July 24th, 2013

Should Guido Sue Claire Perry?

Last night after Guido reported the legitimate news that anti-porn campaigner Claire Perry had been targeted by internet hackers who hosted porn on her website, the Tory MP went proper shouty crackers on Twitter.

  • She then bizarrely claimed that Guido had sponsored the hacking of her website.
  • When smears did not work, Perry then tried vague threats about calling the editor of  The Sun, despite the story appearing on the blog, for which the editor of The Sun doesn’t have any responsibility.

You can read her collected tweets here. They are without any foundation, merit or a shred of evidence to back them up. Guido suspects it is based on Perry’s dislike of the blog bringing the pushy MP back down to earth occasionally. Perry does not have a leg to stand on here, so if she does not retract the bonkers allegations, should Guido unleash his lawyers? You won’t like them when they’re angry.

So in the now fashionable manner popularised by the government the blog has decided to put the decision out to consultation to the readers. Poll closes at midday. Vote below…


  1. 1
    Anonymous says:

    Seeing that you were hosting links as she alleges – no.


    • 3

      I’m not quite sure how one ‘hosts’ a link. Guido showed a screengrab of the page, and was accused of ‘sponsoring’ the hacking, which is a serious allegation of criminal conduct.


    • 4
      Anonymous says:

      Do you know what a link is?


      • 8
        Claire Perry says:



      • 23
        Anonymous says:

        Yes, and because he was hosting more than one link yesterday he won’t sue over that point – guaranteed.


        • 29
          Goggle says:

          We link to sites are we guilty also?


        • 44
          Darrow says:

          No. Wait for her to try to sue you and see her lose.
          This site is all about free speech.


          • Dirty Harry Fawkes says:

            I know what you are thinking ‘Is he or isn’t he going to sue’ Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement I’ve kinda lost track myself. But being as this is a High court writ, the most powerful legal power in the land, and it would blow your PR apart, you’ve got to ask yourself one question: ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well, do you, Perry?


          • Old Blind Pugh says:

            He has Rupert behind him now, only Rupert and associates do not any direct connection, that is part of the deal


      • 151
        Nothing Better To Do says:

        Do you? A link takes you to another website when you click on it. Guido didn’t put one on his blog. Therefore Perry is wrong. She also has no evidence that the hacking was “sponsored” by anyone and merely because everyone but hers finds it amusing she cannot make allegations without facing the possibility of legal action. The woman is an idiot and doesn’t understand what she is campaigning for.


      • 170
        chickpea57 says:

        Yes- and you clearly don’t.


      • 199
        Greg Price says:

        Do you? You don’t seem to…


    • 7
      Sally Bercow says:

      People can’t be sued for silly Twitter comments, can they?


    • 10
      Rarter and Cuck says:

      No definitely not sue her Guido. It only makes the lawyers rich and your Blog is far more effective anyway.


      • 131
        Maqboul QC says:

        No if he wins substantial damages to be donated to a charity of his choice. Such as Guido’s Wine Cellar Foundation.


    • 13
      A Dingo Ate My Baby says:

      Are you as stupid as Claire Perry? It would certainly appear so.


      • 24
        Aaron D Highside says:

        Hacking an MP’s website and posting pornography. Eavesdropping on people’s voicemails. Which is worse? Brian Leveson – come on down!


    • 21
      Thick as shit 'Internet Expert' says:

      JPG with no = Hosting a Link


    • 33
      QED says:

      So a bitmap that may or may not have linked to Perrys URL is Sponsorship?


    • 35
      Alex says:

      Claire, you don’t possess the technical knowledge to understand what you’re talking about.

      GF did not host any links, he took a screenshot from your website, the real host of the links – maybe one of your offspring can explain how the internet works to you.


    • 39
      V1le Labour improved my Country says:

      don’t be such a big girl Guido. She has made herself look like a total idiot and suing her doesn’t sit very well with your oft stated desire to say what you want, when you want about who you want.

      some might even say you are able to give it, but like all bullies, you can’t take it


      • 49
        QED says:

        Politicians need to learn that they are not above the law, especially jumped up ‘happy clapping, legends in their own lunchtime’ ones.


        • 95
          V1le Labour improved my Country says:

          well yes they do, but taking this through the courts would be pretty pathetic.


      • 62
        Lord Sir Domly Dom says:

        Claire Perry MP is trying to bully all decent porn loving adults in this country. If there is one MP in the commons who deserves to be bullied, it is her.


      • 158
        Dave is a liar and hates the UK says:

        This women wants oppresive state control of internet content.

        She needs to be shown as bonkers, if her arrogant and misguided and libelous comments are now simply ignored, it will be just be a light shower running off a ducks back and quickly down its ar@e.

        To stand a chance of defeating this womens odious internet plans, a very good start would be
        the insinstigation of legal proceedings against her.

        The publicity of the proceedings should bring some clarity and focus on this women’s wider internet demands, which is only a good thing.

        If the case proceeds or not, or if she makes an apology and small donation to an anti porn charity in order for Guido to drop his legitimate claim, then more’s the better.

        This women and Cameron’s agenda needs to be thrust into the spotlight and shown up for the nonsense it is.


    • 80
      Morning playlist says:

      A Boy Named Sue
      Peggy Sue Got Married
      Runaround Sue
      Ty Girlz–Sizzlin’ Sue
      Peggy Sue I Love You,
      Sue — Tee


      • 95
        Anonymous says:

        Web developer here, as far as I can see… no links were hosted. If it was a screenshot… it was an image, nothing linky or hosty, that’s journalism


    • 92
      Greedy Parasite QC, 13, Pott's Chambers says:

      Oh please please please please please please PLEASE,


    • 110
      Anonymous says:

      It’s the language that’s wrong no? Hosting a link – no. Distributing (via the screenshot) a link – yes.

      Try doing a screenshot of a page which distributes – let’s call it the darker side of the pornography business – and see how that argument goes ;)


    • 148
      Cast-Iron Guarantee says:

      You suggested to her yesterday that she apologise and she’s not done so (as far as I’m aware). The ball is in her court, so make her sweat for a while.


    • 155
      Rinka The Dog says:

      Stand against her in Devizes GE2015.
      You won’t win but it’ll finish her career.


    • 173
      Anonymous says:

      Do you even know what a link is?


    • 185
      lojolondon says:

      erm – you may not know enough about the ‘interweb’ to win this one – Guido published screengrab of Claire Perry’s website, no more and no less. It was Claire Perry’s very own website that forwarded to porn. I was most disappointed because I went to Claire Perry’s website and found that it no longer linked to a porn website. Maybe I could sue Guido for false advertising, but not sure CP could do anything about it. (hahaha)


  2. 2
    The EU is croques (de merde) monsieur says:

    Stand by for ‘ A Brief Encounter’.


    • 100
      I thought this site was about free speech says:

      Re the Claire Perry issue, vote UKIP


    • 121
      Binky Huckaback says:

      PornoPerry is a much better name than Dame Celia Molestrangler.


    • 191
      M'Learned Friend says:

      Err, Guido, Old Chap. You cannot sue (well, you can sue all you want but you will not win) if it did not damage your reputation. That would require you to prove both that any right-thinking person would have taken La Perry’s comments seriously (and how probable is that?) and also that said right thinking person would have thought less of you as a consequence.
      Have a drink and get over it.


  3. 5
    A Private Buffoon says:

    Anon above doesn’t seem to get it either.

    I shouldn’t bother if I were you Guido. Just shrug it off down the pub. All publicity is good publicity.


    • 20
      Sue her says:

      no, because this woman is being given a very public voice and is being allowed to speak for parents all across the UK regardless of what people really want/care about.

      She needs to understand she cannot just blab something out and it be fact.


      • 40
        Tony Bliar says:

        ‘she cannot just blab something out and it be fact’. Why not?


      • 91
        Biased Broadcasting Corporation says:

        Agree. An MP of all people should check and triple check their facts before they start making public pronouncements. You would think she would know that.


  4. 6
    Anonymous says:

    teach the cretin a lesson


  5. 9
    Anonymous says:

    Was not too fussed superficially but after learning she is an MP she deserves everything she gets. Make the pips squeak.


  6. 11
    WelshRacer says:


    You must prove how stupid it is for someone who has no idea about information technology and how the Internet work should never be in a position to either lecture or advise the institutions about this subject in the future.

    This industry has been abused and badly lead by such people in the past – it is time the geeks rise to defend their industry and save it from such amateurs.

    It is like a rear seat passenger telling someone how to drive car whilst they themselves failed their driving test or never driven a car before.

    So please, yes do carry this action.


  7. 12
    The General Public says:

    In that picture she looks like she might be singing the “Shake n Vac” song.


  8. 14
    Mornington Crescent says:

    Another bissy-bossy meddling bint with ideas well above her station – based mainly on the fact she’s got her head rammed firmly up Mr. Slippery’s arse.

    Fuck off, Perry – go and join the Labour Party.

    And if the people of Devizes have got any sense, they’ll dump her at the next election.


  9. 15
    Dave's Secret Porn Stash says:

    Sue the hectoring idiot…


    • 166
      Hang all the lawyers says:

      A wise man lives his life having as little contact with the legal profession as he possibly can. One thing to be said in Rupert Murdoch’s favour is that he doesn’t go in for libel suits.


  10. 16
    Anonymous says:

    I’ll chuck in a few quid if you’re having a whip round to pay for it.


  11. 17
    PC Dixon says:

    You’ve obviously upset the poor dear Guido – personally I’d ignore her – let her sue you – she wont!!


  12. 18
    Perry Barr says:

    She hasn’t got any money left and the welfare will only have to pick up the tab if you sue her.


    • 22
      Destitute says:


      • 51
        Mornington Crescent says:

        “Hungry” on 65k a year plus huge exes – not to mention whatever hubby earns.

        My heart bleeds.


        • 194
          Eliza Acton says:

          Sounds like a course of ‘home economics’ required, I know people who live on 15K and keep families. Would be much more useful for Claire in the long run than getting into hot water filling her head with all that ‘links’ silly work. She should be concentrating on links of sausages.


  13. 19
    bergen says:

    Put it down to the time of the month and forget about it.


  14. 24
    Anonymous says:

    Im actually starting to feel sorry for Cameron, I bet he wants to promote a woman but after Charlotte Leslie last week Dumbo Perry this week and moron miller all the time, his options are pretty limited. Even Dumkopf Schmidt makes this one look bright


  15. 27
    Boycotts ganny says:

    Go for it. Teach the bitch a lesson.


  16. 30
    Lukewarm says:

    This is the epitome of a Westminster Village wank. Nobody cares who she is (never heard of her), or whether Guido has been libelled or not. It doesn’t matter to anyone.
    Enjoy the sunshine, watch the cricket, kick a ball about with your kids, open a bottle of wine.


    • 46
      Alex says:

      She’s not just libelled him, she’s accused him of sponsoring criminal activity in contravention of the Computer Misuse Act – she should either apologise or call in Knacker.


    • 122
      In the real world says:

      Or do a days work


  17. 32
    Anonymous says:


    Yes yes yes yes

    She is in a position of influence with regard to HMG and Internet regulation, she doesn’t understand it at all. This needs publicity.


  18. 34
    Mr. Cholmondley-Warner says:

    Woman, know your place!


  19. 36
    She's turned into a tree Hugger says:


    • 106
      Cynical-old-bag says:

      The Larmer Tree Festival, eh?

      You MP’s really know how to live.


      • 160
        An Englishman says:

        Actually, it was damned good. Van Morrison, Richard Thompson, Seasick Steve, Imelda May – excellent music for people who know the difference. And good food, and great weather. And no abundance of drugs, drunkenness, crime, loutishness or ‘youth culture’. It makes Glastonbury seem like a nightmare. imho.

        But if I’d known Perry was there I’d have sought her out and given her a piece of my mind. How can I vote for a party that gives authority to such an idiot?


  20. 43
    Bill Quango MP - x says:

    It might be worth seeking an apology {via sending your solicitors letter} for the allegations that you hacked or sponsored a hack of her web page.

    Ask her what her evidence for that was and ask for a full apology that you may print on your blog.

    Also ask her what redress a member of the public has if a person in a position of power threatens to go to the boss of an employee unless they do as the person in power demands. Is that bullying behaviour? is there a helpline? Should the government consider setting up a helpline? etc.

    £xx cost to you. But you’ll get a post out of her reply.


    • 66
      Empty Ed says:

      Plus the £20m judge led public investigation to look into the efficacy of the helpline.


    • 74
      The EU is croques (de merde) monsieur says:

      Quite right. If Guido does nothing it will be a tacit admission of guilt. A public apology at the very least is necesary.


    • 118
      Dweeb says:

      Bill’s right. Go for a written retraction and apology. No doubt you know a friendly LLB who would run up the letter for a Guinness. Or if you’re that cash-strapped, do it yourself and have him sign it. Once you have the apol, you have the ammo to direct wherever you want.


  21. 45
    Ne says:

    I would… I mean sue


  22. 47
    IanH says:

    Sue her


  23. 48
    NHS Death Camp says:

    What is the matter with our chattering classes? On the one hand we have Labour primsing that “technology” – ie handing over government to EDS and Siemens, will “deliver” and the other hand people like poor Claire and Windmill Dave making htemselves look idiotic by not thoroughly researching and trying to use tools themselves before making pronouncements.

    It must be education. I was shocked when my son’s posh boarding school declared programming a “non graduate” occupation. All well and good but how in hte hell can you manage in a digital economy without having written a program?

    Where is the Anglo Saxon tradition of pragmatic empiricism? Why do folk lnot try it themselves and learn from experience? Have they all gone Continental and too posh to do anything but rely on their servants?


  24. 50
    Anonymous says:

    If it will stem for only a moment the tide of her ill informed drivel. Let the writs fly.


  25. 52
    Lynton Crosby says:

    I would consider that the appropriate punishment for Claire Perry would be to read the tweets of Owen Jones for the next 6 months.


  26. 54
    Anonymous says:

    Obviously she is attempting to intimidate reporting of her situation. But only a fool hires lawyers to start a lawsuit. The lawyers will simply run up bills as fast as they can, until someone has to pay.


  27. 56
    Diane Abbotapotumus says:

    The ignorance about technology that Claire shows is only eclipsed (!!) by my knowledge of healthy eating. And for that reason I am out.



  28. 57
    Octavius Tinsworth Ace says:

    I voted yes out of pure prejudice, but I am not sure that ignorance and pomposity are grounds for legal action.


    • 70
      Claire Perry says:

      “but I am not sure that ignorance and pomposity are grounds for legal action.”

      Why ever not?, they are grounds for a career in politics – specialising in the Internet.


  29. 60
    Don't make me angry! says:


  30. 61
    M102 says:

    What do I have to do to stop Guido suing me? Give him a bl0w j0b?


  31. 63
    Gok Wan says:

    She always wears that same ugly lime green jacket


  32. 64

    No need to sue her Guido, it’s clear she’s cluelessly lashing out. An apology would be nice though?
    This is only the start of the government embarrassment as Dave opens his stupid maw….
    Look how the Australian Government have tippy toed from censorship after undertaking proper studies and advice from their ISPs..


  33. 65
    Charlie says:

    Refute her comments on your blog and demonstrate she does not know what she is talking about. Then ask her to reply . The Socratic approach works wonders at showing up people who talk about subjects on which they know very little.


  34. 67
    RedLorry says:

    It’s essential and a public service that you do.

    It will expose that she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

    Remember Sally B**cow and Lord Mac. Lefties have used lawfare for years. Let’s see how they like it.


  35. 68
    Owen Jones says:

    Just a thought – as Claire Perry libelled Guido – and Guido is technically 3 people – all 3 can probably sue for defamation.


  36. 69
    mrsshitrit says:

    I would say on that one yes. It refers to you “hacking ” a website, and being somehow involved with porn. it will be very costly but I can recommend a good lawyer >>>>> O)


  37. 72
    This guy really needs to stop flashing his weiner says:


  38. 76
    the industrial revolution says:

    Uniform Resource Locators were on the servers of the blog as they were in the comments so that bit is correct to say but saying you sponsored the hacking is an outrageous slur. A contributor printing the links confirms the story, the actual page on her website could have been a funny cartoon or something similar, that they were pornographic images is unfortunate and nasty but so is wanting to excessively curtail freedoms.


  39. 78
    nellnewman says:

    cameron needs to get rid of her quick she’s making him look more stupid than he is.


    • 97
      Call me Dave says:

      Sack someone within a year it makes me look a fool. Sack them after a year and they look a fool.


  40. 81
    Don't Sue, Laugh says:

    There once was a girl from Devizes
    Who had breasts of two different sizes
    One was so small
    It was nothing at all
    The other so big it won prizes.


  41. 84
    justin welby says:

    Leave her, Guido. She’s not worth it. Come on. Get your coat. I said leave her! Come on. Do a line. I’ve got a baggie here.


  42. 85
    Gaye Mann (Mrs) says:

    The thing is, for an action on defamation to success the accuser needs to prove that the false statement “causes a reasonable person to think worse of them”.

    How can anyone think worse of Gu*do?


  43. 88

    Having posted this earlier today on last night’s page, you may take it that my vote is yes:

    Schrödinger’s cat says:
    July 24, 2013 at 8:25 am

    @Guido Fawkes

    I hope you issue proceedings against Claire Perry MP for her clearly libellous allegations against you last night.

    Grounds as follows:

    1. If you don’t then she may prove even more problematic for your strategic interests.

    2. Unless she is challenged she will get worse and believe her own propaganda.

    3. This will in turn encourage others in politics.

    4. This will, if unchallenged, then appear to the electorate as a whole that her thoughts are deliverable. Then you have a whole movement on your hands. It will take a long time to disabuse them of this as will ultimately be discovered, in despair. How much damage will be done on the way is anyone’s guess though.

    5. You already have good advice so, regarding the bottom line, I hardly need to say this. But I will anyway. If you do issue proceedings, be prepared to follow the action through. That must be your choice.

    6. It will be good form to send her an open letter simply requesting an apology for her mistake first. A letter before action can always follow.


  44. 90
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    Come on Guido give it up and let’s have proper issues. If you dish it out then have the guts to take it. Stop being mardy.


    • 113

      It is not about being mardy. I had expected better of you.

      You stand up to bullies.



      • 123
        Anon says:

        SHUT IT CAT


      • 167
        Idon'tneednodoctor says:

        It’s not about standing up to bullies, it’s just the triviality of the issue. Guido could best use his time on bigger issues. However, if he does sue and wins damages, I hope he donates such money to a charity.


        • 168
          M102 says:

          Coitus Face? :)


        • 202

          It is exactly about standing up to bullies.

          Claire Perry is one of those types who thinks that because she is elected to parliament, she can lord it over everyone. In reality, she is just starting and clearly has a lot to learn. But she cannot see this – yet.

          This type of person can be very dangerous if left unchecked. The power just goes to their heads and they think that anything that falls from their lips must be unadulterated wisdom. It is not – as we have seen.

          Her response to making a mistake is then to compound her error. Then again…

          How long are you prepared to let such a person go on for?


  45. 93
    Daily Fail, Express, Mirror, Star,Sun says:

    None of this matters. What we want to know is, will it be breast or bottle?


  46. 98
    John Joseph says:

    I was inclined to vote “no” — don’t give her the satisfaction — until I read the messages which Claire Perry sent. She is not evil, and I agree with her about the importance of regulating internet pornography. But it cannot be put in the hands of someone who really does not understand the internet, as her tweets make clear that she does not. A well-aimed lawsuit should help her to comprehend better the issues that are at stake. And tame the bullying.


  47. 103
    Owen Jones says:

    My mother banned me from using the internet.

    But my friend lets me use the computer in his house.


  48. 104
    Ah! Monika says:

    Sue. It will be good fun and pass proceeds to children charity.


  49. 105
    Not surprised says:

    Porn? Isn’t it what the internet was invented for?


  50. 108
    a non says:

    Surely having got her by the short and curlies for her irrational tweets should be enough Guido?

    No gentleman then goes for the jugular especially against one who has already been forced to pay tribunal compensation for previous stupidity.

    An apology from her should suffice.


  51. 109
    Sir William W says:

    There was an MP for Devizes
    Whose ***s were of different sizes
    The one that was small
    Was no use at all
    But the other was huge and won prizes


    • 117
      Mornington Crescent says:



    • 146
      Ah! Monika says:

      Err, is this ALL by your own pen?


      • 197
        William Jethro Gayspeare says:

        … not necessarily: for instance –
        There was a young man of Devizes
        Whose ****s were of different sizes:
        One **** was so small,
        It weighed nothing at all.
        While the other won several prizes.

        But then, just think of the poor man…

        There was a young man of Nepal
        Who had an Hexagonal ****;
        The square of its weight,
        (Plus one hundred and eight),
        Was four-fifths of five-ninths of f**-all,


  52. 111
    Wrott & Swindlers LLP says:

    Go ahead and sue her pants off, oh and then post the picture on here.


  53. 114
    CrazyParrot says:

    No don’t sue her yet, just let her know that you are going to stay locked on her case like a skin graft; ridicule her whenever you get the opportunity and then write about how much you enjoy doing it.


  54. 115
    Tin Foil Tommy says:


    • 128
      Sandra in Accounts says:

      If this is the best Cameron can do then no wonder the poor sap is so desperate to promote a woman – ANY woman on this evidence.

      For shame. What an idiot she is, what a sap Cameron is for allowing her to talk publicly about matters upon which she has no understanding of her brief.


    • 136
      Bodgit, leggit and Scarper says:

      I’ve met the German Guys who are remarkably fortunate to come over here with a light aircraft just in time to photograph for publication these mysterious events.


      • 175
        Psychedelic Hippo says:

        There was a comprehensive documentary several years ago on the telly which showed precisely how these corn circle makers actually do their patterns. Dead clever they are – all measured to the last degree and inch – and little green men in spaceships have sod all to do with flattening bits of a farmer’s cornfield into pretty patterns.


  55. 119
    flashman says:

    another Islington noob telling me what to do. Fuck off I have had it up to my nuts with political elite .

    manage the country deport emergents even the welsh( o joke just in case i go to prison for saying some thing that’s not aloud stasi bastards) SMALL GOVERNMENT !!

    where’s the next Churchill because this shit hole country needs a man as big as him to fix it .


  56. 124
    A techie voter says:

    Yes please if only to show the person driving these changes know little of what she is dealing with it makes baroness Scotland and her problems dealing with her own rules about employing foreigners look like child’s play


  57. 125
    meh says:

    demand an apology for the ‘sponsoring’ comment, which is defamatory, on the grounds that if she doesn’t you’ll sue and give the contents to, oh, any charity that looks after former porn actors or something else. Or use them to finance an internet porn film.

    I mean you could just give it to charity, but it would be much more fun to ensure her money is used to do something she’d hate.


  58. 126
    Anonymous says:

    Didn’t know Guido was so keen on porn. Because I can’t think of any other reason why you’d be having a go here.

    Now put your bloody clothes on, you pervert, and stop making a mess on the carpet.

    And … you sickening hypocrite … don’t you ever talk about free speech again, when you’re threatening a libel action for some perfectly justifiable (if techno-ignorant) comments.


    • 137
      Sponsorship says:

      Coo eee


    • 153
      Catflap says:

      ‘perfectly justifiable’ my arse.


      • 189
        dazed and confused says:

        Always makes me smile when ppl cant be bothered to use a name. “But its porn godamit I must be anonymous” I dont mind a bit o porn , the wife doesent mind a bit o porn and both of us have taken the time to make sure we turned the existing filter we have on. Its all very simple realy. I’m not sure watching porn occasionaly means your a pervert, or did the priest keep telling you that as was teaching you the rosary. Go on you supress those urges push them down deep down. FFS its comical


  59. 129
    PaedoFinder General says:

    Straightforward libel I would think. Sue the ignorant witch.


  60. 132
    Point of Information 2 says:

    This is a family blog – and indeed stated so when hosting the link to Claire’s disgraceful web page.

    The Twitter statements should be retracted, and at the least an apology issued.

    Clear case for defamation / libel here by the sound of it. Any whispers on the grapevine could constitute slander.


  61. 133
    Really!! says:

    The crux of the problem is that we have a bunch of non tech savvy MP’s deciding what should and shouldn’t be on the Internet. If Ms Perry’s comments are her current level of understanding then Dave should find someone technically competent. As well as getting a public apology, I would say go to her boss( Dave) and inform him of his Ms Perry’s lack of skills to do her job.



    • 176
      Psychedelic Hippo says:

      Careful what you wish for. If Dave employs somebody competent who actually knows what they are doing, the internet might actually be blocked. We don’t need any experts on this case thank you.


  62. 134
    man with a very hot bladder says:

    Sue the bitch.


  63. 139
    Casual Observer says:

    This is a family blog – and indeed stated so in the article.

    Her statements should be retracted, and at the least an apology issued.

    This blog cannotbe held responsible for the content of external government sites.


  64. 140
    Sally ( my Hubby's the speaker don't 'y know ) says:

    Why is Claire Perry trending? #guilty face


  65. 143
    Nigel Evans boyfriend says:

    sue her and my ex (he stole all my lube)


  66. 144
    Lionel Putz, Attorney at Law says:

    Sue her. Also sue Sir Tim Berners-Lee for conspiracy, he invented t’interwebs after all!


  67. 145
    Paniagua v5 says:

    Oh dearie dearie me, even more proof that the woman doesn’t understand tech…

    From – http://www.claireperry.org.uk/policy-explained/

    “I have therefore decided to pilot a new system where I give my response to group email campaigns on my website. As I know that some people do not have access to the Internet, I will still write back to Constituents sending campaign correspondence via the post.

    So someone without access to the internet sends you an email through a website. Is this the tech equivalent of immaculate conception?


  68. 147
    Ah! Monika says:

    I think Dave should visit some porn sites with Claire for a ‘photo op.


  69. 149
    Anonymous says:

    He could fund the action through Kickstarter or another crowdfunding site.


  70. 150
    Riggsy Brown says:

    Hope Guido doesn’t pass such an open goal without slamming one in. A retraction and fulsome apology should be achievable.. By now the Shouty Bitch will have realised (been Informed) that she’s made a damned fool of herself – again! Tho’ the threat of having a private word with Guido’s Murdoch Masters is the most damaging to her fast crumbling rep. I sincerely hope!


  71. 156
    the lawyers malevolent society says:

    we strongly advise litigation


  72. 157

    Either an honourable sorry or its a dishonourable punch up. Innit, knowwhaImean!


  73. 159
    Anonymous says:

    Sue the bitch!


  74. 164
    Anonymous says:

    Sue her. I’m not generally in favor of suing people for libel, but her main plausible excuse would seem to be gross ignorance over an issue she seeks legislative influence over. That’s a bit like a doctor trying to excuse causing grievous bodily harm on account of his complete ignorance of anatomy. Punishing and exposing such behaviour is clearly in the public interest.


  75. 165
    Don't bottle it says:

    You’ll look a coward if you don’t take her on, Guido.
    The mouthy woman has zero respect for you.


  76. 169
    Kanzelor Merkel says:

    Windmill Dave’s job is to deliver to me a full pipeline of orders for Windmills, trains, and Siemens police kompter zyztems. If he wants to annoy you all in his spare time with point less posturing on porn and gay marriage I don’t care, but just be sure of one thing, he’ll never offer you a choice on the EU.


  77. 171
    Messrs Sue, Grabbit & Runne says:


    How can you even think of NOT suing her?

    Remember that what’s out on the internet stays out there and so if you don’t take her to task it will be HER words that forever define the record of this exchange.

    AT A BARE MINIMUM you need to obtain a very public retraction and apology from her.


  78. 174
    Henry Crun says:

    Sue the pants off her. I’d pay to see that.


  79. 177
    Anonymous says:

    This woman is staggeringly incompetent when it comes to technology.

    She wants to regulate the internet, despite having no understanding of it. It’s in the public interest that she is not only discredited, but also that her comments are regulated as well. We live in an age where people can be arrested for off-colour twitter jokes… it’s only fair that Ms Perry’s *actual crimes* are held to account.

    And it might also teach politicians to do some research before opening their mouths.


  80. 186
    Huree Jamset Sing says:

    Guido don’t do it. Don’t descend to her level.


  81. 187
    dazed and confused says:

    People of Devizes don’t vote for this woman. How can you campaign against something you know nothing about? You staggering lack of any understanding with regard to the technology you are dealing with is inexcusable.
    Can one of you constituents please help this meddling old busy body get laid for Christ sake?
    Maybe a few goes round the bedroom will chill her out a bit.
    Why do we vote for these people that erode our civil liberties and want to keep track on everything we do. She clearly knows nothing about technology. I can hear her now at dinner telling the kids how she gave that internet thing a jolly good waking. Tipper Gore 2.0


  82. 188
    Michael says:

    Love it. This is more gratifying than masturbation :D


  83. 190
    Jack N Hoff says:

    Yup, sue the unintelligent, ignorant btch. Take every penny and then some


  84. 192
    Anonymous says:

    Yes. Sue her. She should get a clue rather than attempting to defame others randomly. As an MP she should know much better. Her actions are disgusting.


  85. 193
    Rob says:

    I’m local to Devizes and spent 17 years of my life resident there.

    The thing that frustrates me about Ms. Perry is that she’s constantly addressing NATIONAL issues in the local paper.

    I was under the impression MP’s are supposed to take issues from their constituents that are affecting them to parliament with a view to improving them?

    I’m pretty sure the concerns of Devizes residents are more to do with decline/unsustainability of local business – moreso than pornography and definitely more than terrorism (it’s DEVIZES) which she addressed recently in an article in the local rag.

    To be a member of parliament should be an honour whereby you truly dedicate your WORK to the to the area you’re MP for instead of pushing your own agenda constantly.

    This is, of course, all my own personal opinion but I’m not, nor do I ever wish to become, an MP or involved in politics.

    At risk of contradictory statement here (agenda) but with Devizes having been a steady Conservative seat since at least 1964 it’s hardly surprising.

    Hence, I regard myself as a former Devizian.

    That’s right, (guess who I’m talking to, though it’s doubtful you’re paying attention?) you and your predecessor’s neglectful ways drove me out of a town I once loved :)



  86. 195
    Anonymous says:

    Is it possible to sue someone for an apology?
    Tell her you’re pressing charges unless she makes a public statement saying that she admits she doesn’t understand the internet.


  87. 201

    Emily Nomates?

    Someone tell me…


  88. 203
    Jible says:

    GF did not host any links, he took a screenshot from your website, the real host of the links – maybe one of your offspring can explain how the internet works to you.


  89. 206
    The Pigman says:

    Yes, of course you should sue her. Question doesn’t even need to be asked. As i recall, some actor successfully sued a writer simply for saying he was hideously ugly so you are probably in for a big payday.


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