September 20th, 2013

WATCH: Former Minister Says Miliband Knew About McBride

Tessa Jowell lands Ed in it:

“I’m sure he [Miliband] knew that this was going on. He was actually away a lot of the time. One of the most important things that Ed Miliband has done is to outlaw this kind of briefing in his shadow cabinet. I have to say someone with the awful, evil influence of people like Damian McBride would be nobody were it not for the position he managed to get in the Labour party,”

It’s going to be the question that follows him around conference…


  1. 1
    Leadership Contest says:


  2. 2
    Ed Miliband says:

    All your base are belong to us.

  3. 3
    EU Funded Pro-EU Troll says:

    Vote UKIP

  4. 4
    Timmytour says:

    Ed Miliband responds…..

    “Look, the important thing here is that we are waffling away saying we are doing what the people want us to do, challenging the Govt on waffle waffle waffle…….”

  5. 5
    Jackson Tosh says:

    Thank God! Can we all go home now?

  6. 6
    Old Blue Eyes says:

    Of course he knew as did Ed Balls and furthermore I believe they were complicit in the skullduggery. Having said all that I doubt it will put off those who vote Labour for you see I have a very low opinion of them.

  7. 7
    Cooked says:

    The front page of today’s Star is very lulzy. I’m not one for conspiracy theories but I wouldn’t put anything past war criminal Blair.

    Robin Cook, who was Foreign Secretary when Diana died, would have had the ultimate say about any plan to kill her. So detectives leading the new Scotland Yard inquiry into the Princess’s death would have been anxious to question him. But the apparently fit and healthy Mr Cook died in 2005 while walking on a remote Scottish mountainside. A helicopter took 30 minutes to get to the scene after he tumbled just 8ft down a ridge.

    Mr Cook’s wife, Gaynor, did not get in the helicopter and was instead left to walk down the mountain. By the time she got to Raigmore Hospital in Inverness, her husband had already been pronounced dead. A heart attack was blamed. He was 59.

    “If the accusation is that he was the man who may have sanctioned an attack, then of course his answers would be crucial. So many lines of inquiry led to him and his office.”

    Former head of MI6 Sir Richard Dearlove testified on oath at the Diana inquest in 2007 that Mr Cook would have been required to issue a “Class Seven Authorisation”. This would have unleashed an armed unit with a “licence to kill”, in the kind of plot a former SAS soldier has said was played out in the Alma Tunnel.

    An SAS sniper, known only as Soldier N, has since said Diana was murdered, adding to the growing belief that her death may not have been an accident.

    Soldier N’s ex-wife told Scotland Yard detectives last month that her former husband decided to confide all to her after taking Prince William, then 26, on an advanced driving course in 2008. He told his wife he already knew of the alleged plot to kill her, but a face-to-face encounter with the young prince convinced him to open up for the first time.

  8. 8
    Labour are evil says:

    “I have to say someone with the awful, evil influence of people like Damian McBride would be nobody were it not for the position he managed to get in the Labour party”

    Remind us which government you were a member of again, Tessa?

  9. 9
    a non says:

    Nothing like a bit of double entendre with the clip caption. :)
    Fortunately Ed is hetero, but even so…….

  10. 10
    Anti Fabian says:

    Jowell admits it publicly. The Labour Party is an organisation for awful, evil nobodies to become awful, evil and influential.

  11. 11
    You mean voters like this, er, babe? says:

  12. 12
    Joyce Thacker says:

    I always Come on Purpose.

  13. 13
    Anonymous says:

    I’m certain Labour wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to recruit more “awful, evil people like Damian McBride” if they thought it would gain them an advantage. In fact I’m sure that description could be applied to many of their current spin doctors.

  14. 14
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Ecoloons says:

    The ConDems are finished if energy bills go up between now and the election.

    Labour just have to expose the rising cost of living and a landslide is theirs.

  15. 15
    North Face Marketing Team says:

    A missed sales opportunity.

  16. 16
    spanows says:


    He either knew and kept quiet or didn’t know because he was so useless….

  17. 17
    Tripping Balls says:

  18. 18
    Margaret Beckett says:

    YES….YES…YES…., but what does any of this have to do with feminine odours??? – It’s not funny when you’re in a small caravan.

  19. 19
    Duty Pedant says:

    Effluential surely!

  20. 20
    Ralph Miliband says:

    For fucks sake who let Edward out of the loft.

  21. 21
    C.O.Jones says:

    You could certainly turn this into a comedy show.

    Mrs Brown’s Boys maybe?

  22. 22
    Questions for the oh-so-innocent Tessa says:

    Is Milliband married to a convicted con-man Tessa?

    Has Milliband separated from his spouse for any political convenience Tessa?

  23. 23
    Conspiracy Watch says:

    The death of Cook was a bit whiffy.

    That the allegations over D!ana came out in the N!ghtingale proceedings is also a bit whiffy.

    D!ana’s inquest returned ‘unlawful killing’ verdict, so there is the possibility that class 7 was not authorized and perhaps Cook had got close to finding out something he should not have done. Or he just had a heart attack on the mountain.

    If he was killed by the state, Arms-To-!raq and Oil-For-Food programs would be more likely. Recall this article he penned about a month before his death:

    At the time and prior to the Syr!a vote in Parliament the other week there were many interests in the UK and abroad in not having such information released, and Cook would have had perhaps more details to be published.

  24. 24
    spare us the lectures dear says:

    This would be the same Tessa Jowell that conveniently
    separated from hubby David Mills when he was accused
    of money laundering and alleged tax fraud.I seem to recall
    other allegations that he’d lied to our tax authorities over the
    origin of a vast sum.

  25. 25
    Working Taxpayer says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if he/she/it died.

  26. 26

    The fat lazy ugly dyke bastard should be dragged out of her subsidised flat ,and left to starve on the streets with no hope or possibility of ever receiving any benefits ever

  27. 27
    The Gimptrainer says:

    Sorry, it won’t happen again.

  28. 28
    Gordoom the coward says:

    I take full responsibility for the actions of my team…It takes great courage for someone like me, who has even written a book on courage, to accept that the responsibility rests with the leader and that’s why Damien has resigned..

  29. 29
    Bill Quango MP -9 says:

    Except neither are very funny.

  30. 30
    'Fixer' Tom Watson says:

    I recently resigned for no reason at all.

  31. 31
    Liberate the smokers says:

    What’s all the fuss about banning smoking in prison?
    Do what the pubs did and build a lean-to outside the gates.

  32. 32
    Private Eye says:

    They spend each weekend together. Much as they did when they were married.

    We have reported this many times

  33. 33
    Private Eye says:

    He’s only a sprog. Give him time.

  34. 34

    And suddenly found £160,000 that had magically appeared in a joint bank

  35. 35
    Godfrey Bloom says:

    It was a fire extinguisher you thick-skulled Hunt!

  36. 36
    Ed Moribund says:

    Bugger! Another bad day on top of a whole summer of bad days.
    Double bugger!

    I’d be very worried if Labour hadn’t gerrymandered the voting system so that we get in even if no one votes for us.

  37. 37


  38. 38
    Farage's garage says:

    Shame he didn’t use an axe

  39. 39
    Publican says:

    Or just give up and close down.

  40. 40
    Godfrey's sister dolly says:

    Nothing less than you deserve you left-wing piss-flap!

  41. 41
    Zyklon B says:

    I’ll vote for whichever party that comes up with a final solution to deal with these types.

  42. 42
    Keep Calm, Vote UKIP says:

    Cr!ck was being rac!st in making that observation.

  43. 43
    Iain Dale's Dairy says:

    Hush now, Damian is my new best friend, just think of the publicity!

  44. 44
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Ecoloons says:

    Don’t worry Ed, the huge price hikes in gas and electricity bills, between now and the election, will play right into your hands wrt the rising cost of living outstripping wages.

    You can safely start picking your carpet and curtains for No. 10.

  45. 45
    Chuka Umunna says:

    You’re all trash

  46. 46
    Darth Vader says:

    Oh dear oh dear! The way Ive been bought up……

  47. 47
    Fluffy Thoughts says:


    Not the Tessa who:

    Had a sham-divorce with a convicted criminal (Italian courts) yet was at the London Games with said same,

    Had a mortgage paid by a convicted criminal (Italian courts and Italian Parliament), and

    Not whose brother-in-law sought tax-advice from the Labour Party (who have a cabinet full of tax-avoiders)?

    No, it cannot be the same Tessa? Really…?

  48. 48
    Clean Ed Miliband says:

    I’m pleased Mills’ 160k donation to the Labour party hasn’t been brought up yet.

  49. 49
    Lee Grasper says:

    “IS” man, you IS trash!!!!!

  50. 50
    Cheek by Jowell says:

    That was another woman who happens to look like me. I’m with Hattie, you know where to find us.

  51. 51
    Lee Grasper says:


  52. 52
    Corinth says:

    And your point is ???

  53. 53
    A Syrian orphan on the New Genocide Party says:

    Why does the Labour party have to be so p o i s o n o u s?

  54. 54

    It must have been someone else

  55. 55
    A Poisonous Plant says:

    Brown & McPoison should be thoroughly ashamed that they have dragged politics into the sewer! The Labour Party have nothing to be proud of! Their paranoid thirst for power is extreme. If they get into government then we can expect more of these obnoxious tricks! Labour is the pits!

  56. 56
    I recognise corruption when I see it says:

    To be fair to Tessa I’m sure she didn’t know how her husband came up with the money to buy their house and I’m also sure she didn’t know when she left him because of his innocence, that they would get back together once it had all blown over.

  57. 57

    Gordon Brown, Ed Balls, Yvette Cooper, Michael Dugher and Jonathan Woodcock are all current Labour MP’s in No 10 with McBride.

    Labour are the nasty party

  58. 58
    She can do what she wants with her own money but what she does with taxpayers money is another matter says:

    If its all about choice I chose that no money of mine goes to keep this feckless boot in the manner she is accustomed.

  59. 59
    Letters from America says:

    Are all the Inglish like this ?

  60. 60

    Cheek by jowel with Ed.

  61. 61
    Miliband on the run says:

    I think he’s probably married for convenience a bit like his predecessor .

  62. 62
    The Maimed Badger says:

    Perhaps another Politician with Blood on their Hands… that Point

  63. 63
    Lexander says:

    I’m so loving it – more of this +ucking nonsense please.

  64. 64
    Rob says:

    Who would have thought a 59 year old Scotsman could keep over of a heart attack while doing strenuous exercise, eh? Bizarre.

    Presumably this “order to kill” (guffaw) was ordered by a Labour Foreign Secretary because Fayed was a Muslim? This is the Labour Party which is famously antipathetic towards Muslims then, eh? They wouldn’t kill her, they’d declare a decking national holiday!!

    It’s shit even as a shit conspiracy theory, let alone reality.

  65. 65
    Tessa bag-faced Jowell says:

    Everyone knew, except me of course.
    just like I knew nothing about my international lawyer hubby, Mr Mills, found guilty of accepting a £350,000 bribe in return for providing false testimony for Mr Berlusconi in two corruption trials.

  66. 66
    Old Blue Eyes says:

    Well there you go. She will certainly be voting Labour or has it should be called the Scroungers Party. She shouldn’t be allowed to vote but of course she’ll manage to get down to the polling station – not too early though.

  67. 67
    Catch me reviewing the papers on Sky and shout abuse at the tele, says:

    Ok guys, I’m a fraud, and an ugly one at that.

  68. 68
    Mr Mills (fraudster, con-man, and lover of da biatch) says:

    fair to Tessa?
    wtf for?
    witches should be burnt at the stake

  69. 69

    This undercass would not exist if it wasn’t for Labour,they are the only vote that ever keeps them in power.

  70. 70
    Bloom Ineck says:

    Pretty much.

  71. 71
    Labour Party says:

    Why do you think we’re so keen on postal votes?

  72. 72
    Rufus Stone says:

    Why is it the Labour team resemble characters from Wallace & Grommit? We’ve seen references to Wallace (Millibland) & Grommit (Balls-Up), but do any of you see the resemblance of Tessa Jowell to Wendolene & MuckBride to her dog?

  73. 73
    Ed Balls says:

    Farage for PM.

  74. 74
    Ed Balls says:

    Oh for fuck sake.

  75. 75
    Ed Balls says:


  76. 76

    If it’s not going to happen again who employed Tom Baldwin?

  77. 77
    Kieth Vaz says:

    Muzzies R Shite.

  78. 78
    Tom Catesby says:

    Who let a nonentity like Mc Bride get into the position in the first place and who was making the bullets for him to fire? Not forgetting friend Alistair and the rest.

  79. 79
    Not Nice says:

    Tessa Jowell fingers Ed Milliband’…Ooooh, er!

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