July 18th, 2013

Lobbyist Bill “Covers Just 1% of Lobbyists”

The spinmeisters were out in force yesterday trashing Dave’s Lobbying Bill. While it is obviously a case of well-they-would-say-that-wouldn’t-they, there is a pretty big hole in the Bill. Guido isn’t sure how Cameron can be claiming to clean up lobbying when his Bill, according to the Association of Professional Political Consultants, only covers 1% of lobbyists. Firstly, lobbyists won’t have to disclose clients if they limit meetings to SpAds and civil servants. Unless they meet minsters or permanent secretaries, they can keep their clients secret. Secondly, if you are an in-house lobbyist or your company is not a lobbying firm first and foremost, as are many of those who actually lobby ministers in person, you are exempt. Which means a huge amount of the type of lobbying that needs most scrutiny has been let off entirely. 

If a lobbyist only meets a SpAd or permanent secretary, their clients can be kept secret. If an in-house lobbyist meets a minister, their clients can be kept secret. APPC surveyed 998 meetings between lobbyists and ministers, finding only two that would be covered by this Bill. These aren’t loopholes, they are chasms…


  1. 1
    Lynton Crosby says:

    will i be covered?

    gissa fag.


  2. 2

    That is 0% growth.


  3. 3
    Geof Hoon says:

    cab for hire anyone?


  4. 4
    Owen Jones says:

    “I’ve got goosebumps; the hairs on the back of my neck are standing up. We’re in for a wonderful Test match at Lords”


  5. 5
    Yes rembber it Mrs May when your day comes says:


    • 14
      Living in 97.333% white Merseyside says:

      I remember reading about these East European pick-pocketing gangs in Paris as far back as the 1970’s.

      And what became of the Colombian ones who used to operate on the London Underground in the 1980/1990’s?


      • 23
        Point of Information 2 says:

        Wouldn’t compare the Colombian’s with Eastern Europeans – Colombian’s are of superior stock and less predisposed to crime.

        This disease carrying filth should not be given carte blanche entry.

        They are scum.


        • 29
          Sandra in Accounts says:

          But Boris & Dave & Ed & Clegg see the Romanians & Bulgarians as a valuable asset to do the crime that British criminals do not have the skills to do.

          End this madness.

          Vote UKIP.


          • Point of Information 2 says:

            Agreed – UKIP is the way forward and are right on this.

            The only people less trustable from the old Soviet Bloc are from Georgia.

            The European Union still remains a supranational communist cluster-fuck – the sooner we get out of that the better.

            There is no upside benefit to throwing more money into the project, and certainly no upside benefit to allowing Romanian and Bulgarian scumbags into the UK: We already have more than enough scum courtesy of the Labour retards 1997 thru 2010.


          • Anonymous says:

            Look at the times that this country and others have used immigration to support an industry or life style.

            The influx always happens after the industry, or need, has passed its prime. It is a last ditched effort to keep it going. It has never been a success and is a indication only of a system with no future.


          • Point of Information 2 says:

            The only benefit of letting this lot in is to:

            i) Perpetuate this moronic lefty pattern of governance that the UK was dropped in by Labour. This has done harm to the economy and society generally.

            ii) Dilute further UK indigenous culture.

            iii) Bring down the cost of prostitution and perhaps provide child prostitutes who no one seriously would give a shit about.

            iv) Increase the rates of TB in cities

            v) Push crime stats back up. Particularly for pick-pocketing and petty crime. Most of the new offenders will be youth / adult working to help support these families.

            vi) Increase the number of restaurants providing Romanian / Bulgarian food in London. That is not a good thing.

            The scum that is being proposed for entry has already been chased out of Czeck Republic, and has been causing trouble in other European countries. The UK has avoided most of this so far, and to be fair should not really be wasting its time getting involved.

            One thing to remember which is paramount, poignant as we are talking about the retards who were soundly defeated during WWII (they were willingly backing G’ermany):

            The UK owes these people nothing.


        • 34
          Anonymous says:

          Colombian’s less predisposed to crime!

          If that is a comparison then we really are in trouble.


          • Roll out the red carpet and chant raycist at any who share doubts says:

            The people who are being incentivised by their own governments to leave and make their way here, are the very dregs of those societies, essentially lawless Moldovian peasants and Roma.

            They make the Colombians look like sophisticated, law abiding, high value migrants by comparison.

            The LabLibCon’s slavish fellation of every EU regulation and diktat, is the real problem here, they simply have no spine when it comes to hard decisions.


        • 37
          Living in 97.333% white Merseyside says:

          Don’t know about Colombia but according to Wiki there are 300,000 people of Roma descent in Argentina.

          Senor Tevez?


          • Point of Information 2 says:

            Do not conflate Colombia with Argentina: You are correct they are very different countries ethnically, and if you check the map they are separated geographically by a few thousand miles, with a few countries in between, and have very different histories / culture.

            Argentinians / Colombians are not about to start flooding the UK any time soon.

            Your point on the Roma in Argentina goes directly to my point of Colmbian’s being better stock, and less criminal.

            For a better comparison you perhaps should compare / contrast ethnic mix and economic development Argentina / Chile. Chile is years ahead.


          • Living in 97.333% white Merseyside says:

            I’ve been to Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil in 1991. Colombia was a no-go area at the time and Bogota considered one of the most dangerous cities in the world. It has now been overtaken by the capital of Honduras, San Pedro Sula I think it is.

            As for your other point, Patagonia is flooded with economic migrants, mainly mestizos, from Chile.


      • 97
        Arthur Scargill says:

        The Iron Lady pocketed my pick.


    • 32
      One Term Dave says:

      It’s not enough though Nigel, Britain needs millions more immigrants so I’m wanting Turkey in the EU too. Just imagine 70 million more muzzies to enrich our white pasty lives what what.

      Remember to vote for the party of Dave at the 2015 GE :)

      Toodle pip old bean!


  6. 6
    Ah! Monika says:

    Why are the APPC highlighting this. Surely better for them to remain quiet.


  7. 7
    Call me Dave says:

    I really like ‘or chasms’

    Especially ones through my 5 fingered reshuffle


  8. 9
    Lionel "Iraqi Dossier" Blair says:

    Now look. I’m a straight kinda guy, and so is Alastair “Frothing Alchy” Campbell, and we think this is just fine. As Churchill woulda said (What… he did say something like it?) The truth is such a precious commodity, she should, at all times, be surrounded by a body guard of liars.

    650 of them.

    Cash or cheque please, straight into the old loose change account!


    • 48
      A penknife says:

      There’s still the little unfinished business of Dr D*v*d K*lly.


      • 67
        Lionel's Security team, paid for by the UK taxpayer says:

        We have your IP address, telephone number, home address and inside leg measurement, Mr. “Penknife” and we’re watching you!

        (Unfortunately I left all that intel. on the train this morning on my laptop)


  9. 10
    If I make enough noise, maybe someone will listen says:


    • 19
      DtP says:

      It’s pretty rum having a morbidly obese turd lecturing on health policy when it just lives on a diet of deep fried lard.


    • 21
      Sandra in Accounts says:

      Dear god woman put the fork down.


    • 22
      Silly season has started already says:

      STFU you fat smell bitch and get outside in the sun it’s a lovely day.


      • 31
        The BBC causes serious mental illness says:

        You are not allowed to enjoy the sun as there is a dangerous heat wave, not Andy Burnham, tearing up the country.

        UV rays from the sun will give you all cancer.

        And you should smoke or relax, because warm weather is bad for what remains of the lefty indoctrinated scum that still bother to listen to the BBC.

        Have a great day, and please pay your telly tax so we can enjoy our ice creams on our private patio.


        • 51
          Lord Stansted says:

          Why haven’t you re-branded back to global warming to explain the heat wave?


          • The BBC causes serious mental illness says:

            We may cause mental illness, but we are not completely stupid.

            Wait until the public have forgotten that it has been unseasonably cold so far this year.

            2 weeks of warm weather, with apocalyptic heat wave propaganda, and our viewers may warm (ahem) to the notion that this hot weather is all their fault and that global warming is real.

            In the mean time we need to re-educate that nice warm weather is bad again, so as our viewers don’t enjoy this nice turn.

            (+ The weather boys really haven’t got a clue and we don’t trust there to be no snow three weeks from now…)


          • Watermelon leftard says:

            OMG! It’s so hot we are all going to fry, hold on, just a few days ago it was freezing cold. Weird weather! Weird weather! WE ARE ALL GOING TO FREEZE, FRY, FREEZE, FRY, FREEZE, FRY……………


    • 25
      The Hackney Hippo says:

      See my naked ambition and lack of self awareness regarding my actual imbecility – I am Fatbot, hear me ROAR!

      Sorry, that’s two doner kebabs with everything, three fries, three apple pies with cream and 2 litres of coke please… no Diet Coke, please, I’m watching my weight. Delivery in 15 minutes!!? OK, I’ll have to start on this 6 pack of crisps while I wait.


    • 27
      Living in 97.333% white Merseyside says:

      Plain packaging or not Di I’m gonna enjoy my fags till I snuff it.


    • 28
      nellnewman says:

      Is she still whingeing on about plain packaging?

      It was a silly idea to begin with.

      The fact that labour seems to regard it as their no 1 policy issue in a week when crime, employment and the NHS are all under scrutiny says reams for their blank sheet of paper.


    • 39
      Bazinga! says:

      So why didn’t Liebore bring in plain packaging then farbot?


    • 42
      Idon'tneednodoctor says:

      Abbott, as with the rest of labour, only knows how to complain and be destructive.


    • 58
      Diane Fatbott says:

      I am not in any union’s pocket. I’m far too fat to get into them.


  10. 11
    Dean B says:

    Isn’t writing a letter to your MP a form of lobbying? Or replying to consultations?

    Doesn’t matter if it’s you as an individual, a small business in their constituency, or even a large firm – presumably if you take a broad definition of lobbying it just means “engaging with politicians in an attempt to argue your case & influence policy”


    • 20
      Anonymous says:

      The bad Lobbying is taking money, or favours, for presenting ideas.

      Everything else is what MP should be doing; engaging with their community.


      • 100
        George W. Plunkitt, Democratic Party boss of New York state ca. 1900 says:

        I never take an out-and-out bribe– then them crooks think they own you and you owe them something.
        I’ve never sold my vote. I’ve let myself profit from voting for something I would have voted for anyway, but then, hey, as I always say, Ya sees yer opportunities, and ya seize ‘em.


  11. 12
    dai laughing says:

    is 1% as large as the %age of mp’s non-westminster salary earings that are disclosed?


  12. 15
    nellnewman says:

    Is this Bill at consultation stage? Because if it is we all need to be lobbying to get all lobbying covered and that includes the role of the unions .


  13. 17
    What time is it? says:

    It’s Fat Man Football Skills Time!

    Eric Pickles take note.


  14. 24
    Sandra in Accounts says:

    Lib / Lab / Con Party do not want transparency for lobbyists – how else would they get all that cash for influence without them?

    Vote UKIP.


    • 35
      The Hackney Hippo says:

      And don’t forget to send all your UKIP “donations” to the usual Isle of Man “Educational Trust” account.

      Now….. look into my eyes, not around my eyes… into my eyes….. and your under.

      Vote UKIP.

      And….. your back in the room.



  15. 26
    David Cameron "Jonah" says:

    Might I wish the England cricketers the very best of luck against the convicts in the Lords Test match.


    • 30
      Living in 97.333% white Merseyside says:

      Boring, boring, boring!


      • 40
        Len McCluskey says:

        “Harris is just that kind of bowler the England bowlers will not like facing, he brings you forward with pace and gets a little bit of movement either way. The first hour of a Test you’re bound to get a little bit of movement but you can’t ask for a better start. He’s a mover and a shaker Michael Clarke. I blame the Queen!”

        Owen Jones live from the Long Room at Lords


    • 38
      nellnewman says:

      At least he knows what cricket is – which is more than can be said of gordon – he and his grubby mates only ever took an interest in that thuggish, mind bendingly boring game of football!


    • 102
      I. Ron Bell says:

      The Guardian cricket website has hardly mentioned cricket all morning. Too full of furious squealing at Butch Dave and the most evil woman on the planet now Fatch is dead, Her Majesty the Queen.
      I wonder if Dave will give someone an MBE for scoring 7 like photo-op Blair did


  16. 33
    Bazinga! says:

    The crime figures were a lie under Labour and a lie under this government.

    Let’s be honest, yes car crime might be down but that’s because the technology has improved.

    Bottom line is most people won’t even bother to report low level crime these days as fat plod won’t even bother to turn out.


    • 47
      Idon'tneednodoctor says:

      Your last sentence sums the situation up perfectly.


    • 50
      Anonymous says:

      Along with the insurance companies not paying. Or less having insurance. So there is no point reporting a crime.

      Also crime figures match exactly the availability of the police. You can report all you like, but without a reference it never happened.

      All I got was an irate inspector accusing me. Their best tactic for ignoring crime.


      • 55
        Bazinga! says:

        But you can bet that hate crime from ‘Christian groups’ is well investigated by fat plod.


  17. 43
    bergen says:

    It isn’t meant to stop it. It’s meant to give the impression of being seen to do something about it.


  18. 52
    Owen Jones says:

    Summer wouldn’t be summer without an English batting collapse.


  19. 59
    Leroy_Jenkins says:

    Yeah but as the Occupy movement taught us we only ever have to care about 1% of any group of people.

    The 99.1st percent is evil, the 89.9% is a saintly paragon of virtue who’s oppressed by evil people with cigars and slaves and stuff…


  20. 64
    Cbeebies says:


  21. 65
    Gordon Brown's Expense sheet and charitable "travel expenses" says:

    3 years since Gordmong left, and look who’s suffering now!


    The bastard!


  22. 68
    Lynton Crosby says:

    Owen Jones & Len McCluskey remind of the great comedy duo Derek & Clive.


  23. 69
    jesus is real says:

    we should also take into consideration that a young Islamic may be all encompassed by a sense of helplessness, faced by an advanced society and observing his parents huddling in a corner and going on and on and on and on about old shit that they read in book be thinking to himself ” My sense of identity is somewhat weird”


  24. 70
    Labour is a criminal party says:

    Nokia shares have fallen again. I’m surprised. I’d have thought all the replacement mobiles Gordon buys would keep them steady.


    • 92
      Ippikin says:

      No, they just make shit ‘phones. Every time I plug mine into the car, it plays some bloody jingle. Hammer is the best solution.


  25. 71
    Chris Huhne says:

    You want fries with that?


  26. 72
    David Cameron says:

    Lobbying is a ticking timebomb waiting to go off.


    • 75
      Anonymous says:

      Too true but too many looking for work when they leave Parliament. Cameron would loose all his MPs support if he stopped lobbyists paying them to support their cause.
      But nothing Cameron says, especially at PMQs is other than spin. His figures and statistics are forever wrong. But why spoil a good cheer from his back benchers with the truth.


  27. 73
    Frank Scunner says:

    Do any of you people believe what “Puffin Face Dave” says anymore at PMQs ?
    The very thought of Cameron illegally discussing the Tory / LibDem Government’s cigarette packaging policy with Crosby is about as likely as him discussing the £8 billion bid for BSkyB over ” country suppers” with the Chipping Norton Provisional Wing of the Murdoch Empire ….
    Err … Wait a minute ?????


    • 77
      MaltnHops says:

      I think he said that he’d “never been lobbied” by Crosby thus avoiding answering as to whether “he’d discussed” gaspers and their packaging. Pathetic weasel words from a third rate sixth form debater


      • 85
        Grand Pricks says:

        You mean a bit like how Labour coincidentally didn’t ban tobacco advertising in Formula 1 right after Ecclestone gave them millions in donations? Or how they coincidentally fast tracked passports for the Hindujas after they donated a few mill?


        • 99
          No such thing as society says:

          Goes to show how complete Good old tony was when he stole the Tories clothing.


  28. 74
    Andy Burnham in Terminator 5 says:

    Come with me if you want to die.

    Hasta la vista, patient.

    I’ll be back. You won’t be.


    • 81
      jesus is real says:

      it is important to consider the signals that we send to our young people.
      In people’s formative years ( when they go to school) there is the opportunity to instill concepts


  29. 79
    Gordon the Brown says:

    I have just passed a jobby bill.


  30. 80
    grumpyoldman says:

    Lobbying these days is just another PR euphemism for corporate bullying. It’s a case of “Give us what we want or we’ll sabotage your economy”.

    In short it’s financial tyranny, and all politicians are in thrall to it like rabbits in the headlights.

    So long democracy, it’s been good to know ya.


  31. 88
    Owen Jones says:

    Surely it would be win/win to have a good Indian commentator for The Ashes? Huge audience in India to cater to, plus different perspective.


  32. 91
    Sir William Waad says:

    Lobbyists are the greenfly on the rosebush of demicracy.


  33. 95
    Ippikin says:

    Maybe we should have a People’s Lobby, or is that called democracy?


  34. 110

    Nice little earner all round.


  35. 111

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