July 21st, 2013

Read Guido’s Column in The Sun Today

Today’s Sun reveals lobbyist Lord Mandelson is facing a sleaze probe over claims he broke Lords lobbying rules. In Guido’s column:

  • Arthur Cameron (7) is on message
  • Craig Oliver tweets wrong message
  • Reshuffle rumour bluff worked
  • Criminal green waste of money
  • Clegg peerage for lobbyist he brought into Downing Street
  • Labour privatises own mail!
  • Sam Cam and the posh women-only club
  • Googling candidate selections
  • Ken Clarke on need for younger euro-faces

Politics for the many, not the few. Just 60p…


  1. 1
    C.O.Jones says:

    60p – at that price its a steal. So I did.

  2. 2
    Hemington-Spall says:

    Billhooks and ropes ready to swing into HMS-Labour?
    Pity the Capta’n stands a bit too much to the Port.

  3. 4
    Alex Jones Is Sane (From the Broadmoor Special Cases Unit) says:

    People of the world, stop reading Guiod’ columns. They are a deception! Guido is a mere spokesman for the the assassination conspiracy, which is long-standing but the Global Bilderberger-Andrew Neil-Rothschild Axis Plan to turn humans into robots and software programmes is REAL! Up to now, only your perceptions were affected, so you see the world the way the Bourbon-Medici-Middle Eastern lizards want you to see it, but now we are going beyond that stage to technological interaction. People of the world, wake up! Google is in on this, so is David Icke, who is a deep cover provocateur and has shares in the micro-chipping company that is based in Grimsby and registered in Leichtenstein. This is all known by your Premier Governor, David Camera, and his fellow members of the Cabinet who are all millionaire off-spring of the Rothschild bloodline. And Andrew Neil is not real, he is a hologram.

  4. 6

    Liam Gallagher. Another useless lefty gobshite.

    I don’t give a toss about him. He can frog off.

  5. 7
    Fred West says:

    Guard! Somebody’s nicked my Andy Burnham poster. It’ll be that twat Peter Sutcliffe.

  6. 8
    Owen Jones says:

    To the suspended prison officers. The Peoples Assembly salute you. Adebolajo is vermin. And you are the most magnificent of men.

    • 13
      Anonymous says:

      I was amazed that Adebolajo`s brother didnt seem to think it was fair !

      • 126
        Bazinga! says:

        Muslim males are cowards. They use children and hide behind women when they fight. All Muslim males are faggots.

        • 165
          Ghandi's jockstrap says:

          And almost all suicide attackers are mentally unbalanced and have attempted suicide before, so it also follows that they abuse and use the mentally ill.

    • 23
      broderick crawford says:

      The much pilloried NHS must have done a superb job on Adelobozo – mojo ‘ s arm if he managed to ” manoeuvre” himself from the prison officers half nelson on it — allegedly .

      Most people would have been screaming UNCLE in excruciating pain

      Second point : Abdelomojoworking will probably get braand new tooth implants free gratis on the prison ( read taxpayer ) system and he is up for murder/mutilation .

      I have not so much as a parking ticket to my name and my two cost £750 each as the NHS does not offer them.

      So if go off and do the odd spot of drawing and quartering does that mean I get my money refunded ??

      GO FIGURE !!!

      • 91
        Not Sandra says:

        The system should add a week to the sentence for every pound expended on this trash. If we then add the cost of his daily upkeep, he will be off the streets permanently.

      • 114
        Belmarsh Screw Tooth Fairies says:

        Agreed, but probably the best £1500 of justice served up this year.

      • 219
        Bazinga! says:

        Adelobongo or whatever he calls himself won’t be needing new teeth but a big fucking jar of man lube for his arse.

        Mind you being a Muslim fag he probably likes it up the rectum.

    • 38
      Magic 8 Ball says:

      a) I do not believe in extra judicial punishment.

      b) Adebolajo is not yet guilty of any specified crime.

      I believe having a consistent approach to these things keeps at bay any accusatory yells of “Hypocrite!”

      • 48
        broderick crawford says:

        a) he may not yet have been found guilty given the glacial pace of the judiciary proceedings but he has admitted to it on television !!
        Who d ‘ you think did it the cleaver under its own inanimate independent volition ?!

        b ) No one is shouting hypocrite just pointing out the box ticking whinging of the politically correct defending even in the face of the beastly acts committed, the ” victim’s” right to ewwwmannn rights.
        in most countries whose social mores he espouses he would long have been hanging from a noose as carrion fodder .. or worse !!!

      • 230
        Maqboul says:

        It wasn’t a punishment: it was the will of Allah; for it is written in the Conan.

        Al ham da gorillaz.

  7. 9

    Have got kids here whose parents don’t like them to hear swear words.

    So I have given up swearing for now. Have to do something with those awkward spaces so insert the word frog where I would otherwise have used a now banned word.

  8. 10
    RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:

    Thpend, thpend, spend !! Vote Labour and we will bring Detroit to a town near you.

    • 15
      RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:

      Victowy is within my gwasp !!!

      • 37
        • 200
          Harriet, Anna, Emily, Hazel, Margaret, Yvette,Chuka, Ed, oh the whole damn lot of them says:

          That’s why we’re in the party.

          • Bennie Greenbobble says:

            Never forget the ultra-munter, Catherine Ashton, Baroness Ashton of Upholland. Not even 14 pint beer goggles could do it for me.

        • 394
          TONY ROBINSON and the BABE MAGNETS from TIME TEAM says:

          “The Labour Party; Helping ugly people have sex since time began;”

          Does that mean we will get a shag now ?

      • 149
        Old Blind Pugh says:

        “UK – YouGov/Sunday Times poll: CON 32%, LAB 39%, LDEM 10%, UKIP 11%” what a load of rubbish by that reasoning 92% vote at a GE, Murdoch should kick them into touch, the turn out for a GE is 7)% and falling

        • 151
          Old Blind Pugh says:

          Should read 70%, not very good at typing

          • broderick crawford says:

            Of course you’re not Pugh you’re blind !!

            It’s a wonder you do as much as you manage to do and we are grateful for it !

        • 227
          CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

          Murdoch hates the coalition, the polls his papers buy reflect that own narrative. Also, polling in the UK has always been politicised by the Left (who run most pollsters) to push media narrative against Conservatives. That is why polling has so often been very inaccurate, in Labour’s favour, even going into a GE, never mind mid-term

          Local election results, when applied across the country in a GE, show Labour on 29%, the same as 2010, and given that you would expect the main opposition Party to be very flattered mid-term, they real situation is really quite dire for Labour.

          But faking up a poll lead for Labour prevents a downward spiral into obvious unelectability in the minds of the floating vote. The London media are desperately trying to save Labour’s skin.

    • 51
      Living in 97.333% white Merseyside says:

      Pwimwose Hill in circa 2035?

    • 95
      English person reading website of UK political gossip says:

      I’d better not vote Democrat next time then, yank fuckwit

      • 102
        Illegal Immigrant From Latin America Or Asia says:

        That’s right– leave that sort of thing to me.

        Due to the Democrats opposing having to produce ID showing you are, in fact, who you claim to be at the polling stations, I can vote for them early and often, just like any American can (and for that matter, so could you, in Santa Monica!) and that’s how California elects Dems– and to a lesser extent, it happens in other states as well.

        Of course, a Leftie party, which creates an unmanageable national debt, a party which engages in major-scale voter fraud– that sort of story has no relevance in Britain! That poster should have known better!

        • 217
          English person reading website of UK political gossip says:

          It would, but US is Alice-through-the-looking-glass land where the “right” piss money up the war on illegal wars and hand Presidential Medal of Freedom to criminal liar Bliar.

          Also we don’t need to be warned about being able to vote without ID, as we’ve never needed ID

          And your “right” create debt.


    • 360
      Point of Information 2 says:

      The problem with the picture is that is could have been taken at any time during the last 15 years.

      That is not an uncommon site in some parts of Detroit. In fact, there is much worst if you know where to look there.

      • 369
        JH982340982304923 says:

        I’ve heard that 47% of Detroit’s inhabitants are functionally illiterate.

        Do you live there?

        • 371
          Point of Information 2 says:

          Very familiar with the locale, but not resident.

          Have seen what goes on in their schools though so can confirm that many there are illiterate. Not stupid, just literally not educated.

          Remember that when a city goes from 2m to < 750k it is not those at the bottom who are leaving.

          There are some parallels with what happened in New Orleans when Katrina hit – if you catch my drift. But that was much quicker and most of those who left returned.

          The real problem for Detroit is that the number of people who remain who are capable of paying their taxes, before you get on to such concepts as law abiding and willing, is not that large.

          The bigger problem for the US is that this should not have been allowed to happen. They should have learned from Cleveland.

        • 372
          Point of Information 2 says:

          - And on re-reading earlier post – point taken.

          Poorest English ever, ha ha ha.

  9. 11
    Anonymous says:

    “Lord Mandelson is facing a sleaze probe”

    Traitor and Tory.

    String the bastard up.

    • 16
      P.Mandevilson, the Eminence Greasy says:

      How can I ‘face’ the probe ? I’ll be touching my toes as you insert it.

    • 131
      Village Idiot says:

      Oh please be true??

      (…and do not forget the rest of them.)

  10. 20
    Owen Jones says:

    You can call me Nemo, because I’m never afraid to touch the butt(preferably the male variety).

    • 29
      broderick crawford says:

      You Last Tango in Paris you !!

      Maria Scheider would have been proud !!

      • 30
        broderick crawford says:

        … did you mean btut Owen or butter ??

        Same difference in your case surely

        As in …. A knife through ……..

  11. 21
    Living in 97.333% white Merseyside says:

    With all these revelations the Current Bun will be selling like hot cakes all over the nation.

    Except in one area of course!

  12. 25
    Bazinga! says:

    Good idea from Cameron to block disgusting porn sites. I hope homosexuality, gay marriage and sites about climate change will also be blocked.

    • 33
      broderick crawford says:

      …. and all those despicable ghastly sites lobbying for liquor and cigarette prohibition .

      They are a real bummer on the teenage development front

    • 110
      I'm a bit fick...but says:

      How is it Camera can open his mouth and look a bigger tit than he did the day before?
      There must be a trophy somewhere for that… *And I declare Camera … the Tit of the century*

      • 154
        Old Blind Pugh says:

        He is trying to out gurn Farrage

        • 166
          I'm a bit fick...but says:

          I like a bit of political competition and we do have lots of competitors.
          I haven’t had so much fun since McRuin was in government, he could out-gurn the lot of ‘em

  13. 27
    Leftieslabourunionsbbc = EUSSR says:

    Just drove past the elaborate plack in the pavement at the spot where S Lawrence was killed, and there’s a giant cc tv camera opposite, and I couldn’t help wondering if they were going to put a plack where Lee Rigby was murded, with giant cc tv cameras opposite in case any more of the mad muzzies get any voices in their heads from their local Friday hot-beds of hate.

  14. 32
    Dick the Prick says:

    Apols to our gracious host but could I pop a link in regarding Anna (not a Tory) Soubry’s egregious authoritarianism with the doffed HT to Mr Puddlecote. Ta.


    • 62
      broderick crawford says:

      Yeah thanks for this . I did listen to about half the video and turned off in disgust as iy is clear to me that these committees are stuffed with effete useless mumbling gentlemanly geriatrics who could not get arrested let alone frame an incisive question in a coherent manner . Cash still thinks he is the avuncular benevolent country lord of the manor with a duty to treat the labourers who come before his judgment bench with an excessive degree of fairness especially if they are”ladies” and that northern irish geezer who was trying to nail soubry on the life of a european directive went around the houses so many times he ended up disappearing up his own belfast fry up .

      Soubry is a cunning intelligent de medici like figure who can easily ms=anipulate these old duffers round her little finger without breaking mental sweat . Apart from the fact she did not as a Minister of the Crown know what UKREP in Brussells is says or does she handled the meeting to her complete objective even setting the scene beforehand by alerting all that she “had to be away .. ” from the committee room by a certain time !
      If anyone on the committee had had the smallest of cojones shewould have been taught manners and told she does NOT appear before them at HER leisure and for a fixed time but at THEIR behest and for AS LONG AS IT TAKES to get to the bottom of a matter .

      Ask Rupert Murdoch . He sat there for a day got flour in his face and is STILL being recalled . That’s how it’s done Cashy boy !!

  15. 35
    Magic 8 Ball says:

    Again, Cameron banging on about rewarding those who ‘work hard’.

    What about rewarding talent, ability? Intelligence, creativity? Inventiveness, insight?

    Or are these only found at the top of the tree (you know, like those bankers who understand things that you and I possibly couldn’t – like the value of Mortgage Backed Securities)?

    Or are Cameron and co only interested in those who will ‘accept their place’ and ‘work hard’ in making the richer even richer but not asking for much by way or recompense?

    • 50
      Lardy arse says:

      There’s not much point in being a talented creative intelligent and idle slob.

      • 139
        Let down by the system says:

        I worked as hard as I could and all the hours god sends,only to injure my body as a result,which the medical profession ignored for 9 years,leaving me permanently injured and living a life of persecution,pain and poverty,be warned!!!!!!

      • 294
        Magic 8 Ball says:

        Good to see David Cameron ‘working hard’ all day at Lords on Friday. 4 day week, can’t be bad.

    • 68
      The truth is says:

      Err I think you will find it was Labour and Gordon McRuin who rewarded failed banks and bankers. Memory not what it was eh?

      • 184
        CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

        you’ll find that with Guardianistas. They think pseudo intellectuals and creatives should be rewarded for being layabouts. Much like the BBC licence fee does.

      • 268
        Magic 8 Ball says:

        How does your post address any of the points I’ve raised?

        I’m talking about winning the global race.

  16. 39
    Sectarian war coming to you says:

    That enrichment is working well outside the mosques in Birmingham, isn’t it?

  17. 43
    cheers UK Met Office says:

    Cold drizzle this morning and only last night they said it was going to be a scorcher. Plans for the day ruined.

    • 86
      UKIP or bust says:

      I don’t think the vast majority of people will ever see through the gigantic scam and waste of money that is the ‘weather forecast’.

      I’ll bet there are dozens of canny folk across the land that could get it right more times than they do for all their billions.

      • 94
        Jack Frost says:

        As the man said all those years ago on the telly: “Where’s the f in fog”. as his graphics chart fell apart.

        • 104
          Mars Attacks! says:

          …yet the same “scientists” can tell us with absolute certainty and a straight face that man made climate change is doing for the earth as we know it, so we need taxing more.

          Go figure.

      • 203
        My weather forecast fot tomorrow says:

        It will mostly be the same as today, though maybe with some changes.

    • 113
      Bill d'Sarse says:

      To add to that, this morning I had some moron on the local radio repeating a warning from some self-appointed expert that we should be making plans to deal with the oncoming floods due this week after the ‘unbearably’ hot weather. Why the f*ck has everything got to be accompanied by a ‘warning’ these days? Last week was sunburn and the multitude of babies (oh dear will nobody think of the children) who were admitted to hospital burn units. The guess of how many people had died because the weather was a bit warm (accompanied by another guess of how many of these presumably dead people had died in the south east).

      Listen you f*ckwits. I (and many like me) don’t need to be warned about anything except perhaps a national disaster heading my way. Hot weather in summer is not a national disaster, actually it’s quite nice. A bit of rain heading our way is not a national disaster, it’s normal. Try and find something to report on, or, why not, just for a change report that things are quite nice today.

    • 216
      Michael Fish says:

      There is a hurricane on the way, but don’t worry!

      • 269
        Mars Attacks! says:

        There would quite likely be NO life on earth without lightening.

      • 274
        M102 says:

        The lefty c’unts at the met office want to stop worrying about climate change/global warming and try and predict the next seven days of weather. I remember one of them being interviewed a couple of years ago about the errors in their climate change predictions and they said it was because they needed more money to spend on their computer programmes rather than the fact that they are full of sh!t. What a bunch of c’unts.

        • 298
          The cat in the hat says:

          I don’t want to hear about the wind increasing from the south towards mid day and bringing with it the possibility of localised showers in some areas, I just need to know whether or not my mac to take.
          The newsreader can deliver such a message, from the studio, not Stonehenge.

  18. 45
    Run the Race says:

    But Obama is not of Afro American race. If he were then he would be half Negroid and half Indian

  19. 47
    The Libor party says:

    Mandy the ‘grandee’…. Bet it’s more like fifty grandee.

    • 69
      broderick crawford says:

      Oh God … these aren’t the “Humdinga” brothers are they ? Manders has form with these … did his assistance in obtaining them some sort of passport or visa many tears ago trigger his FIRST resignation ?

    • 73
      Bang on... says:

      Who is doing the probe? If it is Hyphen-Hoganberry and his ilk it will be another 15 years before anything concrete is established.

    • 134
      Jimmy says:

      Does “facing probe” mean some brainless attention seeking tory lobby fodder wrote a letter?

      • 170
        Jimmy the Dhimmi says:

        Er, no. Try ‘cattle prod’. In fact, allow me. Touch your toes now and bite the LibDems pillow.

      • 182
        Frankie Howard says:

        oh please! Mandelbum loves a sleazy probe!

      • 277
        M102 says:

        I hope he put it in the public domain, Jimmy.

        • 290
          Jimmy says:

          I think the Tits has a paywall now. The Commissioner won’t be able to read the complaint unless he subscribes.

    • 204
      imesho says:

      Once a slug, always a slug.

      Same for Vaz.

    • 273
      Mars Attacks! says:

      Take away the glasses and give him a small toothbrush moustache and behold the man!

  20. 49
    Pippa, a socialite says:

    Anyone else fed up waiting for the big news?

    I refer, of course, to Man U selling their baby hippo, Rooney.

    • 52
      C.O.Jones says:

      What is his transfer fee, £75K?

    • 56
      Living in 97.333% white Merseyside says:

      Don’t forget Liverpool FC selling Luis Suarez and Man City selling Carlos Tevez, two players from River Plate countries we won’t be able to enjoy throwing the book at.

      • 119
        Merseyside non football fan says:

        Wasn’t he a dictator in Portugal a few years ago?. What’s he doing playing what you probably consider as ‘the beautiful game’?.
        Stupidest news I saw this week was some merseyside school which plans to hold lessons on the Hillsborough tragedy. Talk about a victim mentality, they’re still breeding them in the schools.

        • 159
          Tay King-dePisse says:

          Teach them about this one, too– it was a “tragedy” Scousers caused, four years earlier, which may have led to the one that happened to them:

        • 160
          Joe Stalin's Re-eduducation Primary School says:

          Write out 100 times -
          - The Liverpool “supporters” had tickets
          - The Liverpool “supporters” were not drunk
          - The Liverpool “supporters” did not rob the dead & dying
          - It was all the fault of the police

  21. 53
    Elmarco says:

    We are being hit by a wave of earthquakes over here in NZ – circa 5-2 to 6

  22. 59
    Except Mandela IS a convicted terrorist Den says:
    • 67
      Vicky says:

      On the hole

      I think Mandela would be better in bed than denis is.

    • 78
      tabblenabble01 says:

      It’s the name changers we need to be wary of. Just why do they feel so compelled to do this… ulterior motives?

      • 82
        broderick crawford says:

        yeh .. same reason as the shapeshifters

        To hide from the public eye when on their nefarious antics .

    • 81
      Mandela is not the squeaky clean 'freedom fighter' the media would have you believe says:

      Mandela is a convicted terrorist, although not convicted of racism, there is abundant evidence that he was and still is, racist.

    • 205
      Shameless conman says:

      Was this written in your office garage Denis?

    • 305
      The cat in the hat says:

      Fair comment.

  23. 90
    Boris Carloffe says:

    Looks like Dave’s hear for the general election. if he wins its Crosby who’s done it.
    what happens then, when Crosby leaves. Back to Dave on his own?

    • 132
      Don't over-estimate says:

      Spinners don’t win elections ffs. 13 years of Liebour and Millitwit will win it for him.

      • 189
        It's apathy wot wun it says:

        There is an inbuilt advantage to labour in the way the constituencies are drawn up so even given that Labour need to do very little but maintain their lead of 7pts to get an overall majority of 84

  24. 93
    Justice for the Five says:

    There should be a public petition to have the five suspended prison officers reinstated and given a promotion in recognition of their outstanding behaviour in smashing Michael Adebolajo’s head against a window, resulting in him losing his front teeth.

    • 101
      Unfortunately the UK has no death penalty says:

      In a civilized CHRISTIAN country whilst abhoring this piece of shite and his actions we exercise restraint otherwise we are no better than them are we ?.

    • 120
      Toothless of Belmarsh, straw sucker. says:

      You bathstarths.

    • 123
      UKIP or bust says:

      T’is funny how the soppy liberals always only ever kick up a fuss whenever a person of foreign extract is manhandled by the security services. I wonder how many local lads have been roughed-up in the shovel to which the caring left couldn’t give a tinkers cuss.

    • 129
      Governor says:

      But it was very careless to knock out his teeth and leave obvious evidence. Can you imagine the paperwork and security he’s getting now

    • 308
      The cat in the hat says:

      Is there any documentary evidence he had these teeth in the first place?
      Any goofy could smuggle a couple of teeth into prison, fling them on the floor and shout assault; I wouldn’t trust his type at all.
      Come on people, think outside of the box.

  25. 100
    Common Purpose 'graduate' says:

    Nice one! Cheers!

    Civil servant who scooped £620k in secret redundancy package is among 1,300 Crown Prosecution Service workers handed payouts


  26. 105
    I have done the state some service, and they know't says:

    Nice idea.
    Now it’s time to get out.

  27. 109
  28. 111
    Unison Rep says:

    Why does Guido column not appear in Scottishland edition of Sunday Sun?

    • 125
      Wee Tam fae Falkirk says:

      Help ma boab! We just vote for whoever has a red rosette, dinnae ken aboot politics – Labour’s always been there for the formerly working man in Scotland!

  29. 118
    Fact Hunt says:

    So Twigg complains about ‘olympic legacy’ cash heading for tory constituencies. Labour have been doing this for decades, at national and local level. Sod off hypocrite.

  30. 122
    Ah! Monika says:


    Sir Richard Dearlove, 68 provided intelligence about Saddam Hussein’s WMD
    Had previously said he would keep his account of events leading up to Iraq War secret until after his death.

    Do they “do a Kelly ” or a ” Mandela ” ?

  31. 124
    Ah! Monika says:


    Sir Richard Dearlove, 68 provided intelligence about Sad dam Hus sein’s WMD
    Had previously said he would keep his account of events leading up to Ira q War secret until after his death.

    Do they “do a Ke lly ” or a ” Man dela ” ?

    • 133
      Wipe islam off the face of the earth says:

      They’ll give him a John Smith, aka a Robin Cook. A sudden “heart attack”.

      • 152
        Ah! Monika says:

        A month after the freak death of Rolling Stone journalist Michael Hastings, questions over why it happened refuse to go away. Hastings was alone in his Mercedes when it crashed into a palm tree at speed in Los Angeles.

        According to the LA Times, the 33-year-old was preparing an investigation into the CIA and, only the day before he died, sent an email to friends claiming that he was “on to a big story”, and may “need to go off the radar” for a while.

    • 214
      http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/10192271/The-betrayal-of-Dr-David-Kelly-10-years-on.html says:

      ‘ But there are no excuses for what the government did to the BBC and to Dr Kelly. He was outed to further a series of denials which we can, quite plainly, call lies. An explanation, if not an excuse, may rest in Campbell’s mental state: even Blair, in his memoirs, called him a “crazy person” who by that stage “had probably gone over the edge”. ‘

  32. 127
    Michael Adebongo says:

    Let’s play tooth or dare.

  33. 130
    Wipe islam off the face of the earth says:

    I admire the motivation of the five prison officers who smashed Michael Adebolajo’s face in, but it wasn’t very bright of them to do it themselves, which is why they’ve now been suspended and some leftie prisoners rights group will probably see to it that the toothless fucker gets millions in compensation. Anyone with a brain would have realised the sensible thing to do in that environment was go to a prisoner who’s in for a long time and isn’t going anywhere soon and get him to smash the c-unt up in return for more prison privileges etc. Lots of powerful connected crooks already get special privilges in sing-sing, like drugs, alcohol, hookers, cigarettes etc, so it’s not like it would be a task for the officers to do it.

    • 140
      Mornington Crescent says:

      It’s a depressingly predictable development, after the likes of Qu@tada and H@mza and their chums played the system to maximum effect. More fool the screws for falling for it.

      This chap’s brother is already ramping up the pressure. You wait: he’ll play his trial and this incident for all it’s worth – with the help of an army of Chuckabutty-style ‘uman rites lawyers stuffing their claret cellars on the back of the Legal Aid budget.

      And what will Dave and the sopping wet Attorney Gen do about it? Naff all, that’s what.

  34. 142
    Ah! Monika says:

    The Feral Beast: Hunting for BBC bias, royal babies, holy jokes and a long green mystery.


    WARNING X Cert Photo

  35. 145
    Mel Smith RIP says:

    My favourite Mel Smith sketch.

  36. 147
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    Adebolajo stated that the prison officers used excess force on restraining him. So he has admitted he was doing something wrong to need restraining. Case solved, now get the prison officers back to work, and don’t waste anymore tax payers money on this piece of shit.

    • 172
      Allan, you at t'bar says:

      How much force did he use trying to decapitate Drummer Lee Rigby ? #religionofpiss.

    • 295
      Jimmy says:

      Think about it righties. Do you want them reinstated before Coulson arrives?

      • 343
        Point of Information 2 says:

        I do not think Coulson will be going to Belmarsh or that wing.

        Even if convicted he would be a different category of prisoner.

        The guards should be reinstated, after given a little administrative leave to relax. This would have been stressful for them and their families. The guards deserve a holiday.

        Now hopefully this piece of shit Adebolajo has learned a little lesson, but one suspects not.

        No one cares about this vile fool, or what he has to say. They do care about what he did, and would prefer him to be out of the country or just dead.

        Let justice take its course, and be reminded that part of justice is having the shit kicked out of you by the screws if you fuck them about. Especially if you are in for beheading a soldier in broad daylight in the middle of London.

        After a bit more cosmetic attention with the batons, and perhaps a boiling sugar water rinse and cut glass dinner, this freak can be sent back to Kenya. Utter filth.

  37. 155
    Exaro News says:

    Met Commanders have received a secret briefing on preparations by Scotland Yard’s pa4edop h1le unit to arrest a former Conservative cabinet minister.

    They were told of the plans during a highly confidential briefing on progress in two police operations examining allegations of ch1ld se x abuse against senior political figures and other VIPs…

    … He [Peter Spindler] identified the ex-minister in the briefing. Exaro knows the ex-minister’s identity, but has decided against publishing it to avoid jeopardising police operations.

    The senior detective said that his team was still at an early stage of its investigations, but had already gathered a good deal of evidence that the ex-minister had s exually abus ed boys. In addition, one woman has told detectives that the ex-minister ra4ped her when she was a girl.

    • 177
      fvck off says:

      left wing nasty piece of sh1t spreading lies on internet.

      • 181
        Lord Boothby liked little boys to shit on his face says:

        Are you saying it’s not possible for a Tory to be a nonce? There are kiddie fiddlers on both sides.

        • 267
          Come the fuck in or fuck the fuck off says:

          Lord Manglebum fucked kids in Brazil as well. Wasn’t considered abuse though as he paid like a lot well heeled yanks do down there.

      • 345
        Point of Information 2 says:

        No – this isn’t lefty filth / lies / spin.

        This one has got to be prosecuted, and very publicly when the time is right.

  38. 156
    Prison Officer says:

    What now? I tell you what now. I’m gonna call a couple of hard pipe hittin n*ggas to go to work on the homes here with a pair of pliers and a blowtorch. You hear that, muslim boy? I ain’t through with you by a damn sight! I’m gonna get medieval on yo ass!

    • 171
      Lord Longford (from beyond the grave) says:

      That’s they only language these people understand.

      His bottom will wish it hadn’t been born!

      • 223
        English person reading website of UK political gossip says:

        The only language they understand cod black american?

    • 389
      Pulp F says:


  39. 163
    • 180
      Idon'tneednodoctor says:

      Is it a competition between Watson and Mandleson to see who can resign the most?

      • 212
        Tay King-dePisse says:

        Fat Bastard had better become resigned to the fact that his drama-queenie act (like that question about the 1980′s Tory Cabinet P-doe) is getting real old and very soon nobody will be buying it anymore. Why this worthless bit of scum is still taken seriously surpasseth all human understanding, considering he was making a dog’s breakfast of the campaign-coordinator office he held, as he seemed to be more concerned with the “Lord Protector of the Media” role he assumed as the Interrogator at the Murdoch “Mafia boss” hearings.

        The only trouble with resigning so many times, Tommy old butterball, is that eventually they’ll take you seriously and not re-hire you for anything.

  40. 167
    Mornington Crescent says:

    If the PM wants to ban us from looking at tits on the Internet, he should start by blocking the search term “David Cameron”.

    • 174
      Plod says:

      only tits under 18. you may have a problem with that?

      • 222
        Marl Karx says:

        Ed balls and millimuppet are now complaining as the first word to be blocked was Cnut. Now no one can google them anymore

  41. 168
    RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:


    • 173
      Mornington Crescent says:

      …taken before they bundled the paps away and he headed back to 1st Class.

      • 175
        RED LEN says:

        ….sitting on my lap.

      • 178
        The Libor party says:

        • 224
          Fishy says:

          His aides went around the carriage removing the antimacassars before that photo was shot…they missed some though. Like Burnham though they weren’t particularly detail conscious.

          It was also usual for Labour ministers (Socialists to the core) to have the dirty,filthy unwashed public barred from their carriage…unlike Cameron who is quite happy to travel with the hoi polloi.

    • 176
      Idon'tneednodoctor says:

      I’m sure I’ve seen him appearing at Billy Smarts Circus. Well the eyebrows have it, the eyebrows have it.

      • 179
        Idon'tneednodoctor says:

        I’m sure I’ve seen him appearing at B illy Sma rts Circ us. Well the eyebrows have it, the eyebrows have it.

    • 186
      By 'eck missus !! I feel really full of plumptiousness and gertitude! says:

      Is it the son of Ken Dodd on his way back to Knotty Ash to visit his dad?

    • 194
      Jethro says:

      …Ken Dodd seems to get younger all the time.

    • 258
      gordon is a moron says:

      image of the year! got to be

  42. 183
    WTFF is an LGBTory Officer? says:
    • 190
      Anonymous says:

      LGBTory is the officially-affilated @conservatives lesbian, gay, bisexual & trans group. See website for more info about us, our work & how you can support us.

      So now you know……….

      • 196
        Corporal punishment says:

        Why do they have officers and what do they do?

        • 202
          Wikileaked says:

          Bugger about around in jackboots and use their whips – a bit like EU & Labour Kommissars do. Liberals don’t have officers – gives them nightmares about being caught cottaging in the public loos again by the cops.

      • 302
        steak diane fatbot`s binman says:

        Creeps. How about you support the normal for a change.

    • 193
    • 198
      Mornington Crescent says:

      When you become an “officer”, you get one of those leather peaked caps with a chain around it. It probably gets you free entry into public toilets.

    • 220
      Vinegar strokes says:

      Unfortunate turn of phrase “coming”

    • 241
      Pink arm says:

      Why do the Kweers want their own branch?

      • 291
        M102 says:

        Hey Jimmy didn’t your hero R Kelly get in a spot of bother with underage girls?

  43. 185
    Anonymous says:

  44. 192
    EURATOM says:
  45. 197
    Gareth Northgate and Chras Widdle says:

    Is lee Westwood England’s biggest bottler?

  46. 208
    The Speaking Clock says:

    Got a bit bored, as no-one’s calling in this lovely weather so thought I should be pro-active and tell peeps the time -

    At the third stroke it will be sixteen-forty precisely

    HTH! Keep it real in da hood an’ that.

    • 210
      Anonymous says:

      Even the speaking clock doesn’t know the time of day now!

      • 402
        Burgers are bad for you says:

        Well, as it has to speak it in 14 different languages, there is bound to be a bit of a time lapse.

  47. 215
    Cunt of the weak says:

    Lord Scumbag using government to line his pockets.

  48. 225
    Owen Jones says:

    Ah – so sorry Guido – thought you were a right-wing troll! Whoops…

  49. 228
    Toothless says:

    Michael Adebolajo’s brother claims his brother has been repeatedly targeted by hostile prison guards and that after one attack he was denied immediate medical attention.

    If any of these shocking allegations are true, then I’m afraid I can only say…

    These guards make me proud! Good on you, lads! Keep up the good work!

  50. 232
    @stew's tinker says:

    @party@last nite. Stop. @ed_miliband@do @lso. Stop. Stepped into secret w@ter feature. @ed_miliband quite normal

    • 234
      fish Hunt Lands & Multiplier Events says:

      Pints of Pimms and giant Jenga on the South Lawn?

      • 242
        @stew's tinker says:

        No. The North London suburbs don’t have “South Lawns.” I was drinking bottled Becks on the, ample, patio. Ed was enjoying half-pints of banana pulp, diluted with mineral water.

        • 244
          Lew T. Roll says:

          Was Rosie Holloway in attendance?

          • @stew's tinker says:

            Dear, dear Rosie? She was looking rather well. She’s been clean for eight years now.

          • fish Hunt Lands & Multiplier Events says:

            Glad to hear that. She was stitched-up big-time all those years ago. We all did worse in our youthful, blissful ignorance.

          • Lew T. Roll says:

            Indeed. Thatcher’s ‘Britain’ was tough on the wrong people.

          • Hey, Dickhead *waves* says:

            He’ll be, frantically, Googling right now. The comments may dry up for a few minutes.

          • Degrees Of Separation says:

            Oh, OK. I’ll watch.

          • Point of Information 2 says:

            I smell the scent of a Ewa. Keep at it girl, but get on some sort of message ;-)

          • Derek Yeasty says:

            You smell me because your nose is jammed up my winky, dear.

          • Point of Information 2 says:

            Hardly. Just when the rarest of creatures, the lesser spotted ‘Banned from Guido Thrush’ starts chirping one has to listen.

            Still trying to figure out your harmonies. Very discordant, generally Ok, somewhat Stockhausen. Tweet tweet, sweety.

          • Pual Stians SUCKS PENIS says:

            You’re new here, right?

    • 251
      Goat Song says:

      Ed seemed chipper then, @stew’s tinker?

      • 252
        @stew's tinker says:

        He seemed quite perky: As if he hadn’t a worry in the world.

      • 262
        Ed ....wotsmyname, again? says:

        I’ll confess, guys. I was out par-taying last night. Rosie made me eat an banana product and then I had a vision:

        • 266
          anon says:

          Sheer class, as ever. Keep them coming :)

          • Ewaname says:

            Hiya , honey !!!

            Easy when u’s had a life , ain’t it ???

            I wonders wot his noddle is tryin to think , doesn’t I , sweetheart ??

            Thx for bovverin x x

            E x x .

          • anon says:

            YOU are very welcome.

          • Derek Yeasty says:

            This blog is a time-sink.

          • Ewaname is not the Enemy and I am not Ewaname says:

            Hi petal – how ya been ?

            You votin’ Lab / Lib or UKIP these dayz ?

            Say – hittin’ up the Euro-Blogs could be good move for you girl – Google Translate could be your friend ** nudge **

            If you can be bovver’d that is.

            Ciao for now bella,

            N E x x x

          • Derek Yeasty says:

            Ed had a banana juice, one Grolsch and a coffee. Shame u bans me , dick-for-brains :(

          • garden shed masturbateur says:

            He has an infertility problem/

          • garden shed Stu Cook-spotter says:

            How the fuck does Ew*nm* B*t*a know what the future PM was doing last night?

          • Elsie Beattie (83 and a quarter) says:

            Maybe she’s connected, dear.

          • Guido Fawkes says:

            *doffs cap*, like .

          • Blue Stratos Guy says:

            She’s gifted and moves in mysterious ways.

          • Guido Fawkes' blog says:

            That’s why we had to BAN her.

          • Blue Stratos Guy says:

            Your blog is just somewhere to dump YouTube clips, spastic.

          • e-substitute says:

            Seriously. The Rosie thing was a symptom of ..

          • Red Leb says:

            I remember it well. We were all under Thatcher’s imaginary cosh at that time. Thank fuck the bitch is dead, yeah?

          • I had Rosie on the patio says:

            Politics is for the brain-dead, sixth-form types. I need to engage with people of similar IQs.

          • Dear garden shed Stu Cook-spotter, July 21 says:

            Whittle your boyfriend’s new dildo to this, mate.

          • simon_coulter says:

            I find Country music to be rather toe-tapping but Mum says it vibrates her frontal lobe.
            I’ll play it loudly after she’s has her Horlicks.

          • My Other Van's A Comma says:

            Coulter is a dork, for sure, but he triple-checks his postings before pressing the button.

          • Man On Waterloo Bridge says:

            Coulter’s a pain in my arse. I’m contracted, by The Telegraph, to keep the wanktard going for as long as we can handle him.

          • Ewa says:

            *waves* @ BBC spies researchers .

            Hiya , guys : )

            I knows u reads this shite , doesn’t I ??

            I gonna nominate *Hot Dog* by Zeppelin for Mayo’s Country Show Stopper on nex Thursday’s show .

            Ta .

            Ever urs , E x x x

          • Gupta@bbc.co.uk says:

            Your comment is in the hands of a moderator. Please hold.

          • Richard Bake-Off says:

            The BBC doesn’t seem to have a problem with black coke-heads, I note.

          • Elsie Beattie (83 and a quarter) says:

            Isn’t John Inverdale a honky, though, dear?

  51. 236
    Anonymous says:

    Celtic played a friendly at Brentford today. There are reports that their fans were mocking Lee Rigby. If that is true ………………….

  52. 237
    Kateesh'a says:

    Its said that Nick “the Pwick” Clegg is mulling a Detroit visit … excellent : that should cement things nicely .

  53. 238
    Patric'k says:

    Do we have the name, yet, of the moslem charity appeal in aid of the murdered Woolwich soldier’s son ?

  54. 239
    Dave's turning Japanese. I really think so. says:
    • 243
      Dave is a poodle says:

      Anyway, If the EUSSR is so good why haven’t the Yanks and the Japs signed up to it?

      • 246
        perhaps says:

        they’re not part of Europe?

        • 254
          Lumumb'a says:

          The FT said on saturday that the Japs have “”warned”” Britain not to leave the EU … brazen .

          • US Navy, Pearl Harbor says:

            We wish we’d have been extended the same courtesy, of a Japanese warning, but, y’know, we didn’t warn them about Hiroshima– so we guess that evened matters up.

          • Enola gay says:

            We warned the nips – and they ignored us. hence that famous quote from the mayor of Hiroshima;

            AWWWHHH! Whadda fuck was that?

        • 256
          Kateesh'a says:

          Who knew !

        • 257
          Atlantic Islands says:

          Neither is Britain.

        • 283
          Shit supranational entities no one wants for mongs, part #1 says:

          What about Russ!a ?

  55. 261
    Ahem: off thread says:

    Just happened to see in the Indie…


    Impossible. Can anyone seriously think of any paedo politicians from a few years ago?

  56. 263
    Pork Balls says:
    • 297
      M102 says:

      Is the girl next to Balls a bit deformed? One knee looks bigger than the other.

      • 318
        Ambre solaire says:

        the twat in the sweater has very sunburned legs, he could do the barby on those shins

        • 354
          Point of Information 2 says:

          He also looks like he was photo shopped in.

          Not sure that picture is real.

    • 313
      Anonymous says:

      Pork? None of you muzzy mates there I hope?

    • 363
      Tay King-dePisse says:

      Thought he was more of a lasagne man?
      But on second thought, I shouldn’t find any connection between Ed Balls and “pulled pork” all that surprising, as I figure, judging from the record, he’s been pulling his pork for years.

  57. 264
    Come the fuck in or fuck the fuck off says:

    Detroit – the blueprint for UK. UK has continuously accelerated the national debt for the last 3 years of coalition govt and will soon be 100% of GDP. The only answer is cuts – no ringfences for the NHS – just cut – and ruthlessly. The only way to safeguard people’s standard of living is to safeguard the engine which provides it. There is an army of dependents out there – millions on unemployment benefits, disability benefits, state pensions, public sector salaried non-jobs and their gold plated unfunded pensions, the NHS itself, state ownership of subsidised housing.

    For years total tax receipts have been less than the welfare spend. Here’s a radical idea – just cut everything by an equal percentage until total expenditure is less than 90% of tax receipts. Keep it at that level and occasionally when there’s a surplus have a spending program on something that generates jobs. People don’t need handouts they need the means to build their own lives and it starts with a job – everything follows from that.

    Anyone who doesn’t see the need for immediate cuts needs a brain transplant or is one of those feeding off the corpse of the UK.

    • 272
      David Cameron says:


    • 275
      George Osborne says:

      The economy is healing

    • 309
      Point of Information 2 says:

      Detroit has already happened in the UK, sort of.

      We call Detroit Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham.

      The difference is that central government covered funding when the local tax receipts did what happened in Detroit, and the cities here do not sell their own bonds to raise money.

      The UK as a whole is already in Detroit territory.

      Those coming over from Europe are not going to help matters by putting further non-contributory strain on the public services.

      Unlike Detroit, the UK as a sovereign can do something about this.

      Exiting EU would be a very good start, followed by some serious tax reform.

      • 317
        P l e b says:

        Where are all of these immigrants going to live?
        Where are their children going to be schooled?
        How will our hospitals cope with their diseases?

        • 326
          Point of Information 2 says:

          Post Cyprus, and in the climate of the assault against private property that is currently going on in this phase of the communist putsch, if I was owning property in the UK which was vacant for any length of time, particularly if I was retired and maybe overseas, I should be very concerned.

  58. 278
    EU Funded Pro-EU Troll says:

    Vote UKIP :-)

    • 299
      M102 says:

      Nige has been quiet of late.

      • 314
        Point of Information 2 says:

        Nige has been working hard within the party and quite active on Twitter and elsewhere.

        Has been quiet in the UK media as the UK media have not been reporting on him, but rather have been focussing on the dead beats in the LibLabCon and the various cluster fucks which are going off right now in the UK.

        • 323
          Anonymous says:

          And claiming his euroexpenses.

          • Point of Information 2 says:

            Like the other MEP’s yes.

            But on the plus side:

            i) Not fondling teens
            ii) Not engaging in outright electoral fraud with Unions
            iii) Not murdering people on the NHS
            iv) Not driving the UK economy into the ground
            v) Not claiming fictitious Westminster expenses

            And for sure: Not irritating the hell out of the electorate.

            Going to have to do a bit better than Euro Expenses, particularly when he is on record saying that these are not important to him.

            It should be remembered that claiming monies from a political system to work for change within that system is quite standard.

            Labour owe their existence to this – before they were bought out by the Unions.

      • 350
        Anonymous says:

        Wasn’t Nige speaking at Ukip’s eastern rally in Colchester yesterday? No?

  59. 279
    David Cameron says:

    I always answer the question, just not the one put to me.

  60. 281
    steak diane fatbot`s binman says:

    The NHS hospitals these days appear mainly for, doctored and nursed by non indigenous peoples who seem to think it is their exclusive “area” largely paid for by the honkeys.

  61. 289
    Anna Conder says:

    It’s very weird, how the Tories have such blind belief in Crosby – who seems just a rather sleazy con merchant, albeit one who’s earning an obscene amount of money for peddling lies and spreading fear and loathing. Crosby’s tactics worked OK for Australia’s John Howard for a time, but even so he eventually got kicked out in favour of Australian Labour.

    It’s taken a long time for the Tories to get Crosby to agree to help them – apparently Crosby took a strong dislike to Cameron when he had to work closely with him during the 2005 campaign

    • 303
      Anonymous says:

      Make no mistake, come 2015, the Hog that is going to be roasted is Cameron.

      Nasty, divisive, blatantly self-serving, dishonest and incompetent, this leader of a Coalition of the most elitist politicians in decades, have hardly bothered to hide their contempt for us, the electorate, and so they are are deservedly heading wholesale for the exit sign.

      A small upturn in the economy cannot not win back the public amid the ruins of the welfare state, the privatised NHS, and the impoverished majority living more difficult lives because of this minority of smug millionaires.

      They didn’t win the last election, they are certainly going to lose the next one

      • 336
        Mong Watch says:

        That’s fine.

        Many would like to see many in Labour hanged, shot and drawn in 2015.

        Liberals are already drowned – like kittens in a bag.

      • 344
        The cat in the hat says:

        Your ability to predict is stunning. Do you do children’s parties?

  62. 300
    Kit Carr says:

    Two frightening and appalling thoughts:

    Gove as a potential PM; abandon hope all you who enter here

    That a Tory party restored to power with barely more than 1/3 of the votes polled could treat that as a mandate for further radical change

    I begin to wonder if this country, so in need of electoral and parliamentary reform may need to look to the example of Egypt to effect such change

  63. 306
    Bill Stickers says:

    Dave’s heading off on his hols AGAIN, where he’ll probably spend his time chillaxing to Crosby, Steals and Cash. What a Dude!

  64. 310
    TROLLS AGAIN says:

    Fvcking Liebour w@nkers are all over the comments I see.


    Now fvck off and find something useful to do you parasitic layabouts.

  65. 311
    Tooting Popular Front says:

    Sad that people here are still quoting the completely misleading hospital deaths story which the author of the report has dismissed as rubbish and over which he has apparently apologised to Andy Burnham. That apology no doubt won’t be repeated by Hunt or the craven Tory MPs who tweeted it out to the poodle press no doubt on the instructions of Crosby before the report had even been read. It is the cumulative effect of all this that will do for the Tories. How many people want our blood services to be sold off to an America hedge fund? How many people want our schools run by academy bosses who are making a fortune for themselves? Do we really want public service contracts being given almost exclusively to Tory party donors? It is this overall picture of shoddy sleaze that is becoming the message. That will bring Cameron down

    • 322
      Point of Information 2 says:

      Let us recall then Keith Vaz’s interesting remarks to Theresa May earlier this year, about her weight, at a time when Tooting was plastered with semi-credible !slamic death posters against her.

      In the light of what happened in Woolwich, perhaps Labour should pipe down.

      Andy Burnham is a murdering bastard. Damage done, spin set, doesn’t matter if true or not it is credible enough for the masses.

      Was the story about activists desecrating the grave of a whistle blower’s parents also a fabrication ? Seems very credible to many also.

    • 334
      TROLLS AGAIN says:

      Another fvcker spreading bullshit again form Liebour’s black-ops internet layabout knob-jockey team

  66. 315
    Don't look like "Batting Tips" to me says:
    • 319
      Anonymous says:

      That’s a fist. Boycott’s going to twat him.

      • 333
        Mong Watch says:

        Come on Labour Troll mongs.

        This is Boycott giving Cameron the elbow, surely ?

        You guys must be really fucked up if you can’t even put a little spin like that together. FFS.

        • 365
          The Saatchi Files says:

          This picture is of Boycott merely explaining to Cameron how he got his missus in a headlock before punching her lights out.

          • Mong Watch says:

            Or perhaps he is suggesting to Cameron what should be done about the Woolwich guys.

            Screws beat him to it.

            This should be a caption competition – but really: Labour Trolls ? Yoo Hoo – darlings ? Cat got your tongues ? Or just been bleeped about the latest Labour fuck up ?

    • 374
      Jimmy says:

      Let me have another guess Mr. Boycott, that’s an arse isn’t it?

  67. 331
    Cameron is as slippery as a greased cat on a laminate floor says:

    I’m enjoying the Twitter storm over Cameron’s appearance on the Marr programme. Here’s a few for your edification:

    Benedict Brogan ‏@benedictbrogan 8m
    Dave is making this Lynton thing worse by chortling his way around #Marr’s question. “I have answered the question”. No you haven’t #sigh

    Mehdi Hasan ‏@mehdirhasan 8m
    Astonishing to see Cameron once again flat out refusing to answer a simple q: did he talk to Lynton Crosby about cigarette packaging?

    JamesLyons ‏@MirrorJames 8m
    So thats two more times David Cameron has refused to say whether he spoke to Lynton Crosby about plain packs #marr

    Paul Waugh ‏@paulwaugh 7m
    PM re Crosby discuss/lobby/intervene Q, adds to #marr “that’s the best you’re gonna get”.

    Labour Press Team ‏@labourpress 7m
    Cameron snaps at #Marr ‘that is answer you are getting’ as he dodges question again on Crosby

    Still smiling, Tories??

  68. 335
    Cameron is as slippery as a greased cat on a laminate floor says:

    I’m enjoying the Twitter storm over Cameron’s appearance on the Marr programme. Here’s a few for your edification:

    Benedict Brogan ‏@benedictbrogan 8m
    Dave is making this Lynton thing worse by chortling his way around #Marr’s question. “I have answered the question”. No you haven’t #sigh

    Mehdi Hasan ‏@mehdirhasan 8m
    Astonishing to see Cameron once again flat out refusing to answer a simple q: did he talk to Lynton Crosby about cigarette packaging?

    JamesLyons ‏@MirrorJames 8m
    So thats two more times David Cameron has refused to say whether he spoke to Lynton Crosby about plain packs #marr

    P@ul Waugh ‏@p@ulwaugh 7m
    PM re Crosby discuss/lobby/intervene Q, adds to #marr “that’s the best you’re gonna get”.

    Labour Press Team ‏@labourpress 7m
    Cameron snaps at #Marr ‘that is answer you are getting’ as he dodges question again on Crosby

    Still smiling, Tories??

  69. 337
    Jimmy says:

    If we stood on a street corner and sold our bodies, we would be committing an offence. Yet they sell off our blood bank.
    That which you sell you can never get back. We are reaping the whirlwind.
    Macmillan said Thatcher was selling off the family silver. It has come down to the everyday cutlery and we are eating off our hands – soon there will be no food

    • 340
      Point of Information 2 says:

      There is a possibility of running out of food. Harvest past couple of years has been poor, and the unseasonably cold weather first half of this year has not helped crops, so another poor harvest for UK methinks.

      The EU dictating through the CAP what exactly the UK can / cannot grow cost us dear last year, when we were denied growing wheat (which this year is making France money as there is a global shortage due to bad harvest in North America).

      EU interference with UK farming will in the next year or so cause the food shortages you mention.

      The simple fix is: Exit the EU and ditch the CAP once and for all.

      UKIP offers a solution: LibLabCon offer food price inflation, shortages and possible starvation.

      • 357
        Magic 8 Ball says:

        No, obviously, the British people are dancing in the street at the news that Plasma Resources UK is being sold to an American private equity firm.

        The Tories couldn’t wait to spread the news, which is why it was announced on the first day of Parliament’s summer recess.

        Private equity firms buying up UK PLC. THE next scandal to break, Mr Cameron

    • 364
      Cheat Me Once says:

      I gave blood. Never again.

  70. 339
    Labour black-ops division says:

    Night night, swivel eyed loons.

  71. 353
    EU Funded Pro-EU Troll says:


     | \;;;|  |;;;//| U::::U     U::::UK:::::K    K::::KI::::::IP::::::::::::P  
     |\ \;;|  |;;// | U::::U     U::::UK:::::K   K:::::KI::::::IP::::PPPPPP:::P 
     |\\ \;|  |;// /| UU:::U     U:::UUKK::::K  K::::KKKII::::IIPP:::P     P:::P
     |;\\ \|  |// /;|  U:::U     U:::U  K:::K K::::K      I::I    P::P     P:::P
     |;;\\ |  |/ /;;|  U:::D     D:::U  K::::K::::K       I::I    P::PPPPPP:::P
     |¯¯¯¯¯¯  ¯¯¯¯¯¯|  U:::D     D:::U  K::::::::K        I::I    P:::::::::PP 
     |______  ______|  U:::D     D:::U  K::::::::K        I::I    P::PPPPPPP
     |;;/ /|  | \\;;|  U:::D     D:::U  K::::K::::K       I::I    P::P
     |;/ //|  |\ \\;|  U::::U   U::::U  K:::K K::::K      I::I    P::P
     |/ //;|  |;\ \\|  U:::::UUU:::::U KK::::K  K::::KKKII::::II  P::P
     | //;;|  |;;\ \|   UU:::::::::UU  K:::::K   K:::::KI::::::IPP::::PP
     |//;;;|__|;;;\_|     UU:::::UU    K:::::K    K::::KI::::::IP::::::P
      ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯        UUUUU      KKKKKKK    KKKKKKIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPP
    • 356
      No, he hasn't..... says:

      Has u worked out Rosie yet , Mr. Googley ???

      • 359
        Elsie Beattie (83 and a quarter) says:

        Like putty in his hands, dear. I, and my Reg, have had the pleasure. We are just a figment of Ewa’s massive brain, though.

        • 362
          @ Iain Dale says:

          Wasn’t she at the party, last night?

        • 368
          Ewaname is not the Enemy and I am not Ewaname says:

          Hi ya sweetie,

          For sure it is degrees of separation… everything you say is turning me, future’s blinding your heart guiding… but which places are you thinking of ? ** waves from HMS Libertarian, sipping a dry Martinin somewhere in the Med, guns trained on Europe **

          Nice beat / could do with bit of work on the vocal mixing – seems a bit to strong over the background wash – slight de-tune and a light phase would be interesting.

          Good to be bovver’d,


          N E x x x

  72. 373
    New GCSE Maths Exam Question says:

    Numerical Estimation / Gradients

    i) If you lined Labour’s most irritating and offensive activists up, how long would the resulting queue stretch ? (5)

    ii) What is the minimum number of bullets required to silence them and help make the UK a better place ? Hint: You should aim to dispatch more than one activist with a single bullet. (15)

    iii) Given a machine gun capable of firing 700 rounds / minute, how long would this process take to the nearest minute ? (10)

    Please show all working, and appropriate diagrams to support reasoning.

  73. 383
    How the fuck does Ew*nm* B*t*a know what the future PM was doing last night? says:

    If you plays fair, darlin, I rips you limb from limb, an u knows it ; ) x x

    • 384
      robin's nest says:

      Technically speaking, she wasn’t invited and I’ve never heard of her.

    • 385
      Right-Wing Retard says:

      We’re going to be tough on Rosie and tough on the causes of Rosie.

  74. 390
    Out of Londonistan. says:

    Fucking London centric media. Reporting that the weather is breaking today. It may well be in London but it broke for everyone else on Saturday.

  75. 391
    French Kissing says:

    The French bow down to England.

  76. 392

    Further news is suspended as we go over to Kate watch as she drops her sprog.

  77. 393
    FROGGET says:


    Win the Tour de France

    Play Cricket.

    Have a Royal baby.

    • 396

      Build a decent car

      Stop collaborating with the Germans

      Stop eating door mice , frogs , snails and horses

  78. 395
    BREAKING NEWS ! says:

    Kate middleton goes into the longest labour in history !
    The tabloids will be full of this shit for the next 50 years

    The Queen said “It was the Sun what done it !”

    • 397
      Sit Petra says:

      It’s a scatter cushion (largest of the set).

    • 398
      a non says:

      Never, in my wildest dreams did I think I would be looking forward to Rich’s Monday Morning View- that oblique look at Politics to take one’s mind off the baby hysteria now abounding.
      Come on Guido. Please put is out of our misery.
      I believe only an indecipherable cartoon will have any effect.

      • 400
        Sit Petra says:

        You can’t hurry creative genius, it took Leonardo Da Cappricio ten years to paint the Cystine Chapel.

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