February 17th, 2014

Red Prince Stephen Kinnock’s Safe Seat Set-Back
Daughter’s Expensive Private Education Costs Support


When he was leader of the Labour Party Neil Kinnock once famously asked “Why am I the first Kinnock in a thousand generations to be able to get to university?” A memorable line…

Kinnock’s son Stephen’s hopes of securing the safe seat of Aberavon in Wales may be dashed by the news reaching the valleys that his daughter, Neil’s granddaughter, is the first Kinnock in a thousand generations to be privately educated. This has not gone down well despite Stephen Kinnock bringing his glamorous wife – who just happens to be Helle Thorning-Schmidt, the Prime Minister of Denmark who poses for selfies with President Obama – to a Welsh Labour Party fundraiser. Insiders say the daughter’s expensive education at one of Copenhagen’s most sought after private schools will cost this “Red Prince” the solidly socialist seat. Excuses won’t wash boyo…


  1. 1
    Bugner says:

    What a vile family.


    • 4
      Marius II the Giraffe says:



    • 8
      The Welsh windbag says:

      “We’re alright!”


    • 23
      Has I done well says:

      Why was Neil Kinnock allowed to go to University at tax payers expense? How did he escape the mines?


    • 30
      binka bonkoa says:

      What are the Euro Socialists up to in Italy? I thought there was free trade in Europe? obviously not

      message received this morning from Italian suppliers

      As per the new rules stated by the Italian Financial Authority, you are required to send us a copy of the CMR, or Waybill or POD (proof of delivery: delivery note and invoice) signed by the transporter and by the receiver (your Company), for each shipment you will receive from us.
      It is very important you will send this document (by post, or by e-mail to xxxxxxxxxx) as a proof you received the goods at your warehouses.
      You can send this documents each time you receive our shipment or regroup those once a month but in any case they must be signed and stating the date of receipt of the goods at your warehouse.
      This new procedure must be applied from 01/01/2014.
      Anyway, if possible, we kindly ask you to get back also the document (CMR or Waybill or POD) concerning last year 2013.
      We are sure you will understand and will cooperate with us and thank you in advance.
      We are at your disposal for further information and look forward to your agreement.


    • 96
      Pick me, Rhondda says:

      Kinnockers in a twist.


    • 124
      Do As I Say Not As I Do says:

      All of them troughing away at the tax payer’s expense. Revolting.


    • 134
      M says:

      Second only of to the Blairs


  2. 2
    All the world says:

    Tosspot, son of a nobhead.
    Not that I have anything against him or his dad.


  3. 3
    Kim Jong-un says:

    More importantly, has he expressed his sincerest condolences to the millionaires in the Benn dynasty yet?


  4. 5
    Sell Fortune Cookies Buy gold says:

    Gold price signals China credit bubble bursting as investors seek safety



  5. 6
    i don't need no doctor says:

    Alex Salmond is waffling on at the moment. Does anyone understand what he is on about?


  6. 7
    Criminal neglect whilst in public office should lead to jail says:

    Privilege should never be tolerated in a meritocracy.

    The people of Aberavon, unlike Neath, realize this.


  7. 8
    Outlier says:

    What a self-serving, stupid and hypocritical wanker!


    • 22
      The Countess of St Denis says:

      He might be a “wanker” , he might be “hypocritical” and he might be “self-serving” but I would not call him “stupid” because he has got his hands on a tidy little wedge of your money.


      • 75
        Col. Stok says:

        True, but his personal security (like so many of your parasitical political class) is very poor. The target is easy to reach and a small snatch squad with tier 1 fallback is enough to lift them. That you like scum like this to abuse you is the only excuse I can think of for not having liquidated them some time ago?


  8. 10
    The Other Blair says:

    The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.


  9. 11
    Neil Scrounging Boyo Kinnock says:

    Well alright, well alright.


  10. 12
    Diane Abbot says:



  11. 16
    ValleysMam says:

    If his dealings in a lot of things in Denmark were known he wouldn’t be so popular either


  12. 17
    Anonymous says:

    Its a long way to commute from Copenhagen, but never mind, the taxpayer will pick up the tab.

    Or will the Danish PM take up residence in Wales.


    • 43
      Electoral Register says:

      We all know they don’t live together because Stephen is (fill in the blank)


    • 47
      Ryanair Ryanair Ryanair says:

      It is cheap to fly with Ryanair on a Ryanair scheduled flight to Copenhagen on Wednesdays taken advantage of a Ryanair state of the art low fuel consumption jet emblazoned in Ryanair’s award winning livery.

      You can even enjoy a Ryanair in flight coffee served by a Ryanair hostess. At the same time you can enyoy yourself playing with a Ryanair scratch card which the Ryanair Staff will be able provide for you in return for another Ryanair low cost fee.

      Ryanair fares of course come with Ryanair wheelchair facilities.

      If you are disabled Ryanair and the Ryanair staff are always pleased to see you especially if you arrive clutching those special Ryanair cases which will fit nicely in the Ryanair shelf which will be found just above your favorite Ryanair seat.

      Remember think Copenhagen then think Ryanair.


  13. 18
    Welsh Sheeples says:

    Vote red to guarantee your bennies.


  14. 19
    stench of hypocrisy says:

    They’ll still elect him.


    • 31
      Kinnochio says:

      We’re aaawwwwwiiiiigggght !!


    • 132
      Comrade Carwyn(give me more money so I can buy an airport) says:

      Indeed they will.
      The thick, labour supporting mongs in Aberavon will always vote labour, just like the mongs in Merthyr will always vote for the labour tosspot Dai Harvard.
      I despair.


  15. 24
    The Welsh windbag Junior says:

    I sailed up the Skagerrak
    And sailed down the Kattegat
    Through the harbor and up to the quay
    And there she stands waiting for me
    With a welcome so warm and so gay
    Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen


  16. 25
    Nick Clegg Political Whore says:

    I like the labour party more and more every day. I think we could do a deal.


  17. 26
    Please send any nappies to the house of thieves says:

    Come on, Salmond you snake oil salesman, sell your country the YES vote and watch the masses of brown underkecks in the house of thieves, you can do it some of us wish you well.


  18. 28
    Ron Barras says:

    The perfect symbol of Labour, the elite of the elite with a touch of Eurocracy.


  19. 29
    Diane Fatbott says:

    Under champagne socialism, private schools are obligatory.


  20. 33
    RomaBob.... Beeeeg Issue! says:

    Outrageous slurrrrrrr..


  21. 34

    Who does this reflect on the worst ?
    The grasping troughing Kinnocks, or the voters of Aberavon who have been brainwashed by years of boneheaded socialism into despising Kinnock’s small grand daughter for receiving a good private education.


    • 53
      M­a­­­­q­bo­­ul says:

      Perhaps they just want to be represented by a local – one of their own – and not some rich, posh bloke who lives elsewhere. Yeo’s constituents have similar wishes for their representative.


  22. 35
    P.Mandevilson, the Eminence Greasy says:

    Forget Westminster. Get yourself straight over to Brussels. It’s a much larger trough.


  23. 38
    They deliberately try to confuse says:


    De-arming the Germans was the key to that, plus NATO.


    • 52
      Ah! but says:

      Think carefully before you waste time reading this kindergarten essay.


    • 65
      EU, lies and more lies says:

      More scare tactics, if we leave the EU we will end up going to war, we are already at war, it’s a trade war and secretly splitting up all the idndustries and divvying them out to other countries has destroyed our ability to trade, apart from Germany as they carry on doing everything, play up , play up and play the game has long long gone, all we have done is passed all our industries to Asia, get out of the EU and get back to be a trading nation as we are closer to a war than we have ever been.


      • 77
        SIZE 13 CARBON FOOTPRINT says:

        At least at the outset the last war there was a massive navy in place and an efficient professionally trained airforce .The army itself if it had not been deployed to France was more than enough to deal with any invaders unfortunate enough to make landfall.
        Today we are quite defenceless in the event of a real war with a massive fifth column of assorted hostile aliens in our midst, no army to speak of, and a navy so emasculated that even the Spanish can laugh at us over Gibraltar.


        • 85
          Fly on the wall says:

          Bring back national service – and solve yoof unemployment at a stroke. The services were also very good at bringing up the levels of numeracy and literacy among the disadvantaged of those days, and teaching them useful trades and skills too.

          Not too many of them got killed in little military skirmishes abroad.


          • Jack Ketch says:

            The quality demanded of a recruit today is far beyond the mass of the population. You will recall that of volunteers at the onset of the 2nd Anglo-Boer War and of the Great War, some 40% did not meet the modest fitness or educational standards of the time. Today’s obese, slack-jawed, numbingly obtuse youth may have been OK for cannon fodder at Badajoz, but they wouldn’t have made it at Majuba or the Somme let alone in a modern Army that requires an outrageous level of fitness and literacy and numeracy in even the lowliest squaddie. Far better the Stalin concept–Labour battalions to build dams and resovoirs–by hand!


        • 115
          Cinna says:

          The lesson being; getting involved with “Europe” always leads to war.


  24. 39
    Anonymous says:

    It’s the usual liebor mantra. Do as we say not as we do. What stinking bunch of hypocrites. It’s OK for the rest of us peons to be saddled with ghastly schools but as soon as one of the chosen ones is at risk….Just like the DPRK eh.


  25. 44
    Ah! but says:

    An educated Kinnock would more likely be a Tory. The first Tory Kinnock since the primates started walking on two legs.


  26. 46
    bystander says:

    The Welsh can’t help voting labour, it’s in their DNA, centuries of being brainwashed is what will elect this twerp.


    • 87
      Fly on the wall says:

      WTF don’t they vote for Plaid Trousers or whatever they are called? Surely that’s more Welsh than a Liebore ginger cvnt?


  27. 48
    Sarah says:

    Its Wales.

    They still shout at the sun & are bottom of every league table for education because of their addiction to self pity & socialism.

    Red Prince Kinnock could shit in their faces & they would still vote for him.


    • 59
      Mark Oaten says:

      In that case he has my vote *licks lips*


    • 61
      Owain Glyndwr says:

      Tories have never gone a monkeys tit about Wales.


      • 79
        Walk away from the liblabcon and become a patriot says:

        Tories don’t give a sh1t about any region of the UIK really, and yes that includes most of England.

        When money is your God, the country, and everyone and everything in it, are just mere commodities.

        The British are plagued with main stream parties, who quite honesty hate the native population.


    • 91

      Wales since devolution, is a constant reminder to the uninitiated what a labour government really means.


  28. 49
    himindoors says:

    Where’s Malcolm Tucker when you need him?


    • 60
      Malcolm 'fucking' Tucker says:

      Fucking your mother in the little hole next to the big hole you toss stained, monkey balls


  29. 50
    Ed Moribund says:

    Shall I do a deal with Clegg?
    What should I offer him to guarantee the support of the six MPs he’ll have in 2015?

    I know. They can run the environment agency. Its a nice green libby issue. And a total clusterfuck that they can make worse.


  30. 51
    Will the Government listen? says:


  31. 55
    ChrisBryant'sAnus says:

    The Kinnocks are welshhh royalty!

    Weslh people look up to the Kinnocks for all their goods dead and immense political achievements

    Ask any welshh on the street and they will tell you that


  32. 56
    timbo46 says:

    In the 1950s & 1960s, hundreds of thousands of British children were the first in thousands of generations to go to university.

    At Cardiff, Neil & Glynis ran the Labour Club. As a couple, they were known as “the Power & the Glory”. She was the power — he was the Glory!

    You’ll notice, that he never credited the 11+ system for getting to Cardiff Uni in the first place!


    • 88
      Fly on the wall says:

      So their parents must have been comfortably off then to allow them to go to uni rather than the local factory to earn their keep and pay their share of the housekeeping.


  33. 58
    Maria Miller says:

    Have I resigned yet?


  34. 62
    Stu says:

    “first Kinnock in a thousand generations to go to university”

    What – 20000 years?


  35. 71
    AJC says:

    Why haven’t we seen either Kinnock doing a King Canute on some stormy beach whilst shouting “We’re Alright”?


  36. 78
    neitherdeadnoralive says:

    The Kinnocks are one of the many reasons why no one should ever vote Labour again. Traitors to their, supposed, class, just like Prescott.


  37. 81
    Displaced Brummie says:

    “Åh, se mor! Her kommer Champagne socialister! Hyklerisk udskud, hver eneste af dem!”


  38. 92
    Kevin Bollox says:

    The child will have been squired by someone else, certainly not by Gay Boyo. Just check the colour, wasn’t the glamorous old tart getting it on with Obama recently. Obviously likes a bit of black up her


  39. 93
    Jill says:

    In Denmark there are some schools that provide specialist teaching for high ability children, and in order to enable them to provide that they make a nominal charge of about £100 per month. Otherwise they are 99% funded by the state, and are to all intents and purposes maintained schools.

    Steve Kinnock’s eldest daughter went to such a school from 14 to 16, before going to sixth form college. His other daughter has stayed in the local community comprehensive. It is not, therefore, true to say that his children have used private schools.

    Comparisons between the divided British system and the Danish system are misleading. There are a few British-type private schools in Denmark, but neither of Steve’s girls went to such schools, at any time.


    • 103
      Here's another idea says:

      Your defence of the twats fails on a simple numerical error. You claim that a ‘nominal’ £100 per month is payable for a child to be taught in a high-ability school, ‘otherwise’ that place is 99% funded by the state. That would mean that each place in this state school costs £10,000 per month, or £120,000 per year per pupil. Taxes may be high in Denmark, Miss Jill, but they are not that fucking high.


    • 109
      Bliars says:

      Same as our kids went to “state” school innit


      • 110
        There's lovely, boyo says:

        before going to sixth form college.

        Would that be a private sixth form college for geniuses, Jill?


  40. 100
    frank says:

    Wales is slowly crawling out from underneath socialism. We’re fed up with crap public services and endemic corruption and incompetence. Massive local government layoffs are shattering the old pattern of voting to get somebody’s else money.
    Stay in Switzerland, if only for the low taxes


    • 133
      Comrade Carwyn(give me more money so I can buy an airport) says:

      I wish I shared your optimism.
      We still have
      1 An assembly run by glorified county councillors
      2 An education system at the bottom of all league tables
      3 An education AM, Huwey Lewy, who is a little boy with no life experience.
      4 A system which protects and pays for a language of no use to anyone.
      I could go on ad infinutum but I’m feeling more and more depressed.
      We even lost to Ireland.


  41. 102
    (Rarely) Dangerous Brian says:

    Comparing the Kinnocks to Mr Prescott is grossly unfair.
    Mr Prescott is a true class warrior who would stop having sex with a vulnerable member of his office staff, jump into one of his two jags and fight anyone who said differently.
    The Kinnocks meanwhile are a right bunch of corrupt self serving hypocrites not worthy of being mentioned in the same breath as the great paragon of socialsit virtue, Lord Prescott of blah blah………….


  42. 111
    There's more lovely, boyo says:

    Both she and her husband, who have two daughters, have also been beset by controversy over their financial affairs following a scandal last year in which Mr Kinnock was accused of avoiding paying Denmark’s high taxes.
    Mr Kinnock, the director of Europe and Central Asia for the World Economic Forum, pays income tax on his £110,000 salary in Switzerland, where rates are around four times lower, and told authorities he spent no more than 33 weekends, from Friday to Monday, in Denmark each year. His non-resident status allowed Miss Thorning-Schmidt to deduct about £40,000 in tax from mortgage repayments on their £500,000 home in Copenhagen. But in an application to make him co-owner of the family home last year, she claimed he was there “every weekend of the year”. She was subsequently forced to admit she made “sloppy mistakes” in filling out her tax returns. – Daily Telegraph 2011


  43. 118
    Anonymous says:

    It is clear that once the Labour elite hit the big time they turn in to Conservatives…see like do like! For example, Tony Blair with his homes in town & country, Mandelson in his £8m London abode etc. What ever happened to their principles? If only Labour voters in their constituencies did as well from Labour’s 13 years in power as those two & of course the lovely Kinnock family!


    • 122
      John Bellingham says:

      Since the Benn family set the precedent, Labour have embraced the hereditary principle- Kinnock, Straw, Prescott, Blair–all will have sprogs in the 2015 Parliament. Of course, tasty jobs for wives and kids (and the odd shag too) is already well established– Margaret Jay, Mrs Dromey, Mr Cooper, Estelle Morris, Andy Sawford (Corby); Georgia Gould and a third generation Benn (Emily) are also likely to be selected.
      One wonders if they will arrange for their spouses to inherit their peerages too.


  44. 121
    Anonymous says:

    Kinnocks = £ .Shillings and Pence


  45. 123

    Look you boyo do as we say NOT as we do! Innit?


  46. 125
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    The Kinnocks, all of them, are disgusting specimens. The only good thing you can say about them is that they’re not the Blairs.


  47. 128
    stushie says:

    I am the same age as Kinnock & had to stay in the mines (underground).I was denied ‘Call-UP’ due national priorities. Kinnock should have done his time for the country’s recovery .A shyster from the word go.


  48. 129
  49. 136
    Knud Madsen says:

    Good luck with that family. We here in Denmark, both lefts and rights and many in between, are so dammed tired of that awfull family. They are extremely good to avoid tax in alle respects, even as primenister!!


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