May 28th, 2013

Harman Trying to Stitch Up Seats, Again

Harriet Harman is trying to stitch up a seat for a millionaire comedian’s daughter As Guido revealed in his Sun on Sunday column, Harman has been sniffing around for a seat for her old aide Mabel McKeown, the daughter of Tracy Ullman, who amassed a £75 million fortune as her show brought the world The Simpsons. Less-than-local candidate Mabel who was born in LA, has not had much electoral success so far. She lost out for a local council and when she stood for the London Assembly. She will be hoping she is more successful than the politician her mother most famously backed in a pop video: Neil Kinnock.


  1. 1
    CarryHole is a fat homuculus says:

    Ed really knows how to pick a winner

    • 32
      Anonymous says:

      Time after time.

      • 58
        Morgan's Organ says:

        Harrigan Harman and Underling Ullman the new comic double act

        • 83
          john@loggerheads says:

          Harriet HarHunt is an obnoxious bitch.

          • Jack says:

            I think that nobody would disagree with that.

          • Why can these Shampagne Sociopath Selebs not see that that the Labour Party is full of people ramming cash into their own pockets and misery into their followers.

            Here is the Labour Party role call of success

            B£iar, Brown, Mandelson, Campbell, McBride, Kinnock, Kinnock, Hodge, Umunna, TWatson, Whelan, Draper, Dugher, Woodcock, Bellardinelli, Balls, Cooper, Burnham, Hain, Byrne, Abbott and Vaz.

            .and idiots like Eddie Izzard and Tracy Ullman think they should run the country????????????????

    • 61
      Vive la France says:

      France is becoming more middle eastern.
      Time to switch the wine and cheese for prayer rugs and burqas.

    • 67
      D'Jango says:

      Being a socialist with the odd £70,000,000.00 is such a simple game. What I never quite grasp is how they manage to hold onto it when they are surrounded by “poverty” and yet don’t see fit to do something about it by giving it away voluntarily… It’s a funny old world!

      • 74
        Ed Millionaireband says:

        He’s talking about the hypocrisy of the left isn’t he?

        • 94
          Davidc says:

          Hatty rode her husband ,jack dromey (or Sid kite as those of us who remember ‘I’m alright jack’ will always think of him) into an all women’s short list seat in Birmingham

      • 82
        Maqboul says:

        Easy. You fuck off to California with their lower tax regime and where poor people are confined to de ghetto. If you get a little paranoid about being envied then deflect attention by bleating on about those who have stayed in the old country trying to cope with the problems. Thanks Russell, but we can make our own minds up.

      • 96
        efrem zimbalist jr says:

        well quite ….
        and quite what she s doing grubbing about for a parliamentary seat with 75 very big ones to her name the Lord only knows.

        Keep calm dear … and go and buy yourself a suite on one of those cruisers which sail the globe non stop so that their clientele are not domiciled anywhere for tax purposes and thus pay none .

  2. 2
    Jim says:

    “Mabel”. Good lord, Ullman – I know what you were trying to do, but your absence from these shores has neither been noticed or missed, so forget about naming your daughter after the “old country”.

    Can’t wait to hear poor Mabel talking about the needs of “lercal” people in the approved Labour way.

  3. 3
    Antipo-dean says:

    Tagging this “Totty Watch” is a bit generous, isn’t it?

  4. 4
    Mike Handycock says:

    I’m happy to sniff round her seat! boaz!

    • 8
      Luke Bozier says:


    • 16
      Lord Renard says:

      She’ll make a good libdem activist, do you have any photos of her upper thighs dear boy?

      • 35
        William McGonagall says:

        Cellulite, m’lud, cellulite. Characteristic of these know-nothing, self-regarding, utterly odious female “liberals” propelled by nepotism and family money into the socialist mainstream.

        • 80
          Bollocks to getting a pseudonym says:

          Shouldn’t you also put the word “female” in quote marks?

  5. 5
    Yankee Go Home says:

    Not another fucking American.

    • 37
      BoJo the Clown says:

      I resemble that remark.
      It’s not in anyone’s control where they’re born, making them automatic American citizens just for being born there, now is it?

      • 41
        Divided Loyalty says:

        There is nothing to stop ou renouncing your American citizenship, is there?

        • 45
          BoJo the Clown says:

          A-a-a-h-h, well, if the SHTF in Britain, I’ve got to have something to fall back on– for awhile anyway…gotta think of my bastards, you know how that is…

          • A Tulip says:

            Aren’t you welcome in Turkey then? Such ingratitude for all you have done lobbying for the land of your forebears.

      • 97
        efrem zimbalist jr says:

        i mean his / her parents may have been in transit to/from Pyongyang ….

  6. 7
    Harridan Harmanhater says:

    Nepotism, cronyism and patronage. All in a day’s work.

  7. 9
    Ed Miliband says:

    Wot a good looking girl.

  8. 10
    Owen Jones says:

    I think I’m in love with her.

    She will make make me go straight, she looks tasty and fit.

  9. 10
    ... says:


  10. 12
    WelshRacer says:

    the daughter OF Tracy Ullman

    Mr Guido you missed a word there.

  11. 13
    CarryHole is a fat homuculus says:

    Article on the right “17 Ways Guido and Homunculus have gone native.”

    Looks like they’re at the mocking stage.

  12. 15
    left wing, Right wing's the whole Turkey! says:

    “proud to be a merkin” lol

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    This article is about pubic wig. For other uses, see Merkin (disambiguation).
    A merkin used at Burning Man

    Merkin is a pubic wig. Merkins were originally worn by prostitutes after shaving their genitalia, and are now used as decorative items, erotic devices, or in films, by both men and women.]

  13. 17
    Gordon Brown says:

    British Jobs for British Croneys

  14. 18
    SP4 BS says:

    Oddly illogical at the end there.

    “She will be hoping she is more successful ” .. than kinnock. who was voted MP. became a party leader. (and never mind the cushy job at the EU).

    So if she is hoping to be more successful, I guess that means she is hoping to be prime minister, or the president of the EU.

  15. 19
    Save us from the idle rich says:

    Another spoilt rich kid posing as a tribune of the people. Why doesn’t she just go the whole hog and claim to be a Communist?

    • 33
      Joseph McCarthy says:

      Have we a communist in our midst ?

      • 42
        Fellow Travellor says:

        Do you really think she was inspired to go into politics to promote Ed Miliband’s blank piece of paper

      • 86
        Head lice says:

        If her mum’s worth 75 million WTF is she considering faffing about with politics? If my mum had that sort of money, I would be out enjoying myself in some of the most beautiful places on the planet, not sodding around waiting for a taxi in the rain at Westminster.

  16. 22
    Toby Young says:

    Ask Owen Jones how he got the cut on his forehead ?

    • 24
      Page a day says:

      The toilet seat fell down when he was having a wash

    • 27
      Know your enemy says:

      Ask Owen Jones why he didn’t call blacks who threw petrol bombs terrorists.
      I mean they killed 5 people,,three of which were Muslims.

  17. 25
    Steve Miliband says:

    As a privately educated (Brynaston) daughter of wealthy parents she is ideally suited for parachuting into a traditional working class constituency up North. She will be able empathize.

    • 54
      Gawd Help Us says:

      There’s nothing like the sense of achievement when you jump on that taxpayer funded ride.

      • 123
        PhedupwithPhuquits says:

        They feel guilty at having money and want to assuage it by showering the money we don’t have on their vote fodder clients who have more disposable cash than us.

        I cannot stand the wealthy, ignorant, so-called “socialists” whose tax-sheltered, offshore assets insulate them from the consequences of heir fucking ideology but are happy to see us screwed by it.

  18. 26
    Frankie Howard says:

    Oh look! A UKIP member,Owen Jones, who doesn’t see why the term “black savages” is racist! I am SHOCKED, I tell you, SHOCKED.

    • 124
      PhedupwithPhuquits says:

      Oooooh look another lefty wanker who makes wild generalizations and wouldn’t see “white c*nt” as racist because racism only works in one direction…..

  19. 28
    Steve Miliband says:

    Thought the story was about a comedian. turns out it was Tracey Ullman

  20. 29
    Phillipe Flop says:

    She looks most do-able

    • 36
      left wing, Right wing's the whole Turkey! says:

      That’s thumbnails for you…. dodgy skin if you ask me.

  21. 30
    Ivor Shvance. says:

    Daughter of “Small time crooks”. Hear her mother does a wicked muffin.

  22. 31
    Sandra says:

    More metropolitan lefty millionaires talking for the working class.

    What ever happened to Labour?

    Why do the working class still vote for them?

    • 38
      Point of Information says:

      Working class people do not vote Labour.

      Those unemployed on benefits do, and many in the public sector.

      That base support is topped up with the postal vote rigging just to make sure. Usually folk who cannot speak English well, and whose government translated literature usually reads in their native language:

      ‘Vote Labour: Free food. Vote anyone else, they will kill your babies’.

      • 125
        PhedupwithPhuquits says:

        Absolutely spot on analysis. The working classes no longer see Labour as a workers party and the current Tory Party no longer offers anything it having turned into Labour-lite. These are the people who are turning to UKIP, while the “workers” Parties sneer and bitch from the sidelines.

        The current three infesting Parliament don’t give a shit for aspirational Working or Middle Class people except as a source of REVENUE to bribe the burgeoning benefit classes and the public sector vote.

    • 40
      Maqboul says:

      In England they have no-one else. The ENglish working class needs its own SNP or even UKIP as all they have at the moment is the EDF.

      • 43
        left wing, Right wing's the whole Turkey! says:

        yeah but one way or another EDF supply all our electricity don’t they?

        pillock do some homework, ED L working class version of representatives.

        Vote UKIP

        support the EDL they are supporting YOU!

        • 59
          The General Public says:

          While we may not agree with the politics of the EDL, we certainly will not be stopping them doing their necessary work.

        • 91
          Maqboul says:

          It was a joke, dipstick.

          • PhedupwithPhuquits says:

            At least EDFs power keeps the lights on, the shitheads in the “greenest” government in the galaxy seem determined to put them out or a least render them unaffordable.

      • 44
        I.KIP.DO.U ? says:

        EDF: The Energy Company ? I didn’t know they were racist. Surely that company shouldn’t be trading in the UK ? Owen ?

        • 46
          Owen Jones says:


          • Anonymous says:

            You a bit slow today OJ?

          • I.KIP.DO.U ? says:

            Yes Owen. Social media says it, so do many commentators, should be justification enough for you to hop on the bandwagon and take up this cause.

            Surely you and your friends at the UAF should be doing something about this ?

            EDF policy includes raising price of electricity. Apparently not all customers are charged equally either. Go for it Owen, this could be your winning ticket !

        • 53
          euh-day-eff says:

          From what I know of EDF, white french people get all the pensions and perks, and brown chaps fix the broken wires.

    • 56
      William Morris, Trust Fund Socialist says:

      The Labour Party has been riddled with the privileged, trustafarians and aristocrats since its very inception, if not before.

      • 127
        PhedupwithPhuquits says:

        Precisely. The very people insulated against the ravages of their malign ideology, while everyone else is bled white, on pain of punishment, and whether they can afford it or not, to pay for the votes of the benefit classes.

  23. 34
    Know your enemy says:

    All these middle class lefties talk a lot about ‘fighting’ for this that and the other but I don’t see many of them fuckers dying.
    Just members of the working class.

    • 47
      The Reality of Owen Jones says:

      The biggest struggle which Owen Jones faces each day is getting his sorry arse out of bed in time for Daily Politics.

      However, dodging EDL supporters when he pops out to do his shopping may soon become an even harder struggle.

      • 51
        left wing, Right wing's the whole Turkey! says:

        i don’t participate in violence of any sort …..

        but by fuck i’d like to……right in his twisted gob!


        get a real job!

        • 66
          Keep calm, vote UKIP says:

          Deep breaths. Just think of Nigel. :-D

          • CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

            Fvck me you are a crashing bore!

            Nobody else spouts “Vote Tory” or “Vote Lib-dem” or “vote Labour” across blog comments. But fvcking UHunters or the fvcking asresehole Labour trolls who pretend to be them, think that every right-wing internet comments section is reserved as a party political broadcast.

            You are scvmbags! go boil your thick bastard heads.

            Oh yes, and masturbating over saint Nigel is a perversion only curable by c@stration.

            Now please Fvck off!!!!

          • left wing, Right wing's the whole Turkey! says:


            thank you. :) it worked.

      • 67
        Carl Sperg says:

        I don’t do violence either. But if I did, it would probably be the best violence in the world. We know where Owin lives.

        • 73
          Funding ideas for the EDL says:

          Owen Jones stress relief Squeeze Balls, Squash Balls and punch bags.

          Screen print his face onto those items and sell on cheap.

          Simple to do, would help relieve a lot of stress.

          All proceeds to Help for Hero’s / EDL.

          Job Done.

        • 109
          Anonymous says:

          I agree with COAB. Im sick of people randomly inserting “vote ukip “in to posts,they do it on all blogs and only succeed in sounding mentally unbalanced.

      • 72
        Homoerotica says:

        How do you know? He might quite like a bunch of burly young men grabbing a hold of him and giving him a damn good pounding up a back ally.

      • 77
        Your Friendly Neighbourhood OJ Simpleton Monitoring Service says:

        In Jonesy’s Twitter stream, in one tweet there is a link he felt impelled to include, which was to Lev Davidovich Bronstein alias Trotsky; the link explained that Trotsky found that sort of thing, i.e., politically-inspired “propaganda of the deed” murder, unacceptable, because free-lancer sorts are at best ineffectual, and at worst counterproductive, in bringing on the Revolution. Mr Jones does have a moral compass of sorts, we would suppose; some murders are evil– those which don’t further his Red agenda. The killers the other day don’t qualify, and so they’re murderers, not revolutionaries; evil, not righteous.

        • 128
          PhedupwithPhuquits says:

          And Trotsky’s beloved revolution became a byword and twisted justification for wholesale collective murder.The fascist Left “socialists” make Hitler’s fascist Right “socialists” look like amateurs in the death, torture, starvation, rape and persecution stakes. The difference to the LeftiHunts is that *their* death, torture, starvation, rape and persecution was a means to a glorious future Utopia, while Hitler’s death, torture, starvation, rape and persecution, was an evil besmirching history and any notion of civilization.

          Meanwhile, to the sound of silence from and avert ad eyes os the LeftiHunts, “intellectuals” and sundry well-heeled clebs and meejah types, the death, torture, starvation, rape and persecution, continue in Marxist paradises such as North Korea, Venezuela and Islamo-Marxist Arab heavens on Earth such as “liberated” Egypt, Libya etc. and soon to be “freed” to their Islamo-fascist “rebels”,Syria.

          • PhedupwithPhuquits says:

            Damned predictive text…. I meant LeftiHunts. Apologies for typos.

          • PhedupwithPhuquits says:

            Ok… online censor alert. How about LeftiHunts, see if that works.

    • 85
      Bollocks to getting a pseudonym says:

      You won’t see any of those middle class lefties doing any work, let alone dying.

      • 129
        PhedupwithPhuquits says:

        Quite right too. They can afford to be Lefties from the comfort of their low tax or no tax domiciles while we are made to pay for their failed ideology.

  24. 48
    Northern Labour Voter says:

    If t’candidate has t’red rosette on then that’s who I’m voting for, just like our Dad and our Mam did and their parents before them, happens.

    It may be grim up t’north, but t’tribal loyalty to Labour will remain so long as t’benefits and t’feather-bed remain.

    • 63
      Anonymous says:

      Labour have purposely kept the North in misery for several generations. If it were prosperous they wouldn’t vote Labour.

      • 130
        PhedupwithPhuquits says:

        The jam tomorrow promise, were tomorrow never comes, but keep voting Labour because tomorrow could be the tomorrow you’re waiting for… The only person who started delivering “tomorrow” was Maggie. She’s gone and he current crop of Tories are little more than Labour lite and an untrusted Labour lite.

        Sorry to be a bore, but that is why the aspirations real working classes and taxed-to-death middle classes are turning to UKIP, and none ofthe pathetic sneering and childish jibes will halt the stampede.

    • 69
      Maqboul says:

      Obviously coming from a pair of clowns who have never ventured much outside of High Wycombe.

      • 119
        Auntie says:

        Why is it southern conurbations just aren’t so Labour? The answer is simple the answer is orange. Or actually wishy-washy and very yellow.

        What people despise is greedy politicians and greedy public sector/private sector people. How to fix. Rebuild democracy. We’ll start by taking Eton and unions down a notch or two. Even the DUP/Sinn Fein seem more down to earth.

  25. 49
    Anonymous says:

    An American lesbian. Wonderful.

    • 55
      Sulky Politically Correct Lefty Activist Drone says:

      It’s a shame that she’s white. ** huffy pout **

      • 90
        Head lice says:

        .. and not disabled…

        • 114
          Anonymous says:

          She is a joo though. based on her mum’s religion.

          • PhedupwithPhuquits says:

            And you’re a Nazi Hunt. What’s the religion got to do with it. Is it your innate fucking IGNORANCE that makes you think that we’re all “rich” and how we “run the world”?

            Tell you what shit-for-brains, I will gladly lend you my overdraft. And if we Jews really ruled the World and wielded all of that mythical fucking power, don’t you think we’d have stopped SIX MILLION innocents from being beaten, robbed, raped, gassed, shot and burned.

            My wife and I lost a lot of our families to the scumbag Nazis and the equally disgusting Communists.

            You piece of shit. Apologies to shit everywhere.

  26. 60
    Mad Mad Hatty. says:

    I’ve lots of tips for you Mabel if you get elected. Always remember if ever you go to see your 3rd world constituents, you must wear a stab proof vest and be surrounded by at least 12 Police Officers, one Chief Constable and several Chief Superintendents. Also never try to engage in conversation with them, unless you speak several foreign languages, they will not understand English.

  27. 62
    Maqboul says:

    Shame about McShane’s old seat – keep it in the Polak mafia.

  28. 64
    Like mother like Daughter says:

    • 79
      JH29323984923 says:

      Thanks for reminding em that Tracy Ullman was about as funny as bone cancer.

    • 87
      Lets take a wild stab in the dark says:

      Thick lefty activist 80′s singer makes it big and immediately fucks off to the land of the brave and the home of the free to full capitalize on her newly found success.
      Joins the gated communities of the self righteous liberal luvvie elite know it all’s of the bankrupted state of California. Then brings up her daughter in a bubble of liberal socialist indoctrination to then ship her back here to start the cycle all over again?

  29. 65
    nellnewman says:

    Look , the labour Party have a £30million debt – thanks to gordon and balls’ financial mismanagement.

    Bliar sold peerages to raise money – well they’re not in a position to do that at the Mo so obviously hattyharpic thinks the next best thing is to sell labour candidates jobs to the daughters of multimillionaires.

    No doubt she thinks traceyullman will express her gratitude to labour for finding her daughter useful employment with a hefty financial donation to plug that financial black hole.

    Anyway what else are they supposed to do to find candidates – no self respecting working class person would ever want to stand for them these days.

    • 70
      Keep calm, vote UKIP says:

      It will be interesting to see how the voters take this.

      Loony liberal lefties from California are a dangerous sort.

      The next thing you know, Hatty will be sued for sexual harassment and there will be environmental taxes added to anything not painted green in her constituency, if successful. Bedrooms for real are taxed in California as well. Good spin there if she gets selected to run.

      Question: Why is she considering doing politics here, and not in the US ?
      Answer: No one in their right mind in the US would vote for her.

      • 116
        Anonymous says:

        Yep, the yanks aren’t as thick as they appear.

      • 135
        PhedupwithPhuquits says:

        Spot on. Wealthy lefty tosser fucks off out of the taxed-to-buggery UK and then tries to remotely impose the same socialist misery and jealousy that she escaped from by dint of having the money that w don’t have and thus are trapped n her remotely imposed nightmare.

        Hey Tracy, show solidarity and come back to share no o lay our suffering, but also. fair share of the tax burden.

        Another talentless but lucky and now RICH “socialist”, laying her feelings of guilt on us all assuming that we will all love her for it. We don’t, say in California, the worlds biggest asylum for self-righteous monies luvvies.

  30. 71
    Andrew Efiong says:

    Same old Labour, stitching up seats for their pals and the richer the better!

    They talk about equality of opportunity but this is code for unequalled opportunism!

    • 75
      nellnewman says:

      Well you really can’t expect ‘I’m a millionaire’chuckusyamoney and posh mr militwit to mix with working class oiks can you?

      Of course they’re looking for candidates with loadsamoney and celebrity backgrounds – that’s the only sort of people they want to mix with.

    • 76
      nellnewman says:

      Well you really can’t expect ‘I’m a millionaire’chuckusyamoney and posh mr militwit to mix with workingclass oiks can you?

      Of course they’re looking for candidates with loadsamoney and celebrity backgrounds – that’s the only sort of people they want to mix with.

    • 78
      Ed Millionaireband says:

      I believe in equality for all and if you vote for me to be your Prime Minister we’ll all be millionaires!

  31. 93
    CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

    Is that what her mother putting Kinnock in one of her pop videos, 30 years ago, gets her?

    Another hero of the working class to represent Labour.

  32. 98
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    Labour “We have safe seats for cash”. Contact H. Harman for further details.i

  33. 103
    Comrade Billy Bragg says:

    If Hattie can fix it for Jack to get elected then why shouldn’t she do the same for Mabel?

    Equal opportunity innit?

    • 136
      PhedupwithPhuquits says:

      Surprised that Braggin’ Billy the working class hero doesn’t throw his hat into the ring.

  34. 104
    a working day says:

    Has Mabel McKeown ever done a weeks work.

    Being involved in elections etc not considered.

    Guido could offer a prezzie for first correct place and company identified.

  35. 105
    To be read in a voice dripping iwith sarcasm says:

    My grandparents came from proud mining Stock and I am sure they would have been proud to be represented by the daughter of a millionaire living in tax exile.

  36. 108
    Chillaxed Dave says:

    I wonder why the gayers are so keen on it? Maybe I should ask one of my Cabinet to insert his man-sausage up the my back passage just to try it like, no kissing!

  37. 110
    Hatiies lack of concisence says:

    what if its an all man selection list.. Oh wait a mo that would be sexist right and Hattie Hatemen would never allow it.. double oh!

  38. 111
    Having a laugh says:

    It’s not funny, f^ck off Harman!

  39. 117
    q says:

    the tories can’t stictch up anything of couse

  40. 118
    Auntie says:

    Have Glasgow North-East, honestly it’s a rotten shoe-in for our Labour friends.

  41. 120
    The Spanish Connection says:

    She looks remarkably like Portillo to me.

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