November 15th, 2013

Flaws in the Ed Balls “Cost of Living Crisis” Attack Line

Labour’s developing retail offer to the voters centres on the cost of living, in essence they will ask the voters on election day “Are you better off now than you were 5 years ago?” Which is why this week – with good economic news abounding – Labour’s twitterati were ignoring jobs and growth and instead chorusing in North Korean style synchronised tweeting this infographic:


The infographic shows that real wages have fallen behind inflation. A factually correct statistic.

Guido fails to understand why the government parties are not  aggressively countering the Ed Balls cost-of-living crisis attack line with the truth that the average mortgage is £1,000 cheaper because of lower interest rates. Mortgage affordability is clearly illustrated by the fact that, according to data released yesterday by the Council of Mortgage Lenders, mortgage arrears are dramatically lower now compared to where they were when Ed Balls was last in government:


Throw in the income tax threshold hike (£493), the savings from holding down council taxes (£210) and you have already countered the Balls attack in cash terms – and some – at £1,703. Meaning that in terms of disposable income the “average working person” is better off. So why is this point not being made by Tory and LibDem attack dogs more forcefully?

If in the Autumn Statement the Chancellor rolls back some green taxes, brings back the 10p income tax rate or raises the tax threshold again, in terms of disposable income the voters will be even more better off in 2015 than they were in 2010. To the question “Are you better off now than you were 5 years ago?” the answer has to be “yes”. If it isn’t, the Coalition parties will deserve to lose in 2015.


  1. 1
    A job for eternity says:

    Man who looks for Flaws in Balls is like man counting grains of sand on the beach.


    • 24
      Old Hal says:

      “Autumn statement” in just over a month it will be winter and the little darlings will be going home to a “well deserved” holiday, and Dave will be going to one of is homes, maybe Oxfordshire, and get ready for his hunting with Becky Brookes (to make sure he does not become saddle sore.


    • 25
      George Osborne says:

      We’re all out of it together.


      • 45
        Django says:

        Does the average voter look at these figures, I think not. What urinates voters off is the squabbling over “statistics”! As ever the election will be decided in the marginal constituencies, where voters will go with their gut feeling. The more likely question voters ask themselves is, ” has the government run the country reasonably well so that they deserve to remain at the helm a while longer”?


        • 164
          M says:

          If labour get in , the countries finances will go down the unions throats like champagne , till it runs out again .
          They need a indebt , boozed , badly educated population they left behind though in 2010 to control , if all else fails a Falkirk style election

          Because that’s who labour are !


      • 59
        Cleggo the Dutch says:

        ATOS = A Truckload Of Shite.


    • 75
      Ed Balls says:


    • 79
      Labotomy says:

      Balls is a pugmill of shit and lies


      • 125
        I hate socialists. says:

        Balls is a slimy git ,who could not tell the truth if his life depended on it.


        • 159
          Quiet Bat Person says:

          Low mortgage rates mean higher house prices. Easy credit is one of the root causes of the banking crisis. And of course, the low BoE and bank interest rates that accompany low mortage rates means that savers and people with private pensions are being utterly screwed.

          QE is destroying the wealth of the middle classes.

          Labour created the housing bubble, and the Tories want another. Wankers.


    • 180
      CTHRUTHEMALL says:

      LOOK! You couldn’t put a ‘fag paper between the 3 failed, tired old parties.

      They ONLY think of themselves, NOT us! Banish them all, and vote UKIP. There is no real alternative.


      • 191
        Only chavs shop at Tesco says:

        I agree and I, too, will vote for UKIP. Even so, I don’t fool myself that Nigel’s crew are overloaded with experience. Time wil tell.


  2. 2
    Toxic Labour for spongers, parasites and criminals says:

    If you add in the cost of paying off Labour’s debt then everyone is better off apart from spongers and parasites.


  3. 3
    The EU is croques (de merde) monsieur says:

    I think the ploy is akin to ‘keeping your powder dry’. The election is not imminent. When the 2015 election is due Labour will get it with both barrels, from Tories and Lib Dems.


    • 8
      The EU is croques (de merde) monsieur says:

      We should not forget that after 13 years of Labour, unemployment was higher than when they started. If that is the same with the Tories they will not deserve another 5 years either.


      • 16
        The EU is croques (de merde) monsieur says:

        And giving people jobs is the best way to improve anyone’s cost of living. This is why bashing businessmen all the time as Labour does is counter-productive. Not that Labour really care.


      • 37
        Axe The Telly Tax & Religion &Kill All Eco-loons says:

        2 to 3 million Romas and Bulgarians will ensure unemployment is higher than when the ConDems came to power with the added advantage of higher rents,lower wages,higher class sizes,higher crime figures,longer doctors/hospital waiting times etc.

        Vote UKIP for the cure :-)


      • 63
        Ronald McDonald says:

        It depends on how you define a job.


        • 126
          The EU is croques (de merde) monsieur says:

          No it depends on whether you have more more at the end of the week than if you had no job and were living on bennies, which other workers would have to pay for in taxes – thus increasing their cost of living.

          It is not all that hard to grasp unless you are an innumerate socialist.


      • 186
        Gimme a break says:

        Better not open the doors in January then!


    • 9
      Little English People says:


      This is a one term PM who has (incredibly) made himself more hated than Brown.

      You have to work really hard to be seen as a bigger twat than McMental.

      Vote UKIP


      • 15
        Dickhead alert says:

        Only in your little benefits world.


      • 42
        Scottish Chav says:

        mibi head back to the guardian … they are missing your shallow wisdom and tribal opinions


      • 131
        I hate socialists. says:

        Dave would be totally different if he did not have the Libdems
        holding him and the government back. I still think that
        he is a Conservative at heart .


        • 172
          Julia Middleton, CEO, Common Purpose says:

          Poor deluded fool !


        • 192
          ThosTids says:

          Call me Dave is a Liberal. He is sailing under false colours. He is a replay of Macmillan. An Eton-educated “One Nation” Liberal Socialist who has too many manners and too much money to pull off the trick that Viscount Stansgate aka Anthony Wedgewood-Benn aka Tony Benn did. Born with a silver spoon rammed where the Sun never shines and a wife who’s Daddy is a Peer of the Realm. Dave is also a senior member of The Tory Reform Group, now the Tory Party in power, but not for long. Anybody who describes Ken Clarke as a Conservative should put more water in their drink. Anybody who consorts with Michael Heseltine should be prosecuted for playing with corpses. That man should have been interred years ago! Any one who knows both is guilty!


      • 156
        Owen's dad says:

        If you think Cameron is less popular than Brown you clearly should be fired into space by a cannon, back to where your ideas are coming from.


    • 61
      The BBC always reports, "The Government has...Labour said..." says:

      And Murdoch!


    • 78
      Mandy says:

      Both barrels – Oooh!


  4. 4
    Little English People says:

    Thanks to Dave Cameron splitting the Tory vote, Ed Balls will be the next Chancellor.

    Vote UKIP


    • 48
      Dagenham Dave says:



    • 86
      Ma­qb­­oul says:

      Does UKIP receive support from the Labour Party? Because it fucking well ought to since you will be putting Miliband into power and quite likely see us joining the Euro. Maybe Farage likes his job in the gravy train after all.


      • 95
        UKIP turkeys voting for Crimbo says:

        Absolutely. A point made by a UKIP dickhead yesterday said that UKIP will have to do this in stages and if that means a labour government for a term so be it. This shows the utter total stupidity of UKIP supporters. They think that after putting Labour back in there will be anything left to fight for. There won’t. We will be in the euro and integrated so tight UKIP will just be a sad little bunch of total fuckwits that achieved the precise opposite of what they want.
        Sadly for the rest of us who do want out of anything to do with the EU ukip are just to fucking stupid to see what they are about to do.


        • 98
          UKIP turkeys voting for Crimbo says:

          And before the UKIP mongs pop up and say scare tactics won’t work it isn’t and its a fact. Can you win over 326 seats in one go and beat in one election the single party that has refused a referendum outright and will when they win in 2015 state the british people have voted for closer ties.

          Utter utter fuckwitted twats UKIP is.


          • Village Idiot says:

            ….Do you or a member of your family,or circle of friends work for the EU,as those are the only beneficiaries of that corrupt club?


          • FFS says:

            So basically you are under the impression that if we vote Tory then we can keep Labour out forever????

            You idiot. It is just a matter of time before Labour get in and implement exactly the policies you have described anyway. Cameron is just keeping the next Labour PMs seat warm.

            Voting UKIP gives us a chance to change UK direction forever.


          • walking into the darkness says:

            who knows, with the impending disaster coming from Romania and Bulgaria and no-one can then get a hospital appointment, or a school place maybe 326 seats is underestimating what UKIP will win, much more likely is Cameron doing a big extended invitation to UKIP after the European elections in May


          • The EU is croques (de merde) monsieur says:

            Utter fuckwitted twats believe that the end of the world will occur if Labour get in power (which is unlikely given ‘its the economy, fuckwit’). But as Labour and the Tories have very similar policies on things like Europe, immigration and green energy poll taxes then the worst we can end up like is socialist France, who I can assure you will still be going in 5 years time. And in 5 years the socialists in France will be dead meat.


          • 4we5w4 says:

            LOL, truth is that there simply is no one to vote for in GB!
            I’d rather be ruled from Brusseles


          • UKIP turkeys voting for crimbo says:

            You miss the point voting Labour this time will make you irrelevant because the evil of Falkirk will be a kiddies tea party compared to what they will do in power. If you cannot get more seats than Labour then Labour will win and ensure we an never escape.
            For the muppets here I want out of EU I want nothing to do with that corrupt, undemocratic bunch of left wing tossers but voting UKIP ensures we can’t escape. Use the referendum in 2017 not the election in 2015 because you just won’t get any referendum. If there is a backtrack in 2017 hard to see how but if then ok do whatever needs to be done but FFS we can get a referendum why put in a party that opposes it


      • 96
        Scaredy Cat says:

        Scaredy cat.


      • 100
        Village Idiot says:

        …..While I much prefer conservative incompetence to labour incompetence,i will,despite predictions of doom,be voting for ukip next may and at the GE,because above all else,i want Britain to rule itself,making laws and applying them for Britain and controlling who comes here and who does not,deporting rapidly those that should be and stuff the human rights in its present form!


        • 138
          Tory cChickens voting for stuffing says:

          Quite right. Your only chance to make your opinion mean anything in politics is at an election. Why waste it by voting for devious cnts you can’t stand the sight or sound of?


      • 122
        Little English People says:

        Blame Cameron for splitting the Tory vote.

        And we are picking up Labour votes up North from Labour as well.

        Vote UKIP.


        • 140
          UKIP turkeys voting for crimbo says:

          Get Milliband and the EU. That’s all you stupid twats will achieve. Use the referendum in 2017 rather than ensure a win for the only party ruling out a referendum


          • Anonymous says:

            This promised 2017 referendum … I presume that it comes with one of call-me-Dave’s cast iron guarantees then ?


          • Julia Middleton, CEO, Common Purpose says:

            I can guarantee that Cameron will do everything he can to prevent the UK ever leaving the EU.


  5. 5
    DAVE , Caring for Rich people since 2010 says:

    Numbers have never been Ed’s strong point


  6. 6
    Balls bounces Reagan's thoughts says:

    Are you better off than you were four years ago?

    Reagan 1980


  7. 7
    Michael Gove says:

    Brilliant addition. Go to the top of the class that boy…..


  8. 10
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    Who actually really believes Balls and Labour in anything they say?
    Labour have no policies, lie at will e.g. Falkirk, jump on any bandwagon. Labour have lost the argument on the economy and will lose the arguments on the NHS and cost of living. Labour actually want there to be a A&E disaster this winter, after all NHS deaths are what they tried to cover up.


    • 99
      UKIP turkeys voting for Crimbo says:

      They are ahead in the polls and UKIP appear determined to ensure they get to No10. The system is in their favour and by the time unison have finished the country will be overrun and a signed up member of the EUSSR


      • 129
        FFS says:

        We already are a signed up member of the EUSSR.

        And anyway, if Labour don’t win in 2015 they will win in 2020 or in 2025. It is only a matter of time and then they will implement exactly the policies you most fear anyway.

        Voting UKIP is the only democratic way to change the nations overall direction. The only other alternative is violent insurrection.


        • 144
          UKIP turkeys voting for crimbo says:

          You have a referendum in 2017 by putting Labour in No 10 it won’t happen as they have ruled out any referendum the only party to do so. What part of that can’t you stupid people get through your thick heads.
          Put labour in this time BEFORE the 2017 referendum and you lose.

          I will point this out when you cause just this after 2015

          I want out but not at the risk of putting in a party dead against leaving


          • FFS says:

            There won’t be a free referendum in 2017. Big business et al. will pay to subvert the entire process.

            In any case, winning a referendum requires 50% of the vote.

            How many votes did it take to get us to sign up for Maastricht? Not one, because the Tory party you claim will happily take us out of the EU never dared ask us.

            Please, please, WAKE UP!


  9. 10
    Prentiz says:

    Note how they use working people, rather than all people…


    • 21
      The EU is croques (de merde) monsieur says:

      And they do not factor in the numbers of people working, which is higher than under Labour. Just using an average is only half the story. People working tend to have a higher standard of living than those unemployed.


    • 23
      Benny Fitz-Clements says:

      Wot about real people like me who are suffering because of Universal Credit ?


    • 134
      FFS says:

      Also it doesn’t look like their figures add up anyway. What does that infographic actually mean? It implies 2% reduction in real times per quarter – that would be a 22% reduction over the entire period. I’m pretty sure we haven’t seen that kind of reduction. Maybe 2% reduction in total over the entire period – but that wouldn’t add up to £1600 worse off either, more like £400.


  10. 12
    DAVE , Caring for Rich people since 2010 says:

    A True Brit !

    I have just read this on an auction site where this guys medals are up for auction

    Brigadier-General Lionel Norton Herbert, C.B. (1863-1928), commissioned Lieutenant, Royal Irish Regiment, 1882; appointed provisionally to the Bengal Staff Corps, 1884, and attached 22nd Punjab Native Infantry; Wing Officer 1886; appointed Quarter Master and Officiating Adjutant, 1887; Captain 1893; Wing Commander 1896; served with the regiment in the campaign on the North West Frontier under Lockhart, 1897-98, and served as Deputy Assistant Adjutant-General with the Malakand Brigade, when Brigadier-General Meiklejohn’s camp came under attack from the forces of the fanatical Faqir; Herbert was severely wounded 27.7.1897, Meiklejohn’s despatch (13.8.1897) gives the following:

    ‘The enemy having over-powered the picquet on the Abbott (Graded) Road got on to the high ground in rear of the position from which they kept up a heavy fire all night, periodically charging with great determination right up to the Abattis which was lined by the Sappers and Miners. Twice they penetrated, once capturing the Quarter Guard, in which was all the ammunition of the company. It was in trying to stop this charge that Lieutenant Watling, temporarily in command of the company, was wounded by a man whom he ran through with his sword. The enemy overpowered the guard, and for a time held the guard-room, but were eventually driven out by a party of the 24th Punjab Infantry under Lieutenant Climo. Some of the enemy penetrated into the Commissariat Godown, and here they killed Honorary Lieutenant Manley, my Brigade Commissiariat Officer.

    In the enclosure the fighting was very severe, for the enemy were on three sides of it, and fought with great determination, bringing a heavy cross fire on the defenders, and continually charging right up to the breast-works.

    Lieutenant-Colonel Lamb, 24th Punjab Infantry, Major Herbert, my Deputy Assistant Adjutant-General, and Captain Holland, 24th Punjab Infantry, were all shot in this enclosure. The attack had been carried with great vigour from 10.30pm till 2.30am when the sounds of tomtoms and pipes approaching up the Graded Road indicated reinforcements coming to the enemy. The garrison of the enclosure was already hard pressed, and so I sent Lieutenant Rawlins, 24th Punjab Infantry, up to the fort to bring down 100 men from there. The enemy were all round the enclosure and there was every chance of his having to fight his way. He went with three orderlies and arrived back safely with the reinforcements. The fight lasted till 4.30am, when the enemy withdrew.’

    Herbert was also present in the operations in Swat and Bajour including the night attack of Nawagai, September 1897; he also served with the Mohmand Field Force including the capture of Badmanai Pass and operations in the Mittai and Swan valleys; after fully recuperating from his wound Herbert was appointed Second in Command, 22nd Punjab Regiment, 18.11.1900; served as Officiating Commandant 19th Punjab Regiment in Tibet (Mentioned in Despatches Gazette of India No. 1065 of 1904), being appointed Commandant of the regiment, 4.4.1905; commanded the Derajat Brigade, from 4.4.1909; served during the Great War as Brigadier (in command) 65th Infantry Brigade, British Forces in Salonika, 8.5.1915-1.12.1916 (C.B.; M.I.D. London Gazette 6.12.1916); appointed Inspector of Depots, Mhow Division, 23.7.1918, before retiring the following July.

    Provenance: Glendinings, December 1991

    This brave man , who helped to build this once great country , must be turning in his grave at the antics of the spineless turds that run it now


  11. 13
    Lynton "bing"crosby says:

    I can assure you we will be taking Eds figures to pieces at election time.
    I can assure you we will be reminding Mr Burnham of his time in charge of the NHS


  12. 14
    Rita says:

    I regularly find myself annoyed by the Tory’s failure to adequately counter Labour’s attacks. The one that bugs me most is when Milliband raises the problems in the NHS. The biggest issue that has impacted on our (inter)National Health Service is wholly uncontrolled immigration from the EU accession states. Why does Cameron never counter with this. That guy will never be a politician.


    • 18
      i don't n eed no doctor says:

      The majority of the country see through labours opportunism. Labour will bring themselves down, Cameron just needs to bide his time.
      Blair lied about Iraq.
      The financial melt down.
      End to boom and bust.
      The NHS deaths.
      Balls lies.
      Miliband backing Brown.
      The list goes on of what the tories can use coming up to the 2015 election


      • 55
        Toxic Labour for spongers, parasites and criminals says:

        Yes there are many more, Belsen Burnham mass murdering defenceless pensioners should be used time and again.


    • 26
      The EU is croques (de merde) monsieur says:

      Because Cameron agrees with East European immigration – otherwise he would have done something to stop it.


      • 103
        UKIP turkeys voting for Crimbo says:

        Brown and about signed this into law fuckall to do with Cameron. If he goes against this then the fines will be horrific. Yes I know refuse to pay them etc etc but then you have anarchy and nothing we sign will be accepted at face value. Another labour time bomb exploding in all our faces.
        Brown signed Lisbon and rubbed the whites noses in diversity blame the one person who is responsible.

        Meanwhile Cameron is mobbed by protestors in Sri Lanka at a conference venue agreed in 2009 and yet another labour time bomb goes off. Once agreed it is not easy to change if at all and Labour knew this.

        Vote UKIP for more labour you know it makes no sense.


    • 54
      geordieboy says:

      First rule in political fightback ” Do not use all your ammunition in one firefight”


      • 93
        Axe The Telly Tax & Religion &Kill All Eco-loons says:

        It’ll be too late to do a “wait ’till you see the whites of their eyes” to do anything about the hordes of Roma.


  13. 17
    fitaloon says:

    Add in Rent arrears lowest in years


  14. 19
    tRuth Hardly says:

    We are only interested in perception, not reality.

    Next thread, please !


  15. 20
    Basil Fawlty says:

    Well said. Plus if Labour were to get in the resultant binge in borrowing/spending combined with the inevitable collapse in sterling on the markets would cause inflation to rocket making the real earnings gap far wider.


    • 28
      Long John Silver's parrot says:

      There has been a 10 to 20 % sterling devaluation over the last 5 years.

      That makes the current proud boast of 0.8% quarterly economic growth look pretty lame.


      • 110
        Anonymous says:

        All currencies have devalued whats your fucking point


        • 116
          Zero sum game says:

          If you have the capacity to understand what you have written, which seems unlikely, you’ll realise that it is impossible.


      • 137
        FFS says:

        Actually I think you will find that most of that reduction occured while Brown was in charge. But you are technically right since 5 years ago he was indeed in charge.


  16. 22
    Long John Silver's parrot says:

    Carney has just let the cat out of the bag.

    If unemployment falls sub 7% prior to May 2015 he will not hike rates but look for some other argument to keep rates on hold such as a lot of part time workers in employment are looking for more hours .

    Milliband and his Socialists are a busted flush.

    Do not worry about them. Just worry about what Prime Minister Osborne might do in 2016.


  17. 27
    The BBC says:

    Please donate to Children In Need! We’re all giving our time for free! Except Terry Wogan, who gets a nice fat fee for hosting.


  18. 29
    The Common Purpose stooge infesting no. 10 says:

    Look, Guido, my controller says I have to throw away the forthcoming election and make way for Miliband so that he can finish off what Gordon started.
    My controller is very pleased with me and has promised me loads of dosh in an EU non-job once I’ve finally destroyed the Conservative party.


  19. 32
    Casual Observer 3 says:

    If it sources from Ed Balls it is dodgy.

    Labour synchronized tweeting generally gets ignored.

    This is why they attempt to rig the panels on BBC shows like Question Time, and push their tawdry agenda through Union intimidation.

    Would be good to hear what UKIP have to say on the cost of living crisis, if there is actually one, as in terms of political parties UKIP is the only one which could give a credible and objective statement.


  20. 33
    After supporting the destriuction of press freedom, he complains about lack of press freedom says:


  21. 35
    lmao says:

    Ii’s all over for the Tories.


  22. 36
    Anonymous says:

    And when rates rise back to norms? Dave’s idiotic continuation of Brown’s bubble will be revealed for what it is-state-sponsored debt servitude.

    Balls is a complete Hoon though.


  23. 38
    nellnewman says:

    Lets face it militwit has been on the wrong side of all the important arguments since he was elected leader of the labour opposition.

    His first big mistakes were to appoint bullyballs, gordongloom’s sidekick as shadow chancellor and andyburnham, he of Stafford Hospital unnecessary deaths fame, as shadow health minister.

    There is no way he can persuade the public that his administration is economically competent or that the NHS would be safe in their hands with those two in tow. He would need a miracle to do that.


  24. 39
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion &Kill All Eco-loons says:

    If the ConDems want to win the next election then they should do at least these 3 things:

    1. Put a halt to all poor unskilled immigration.

    2. Abolish all taxes on petrol,electricity and gas, making them as cheap here as in the United States.

    3. Restrict foreign aid to disaster relief only.

    Otherwise they will be deservedly crucified on 7th May 2015.


    • 58
      Casual Observer 3 says:

      They do not want to win.

      Foreign Aid is cover for covert spending abroad these days. How else would the developing nations get ICBM technology and the UK maintain access to certain commodity goods ?


    • 60
      geordieboy says:

      The last thing we need is a Lib/Con coalition. A clear majority for the Tories is our last hope but perhaps without Cameron.


      • 67
        Axe The Telly Tax & Religion &Kill All Eco-loons says:

        Philip Davies is the Tory Tony Abbott that can win them the next election.


      • 174
        Cameron is NOT a Conservative, he's a complete and utter fraud (and a tosser to boot) says:

        There’s no ‘perhaps’ about it. Until Cameron is slung out on his ear the ‘Conservatives’ have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning any sort of majority.


    • 77
      Ted Heath says:



  25. 40
    The British media are cunts says:

    The BBC are the ones who bang on about Tory cuts and austerity and higher taxes all the time. Ed Balls doesn’t need to say or do anything.

    Jeremy Hunt got all angry over Rachel Burden on Radio 5 giving him a kicking about “good news” on the NHS.

    The Tories don’t get it do they? The BBC will NEVER tell the truth it will always spin the lies for the Labour party.


    • 53
      Greenpeace is the problem says:

      Only boring farts over 40 bother with the BBC these days.

      Get over it.

      With all the immigrants who have arrived in the last ten years together with new births and deaths half the country has no idea who Jimmy Savile was.


  26. 43
    Dagenham Dave says:

    “Throw in the income tax threshold hike (£493)”

    Yes, but throw in the lowering of the 40% tax band threshold to £32,010 too.


    • 62
      Long John Silver's parrot says:

      Do you think it is really healthy to live in a city country or town in which 40% of people do not earn enough to pay any income tax?

      That sir is the economics and politics of the madhouse.


      • 69
        Greenpeace is the problem says:

        I will shout and scream until I am locked up in a Gulag if taxes are not abolished and we are free to do exactly what we like with our money provided it is spent in an environmentally friendly way.


        • 157
          Joe Public & all Voting UKIP.ORG says:

          Just think what all the impending HUGE influx of Bulgarians & even more
          Romanians will do for our multi cultural shite hole as designed by ZanuLieLabor and followed through by Cons*LebDims to make OUR country the most over populated country out of all the provinces within
          the EUSSR who have done there upmost to ensure this ZanuLieLabor
          edict succeeds.

          IF we don’t exercise our right (which is still allowed at the moment ) to VOTE for who we chose rather than more of the same from Cons*LieLabor*LebDims unholy alliance then The Whigs would still be in power.

          This 21 century political class is so out of touch on what Joe Public has
          real concerns about on what is happening in OUR country. They firmly
          believe that by manipulation & mendacity along with other devious
          methods they can continue there pampered bubble wrapped life style
          for ever. History is riddled with events that dramatically changed this
          ill conceived dogma dream-et up by a corrupt elite drunk on power
          & control of the masses.

          The choice is OUR’s not there’s…..


  27. 46
    Andy Bumhum says:



  28. 50
    Gordon Brown says:

    I would just like to clarify I have never eaten any pussy in my life ever. I’m happily married to my beard, I mean Ms Macauley.


  29. 64
    Ed Balls - Shallow Chancer says:


  30. 67
    Ric Holden,CCHQ says:

    Be a bit rich of Cameron to lecture Sri Lanka on press freedom after promoting first state control of press in 300 yrs in UK


    • 75
      Lance Corporal Bill Bloggs (retired) says:

      Dave seems to like talking Human Rights in Columbo but goes red in the face when they are mentioned in London.


      • 81
        Long John Silver's parrot says:

        It is all very well giving people Human Rights but just look what has happened to that poor 70plus John McCririck.

        He has made a complete tool of himself in Court and now in his twilight years has to remortgage his house.

        That is what Human Rights do to people.


        • 84
          Trigger says:

          Is it true that Mr Cameron’s brother is a barrister ?

          Is it not true that the wife of the Deputy Prime Minister is a practicing solicitor?

          Is it not true that the wife of the Leader of the Opposition is a barrister?

          That is the case for the Prosecution your Honour.


        • 115
          Casual Observer 3 says:

          His on screen persona, which was perfectly fine when originally hired, was then deemed not fine.

          This smells of EU meddling to undermine UK culture.


        • 143
          FFS says:

          A simple case of discrimination ended up so expensive that it almost bankrupted the person bringing it.

          Justice has become rather too expensive for the middle classes.


  31. 72
    Gazza says:

    There’s also the freezing of the BBC licence fee (soon to be abolished, we hope) and falling petrol/diesel prices to add to the mix.


    • 168
      General Farquhart says:

      Falling petrol prices? There are about 20p per litre higher than when Dave and Gideon got their hands in the till.


      • 170
        Anonymous says:

        Would have been a hell of a lot higher had they both not kicked out labours fuel escalator
        Interesting you missed that small point …NOT


  32. 74
    Tordjman (A White Van Man) says:

    Don’t forget to add frozen duty meaning we’re better off because Labour’s “escalator” was set to make petrol more and more expensive.


  33. 83
    Shooty* says:

    They don’t mention it as to understand it requires an attention span of more than 5 seconds, and so would be completely over the heads of most of the population. The only way it can be reduced to a soundbite is “No it isn’t”, which isn’t impressive.


    • 112
      Tesco shopper says:

      Tesco Finest Organic fillet steak £7 for a small portion today, last year same size was around £5.50.


      • 123
        Gordon Ramsay ate my hamster says:

        Last year it was horsemeat – get over it.


      • 162
        Flie in the Turd says:

        Have you not heard of Aldi or Lidl guaranteed to be cheaper than the ripe
        off merchants you quoted who are fervent supporters of ZanuLieLabor & its
        desire to manipulate & control the masses by any latent method.
        The Tesco Club Card is a very good example of finding out about the great unwashed life style & where does all of this information really go & for what
        real purpose…..

        More questions than answer……


      • 193
        Only chavs shop at Tesco says:

        Only chavs shop at Tesco!


  34. 85
    Eastender says:

    Surely the “cost of living crisis” has resulted from the shock of the biggest recession created by Labour and the banks. Businesses have had to hold salaries to compete or stay in business whilst global inflation has affected commodity prices. We have despite the legacy of Labour had a period of stability in very difficult circumstances… surely a big achievement and something the average household should understand if presented properly.


  35. 87
    Ric Holden,CCHQ says:

    Prime Minister David Cameron is getting his legs waxed at 1pm to raise money for Children In Need – good luck!


  36. 88
    Sir WW says:


    Labour’s graph appears to show ‘real wages’ (presumably including salaries) falling by about 2% most months. This is nonsense. What does the graph actuaaly depict? If it is a year-on-year change, how is the spike in May 2013 possible after the sharp fall in April?

    Probably, it is meant show annualisations of individual monthly figures. If so, it is presented in a (deliberately?) misleading way. Such monthly figures would be small and would not have the impact of the misleading figures that are presented.


    • 145
      FFS says:

      Exactly. 2% per quarter equates to a bout 25% over the full period. We certainly haven’t seen real wage reductions on that scale.

      Complete bollocks proving only that Labour can’t do simple maths.


  37. 102
    Willy Bum Vague says:

    Save on heating cost and Stay warm this winter

    Share a bed with your Spad


  38. 105
    Anonymous says:

    That’s perfectly fine for all those people lucky enough to have variable rate mortgages guido.

    I really really love your constant attempts to attack labours vague generalisations using vague generalisations. Top notch reporting.


  39. 107
    Rolf Harris says:

    Folk star charged in child sex case ” > Hats back on :(


    • 117
      Axe The Telly Tax & Religion &Kill All Eco-loons says:

      I see it’s nearly time for the annual “Children in Need” telethon.

      In light of the Jimmy Savile & Stuart Hall revelations, ITV/SKY should hold a rival one called “Children in Need of protection from the pedos at the BBC”


    • 118
      Folk Star says:

      Have a cigar


  40. 113
    Ric Holden,CCHQ says:

    News digest 15 November: Barclays axes 1,700,”Wanker” Cameron attacks the coalition, Clegg fawns and a new expenses row –


  41. 120
    the general public says:

    Pst, Guido…….not everyone owns their home, and half of those who do are not saving the “average” £1000 on their mortgage interest, you know, the less well off, lower paid, usually non Tory voters…….or don’t they count?


  42. 121
    albacore says:

    How about a graph that’s never pushed to the fore
    Showing how British folks are losing the real war
    Against invasion passed off as immigration
    By Parliament – after due deliberation


  43. 124
    Sue Doughty says:

    Labour do not include mortgage costs because their target audience are council tenants


  44. 128
    EppingBlogger says:

    The problem which the Conservative led and LibDem supported coalition faces is the loss suffered by savers. The destruction of their wealth by infklation, high taxes and poor stock market returns consequent on low economic activity will be painfully remembered at the ballot box.


    • 155
      Offshore Dave says:

      I’ve no sympathy for the little people.

      Daddy always said “go offshore” and that’s what I’ve done – isn’t everyone who is anyone in a tax haven?


  45. 132
    tigerowl says:

    “So why is this point not being made by Tory and LibDem attack dogs more forcefully?”…Simple really. People go to the shops and find they have less money to spend there than before. Increases in energy along with other rises, has seem any benefit from tax reduction written off. All Guido.s figures are average. People on low to medium and in many cases now, zero wages for zero hours, are not seeing this wonderful rose tinted view of how well off they should be. Ungrateful lot are we not?
    One point over mortgages. Most people do not have them. Many are savers who have seen no return on their savings. Interest rates have been this low since well before the last election. So it is clear people do not feel better off as a result. Simple truth is that unless you are at the top of the salary scale, or an owner of a blog site, then you are not feeling better off.
    Real world or fantasy? Better off or just being fooled again?


    • 153
      FFS says:

      “One point over mortgages. Most people do not have them.”

      Never gonna vote Tory anyway, so why should Wavy Davy give a flying frig about them?

      Did Gordon give a flying frig about taxing the middle classes so heavily that Doctors can’t now be arsed to work more than three days a week which is the real reason behind the NHS crisis? No.


  46. 135
    Dickie says:

    They all deserve to loose – they’re all pants!


  47. 142
    I G says:

    Re earlier post about Labour no-shows on “Bedroom Tax” vote.

    Some of the worst hypocrites are tying themselves in knots about this. (Highly entertaining!)

    One highlight is Pamela Nash. On her website she defended her refusal to vote by stating:

    “I had agreed to speak on the issue of youth unemployment at a conference where participants from across Europe joined to discuss new ways to tackle this scourge.”

    Leaving aside the fact that they might have managed without the input of a back bench MP with the pan-European profile of publicity-shy hamster, it’s worth looking in more detail at her contribution.

    First of all, she was speaking exactly 31 hours prior to the vote. Even assuming she was returning on a National Express bus, it’s not impossible for her to get back to London on time.

    Secondly (and most deliciously) the conference at which her input was invaluable was the European Space Policy Institute. Yes SPACE! She represents one of the most deprived constituencies in the country and her priority is rushing off to the other side of Europe to impart her expertise on f***ing Space policy.

    As one drives through the slums of Shotts and Airdrie one can’t help reflect that the one thing that her benighted constituents need is a space program.


  48. 148
    FFS says:

    That infographic is just a big fat lie. It makes no mathematical sense.

    Balls may think he can lie his way into power but when it comes to domestic financial affairs people will vote in terms of how they ACTUALLY feel about their financial wellbeing, not how some idiot MP claims they feel about their financial wellbeing.

    If this is the best Labour can do they truly are fucked.


  49. 150
    Tory chickens voting for stuffing says:

    Before we hear clucking defence of Kamikaze Dave’s chickens let us not forget that he is in favour of Turkey and others joining the EU and allowing millions more Muslims into this country.


  50. 160
    Old git says:

    We are lucky enough to have a few shillings in various building society accounts, as many older people do who have received inheritances. The low interest rate has deprived us of thousands of pounds in interest per annum. We no longer have a mortgage so low mortgage rates are of no interest (!) to us.


  51. 161
    Yossarian says:

    Not everyone owns their own house, you fucking moron.


    • 163
      Anonymous says:

      Guido was clearly abused by a Labour MP as a child, it’s why his normally good reporting caves in on itself every time labour is mentioned.


  52. 166
    Danny Nolan says:

    ‘Real wages have fallen behind inflation’ doesn’t make sense.

    Should be ‘real wages have fallen’.

    Thank me later.


  53. 167
    General Farquhart says:

    Only problem is that if you vote tory then you get Cameron.


  54. 169
    Vainglorious Bar Shards says:

    So a stupid Labour statement necessitates an equally inane one to counter it? Earned income may be most people’s source of funds (though those with savings will have seen little income from them) but expenditure is not limited to mortgages and tax (and this omits VAT which has risen) but food, energy, travel etc which I suspect you will find have risen as wages have fallen. Neither party has anything to say on this matter to wound the other and rather than attempting to do so they might better spend their time trying to heal the country.


  55. 175
    John says:

    Given Labour were borrowing about £2000 per year per person to finance current spending, rolling this back is bound to make people worse off. The government should make the point that 2009 was cloud cuckoo land!


  56. 181
    who-nose says:

    Maybe a better line would be ‘disposable income’… or are there bad figures there that dare not be exposed?


  57. 182
    Not Blinkered (unlike some) says:

    Just one flaw in your ‘findings’ Guido. They would stand true if everyone had a mortgage and ALL were paying the lowest interest rate. Sadly, more and more people are having to rent. Something you chose to omit. Afterall, rentpayers are paying ever increasing prices to greedy landlords, you know the sort, the ones who take and take and take. Sort of negates the shit you spout, don’t you think?


    • 183

      64% are owner occupiers. Half the remainder are in social housing. Private rented sector small. Tiny compared to the past.


      • 184
        Anonymous says:

        His point is still entirely true though.

        64% may own their property, but those who are making mortgage payments are still in the minority over all. Out of them there are many people stuck with fixed interest rates from before the housing crash.


  58. 187
    Luke Indamirror says:

    Hilarious. The electorate will know whether they are better or worse off, however many graphs you put up here. There will be enough p’d off ex Tory voters to make a difference.

    You haven’t factored in increased utility bills, huge credit card bills (real interest rates are now enormous), payday loans, increased taxation, charges being levied by local authorities and government where previously services were free increased student fees…I could go on and on.


  59. 188
    Anonymous says:

    Higher rents mean more Romanians camping in your local park.


  60. 194
    Bob R says:

    Mortgage interest doesn’t exist as far as the coalition is concerned. This is one of the reasons that they use CPI rather than RPI.


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