February 14th, 2014

UKIP Beat Tories to Second in Wythenshawe

The Guy Newsroom is celebrating last night’s by-election result after wagering a four-figure sum on UKIP coming second. The result was never in doubt and Mike “I’m perfectly happy Ed Miliband is leader” Kane is Labour’s new MP.

Labour: 13,261, 55.34% (+11.21%)

UKIP: 4,301, 17.95% (+14.51%)

Conservative: 3,479, 14.52% (-11.03%)

Liberal Democrat: 1,176, 4.91% (-17.44%)

The Lib Dems lost their deposit for the eighth time since 2010…


  1. 1
    You bet says:

    wagering, not waging


    • 5
      Skeleton Bob says:

      You could stick a red rosette on a piece of shit and economic dummies would vote for it. In fact this actually happened at the last election in Kirkcaldy.


      • 35
        I'll fill that in for you says:

        Labour majority 8960.

        Postal votes 10141.


        • 58
          Anonymous says:

          So Labour have the RtHon Robert Mugabe organising their postal voting for them?


        • 107
          M­a­­­­q­bo­­ul says:

          What proportion of the postal votes went to Labour?

          If it was much more than 55.34% then you would have to smell a rat.


          • The Royal Male says:

            What with that, and Red Ed’s Red Guards breaking into the UKIP local HQ and stealing all their publicity brochures then this election shows British democracy at its best. BAN postal voting now


          • broderick crawford says:

            yeah very fair point about postal vooting .
            but on the assumption that any postal voting shenanigans took place ex Labour machine also at the LAST Election in this and similar Labour bastions all over the kingdom one has to wonder :

            all other things being equal the stupefying aspect is that Labour INCREASED their share by an alarming 11.2 percent even with Milli-Balls at the helm !!


        • 186
          CARBON FOOTPRINT says:

          Maybe Cameron, in the interests of democracy, will wake up to the postal voting fraud which is now beginning to have a serious influence on election results ,either that or the UN election monitors should be consulted as in some third world banana republic, which the country is now increasingly beginning to emulate.


      • 39
        Toxic Labour for Spongers, Parasites, Immigrants, Criminals & other Wasters. says:

        This constituency must be full of spongers and parasites for this result.


      • 67
        Not a charity says:

        Brown ad sticky.


      • 94
        Tom Catesby says:

        Good result for UKIP if they can come second in a constituency like Wythenshaw where the rump Labour vote came out, turn out was down to 20% according to Radio4. So the die hards voted. Iceing on the cake again was the Limpdicks losing their deposit. They should go back to their constituencies and prepare for destruction.


        • 106
          Tom Catesby says:

          P.S. Of course the low turn out reflects the postal vote scam, to scoop up the votes of those who sat at home on their arses.


          • Jeremiah says:

            The only ones who should have postal votes are the infirm, disabled and very elderly who are not really able to get to a polling station, usually within 1mile of where they live no excuses for not being able to get to the polling station they are open from 7.00 to 22.00. Make it a legal requirement that registered voters have to vote or are fined, works in Oz


      • 131
        Graham says:

        Exactly the same in Stoke-on-Trent.


      • 215

        Skeleton Bob – Of course you really mean purple and blue rosettes are absolute examples of low grade shit.


    • 45
      Cameron is a Liberal Socialist says:

      The tories should sack Cameron


      • 61
        Anonymous says:

        Only a matter of time, and will have to happen if they want any hope of winning in 2015?


        • 83
          thostids says:

          They have NO chance of any sort of “win” in 2015. They might just as well take Cameron behind the bike-sheds now and give him the choice of a slow death or an even slower death. One like Saddam Hussein enjoyed sounds about right. Oh yes.


        • 211
          broderick crawford says:

          it s too late in the cycle to sack him .

          anyway who you gonna call

          Osborne ? Gove ? Afriye ? … or Boris ?

          Will any if them seriously win an Election .??

          Not to say Dave will …. so with Ukip splitting whatever chance if a comeback they ever had the Tories are fucked .

          Step forward the Milli-Ball economic wreckking machine and calmly await Armageddon ….


      • 76
        Dave and Ed - Shit and Shyte says:

        Don’t shoot the pink oboe player.


      • 170
        The Great British Public says:

        If Cameron wasn’t such a bad liar and didn’t look so insincere all the time voters might forget his treachery and bad policies, unfortunately his fat lying arrogant privileged face spouting cast iron lie after cast iron lie means the public simply don’t trust this dishonest man and will not vote for him.

        Cameron is a real problem for the conservatives, ordinary hard working families dislike him intensely because of his lies. It is difficult to see there is anything ‘cast iron’ can do to remedy that.

        A reasonable man would assume the 1922 Committee appreciate this now ?


        • 212
          broderick crawford says:

          A large glass of whisky and a Walter PPK revolver i think …


          • Broderwick – is that whisky and PPK for the absurd N . Farage who along with his minority of extremists seems hell bent on ruining this country by pursuing a shocking narrow minded, shallow thinking policy/disease of “isolationism” from Europe.


          • H says:

            The minority that exceeded Tory & Lib support or the minority that voted for Labour ?


        • 222
          Bill says:

          The Tories have always had a wealth of talent, but equally have always been extraordinarily bad at choosing Prime Ministers from it. (Maggie was the exception which demonstrates the rule.)

          They could have given us Enoch Powell, but they actually gave us Ted Heath. They could have given us John Redwood, but they actually gave us John Major.They could have given us Douglas Carswell, but they actually gave us David Cameron.


      • 185
        Jeremiah says:

        Dave is the most acceptable to the voters, most of the others carry some sort of negative baggage, Gove Gideon, Hunt etc, they maybe OK to the Con right wing but outside that circle are non starters.


    • 62
      Dave says:

      I gave them homosexual marriage and expensive electricity, what more do they want?


      • 171
        The Great British Public says:

        We also want the EU to set 70% of our laws and bang dredging in the Somerset levels so hardworking families have their homes flooded and lives ruined.


    • 112
      Táxpáyér says:

      Wonder how AlJaBeebya will spin this?


    • 133
      Tom says:

      “vision, guts, gravitas” Mike Kain = another Common Purpose stooge


  2. 2
    Kebab Time says:

    I see UKIP came second a night early ;)


  3. 3
    Somerset Levels says:

    So how did the Green Party do?


  4. 4
    Royal Mail says:

    Any data on the postal vote?


    • 10
      Wait - what! says:

      Total turnout – 28.24%
      Postal votes – 10,141
      Station votes – 13,883

      Source: Sky

      So it was decided some time ago and this is an affront to democracy.


      • 13
        One Man One Vote says:

        Democracy? Oh dear. This isn’t a democracy. Do keep up.


      • 36
        Major Eyeswater says:

        Starting to think the only way to save the country is to amputate the Scottish bit


      • 37
        What democracy? says:



      • 50
        Wots goin on? says:

        i thought you could only have a postal code if you could not make it to the polling station.


        • 164
          peterthe painter says:

          Anybody can have one. I do and am quite fit enough to get on my bike to the polling station. Just means that I don’t have to be around on that day if I am doing other things.

          Doesn’t seem right though. I think that you should only vote at the polling station with ID. postal votes should only be for those that are unable to get there on grounds of ill health and a docs cert is needed.


        • 165
          Voter says:

          Nope, you just sign up for it as I did. Haven’t been to a polling station for several years. Always vote. UKIP for me in the Euros.


          • Anonymous says:

            The Tories split the UKIP vote again last night.

            Its pretty clear cut now, a Conservative vote has been a wasted vote in the last 8 by-elections.

            Will the legacy Tories continue to dig their own grave in the same way red rossette wearing donkeys do in the Liebor party ?


      • 56
        Cinna says:

        I know Wythenshawe , on since most people do not spend their working live away from home, or indeed work at all, I cannot believe such a large postal vote is required.

        The extension of the postal vote is a Labour device to ensure the best possible result for themselves.


        • 125
          Tom Catesby says:

          In the days when I was ‘politically active’ in my constituency, it was a very difficult and complex procedure to secure a postal vote for anybody. Only people with a limited number of genuine and provable reasons, could secure one and some for only a limited period i.e. working away from home. Others were, the very sick, elderly/infirm, armed forces etc. Different forms, different proofs required. It meant that only those entitled to vote could vote.
          Liebore destroyed that particular guarantee of fairness and democracy for it’s own cynical purposes.


      • 60
        Democracy Now says:

        84% of the electorate didn’t vote for the winner, who will now have the right to speak ‘on their behalf’.


        • 132
          Tom Catesby says:

          It’s called ‘first past the post’ and is what the majority of the British people voted to keep, when asked in a referendum at the beginning of the life of this present government as part of the deal with the Limpdicks.


        • 181
          Outreach, Diversity and Enrichment Officer says:

          I’ll speak for everyone!


    • 33
      Genghiz the kahn says:

      Might be in the bottom ten turnouts since 1945 as well.


      • 178
        John Bellingham says:

        Try the lowest THREE. Beaten only by Manchester central in 2012 (18.2%) and Leeds Central in 1999 19.6%.


    • 75
      Red handEd says:

      Dad would be proud.


    • 139
      Labour says:

      We believe a little postal fraud is entirely justifiable towards the greater good of keeping socialists in power


  5. 6
    Abdul the enverope stuffer says:


    For a small fee, you too can achieve electoral success beyond the electorate’s wildest dreams…


    • 72
      Handycock Immigrant Trafficker says:

      Don’t forget to bring your mates and come back to Portsmouth for the local elections in May, Abdul. I will certainly need your postal votes when I stand again as an independent, with no Liberal Democrat candidate opposition, so that I can get re-elected and continue the planning and immigration scams. Boaz.


      • 136
        Abdul says:

        Handycock, you told me you were organising to bring in several more lorry loads of my m0sl^m brothers before May, I know you have a lot on your plate now, but hurry up.


  6. 7
    Not the BBC says:

    Came in to work today, bit bleary eyed after last night’s celebrations and nearly tripped on some champagne bottles left in the corridor, not to self; contact H&S to pick them up and issue further guidelines.
    Still, best get on with the Today programme after we… I mean Labour … won the by-election.
    Solidarity comrades!


  7. 8
    Anonymous says:

    See the Labour sheep still wont come out of their pen and vote for change.


    • 16
      Harbottle says:

      They never will. They are incapable of seeing the connection between the state of their ‘disadvantaged’ areas and decades of socialist control.


    • 120
      Táxpáyér says:

      Depends on how many really did send in a postal vote.


    • 204
      Anonymous says:

      Yes, just prepared to vote for whoever’s next in line at the local Labour Club.

      The winner follows a well trodden path in the Manchester area. A bag carrier for Jonny Reynolds, who was naught but a bag carrier for James Purnell.

      Oh well, if you wait long enough, and carry enough bags you too can gain access to the troughers dream


      • 220

        Anon -Wow! that sounds like condemnation of a type of -peripheral hereditary privilege, in that case join me in trying to boot out the bleeding h privileged royals who do no real work yet receive £Millions in perpetual state hand-outs. AND opted out of the Freedom of Information act that EVERYONE on this blog is obliged to observe. No choice and no privilege you see!


  8. 9
    None of the above says:

    We won


  9. 11
    Di Rear says:

    It didn’t happen, no mention in the ‘Wail Online’ and all comments closed in the ‘Torygraph’. I suppose they have to canvas their bossess in Central Office for excuses first.
    No sign of any Limp Dims on the TV, and no mention of the massive postal vote.


  10. 12
    Calamity Clegg, Chief Cockroach says:



    • 73
      Limp Dumbs says:

      Diddums come in a flaccid forth? Never mind Cleggy chuck some more empty promises at your core voters and reap the benefits.


  11. 15
    Labour Intern earning £0 ph before deductions. says:

    Thank god that is over my tongue is like the bottom of a Parrot’s cage after licking all those stamps.


  12. 17
    Eric Pickles says:

    I blame myself. I have had plenty of opportunity to ban mass postal voting scams and have been too lazy to do anything about it.


    • 23
      UKIP or bust says:

      Is it lazy, or something else?

      Well done UKIP, with out the bogus votes you might have come first!


    • 141
      Tom Catesby says:

      Don’t be hard on yourself Eric, You must be busy ‘organising’ the bin collections and helping the mopping out in the South West.


    • 187
      CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

      It has to be voted through parliament you thick cvnt! Pickles isn’t responsible, the Limp Dums are, because they won’t support it. Just like they won’t support the boundary changes.


  13. 18
    General Pinochet says:

    We are UKIP, super UKIP!


  14. 19
    Inept Misandrist Journalist says:

    The female candidate wasn’t even allowed to finish in the top three. We should have a public inquiry and a re-run.


  15. 20
    Nick Clegg says:

    One of our chaps up North appears to have lost something called a deposit, so if anyones finds one can they hand it in to the reptile enclosure at your nearest zoo please ?


  16. 21
    David Camoron says:

    Vote Tory get Labour


  17. 22
    Depressed mollusc says:

    Ukip going nowhere-but may well help Miliband become our next PM (God help us).


    • 26
      Paniagua V5.1 says:

      People should still vote UKIP so that around 2018 when the IMF are called in UKIP can sweep to power.

      Omelettes and eggs and all that.


      • 32
        REALITY CHECK says:



        • 81
          Benny Cheque says:

          Just keep voting for the same old sh!t and that is what you will get – the same old sh!t.
          UKIP came a creditable second in the face of an entrenched chav vote and the postal joke vote, time for the Tories to stop splitting the UKIP vote.


          • A reasonable man says:

            Cast Iron simply doesn’t connect with a large percentage of the UK public.

            Whilst pretty stupid, they can see when a person is lying, arrogant and insincere, and they are simply not prepared to vote for him.

            Cast Iron has a credibility issue we cannot be solved and if he remains, will mean the Tories are out of power for the next 15 years.


        • 180
          Another Reality Check says:

          saw on here a couple of days ago:

          first they ignore you
          then they laugh at you
          then they fight you
          then you win

          stage two


    • 55
      Skeleton Bob says:

      Tories going downhill fast but may well help Miliband become our next PM.


    • 64
      UKIP or bust says:

      There’s three things that would help Goofy Ed’s lot get elected, Beanies, Bbbc, and Poastal ‘votes’.

      Oh, and EUgreen cameron.


  18. 24
    Ed Miliband says:

    This morning I will be photographed wading through the River Severn as apparently that river likes a bore.


    • 85
      Ed's Mum says:

      You’re doing a tremendous job, David. And all that charity work in America too! Everyone I talk to keeps saying how brilliant you are.


  19. 27
    Di Rear says:

    The bloke who held the seat for Labour was selected from a group of five, the other four were all women. What price their ‘not enough women in parliament’ mantra ?


    • 42
      UKIP or bust says:

      It’s not that tere are not enough women in parliment, its there are not enough women on the other side.

      Labour wants to be in control of both sides of the house. labour wants to tell everybody what they should do. Labour wants everything to be as they want it. labour wants absoulute authority and control over everything.


  20. 29
    Ed Moribund says:

    Listen you Royal Mail bollox – I want a bigger discount on stamps given the amount my party workers will be using in the next year ….


  21. 34
    No shame in having a go says:

    Monster Raving – 288


  22. 38
    Stuart Rose says:

    So we are going to start offering ‘Die in for 2′ meals at the NHS in memory of Mid Staffs.


  23. 40
    Citizen Khan says:

    So despite Bongo Bongo land, sluts and gay floods, UKIP still get 17.95%. Roll on may!


    • 51
      UKIP or bust says:

      They just don’t get it.


      • 65
        England says:

        Bust it is then…


      • 177
        Anonymous says:

        For UKIP to do so well last night, they must be appealing to traditional working class voters up north, as much as they do to traditional conservatives down south.

        Building on a broad popular base of support is quite powerfull stuff.

        It makes the Conservatives and Labour parties seem quite divisive.

        (the Lib Dems are a minority party and should be lumped with the BNP and Greens now in footnotes)


  24. 43
    Genghiz the kahn says:


  25. 46
    jgm2 says:

    The winning candidate was endorsed by 16% of the eligible voters.

    From this he will claim a ‘mandate’ and then do whatever he’s ordered to do by the party leadership until he too drops dead of a heart attack in 20 or 25 years.

    One nation.

    First fucking sentence he uttered as an MP and it had to include a sound-bite.

    Utter fucking scum.


  26. 47

    Dave — R.I.P.


    • 108
      Anonymous says:

      Ukip – busted flush.


      • 121
        Dave the Loser says:

        Conservatives — fucked


        • 179
          A reasonable man says:

          In spirit, and on moral grounds, the Conservatives know in their heart of hears, they too should have lost their deposit.


      • 196
        Observation says:

        The Labour Party needs to perpetuate poverty, welfare dependency and ignorance. That’s where their votes reside. Hence the importation three million new voters from the third world?

        Since Labour gained control of education and the BBC they’ve had powerful propaganda and indoctrination machinery at their disposal and funded by their victims.

        The Tim “Nice But Dims” just stood by and allowed it to happen, and have now virtually thrown in the towel.

        With the exodus of the wealth creators to friendlier regimes, one wonders how long the Fabian dream can support itself. I guess it will last as long as they can keep printing and borrowing money, cause one thing is for sure, you can’t print or borrow wealth and when there is no one left to steal it from the game’s up and the moochers will have to find alternative means of support.


  27. 49
    Lord Ashcroft says:

    Time to call in some favours from the media …. *stroking white cat*


  28. 59
    Pat says:

    So “none of the above” romped home.


  29. 66
    Davíd Cameron says:

    I am calling an emergency meeting of Cobra beer this morning to discuss our response to this anticipated tragedy.


  30. 68
    Ed Miliband says:

    Listen up life obstacles.

    If you had only read our paper saying that people would get increased Job Seekers allowance you would all realise that you will be just fine.

    So relax.


  31. 69
    Incapable Vince, deputy Chief Cockroach says:

    The Monster Raving Loony Party stole many of our votes.


  32. 70
    Eric Joyce says:

    God, I’m lonely. I hate Valentine’s Day.


  33. 71
    Skeleton Bob says:

    Labour can have their one nation. It is called Scotland. A straight fight between socialists and national socialists.


  34. 74
    ChristoperBryant'sAnus says:

    The psychopathic borrowing tendencies of the Labour leadershit are utterly irrelevant to the party’s core vote of scroungers, and public sector paper shufflers


  35. 77
    Clear Memories says:

    Labour up by c.11%, Tories down by c.11%.

    So where did UKIP’s +14% come from? Clearly, the LibDems are totally *ucked. Guess Nigel will hold the balance of power next year and Clegg will have nothing to offer Millipede. Tories need to get rid of the boy David if they wish to hold onto power because (a) Nigel won’t deal with him, he’ll just wait ’til the following election to take power totally after Millipede ducks a referendum and re-*ucks the economy and (b) people have seen through Cameron, a vacuous social democrat more concerned about losing votes from the less-than-3%-of the population falling under the jim-davidson description of shirt-lifters than catering to the vast majority who either don’t care or, at worst, are mildly offended by their chosen life-style.


  36. 78
    Ed Balls says:

    Post endrogenous vote theory.


  37. 79
    LibUKIPConLab says:

    I love the politician talk afterwards where each party tries to put a spin on it.

    They should all be saying “turnout was crap”, we failed to get anyone interested.


  38. 80
    Nick Clegg says:

    I’ve just lost my deposit. I can feel it running down my legs.


  39. 84
    Peter Ellis says:

    Amazing how few vote these days. The winner gets a seat in Parliament for just 13k votes !


  40. 86
    A W Eck says:


  41. 88
    The British Public says:

    Dear David and Nick,

    You are not our Valentines.

    Don’t forget the take your windmills with you when you fuck off.


  42. 92
    The Countess of St Denis says:

    Is it true Dave is reported to have shit a brick this morning?


  43. 93
    RomaBob.... Beeeeg Issue! says:

    50% of votes cast were postal votes………. ?? WTF, wonder who signed, sealed and delivered them?


    • 103
      Abdel from Tooting says:

      Postal votes are fast easy to complete and good fun.

      They are just like buying a lottery ticket.


      • 155
        Tom Catesby says:

        And you don’t even have to prove you are entitled to vote.


        • 206
          Wahey! says:

          In fact you don’t even have to do it yourself. Just hand it over to that nice man / threatening thug from the Labour party and he’ll do it all for you.


  44. 97
    Owen Jones - What a Cock says:


  45. 98
    A BBC Special Correspondent says:

    Two people reported dead in the floods this morning.

    Apparently killed by the Police.

    We are here to help.


  46. 99
    Gordon Brown says:

    ” I have lost my deposit”


  47. 102
    Ned Ludd says:

    Pre election, post-all election. What a feckin scam.


    • 113
      Edwina says:

      Pre election, post all election……………menstruation……………I know where you are coming from, friend.


  48. 104
    Nick Clog says:

    Looks like we desperately need an eye-catching policy for the next election to recover lost ground. How about promising to abolish tuition fees?


  49. 105
    Jubilant Kipper says:

    We’re going to win!!! 4,000 people voted for us.


  50. 109
    Long John Silver's parrot says:

    Liberals lost their deposit

    Liberals are the canker in our Society.

    Rejoice at this good news.

    If you are a lady do not visit public toilets until advised by Guido that it is safe to do so.


  51. 110
    Justin & Tarquin says:

    Never mind Dave, we still love you.

    P.S. Are you coming to our wedding? It will be a lovely photo op, prime time telly too hopefully.
    You can stand between us, and we’ll kiss both your cheeks at the same time. Or all four cheeks if you like!!!


    • 119
      David Cameron says:

      It depends dear chaps. Are you millionaires? If so I’ll be glad to come along. Just as long as you aren;t one of those ghastly middle classes. In fact how can you afford a wedding? I can’t be taxing you enough!


    • 123
      Malcolm Muggeridge says:

      If, which I am not necessary admitting, there can be such a thing as homosexual marriage how can such a marriage be consummated and to satisfy the Catholic Church what are the precise criteria for establishing non consummation ?

      I have raised the point with my constituency MP and he does not seem to know the answer to the legislation he passed.


      • 145
        Joe Public II says:

        A gay wedding consummation is when all the guests form a daisy chain and bugger each other contemporanusally


  52. 111
    Mornington Crescent says:

    1. Move polling day to Sunday.
    2. Scrap postal and proxy voting for all but essential cases.
    3. Individual – not household – voter registration. In English, Welsh or Gaelic only.
    4. No polling card on polling day = no vote.

    How hard can it be, FFS?


  53. 114
    Handycock says:

    I’m still in Hospital .One of the nurses looks a bit like Guido.Do you think he’s onto my little


  54. 116
    Anonymous says:

    This result ,as I said on this blog yesterday,is a warning to all those contemplating voting UKIP in the next GE,particularly those south of a line between Stoke and Lincoln,that a vote for UKIP is in effect a vote for Labour.I f Labour is elected with a majority of around 50 all those with Libertarian,anti federalist views might as well pack up because it will be Goodnight Vienna to the UK.The Electoral Commission need to carry out an urgent review on the misuse of the postal vote we are not living,not yet anyway,in Zimbabwe.


    • 122
      Cabbage says:

      What utter nonsense. A vote for UKIP is a vote for UKIP. The very idea of voting for that tax obsessed idiot Cameron (again…yes, I did once) is not something I’m contemplating.


      • 124
        The Countess of St Denis says:

        Have you made your Will yet?

        My name is Nigel…………………..


      • 134
        Anonymous says:

        Stop being a cabbage. A vote for Ukip was and is a waste of time.


      • 138
        Anon says:

        Ditto, and why would anyone vote for a unite shill that, along with the other 2 largely irrelevant old parties, want to keep us in the EU.
        The old 3 are all against democracy and would happily present their (and ours) backsides for a deep ramming from their commy mates in euland.


        • 154
          The Countess of St Denis says:

          Don’t worry.

          Everything will be alright on the night.

          Taxes are for little middle class people people .


    • 127
      Di Rear says:

      Bollocks !, A vote for the Tories or Limp Dims is a vote for Labour, even taking into consideration postal vote fraud.
      The third world swamp that is now the UK is not far off Zimbabwe thanks to the LIBLABCON.


    • 129
      His Excellency and Supreme Leader Robert Mugabe says:

      My apprentice Dave is doing a good job running up the National Debt — £1.4 TRILLION and going strong.


    • 150
      Liblabcon go to hell says:

      Your party has damaged this country every bit as much as the Labour filth.

      Perhaps the Tories should have given a damn about the actual country and the people in it, instead of seeing everything as just money and business. Britain PLC indeed.


  55. 126
    Graham says:

    This marks the death of the Cameron Conservative Party. In 2015 Liebour will have a large working majority , thus ensuring the arrival by 2016 of the IMF. Also a tremendous increase in emigration numbers. Wish I could win the lottery so I could escape from Militwat’s Marxist lunacy and the eventual Choudary organised caliphate which is now a certainty.


    • 135
      Joe Public II says:

      Alas a bumpy ride until 2020 — so be it as the price of getting of Gay Dave and his faux conservatives — we have to get rid of them as they are only perpetuating the LibLabCon decline of the U.K.


    • 189
      CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

      fvck me the is blog is full of deluded arseholes!

      They hate DC so much for being “left-wing” that Labour will win the next election!! You are nuts!

      Labour’s performance in by-elections and local elections since 2010, has been woeful. Less than Michael Foot was polling in the ’80’s. This has been ignored by Labour’s media friends of course.


      • 202

        Too right, DC is a gay loving cnut. We want him out whatever the cost.

        Since the fucking idiot is still borrowing £250 MILLION every fucking day, it won’t make that much difference if Miliprat & Bollux get back in.


  56. 128
    FrankField's Buttplug says:

    Another Northern Nancy voice to keep parrotting “One Nation” and one of Lord Sainsbury’s Progress arse-lickers


  57. 142
    Scum says:

    Tactical voting for the Tories to have a patronising fucker like Chris Grayling then abuse UKIP candidates as he did on QT last night….not a fucking chance, ever.


  58. 151
    Gheedough's calculator says:

    Four significant figures on th vote percentages, but where’s the breakdown of postal versus genuine votes?

    Wake up you fat Murdoch Shill and give us the news we can’t get on the BBC website


    • 161
      The Baroness of Wythenshawe says:

      If you are not happy sir you could put in a FOI Request .

      Tonight we are having a celebratory knees up in the Yew Tree.

      Everyone is invited.

      Please note they have recently revamped the ladies toilets and they are now resplendent with vending machines.


  59. 159
    Black Country Tory says:

    Yes, but meanwhile in Kingstanding ward in Birmingham (in centre of Jack Dromey’s Erdington constituency) the Tories had the shock of their lives last night when they gained the seat from Labour, in a hurriedly called by-election due to the previous long-standing Labour councillor pissing off to Australia!


  60. 163
    Anonymous says:

    What news of the Inquest for that seven year old who was found dead in his flooded home?

    That is one little story that has all gone quiet.


    • 169
      Anonymous says:

      That is tragic. I have a question: Has anyone sought expert advice from the Dutch concerning this crisis. Given their historical expertise in the drainage of their own country, as well as ours, surely now is the time to re-establish that technical relationship, and quickly.


      • 190
        frank says:

        We have been fingering our own dykes for centuries, quite successfully I may add.
        Spending billions of imaginary money on an Environment Agency that does nothing except combat “global warming” with slogans is our downfall.


        • 198
          The Gay Mafia has crawled into every Government agency -- thank you Dave says:

          The EA has more important issues — such as they gave £30,000 to a Gay Pride march — nothing of course to do with their leadr tha rampant raging qu eer Smith.

          WTF did that have to do with their proper responsibilities?


      • 201
        I feel fubarred etc.. says:

        If you had been awake, you would have been aware that several Dutch team have been at work for a few days already laying out pipes and pumps to re-route water away from the flooded plains. Seem to be doing a good job too – unlike our own home grown morons!


  61. 188




  62. 192
    frank says:

    Check out the UKIP website- 10,000 postal votes 13,000 walk ins. The numbers are highlighted. UKIP have smelled the rat, now all we need is a straight BBC to report this.
    How many registered disabled people are there in this wretched socialist experiment of Wythenshite? Can an enterprising journo contrast the number of state registered disabled with the 10,000 unable to walk to the end of their road to vote?


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