October 31st, 2013

Judgement Day for Wandsworth Tories

Wandsworth Conservatives were once a flagship campaigning force, whose success was emulated across the country. They were held up as a shining example of  what the Tories could do in local government. Fast forward five years and it stands on the brink; riddled with infighting and shamed by accusations of corruption and cover ups. The scandal is centred around the group’s agent at the last election Rob Morritt who was exposed for fraudulently cooking the books to hide more than £30,000 in missing money and a secret £25,000 Addison Lee bill. Blank cheques, dodgy expenses and lies – Morritt used every trick in the book.

When this was exposed internally in 2010 it was ignored and NDAs were drawn up to try make the issue go away, yet Guido exposed the truth. Three years later and Morritt has managed to get himself elected as a Putney councillor but tonight he finally faces losing the whip when the Tory council group meet to determine his fate. They have been shamed into action by an independent report that confirmed the allegations Guido made. The vote tonight requires a two thirds majority to remove the whip. Despite the council leader Ravi Govindia kicking the stool away from his former campaign manager, plus the evidence of two investigations piled up against Morritt, it’s expected to go to the wire. Bizarrely there are still those willing to defend him. It’s time to lance this boil.

You can see all of Guido’s stories on the Wandsworth cover up here.


  1. 1
    Hugh Janus says:

    Good work Guido.

    One down, just a few thousand to go…


  2. 2
    East Putney Anti says:

    Morritt is going down. Only question is how many of the fools does he take with him.


    • 9
      Jabba Le Chat says:

      Marky Mark, taxi to go…


    • 58
      Old Hal says:

      If he goes down, if he is not a total plonker, he will definitely grass any fellow conspirators up if sent down.


    • 178
      The Critic says:

      Look at Huhne. Five minutes outside the prison gates and he’s calling it a media conspiracy….and the media are giving him airtime to say so. Morritt (aka Richard Head) will be trying the same stunt on a smaller scale. Panto season in full swing already.

      They think of themselves as club members -those of us who are not cannot presume to question anything.


  3. 3
    East Putney Anti Corruption Candidate says:

    Hopefully, they stand by him. Am looking forward to my election next May.


    • 59
      spanows says:

      Maybe the missing money paid for the taxis – case solved!


      • 67
        stun says:

        I used to have an accountant like you. “Where did your revenue come from?” “Look at the invoices”. “Oh, I though those were outgoings”. “Did you notice our company’s logo at the top?”. “No”. “You’re fired”.


  4. 3
    Ron Barras says:

    Get rid of this scummer and get the council on the move again.

    I remember Wandsworth when it were famous for not having no Poll Tax. Now that’s the efficiency we need in government.


  5. 5
    Sir William Waud says:

    Press censorship – the parties in Parliament haven’t been as united on anything since August 1914.


  6. 6
    Podiceps says:

    He does look like a boil, round and puffy. The image of pus squirting out of him is not a pretty one.


  7. 7
    Pro-truth says:

    If the Wandsworth Conservative Councillors do not vote to withdraw the whip from Morritt then people will resign from the party in droves and Wandsworth will be toast.


  8. 8
    Nasty Politics says:

    What a disgrace. If it wasn’t for Guido, this arsehole Morrit would remain unchallenged! Shame for the poor sods caught up in this mess! Why is anyone supporting the trougher Morrit?


  9. 10
    A nincumpoop says:

    HS2: Commons approves spending. Can someone note this figure: £42.6bn.


    • 15
      One-term Dave (dragging the Tories to their grave) says:

      Given that I’m going to get a pretty peachy percentage of that as a backhander, one can be certain it’ll jolly well go beyond £42.6bn!

      Absolutely top hole, what what!

      As if I give a toss about the countryside or saddling all you sorry little oiks with unrepayable debt, I’m going to make sure I’m jolly well alright!

      Toodle pip!


      • 104
        Vlad the Loudhailer says:

        Just £1466.25 per income taxpayer which equates on average 150 hours work for nothing and I thought slavery had been abolished.


    • 19
      Sir William Wayd says:

      H2S? There’ll be a stink about that.


      • 50
        My dog's got no nose says:

        You think that’s bad ? Imagine the stench of the totally corrupt Westminster establishment trying to curry favour with the voters come 2015.


  10. 11
    as you like it says:

    Bizarrely there are still those willing to defend him.

    “And Brutus is an honourable man.”


  11. 12
    broderick crawford says:

    Iain Duncan Smith to stack all those shelves himsel

    THE Work and Pensions Secretary is to spend the next 4,570 nights stacking shelves at Poundland.

    Following a High Court decision that making benefit claimants work for free is unlawful, Duncan Smith is being held personally liable to fulfil contracts made to supply labour.

    His first shift began at Poundland in Newcastle-under-Lyme at 10pm yesterday evening, when Duncan Smith was handed a branded tabard and told to “guard it with his life”.

    He was then given his first official caution of the night for leaving the Povvos Suck tattoo on his upper arm exposed.

    Poundland employee Emma Bradford said: “He was caught curled up trying to sleep on a pallet of cat litter in the back, which is when the manager gave him his second caution.

    “Then Iain got put on pricing, and if anything he was even more useless. He wouldn’t stop asking how much everything was.”

    A tired-looking Duncan Smith told reporters: “It’s challenging but good breeding is on my side, giving me the height to reach even the top shelf on the notoriously demanding cereals aisle.

    “And I categorically deny any suggestion that I was given my third caution at 6am been getting caught smoking a hash pipe with a security guard out by the bins.”


    • 17
      Hippolyte, 12eme Baron de Fleury says:

      They used to call it la corvee in my day, and an excellent fine thing it was to keep the sans-culottes too busy to revolt!


    • 86
      Is there a cure for IDS? says:

      His CV contains more pork pies than Prescott’s fridge.


    • 147
      Calidius Eroticus says:

      If dole is £70 a week and the minimum wage is £6.31 an hour, that means they could be made to work for 11 hours a week and they would still be getting their stamp and wages paid at £6.31 AFTER tax.

      Hardly free is it.


  12. 13
    Sir William Waud says:

    There was a smooth fellow called Shapps
    Who said “I deplore your mad flaps!
    Such swindles and sleaze
    Are just for MPs,
    Not for plebs, oiks and drones like you chaps!”


  13. 16
    Tower Hamlets says:

    We know how to do it here, praise be his name, so don’t give up just convert brother.


  14. 18
    The BBC says:

    Bunch of amateurs. We can really show them how to fiddle the books.


  15. 20
    A Scrounger (Cameron) says:

    Ian Duncan Smith or whatever his real name is should find a new rock and crawl under it where he rightfully belongs.


  16. 22
    Truthteller says:

    They’re all at it.


  17. 24
    a non says:

    Given up doodling Guido?

    Normally you would put cross-hairs on Morritt’s bald pate :)


  18. 25
    Casual Observer 3 says:

    How the loss of press freedom is being reported abroad:


  19. 26
    Gordon the medicated says:

    A strange woman at the Co-Op asked me where I got my Halloween mask from..
    “Its very realistic..you look just the bogeyman”

    What was she on about?


  20. 27
    Ed Moribund says:

    Chris Bryant is on QT tonight..Now Chris, the HS2 question is bound to come up so remember the official policy line.

    We are against it….no wait!..We are for it..yes ..for it!..No wait..hang on..We were for it..when it was our idea..but now its still our idea but not us doing it we are against it! Yes..That’s it..we are..no ..wait a mo..I think we are for it if it means bunging cash into key marginal seats..but against..erm..trains? Or privatised trains? or are we for buses?

    Look ..best just waffle on without saying anything, OK? like usual..


  21. 28
    King Queen says:

    Might have been worth one story………


  22. 29
    Grant Shapps says:

    The One Term Prime Minister,David Cameron writes in tomorrow’s Daily Mail: “if you want to be a nuisance to the people whom you most detest in public life, vote. And vote Labour.”


    • 64
      State Controlled Press Watch says:

      That would be an article he is having placed in an organ of the national press, wich was formerly known as ‘Free’.


      • 176
        Passer by says:

        Back in the day, when whoever was in government stated that something should not be published (and backed it up with meaningful threats) the papers’ front pages had huge blank white spaces (with an appropriate explanation in the small print to explain why). Time for another go round of this tactic, especially if the article would have been about some sleazy politician or other.


  23. 30
    Alex Salmond, formerly the cleverest man in politics says:

    £30k? Pah! I’ve just slipped nearly a million quid from the nationalised Scottish Water accounts into a PR fund controlled by the SNP!



    • 31
      UK Government Press Censorship Warning says:

      As per UK press regulations signed into effect on 30th October 2013, the article linked to in the above (link reproduced below) should be regarded as government propaganda and hostile as it was published and / or updated post 30th October 2013.

      Be aware that direct UK Government political interference in this article cannot be ruled out which will compromise, inter alia, validity of and motivation for presentation of reported content.

      ### Hostile Link ###


      ### Hostile Link ###


      Relevant UK Press Regulation Wording:


      Related EU documentation:



  24. 32
    Andy Coulson says:

    Come on lads. Admit it.
    You would have done the same.


  25. 37
    Ed Dafty, LimpDim MP says:

    Meanwhile, in neighbouring LibDem Kingston Council…….


  26. 38
    EU Watch says:

    French footballers are to go on strike next month (November 2013) over Hollande’s 75% tax rate:



  27. 40
    EU Funded Pro-EU Troll says:

    Vote UKIP


  28. 42
    EU Watch says:

    Teachers and students protesting in G’reece:

    Pensioners also are out in force to against new property taxes:


    The G’reek government is also voting next week on a motion which will break a pledge about not replacing an emergency property tax with a permanent levy applied to electricity bills.

    With these rises, further cuts to benefits and public sector staffing are also in the pipeline.


    • 44
      HEARDITALL says:

      There is no such thing as the Greek government they will obey the EU diktat issued through the ECB, they are getting more desperate.
      Is the whole thing about to blow up in their faces, we can only hope so


      • 47
        EU Watch says:

        My feeling is that G’ermany is wanting to pull the plug.

        The next roudn of bail out money could well be the last.

        There is not much left to sell off, national asset wise, and discontinuation of further bail out monies and acceptance of loss on G’reek bonds could explain why the ‘government’ is continuing to reduce its staff, services and benefits.

        The additional taxes are going direct to a combination of international banks and bond holders. The sooner G’reece exits the Euro the better for G’reece. That will not happen until the G’reek military judge that the timing is right.


        • 79
          Reason says:

          No-one wants to know what you feel about Germany. Tell us what you think.


          • EU Watch says:

            I would say that the feeling is more akin to a belief, or sense.

            Have been digging around on this but signals seem to be very mixed out of Europe at present.

            Feeling is appropriate because M’erkel for sure desperately wants rid of the G’reek problem. Not of G’reece per se, G’reece she would just like to see operating a bit more like G’ermany and not the total cluster that it is.

            The problem with cutting G’reece loose is that this undermines the EU / Euro and would push G’reece into the arms of Russ!a which is a problem seeing as Russ!a has knocked all bets off with missile defense agreements and is now publicly deploying S-300 batteries along the Eastern borders. That is ignoring the Black Sea fleet cruising the Eastern Med at present.

            (Side note: U’kraine I believe may wind up seeing conflict if the current EU negotiations continue as they are)

            My thoughts are that G’ermany wished to see G’reece take a dose of bad medicine to correct what were real problems, and then gently rehabilitate back into the EU community.

            What has happened is G’reece has collapsed and now G’ermany finds this end of its empire is in danger of dragging the rest down with it.

            There is no hard economic solution, political solution or even philosophical solution for the current G’reek problems other than that G’reece exits the Euro and sorts its house out independently. That solutions are being tried denying the definite path is another reason for feeling rather than thought as at the high levels in B’erlin / B’russels there is no thought being exercised on this matter.


          • EU Watch says:

            I would say definitely that the EU will cut G’reece loose as soon as T’urkey has taken up membership.

            The geopolitical problems, particularly the threat posed by Russ!a would be neutralized then.

            Russ!a herself will likely be prepared to engage Europe directly and indirectly in order to prevent T’urkey and U’kraine joining the EU.

            Would expect perhaps some interruption in gas supply this winter, particularly if it is cold across Western Europe, and some increased incidents of terrorist activity, in particular involving the PKK / C’hechens within Western Europe / T’urkey, K’iev and A’zerbaijan.

            When the S300 systems have been deployed and are operational direct confrontation with NATO is perhaps inevitable.


          • Calidius Eroticus says:

            Have the Russians painted both sides of their Black Sea fleet yet? Or are they still only painting the sides that face out of the harbour?

            The Kremlin lives on it’s Soviet reputation as much as it actual strength.


        • 167
          Alice says:

          Why would PKK / Chechen terrorists want to get involved in Western Europe?


    • 46
      EU Watch says:

      The Golden Dawn repression is picking up perhaps the wrong sort of attention, which maybe was the intention:

      In H’ungary a new party modelling themselves on GD has announced its presence officially:

      ‘A new party Hungarian Dawn, a Jobbik splinter group, said Hello World today, will run in 2014 elex, “in contact with” Golden Dawn, they say’

      h/t @MurphyPeterN

      This new party is reported to be slightly further to the right than GD. The real question though is whether they are more nationalist in outlook.


      • 110
        National Socialist says:

        My word, they are two of the ugliest mother-fuckers I have ever seen. I would rather have Fred and Rosemary West as my parents!

        Maybe Hitler was onto something?


    • 81
      mine's a pint says:

      British lecturers were on strike today.
      Do my two lads at uni get a refund on
      their huge fees?
      Some students only get a couple of hours
      lectures a week as it is.Plus there’s the
      endless holidays.
      For £9k a year,students deserve far better.


      • 154
        Calidius Eroticus says:

        They are on strike to protect their right to be right on liberals earning a good wage! Do you really want your lads to be tutored by unhappy tofu knitters?


  29. 48
    Anonymous says:


    “But he said: “No-one has a right to intimidate. Nobody has a right to bully. Nobody has a right to threatened people’s families. No-one has a right to threaten people in their homes. If these things have happened, it is very serious. It needs to be properly examined. ”

    Sorry Cameron you allow them to do this. You set the example. Your Minsters in full knowledge, allowed them to do more than this. You your Tory MPs ignored a situation and directly threatened the life of a family. Just because they are Union people doing the intimidation this time does not make it wrong. When it was tax paid staff, under your control, it was OK it seems. The threat was carried out and it directly resulted in a death.

    Some things are better served when cold, and at your hour of need. Fix your mistakes before condemning others doing far far less.


  30. 49
    EU Watch says:

    Some violent clashes in !taly today over government austerity measures:

    This protest in Rome is connected with demands for improved housing policies.


    • 60
      RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:

      This is a cost of living crisis !!!

      David Cameron should confiscate all property and redistribute it from a central committee run by the proletariat.

      Only Labour can give everyone affordable State accommodation. We will nationalise houses from 2015.


  31. 51
    Y says:

    more tory racist shit


    how much has this cost the taxpayer????????????????????


  32. 54
    EU Watch says:

    Meanwhile, the Guardia Civil in Spa!n are still not playing ball on the frontier with G’ibraltar:


    Apparently every car is being double checked at present.

    Fantastic demonstration of Cameron’s prowess on the European stage.


    • 56
      EU Watch says:

      Span!sh warships cruising in G’ibraltar’s territorial waters is also becoming more common. Many believe that Hague has ‘gone native’ with the Span!sh. (?!?)

      This is a more serious infraction than the frontier issue.


      • 69
        little will i am vaguish says:

        I have more pressing matters. Oh, Dorian!


      • 74
        HEARDITALL says:

        There is an unmistakable stink of the EU about the Gibraltar situation, I can anticipate in the near future some EU sponsored commission ruling in favour of ‘Spanish territorial integrity’ or some such nonsense ,clearly the spanish are becoming more confident especially now it is not certain that our armed forces,who have been deliberately decimated would be able to do much about it.


        • 76
          Am I making myself clear? says:

          Let’s nuke Madrid.


          • kmc says:

            Sounds fair. We give the EU £20 billion every year, Spain gives the EU absolutely nothing – it’s not a net contributor – so since we’ve paid for Spain’s infrastructure and they’ve not been the slightest bit grateful, quite the opposite, in fact, I think we’re entitled to destroy what we built.


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            To Am I and KMC – take a closer look at Cameron and his henchmen – they have f’d up over this one – in fact I’d go so far as to say that Cameron and the EU have f’d up big time – they’ve backed themselves into a lovely little corner. The only Nukes should be delivered to Cameron and Merkels heads.


          • EU Watch says:

            @BW: M’erkel I think is at risk of having a cold Winter and a bear knocking on her door.

            Cameron et al. screwed up badly on Syr!a.

            One hopes the UK has enough gas, regular and LNG, to get through the winter as it would be foolish to assume the Q’atari’s will bail the UK out next Feb / Mar if there is snow on the ground.

            Those in the G’ulf and S’aud! are seriously not amused.


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            To EU Watch – there is another issue above it all and that is that all the political pygmies [controlled by their individual selfishness and greed] in the EU and the UK and the USA are all screwed up. Their agendas and extolling of their virtues [desperate attempts to fool] do not gel with the vast majority of decent, honest and moral people living on this planet. And they have all been found out for their cross party attempts to continue their ‘living of their big fat lie’. Is this too simple a summation of matters?


          • EU Watch says:

            Part of the problem you are describing is that the old hegemonic orders, both international and domestic, enjoyed by the Western elites are failing.

            The EU though has ceded a lot of real and economic power to the US and the US is in the process of turning its back at present. This leaves Europe exposed.Main exposure is that European power elites may try to take advantage of what they see as weakness / opportunity.

            De-Americanization, or phenomena where some countries are breaking their economic and cultural ties to the US reflect declining US hegemonic power. However, the US still retains the balance of power in its favor, so has not the same set of problems to deal with as say the UK or G’ermany.


  33. 75
    Anonymous says:

    The alleged missing money was taken from Conservative Party funds, not the Council. So it would not have been picked up by any public audit or check. Therefore Guido would only know about it from disgruntled Conservative party members who have seen the books and/or discussed the matter at the Conservative constituency party meetings…. I am sure Guido’s moles within the Conservative Council Group and Wandsworth constituency parties will be in contact soon to update Guido and this blog on tonight’s outcome.


  34. 78
    BBC News says:

    Could somebody please sound the 10-minute klaxon!

    Attention! Attention! BBC News has not had any items about homosexuality for at least 10 minutes. Please remedy this…Attention!


  35. 84
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    I will be on BBC2 at lunchtime tomorrow to talk about Karl Marx, even though I have never read one of his major economic works.


  36. 85
    Blowing Whistles says:

    To Sir James Munby – put a sock in it you fat, old, ignorant, despicable, fork-tongued, lying, duplicitous, two-faced, head up your own Rse arsewipe. Ref D Mail page 2 – Thursday 31st October 2013.

    You are only the President of the Family Division – and ‘Not’ the President of the Court of Appeal.


    • 87
      Blowing Whistles says:

      p.s. Sub-note to the letters editor of the D Mail Simpson – you pulled a member of the publics letters questioning the true agendas of Coleridge – make amends ‘Yesterday!’ – in the words of Billy The Big Yin.


  37. 91
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Ch4 news promo Mark Textor … [the other cheek of Lintons] Huh! all the plonker is doing is telling [for a fee] Cameron that he’s doomed if he does not listen but moreover act – In the public Interest …

    It doesn’t take a talked up and monied guru – to realise that public opinion against the lies and intrigues of the LibLabCon – is becoming unstoppable.


    • 95
      Elsie Beattie (83 and a quarter) says:

      Most of us got on with the ironing four years ago, dear. You, obviously, don’t have any creases.


    • 99
      Joss Taskin says:

      Why do people waste any time watching Channel4 News ?


    • 109
      Doc . says:

      Apart from the heritage (postal) voters and their ilk, it is hard to conceive who is going to bother to vote for anyone but Nigel the Magnificent, liblabcon are all spent and seen as the sell out merchants who should be in the Tower for good.


      • 161
        Calidius Eroticus says:

        It’s a bit like inviting some wanker into your house to stay. They seem nice at first and promise to wash up and hoover. Then it all starts going a bit south. Next thing they are in your fridge every five minutes eating the cheese and drinking your beers. Eventually they are shagging your wife, but you still don’t kick them out.

        Then after five years of them taking the piss you finally get up the nerve to kick them out, and then go straight out and find another wanker to invite to stay.

        It’s a cycle of madness that can ONLY be broken by voting UKIP.


  38. 92
    Cutie says:

    Apart from Dimbles, are there any socialists on Question Time this evening?


    • 113
      tn02 says:

      Be very careful of your classifications!

      “Dimbles” is an international socialist…as opposed to a national socialist. International socialists (think Ralph and Ed Miliband) tend not to like national socialists (think Hitler and Stalin). National socialists tend to put their indigenous populations first before all others (is this a crime?… aserious question btw).

      In summary…J*ws (i.e international socialists…aka cosmopolitans) don’t like non J*ws (i.e national socialists such as protestants, muslims, catholics etc and pretty much everyone else) as they see them as competitors for resources.

      J*ws enlist other minority groups (under the guise of equalitarianism, racism, feminism) to adopt their doctrines in order to subjugate the the minority outgroup to their philosophy.

      Politics is a very dirty game practiced by some.


      • 127
        Cutie says:

        Oh, OK. I’ll probably give Channel 5+1 a go, then.


      • 134
        Blowing Whistles says:

        I was just wondering tonight about the goggle Yhow revelations and how suborned / craven / duped the NSA might be to Israel and its firster travellers throughout the world?


        • 146
          Not Blowing Whistles says:

          You should perhaps ask how many NSA staff are j’ish.

          You will be surprised with the answer, especially at the higher levels.

          More interesting is the question as to why G’ermany are trying to blame the NSA for the spying in their country.

          M’erkel has been caught out here. Deutsche Telecom would be the primary agent involved in these activities within G’ermany, and that is a state company. Some habits from the old east, when realized have been brought across, will annoy many.

          The data that the US got was shared by the G’ermans.


  39. 97
    Mad, Bad & Dangerous Gordon McRuin ( Member in absentia ) says:

    Remember me ?? Have Ed Balls, Ed Miliband and I got a legacy for you ! :)….



  40. 105
    Handycock says:

    Trick or Treat?.


  41. 106
    Incapable Vince, deputy Chief Cockroach says:


    That’s why they call me the Sage of Twickenham !


  42. 111
    Goffey Ed says:

    I thall frethe Wandthworth for two yearth.


  43. 116
    Casual Observer 3 says:

    Is !srael still pushing anti-miscegenation laws ?

    This could be a kosher to start tackling the grooming problem in the UK.


  44. 118
    Halloween Message From Labout says:


  45. 121
    British Hard Hats 4 British OBAMA says:


  46. 128
    Not the BBC says:

    Not reported on BBC News…

    Aqab Hussain jailed for 20 years for revenge attack hit-and-run horror caught on CCTV


    A motorist caught on CCTV ploughing into a group of men in Manchester as they crossed the street in a revenge attack has been jailed for 20 years.

    Horrifying footage captures the moment the men were sent sprawling as Aqab Hussain, 21, mowed down the group of men after a minor spat outside a club


  47. 132
    Diane Abbott says:

    Rumours, that like most Jamacian athletes I am on dope, are untrue.

    It just comes naturally.


  48. 137
    Middle East Watch says:

    3 Year Old girl r@ped in Saud! Arab!a by three men and left for dead near hospital:


    Also: F’ilipina woman arrested by religious police for… Sorcery. (Is that on Brooks’ charge sheet ?)


  49. 138
    Guido Fawkes says:

    For all our Muslim readers, wherever you are:


  50. 139
    Blowing Whistles says:

    When people like Ken Livingstone can “Get” themselves off of charges where others will be and have been put in prison – by employing shysters to word mangle the law as to ‘him not acting in an official capacity’ [The Ken Official Capacity get out]- then one has to wonder as to the pitifulness of the sell out goy boys ‘n gals.


    • 187
      Passer by says:

      There is no smoke without fire – which leads one to suspect the veracity of that old expression “as jober as a sudge”. Some, indeed many, of their decisions seem (to put it mildly) quite unbelievable. Does one have to be exceptionally stupid to be appointed (of course by their closed shop approach) as a judge?


  51. 143
    Titter Ye Not says:

    Judging by the show by Kirsty and Emily, Ian Katz is clearly a leg man.


  52. 148
    Snooker Show. 3, 5 says:


  53. 149
    Blowing Whistles says:

    The Executives signed off all the payments in my company. If I didn’t know about the criminality going on then I am equally culpable for their crimes as I ought to have bloody well know.


  54. 155
    Casual Observer 3 says:

    Do David Cameron or any of the others photoshop their publicity shots to make them look good ?

    Here is an example of attempt gone very wrong in China:




  55. 159
  56. 163
    Ed Dafty, LimpDim MP says:


  57. 173
    fed-up in britain says:

    trougher Hunts.vote to bring back the 8=oclock walk for all tory shits.


  58. 186
    Anonymous says:

    “They were held up as a shining example of what the Tories could do in local government.”

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    A shining example of what can be done if the system is fixed to ensure they were handed huge amounts of taxpayer money from central government.


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