August 6th, 2013

Amazon on Dead Tree Press: Buy It Now

imageThe Washington Post has been sold for a quarter of the price that Facebook bought Instagram. It’s valuation at $250 million is $65 million less than Arianna managed to convince AOL to give her for the Huffington Post. The ultimate irony is that print is now being bought up by digital; it’s believed Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is spending less than 1% of his fortune on his purchase of this American institution. If this is the price of the Post, other papers better sell up soon before their value drops even further. Guido preparing a bid for the Guardian…

UPDATE: For context:


  1. 1
    Available at all newsagents says:

    Dead tree press? Doesn’t that include The Sun from which Geedo takes a shilling?

  2. 2
    Penfold says:

    The Boston Globe, one of the most prestigious US newspapers, is being sold for a fraction of what it was worth 20 years ago.

    The New York Times company bought it for $1.1bn (£700m) in 1993 but has now agreed to sell it for $70m.

    Like many US newspapers, the Globe has been hit by a slump in advertising revenue with circulation declining.

    The buyer is John W Henry, the main owner of the Boston Red Sox baseball team and Liverpool Football Club.

  3. 3
    Raving Loon says:

    I’m waiting for the day The Guardian gets bought out by The Big Issue.

  4. 4
    Asda says:

    One trip and you’re laughing

  5. 5
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    Why would the Big Issue lower it’s standards?

  6. 6
    Tuscan Tony says:

    There’s quite a bit of non-dead-tree stuff in there too Guido, to be fair. Personally I think it’s a mistake, but hey, Jeff has $ 25bn in his current account and I don’t so maybe it’s me on the wrong side of history here.

  7. 7
    bergen says:

    With financial support of the Co-op Bank.

  8. 8
    He's right you know. says:

  9. 9
    Go long Paper says:

    Once the Perry internet Barr is in place then the only place to get uncensored news will be the printed word,

  10. 10
    Walmart says:

    Permanently Low Prices – Forever

  11. 11
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    “Guido preparing a bid for the Guardian…” along the lines of, “How much will you pay me to take it off your hands”?

  12. 12
    The sage of Omaha says:

    The wise virgin would be buying newspapers and not selling them.

  13. 13
    Private Eye says:

    Nixon Resigns – exclusive

  14. 14
    Sir William Waid says:

    Problem is, Donald Graham has made a long series of bad investment and editorial decisions at the Post. This was the man who turned down a stake in Facebook on his shareholders’ behalf. As Guido says, he is offloading it while it still has some value.

    If it goes belly-up, the Democratic Party will have to fund its own paper.

  15. 15
    A bag full of Pollys says:

    But look at all the baggage that comes with the Guardian. Would any sane person really want that?

  16. 16

    Why would you consider buying a paper like the Graun, Guid? The cat had kittens?

  17. 17
    Keitho says:

    They do have a very similar editorial policy.

  18. 18
    Only £30,000 a month will keep our CEO from starvation. says:

    Please give to generously. The CEO and his board need your money, desperately.

  19. 19
    Keitho says:

    + thousands.

    He was correct in his vision and here we are.

  20. 20
    The BBC says:

    The Guardian could carry on for ever on our recruitment ads alone.

  21. 21
    The EU is croques (de merde) monsieur says:

    Lots of people make money from the dead, including Labour’s Co-op. That could explain Stafford hospital.

  22. 22
    BBC detests visionary says:

    The BBC never would.

  23. 23
    Johann Hari says:

    He finally took my advice. I well remember that cold, sunny morning on the terrace of the Lapsang Souchong Temple, overlooking Lhasa in Tibet. My old friend the Dalai Lama pleaded with Nixon “Hari is wise; an elephant does not disdain the water because it is wet”. We were joined by Marilyn Monroe (or Lobsang Pong to give her her new name) and King Kong, whom she hadn’t met. “Kong, this is Pong; Pong, Kong” I said…….

  24. 24
    JadedJean says:

    The most important illustration in the history of newspapers…courtesy of the Washington Post…

  25. 25
    Clown (Ex Swivel-Eyed Loon) says:

    Buy it just to sack them all, or as another poster said, maybe they’ll pay you, then sack the fuckers.

  26. 26
    Sir William Waid says:

    BBC Enterprises Limited would snap it up.

  27. 27
    bloodclot says:

    Only the rivers of blood to come!

  28. 28
    Don't give to NGOs it only encourages them says:

    There was a time when the boards of charities gave their time free to charity.

    This is still the case with most charities. The excesses came in with the rebranding of the large charities into highly political NGOs, many of which spend a massive proportion of their time trashing the smaller and genuine charities.

  29. 29
    Our EU membership fee: 20 billion reasons to vote UKIP says:

    Ah, but as the paper’s new owner, you’d get to sack her. That’s got to be worth the purchase price alone.

  30. 30
    Yeah, right... says:

    Buy the Guardian? 50p well spent. First day in Rusbridger’s chair, appoint Richard Littlejohn as editor and introduce page 3 in glorious Berliner format.

  31. 31
    little chef says:

    Why would you buy the Guardian Guido?
    Unless of course you are considering a chain of fish and chip shops on the side to use it as wrapping.
    Do not expect support at order-order.
    With Neo appearing too up-market to consider any meal without sets of knives , forks and spoons you would already be down one astronomic / gastronomic client.

  32. 32
    Living in 97.223% white Merseyside says:

    It would appear Miss Patel was responsible for making a list of those charity executives earning more than Our Dave.

    Surely they’re better value than MP’s.

  33. 33
    And for that reason Polly. You're Fired. says:

    You could probably auction the sacking of Polly on Ebay and make a packet.

  34. 34
    Living in 97.223% white Merseyside says:

    Is it suitable to use as bathroom tissues?

  35. 35
    nellnewman says:

    These high salaries are just the tip of a corrupt iceberg.

    Posh expensive HQ’s in london , big staff cars, expenses just like mp’s , time spent cosying up to parliament etc

    The percentage of donations given to some of these charities then used for charitable purposes in negligible and the time spent on charitable purposes by those employed by these so called charities is spent more on political lobbying than providing care and support to those in need.

    The rspca is just one of these discredited organisations -but there are dozens more!!

  36. 36
    Thames Dover Wight says:

    Harry is a wise man why was he was sacked as Spurs manager.

  37. 37
    Eloc Yrrah says:

    AaaN, h’mm it does seem strange Geedes going on about buying the dead tree press, having taken the Murdoch shilling and might have been actually bought buy Murdoch News, why then does Murdoch keep buying titles, for titles is really what they are nowadays, unlike in previous times where newspapers worked from a central office and printing works.

  38. 38
    Eloc Yrrah says:

    If the price was right, Bill, if the price was right

  39. 39
    little chef says:

    Budgie cage lining or for the cats litter box perhaps.
    Of course for the poorer Merseysider it could also double as carpetting.

  40. 40
    Eloc Yrrah says:

    Gideon was on a trip by the looks of him in that picture of him at that party sitting with that coloured girl that Geedes posted on this blog

  41. 41
    Ted Turner says:

    I do the TV news for them

  42. 42
    Eloc Yrrah says:

    Yes, but what would the other 50% say?

  43. 43
    Peter Grimes says:

    The (mostly) Romanian Big Issue vendors could then do a 2 for 1 offer for 50p. Might be a bargain.

  44. 44
    Eloc Yrrah says:

    Geedes has his eye on that money overseas that he keeps saying they have

  45. 45
    Common Sense says:

    “….The Co-Op spends £18m a year on “social goals” which include grants and donations to more than 10,000 community projects.”

    It is also a major backer of the anti fracking movement… because it wants to protect its business as the largest lender to “green renewables” and windmills in the country…

    The CoOp funds 32 Labour MPs jointly with its own CoOP Political Party.

    Do ordinary customers of CoOp Supermarkets and the Bank etc, understand the vast sums this organisation spends on its political activities ?

    Maybe if they wearnt spending tens of millions of pounds each year on political causes, the CoOp Bank wouldnt be short of capital and trying to nick bondholders capital whilst the CoOp stays in control.

    Conventional capital hiearachy rules would suggest if the current CoOp Bank management have destroyed the equity in the bank, the shareholders of the CoOp Bank (the CoOp Group..) should lose their shareholding, and the business should revert to the bondholders who can then install a professional management team and do away with the political vanity projects.

  46. 46
    Eloc Yrrah says:

    Johann, you were not even born like most posting on this blog

  47. 47
    An intellect says:

    If that is the best they could come up with in the whole history of the genre, it would just go to show how useless the dead tree press is. In fact they have provided a number of more interesting snippets over the years.

  48. 48
    Bonar Law says:

    You wrote “It’s valuation ..” The possessive pronoun – his, her, its – never takes an apostrophe. Therefore you should have written “Its valuation …”

  49. 49
    Stella Creasy says:

    I am a Co-Op MP. Did I tell you that? I have never said a word to criticise their use of zero hours contracts or the large sums of money the local authority in my constituency directed to the Co-op under the guise of celebrating the Olympics.

    I also don’t say anything about the doings of UNITE, which also pays large sums of money and, with other unions, backed my election. But I want people to think I am a fearless tribune of the people, nonetheless. Cake?

  50. 50
    A Predator says:

    The Co-op supermarket are blood suckers, targetting their over-priced goods at the very poorest in our societty.

  51. 51
    Anonymous says:

    guardian? Are you planning to buy up a shed load of chip shops?

  52. 52
    Spare Change Guv says:

    The Big Issue is a front for immigration frauds. They do not lift people out of poverty, but have allowed a large number of professional Romanian mendicants to establish themselves in the UK.

  53. 53
    The EU is croques (de merde) monsieur says:

    The thing is that these News moguls don’t make much money out of the dead tree press now but out of the online side (Mail Online, Comment is free, etc) which goes with the territory.

  54. 54
    A Reader says:

    He likes the coffee

  55. 55
    Finsbury Park says:

    Take a look at ‘Freedom from Torture’. The CEO is a former disgraced Tory MP. The building is magnificent, but they do very little inside it these days.

  56. 56
    UKIP says:

    Only if we leave the EU. They banned the use of newspaper to wrap fish and chips.

  57. 57
    JadedJean says:

    Take on board that throughout the 1920s and 1930s there was a bitter political battle between two factions in the USSR. Both claimed to be Leninists. One faction, the Trotskyites and Left-Opposition was purged in the 1930s, just as they were in Germany. This is an important point of history. Many of those purged (thrown out) found their way to the USA. They morphed into the Neo-Conservatives. They wanted the state to be eroded. They still do. The others believe in Big Government as in China, Vietnam, North Korea and former USSR.

    if one gets this wrong, once gets geopolitics all wrong. The SCO and BRICS are not Trotskyite. That is why the members of The Socialist International (see New Labour, the past parties of Greece, Spain etc) are opposed to the regulative statist policies of the BRICS and SCO.

  58. 58
    Two Dogs of Empiricism says:

    It’s H@rry ffs! He can’t spell to save his life.

  59. 59
    A rat says:

    In another incarnation he was a succesful journalist

  60. 60
    Obi Wan Kenobi Nil says:

    Woke up this morning to find that my regular Washington Post had been replaced by a card from Yodel.

  61. 61
    An intellect says:

    Dear Jaded Jean,

    It is best not to assume other people are ill-informed or stupid about politics on a site like this which attracts people who are unusually well informed and interested interested in politics.

    It tends to make you look like a bit of an ass.

  62. 62
    Anonymous says:

    They would be too busy to care, expecting others to protect them, while they keep the economy going.

  63. 63
    Carlos Dangler says:

    Jeez, Real Madrid are prepared to pay more for Gareth Bale. Mind you, the crowds will pay good money to see Gareth Bale.

  64. 64
    A Market says:

    ASDA treats its customers abominably and is no cheaper than any of the other chain supermarkets. They regularly fail to provide the best value for money where fresh vegetables are concerned. Go to a proper market. You will feel human and save money.

  65. 65
    nellnewman says:

    Buying the graudian? Good Lord Guido they haven’t got enough readers to warrant a comic!!

    Mind with pollytwaddle as one of its journalists that’s hardy a surprise!

  66. 66
    Carlos Dangler says:

    I’ve just learned, like the thousands of other punters on here, that “purged” means thrown out

  67. 67
    SaltPetre says:

    Beheading soldiers in the street takes care of that prophesy.

  68. 68
    Anonymous says:

    She missed out the pseudo charities. The ones created during the fizzle of the qangos to perform legal duties in this country.

  69. 69
    Sweet Charity says:

    30 charity chiefs paid more than £100,000
    Eleven of the executives (at Britain’s 14 leading foreign aid charities )
    were paid more than the Prime Minister’s £142,500 a year in 2013, – The Telegraph

  70. 70
  71. 71
    The Ladybird Book of the Russian Revolution says:

    Throughout the 1920s and 1930s there was a bitter political battle between two factions in the USSR.

    Here children, would you like to colour in this illustration of the Five Year Plan? Ask an adult if you can use red crayons.

  72. 72
    Blue Badge Blues says:

    But their customers kill to get inside and shop.

  73. 73
    Lord Finkelstein of Tel Aviv says:

    But he’s a chubby chaser’s dream fuck

  74. 74
    Bazinga! says:

    Owen Jones could buy the Guardian with his pocket money. Then he’d have an infinite supply of cheap toilet roll.

  75. 75
    JadedJean says:

    New Labour was never left wing, it was, and still is right-wing New Left Libertarian. As in the 60s and 70s any hope of left wing socialism in Britain was undermined by Trotskyite-Neocon (right-wing Social Democratic Menshevik) infiltration, which made unions (imagine a 90% Public Sector where everyone worked for each other and the politicians just helped manage this via Civil Servants – the unions would just have been their electorate) look like trouble rather than the democratic voice of the state. Lenin referred to the Social Democrats as Left-Communists (an infantile disorder – he had in his sights Rosa Luxemburg in Germany and the likes of Sylvia Pankhurst in Britain) who were treated as subversives of socialism and in later years anarchists like them were purged as allies of those who wished to bring back naked capitalism. It doesn’t matter what these people say they wanted, or even if they really “believed” that they were socialists, it is the outcome of behaviours (policies) which matter not thoughts, and Libertarians tend to be more verbally gifted than spatial, so probably don’t see the long term consequences. They are performers not engineers.

    Look thoroughly into the Moscow Trials and what happened before in the 1930s. A lot was going on in that decade and it is still relevant today.

  76. 76
    The Charitable Sector says:

    They also have wonderful lifestyles attending lots of booze-fuelled receptions with potential donors, strategy lunches and going to conferences and fact finding visits.

    Most of the hard work is delegrated to junior staff, who are paid a pittance and treated like crap.

  77. 77
    Parkinson says:

    And blowing up crowded London tubes and buses.

  78. 78
    Just Saying. says:

    Look at Children in Need.
    This mornning the Beeb radio 4 were defending the fact that the top two people in this charity were earning a small fortune, but never mentioned that they are both ex Tony Bliar aides. Says it all really.
    The so called 3rd sector is going the same way as the public sector in being “managed” by political fallout people.
    Hopefully the public will realise this and demand value for their contributions.

  79. 79
    Bliar and Broon - charities encouraging self wealth says:

    How dare you insult our charities.

  80. 80
    Jesus Slim says:

    Or you could try to get a bail out from a rich Mexican.

  81. 81
    Co-op Bank - going down says:

    We only make wise investments which is why we invested in the Labour Party.

  82. 82
    Guardian Workers' Collective says:

    We, the workers, plan to take over the Guardian, by force if necessary, delivering it out of the hands of the tax-dodging offshore neocons and operating it on an anarcho-syndicalist co-operative basis. In future, the Guardian will use only ethically-sourced, organic, recycled stories with a fair balance based on ethnicity, sexual orientation (or disorientation) and age. It will be printed on bog-paper recycled from third-world lavatories using only fair-trade ink. Even the staff’s vegetarian farts will be re-used as opinion pieces. Up the workers!

  83. 83
    Village Idiot says:

    ……..You are a student learning about world politics for your CSE ,or whatever it is nowadays!!! (can I claim a prize?)

  84. 84
    Two Dogs of Empiricism says:

    Ugh, what a nauseating thought!

  85. 85
    Londoner says:

    The thing I like about people like Jaded Jean is that just when I feel myself tempted to consider whether my views are a bit too unsophisticated and based on simple common sense, someone lihe them comes along who reminds me of just what a bunch of boring, patronising twats there are over on the left.

  86. 86
    MPS is Bollocks says:

    Registered at the post office for the mail preference scheme. This morning received junk mail, from the Post Office. :oops:

  87. 87
    Dave is worth it says:

    It’s part of a Prime Minister’s job description to travel abroad.

  88. 88
    New Editor of the Grauniad says:

    Toynbee! Get in my office now!

    Right away Sir.

    Toynbee you’re a stupid old bag and you’re fired!

    Now pack your bags and fuck off!

  89. 89
    It's like this says:

    Little chef has had more turnarounds than Cameron.
    And each has had as much promise as a labour manifesto and as much delivery as a DHL van without wheels. Or engine. Or driver.

  90. 90
    Big issue Rubbisher says:

    We already do all that.
    Somehow circulation keeps falling.
    I can’t fathom it out.

  91. 91
    Village Idiot says:

    ….The video of Luton muslims clears Enoch of any wrong,he was and is correct in what he said in the “Rivers of Blood speech”!!

  92. 92
    Royal mail says:

    Don’t worry. Once it’s privatised you won’t get any mail delivered at all.

  93. 93
    The post office says:

    Hmmm… Maybe you should have registered with Royal Mail who deliver the mail. Instead of the post office who don’t.

  94. 94
    JadedJean says:

    Here are a few extracts from a PBC transcript. If one doesn’t see the connection between Thatcher’s revolution in the 80s, “Trotskyism” (The Left Opposition, or “Infantile Disorder”) i.e. Neoconservativism and Murdoch, it’s probably best to start with Murdoch’s “bag-man’s” book on Neoconservativism, i.e that edited by Irwin Stelzer which has chapters by Blair and Thatcher and other suspects. Still, it looks to me like most people in the UK are quite happy with all this, so maybe its a case of just deserts?

    The Washington Post drew out the history of the Neoconservatives and Trotsky long before the second Iraq war, but some never learn. Most people can’t discriminate very well. They think discrimination (intelligence) is bad behaviour in fact. Don’t think, it’s rude!

    Just remember, the Left Opposition were ANARCHISTS. They wanted the state to wither away. That is why the Russians purged them. That is why the Americans hated the Russians, many of their relatives had been ousted by the Soviets. Those that stayed became “dissidents”, Many of those that left went to USA and helped the rise of the Neocons. Unless one sees this a lot of world politics makes no sense. The vilification of “communists” by “Trostkyities “in the USA is quite invidious. It’s a form of feminine-brained identity politics aka psychological warfare.

    ROBERT SPITZLER, Former Managing Editor, “New York Post”: Rupert has no geographical boundaries now.

    ANNOUNCER: Maybe you should know.

    EXPERT: I don’t think Rupert believes in government.

    ROBERT SPITZLER: Dangerous character.
    “KEN AULETTA: Murdoch has been warring with rules and regulations his entire life. He scorns government interference, seeing himself as an anti-establishment, free-market buccaneer.”
    “KEN AULETTA: If young Rupert’s interest in newspapers pleased his father, his sophomoric politics did not.

    THOMAS KIERNAN: His mother once told me a story about how Rupert used to get under his father’s skin by uttering Leninist statements at the dinner table and starting arguments with his father. And the one phrase that particularly riled Keith Murdoch, the– or Sir Keith Murdoch, as he was known then, was Rupert’s characterization of Lenin as “the great teacher.”
    GEORGE MASTERMAN, Q.C., University Friend: He was very interested in politics and radical politics in particular and he had a bust of Lenin on the mantelpiece. He was a self-confident, arrogant, cocky, rich and, seemingly to the English, a communist. And the whole mixture, the cocktail, obviously got a number of his fellow students off-side.
    ANDREW NEIL: As the ’70s went on, Rupert Murdoch was moving more to the right politically. The man who had Lenin’s bust in his room in Oxford was now becoming more and more Thatcherite and Reaganite. Rupert Murdoch admired Margaret Thatcher enormously. He thought she was the saviour of the country. Here was this sort of lower middle class woman coming along, hand-bagging British institutions, shaking the country up, taking on the unions, berating management when it was useless, and he admired it a lot.”

    Incidentally, although the above is a US broadcaster, when one listens to or watches UK Parliamentary hearings broadcast in Britain, note that the transcripts which are taken and published (both Uncorrected and Corrected) are sometimes not exactly what one hears said verbatim in the session as broadcast. If one asks those working on this they will tell you that the oral statements are just a guide….. in other words, what sometimes finds its way into Hansard is not exactly what was actually said. This is perhaps because they are allegedly evidence sessions and what evidence is given is not necessarily what is said verbatim. I guess that’s intensional politics? Something to be wary of perhaps?

  95. 95
    Voluntary Sector says:

    The rot set in with Red Nose Day. This lefty BBC scheme funds a lot of charities where the bureaucracy spend their time ticking the multiculti boxes for the BBC. Highly paid CEOs are par for the course in this merry-go-round world of privilege and left wing fakery.

  96. 96
    Save a Charity Chief says:

    For just £2 a week you could save a charity chief. Every day he has to struggle to find clean water. The poachers are out to get him. They track him as he moves from country to country to keep his family alive. Please help now.

  97. 97
    Voluntary Sector says:

    No they aren’t. if you have ever working in the voluntary sector you would know that there is a brahmin caste of highly paid chosen ones who leech off the efforts of tohers and live a life of Riley at the top…

    Similar to being an MP, but unelected. The better comparison is with the House of Lords, where many of these arsehioles end up.

  98. 98
    The Public says:

    Just use skype, you indolent mong. You already have a large number of ambassadors who can represent the country oversees.

  99. 99
    Londoner says:

    Gosh, you must be very tired after all that cutting and pasting. Why don’t you go and have a lie down. And no, I didn’t bother to read it.

  100. 100
    Observer says:

    They don’t speak English.

  101. 101
    Mahatma Coat says:

    Yer mate Murdrock will lendy you the wonga Gee-doh

  102. 102
    Anonymous says:

    My local authority banks with the Co-op. I wonder how that got signed off.

  103. 103
    Mahatma Coat says:

    We already have A-gurn-Aid here!

  104. 104
    The New York Times says:

    Hey, we’re still staggering on you know.

  105. 105
    Mahatma Coat says:

    And pre-prepared gibberish.

  106. 106
    Mahatma Coat says:

    Or even the mail preference service!

  107. 107
    Anonymous says:

    so-called “fake charities”?

  108. 108
    Ex Giver says:

    I used to make a point of at least contributing to charities that spent their largesse in the UK. Hence I supported ‘Help the aged’ against ‘Age Concern’, since the latter spent lots of its money outside the UK.
    Then they merged. So I no longer contribute.
    Local charities only get my money now.

  109. 109
    Academic says:

    Like University Vice Chancellors and local council bosses, periodically they play musical chairs to ratchet up their salaries.

  110. 110
    Harry Ramsden says:

    Aye. We’re not what we used to be when I were a lad.

  111. 111
    H*rry Ramsden says:

    My name’s been modbottyed. I’ll try again…

    Aye. We’re not what we used to be when I were a lad.

  112. 112
    I can spell words of one syllable says:

    You’ve certainly lowered yours with that apostrophe.

  113. 113
    Marvo says:

    He didn’t actually use the word “rivers”. That was made up by his enemies.

  114. 114
    Thrifty says:

    I got a free Telegraph at Waitrose today. Very good for lighting the woodburner.

  115. 115
    Incredulous says:

    You don’t think the Garudina’s a newspaper, do you?

  116. 116
    Anonymous says:

  117. 117
    Anonymous says:

  118. 118
    the knackers man says:

    guido should consider purchase of Exchange & Mart – buffing up its society column might test his ability

    remember – like all (sometime) successful newspapers the Guardian pumps out the crap that part of the populace wants to read

  119. 119
    Cap'n Mainwairing says:

    “New Labour was never left wing”

    Nonsense. It is only the left who say that, and that is because they are so ashamed of the last Labour government, who ruined the country as they usually do, and because of the lies, the Iraq war and the Labour collusion with the CIA in torture and rendition.

    The fact is that that “New” in New Labour was merely a marketing ploy, and that government was stacked to the gunwhales with old lefties.

  120. 120
    the knackers man says:

    interesting – JadedJean

  121. 121
    Sir William Waid says:

    Wha they all have in common is an almost solipsistic faith that they have discovered the Secret of Government and must either convert the ignorant masses to it or impose it on them by force. It’s a form of megalomaniac paranoia.

  122. 122
    Annedroo Rarwnsley says:

    Don’t bother buying the grauniad or observer, you can read the same old shite in the Economist.


  123. 123
    Simon B says:

    Guido should buy the Guardian definitely. Then we can finally be successful in silencing any communist opposition and lefties will have nobody to speak for them.

  124. 124
    Simon B says:

    Another commie, with his faux concern for the “poorest in society”, also known as “life’s losers.”

  125. 125
    bbc Media Mafia says:

    Yes. We advertise in The Guardian. That’s why our news coverage is unbiased.

  126. 126
    Eloc Yrrah says:

    That is just Londistan

  127. 127
    Eloc Yrrah says:

    Geedes is not Branston

  128. 128
    Eloc Yrrah says:

    I thought he had been to university, albeit in Scotland or was it one of those universities that just select on interview

  129. 129
    Eloc Yrrah says:

    Was it painful?

  130. 130
    Eloc Yrrah says:

    Of course Jeff Bezos has played it quite well, by buying the Washington Post, he has finally realised that, even in the USA, not everyone hasn’t got or use a computer, so it would be another outlet for Amazon to sell its goods

  131. 131
    Eloc Yrrah says:

    Who is Gareth Bale, not another “sportsman” that spends his time kicking a bag of wind about.

  132. 132
    Eloc Yrrah says:

    Murdoch probably owns this sight, bought with a few fivers

  133. 133
    Great Granddad says:

    No wonder you are jaded lady. Those whose chosen subject is recent history, political or otherwise, should bear in mind that there are an awful lot of real experts around – those old enough to regard your subject not as history at all, but as yesterday’s current affairs. We remember the polishing off of Trotsky; and subsequently his family and followers. Fortunately Winston Churchill, and Franklin Roosevelt remembered too come 1944/45. Without those two men this blog could not exist today and nor would you be free to spout freely without fear of the consequences.

  134. 134

    The end of the Internet is near.

  135. 135
    JadedJean says:

    And just what makes you think that you are older than me? I’ll give you a clue to just how old I am. There were an estimated 2 billion people on the planet when I was born. Now there are 7 billion.

    I’m trying to tell you something substantial about geo-political-economics and you want to play ‘label that regime’s ideology’?

    Perhaps you should look into the relationship between Social-Democracy, (Social-Fascism according to Stalin in the mid 1930s) and Blair’s New Labour (Ralph Miliband’s New-Left is a member of the Socialist International), and Neoconservatism (aka Trotskyism). It’s essentially anarchism (regulation) in the service of anti-statist free marketism (see Rupert Murdoch and his spokesman Irwin Stelzer, and the latter’s The Neocon Reader). This is all peddled by making as many people as possible think that they’re very clued up by eroding education standards. In fact, they’re not. The most venal part of it all (even more than charges that statistics are raving genocide mongering mad-persons) is that anyone who points out what’s really going on is ridiculed as a ‘conspiracy theorist’. Clever psychology eh.

    Those who peddle this anarchism abuse the younger generation as the latter have not invested their taxes or labour in the creation of the state (welfare, state education, transport, means of production, NHS etc), so mistakenly think they have nothing to lose. In fact, they’re cutting their own legs off as they will discover, after it’s too late.

    There are those who don’t want people to see this.

    Are you one of them?

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