will now reduce the maximum stay for Intra-Company Transfer (ICT) short-term visas to under 12 months – meaning they will no longer count towards the annual net migration total.


  4. 5
    Ubique says:

    I was disapointed in the amount of free reign Nick Clegg was given and how little time Nigel was given in rebuttal, not what I expected to see, you could see where Nick Clegg had abused his position to get the information he used to counter Nigel but I wonder how effective he would have been if he hadn’t had that power or if Nigel had been given the same opportunity!


    • 11
      Bill says:

      free rein.


    • 27
      A Civil Servant says:

      It will be worse on the BBC, 2nd April. Nigel Farage will be gagged.


      • 70
        Ubique says:

        Agree 100% or should that be percent or perpenny? :)


        • 84
          also says:

          Clegg kept interrupting and shouting down Farage.
          He just came across as rude and bullying.


          • The Great British Public fed up with being swamped by unwanted multi culteral diversity says:

            And don’t forget how fcuking patronising EUSSR loving Cleggy was talking down to members of the audience, especially when telling one lady in his patronising fcuking manner how she would decide if any new powers would be transferred to Brussels. I take it will be in the same context when McMental signed the Lisbon Treaty in the middle of night & claimed it was only a tidying up treaty exercise, the lying devious 3 face cnut.

            Look forward to Leb Dims being decimated by US the Voters at the
            EUSSR elections also the GE…….


  5. 7
    Devon says:

    Two bald men fighting over a comb


  6. 8
    M2 says:

    Actually there is a House of Commons Library report on this. On average 47% of the laws in the UK came from the EU between 1997-2009. page 28


  7. 10
    Chris Bryant's soiled Y-Fronts says:

    So after they tracked down the 32 people who tuned in outside the paid journos and policy anoraks there was barely any change in people’s views.


    • 19
      All aboard says:

      No Chris, the reality is that most people were having their dinner, watching the tv with the sound off, at that time and could not be bothered to get up to find the remote.


      • 127
        Anthony Bean says:

        The reality is that LBC 97.3 has only just come on DAB nationally and folk aren’t aware (even if they have a DAB radio), the LBC website crashed unable to cope with demand and it wasn’t publicised that it was being screened live on BBC News and Sky News channels. It also didn’t appear in electronic programme guides. There was no problem with numbers interested in the debate.


  8. 12
    Shower of shite says:

    Did Clegg explain what value we get for our £55m a day?


    • 22
      All aboard says:

      Using the Ed Balls abacus method, he explained quite clearly that although we pay 55 million a day to be a member of this exclusive club, we actually get a rebate of 267% of that, despite the fact that Blair gave up most of our rebate in his futile effort to become EU President. I thought he made that very clear, although the bits about EU inspired immigration and other sundry benefits that cost us did seem to slip his mind.


    • 32
      A Civil Servant says:

      It will help pay his EU pension.


    • 35
      Dave Cameron says:

      Does nobody think about the call centres?


  9. 15
    Handycock says:

    Lots of girls have had unconscious couplings with me.


  10. 21
    Mr Nobody says:

    Neither will do particularly well at the general election. Lib Dems are only an option in seats which are Lab/Lib battlegrounds and Ukip might be worth a punt in Labour strongholds but that’s as far as it goes. Other than that it’s a case of keeping what is now a very left wing Labour party out.


    • 36
      M­a­­­­q­bo­­ul says:

      Is that up to Cameron of up to the voters?


    • 64
      Socialism is theft says:

      UKIP are currently polling at well over 10% of the vote. The lastest publicity followed by the EU elections will increase that. The Lib Dems had a massive rise in support following the TV debates before the last GE. There is no reason at all why UKIP can not gain many seats at the next election. The only thing that will stop them will be voter cowardice and scaremongering from the deceitful Liblabcons and the control they have over the mainstream media.


      • 114
        Tim Yeo-yo says:

        “The Lib Dems had a massive rise in support following the TV debates before the last GE.”

        Nonsense. Nick Clegg’s approval rating soared but that didn’t translate into votes for the lib-dumbs.

        As for Ukip polling 10%….great news…for Ed Milliband.


      • 123
        Anonymous says:

        Not in Scotland they’re not!

        At least up here we recognise Farage and the ukippers for the fascist twats they really are.
        They are even more unpopular than the tories, which is saying something…..

        Farage is a snotty wee twat with all the charisma, policies and leadership qualities of a shitty stick


        • 135
          Anonymous says:

          Then get your people to vote yes in September and we will all be happy,but I have a sneaking feeling you will show yourselves to be a nation of bottlers who will be back blaming England for everything within a month.


  11. 26
    Modded for calling Harry cole a kn.ob says:

    The spin room was the big loser last night.
    Vacuous professional pundits who all called it wrong.


  12. 28
    Modded for calling h a r r y c o l e a k n o b says:

    The spin room was the big loser last night.
    Vacuous professional pundits who all called it wrong.


    • 56
      Goggle Box says:

      Why do they allow these idiots on the telly? I’d much rather watch a movie.


    • 68
      Socialism is theft says:

      The mainstream media are the puppets of the Liblabcons.


      • 87
        he wouldn't know the truth if it bit him on the bum says:

        BBC political “expert” Scrawny Norman Smith declared it a draw.
        The official YouGov poll put Farage 20% ahead,so will he be now
        be sacked for being totally out of touch with his audience?


  13. 30
    Garfield says:

    CLEGG :-


    S: (n) horsefly, cleg, clegg, horse fly (large swift fly the female of which sucks blood of Various animals.

    So I think this an apt name for any LibDem. To go further you could call any member of the HoC “A Clegg” Collectively you could call the HoC “A Bunch of Cleggs” Also applies to the BBC.


  14. 33
    My haircut honours Guido says:

    Farage is nothing but a racist Hunt.


    • 39
      Diane Abbot says:



    • 49
      7% Clegg says:

      Surely he’s more than that?


    • 81
      I agree with nick being boiled says:

      Gets my vote


      • 90
        you really must try harder says:

        Ah- the old Labour standby.
        Call someone a racist in order to stifle
        legitimate debate. I think we’re long past
        that particular trick.


        • 100
          My haircut honours Guido says:

          Regarding Ukraine, Dave calls upon the EU to……..

          You dumb fucks just can’t see it can you?


          • My haircut honours Guido says:

            ‘We can run Great Britain all on our own without the EU’

            …..and what a fucking good job we did of it too.


    • 94
      Puttupa Awshuttuppa says:

      Put up a link to anything that Nigel has done or said that is wacyst
      or shut up


    • 139
      Jack Ketch says:

      If he was he’d have my vote, unfortunately he is far too moderate on the matter of race and nationality. He disagrees with White people being issued with firearms on the NHS, the mandatory sterlisation of muslims and limbo dancers and the proposal to turn Dianne Abbot into a new breakwater for Folkstome harbour. Anyway. he is married to a foreigner, just like Clegg.


  15. 40
  16. 41
    My two pen'orth says:

    Clegg’s main argument seemed to consist of saying ‘that’s not true’ and then going on to say things that were not true.
    I never really had an opinion of him as he didn’t seem worthy however, now I think he’s a either a duplicitous parasite or he is so completely bewildered by reality that he needs to be put in a home and have full time care.


    • 48
      Miriam says:

      I’m beginning to think my Nickelarse is a loser after all. I’d rather have a proper bloke like Garage or Vladimir


  17. 43
    Garfield says:

    The so called people in the know made a complete bollocks of their analysis regarding the debate, These are the people that MP’s take on board and act accordingly. I think it is time that MP’s ignored the pundits and “experts” and start listening to the electorate.


    • 45
      Too much to ask says:

      Or maybe just doing and saying what they believe in?


    • 58
      IMO says:

      They have made covering up for the lies of professional politicians into a career. For them, the bullshit and self-censorship is instinctual.


      • 137
        thostids says:

        Clegg is crap at evading answering the questions. When he didn’t answer it, he patronised the questioner. “We all have to have rules….”. He spoke to the audience as if they were 5 year-olds. Ferrari asks Clegg why no referendum yet and showing Clegg his own election flyer. No reply comes. Clegg gets out Farage’s flyer saying that 28 millions Rumanians and Serbs given right to enter the UK and his allegation? There aren’t 28 million of them to come here. Clegg wins debate?
        Not many, Benny!


    • 67
      Westminster Bubble says:

      We have looked on Wikipedia and can find no definition for this electorate thing you mention.


  18. 46
    Prime Minister"Money's no object" Cameron says:

    Wakey, wakey, rise and shine! How are we all this morning? Is it looking like summer yet in your neck of the woods?


    • 50
      7% Clegg says:

      Global warming will soon be upon us.


    • 52
      Dave is a Gay Loving Tosser says:

      We’re waiting for the first bumsex marriage — resulting in another drop in your approval rating.


      • 76
        Garfield says:

        Nick – Well Prime minister have you any ideas what you might do when you leave politics.?

        Cameron – Nick,Nick, call me Dave, I have thought of doing a bit of writing.

        Nick – Political History maybe?

        Cameron – No, I thought I might try Gay Romace with that young Owen Jones.


  19. 55
    Obama bows to democracy says:

    This is worth putting up Guido


  20. 57
    Anonymous says:

    What do you expect? Farage can say what he likes. He’s got the minority party advantage; he can say any outrageous bollocks to get support knowing that he’ll never be a position to implement it.

    No-one has ever come up with credible argument as to “how” Britain would be better off out of the EU, but Farage knows he doesn’t need to worry about that.


    • 63
      7% Clegg says:

      Don’t mention the GDP of Norway or Switzerland it’s racist.


      • 74
        Socialism is theft says:

        Or all those other countries around the world that are not part of the EU but are growing much faster than the many struggling EU countries and have much higher employment figures.

        Leaving the EU will not cost jobs. Being in the EU is costing us jobs.


        • 78
          British Citizen says:

          You are right, but this isn’t all about jobs. It is also about our way of life. I am fed up with the overcrowding, the strains on public services, the Polish flags on shops in the High Street and the ubiquitous Romanian Big issue sellers. I want a democratic country where the government is answerable to the British people and not busy advancing the interests of unelected bureaucrats and vast hordes of unintegrated foreigners.


    • 65
      £55 Million says:

      No idea?


    • 71
      the mystic mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

      impressive mind reading abilities


    • 98
      BBC helpline 4 retards says:

      It’s simple – we just cancel our £55 million per day subscription fee to the EU.

      Every little helps.


    • 117
      Margot Leadbetter says:

      The rest of the EU must be quaking in their boots. 60 million of us Brits have the right to go there. Probably a good thing that we’re all going to make way for the 460 million EU nationals who have the right to come here. Farage talks alarmist claptrap and little Englanders lap it up. There is a lot that is wrong with Europe but getting out of it is not the answer. It’s like getting rid of your car because it’s not working properly and costing you money. But getting rid of your car altogether means you have nothing left.


      • 120
        Non-audited accounts for 17 years says:

        The post above is sponsored by the Lib-dem / EU Alliance.

        Looking after your every need.


      • 130
        Anonymous says:

        What? If your car doesn’t work and costs money, then you change it!!! Doesn’t mean you don’t have a car… What a crap analogy! The eu isn’t working for us and costing us money so we should have the right to change it. Europe will still trade with us, if you honestly think we’ll be cut off if we decide not honour the Lisbon tradegy, then you really have been brainwashed. Trade yes, giving up our sovereign right to make our own laws, stop the rampant immigration that our public services can’t cope with, the right thing to do.


        • 132
          Margot Leadbetter says:

          Exactly, you change your relationship with the EU, you don’t get out of it altogether. Brilliant analogy actually!


          • Car-Parts outreach facilitator says:

            You won’t get far changing your relationship with a failed alternator deary.


      • 143
        Taxpayer-funded astroturfing EU Troll says:

        Vote UKIP


    • 119
      CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

      There are many possible huge changes that would result in an exit from the EU. Nobody has yet articulated or quantified what these would actually be.
      After 40 years of integration with Brussels, there would be potentially numerous areas of Law and regulations that would be affected. People need to know what these are and how the change back to sovereignty would be managed, timelines, costs etc.

      Opportunist twats like Farage gloss over the rather important details of what an EU withdrawal actually fvcking means?


      • 128
        the mystic mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

        I think an EU withdrawal means that the UK would not have to do as it is instructed by people who do not have our interests at heart and would give us the freedom to create a society and industry as we see fit.


        • 138
          thostids says:

          We can start by revoking the HRA and sending all the deportees that we ” can’t” get rid of straight back to where they cannot go. And revoke the European Arrest Warrant. If people with crap systems want our Subjects they can show that there is a case to answer. Not to bang them up in some euro-Blackhole of Calcutta and watch the case thrown out years later. Clegg says that the EAW is the way to protect us. What from? The killers, rapists and terrorists we can’t deport? Obviously it’s safer to be banged up in a polish Jail for unpaid parking tickets than being murdered on your own sub-way system by a terrorist bomb.
          Sure Clegg. Where you going to live when you get heaved out of Parliament and from your Party? Brussels? Strasbourg? Hughes flat?


  21. 80
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    Surely Caroline Lucas, as an actual HOC MP, has more right to debate than Nigel Farage. Equally why doesn’t Nick Clegg debate with Nick Griffin?


  22. 95
    Anonymous says:

    “Farage Won”
    at LBC’s Mind Muddling Mecca? Where the concept of fact-checking assertions is a complete anathema. Resulting in the playing of endless Political Bingo games. During which several invited callers simultaneously make up and shout out contradictory figures as they go. Safe from any form of accuracy challenge. Little wonder then, that there are no real winners to be found amongst the assembled stupefied audience.


  23. 105
    How bizarre says:

    So the unelected leader of Europe met the unelected “leader” of Ukraine to voice their displeasure about the democratic referendum in the Crimea / Eastern half of Ukraine.

    And Russia managed to plan, organise and bring about a referendum in two weeks yet we have to wait three years for a referendum on the EU.

    You just can’t make this shit up!


  24. 111
    VeryUnimpressed says:

    Farage was full of his usual bullshit and bluster. He’s a fucking idiot.


  25. 124
    VeryUnimpressed says:

    I can’t decide which nationalist I dislike more, Farage or Salmond.


    • 125
      Independence my arse says:

      I cant decide which type of independce I like best a UK tied to Brussells one or a Scotland tied to Brussells one.


  26. 133
    Tim Yeo-yo says:

    Nigel needs to get rid of that covert coat. It makes him look like a bit of a twat.


  27. 142
    Aslan says:

    With an EU membership net cost of over 1billion pa, we could leave and pay off the UK national in less than 15 years.

    It’s also worth bearing in mind that large compsnies (including CBI members) avoid around £120billion pa in taxes by having an office in Dublin, Malta or the like.


  28. 144
    Alan Calder says:

    Farage is a public school educated bumpkin.


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