June 23rd, 2013

In Guido’s Column in The Sun Today


In Guido’s Sun column today:

  • The_Sun_23_6_2013We reveal that Nigel Farage went offshore last week to raise funds for UKIP.
  • Bald warning for Boris! Is he going to lose out to the slaphead electoral curse? We go through the precedents with a finetooth comb.
  • The Labour MP laughing at the Confessions of Gordon Brown.
  • MP Gavin Shuker’s £3,000 of luxurious “New Age” training.
  • Jemima Khan confirms Lord Wood’s heart-throb looks, more reshuffle MP manics…
  • Lesbian infidelity in the Lords: the Baroness who suggested “they turn the lights down” before it got too fruity!

There is also a picture of the PM on a kid’s scooter.

All this and more in your Sun on Sunday  just 60p. Politics for the many, not the few…


  1. 1
    Dave should resign now says:

    Gideon gets a bad press.

    But FFS: Can someone please figure out how to take a picture of him where he does not look like a total c’unt ?

  2. 2
    graham smith says:

    Where is the Gardening section?Just cant get any cutting hedge journalism since they brought this web thing out.

  3. 3
  4. 4
    Own Jones's star is in assension for soe fucking reasonbest known to the cun*s at the BBC says:

    The ‘peoples assembly’ looked like an assembly of people I and many others have fuck all in common with.
    So not representative of the people at all.

  5. 5

    I’ve over stayed my welcome.

  6. 6
    Sit Petra says:

    Legs Akimbo.

  7. 7
    The People's Politician says:

  8. 8
    The Male on Sunday says:

    Nothing nicer than sitting down on a Sunday to read Liz Jones column about Liz Jones and her pussy.
    Quality journalism at its best.

  9. 9
    Ed's Banned Breakfast says:

  10. 10
    Angry from Chipping Norton says:

    I’m shocked to hear Nigel Farage who hates to see British peoples hard earned money spunked up the wall taking precautions to protect his money from being spunked up the wall.

  11. 11
    On The Road To Mandalay says:

    All too disturbingly familiar, and all the usual BS about xenophobia and religious intolerance trotted out:


    When somebody doesn’t like you, it’s probably down to them.
    When nobody likes you, it’s probably down to you.

  12. 12
    Jimmy's Rightie Quote Of The Day says:

    “I am buggered if I am any wiser as to what Labour’s education policy really is.”
    [iain dale]

  13. 13
    Owen Jokes says:

    Socialism is victorious !

  14. 14
    IED says:

  15. 15
    Time for the Plod to feel his collar. says:

    Be in no doubt that IED or Improvised Explosive Device. Which have killed hundreds of our soldiers was a deliberate and inflammatory choice of name.

  16. 16
    Sally up the alley says:

    I’m ready!

  17. 17
    The MET Office says:

    Gardening is cancelled this year as we wait for the Global warming to occur.

  18. 18
    Biased Broadcasting Corporation says:

    The usual politically balanced paper review on BBC’s Marr this morning – Scottish Marxist Helena Kennedy and Tory-hating ‘comedian’ Russell Brand. 15 minutes of uninterrupted left-wing propaganda courtesy of the Biased Broadcasting Corporation.

    The moronic Brand has already been given his 15 minutes of fame this week on Question Time. But no – he represents everything the BBC worships – youth, socialism, and vacuous celebrity.

  19. 19
    Sally up the alley says:

    Where’s the spunk?

  20. 20
    Old Blind Pugh says:

    One for you Geedoo, a fair summing up, http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2013/jun/23/tories-alternative-queens-speech, do the Cons really want to win the next election or are we going to have the John Major thing all over again, the dissenters should have made their move months ago, they have less than 2 years, Dave has to stick to a policy instead of changing his mind all the time. Liebore is not much better no changes the squeeze on the economy seems to be the most they can muster, no good, between them the two main parties risk boring the electorate to death.

  21. 21
    UKIP or bust says:

    In a straight fight between milliband and a pilchard, my money would have to be on the pilchard.

  22. 22
    Fishy says:

    I see that the Taliban have been defending themselves against those horrible mountaineers.

    Choudary’s soulmates doing their ‘duty’ by keeping a welcome in the hillside eh?


  23. 23
    100% of taxi drivers in Merseyside are white says:

    We won’t be reading that rag up here!

  24. 24
    Fishy says:


  25. 25
    Sanpellegrino says:

    Replace the front page headline with the Gideon headline. It makes more sense

  26. 26
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    You forgot to add that Brand is a twat.

  27. 27
    Beef Choudry says:

    To tackle extremism in the white community whites created the UAF.
    What equivalent organisation have the Islamic community created?
    When have Islamic extremists been showered with bricks and bottles by members of their own community for the extreme views they hold?
    If the Black and Asian communities don’t sort their own shit out then don’t be surprised if the white man steps in to try and do it.

  28. 28
    Clegg, useless parasite says:

    Just reading the papers in bed with Miriam, remarking that Madiba was an inspiration to us all. Anyhow, knowing her interest in Africa I started to discuss Ugandan Affairs…bad move!

  29. 29
    the common folk of ramsbottom says:

    thanks GF – that’s 6 good reasons not to by die Schlock am Sonntag

  30. 30
    Russell Brand says:

    I think I injected too much coke into my cockywock.Look it’s disappeared.

  31. 31
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    Another week gone by and still no :-

    Resignation from Burnham and Johnson.
    Chilcot Inquiry Report.
    Andrew Mitchell “plebgate” report – just what does Hogan-Howe do?

    Another week gone by and yet more lies and hypocrisy from Ed Miliband and Ed Balls.

  32. 32
    Fuck the BBC says:

    And a druggie

  33. 33
    Islamic Manner? says:

    if one is unable to defend themselves physically, for example Muslim sisters, then we urge that as much information regarding the incident is preserved so it can be dealt with in a swift and Islamic manner.


  34. 34
    Fuck the BBC says:

    And anothe week where Nikki Campbell will earn 10K

  35. 35
    Allan, you at t'bar says:

    allan (SWT) Is he on South West Trains ??

  36. 36
    Sit Petra says:

    I don’t want to go anywhere near a Rams bottom.

  37. 37
    The BBC are cunts says:

    Earn ?? Earn ??

  38. 38
    Beef Choudry says:

    Were the English sisters in Rotheram dealt with in an Islamic manner?

  39. 39
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    The best thing you could do Choudary, would be to go to the top of a very tall building and dive off head first. By doing this you would do true muslims a big favour. Choudary if any one blasphemes and is an infadel it’s you. Choudary you are a disgrace to the writings of the Koran.

  40. 40
    Tay King-dePisse says:

    Although his self-acknowledged and deliberately-flaunted resemblance to Jesus Christ might have them a bit rattled at first, till they realise it’s all an iconoclastic pose. Or at any rate, it ought to be, unless he really IS that full of himself (as well as full of–well, y’know…)

  41. 41
    Sit Petra says:

    Strange this complete silence on matters of import, I infer from that, that they are all culpable, never mind, how about another cookery programme?.

  42. 42
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    Why did Farage open the account if not to avoid paying tax? Intent proved!

  43. 43
    Bill Wagstick says:

    An hour and a quarter trapped in a darkened room with a ranting Gordon Brown – it sounds like Tony Blair’s worst nightmare. It’s also the premise for a new play, The Confessions of Gordon Brown, which previews at London’s White Bear Theatre next week ahead of a month-long run at the Edinburgh Fringe in August.

  44. 44
    Don't give Dave Money, he'll only buy arms to fuel a civil war. says:

    Why do people invest in National savings or ISAs? Intent proved!

  45. 45
    Stone blunts metal says:

    Not sure what he means here. Will they behead the perpetrators who attack the sisters or will they stone the Sisters who are now defiled by infidels?

  46. 46
    albacore says:

    Come along to merrie England, where they’re all mad
    Everyone’s happy. (They ain’t allowed to be sad)
    It may seem absurd but it’s even absurder
    Once you’re there, they let you get away with murder
    Join one of their death squads in the medical corps
    (Though it’s still got “health service” plastered on the door)
    And whatever you do, there’s no comeback to fear
    They don’t stand upon silly ceremony here
    Promotion prospects are the icing on the cake
    The higher you rise, the more mistakes you can make

  47. 47
    M102 says:

    Will he confess to being gay?

  48. 48
    Sit Petra says:

    Thardine, yes Mr Speaker, thardine (shouts of sit down whelk from opposition bench), a thardine, I’ll say it again, a thardine!.

  49. 49
    Allan says:

    Have your tickets, passes and Oyster cards ready for inspection please.

  50. 50
    Sit Petra says:

    But can we expect any poetic justice?.

  51. 51
    Owen Jones says:


  52. 52
    Bill Wagstick says:

    only in the biblical sense

  53. 53
    race = ace + rat. says:

    the word on the net is islamo Fascist Word War.
    einstein is of the view that the space behind the crown is curved, hence egging it on. the space behind the crown is also the safety net.
    the monarch wears the crown but everyone has a crown on the head.

  54. 54
    Owen Jones says:

    The national launch of peoples assembly with 4,000 of us poofs was, if we’re being sober and measured, fucking awful.

    I’ve had enough and am off to join UKIP.

  55. 55
    V1le Labour trashed my Country says:

    I’m feeling really enriched and joyful in my diverse multicultural UK cesspit.

  56. 56
    nellnewman says:

    Not to worry – labour don’t know either!!

  57. 57

    Whislt Billions are wasted by Government ,when it comes to the Public’s Budget the Expenditure is miserly .Security in Life for any of us has been eroded by them .Our Health is paramount to our wellbeing but Hospital Deaths are common through negligence and cuts , one Home Secretary even bought contaminated Blood on the Cheap.Inferior imported prescription drugs another cut .Job Security went out of the window when V Cable introduced the Employment Law Reforms and made it easier to be sacked ,and once sacked then sanctioned on the JSA for 3 years.Our homes , 45,000 expected to be reprocessed in 2013.Evictions through the Bedroom Tax.Pension Fund Robbed of £5 billion. Retirement age increasing year by year.Even Death costs us money .They are the sad truths we live by whilst the Rich get Richer poverty increases . http://brokenbritishpolitics.simplesite.com

  58. 58
    nellnewman says:

    I heard it was a great success , tho’ to be fair with less than 2000 people not the 4000 you’re claiming – but then labour never were good with figures.

    I hear mcclusky and a batch of union leaders all stood up and called for anarchy, general strikes, occupation of buildings and general street violence where appropriate – ie when they don’t get their own way.

    Presumably this is the left’s view of ‘democracy’ for the few and oppression of the many. Didn’t somebody else have that idea back in 1939?

  59. 59
    Gnuplot says:

    Avoiding tax is legal – idiot!

  60. 60
    Terry Teleban says:

    Mountaineering is so last century.

  61. 61
    Ed Militwit - your friendly narcissistic little sh1t says:

    Now that I’ve finished dancing on M1llie D0wler’s gr@ve, I need someone else’s personal grief to profit from. Hold on, this’ll do!


  62. 62
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    Labour have set about copying the policies of the coalition, trouble is labour can’t even copy properly.

  63. 63
    nellnewman says:

    Well to be fair it’s not the cuts that led to hospital deaths.

    In 2006/7 when the hospital scandals began emerging the labour government had chucked £billions at the health service which went into providing over the top salaries for thousands of hospital managers who spent their time pushing paperclips and stuff and intimidating patients into not making complaints. (I know I was one of those patients and I still have the intimidating letters they wrote me.)

    andyburnham can protest as much as he likes that he is innocent of making the Healthcare Commission and its successor the CQC cover up the scandals of death and poor patient care but he will not be believed because there’s too much evidence to the contrary.

    It was misappropriation of all those funds to the backroom boys and mismanagement and just a sheer lack of interest in patients needs that led to the collapse of the NHS and labour were the active and deliberate instigators of the system that brought it about.

  64. 64
    Sit Petra says:

    Snowden flying to Moscow despite US extradition request to Hong Kong, funny old world, does the land of the free now belong to an Ecuadorian embassy and the former USSR?.

  65. 65
    C.O.Jones says:

    Hard as nails is our Ed.

    “stop that naughty boy”

  66. 66
    The EU has failed says:

    There’s something weird about mountaineering when they have to use tampons for climbing.

  67. 67
    The EU has failed says:

    At first I thought Guido had written, ‘politics for the money’. It would have been more apt.

  68. 68
    Expat Geordie says:

    Is the People’s Assembly any relation to the People’s Lobby, who were in that superlative film “Who Dares Wins”?

    They do seem to have a similar agenda, and probably would not be averse to using similar methods.

    I don’t think that they have anyone as good looking as a young Judy Davis as a member though.

  69. 69
    Andy Bumhum says:

  70. 70
    Expat Geordie says:


    Save the Cat!

  71. 71
    Ed Millisprat says:

    Thith is what I wath talking about Pilthchards , Piltchards Pilthchards
    tough on Pilthchards tough and tough on the causes of Pilthchards

  72. 72
    Wyle Cop says:

    No, Cat.

    Just go and have a lie down on the nudie beach for a while and all will be well with the world again.

  73. 73
    JH82489239823023 says:

    It is indeed ironic that this rabble and their U’A’F shock troops behave more like fascists than anyone.

    If the B_N_P violently disrupted another party’s otherwise peaceful gathering there would be uproar. But these tie-die brownshirts think it’s OK for them to do it because their stated goals are so bloody worthy.

    Sickening. Unite Alike Fascism, more like.

  74. 74
    Expat Geordie says:

    Since French workers are some of the hardest to legally sack, please explain why unemployment, and specifically youth unemployment, is so high in France?

  75. 75
    Clam Chowder says:

    The answer is: (C). Allahu Akbar! (“God is Great!”)

  76. 76
    Sit Petra says:

    Thanks for inexplicable mod of Snowden comment.

  77. 77
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    Does anyone really believe Andy Burnham?

  78. 78
    Fuck the BBC says:

    Fuck the NHS and fuck the lazy fucking twats that work in it.

  79. 79
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    Because they have never had a job because there are no jobs.

  80. 80
    BBC mong says:

    We believe everything a Labour politician tell us.

  81. 81
    Anonymous says:

    So sorry for all the fans at Edgbaston being messed about by the weather, especially that most of them are India fans and no doubt shelled out loads on plane tickets and hotels.

  82. 82
    Biased Broadcasting Corporation says:

    Dan Hodges’ description of this assembly of social misfits is excellent.

  83. 83
    Fishy says:

    Awful. I don’t watch Marr much…but every time I do Helena Kennedy seems to be on it. Is she the resident paper reviewer now?

    Brand was a twat, using the programme to bash the Tories (is 50% of their funding from bankers? If not the BBC should apologise)

    The other twat was Balls…bouncing all over the place. Interesting that he was caveating the management of the economy under a future Labour Government with the potential impact of any global economic uncertainty (a slowdown in China)…something that he refuses to acknowledge has been a issue for this Government.

    Actually, for the first time, I thought that Osborne came across quite well (but then it was only Balls he was up against)

  84. 84
    nellnewman says:

    “Ed Balls says he will borrow more money to pay for major road building and other infrastructure projects if he becomes Chancellor in a Labour government after 2015″ He was spe@king to the DT this morning.

    So much then for militwit’s assurances that he wouldn’t borrow any money if elected in 2015.

    Which one’s lying I wonder?

  85. 85
    Fishy says:

    That must have been the reason they were shot.


  86. 86
    Biased Broadcasting Corporation says:

    It appears that both RBS and the BBC will be spending our money on hiring hospitality suites at Wimbledon, which starts tomorrow. Lots of free champagne and food from Fortnum and Mason. I suppose the Board of RBS, the BBC Director General, the BBC Trust and BBC Management will all be there – not to mention the usual representatives of the vacuous celebity culture they worship. Don’t you just wish you worked for a taxpayer-funded institution?

  87. 87
    Owen Jones says:

    Whistleblowers everywhere NOW is the time to expose the crimes of your government to the press. Let’s bring the abusers of power to justice.

    And I mean that most sincerely folks.

  88. 88
    Rockudson says:

    If you don’t use a tampon when you go mountaineering you might find you get a cramp on.

  89. 89
    Bollocks to getting a pseudonym says:

    As soon as I see something with the word “people’s” in its title, I know it has naff all to do with Mr and Mrs Public, just like countries with the word “Democratic” in their names don’t allow anything even approaching democracy.

  90. 90
    La Belle Francoise says:

    Will he be bringing is rocking horse?

  91. 91
    Long John Silver's parrot says:

    That guy who spoilt the Boat Race is now fighting extradition.

    Apparently he likes it in England after all.

    Well we in England do not like him.

    Sling your hook, I say

  92. 92
    Dan Hodges says:

    “In the land of the blind, etc,” so to speak.
    For all you sick puppies out there. You know that that was what you were thinking. There– I said it for you; OK?

  93. 93
    Mr Slater's Parrot says:

    SKQUA-EEEEERRKK!!! (tweetle) (ting)

  94. 94
    Bollocks to getting a pseudonym says:

    Alternatively, maybe the fcker’s too damned lazy to shave.

  95. 95
    Jane Birkin from Paris says:

    I think the answer is partly the 35 hour week and partly the near 40% employers’ surcharges.

    If a French company wants to employ someone it makes a lot of sense going to China.

  96. 96
    I wandered lonely as a cloud chuntering quietly, but out loud says:

    There was a young poet from Cork
    Who ate his sardines with a fork
    But he said: It’s not easy
    They make me feel queasy
    and really I do prefer pork”.

  97. 97
    Abu Qatur-da says:

    More power to his elbow, I say.

  98. 98
    Fishy says:

    A lady gardener?

  99. 99
    Trevor Lajent says:

    Word on Sky is that he is en route Moscow-Havana-Caracas.

    Lucky him!

  100. 100
    Trevor Lajent says:

    Can anyone rustle up a flash mob of say 5000 Brazilians to do a spot of balls duty at say noon on Monday?

  101. 101
    Fishy says:

    I’ve been de-twittered don’t quite know how.

    Writing in support of some #pplsassembly misfit, who is mobilising a NHS demonstration, I said count me in…justice for the Stafford 1200, and all those killed by the NHS in Maidstone, Tunbridge Wells, Walsall and Morecambe .

    Obviously hasn’t gone down too well

  102. 102
    Trevor Lajent says:

    Weren’t you supposed to be on your way to Amman about now? Or was that just a rumour earlier today? Nothing on the telly yet.

  103. 103
    Trevor Lajent says:

    Have you not been keeping up with all the snoopy news lately? Somebody has your number mate.

  104. 104
    judge the psyche. says:

    beyond doctors are lords.
    lords are godly.
    chilcot…………..c cot on the hill.
    the world of the dog, cat and the hill.
    all the power is on the side.
    chilcot,s side.
    he is out. Lords are in…Lords on one side and cots on the other.
    is chilcot a god?
    if not why is he a Lord?
    the dare is for every tom, dick and harry to call himself a lord.
    lo and behold…the power is in the “lo”.

  105. 105
    Wyle Cop says:

    “Records kept by the expenses watchdog show that Eric Joyce has been reimbursed for more business class flights than another other Parliamentarian.”

    Presumably because of the extra free booze…


  106. 106
    MB. says:

    Expelled or deported, not extradited, as unfortunately there do not seem to be any charges awaiting him in his home country.

    About time they started deporting criminals after they have served their sentence.

  107. 107
    Fishy says:

    En route he said that he was heading for a country that is ‘democratic’. You’ve got to laugh. If that was his criteria he could have just popped across to North Korea and saved himself a long plane ride.

    I’m not sure that Snowden is ‘full shilling’

  108. 108
    nmj says:

    I hope the confessions were wrung out of him by the Spanish Inquisition.

  109. 109
    Fishy says:

    A flash mob of Brazilians?

    Sounds good.

  110. 110
    nellnewman says:

    owen jones and his union bosses will be out to get you if you try to expose any nhs or cqc or other government , union controlled establishment employees for not doing their job properly.

    The only people on whom you may blow the whistle are the ones who work in the private sector.

  111. 111
    Anonymous says:

    What I find most puzzling on here is the Tory belief that they are better than Labour and that by using ones democratic vote Ukippers are denying them of their god given right to rule. Well they have no such right and pretending Armageddon will occur if Labour wins is poppycock.
    The Tories like Labour have continued to increase borrowing, They have not given us the CAST IRON referendum and are overruled on immigrants and their benefits by the EU. So basically they are doing exactly what Labour will do if they win. The totally false promise of a referendum if they win or the so called renegotiation convince no-one. It is because of the arrogant stupidity that UKIP are growing apace and will continue to do so regardless of slurs threats and dire predictions. So get used to it VOTE UKIP

  112. 112
    Anti Fabian says:

    Both of them. Milipilchard lying about not borrowing shed loads more dosh, Bollocks lying about spending it on anything useful.

  113. 113
    nmj says:

    They both are; it’s in their DNA.

  114. 114
    CarryHole is a porcine homunculus says:

    If walking around looking like a Hunt was public order offence why haven’t the police acted against the UAF?

  115. 115
    CarryHole is a porcine homunculus says:


    UKIP’s the wave of the future LIBLABCONers.

  116. 116
    A GP on £150,000 + private work says:

    I hope my patients are OK with Dr. Mfumi, assuming he caught the flight from Sudan!

    Anyway, must dash, we’re just off to our gîte for three weeks. I really needed a break, seems an age since that weeks skiing at Easter!

    We’re driving to France, treated myself to a new Aston Martin this year. Well the value of our Georgian Rectory is going up, up and away!

    Bit worried we’re leaving Tamsin and Jocasta at home, but the housekeeper will keep an eye on them. Lovely girls, training to be doctors but in America, of course – I wouldn’t want them in a filthy British hospital!

    Good luck everyone!

  117. 117
    CarryHole is a porcine homunculus says:

    >Hospital Deaths are common through negligence and cuts

    No they’re common because the system is wrong. End the NHS!

  118. 118
    Sit Petra says:

    It seems that the Ecuadorian embassy, and the USSR (as was) is now the home of the free, hows that for irony?.

  119. 119
    Tay King-dePisse says:

    Oh– you mean like Labour has SFA to do with work, or Conservative with conserving anything, or Liberal Democrat with being democratically liberal?

  120. 120
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    You must be shattered, after all 9 to 5, monday to friday must test you to the limit, and prescribing pain killers or antibiotics.
    Mind you having a non-medically trained receptionist to filter your patients must help.
    I well remember the time my wife was told that she had a tummy upset by our doctor’s receptionist, but later on that day she was rushed into hospital with food poisoning. Four days she spent in hospital.

  121. 121
    Chris Patten says:

    I’ll be there, first at the trough, then home to give the wife a good beating.

  122. 122
    imho says:

    She really is an obnoxious self-centred piece of work.

  123. 123
    go man go says:

    It’s one for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, ….

  124. 124
    Don't Give A Shit About LieBore, UKRAP or the Limp Dumbs says:

    But telling porkies about it while holding public office is more than a little stupid. Action speaks louder than words.

    Farage – Inaction man.

  125. 125
    Don't Give A Shit About LieBore, UKRAP or the Limp Dumbs says:


  126. 126
    Dr Llarregub says:

    The people’s assembly have a great leader.


  127. 127
    Squiff811 says:

    The axle of diesil & the terroRising two plane triple trade tower demolition for rebranding to the flea meerkat pissoffoles

  128. 128
    Dr Rajgneroch Harkvgraard says:

    This chap http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wirathu

    seems like a real decent sort- Tell it like it is mate! We need a few thousand of him in Bradford and Oxford.

  129. 129
    Don't Give A Shit About LieBore, UKRAP or the Limp Dumbs says:

    Or the United Kingdom Independence Party has f√ck all to do with true independence or having a party – except on the Isle of Mann with tax free money Nigel “Jimmy Carr” Ferage denied existed.


  130. 130
    Wyle Cop says:


    I see that, as well as the BBC and The Grauniad w@nking themselves off over this, that Chuckabutty woman is getting on her high horse again, threatening the Gov with legal action – presumably to keep her lawyer chums in claret for a few more years.

    What’s the problem? Britain’s eavesdropping centre is found to be… eavesdropping. I’d be worried if they weren’t, FFS.

  131. 131
    Living in 97.2% white Merseyside says:

    No way would I read the Sun.

  132. 132
    P l e b says:

    I hear Nigella’s filing for divorce.

  133. 133
    Living in 97.2% white Merseyside says:

    Hope Novak wins his second title!

  134. 134
    Bob Fleming says:

    I see the locals in Walsall seem to be getting a taste of their own medicine

  135. 135
    P l e b says:

    I prefer to sit in it.

  136. 136
    Pliny the Welder says:

    Perhaps it’s to do with altitude sickness – clumsiness, difficulty co-ordinating, irrational behaviour, confusion, drowsiness – yep, all symptoms of needing a tampon.

  137. 137
    P l e b says:

    Police are having difficulty identifying the suspicious item, according to the BBC.

    My money’s on it being a pig’s head.

  138. 138
    Lost in Clacton says:

    We are all in this together.

  139. 139
    Joss Ayinglike says:

    It’s probably a bar of soap.

  140. 140
    Prince Vultan says:

  141. 141
    Wyle Cop says:

    My thoughts exactly.

    They’re calling it a “hate crime”, apparently. Clearly two Muzzees h@cking an innocent man to de@th in the street in broad daylight was not deemed serious enough for such a term.

    Funny old world, eh?

  142. 142
    Calamity Clegg, Chief Cockroach says:

    Why ??

  143. 143
    Rob Roy says:

    Through Northern Rock I learn that I sponsor Newcastle United.

    This is very much against my wishes because I support Elgin City.

    If I had a free choice I would not hold any shares in Northern Rock but I suppose this is what Democratic Government is all about.

  144. 144
    Ag says:

    My girlfriend & I will be spending the next hour freeze framing Songs of Praise trying to decide who has the most punchable face

  145. 145
    Long John Silver's parrot says:

    Was that murder classed as a racist crime?

  146. 146
    Point of Information says:

    They are not quite free – but things have deteriorated so much in the Loser-Euro-Zone and the US that Russ!a, Cuba, even Ch!na are looking a lot free’er these days.

    Remember what Ben Franklin said:

    ‘They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.’

  147. 147
    P l e b says:

    Some believe that it was all entirely staged by the government. Has anyone noticed that there have been no reports of Lee Rigby’s funeral yet?

  148. 148
    Did Cameron pay for that coffee machine in his office says:

    If we scrapped the NHS and State Education and let people keep their money and make their own decisions I think people might be better off.

  149. 149
    nellnewman says:

    Very noticeable that labour has stopped talking about the NHS and issuing the statement ‘ the NHS is safe in labour’s hands’

    I wonder why that is?


  150. 150
    Robdog says:

    Meanwhile, the source of an epidemic of office fires in UK health trusts, the CQC and the Department of Health, has finally been identified; hundreds of shredders were over-heating.

  151. 151
    Dr. Mfumi says:

    (big smile, concealing missing vocabulary)

    Hello. You are having the odious gripe, isn’t it.
    We must operate immediately.
    You may even survive, Insh’Allah.

  152. 152
    David Cameron says:

    There will be no top-down reorganisation of the NHS.

  153. 153
    nellnewman says:

    How can you reorganise an organisation that labour made bigger than the Chinese Army?

  154. 154
    David Cameron says:

    I’ll cut the NHS not the deficit.

  155. 155
    nellnewman says:

    Labour’s new slogan to replace the nhs one that they now want to forget is:

    ‘ The UK economy is safe in our hands’

    (You can believe them so long as you forget about the track record of gordon, bullyballs and liam ‘there’s no money left’byrnes)!!


  156. 156
    nellnewman says:

    If he cuts out all the worthless pen pushing NHS managers with their ott salaries, expenses and gold plated pensions that gordon and bullyballs put in place, he’ll be doing us all a favour!

  157. 157
    P l e b says:

    Well one thing’s for sure Jeremy Hunt isn’t that man

  158. 158
    P l e b says:

    But he hasn’t has he?

  159. 159
    Expendable NHS patient says:

    What do the chicken entrails portend, Doctor?

  160. 160
    Maqboul says:

    He did so with a view to avoiding inheritance tax. Nothing wrong with that.

    Because there is nothing wrong with avoiding tax legally or morally.

    I also note that the UKIP are committed to getting rid of inheritance tax as they consider this double taxation. What you have left after you die (your estate) is net of the tax you have paid in your lifetime and then the state wants to tax the rest after you have died.

  161. 161
    Maqboul says:

    There are no flights from Bradford to Birmingham.

  162. 162
    nellnewman says:

    Nope he hasn’t. He’s still kowtowing to the corrupt and failing NHS that labour created.

  163. 163
    nellnewman says:

    Another thing’s for sure – labour aren’t the party to do it either given that they created the uncaring NHS monster, full of people only out for themselves, in the first place.

  164. 164
    Maqboul says:

    Isn’t Brand a tax exile or has his Tory bashing deflected attention from his foreign residence?

  165. 165
    MB. says:

    I wonder if the US will lose patience with Ecuador?

    There were reports when Assange hid in their embassy that there was a trade deal with the US coming for renewal and they could use it to put pressure on Ecuador. Nothing seems to have come of that but this could be the last straw?

  166. 166
    Kim Jong-un says:

    Maybe you mean Owen ‘Rocky’Jones :-)

  167. 167
    Maqboul says:

    A French company has to think ten times before committing to the expense of taking on an employee, because an employee is not just for Christmas but for life. In Britain there are no such qualms, so there is a more vibrant jobs market. That is why London is full of French people working for British companies.

  168. 168
    M102 says:

    I’m glad it annoys you so much. It’s not like they are broadcasting from a mosque is it? You c’unt.

  169. 169
    M102 says:

    Oh f’uck nells off again!!

  170. 170
    nellnewman says:

    Evening M102 – I take it you’ve just got out of bed for the day . Tough night last night was it?

  171. 171
    nellnewman says:

    Where I come from the expression ‘rocky’ means dodgy. And owen jones is definitely that.

    Beyond that I don’t see owen jones in government as a spad or an mp – he’s far too immature for such things at the moment .

  172. 172
    Mehdi Hasan says:

    There are still people who uphold Owen Jones as a great “muslim leader” – sigh. Lol

  173. 173
    Gelded Ed, the Co-Op's Balls says:

    Ed Balls

  174. 174
    Anonymous says:

    The press do not listen. If they did they would go over their records and make contact with all those that they ignored when it was fashionable to do so. Same with the Police. They know who contacted them before the incidents and deaths. They know who they tried to intimidate.

  175. 175
    Point of Information says:

    Hague should have a full Brazilian.

    S * H * I * N * Y – for Syr!a :-p

  176. 176
    Nick Clegg says:

    Guys: Whatever happened to that Olympic feelgood from 2012 ?

  177. 177

    For muslim, read mug, dim.

  178. 178
    pigs in space says:

    According to Austerity Britain (Tales of a New Jerusalem) by David Kynaston

    One food above all became a byword for the straited, unappetising times. ‘A new South African fish on the market – snoek!’ noted Speed in 1947.

    but from the first there seems to have been little enthusiasm for this vaguely mackerel-type fish, seen by the government as the ideal replacement (largely because it came from within the sterling area) for Portuguese sardines.

  179. 179
    Anonymous says:


  180. 180
    Dr. Mfumi says:

    Sorry, the NHS has been having some procurement difficulties with chicken entrails, especially for our canteens, but we have appointed forty-two middle managers to investigate. Doubtless a Report will follow.

  181. 181
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    It’s not good, not good at all.

  182. 182
    Tay King-dePisse says:

    And if you go by the film 1776, Benjamin Franklin also said, in reference to the American colonists having had many of their rights curtailed, that calling an American colonist a “British subject” was like calling a steer a “bull”– he’ll thank you for the compliment, but he’d much rather BE a “bull,” and have restored to him what was taken away, and you can call him whatever you like.

    Of course, the same could be said about the British subjects of today, vis a vis the EU… but old Dr Franklin was a fat little lecherous man, who made his money printing a satirical farmers’ almanac (when he wasn’t busy flying kites in the rain), so why should we listen to him?

  183. 183
    Hope Springs says:

    Carm down Mrs Speaker.

  184. 184
    Hope Springs says:

    Are you still in that Box ?

    No no ! Don’t say…… let us keep guessing.

  185. 185
    Curious says:

    What’s the ratio of non-clinical to clinical staff in the NHS?

  186. 186
    CarryHole is a porcine homunculus says:

    You sound a little manic?

    UKIP policies seem the majority view throughout Europe. Dave and Ed must be shitting it.

  187. 187
    CarryHole is a porcine homunculus says:

    They saw the bill?

  188. 188
    CarryHole is a porcine homunculus says:

    It needs to be scrapped, not reorganised.

  189. 189
    CarryHole is a porcine homunculus says:

    It’s a big deal, as if it exploded all the nitrogen chemistry experiments the mosque was running would also have gone up.

  190. 190
    CarryHole is a porcine homunculus says:

    The extortion funded sector is run purely for the benefit of employees.

  191. 191
    Fishy says:

    Andy Burnham:

    Deaths? Morecambe? Me, putting pressure on to suppress bad news before the election?

    “This cover-up, the deletion of the report, happened on this (Tory) government’s watch – not on our watch.”


  192. 192
    fitz fitzgerald says:

    This grotesque third world bottom feeder provides some entertainment :


  193. 193

    Pleased to announce it is a hoax.

    Have been swimming all day in quite rough seas.

    I appreciate the kind attention which some have paid but (and this will please BW, if nothing will) it is all really undeserved.

    Not sure whether my sockpuppet hates me or loves me but, hey: does it matter?

  194. 194
    CarryHole is a porcine homunculus says:

    The other 5 died there…

  195. 195

    There are 10 types of people: those who understand binary and those who don’t.

  196. 196
    CarryHole is a porcine homunculus says:

    But the stuff in your head and your own body are not personal items!

    Therefore the best way to fund them is by punishing people for working, employing or investing here.

  197. 197
    fitz fitzgerald says:

    … how high now stands the islamic charity fund appeal to help the young family of the murdered Woolwich soldier ?

  198. 198
    fitz fitzgerald says:

    … a firm hand is long overdue and THEY REACT to firmness …

  199. 199
    Wyle Cop says:


    It has been sad to see some of the more eloquent and amusing posters drift away in recent months: Engineer, ‘ay cee one’ (I’m trying to avoid the m0d), jgm2 (although I see he posts in the Telegraph), Selohesra and others have all flown.

    Ainsi va la vie.

  200. 200
    P l e b says:

    Cameron didn’t even have the guts to fire Nicholson.

  201. 201
    Bazinga! says:

    Not mentioned on BBC news, only Lansley.

  202. 202
    a non says:

    And all because Saatchi didn’t understand that to use the The Heimlich maneuver one stands behind the person requiring attention.

  203. 203
    CarryHole is a porcine homunculus says:

    Someone who goes to all that trouble is probably envious.

  204. 204
    fitz fitzgerald says:

    … such exciting days for the BBC news chappettes : Mandela’s ambulance “delayed for 20 minutes ” … & American spy pwick lands in Moscow en route to – GASP – plucky Ecuador !

  205. 205
    P l e b says:

    7648 = 7 × 82 + 6 × 81 + 4 × 80 = 448 + 48 + 4 = 50010 to you with knobs on.

  206. 206
    nellnewman says:

    Nope he didn’t . And it has all made cameron look very weak .

    But it has made the marxist ‘we’re in it for what we can get out of it for ourselves and sod the patients’ crowd appointed by labour, look even worse.

    I suspect the crunch for these dreadful people is finally arriving and I look forward to them being stripped of their high salaries, gold plated pensions and stuffed into a jail somewhere with the doors bricked up!

  207. 207

    AC1 posts under a delightful moniker which spoonerises Media Guido’s name with one of our favourite parts of anatomical discovery (8illy, nell and Universal Hiss excluded, of course).

  208. 208
    nellnewman says:

    10 to 1 or thereabouts.

    Rest assured that the marxist penpushers , whose job it is, is to keep patients as far away from treatment on the nhs as possible , far outnumber Doctors and Nurses.

  209. 209
    nellnewman says:

    It does!!!

  210. 210

    Hah! I have just posted about you above!

    Hope I have not spoken out of turn. :-)

  211. 211
    Bob Fleming says:

    Indeed – according to the plod’s PC dictionary, that was merely high jinx on the part of our enrichers

  212. 212
    01001101 01001011 ! says:

    01001101 01001011 !

  213. 213

    4B or not 4B

    That is the hexion.

  214. 214
    Wyle Cop says:

    None of them will, Nell.

    As you mention above, the whole edifice is completely out of control. Staff and patients alike – not all, by any means, but a fair few – are out to grab all they can “coz I’ve paid for it, innit.”

    Successive Secs of State give up after a few months and just manage the decline. There’s no attempt to even stop the obvious abuse as the press will label you as Jud@s.

    About to give birth? No proof of entitlement? Fine – that’s £10k up front or fuck off. I don’t care if your waters are breaking.

    Slight cold? Fuck off to the chemist and buy a pack of Lemsip, you great Jessie.

    Been in a drunken fight on a Saturday night? That’ll be £500 up front or you can fuck off, an’ all.

    Want to earn £150k a year, Doc? Great – put in a few extra hours first then let’s talk.

    Until we get real, I suspect there’ll be plenty more flower vases doubling as drinks dispensers in the years to come…

  215. 215
    I don't have a UK vote says:

    I don’t have a UK vote, but if I did, I’d give it to UKIP.

  216. 216
    Islam is the Religion of Violence says:

    I just love so-called independent bloggers who shill for media moguls.

    Guido might as well join the Fabian Society

  217. 217
    MI5 says:

    Guido is a double agent doing good work

    Beware of appearances

  218. 218
    1 of 10 says:

    01000100 01001101 01001011
    01000001 + 01001111 = 01001001
    01000100 01001101 01000100

  219. 219
    Wyle Cop says:

    Oh, Chr1st, don’t give them ideas.

    I like a good hymn myself; I just hope the congregation are there for the right reasons – which reminds me of this great NTNOCN sketch:

  220. 220
    Fishy says:

    Well blow me down

  221. 221
    P l e b says:

    Even 8illy Kebab stopped posting (first)

  222. 222
    is.law says:

    is.law is fine.
    just create your own.
    the missing link is the top of the crown.
    what is the purpose of the monarch.

  223. 223
    Owen Jones says:

    Excessive state power hits the weak & vulnerable. The Conservative led coalition needs to be much more challenging of the police and security services.

  224. 224
    Nigel (ASCII Code) Farage says:

    Vote 01010101 01001011 01001001 01010000.

  225. 225
    Fishy says:

    Actually, they probably didn’t have time to cover the Burn-ham. They’re too busy chasing Edward Snowden around the globe.

    Snowden is the new hero of the left and the pin in the BBC / Guardian newsroom.

    Imagine all of those sad, retired Beeboids who in a different age weren’t permitted to publicly pay their homage to Philby, Burgess and Maclean.

    And as for Blake, the BBC would surely now have had a live blog, tracking hero Blake’s escape to the Soviet Union. Comrade Mason, of course, in close attendance doing the interviews.

  226. 226
    Fishy says:


  227. 227
    Tay King-dePisse says:

    And then there is Schrodinger’s Cat, who both understands it and doesn’t, if you go by the equations, but which fact you could never prove, because curiosity would literally kill the cat (if it would still be alive, that is).

    But there was I, thinking cats had nine lives; oh well…

  228. 228
    Owen Jones says:

    If England don’t win this I’ll streak at the next Peoples’s Assembly meeting.

  229. 229
  230. 230
    The BBC causes serious mental illness says:

    It could be the family requested privacy and the press complied. Or perhaps there was a DA-Notice issued ?

    Don’t rule out false flag though.

  231. 231
    P l e b says:

    My Siamese cat, who is asleep on my lap, dreams in nonary.

  232. 232
    P l e b says:

    If England don’t win what?

  233. 233

    The two most important rules for success are:
    1. Never tell them everything you know.

  234. 234
    The BBC causes serious mental illness says:

    Because Burnham, Johnson and Hewitt at the very least are a murdering bunch of Labour ass-holes who demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt that the NHS is not safe in Labours hands.

    It may have been Ok in Dobson’s, but after that…

  235. 235
    Anonymous says:

    And only a few that can make money out of using it. All I have ever done is to manipulate bits with nands. The art is to get 10s of millions of them to behave as you want, 10s of millions of times a second.

    All done so some drunk idiot can call a taxi on their mobile on a Saturday night. My life was wasted.

  236. 236
    Pt says:

    I understand finery.

  237. 237
    EU Funded Pro-EU Troll says:
    U::::::U     U::::::UK:::::::K    K:::::KI::::::::IP::::::::::::::::P  
    U::::::U     U::::::UK:::::::K    K:::::KI::::::::IP::::::PPPPPP:::::P 
    UU:::::U     U:::::UUK:::::::K   K::::::KII::::::IIPP:::::P     P:::::P
     U:::::U     U:::::U KK::::::K  K:::::KKK  I::::I    P::::P     P:::::P
     U:::::D     D:::::U   K:::::K K:::::K     I::::I    P::::P     P:::::P
     U:::::D     D:::::U   K::::::K:::::K      I::::I    P::::PPPPPP:::::P 
     U:::::D     D:::::U   K:::::::::::K       I::::I    P:::::::::::::PP  
     U:::::D     D:::::U   K:::::::::::K       I::::I    P::::PPPPPPPPP    
     U:::::D     D:::::U   K::::::K:::::K      I::::I    P::::P            
     U:::::D     D:::::U   K:::::K K:::::K     I::::I    P::::P            
     U::::::U   U::::::U KK::::::K  K:::::KKK  I::::I    P::::P            
     U:::::::UUU:::::::U K:::::::K   K::::::KII::::::IIPP::::::PP          
      UU:::::::::::::UU  K:::::::K    K:::::KI::::::::IP::::::::P          
        UU:::::::::UU    K:::::::K    K:::::KI::::::::IP::::::::P          


  238. 238
    Tay King-dePisse says:

    To say that BW makes many good points about the general amorality of the legal profession, despite his humourlessness and monomania about people of the tribe of Judah, has the distinct ring of the Curate’s Egg to it, but WTF.

    And as Mary Todd Lincoln might have put it, “I actually was enjoying the play, now that you mention it…”

  239. 239
    Local Government Ombudsman says:

    If you think the CQC is a cover up organisation for the NHS you have seen nothing; they are amateurs compared with me, I have been covering up for corrupt, inefficient, incompetent Local Government since I was constituted by the then Labour Government in 1974, and continue to do so.

  240. 240
    Wyle Cop says:

    Only twelve hours to go until “Monday morning view”…

  241. 241
    Dave should resign now says:

    Pfeffersteak is a good substitute, and glad to hear that this cat is not allergic to pepper :-)

    As a respectful question to your moniker – how does the cat feel about sardine bans ? Claws in or out with a hiss ?

  242. 242

    Oh! That is what he tells you? ;-)

  243. 243
    Sit Petra says:

    Nutting, William Wordsworth
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia.

  244. 244
    Dave should resign now says:

    Harsh. But fair.

  245. 245

    We are unlikely to be the Richer because of it.

  246. 246
    Pork Chouder says:

    They really are spoiling for a fight aren’t they ?

    What we need right now is an economic boom to distract everyone.


  247. 247


    Like this?: Ѡ

  248. 248
    Point of Information says:


    But his original point about liberty and security still stands and its profound teaching was forgotten about 1996/7 in the UK, and about 2001 in the US.

  249. 249
    Anonymous says:

    I wish I hade a vote. One day people will see there is no difference between the NHS management and the Electoral Commission. Certain facts are just not allowed to be made public.

  250. 250
    Point of Information says:

    The US already control quite a bit of Ecuador.

    The balance of power is in the detail of the trade: Hydrocarbons.

    US cannot afford to destabilize the country: Big implications in that region if they did – security and economic. With the growing number of latino’s in el norte, there is not really the political will either.

    If Obama did something dumb, it could well be his last decision in office. Think also: Benghazi.

  251. 251
    P l e b says:

    Can we guess the subject?

    Cameron depicted as a jellyfish or a human with a condom on his head. Oh, sorry, that’s the Guardian.

  252. 252
    Man from the street says:

    You should get some new material because that was poor.

  253. 253
    Cardinal Biggles says:

    Didn’t Dave (or was it Georgie Boy?) make a commitment to raise the IHT threshold to £1 million?

    What happened to that? (rhetorical question).

  254. 254
    Schrödinger's Donkey Cock says:

    You do ?

  255. 255
    Neo Nut Cases says:

    In Guido’s Sun column today……

    Errrrrrrr. Missing

    Errrrrr. Another couple of guidos sun colleagues arrested and on bail..

  256. 256
    Anonymous says:

    @ gramma the reason nell gets spammed is because she is a frothing daily mail reader with a very narrow world view. She thinks that because she has bought up a disabled child without the need for benefits that she is in a position to criticise EVERYONE on benefits. She also uses too many question marks and exclamation marks!! and for all I know, you are one of her other monikers.

  257. 257
    Neo Nut Cases says:

    Fuck off expat…..nothing to do with you…go away expat fuck wit

  258. 258
    Fabians are evil says:

    Did someone mention Fabians? I hate Fabians

  259. 259
    P l e b says:

    This is true.

  260. 260
    Curious says:

    Remember that great ITV Medical Drama set in the 1960’s, “The Royal”, with all those caring Doctors and Nurses, and only ONE hospital administrator?

    Where did it all go wrong?

  261. 261
    Ed Miliband says:

    I haven’t grown into my role by now, and I never will. My party is doomed to defeat in 2015 unless somebody grows a pair.

    Time is running out…

  262. 262
    Anonymous says:

    I’d like to see Brand nailed to a cross though.

  263. 263
    Moussa Koussa's pet meerkat says:

    You will not find much sympathy on here, my friend. These are people rejoicing in the difficulties being experienced by Co-op Bank, even though they did not need a government bailout nor were they involved in PPI or Libor.

  264. 264
    Ed Miliband says:

    “Ed Miliband is Useless” Shocker!

    Well you don’t hear that so often in the media, but it’s what everyone is thinking.

  265. 265
    Bazinga! says:

    Obvious question but why did the thick yanks waste two weeks until they tried to get hold of that guy in Hong Kong?

    Was Obarmy too busy gurning at the cameras?

  266. 266
    Cardinal Biggles says:

    A loyal CCHQ line to take, well done.

    I like your ‘typo’ – Isle of Mann – were you confusing the tax haven island (of Man) with Michael Mann, he of the ‘Hockey Stick’ graph, much loved by global warmisters? After all, our glorious leader, Dave, is a devotee of this religion.

  267. 267
    M102 says:

    What makes you assume I have just got up? I was up at 5 this morning.

  268. 268
    M102 says:

    Give me B!lly over nell any day. At least his posts were varied even if he couldn’t spell.

  269. 269
    Moussa Koussa's pet meerkat says:

    “The Sunday Times has accused Andrew Lansley – health secretary from May 2010 to September 2012 – of threatening to fire whistleblower Kay Sheldon from the CQC board in March 2012 “despite specific laws to protect whistleblowers”.”

  270. 270
    Schrödinger's cat's conscience says:

    I’m gay

  271. 271
    Mine d'Boggles says:

    Are you serious? Snoek is a large predator up to 4 ft long. Only problem is that they are usually infested with worms throughout their body and this rather unappetising when seen raw.

  272. 272
    Mine d'Boggles says:

    * thus

  273. 273
    pun-ked says:

    I can’t remember when I’ve seen such an awful pun. Oh wait a minute, it was the last time you posted.

  274. 274
    busie says:

    I despair
    look at the general press – telegraph, guardian, times, independent – and what do you get – total SHIT
    look here and what do you get – paranoid ukippers everywhere
    the media including the abominable skynews, the childish bbc and mainstream press in the uk is total SHIT
    Nothing has nay credibility
    the elites are winning and the rest just seem to ‘wanna have fun’ – fucking fucking ludicrous – what’s the fucking matter with you??????

  275. 275
    amongymous says:

    Precisely, we have the likes of Schrödinger’s twat talking about fucking binary on a political blog ffs. He needs a shotgun up his arse that bloke.

  276. 276
    ipoo@puk says:

    if you fell spunky,
    why is money always hard earned.
    Jackie O,s hubbie had it easy.
    …..want easy money, join someone who has it easy.
    ………..want hardship then belong hard.
    …………..anger is just code for not having enuf. slap someone on the head or get slapped, ideally by you mother.
    consensua mild slapping is a virtue….hence the phrase slapper.

  277. 277

    If you wrote this, you are probably projecting.

  278. 278

    That’s right! You tell those trolls!

  279. 279
    Schrödinger's cat's conscience says:

    You wish

  280. 280
    to those whom the gods would destroy says:

    Schrödinger’s cat and Tay King-dePisse, the Malcolm Muggeridge and Bernard Levin of order_order.com, ffs.

  281. 281
  282. 282

    Give me a kiss and we’ll find out.

  283. 283

    Yeah! Well, be honest, you’re not going to get the irony stuff, are you?

  284. 284
    Schrödinger's cat's conscience says:

    I’m gay

  285. 285
    pun-ked says:

    The irony is that you don’t get much at all, bitch.

  286. 286
    Schrödinger's cat's conscience says:

    Suck my cock

  287. 287
    CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

    Well said. The British news media is the worst in the democratic world.

  288. 288
    nellnewman says:

    Odd that he didn’t fire her then isn’t it?

    tho’ I suspect andyburnham and his marxist pals were pressing really hard for it!

  289. 289
    Anonymous says:

    No, they were just being run by useless fucking socialists.

  290. 290
    Tay King-dePisse says:

    Of course Franklin’s point is to be remembered and acted upon always, at the peril of losing your basic rights, especially where the EU is concerned.

    My point about his, shall we say “colourful,” personality was more along the lines of his not being some cantankerous old fool. There are those who find persons of less-than-plaster-saintliness to be easily ridiculed and their messages to be thus marginalisable; I was actually giving that sort a poke in the eye with a sharp stick (or thought I was doing, anyway). The clue is in the moniker.

    I wouldn’t “steer” you wrong on this, PoI.

  291. 291
    Fishy says:

    …and Andy Burnham of leaning on regulators to bury bad news (and patients) ahead of the 2010 General Election

  292. 292
    nellnewman says:

    Gay when I was a girl meant being joyful, enjoying life, having lovely parties and things.

    We need to restore our language back to its roots!

  293. 293
    Anonymous says:

    fuck off nell, who asked you?

  294. 294
    nellnewman says:

    anonymous – you do not count as you name yourself a nothing!!

  295. 295
    Neo Nut Cases says:

    Btw, I like rimming tramps in the twilight zone….wibble

  296. 296
    nemo says:

    shaaadaaaap, you dried up old hag

  297. 297
    Islam is the Religion of Violence says:

    He’s been co-opted into the Establishment.

    Ian Hislop is exactly the saem

  298. 298
    Schrödinger's Donkey Cock says:

    Try sucking mine ;-)

    (Can the real SC please enjoy the fork bomb of trolling trolls and the trolls trolling trolls. Somewhere the cat will tunnel out of this potential well, maybe with a fresh MKMMx roasting or u’Tube vid)

  299. 299
    Ed Milimong says:

    Aha ! A new polithy, or two ! We thall ban hunthing, and Nemo !

    — Ed Balls, hiding from Co-Op creditors: Erm, Ed, hunting was already banned.

    Ok, thanksth Ed. One Nathon, One Polithy !

    — Ed Balls, hiding from Co-Op creditors: Ed, I make that 3 policies.

  300. 300
    nellnewman says:

    Good Night Sweet Dreams – you dried up little piece of dung.

    And leave the real SC alone – he’s worth a 1000 of you!!

  301. 301
    Peter M'andelson - evil incarnate / part time gay vampire says:

    People say I have something of the night about me.

    But it isn’t true. I am a very nice person with great talent.

    Come Igor, sorry, Ed Miliband , let us depart into the night.

    Igor Ed Miliband: Yeth mathter, what you say mathter…

  302. 302
    Andy Bumhum says:

  303. 303
    Ding Dong says:

  304. 304
    Point of Information says:

    Chap – you’ve got it all wrong.

    Your lead in is: I wanna fuck you up the ass.

    It goes like this:

    Now: Quiet on the set. Take 2… Action ! ** snap **

  305. 305
    nellnewman says:

    And let it not be forgotten that that Rotten NHS culture was put into place by the last labour government.

    All those highly paid managers with their gold plated pensions and endless expenses were labour stooges that gordon and bliar wanted to reward for their blind loyalty, never mind their lack of knowledge of medical matters or indeed their total and utter lack of talent!!!

  306. 306
    fuckinell says:

    go fuck yourself, bitch

  307. 307
    nellnewman says:

    Why? Are you hoping to get something out of this?

  308. 308
    nellnewman says:

    Your moronic language gets more obscene as the evening progresses.

    Perhaps it’s time you went to bed you tiresome person!!

  309. 309
    fuckinell says:

    hahahahahahahahaha……tiresome person, that’s fucking rich coming from you nellie no knickers

  310. 310
    gramma says:

    @ Anonymous.
    Thought the mention of ‘expat’ was a hint and that I live like SC abroad whereas Nell is a Norfolk girl so your suggestion of any subterfuge on her part fails. Not sure ‘frothing’or’ narrow minded’ are the adjectives I would use for her comments since she correctly sees as many failings in the Tory party as the other limp-wristed parties on offer.
    I have all commiseration for Nell being forced to fight the system in respect of obtaining adequate education or treatment for the child ‘little Nell’, she cares for.
    Many, many moons ago under a Socialist government I had similar problems with bureacracy, attempting to obtain adequate treatment for both those in my care and as important, an education for my own kids.
    I took the easy way out and have never regretted it for one moment.

    BTW The gramma [grama] bit is totally to do with green grass and nothing to do with grammatical pedantry.
    The Quality of a life [now in the sun] is everything.

  311. 311
    Schrödinger's cat's conscience says:

    I’d rather have your delicious schlong up my chufter, if that’s no trouble

  312. 312
    nellnewman says:

    As I said – your gutter language leaves much to be desired. Couldn’t you learn some proper English? Or maybe you are a foreignor who thinks that foul language is mainstream English. You poor soul you!!

  313. 313
    fuckinell says:

    No, no and no, in that order……..you silly cow

  314. 314
    Point of Information says:

    It wasn’t a cover up or rotten culture.

    This was a bona fide: State mandated murder in publicly funded hospitals of a civilian population.

    This was a bona fide crime against humanity as per Article 7 of the Rome Statute to which the UK is a signatory, and as the UK is signatory to the ICC these crimes should be tried at The Hague.

    From Wiki:

    For the purpose of this Statute, "crime against humanity" means any of the following acts when committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack directed against any civilian population, with knowledge of the attack:
    (a) Murder;
    (b) Extermination;
    (c) Enslavement;
    (d) Deportation or forcible transfer of population;
    (e) Imprisonment or other severe deprivation of physical liberty in violation of fundamental rules of international law;
    (f) Torture;
    (g) Rape, sexual slavery, enforced prostitution, forced pregnancy, enforced sterilization, or any other form of sexual violence of comparable gravity;
    (h) Persecution against any identifiable group or collectivity on political, racial, national, ethnic, cultural, religious, gender as defined in paragraph 3, or other grounds that are universally recognized as impermissible under international law, in connection with any act referred to in this paragraph or any crime within the jurisdiction of the Court;
    (i) Enforced disappearance of persons;
    (j) The crime of apartheid;
    (k) Other inhumane acts of a similar character intentionally causing great suffering, or serious injury to body or to mental or physical health;

    Explanatory memorandum on Crime Against Humanity from Rome Statute:

    are particularly odious offenses in that they constitute a serious attack on 
    human dignity or grave humiliation or a degradation of one or more human 
    beings. They are not isolated or sporadic events, but are part either of a 
    government policy (although the perpetrators need not identify themselves 
    with this policy) or of a wide practice of atrocities tolerated or condoned by a 
    government or a de facto authority. However, murder, extermination, 
    torture, rape, political, racial, or religious persecution and other inhumane 
    acts reach the threshold of crimes against humanity only if they are part of a 
    widespread or systematic practice. Isolated inhumane acts of this nature 
    may constitute grave infringements of human rights, or depending on the 
    circumstances, war crimes, but may fall short of meriting the stigma 
    attaching to the category of crimes under discussion. On the other hand, an 
    individual may be guilty of crimes against humanity even if he perpetrates 
    one or two of the offences mentioned above, or engages in one such 
    offense against only a few civilians, provided those offenses are part of a 
    consistent pattern of misbehavior by a number of persons linked to that 
    offender (for example, because they engage in armed action on the same 
    side or because they are parties to a common plan or for any similar 
    reason.) Consequently when one or more individuals are not accused of 
    planning or carrying out a policy of inhumanity, but simply of perpetrating 
    specific atrocities or vicious acts, in order to determine whether the 
    necessary threshold is met one should use the following test: one ought to 
    look at these atrocities or acts in their context and verify whether they may 
    be regarded as part of an overall policy or a consistent pattern of an 
    inhumanity, or whether they instead constitute isolated or sporadic acts of 
    cruelty and wickedness.

    If those responsible are not prosecuted it is the moral responsibility of the citizenry to ensure that justice is executed.

    For further case detail / precedent refer to Nuremburg.

  315. 315
    nellnewman says:

    What does that mean No you can’t learn proper English because you are a foreignor?


  316. 316
    Anonymous says:

    Awww, poor ickle Sc, needs his girlfriend nell to stand up for him, bless.

  317. 317
    Preza does Prayers? says:

  318. 318
    Anon. says:

    The conservatives are now liberal socialists with friends in big business.

    This affects their tax policy which is now threefold.

    1. As a sop to their new found liberal roots and to appear soft and lovely, they will promote reducing taxs for low wage earners, but not by that much. So tax rates down for the poor.

    2. For the Tories big business mates and their self employed friends, it’s reductions in corporation tax and despite harsh words, no single or actual changes to tax law to make it harder to hide or reduce tax charges.
    So tax rates down for the rich.

    3. For those mugs who are taxed under PAYE and earn more than the minimum wage but not enough to be their own boss, yes most of the working population, it’s increases in taxation for you guys.

    So the poor and the very rich and looked after whist the middle suffers ever greater tax burdens.

    The tory party is destroying this country.

  319. 319
    Point of Information says:

    It wasn’t a cover up or rotten culture.

    This was a bona fide: State mandated murder in publicly funded hospitals of a civilian population.

    This was a bona fide crime against humanity as per Article 7 of the Rome Statute to which the UK is a signatory, and as the UK is signatory to the ICC these crimes should be tried at The Hague.

    From Wiki:

    For the purpose of this Statute, “crime against humanity” means any of the following acts when committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack directed against any civilian population, with knowledge of the attack:

    (a) Murder;
    (b) Extermination;
    (c) Enslavement;
    (d) Deportation or forcible transfer of population;
    (e) Imprisonment or other severe deprivation of physical liberty in
        violation of fundamental rules of international law;
    (f) Torture;
    (g) R@pe, sexual slavery, enforced prostitution, forced pregnancy, 
        enforced sterilization, or any other form of sexual violence of 
        comparable gravity;
    (h) Persecution against any identifiable group or collectivity on
        political, racial, national, ethnic, cultural, religious, gender
        as defined in paragraph 3, or other grounds that are universally
        recognized as impermissible under international law, in connection
        with any act referred to in this paragraph or any crime within the
        jurisdiction of the Court;
    (i) Enforced disappearance of persons;
    (j) The crime of apartheid;
    (k) Other inhumane acts of a similar character intentionally causing
        great suffering, or serious injury to body or to mental or physical

    Explanatory memorandum on Crime Against Humanity from Rome Statute:

    are particularly odious offenses in that they constitute a serious attack on 
    human dignity or grave humiliation or a degradation of one or more human 
    beings. They are not isolated or sporadic events, but are part either of a 
    government policy (although the perpetrators need not identify themselves 
    with this policy) or of a wide practice of atrocities tolerated or condoned by a 
    government or a de facto authority. However, murder, extermination, 
    torture, r@pe, political, racial, or religious persecution and other inhumane 
    acts reach the threshold of crimes against humanity only if they are part of a 
    widespread or systematic practice. Isolated inhumane acts of this nature 
    may constitute grave infringements of human rights, or depending on the 
    circumstances, war crimes, but may fall short of meriting the stigma 
    attaching to the category of crimes under discussion. On the other hand, an 
    individual may be guilty of crimes against humanity even if he perpetrates 
    one or two of the offences mentioned above, or engages in one such 
    offense against only a few civilians, provided those offenses are part of a 
    consistent pattern of misbehavior by a number of persons linked to that 
    offender (for example, because they engage in armed action on the same 
    side or because they are parties to a common plan or for any similar 
    reason.) Consequently when one or more individuals are not accused of 
    planning or carrying out a policy of inhumanity, but simply of perpetrating 
    specific atrocities or vicious acts, in order to determine whether the 
    necessary threshold is met one should use the following test: one ought to 
    look at these atrocities or acts in their context and verify whether they may 
    be regarded as part of an overall policy or a consistent pattern of an 
    inhumanity, or whether they instead constitute isolated or sporadic acts of 
    cruelty and wickedness.
  320. 320
    nellnewman says:

    Ah that’s your problem. Your cranky through lack of sleep. Next you’ll be developing wrinkles!!!

    I suggest you try some camomile tea and an early night!

  321. 321
    Twatson joins the hersewagon says:

  322. 322
    Anonymous says:

    I have a vote and it’s only going to UKIP.

  323. 323
    Anonymous says:

    Shush… Don’t tell anyone but LibLabCon is a grand coalition now…..

    With 80% of laws influenced or controlled by the EU is it any surprise the LibLabCon policies are all the same….


  324. 324
    Saffron says:

    Firstly to Nell .
    Yes liebour put this unaccountable NHS bunch of paper chasing managers in place.
    Next question what have they added to the health of the nation,answer ziltch,based on what is being revealed right now.
    Currently the NHS is not fit for purpose under any government,but we pick around the meat of this and I say when are we going to get to the bone as to what is wrong here.
    The cover up we are now seeing about needless deaths is IMHO should tell you all you need to know about the standard of politicians we have in this country.
    IMHO,liars the lot of them.

  325. 325
    nellnewman says:

    What on earth is ‘ickle’ ?

    Can you not spell,

    Good Night foolish person. I have to be up at 6.30am so need my sleep.

  326. 326
    Saatchi and Stella says:

    @nell : You’re being trolled by one of the Saatchi’s. Might not be the one who strangles women in restaurants, I think his brother had a potty mouth and thing about child p0rn.

    Charles I think the name was:


    (Change 0 to o in URL for a trip down memory lane…)

  327. 327
    NHS Manager says:

    People don’t understand the NHS.

    The NHS has advanced to catering for the specific needs of immortals.

    If the mortals attempt to use our specialized services, they do run the risk of dying.

    They should have been warned.

  328. 328
    Brothers in Terrorism says:

  329. 329
    Bob Fleming says:

    god help south africa

  330. 330
    Blank sheet says:


  331. 331
    Libertarian says:

    Whilst any self respecting Libertarian considers tax to be theft, and also subscribes to the maxim of ‘do no harm’ – what is to be made of the NHS deaths under Labour ?

    Public money was used to kill innocents, at least 20,000.

    The libertarian position generally extends strictly to the national borders and territories, which is how deaths in war can be justified. But public money killing the public in such a brazen way is truly unprecedented.

    What is more astounding, and worrying, is the lack of public outcry and moral outrage.

    Have the people of Britain lost all right to liberty ? Or just the motivation to defend theirs ?

  332. 332
    Dissenting voices will NOT be tolerated says:

  333. 333
    The Far Right says:

    Perhaps he does. All of those who do should pay their respects.

    No more repeat of Ding-Dong : Dancing on graves is province of the left. The Right have a higher moral position.

    After he has passed, which one hopes will not happen or at least be painless, the words of this song should take a much deeper spiritual meaning:

    God Bless Nelson Mandela.

  334. 334
    Andy Bumhum says:

  335. 335
    Tay King-dePisse says:

    Knowing you, you fat fuck, the only Courage you ever had came in a pint glass at your local.

  336. 336
    Private Docs says:

    Not many realise that their Doctors are actually private, part of a private profit making company, making decisions that will affect their profits. Large profits too.

  337. 337
    Contrarian says:

    Fair point – but save the Shampoo and bunting for the wake.

    A little decorum and respect for the man first is perhaps the right thing to do, irrespective of his criminal background.

  338. 338
    CarryHole is a porcine homunculus says:

    The Con brand of LIBLABCON has always been the one for rent-seekers.

  339. 339
    Chuka ( you can call me Harrison ) Urmunneyaround says:

    Everybody who is nobody suddenly wants to stake their claim to being the most devout follower of Nelson Mandela. #Letmeaboardthebandwagon.

  340. 340

    Thanks nell.

    These trolls are really jittery tonight and of late. That tells me that they do not like the way things are going for their hopeless cause come the next election. They can say anything they like but actually bring nothing positive to the table. They are no different to the dregs who have been forced from their jobs as MPs, the Jim Devines of this world who know nothing, do nothing yet take, take, take from the public purse and squeal when they get caught.

    Yet these here aren’t going to get anywhere close in mock-ability even to the hapless and useless Devine. I would not envy the job of anyone who might occasionally have to do their laundry. It just does not bear thinking about.

  341. 341
    Fishy says:

    So who inspired you to abuse your position of power and shag your staff?

  342. 342
    Putin is a better leader than David Cameron, discuss says:

    Putin is in better health, better dressed, sets a higher moral tone and is oddly more personable.

    Putin sets policies for Russ!a which are beneficial to its people and their future.

    Putin is much better at foreign policy, and seems to have an adroit understanding of diplomacy and how to balance hard and soft power.

    Putin appears to be better than Obama as well.

    I think Putin would probably vote UKIP as well.

    I like Putin.

  343. 343
    CarryHole is a porcine homunculus says:

    In the NHS you’re a cost, not a customer.

    Costs always get minimised.

    Also your NHS “premium” is altered not by medical risks you subject yourself to, but by punishing you for working!

    People like the idea of not having to worry about bills, but the NHS is the worst system to do that.

  344. 344
    Diane Fatbot says:

  345. 345

    …and which probably had a better head than his has ever been.

  346. 346
    CarryHole is a porcine homunculus says:

    You’re revealing a big-endian preference…

  347. 347
  348. 348
    Schrödinger's Donkey Cock says:

    You do ?

  349. 349
    if the cap fits says:

    Oh do shut up you tedious cuпt.

  350. 350
    pigs in space says:

    There are several different and unrelated fish called snoek (from the Dutch for pike)
    The one the Atlee government imported was Thyrsites atun, or Cape snoek


  351. 351
    GCHQ/Bletchley Park/Prism, etc., says:

    Yes, Troll, we do believe you’ve cracked it, by George!

    Jolly Good Show, old chap (gal?)!

  352. 352
    EU Funded Pro-EU Troll says:


     | |_________
     | |`-._`-._(___________
     | |`-._`-._|   ;|    |(__________
     | |    `-._|   ;|    || _.-'_.-'|
     | | _ _ _ _|._ ;|    ||'_.-'_.-'|
     | |--------|._`;|    ||'_.-'    |
     | |        |----      |' _ _ _ _|
     | |________|          |---------|
     | |- - - - |____      |         |
     | |     _.-|.--;|    ||_________|
     | | _.-'_.-|.-';|    ||- - - - -|
     | |'_.-'_.-|   ;|    ||`-._     |
     | |~~~~~~~~|   ;|    ||`-._`-._ |
     | |        '~~~~~~~~~~|`-._`-._`|
     | |                   '~~~~~~~~~~ 
     | |     UUUUUUUU     UUUUUUUU
     | |     U::::::U     U::::::U
     | |     U::::::U     U::::::U 
     | |     UU:::::U     U:::::UU
     | |      U:::::U     U:::::U
     | |      U:::::D     D:::::U
     | |      U:::::D     D:::::U
     | |      U:::::D     D:::::U
     | |      U:::::D     D:::::U
     | |      U:::::D     D:::::U
     | |      U:::::D     D:::::U
     | |      U::::::U   U::::::U
     | |      U:::::::UUU:::::::U
     | |       UU:::::::::::::UU
     | |         UU:::::::::UU
     | |           UUUUUUUUU
     | |
     | |     KKKKKKKKK    KKKKKKK
     | |     K:::::::K    K:::::K
     | |     K:::::::K    K:::::K  
     | |     K:::::::K   K::::::K
     | |     KK::::::K  K:::::KKK
     | |       K:::::K K:::::K
     | |       K::::::K:::::K
     | |       K:::::::::::K  
     | |       K:::::::::::K
     | |       K::::::K:::::K
     | |       K:::::K K:::::K  
     | |     KK::::::K  K:::::KKK
     | |     K:::::::K   K::::::K
     | |     K:::::::K    K:::::K
     | |     K:::::::K    K:::::K
     | |     KKKKKKKKK    KKKKKKK
     | |
     | |         IIIIIIIIII        
     | |         I::::::::I        
     | |         I::::::::I
     | |         II::::::II
     | |           I::::I
     | |           I::::I
     | |           I::::I
     | |           I::::I
     | |           I::::I
     | |           I::::I
     | |           I::::I
     | |           I::::I
     | |         II::::::II
     | |         I::::::::I
     | |         I::::::::I
     | |         IIIIIIIIII
     | |
     | |     P::::::::::::::::P    
     | |     P::::::PPPPPP:::::P   
     | |     PP:::::P     P:::::P  
     | |       P::::P     P:::::P  
     | |       P::::P     P:::::P  
     | |       P::::PPPPPP:::::P   
     | |       P:::::::::::::PP    
     | |       P::::PPPPPPPPP      
     | |       P::::P              
     | |       P::::P              
     | |       P::::P                
     | |     PP::::::PP            
     | |     P::::::::P            
     | |     P::::::::P            
     | |     PPPPPPPPPP            
  353. 353
    Semi-Cortex says:

    Someone said he didn’t have half a brain.

    But I stood up for him.

  354. 354
    Reply says:

    There can be no reply. It’s just perfect.

  355. 355
    Bob Fleming says:


  356. 356
    Bob Fleming says:

    bit late for that, pity you didn’t practise what you preach

  357. 357
    Interesting says:

    Interesting that Martin has a follower on this blog. Must be someone with an eye on his Westminster office!

  358. 358
    Britain needs a leader like Putin says:

    Absolutely +1

    The EUSSR is a Cesspit

  359. 359
    The Iron Man says:

    Putin is everything that the BBC and the Guardian detests. Can’t get better credentials than that,

  360. 360
    Anonymous says:

    or some wiring (that has been done properly) within the mosque.

  361. 361
    Your Friendly Neighbourhood Corny Dialogue From 1940's Films Service says:

    “I had a close and dear friend, someone honest and decent– someone much like you, truthfully– who would ask about people who had disappeared…before too long, he had disappeared as well; in this land, we have learned, through bitter experience, that there are certain questions you do not ask…”

  362. 362
    A Discerning Gentleman says:

    Could that be Omega Psi, my favourite Sorority House?

  363. 363

    I have told you all before – Schrödinger’s cat is my bitch – fuck off and find your own!

  364. 364
    albacore says:

    Ain’t it strange how Labour has to fight the good fight
    And challenge each injustice with all of its might
    If some so-called victimized group suffers mere slight
    Yet when ordinary folks fall foul of real blight
    Questioning holy totems is too impolite?
    The same staggering silence from the Tory right
    With wholesale slaughter covered and hid from the light
    Might just indicate that old England’s twilight plight
    Was government by complete and unrelieved shite

  365. 365
    La Belle Francoise says:

    Bonjour Monsieur, comme vous avez raison! Voulez-vous promenade avec moi ce soir?

  366. 366
    La Belle Francoise says:

    WE, the gels of Roedene High, completely agree that deportment is frightfully important.

  367. 367
    Curly says:

    @ idndd: We had a very similar experience last year when my better half was suffering from intense tummy pain. Given a jab and told to go home and rest. At 3am the same night her pain was so intense we rushed off to a local private hospital where instant tests showed she had a strangulated intestine. Emergency surgery an hour or two later managed to save her life. Two days in the ICU and then a week in the ward. Fortunately we went to a local private hospital so didn’t have to wait 18 months to see the local NHS “consultant”.

  368. 368
    La Belle Francoise says:

    It all went titsup when some idiot decided that experienced (and battle-axe type) Matrons were surplus to requirements.

  369. 369
    La Belle Francoise says:

    All the Eastern European constructors took their cash home

  370. 370

    Dream on.

    You can attempt to impersonate me but you always fail to rise above the non-complex-conjugate level.

    Are you in love to make such an ass of yourself?

  371. 371
    La Belle Francoise says:

    If you don’t like what you are reading on here, you can always go and wind the gramophone up and put a record on.

  372. 372

    With all consciousness, …

  373. 373
    Kay Ptowny says:

    But, are the blick satafrikens really any better off now than they were 20 years ago – apart from the crooked few at the very top?

    The only thing that seems to have gone up is the annual/daily murder rate. In the late 1980s Jo’burg was a very pleasant place to be, but anyone foolish enough to walk down Commissioner Street after 8pm these days is just asking for trouble.

    Mandela was like a squirrel – a rat with a good publicist.

  374. 374
    Curly says:

    Sky reports today the his heavies just shut down (illegally according to the victims) a ‘troublesome’ NGO. Maybe there is a lesson there for Dave. We have far too many of such ‘organisations’ in the UK.

  375. 375
    Flagging says:

    Very good. Some folk clearly have far too much free time on there hands. Do you work for HMG perchance?

  376. 376
    Terry Aviv says:

    On his death bed, grandpa said:

    Haimy, are you here?
    … Yes granpa, I am here.

    Ishmael, are you here?
    …Yes granpa, I am here

    Rebbekah, are you here?
    …Yes granpa, I am here.

    Granpa (opening one eye): Well WTF is minding the shop?

  377. 377
    Inflated away on a sea of debt says:

    How very true –
    we are governed by pooh
    A pubic deceived
    by the those who have thieved
    Our national pride and, vision,
    have died
    Laid low by traitors
    and Europhile self-haters

  378. 378

    Possibly only in Social Club Dating land could the idea of certain questions you do not ask have any resonance.

    Certain questions you do not answer is, of course, entirely another matter.

  379. 379
    La Belle Francoise says:

    Quite! Pity you were unable to squeeze in ‘white’ and ‘flight’.

  380. 380

    The real me would have written the perfectly correct overstayed.

    Some things don’t get taught any more (as opposed to anymore.) But, more importantly, some things are not learned where no love of learning exists.

  381. 381

    How many people need you to have been complicit in their deaths before you can be regarded (even self-regarded) as loving?

  382. 382

    Beautiful Cape Town has now overtaken Jo’burg as the killing capital city of the world, so I hear.

  383. 383

    But who on earth is it supposed to be?

    (Oops, sorry. Rich’s cartoon has not yet been posted up.)

  384. 384
    Anonymous says:

    I do not give a monkey’s toss about what Liebhor say they are going to do or not do.

    All I want to know is why this Government and the last one has been taking my money off me and giving it to Football Clubs such as Newcastle United who I do not even support.

    And when I have the temerity to even think about ways to keep my own money in my own pocket I am berated by Politicians as being immoral and worthy of special punitive measures.

  385. 385
    Javelin says:

    His mistake was shutting it down. He should have kept it open and said he was making a stand.

  386. 386
    Kay Ptowny says:

    Regrettably true. Return a lovely country to the natives (anywhere in the world) and what do you get…….

    Country is now a good place to cross off your visit list and keep well away from.

  387. 387
    One nation frenchman says:

    Injuste! Liberté, fraternité, solidarité!

  388. 388
    One nation frenchman says:

    Maybe he’s retired and managed not to fall into one of GB’s pits of financial pension pot ruin.

  389. 389
    One nation frenchman says:


  390. 390
    LibLabCon for ever says:

    Tories don’t think they have god given right to rule. They do, however, think that they have a god given right to protect the country from inward-looking, pig-ignorant racists whose economic policy reads like it was written by a fifteen-year old after an all-night bender.

  391. 391
    History Rhymes says:

    Perhaps the rest of the ANC, and Zulu Inkatha.

    Labour will likely try to pull a similar propaganda over the NHS killings, now they have given up on the ‘safe in (bloodied) hands’ line.

  392. 392
    Dave should resign now says:

    @nell: I like you plan with the doors very much.

    Very much indeed.

    Thank you for that delicious concept !

    Good way to start the week :-D

  393. 393
    JH349324890234023 says:

    To tackle extremism in the white community whites created the UAF

    …who proceeded to behave more like fascists than anyone, including kangaroo courts. Brownshirts in tie-die, the lot of ‘em.

  394. 394
    NHS Medical Supplier / Snake Oil Salesman / Recruiter says:

    Leeches ! Leeches !

    Come and get your Leeches !

    Twenty Pound a Pound.

    Leeches !

    ** Breaking: Illegal immigrant one pound leech man / uTube sensation was rounded up and deported for upsetting the NHS supply cartel apple cart **

  395. 395
    Point of Information says:

    @TKDP: No worries + gotcha.

    Good point you raise on less than plaster saintliness. No one (except possibly Jesus, who if he did sin more than made up for it by dying – J contract killed – for all of our sins, and I mean this as hyperbole) is perfect.

    The source of that concept and setting the expectation is a very good way to marginalize and destroy credibility of certain figures. The mistake people make is just following that distraction and never looking at who is raising the point and setting the expectation.

    Poe’s law mistake reading your comment my part. Sorry ;-)

  396. 396
    One nation frenchman says:

    Invite the baronesses. Sisters doing it for themselves.

  397. 397
    One nation frenchman says:

    The fact of his being offloaded to Europe is a mere co-incidence! We are not at all as how do you put it, the airy-faerie socialistes – bah, non! We are ze best of ze common project european, and have the largest largesse at the table so always have the lion’s share. Is that clear.

  398. 398
    Anonymous says:

    Can anybody tell me what it actually said in the sunday column? please

  399. 399
    Disco Biscuit says:

    No, they can’t. The camera never lies.

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