January 23rd, 2014

Police Called to Mike Hancock’s House


UPDATE: Hancock’s son has been arrested.


  1. 1
    Nick Clegg says:

    Bang him up !


  2. 2
    Mrs Clegg says:

    What was he thumped with?. Not a truncheon was it.


    • 50
      broderick crawford says:

      Are you aware that most truncheons /coshes used by the world s most brutal and merciless riot squads of the twentieth century from Europe through USSR
      to Latinamerica were and possibly still are made from the penis of an ox ?

      It is reputed to have extreme durability and to inflict quasi unbearable pain to the recipient of its “ministrations”.


  3. 3
    Coeur_de_lion says:

    Hancock’s FSB bodyguards getting punchy?


  4. 5
    Minge Campbell says:

    Guy News learns Lib Dems decided not to act on sexual misconduct claims against Mike Hancock in 2012 & top Lib Dem aware of claims in 2011


  5. 11
    Mark Oaten says:

    Ooooh a fisting! Do me next!


  6. 13
    Village Idiot says:

    …..”Hell ” is empty; and all the devils are, in the libdems,new labour and the BBC…..Of course there may be others,usually in the pay of the taxpayer!


  7. 14
    Wait - what! says:

    Remember those who demanded that the House of Commons should better reflect society.


  8. 16
    Lady T says:

    Just rejoice at that news.


  9. 19
    Arse says:

    The press are annoying Hunts. Most of them need a good kicking.


    • 60
      Snapper says:

      Dickhead. They’re doing a job, which they’re entitled to do. Assaulting one of them is NOT ok and I do hope the prat gets done for GBH which legally, he is guilty of.


    • 61
      Pressman says:

      Arsehole…It was the press that brought Saville’s crimes t light..Would you defend Saville over the press…Or maybe you think perverts should should be free of scrutiny.


    • 62
      Anonymous says:

      You are a C**t


  10. 20
    Jimmy says:

    On account that Labour have no policies, no vision and no talent, I have decided to throw in the towel.


    • 23
      Ed Miliband says:

      Jimmy stick with it please.

      Minimum wage will be going up soon, you’ll be fine.


      • 40
        JH23483908439 says:

        What if his ‘labour’ (ha ha) is not worth the minimum wage to any employers?

        He will be stuck on benefits, like those he claims to be looking out for.

        He will have to walk among them! I wonder if his fine sentiments will survive contact with his little pet voters.


  11. 21
    Ah! bugger says:

    DAILY MIRROR: Moors murderer Ian Brady was whisked past the queue at A&E after he broke his hip.
    Seething NHS staff said the jailed killer was dealt with “like royalty” and a whole ward was cleared to treat the 76-year-old privately.


    • 30
      Frances Crook says:

      Splendid. That’s what I’ve been working for all my life. All murderers, serial killers, r*pists and p*edophiles deserve to be treated like royalty. Please donate to the Howard League so we can continue our important work.


    • 46
      Diogenes says:

      Oh FFS I hate the chunt, I would like to see him rot in hell but any old person with a fractured hip will be taken straight to a bed.

      Also a whole ward? Most hospitals have single orthopaedic bedded rooms, f’ck all to do with private wards.


  12. 22
    Mitch says:

    The son has been arrested. IMO press photographers usually deserve a bit of ‘direct action’.


  13. 23
    Persona non grata says:

    Brief synopsis of John Bickley, seems to be a standout candidate to me.



  14. 26
    Joss Ayinglike says:

    The son is as ‘handy’ as his father then.


  15. 27
    Popcorntastic says:

    The Lib Dems: the comedy gift that keeps on giving. Grab the popcorn.


  16. 28
    C.O.Jones says:

    Things are not going well for Mike Hemlock these days.


  17. 31
    Sally at the Seaside says:

    I think you will find that it was mistaken identity. The photographer was actually Lord Renard
    coming down to spend the weekend with him.


  18. 32
    Will says:

    clegg show some bottle just dump the lot of them. However come 2015 you are still hanging on for a deal with labour, well I think I think you might find that labour are bunch of backstabbers.

    You will find yourself with no friends in parliament if either the tories or labour get a majority,


    • 35
      C.O.Jones says:

      Backstabbers is an understatement, Labour promised them PR before the 1997 elections.

      You ask David Miliband about backstabbers. He knows.


  19. 37
    Moderated by the Guardian for saying what a bunch of Cunts. says:

    He’s so Busted!


  20. 39
    Sussex Sid says:

    Hampshire police were on the scene immediately as they have an office in his shed.


  21. 41
    JH23483908439 says:

    Who is Labour fielding?

    The usual PPE/Wonk parachuted in from somewhere posh and leafy?


  22. 45
    Bermuda Bye says:

    Hampshire police may be a bit thin on the ground at the moment due to jolly trip to Bermuda.



  23. 51
    Cynic2 says:

    Perhaps he was just protecting another Russian hooker?


  24. 53
    Rock says:

    Just as well he didnt punch Romily Weeks on the jaw. His fist would have shattered.


  25. 56
    Anonymous says:

    When was it ever acceptable to strike a fellow Human Being?


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