December 3rd, 2013

Ed Gives in to Unite

In the Guardian Patrick Wintour is reporting that Labour are going to shelve any idea of reforming trade union control of the Labour Party before the general election for fear of losing funding. Jim Kelly, chair of the London region of Unite, is blunt:

“Our executive has got to keep a collective voice and that collective voice has to be expressed through the block vote at a decision-making party conference where unions keep 50% of the vote. That is the main point.

If unions stand together, with half the votes at Labour’s conference, and supported by many constituency parties worried about the severe threat to the party’s finances from Ed Miliband’s proposals, as well as the negative impact on the left within the party, then the link can be successfully defended.”

The unions have Ed Miliband by the purse-strings. He isn’t strong enough to stand up to Len…

*Do nothing.


  1. 1

    No need even to follow the money.

    It follows you, if you do as you’re told…

  2. 2
    BarryW says:

    Keep ahold of Nurse
    for fear of finding something worse

  3. 3
    'Call me Dave' Dave says:

    I feel I could use this for electoral advantage, I just wish I knew how! I’ll get my focus group of predatory ho mosexuals together, their advice has been infallible.

    • 8
      Lord Fondlebum says:

      Nothing like bumsex.

    • 11
      the cap of keir hardy says:

      only two, Dave?
      So far your continuity Brown government has accelerated the policy of uncintrolled immigration and delivering third world public services run by Trotskyite troughing Pilgrims. You’ve continued dismantled the armed forces and the leftist politicization of the police, the teaching and legal professions, and only then forced gay marriage down our throats. I think it’s clear;ly because of the fact you have only two predatory homosexuals in your focus group.

      • 66
        The Fairy God Mother says:

        We’ll we are know as the ‘Wicked Sisters’!
        We love Dave and his LGBT cabinet! Can’t wait for the No. 10 Christmas party everyone in drag! Dave really can carry off the Cock in Frock look!
        Merry Bum Sex to You All!

    • 90
      Axe The Telly Tax &Religion &Kill All Eco-loons says:

      More bumsex, more green energy taxes,more foreign aid and lashings of mass immigration. It’s a sure fire electiion winning strategy Dave.

      I’m sure Linton Crosby will agree.

      • 128
        broderick crawford says:

        BING SAYS

        Oi pommie … it s L Y NTON with a Y.

        Don t make the same mistake again ….unless you wanna get ready for a broken arm .

  4. 4
    the cap of keir hardy says:

    I don’t understand. Surely Polly Toynbee could sell a house or two to fund a breathless, but fresh and vibrate Twitter campaign to sweep Ed to power?

    What about all the hundreds of local authority funded outreach coo ordinators on £100K a year, couldn’t they fund some Labour wonks to do instant rebuttal “online”?

    Isn’t the Labour party the public sector payroll vote juggarnaut? Let’s see them put their hands in their pockets.

    • 5
      Lord Cashpoint Levy, and proud of it says:

      Or flog a few dozen more titles to Hampstead Hedgies

      It worked before and it will work again…

      PS “Loans” are better, you do not have to declare them…

    • 131

      ” fresh and vibrate Twitter campaign”. I didn’t know they’d developed that App.

  5. 6
    Penfold says:

    No surprise there then.

    Unions 4 Red Ed 0.

    With Co-Op Bank cutting off the money flows the unions are well in the driving seat now.

    • 12
      Ralph Miliband (Or perhaps a real name) says:

      All wanking together.

    • 25
      Klosters Cleggie says:

      My sources drying up as well

    • 53
      Say it with Flowers says:

      Where is the deep end?

    • 98
      The Critic. says:

      Ed introduces another freeze. This time on the roll back of trade union influence. Every Marxist has his price and Ed has now told us what his is.

      Perhaps the rest of the HoC could publish theirs? After all, if I my vote is ignored. it seems my cash will not be.

      Excellent -democracy has become a commodity,although not quite a free market yet.

  6. 9
    Bald coot says:

    I am sure that most ordinary members of unions are not commies – so wtf do they allow their subs to be abused and mis-spent by these marxists bar stewards?

    Union members should tear up their cards and tell these parasites to efoff (and thereby give themselves a tax-free pay rise into the bargain.

    • 24
      Unite Teamsters union says:

      Embezzlement of funds

      That’s what we fatcats are all about

      Follow the money…

    • 113
      geordieboy says:

      Union members have the right to opt out of the political subscription by filling in a form but you may have to wait 6 months or more to get a refund and then they may just tear up the form and hope you will forget about it. It happened to me.

  7. 10
    Tom Daley says:

    No more muff-diving for me!

    • 15
      The Ties that bind us says:

      never was.

      • 123
        (Not so)Dangerous Brian says:

        Just crap posturing deep water diving and now a glittering career at the Bum Bandits Corporation beckons.
        Never was abject mediocrity so well rewarded as at the good old BBC!

  8. 13
    Vote UKIP - it is your duty says:

    As usual with socialism it’s all about the money.

    • 44
      Mike Hunt says:

      And always other peoples.

      • 109
        The Village Idiot says:

        which they will soon run out of……..then what ???

        Filch even more out of the public purse & of course not saying anything
        to the public who’s money it is, but thats just a small minor point with
        cons*lielabor*lebdims satanic alliance……

        They are all in it together…….fcuking Joe Public every which way they can
        & with increasing frequency……

        Fcuk them before they fcuk you…..

  9. 14
    A fat gypsy girl heading back to France says:

    Calm down Guido.

    Milliband will never become Prime Minister .

    He makes a half decent Opposition Leader because he has a habit of highlighting when the Government is doing something wrong. He is the real reason why we are getting fuel bills reduced.

    But he just isn’t a Prime Minister so stop worrying your little head over him.

    • 17
      Prince Charles says:

      I hope he make more use of his speech therapy dvd.

    • 63
      Anonymous says:

      And McBroon wasn’t prime minister material,but it didn’t stop him dropping the country in the doo-dah.

      • 110
        The Village Idiot says:

        And he’s still alive…….to tell us all how wonderful he & the rest of the
        fcuking lying shite called Zanu*LieLabor are……who are all in denial
        about ever being in power for 13 years aided & abetted by the
        Bolshevicks Broadcasting Company aka B*B*C…..

        After all its all fachers fault anything & everything….

  10. 16
    Anonymous says:

    Vote Ed, get Len.

  11. 18
    Banana Republic Britain says:

    Blair and Deng bring to mind the movie Payback.

    Wouldn’t everyone love to think that Deng gave Blair a thrashing, a low rent version of Lucy Lui thrashing Gregg Henry.

    Having said that he’d probably enjoy it as much as Henry’s character.

  12. 20
    Labour Party spokeswoman says:

    We are fuelled by flower power

    Green and renewable

    Right on, comrades

  13. 21
    a non says:

    Surely if the Unions maintain 50% of the vote and are compulsorily supported by those constituency parties already containing their own placemen then the scales will already have been tilted to deny any actual further party democracy.
    Labour- putting the grate back into ‘Grate Britain’.

  14. 23
    Bob Heinlein says:

    Blockheads Unite.

  15. 26
    Postal Votes are Labour Loo Paper says:

    Got him by the balls not the purse strings!

  16. 27
    Joe Public says:

    If a few years of Len and Eds is necessary to get bumsex Dave out, then so be it.

    We must get rid of the traitorous LibLabConner

    • 30

      I think that’s called shooting yourself in the foot or cutting off your nose to spite your face.

      Either way the prospect of mcclusky running no10 and bullyballs running no11 is too horrible to contemplate

      • 37
        Mrs T says:


        Vote UKIP

        There is no alternative

      • 41
        Historian says:

        Vote Cameron and you get Blair

        Vote Labour and you get the Teamsters

        Vote Libdem and you get sandal-wearing muff eaters

        That only leaves UKIP and SNP as possibilities

        With all the risks that this entails…

        • 52
          Mrs Boggins says:

          Vote UKIP and you get Dodgy Nigel and a bunch of denture-gnashing fantasists. God help us all.

          • Mr Suave says:

            You wouldn’t by any chance be Ethel Boggins from No. 32? Whose hubby has just passed away from a surfeit of gallstones? I have admired you from afar in Asda and wonder if there is any hope for me … your surgical stockings are a real turn-on … say Yes, my angel!

          • Vote UKIP - it is your duty says:

            Is it so much of a fantasy to want your MPs to run your country rather than having it all done from Brussels?
            Is it so much of a fantasy to want to end the massive damage that unlimited immigration is doing this country?
            Is it so much of fantasy to want to end the green energy poll tax that is adding over 10% to our energy bills?

            The less money that these Liblabcon-men have to fight elections the more chance that honest, patriotic parties like UKIP have of winning. And now the ball is rolling it is hard to stop UKIP, even with the usual lies and threats.

          • Col. Mustard (Rtd.) says:

            I would point out that hard-working, free-market, UKIPPERS are able to afford private dentistry with titanium implants and advanced bridgework. Dentures are for socialists. That is why UKIP functions serve rock-cakes, crusty rolls and macaroons, while socialists have limp saveloys and black sausage. Mincing, so-called “Tories” tittilate their tongues with vol-au-vents and I have heard that the Lib-Dems are very keen on pouf-pastry.

      • 42
        Joe Public says:

        I don’t care, I just want bumsex Cameron out of No. 10.

      • 59
        Open your eyes says:

        Err, nell, the coalition have DOUBLED madman Brown’s record level debt, are absolute slaves to the EU, completely on board with 500,000+ migrants each year, pissing money away on useless green garbage, throwing billions at failed socialist, third world dictators and building EU demanded HS2 which will require state subsidy it’s entire life, yet you are frightened of the mess Labour will make as opposed to, the continuity Labour coalition?

        Do you have a brain or any eyes?

        The LabLibCon are ALL different wings of a single socialist party.

        The same destination is shared, merely the timetable is disputed.

        • 65
          Joe Public says:


        • 99
          The Critic. says:

          And what is the alternative going to do once in power? I know thye are the nostalgia party for the 1950s and that may seem attractive to an ageing population. However,please do not tell us that they will be less corrupt and more democratic than the current mob. After all Cleggy put up quite a performance in the 2010 campaign and some believed he was a nice chap. The truth is somewhat different.

          The balance of probabilities suggests that UKIP will be just as bad as the rest.

          • Axe The Telly Tax &Religion &Kill All Eco-loons says:

            If they just get us out of the EU then their job will be done.

            If they fiddle some expenses in the process then it’s money well spent as they will be saving us billions in Danegeld.

        • 104
          ex tory voter says:

          +17 million ex tory voters

        • 115
          geordieboy says:

          You need a guide dog.

  17. 28
    Auctioneer says:

    Put all the Labour rotten boroughs north of Birmingham up for auction on e bay I say

    The Blairs Straws and Prescotts would buy a dozen or more for the kids to start with

    The hedgies could do with about 50

    One million quid a piece?

    Thats sorted…

  18. 29
    England in the year 2013 says:
    • 31
      Colonel Sauders says:

      Round these parts they call people dressed like that the KKK.

    • 33
      Taxpayer says:

      Astounding photo

      This looks like Mali FFS

    • 36
      Jack says:

      All on bennies do doubt

      The welfare state has become collective suicide

      • 56
        Carry Hole is a porcine homunculus says:


        Google it.

        • 70
          Open your eyes says:

          Indeed, 50% of m*sllm men and 75% of m*slim woman have NEVER worked and live entirely on benefits.

          Try googling takiyya too, though most PC types are too stupid to understand what is actually happening around them.

        • 79
          Intellectual Pygmy says:

          Choudary is a failure at everything he has ever done. Failed solicitor, failed sharia court judge and failed jihadi. Total waste of oxygen. He surrounds himself with a small band of mentally ill and fascist plonkers who have not the will nor the courage to actually put their money where their mouth is and actually fight. Instead they play fake jihad, milk benefits and call it Jizya, and organise small and inconsequential demos like the one above.

          He should go back to the drinking and the porn. I imagine he was less of a massive bore then.

          • cheche says:

            Hitler was a failled artist, Musolini a failled journalist, Stalin a failled priest. probably a great career ahead of him in politics

      • 93
        Axe The Telly Tax &Religion &Kill All Eco-loons says:

        Your taxes are paying for the Benefit Burka Brigade.

    • 38
      MID says:

      Let the bleeding heart Guardianistas be of no doubt that they are NOT wearing those sacks for religious reasons.

    • 39
      How about UKIP? says:

      Is this the ‘enrichment’ Cameron is always talking about?

      Women dressed in slave costumes/portable prison cells protesting about human rights? And doing so with no apparent sense of irony, being oppressed while complaining about others being oppressed. This is the crazy new world order and not a radical feminist to be seen.

      • 75
        Open your eyes says:

        In lsIam, men own women from birth to death. ‘Radical’ feminist types are ok with this, as they don’t want to cause offence.

        • 87
          The British media are cunts says:

          Radical feminists like muslim men. They remind them of their own girlfriends, loads of facial hair and smell like a toilet.

          • (Not so)Dangerous Brian says:

            And all carrying the latest high fashion handbags, hypocritical c**ts is not a strong enough condemnation of these nasty dogmatic and ideological dimwits.

    • 40
      Anon says:

      “Ban democracy, implement islam”

      -exposing the true fascist nature of the religion of piss

    • 43
      Historian says:

      The fucking Taliban demonstrating in the middle of London

      And we allow it

      Deport this scum

      • 57
        Worried Dave says:

        I must admit I am a little concerned about the Taliban attitude toward bumsex.

        • 103
          John Bellingham says:

          The Taliban (Afghan division) and Islam have differing views. Islam generally condemns it in public , yet huge swathes of the Islamic world embrace bumsex with enthusiasm. (That’s why so many MPs go to Morocco on holiday). Afghanistan has the entrenched cult of “bachabaze”, euphemistically called dancing boys.

          Scholars will of course be familiar with the “Rubiyat”, “The Perfumed Garden” and the huge numbers of homosexual brothels discovered by Sir Richard Burton in muslim lands as well as T.E. Lawrence’s description of Turkish hospitality.
          The bottom-fanciers of all main parties would fit-in well with Islam–so to speak.

          • (Not so)Dangerous Brian says:

            Maybe that is the underlying reasoning behind our blind acceptance of muslim good anybody else extremely bad!

    • 51
      Clown (Ex Swivel-Eyed Loon) says:

      I’ve seen a theory that humans are hybrids of monkeys and pigs.

      I’d laugh my cock off if it turned out to be true.


    • 64
      bergen says:

      So enriching.

    • 71
      Fed-up taxpayer says:

      Is Anjem still claiming benefits or has he got a job yet?

      • 74
        He's taking the piss says:

        The problem is not him claiming, anyone can fill in a claim form, the problem is the State paying his claim.

        • 92
          Fed-up taxpayer says:

          It’s incredible that his local Jobcentre don’t make him sign on every day and sit for at least 3 hours looking for and applying for jobs, and cutting off his benefits if he fails to make an effort.

          This would be simple. I’m pretty sure they’d do that with me, so why not him.

          Our so-called government is so weak it’s pathetic.

    • 122
      All Real People. says:

      Napalm looks really good on this crowd

  19. 32
    Diana Holland says:

    I am Labour Party Treasurer

    Preceded by Jack Dromey

    Do I need to say more?

  20. 35
    Taxpayer says:

    Simon refers to “Public servants”

    A contradiction in terms I would say

  21. 45
    aGOM says:

    How the fuck can that wetarse Milliband say Labour’s the party that represents everyone when it’s controlled by Luddite unions?

  22. 46
  23. 47
    Keir Hardie says:

    ‘… trade union control of the Labour Party…’

    Hang on, wasn’t the Labour party established to give the unions a voice in Parliament, just as the City and the bankers have their voice in the Tories and the sandal-wearers have theirs in the Lib Dems?

  24. 50
    Tom Daley says:

    Me and the the new BF are getting along swimmingly.

    Anyway gotta go,

    Bi for now.

  25. 54
    The papers describe this as mangled? says:
  26. 55
    Steve Miliband says:

    Have Owen, Russell, Johann, Eoin and their ilk formed a new party yet?

  27. 60
    Ed Miliband says:

    Len has threatened to freeze our union funds. Now where did he get that idea from?

  28. 62
    Sir William Wade says:

    Election ballot paper 2015

    Hedge FUND (Conservative). []

    Leonard MCCLUSKEY (Labour). []

    Bearded STICKRUBBER (LibDem). []

  29. 76
    Ed Miliband says:

    The weather is awful – I’m going to freeze it

  30. 81
    We made it so it's Gospel honest says:
    • 84
      Vote UKIP - it is your duty says:

      Shoot yourself in the head Len and then their dads may be able to get a job.

      • 118
        geordieboy says:

        Len could buy a few food parcels with his £100k + salary, but he would rather make a donation to the Labour begging bowl.

    • 95
      i don't n eed no doctor says:

      No food banks for you Len. Your six figure salary and super pension makes sure of that, and all paid for by your members. No loss of pay for you Len when you tell your members to strike. No fraud committed by your union eh Len. No commie agenda eh Len.

  31. 88
    Shooty* says:

    I think we should ALL be signed up for the Unions. After all, they represent the everyman and the greater good, so if we’re all forced to sign up and donate, say, a small 100% of earnings to Labour, we can make this country great again.

    Provided we’re not all beheaded in the name of peace during the next 10 years or so.

  32. 91
    DAVE , Caring for Rich people since 2010 says:

    I say chaps , i can’t wait for Thursday when George tells our country how well we are all doing
    I love the way he can make a fraction of a percent growth sound like we are all having a spiffing time
    How he’ll tell us that there are more people in work than ever before, while omitting to say that most of them are in part time work topped up by benefits
    How he will tell us just how great certain sectors of the economy are doing , while the truth is most small businesses are barely scraping by

    and after a rousing bout of cheering from our benches , we will all retire for a £500 a head slap up nosh , to celebrate just how rich we are making our friends off the backs of those working types What !

    Toodle Pips

    • 97
      Axe The Telly Tax &Religion &Kill All Eco-loons says:

      Shouldn’t it be renamed the Winter statement, not the Autumn statement, seeing as it’s only 3 weeks until Christmas?

      If Labour really want to win the biggest landslide in history and go on to govern for the next 50 years they just have to make the top 3 priorities in their manifesto as follows:

      1. Invoke article 50 and restore full sovereignty (border controls,fishing grounds etc) as it was before 1972.

      2. Abolish all taxes on petrol,electricity and gas.

      3. Halt all unskilled immigration until we have a shortage of unskilled labour.

      • 108
        Shooty* says:

        But that would be waaaaaaaaaaycist.

      • 111
        Jack Ketch says:

        My alternative.
        1.A flat 10% rate personal and company tax–no abatements, no deductions, no allowances. The same corporate tax to be levied on local operations of offshore companies.
        2/. A 0.01% transaction tax on all financial transactions (so put £1000 in your bank account, you pay 10p, take £1000 out, you pay 10p-your money goes into the account of various businesses, they pay the tax man a cumulative 10p, they pay their suppliers–another 10p. Money turns over on average seven times per transaction–so the state will pocket 70p. Put that into the context of a 2,4 trillion economy and the Treasury could trouser an extra £1 billion with no pain to the taxpayer and the fun thing is that the banks collect it.
        3/. Capital Gains Tax in full on properties owned by non-residents.

        I have a lot more ideas, such as a tax on takeaway food a tax on being foreign and excise duty on cocaine and ketamine.

  33. 112
    CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

    Ed never wanted to reform the links with the unions. It was the usual bollocks fed to the compliant BBC to try to fool idiots into believing it. The amount of airtime devoted to telling people that they have dropped the non-existent plans, will be nil.

  34. 119
    Anon...........& Voting UKIP.ORG says:

    Banking News

    The new ATM EUSSR sanctioned takeaway service as seen in Paris

    & across the rest of the europe is coming to your local bank & nationwide

    after the 1st Jan 2014.

    And works smoothly & flawlessly by the following tried & tested method…..

    You put your card in the ATM, key in your number, rest assured someone

    will be looking over your shoulder in case you have any type of dementia or

    are just normal & thick.

    Click the amount of cash required , £250 is the absolute minimum. Then as

    your card is returned & the cash pops out along with the account receipt.

    A friendly smiling Roma is there to save you the trouble of taking

    responsibility for your money as they relieve of that stress completely &

    take the lot instead……..

    This new exciting service is brought to you by Call Me Dave, Bum Sex is

    important & its the right thing to do……

    And all part of the Cons*LieLabor*LebDims Satanic Grand Alliance……..

    Fcuking Joe Public has been our motto for the last 50 years but now we

    plan to achieve our mission statement more than once per day…..

    its the right thing to do…….and all without vaseline………….

    as Joe Public always comes back for more at each General Election.

    This message is brought to you by:-

    EUSSR Kommiesars in Brussels the capital of Power.

  35. 124
    Anonymous says:

    Labour and the Unions with no irony

    we will earn 6 figure salaries to represent people on minimum wage
    we will go to the homes and scream and shout at the children of people we say are nasty
    we will evangalise about transparancy whilst hiding documents

  36. 129
    Ballocks economics says:

    Shite attracts shite. Weak, dithering, unprincipled Miliblunder! What a Geek! God help us if this is the next PM!

  37. 130
    Ballocks economics says:

    Plus, you can never be an individual in Labour! It ideologically & economically impossible! You can only ever be a gullible sheep for the wolves to feast on. LabourRScum!

  38. 132
    nick says:

    Do not understand this. WE all knew Empty Ed was put in as Labour precisely for the unions to regain/retain control.Are you saying that Labour and Empty Ed are only just realising this? Exactly why Labour should NEVER be in power. Goaway McCluskey.

  39. 133
    Bonar Law says:

    Jim Kelly is the CHAIRMAN of Unite’s London region, not its “chair”, which is politically correct baloney, Guido.

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