May 30th, 2013



  1. 1
    Ed Balls super fan says:

    Ed Balls for PM


    • 14
      EU says:

      thats got to smart a bit Ed


      • 22
        cotedebeaune says:

        Cameron is lying over the (now 3 years overdue) Chilcot Inquiry.

        See Lord Owen’s comments in today’s Telegraph (Peter Oborne).


        • 28
          Fuck the LibLabCon says:



          • Why the report is delayed says:

            The enquiry was presented with clear evidence that Blair/Campbell misled Parliament when they used the phrase ‘beyond doubt’ when describing the strength of the intelligence that Iraq possessed WMD. They could not justify this statement. They lied.


          • Morgan's Organ says:

            Oh Ed you’re so exciting!


        • 42
          Enough is enough says:

          Thats not all he is lying to the UK public about.

          Nick Clegg gave the game away yesterday on the LibLabCon real EU policy… to the Polish Foreign Minister, confirming the UK would never leave !!

          On BBC Newsnight 29th May 2013, Gavin Esler was speaking to the Polish Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski about the EU and the UK.

          Radek replied:-

          ”I was speaking with your deputy prime minister Nick Clegg earlier today and he told me it was extremely unlikely that Britain would ever vote to leave the EU…”

          Cue embarrassing pause from the news night interviewer as this wasn’t the story he wanted to tell, and quickly onto the next question…

          You can just imagine what that idiot caMoron says behind closed doors to Merkel and other EU leaders….

          It shows the utter contempt the LibLabCon have for the public and their real agenda to stay in the EU, whatever the cost.

          They will never give us a referendum, it will always be fixed, they will never leave the EU.

          Enough is enough.


    • 21
      Baize Pascale says:

      There is only person that will save the Tories at the next election. Ed Milliband. The Unions will ensure that Labour has Ed Milliband as the prospective Prime Minister. Foot, Kinnock and Brown will be forgotten. The only thing we learn from history is that we learn nothing from history.


    • 24
      The EU has failed says:

      Which is better, shit on your shoe or piss on your pants?


    • 84
      Two Balls says:

      Are Balls political personality divided between Osborne and Brown.


    • 91
      obligato says:

      The main difference between Ed Miliband and a stry dog is that Ed can’t lick his Balls


  2. 2
    sir boffton toffton - what! says:

    it just shows how daft the electorate really is


    • 10
      Casual Observer says:

      The UK public are well renowned for quirkiness like this.

      The pollsters may have selected from those who consider a dog to represent the best of British talent. But that doesn’t explain why Brown scored so highly. With a total of 20 people interviewed it may have been possible to find 10 who may think Gordon has any sense, let alone that of purpose.

      Gordon certainly ‘Tries’.

      The Poll should reveal the number of non-responses, either by outright hangup, or abuse + hangup, they got.


      • 41
        Tay King-dePisse says:

        You’d figure that, if people are posed with a question like, “On the following qualities, choose between Ed Miliband and Gordon Brown…”, their overwhelming answer would be “Must I?”


    • 37
      Oliver says:

      Rose tinted poll, aka The John Major Effect.


    • 70
      Joe Public. says:

      I find it totally unbelievable that anyone can be so far behind in the polls compared to Gordon Brown. Did they only poll Brown’s stupid constituents and family?
      Brown was an unmitigated disaster, and Millipede is just that, a somewhat smart lad lacking in maturity and gravitas, and with no real ideas.
      If this poll result is truly professional, then either the loony left want Brown to be resurrected; or for Millibandwagon to wake up – or god help us, both of these things.


    • 77
      Real world says:

      The comparison was only between these two. If a third component was added for the comparison say ‘dog turd’, then ‘dog turd’ would be streets ahead.


  3. 3
    Charity Gordon Brown says:

    All my earnings are paid to Charity


    • 16
      McMental McBust says:

      Yes, my own charity.


    • 92
      Fishy says:

      All my earnings are paid to Charity……After my expenses are deducted…and those of my office…and Sarah’s


    • 100
      Old Blind Pugh says:

      Well that does take the biscuit Gordon scores over Eddy, after all the things Gordon did or not do while in power. They must have taken their tractor stats from the Gordon Brown Appreciation Society With a Very Short Memory


  4. 4
    Market Garden says:

    Ed Miliband will be held to account for the Climate Change Act 2008 – an act that is killing 5,000 British pensioners a year through fuel poverty.


    • 19
      The EU has failed says:

      Aided and abetted by the rest of the Liblabcons.


      • 27
        Pell says:

        Not the Conservatives. They’ve cut subsidies to windmills, stopped Miliband’s prized “fuel duty escalator” policy and are ready to unleash the power of shale gas.


    • 97
      Lies , damn lies and charity data says:

      ” an estimated” 5000 pensioners. Data produced by a charity not official data.


    • 101
      Old Blind Pugh says:

      All those large coal mines closed down and most of them could never be reopened wher they going get coke from, and of course on tarmacadamed roads the tar comes from coal we will have to import at great expense, I bet all those countries who have large coal extraction plants are laughing their socks off, that doesn’t include the transport costs and all that CO2 generated in the process.


  5. 5
    Centre Parting says:

    Who paid YouGov for this stuff?

    The Coop Bank?


    • 26
      Ed Balls - Shallow Chancer says:

      The Co-op Bank are bust, and before you ask, no, Liam Byrne and I do not manage the Bank.


    • 80
      Airey Belvoir says:

      YouGov – run by husband of the useless Baroness Ashton. Brown appoints Ashton to well-rewarded non-job in Brussels. Ashton’s husband produces poll showing the mentalist in relatively good light. Just follow the dots.


  6. 6
    Popeye says:

    Surely this is a joke?
    GB trustworthy?
    I must be on a different planet.
    He has been drawing his salary for nothing, my money I might add. I would have been charged with fraud had I done what he is constantly doing.


    • 43
      One rule for us another for.... says:

      Exactly, I remember his office put out a statement in answer to the queries coming in as to Gordons absence from Parliament. It read that Gordon was ‘spending time , writing his book, watching the World Cup, talking walks in the Country and spending time with his family’. This all on the public purse of course. Now just imagine you tried that at your workplace. ‘Sorry I wont be coming in this week as Im watching the footie’ Yeah right !


  7. 7
    Living in 97.1% white Merseyside says:


    Perhaps people remember his years as the Iron Chancellor than as PM.

    Stalin or Mr Bean? The choice has obviously been made!


    • 56
      C.O.Jones says:

      “No more boom and bust” – every time I hear those words I fall about laughing. He said that in the HoC over 100 times.


  8. 8
    Steve Miliband says:

    When Ed had just become Climate Change Wallah I heard him getting ripped apart by Peter Allen on Radio 5 liars about his £18bn Climate Change Act. I winced and thought his days were numbered, but he has gone from weakness to weakness.


  9. 9
    Anonymous says:

    Both are useless!


  10. 11
  11. 12
    Ed Miliband, dragging Labour towards an open grave says:

    Vote UKIP.


    • 15
      Ed Miliband says:

      Get me


      • 47
        Enough is enough says:

        Vote Labour – stay in the EU


      • 48
        Enough is enough says:

        Vote conservative – stay in the EU


      • 50
        Enough is enough says:

        Vote lib dim – stay in the EU


      • 51
        Enough is enough says:

        Vote UKIP – leave the EU


        • 55
          Duckham Weave says:

          Vote UKIP and Ed Miliband becomes PM. The EU “Ode to Joy” anthem will ring out from Brussels.


          • Enough is enough says:

            Vote Labour – stay in the EU


          • Enough is enough says:

            Actually by Ed Milliband winning, the UK is likley to reach a crisis point slightly sooner, than if the conservatives win. There is not much in it becasue their policies are almost identical, but labour just edge it by a couple of years.

            This crisis, will present an ideal opportunity for UKIP to present an even stronger “out of the EU now” argument and call for a referendum that would argubaly be supported 100% by the conservatives, because by then, they would realise their only chance of ever getting back in power for the next 15 years would to take up a genuine Eurosceptic and “out” position.

            So you see, Labour winning holds no fear for UKIP supporters.
            It actually achives the desired result of leaving the EU, in a quiker timescale than if the conservatives win (which they won’t).

            Therefore, you might as well vote UKIP, because if enough people do… then we can avoid the predictable labour crisis before we do actually manage to leave the EU.


          • Kinnochio says:

            Ah, the Scargill option. Vote Tory because they’ll put the country into crisis and soon the people will vote for pure communism in response.

            That worked well, didn’t it.


          • Anonymous says:

            What happened in 2010? When the Tories couldn’t get a majority against the worst Labour PM in history? UKIP weren’t even on the radar then, the Tories will NEVER form a government again, they are to toxic.


  12. 13
    Phillipe Flop says:



  13. 18
    The Princess of Darkness says:

    I was just trying to be helpful in manipulating this devious poll as we are
    all the same brothers & sisters in our house…..


  14. 23
    Andrew Efiong says:

    What a plonker! It takes a special talent to score worse than Gordon Brown.


  15. 25
    Boris Carloffe says:

    I always think Milliband reminds me of the Geek brother that runs the chocolate factory on Emerdale and seems equally useless, and not of this world

    Whereas Brown is a version of ‘The Joker’ from Batman but without the brains.


  16. 29
    Gordo McMong says:

    Fizzy orange pop all round!


    • 33
      Ed Millionaireband says:

      But I prefer tea or coffee… But which one, which one… mmmmm decisions…


  17. 30
    Red Ed's non-predator union bosses says:

    Time to junk Red Ed and ‘plump’ for someone more rounded – Diane Fatbott ?


  18. 31
    Gordon Brown says:

    As I walk along Sauchiehall Street
    With an independent air
    You can hear the girls declare
    “He must be a Millionaire.”
    You can hear them sigh and wish to die,
    You can see them wink the other eye
    At the man who broke the bank at City of London.


  19. 35
    Albert hall says:

    Competent and trustworthy. Oxymorons for a pair of traitors and charlatans


  20. 38
    Milibot the Movie says:


  21. 39
    Dr Nick says:

    It’s like comparing Cancer to HIV.


  22. 40
    John Tandy says:

    O Dear…..


  23. 44

    I think the stats for Gordon look a little high. That survey must have been done at the very start of the revolution when King Blair was deposed.

    But a survey taken during the height of The Terror would be less flattering to the fat, monocular, furious, slack jawed nonce.

    Comparing Ed to Gordon is like asking would you rather have Ebola or Rabies?


  24. 46
    Anonymous says:

    They should replace this loser with a proven vote winner like Ed Balls


  25. 49
    Sheffield Raleigh says:

    Ed Miliband is Neil Kinnock minus the charisma.


    • 71
      EUSSR Welsh Wind Bag.... says:

      What are you talking about Charisma ……..

      I have millions in my bank accounts……..

      who do you think taught our great World Leader

      St.Tone all he knows……??


  26. 52
    Penfold says:

    Poor ole Ed, to be more unpopular and regarded as more incompetent than Gordo is astonishing.

    Look may he reign over the Labour Party.

    Milliblandus for Eternal Leader.


    • 66
      I can't hang on any longer Nick I'm off to the Palace to resign says:

      Brown gets higher scores than Miliband ? Still Dave did fail to beat Brown in the 2010 election Brown intimating his core vote were all racists and imploding on the eve of the poll


  27. 63
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    How is it possible that anyone on this planet could be worse than Gordon Brown?


    • 68
      Useless Tosser on Holiday in Ibiza says:

      someone call……????


    • 79
      Boris Carloffe says:

      But he got away with it for a long time. Everything he did from becoming Chancellor was madness in my eyes, and I couldn’t understand when people thought he was doing a good job. From day one when he taxed pensions it was obvious to anyone who could add one and one and get two that he was robbing future pensioners of 25% of their eventual pension, yet noone seemed to see it.

      Brown was and still is an idiot who should have been put down at birth


  28. 64
    Viv Dean says:

    How come either of them even gets into double figures??


  29. 69
    Ed Balls says:

    Gordon Milliband? WTF


  30. 72
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Ecoloons says:

    So Liebore should ditch Miliband and bring back Gordon “Nurse I Saved The World” Brown. LOL


  31. 74
    My next name will be better! says:

    Those numbers aren’t percentages — they’re the totals after polling the entire electorate!


  32. 82
    The Real PM but not in office. says:

    I’ll be back in 2015.


  33. 83
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Ecoloons says:

    Flash a-ah
    He’s a mentalist.

    Flash a-ah
    He’ll bank-rupt every one of us.

    Just a maniac
    With a maniac’s rictus grin
    You know he’s
    Nothing but a mong


  34. 88
    Jimmy says:

    Face it righties, every day Butch is in office, Gordon looks better.


  35. 93
    All MP's are scum says:

    Jesus H Christ. There’s someone in the universe worse than Gordon the moron.


  36. 94
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Ed M worse than Gordon Brown, who led Labour to its worst defeat since 1931.


  37. 102
    AJC says:

    Perhaps the Poles can arrange a charisma transplant with McDoom as donor!


  38. 103

    Anyone who has read my previous posts will realise how much praise I have lavished on Grodon Brwon.


  39. 104
    Anonymous says:

    Say what you like about Gordon, at least he didn’t like bigots.



  40. 106

    Reblogged this on A Riverside View and commented:
    Ed Milliband is undoubtedly the best Labour Leader ever!


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