January 22nd, 2014

WATCH: #BenefitsStreet White Dee Votes Labour


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    Kenneth Wolstenholme says:

    They think it’s all over… It is now !


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      RomaBob.... Beeg Issue, Beeg Issue! says:

      To the wilderness….hopefully.


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        Toxic Labour for Spongers, Parasites, Immigrants, Criminals & other Wasters. says:

        This is Labour’s core vote, the spongers, wasters, parasites and other ne’er do wells. why should my extortionate tax be used for them? I would rather pay for bullets.


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          Labour's Client State says:

          The mother in law said she was disabled and couldn’t work, but managed to get on the bus and go to bingo every day.

          She wasn’t happy when I suggested she could get a job at the bingo hall


          • Tax Me Till I Cum says:

            To be honest most of this lot don’t vote they have little or no idea of what Parliament is. So long as the benefits get paid then that is the scope of their grasp. LibLabCon are all now committed to the same policy their only difference is how they divide the pot of state charity up, there is no plan from any of them to get to a point where someone in work does not claim a state benefit. True Labour used this as type of social control the premise being that if you are financially dependent on the state you will be more likely to support it (and by implication the party giving you the cash) but in reality most have no clue where the benefit comes from other than the government agency that pays it to them. An utter shambles really turning a system that was meant to give short term help to get you back to independence has now become a way of life for both claimants and our political elite.


          • Labour's Client State says:

            That’s why Labour gave tax credits rather than cutting the actual tax.

            Plus they could employ thousands in public sector non-jobs paying the benefits.

            Bring in a few million immigrants to do the jobs it didn’t pay those on benefits to do, and you have about 10 million people dependent on the state and gratefully voting Labour because “the nasty party” would stop the merry-go-round.


          • Round the Bend says:

            The tax credit is really ‘reverse taxation’. so yet another steath benefits package brought in by labour.


          • Evan Sabov says:

            That top picture (of the fat benefits Orc) should be displayed prominently everywhere, as a warning to any of the slower kids not to vote Labour (or the PervDems) again.


          • Dontvoteforanyofthem says:

            I wonder if she will change her vote when she realises that she would be handed a maths test to get her benefits?


          • General Pinochet says:

            ‘White D’……..what a fantasy! Back in Chile…..in the good old days, we never had bueno Chiquitas like her………..I would have remembered if we had. They must have all disappeared!


          • I'm voting UKIP says:

            Maybe she likes the idea of possibly getting touched up by some Liberal Bigwig !


          • lojolondon says:

            Agreeing with all the comments here –
            The beauty of “Tax Credits” is that while paying more people more money for doing nothing, Crash Gordon can simultaneously point that benefits are down and tax is down…. filthy liars, eh?


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          DWWolds says:

          Absolutely! However, there is another element to the core vote and that is those of the middles classes who rely on the public purse for their living or expect largess from it. Those include the legal aid lawyers and people like Laura Perrens who expect the subsidy to working parents to pay for child care to also be paid to stay-at-home mothers who, obviously, do not pay for child care.


          • Charlie says:

            The greatest benefit of the welfare state is to all the middle class white collar types who work for it. Labour have failed to provide the education for highly skilled manufacturing and understand the nature in the changes of trade post 1945. In fact the vast number of police, teachers, social workers,council workers , Dept of Work and Pensions white collar workers depend upon vast numbers of uneducated,unskilled and unemployable types to live on welfare to justify their jobs. In peaceful rural areas, there is little need for the Police, the part time firemen appear far more useful. The Headmaster of Brighton College , revealed some of the very poor quality applications from comprehensives for a senior post. The reality is that most comprehensive teachers cannot teach to high enough level for oxbridge/Imperial ; that is why they stopped the entrance exams.

            The vast increase in post 16 education of poorly educated types just increases the employment of poorly skilled teachers and university lecturers . We are not producing vast numbers of tri-lingual hotel workers, electricians trained to NVQ3 such as they do in Germany and Switzerland.

            Many yobbish teenagers allowed in further education colleges are damaging the training of those who want to learn.

            Most arts and humanities teachers and lecturers are very left wing; though the modern and classical linguists tend to be reasonable. In fact if they closed down most art and humanities departments at ex-polys , they would seriously undermine the Trots . However,there are few language degrees at ex-polys.


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          GeoffM says:

          This is the Labour core vote = she lies about being a LibDem – pull the other one.

          Sacked for theft at Birmingham Council as well. Used her kids as a “get out of jail” card.


          Keep digging – you may just find that she was a Unison rep……


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          nihalistic says:

          lol your extortionate tax should have got you an education …


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      Money 4 Nuffink says:

      So she will vote for the government that will give her the most money to do nowt.

      Hardly a ringing endorsement is it.


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      centre - says:

      off centre.
      off the centre.
      basmatic rice. sunta.

      thankyou sun.


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      Michael Gove says:

      Competing for White Dee’s vote is a race to the bottom.


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      Anonymous says:

      When Britain was the undisputed leader of the world, voting was restricted to male house owners only. Coincidence?


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      White Dee is Best Value says:

      Of the two, White Dee and Nick Clegg, then Clegg is the biggest waste of public money by far.


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        The jocks wan't to walk away Scott free after Darion two says:

        are u banging on back to proportional representation again


    • 209
      Anonymous says:

      Seriously hilarious !


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    Anonymous says:



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    Anonymous says:



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    'Please give me a chance you never know my Princess xxx' says:

    I hope someone asks him about the now leaked Pascoe report into Mike Hancock that the LibDems voted to keep secret.



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    Nu Attack Dog says:

    Vote Labour – Vote Soylent Green


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    Casual Observer 5 says:

    The ‘Hey Righties’ mong on the last thread: Why was it suggesting that righties would be attracted to !ran because of the erroneous list of pseudo-right wing slurs that it mentioned ?

    Labour are wanting to get friendly with !ran – or at least that was the sentiment last expressed by their lot in the HoC a few weeks back.


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      Bill Quango MP/5 says:

      IIRC the only western leader who went to visit Assad to try and cozy up was Tony Blair.


      • 98

        But the left thought he was right.

        (I was talking of Tony BTW!)


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        I dislike socialists intensely says:

        And Red Ed Miliband backed Assad and Putin against the West last year.


        • 127
          Lord Stansted says:

          At least Assad and Putin are actually fighting the terrorists.


          • Fish says:

            There were very few terrorists when Miliband, supporting his communist kinfolk, stopped the west from sorting Assad out.

            It was the vacuum that Miliband created that allowed the terrosits to move into Syria.

            I rmeeber the c.unts smug face on that day in Parliament when he reneged on his agreement with Cameron. How many deaths has Miliband been responsible for since then (of course he was mentored by the evil Hobsbawm so he would know that any number of deaths at the hands of Marxists are a price worth paying).


          • Dontvoteforanyofthem says:

            Absolute bollocks! the Saudis had already channeled arms, equipment and personnel into Syria, including the Sarin shells which had been fired at civilians, long before that vote in the commons. The Wahhabi Saudis fund and train and arm Al Qaeda and they were hoping for western help to overthrow Assad, to enable their Islamic fundementalist brethren extend the Islamic Caliphate and turn Syria into one massive terrorist training camp.


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    The Duke says:

    That top picture speaks a thousand words about the Labour Party and their client state.


    “White” Dee eh? Makes it sound like she’s original or something.


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    Smack My Nigella Up says:

    20 stone of blubber from over eating free food, fags at £7 a pack, free house, sky tv. No wonder they vote Labour


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      AnusButtocks says:

      She is a child of Nuw Laboor


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      Mitch says:

      The pub down the road from me ‘hosts’ all the local dipso’s. Every day they get £20 beer credit and a free meal. Some of them are nice blokes who’ve just got a bit lost, and I don’t begrudge free beer (free to them), but this doesn’t seem right?


      • 130
        dai vexed says:

        ultimately its a sort of tax farm – interesting to draw the ‘flow of funds’ chart – you know where it begins – in our wallet!


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    AnusButtocks says:

    Who the fuck else is this thing gonna vote for??


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    Peter Grimes says:

    You would need to be clinically depressed to call the lying pos which is Cloggy!


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    Anonymous says:

    She voted Labour because the LibDems went into coalition? So either she voted in a lacal election (??!) or she’s psychic.


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    Perks says:

    ‘Which way did you vote last time see’
    ‘Labour, because I was annoyed the Lib Dems went into coalition with the Tories’

    I presume this question was about the last election. If it was, how did she know the LDs would go into a Tory coalition when she voted? So she didn’t vote or she makes it up as she goes along. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, people of Britain, don’t make this woman a celebrity


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      Whitestones says:

      Yes, oh yes; give her and the all the other Labour voting scroungers as much airtime as possible. Every time the likes of her are given voice, another wedge of socialists see the light.


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        Jiminy the cricket says:

        I’m not sure they do.


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        AnusButtocks says:

        have a look at thecomments on the recent labourlist article titled ‘8 reason why labour will win a majority’

        The utter delusion evident there is incredible

        Socialists will never see the light, that is why there so much hatred directed at C4 for showing the filth on benefitsstreet


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        moderate me would you? says:

        Exactly. That’s why Owen Jones and that Jasmin girl are spitting feathers. They know deep in their heart that these are their core voters. What they don’t want is the bien-pensant middle-classes seeing the reality of who they’re feather-bedding through life.

        This lot aren’t some grateful bunch of Tiny Tims ‘Bless-you-Mr-Scrooge-and-merry-Christmas-one-and-all’-ing us for paying 40% tax so they can have a Christmas goose.

        No. These fuckers are content to sit in their tax-payer sponsored house wearing tax-payer-funded clothes, watching a tax-payer funded TV, dr*i*nking their tax-payer funded beer and smoking their tax-payer-funded fags and consider it their right, their fucking right to be thus supported. And, because we’re not giving them enough free stuff they’re forced to shop-lift the more expensive items.

        As far as I’m concerned you can’t get enough of these c u n t s on prime-time TV.

        They are electoral gold to the Tories. But, more importantly, they are electoral kryptonite for Labour.


        • 141
          Will says:

          The problem is that Owen jones and penny red and jasmin do not live within a mile of these people. If they did for any lenght of time they would soon change thier mind havi g to pay for these feckless people.


    • 79
      Jack Ketch says:

      She already IS a celebrity. Soon the reality shows, a makeover, a column in the “Sun”. She will be asked for her views on everything from Weather related Homosexual Acts to the health benefits of Woodbines and Posh Beckham’s bras size. She will become the barometer of public opinion on the run up to the next election and Nick Clegg’s biggest mate.


  13. 27
    Anonymous says:

    What a porker. Vote liebor get it all free. Simples. We are really truly fucked when tubs of lard like this have a vote.


  14. 29
    The most amusing claim ever says:

    “I voted Labour….but hey Mr Clegg you can win me back !”


    • 77
      AnusButtocks says:

      that just shows the utter wretchedness of the lid dems

      they have a chance to win back white dee’s vote


    • 191
      Yes please, I like his name says:

      Are you asking for 20 minutes alone with my erstwhile colleague Handcock?


  15. 30
    Steve Miliband says:

    How is it conceivable that Clegg may be DPM after the next election?


  16. 31
    Ichabod says:

    White Dee ; “Yow can have all the money in the world, and yow still wouldn’t have wot we got round here”. Lord preserve us from lefty sentimental self regarding nonsense.


  17. 32
    800 rounds a minute !!! says:


  18. 33
    Miss Marple says:

    She will be on Question Time before you know it- her every word receiving rapturous applause.


    • 40
      BBC Daytime TV says:

      Good idea…although we were think perhaps her own talk show


    • 58
      QT seal audience of the public sector says:

      QT from BennyStreet

      ..And I fink we is like needin’ more ‘orspitals and more like teachers and like not no wars and no bad fings..

      {Arrgh! Arrghh! Arrrgh! *clap clap clap* Arghh! Argghh!}


    • 66
      Yeah,right.... says:

      And a seat in the Lord’s to follow.

      She deserves nothing less.


  19. 34
    Flying over the Westminster Village says:

    I know a relatively successful small businessman who confided his forthcoming plans with me.

    Basically he is not going to do too much this year .

    He is going to catch a plane to Canada , buy a motorbike and then spend the rest of the year zig zagging across Canada and the USA .

    He says he will come back for Christmas and have a think about whether he stays here or not.

    In any event he hopes to have a nil tax demand for 2014/15.


    • 180
      North, but not Scotland says:

      Your nom reminded me of Alan Pollock, the Hunter pilot who did three circuits of the HoP and then flew through Tower Bridge, don’t suppose there is anyone in the RAF with the massive balls to do that now.


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  21. 37
    Anonymous says:

    When did she last see her feet?


  22. 39
    cep says:

    Will the bbc be commenting on this..?


  23. 47
    Sue says:

    Those that vote for a living are now outnumbering those of us that work for a living.

    Welcome to New Labour land.


  24. 48
    Ippikin says:

    That then is the very best reason to vote Conservative.


  25. 51
    Jazz Porridge says:

    Time we stopped rewarding these people with cash. Give them vouchers so they can’t buy cigarettes. They should be punished for taking cash without giving anything back

    People out of work for more than 3 months should do 8 hours community work starting at 5am. Sweep leaves and scrub graffiti. They’d be free by lunchtime to spend the rest of the day looking for proper job

    And if anyone says there’s no work, rubbish. Britain solved Polish unemployment. Scroungers need to get off their rears and move to where the work is instead of expecting a job to land in their lap


    • 61
      Stating the obvious says:

      Trouble is though whilst there is employement….a lot of these people are unemployable simply because they have a drink or drugs habit and do not have the basic literacy and numeracy levels required for even a entry-level job even IF they wish to work….so IF you were an employer be ity a multi-national or small business would YOU employ any of them ?….the answer is obviously NO…


      • 125
        Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

        No skills needed beyond reading a shopping list and having a driving license to be a picker/packer/delivery driver for any online store.


      • 126
        Common sense says:

        Then let nature take its course… let them starve to death.

        Once 100,000 had died, the other scum might start to get the message. If they don’t, fine, they can go as well.


        • 145
          Lord Stansted says:

          Harsh but fair.


          • Bemused says:

            I can tell you that as soon as you made these people starve they’d suddenly become very employable again.

            It’s the very fact that we’ve made unemployability a worthwhile lifestyle choice that has allowed so many to sink to the bottom of the pile and become determined to stay there.

            Don’t forget we had unemployment down to 1% at one time, but now we struggle to get it below 5% even during a “boom”. Too many of these people are deliberately being Hunts so they never get offered a job.


      • 139
        Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

        No skills required beyond reading a shopping list and have a dri-ving license to be a picker/packer/delivery driver for an online store.


      • 143
        Musical Chairs says:

        Even if you discard all the unemployables, there is still dozens and dozens of people chasing every single job in the UK, and no amount of bullshite from the likes of IDS is going to change that fact.

        Go to Reed recruitment website and see for yourself how many people are applying for each job. Some of the non-skilled and semi-skilled posts have applicants running into the hundreds. Even the skilled IT positions have applicant numbers in the 10s and 20s.

        De-industrialisation, automation, off shoring, mass immigration all mean mass unemployment is here stay until the population reduces in size, and there’s no chance that happing in vibrant, diverse Britain.


        • 152
          Bemused says:

          And yet that Romanian that shooks hands with Vaz got a job washing cars within days.

          Funny that.

          Ever considered the possibility that the reason some jobs get hundreds of applicants is because there are hundreds of people that don’t actually want a job, but need to be looking as if they want a job?


          • Actually says:

            A job is something you do for at least 40 hrs a week to earn enough money to support yourself and your family. Washing cars for cash in hand is not a job. It’s what schoolchildren do to get money for ciggies.

            The Romanian fecked off after one day. He is also a wife-beating jailbird.
            No one knows his current whereabouts.

            Try again. Think, this time.


          • Musical Chairs says:

            Ever considered the possibility that the reason some jobs get hundreds of applicants is because there are hundreds of people that don’t actually want a job, but need to be looking as if they want a job?

            Err…I think you’ll find most people applying for jobs actually want a job.

            Or is pretending they don’t the latest bash from the IDS @rse lickers on here?

            See what happens when companies like IKEA or B & Q open up a warehouse in places like Warrington or Sc-u-nthorpe. They are physically inundated with people desperate to get the jobs on offer. So you can shove your lazy Brit excuse for importing cheapo coolie labour.


          • Dontvoteforanyofthem says:

            He had that job for one day, then did a runner. Apparently he now has another job on a building site. Oh and he has a criminal record as long as your arm… But all that money he us earning, is not benefitting the exchequer. He is sending most of it home to Romania.


    • 174
      Anonymong says:

      1. No payout unless you’ve paid in.

      2. National Insurance contributions to be ringfenced into a personal pot. The more you pay in, the more you can take out.

      3. The feckless won’t like it and will resort to burglary and robbery.

      4. The right to protect yourself and your property using lethal force.

      5. Just say no to EUSSR.

      6. No home? No income? You will live where the state says you will live. We have tents and Salisbury Plain.

      7. Had too many kids? Never worked? Not my problem. You’re still living in the tent. Get used to it. If you’re hungry… eat your children.


    • 201
      Rob says:

      They’ll sell the vouchers for cash, discounted at a rate dependent upon how much the State can be arsed to stop them. Plus we would ‘need’ 50,000 more State employees to police and manage it. It would be a complete and utter fuck up.


  26. 52
    White Dee says:

    i iZ veRI innTELLYjent! ButT i KaNT weRK! GivE MEe bennieZ NoW 4 my boozE and faGS!


  27. 53
    Ippikin says:

    Maybe the picture of her could be incorporated into Labour’s election pamphlet.


    • 63
      All socialists are hypocrites says:

      Nope…BUT I would give evens that it’ll be included in the Tories’ albeit in a rather clever subliminal way without actually referring to it.

      Labour has three Achilles Heels in the forthcomng GE….1) The economy 2) Immigration 3) Benefits Culture hence the recent prounouncements by Miliband, Cooper and Reeves trying to deal with them


  28. 55
    Bingo says:

    If HMRC had half a brain they would employ “White Dee” as an advisor – she would be great, I guess she knows all the tricks


  29. 56
  30. 57
    John Prescott says:

    She’s sexy! Phwoooar!


  31. 60
    White Dee's sister says:


    • 189
      Dontvoteforanyofthem says:

      I take back everything I have ever said attacking people on benefits. After seeing that documentary clip, I had no idea that they had it so tough. Those vile “poor slaughtering” tories should hang their heads in shame and be tried for crimes against humanity for cutting the benefits of such tragically ill people. Doreen is clearly suffering badly from lazy cow syndrome and we must ALL of us, unite and do all we can to help. I am going to see my boss to ask if I can do an extra 10 hours a week overtime, just to pay more tax to help those unfortunates suffering from lazy cow syndrome. My heart bleeds for these poor people. I only hope that Argos and tescos can do some sort of cheap food-bank type deals on the new playstation 4 consoles to try to aleviate their terrible suffering.

      /sarc (as if a sarcasm tag was even needed!)


  32. 65
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    That’s another million votes to the glory Tories.

    Get down the bookies quick and put your money on a Tory landslide on May 7th 2015, before the odds shorten dramatically :-)


  33. 68

    White Dee Votes Labour in big red letters on the top picture.

    Why would I know that, even if they were not printed there at all?


  34. 71

    The Frankenstein Monster underclass created by the socialists is about to bite them on the arse.


  35. 76
    chris says:

    Is it true that ‘White Dee’ used to have a job in the council, but stole £13,000 from them, so got the sack?


    • 114
      CYNICAL OLD GIT says:

      It is still a mystery just why Channel 4 ever made this programme,their track record in these matters is normally as left wing as anything on the BBC .
      One possibility is they were expecting an outbreak of public sympathy for these scrounging parasites, if so it must go down as the ‘ own goal ‘ of the decade .


      • 133
        moderate me would you? says:

        Probably they were expecting the white ones to be violently racist and B&P voters so they could mock them mercilessly. It seems, however, that they’re a fatherless inter-racial league of nations who think the whole country owes them a living and who vote Labour.

        As you say, own-goal of the decade.

        Surely there must be some political capital to be made for somebody (Nige? Dave?) just getting on TV and giving it ‘Look, look, this is what Labour has done to the once proud British worker – enslaved them with charity handouts. Stolen their dreams. Stolen their future. Bought their votes with YOUR money..’


        • 156
          Bemused says:

          I’m guessing that it started out as they meant to start out – taking a look at poor people and how these salt-of-the-earth types get together and help each other out.

          Then the crew started filming and it became apparent that whilst they were paying 1/3rd of their salary in tax these “poor” folks were effectively in early retirement from the age of 18 and were on a higher net disposable income than the crew!

          I’m guessing the crew had some sort of cathartic experience at that point and decided to tell it like it is.


    • 129
      Will says:

      Yes she was sacked for stealing from venerable people. So basically a fat thief who steals .


  36. 78
    Pick litter for bennies says:

    Initial reports on BBC news said the unemployment rate falling was “welcome news” but 15 mins later probably after an emergency staff meeting,a regional reporter said the reduction was “very patchy nationwide”.Bias back on track.As for Rachael Reeve being interviewed about same,she looked like the chief mourner at a funeral.


  37. 87
    cep says:

    Rennard should be punished by being made to pleasure that (woman?) orally.


  38. 94
    bergen says:

    I was going to have a rant about the likes of her but, really, it’s too depressing for words. She is a living arguement against universal suffrage.


  39. 95
    Keep the Buugers down and feed them Crap says:

    I fear benefits are far more sinister than people realise.

    They allow the elite to pay off millions of people in an underclass and keep them there. That way they cause relatively little trouble and allow the elite to carry on being the elite.


    • 122
      CYNICAL OLD GIT says:



    • 159
      George Orwell says:

      Did any of you actually read my books????

      I did warn you Marxist Labour was planning to do this in “1984”. You just let them go right ahead and do it. These are the “proles” I told you about. Kept on free food, with free ciggies and free booze and left to live whatever immoral life they feel like without state interference. And all paid for by crushing the balls of the middle classes.

      This is only the beginning!


      • 183
        Anonymong says:

        Marxist Labour.

        Blue Labour.

        “The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”


  40. 96
    "Kral" says:

    An idle scrounger claiming from the public purse when they look perfectly able to work!

    Yes, the sight of Nick Clegg hosting a radio phone-in show is disgusting.


  41. 97
    Flying over the Westminster Village says:

    She is not even on the Electoral Roll so no need to worry.


  42. 102
    Ed Miliband says:

    I am proud to have the support of a great Briton like White Dee. When I am prime minister she shall become Baroness White Dee of Scumbria.


  43. 104
    Anonymous says:

    No way has she ever voted in her life – that would involve far too much effort.


    • 120
      moderate me would you? says:

      It doesn’t matter. What matters is that decent voters are reminded of what Labour voters look like, how they behave and how grateful they are for all the free stuff we send them.

      Give this woman enough rope and she’ll hang herself. And Labour. No wonder that Jasmin child wants it off our screens and everybody connected with it dead.


    • 128

      Detect a cunning plan: All Labour voting types to be given, free, loads of fatty foodstuffs so they become even more obese. They would then be too fat to get to (or in) the polling station.

      Of course, one would have to cut out the postal vote.


  44. 106
  45. 117

    If Rennard had become a doctor instead, this might have been his story:


    A doctor roughly examined a patient’s breasts after she complained of tennis elbow, a hearing was told.

    The mother-of-three said she was left feeling ‘petrified’ after Dr Carl Clinton lifted her bra up around her neck and performed the unneccessary (sic) examination.

    The woman, referred to as Patient A, said she felt her ‘privacy had been invaded’ after the alleged incident at the Dongola Road Sports Injury Clinic in Jersey in March 2008.

    The General Medical Council allege Clinton failed to explain why the examination was necessary, obtain the patient’s consent or offer a chaperone. – Courtnewsuk 22/01/2014


    • 147
      Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

      Is he going to claim he didn’t have sexual relations with that woman :-)


    • 161
      Dirty ole Bugger says:

      So she went in for tennis elbow but let the doctor squeeze her tits? Only afterwards did she complain?

      Is she taking the piss or what?

      No need for the jury to retire – case dismissed.


  46. 138
    Anonymous says:

    All the Tories have to do is it this woman’s face on an election poster and say “hardworking taxpayers are funding her lifestyle” vote Tory or get more of this, ps we will make people like them work for their benefits.


  47. 148
    Anon. says:



  48. 154
    Cynic2 says:

    “Work in a call centre”

    FFS look at her and listen to her. If she walked in for an interview who would take her


  49. 157
    olden1936 says:

    It is sad that countless folks who have been made redundant and forced to become Benefit claimants through no fault of their own are included in the admittedly existent scrounger MPs and unemployed working-class. But it’s up to you if you believe what the well off, highly paid TV producers try to manipulate you into believing. If it’s on the TV screen it must be true? Not on your life. Wake up and speak up folks! Your silence is taken as approval of the manipulators’ actions. Unfortunately in the UK it is considered very bad taste to riot in the streets, and even if we did our beloved leaders would regard it simply as ‘the unthinking herd letting off steam’ and with our armoured police force there to clear up the mess. Still we don’t lose heart because now those same beloved leaders are as baffled as we all are.


    • 162
      Bemused says:

      Well olden, do you remember the days of National Insurance?

      This was when people that had paid NI because they had worked for years didn’t have to claim bennies because they had paid national insurance.

      Well Labour didn’t like that because it made a distinction between “undeserving” and “deserving” so they rolled it all into one system.

      Now there is no such thing as money paid out to the unemployed via National Insurance. Everybody can claim the same bennies – scroungers that have never worked and those that have worked for decades. So hard working people that have just had a spot of bad luck end up tarred with the same brush as White D.

      It is a consequence of New Labour policy. By trying to blur the distinction between “deserving” and “undeserving” they have ended up labelling everyone on bennies as “undeserving”.


  50. 168
    Noel Edmonds says:

    The Left, through years of dishonest propaganda, have successfully smeared those who would like society to make a distinction between the deserving and undeserving poor as ‘bigots’ and ‘elitists.’

    They have been so successful in corrupting our language that most people who appear on the TV have to engage in an embarrassing form of doublethink in order to square their illogical Marxist egalitarian values with hard reality.

    Rightly criticizing wrongdoers = “witchhunt”

    Patriotism = “racism”

    Concern about letting in millions of migrants into our already crowded country = “disgusting and scaremongering xenophobia”

    Calling for personal responsibility and accountability = “elitism”

    The terrifying thing is that today’s schoolchildren, through the comprehensive school system’s PHSE and ‘Citizenship’ classes are being indoctrinated into thinking with this newspeak. In 20 years time we will be inundated with a generation of Owen Jones’s and Laurie Pennys.

    God help us.


  51. 176

    I fink like put up a monkey, say its Labour like, an’ I’ll vote for it. Innit!


  52. 188
    I am a Tory. says:

    Is there any chance Labour will use her as a poster girl in 2015,please


  53. 193
    r. lee says:

    did anyone notice that the poor lady had just lost over £100 a week because her DLA for STRESS has been removed what a terrible shame.


  54. 199
    Sqeezing Pimples says:

    Is she the one who stole money from vulnerable people she was meant to be helping whilst employed by the council and only missed going to jail because the “working mum” mitigation was used.


  55. 204
    Anonymous says:

    What a bunch of sociopathic, incapable of empathy and bizarre people you are.


  56. 208
    I don't trust you says:

    This man is either a puppet or an idiot


  57. 210
    fed up in britain says:

    this white dee is a piece of fat labour lard. And a total parasitic Hunt.Starve it to death.


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