May 16th, 2013

Hodge Can’t Dodge Krishnan on C4 News

All credit to Krishnan Guru-Murthy for asking the questions that Guido has been trying to get answered by Margaret Hodge for some time. Persisting even when Hodge threw up a smoke screen about the Telegraph apologising when it screwed up reporting the issues. You be the judge as to how credible you find Margaret Hodge’s answers…

Any tax lawyers who wish to anonymously comment, please do so in the comments or email


  1. 1

    The more she appears on the box the less credible she seems,the PAC will not have any clout while the rumours and innuend persist why dosnt she stand dow until a report int Stemcor clears this allup

  2. 2
    Ed Ballsup says:

    Sadly the old bag is right, there is no inheritance tax if a family company passes to a child on the death of the shareholder.

  3. 3
    Anonymous says:

    Hodge the Bodge as she was known when she screwed up the mess that was Child Support, CAFCASS, and all the rest.

    I would not be surprised if she manages to successfully persuade Google, Facebook, Amazon, EMC and Microsoft to withdraw from the investments and developments that they have made in the UK, and run their businesses completely from overseas.

    Perhaps that is her plan…

    (And do note that the tax laws that she is railing against are all NuLab creations, what short memories some people have!)

  4. 4
    Kebab Time says:

    Hodge will dodge anything, she is a politician.

  5. 5
    Steve says:

    What % of the family companies profits were paid in UK Corporation Tax in the last 5 years is a question to be answered?

  6. 6
    Anonymous says:

    But what about a combination of sister, kids, nephew, uncles, etc – if not just straight to the kids?

  7. 7
    tanzanite aka nell says:

    She becomes less credible by the day doesn’t she?!

    ‘ There are trusts but we don’t benefit’ she says . So why are there trusts??!!

  8. 8
    Bazinga! says:

    So Sky and C4 have questioned Hodge, funny the BBC don’t seem to though.

  9. 9
    tanzanite aka nell says:

    She said earlier today that that was 0.01% – what percentage tax do you and I pay – it’s more than that isnlt it?!!

  10. 10
    Ed Ballsup says:

    Or any family member

  11. 11
    Margaret Hodge (nee Oppenheimer) says:

  12. 12
    Taxing times says:

    In the spirit of ‘moral tax’ which Hodge championed against Amazon / S’Bucks / Google, the structure which was set up is not straight.

    The tax avoidance of Amazon / S’Bucks etc. are tax arbitrages which are possible under EU tax rules.

    EU enabled tax arbitrage to the detriment of HM Treasury is something the PAC should be highlighting but are not: Hence the incredulous moral tax arguments. The chairs direction on such matters should be examined.

    The structure that Stemcor would have been set up under would be to legitimately minimize tax exposure for the family and itself.

    This legitimacy goes contrary to Hodge’s moral tax philosophy though. However it should be legal.

    It would be helpful, in the interests of transparency, and given that there is doubt and some public interest if the full tax affairs and structure of Stemcor were looked into by UK, Swiss and European tax authorities, so as any final doubt can be cleared.

    The Oppenheimer / Hodge family would likely welcome such an opportunity to clear any remaining doubts as to the family’s tax arrangements. Full clarification would help address public concerns.

  13. 13
    Anonymous says:

    Disgusting multiculturising scumbag. She should be deported back to Eygypt.

  14. 14
    Point of Information says:

    The tax laws she is railing against are EU laws which Nu-Lab brought into the UK.

  15. 15
    he's got a badger for a head says:

    Great to see scotland giving that show pony farage the respect he deserves.

    Hope hodge gets hers too

  16. 16
    Normanscottsdog says:

    Hodge, see that towery thing with a clock behind you, I’m going to shove it right up….

  17. 17
    Andy says:

    Remember it’s a Tax Hodge not a Tax Dodge when she does it!

  18. 18
    Google says:

    Maybe HMRC should pursue STEMCOR with some vigour!

  19. 19
    Gizzard Puke says:

    dontcha just hate it when somebody comes along and distracts the conversation onto another topic such as david beckham, meaningless and trite but got loadsa money – what a complete wanker he is

  20. 20
    Ed Ballsup says:

    The question to actually ask is what assets ie homes, yachts planes vintage cars paintings gold has been transferred to the company which would then avoid inheritance tax.

    Also people keep confusing two things when talking about Google, Starbucks and Stemcor sales of x billion mean nothing corporation tax is paid on profit so again the correct question is the % of profit paid in tax not sales

  21. 21
    Casual Observer says:

    What an impressive Oppenheimer. No trace of hypocrisy. An ideal immigrant Liebour politician.

  22. 22
    Bazinga! says:

    The BBC are cuunts

  23. 23
    Point of order says:

    err… I think you mean !srael

  24. 24
    Saffron says:

    I would not be believing her if she told me it is Friday tomorrow.

  25. 25
    Anonymous says:

    Nothing ‘straight’ about Hodge…

  26. 26
    jaykay says:

    Funny how she said that she had no idea why her father set up various or how they worked but she seemed to have a complete understanding of why family businesses don’t pay IHT.

  27. 27
    BBC bag holder says:

    We’re too busy shredding files. Stuart and Jimmy who?

  28. 28
    And who said there was no immigration problem? says:

  29. 29
    jaykay says:

    Sorry, missed out the word “trusts” between various and or.

  30. 30
  31. 31
    Steel magnet says:

    No Egypt. That’s where her family settled

  32. 32

    Why not ask Richard Murphy, The People’s Taxman, for a quote. He is ever-ready to chastise companies for using tax laws to their advantage, so he should be only too willing to pontificate on the Hodge case.

  33. 33
    Winnie the Pooh says:

  34. 34
    Trusty Rusty says:

    From recall, Tony Blair always used an estuary “y’know” whenever he was lying through his hind teeth too

  35. 35

    Did Ms. Stout have a certain ex-minister for windmills in mind?

  36. 36
    Rock the boat says:

    some Taffy Labour supporting twat was on the Radio 2 Vine showthis morning saying all Torys are non tax paying thieves. Pot calling kettle springs to mind. The brass neck (or should I say chicken neck) of this woman

  37. 37
    Phil Pocket's says:

    Any hole will do.

  38. 38
    A Bought Lord says:

    Mandelson has to say that. His EUSSR commissar pension depends on it.

  39. 39
    The Stupid Goy says:

    Mandy is a chosen one.

    Just bear that in mind.

  40. 40
    Brand Golden Balls'Up says:

    Yep them lib cons are fuckers

  41. 41
    Ron Barras says:

    Aye, he’s not called Guru for nothing. She got skewered like a kofta kebab.

    When she becomes the story, she becomes the problem. She was shaking in the chair.

    Just goes to show Labour can’t come clean when it comes to their finances.

  42. 42
    Google says:

    Listen to the hypocritical bitch’s tone during today’s select committee hearing…

  43. 43
    The Evil Search engine says:

    A bit OTT to call Google evil to say the least.

    I hope she never comes across real evil.

  44. 44
    Dave Milliclegg says:

    Yes, we don’t want any of that free speech malarkey here.

  45. 45
    UK is Toast says:

    Maybe HMRC should pursue the media monkeys and mp’s as they are the closest and easy to reach.

  46. 46
    Trash and C-list wannabes says:

    You won’t find any of us in Streatham!

  47. 47

    For what it is worth, my reading of the situation is that tax evasion is a crime but tax avoidance is allowed.

    Lord Clyde stated in 1929: No man in the country is under the smallest obligation, moral or other, so to arrange his legal relations to his business or property as to enable the Inland Revenue to put the largest possible shovel in his stores. The Inland Revenue is not slow, and quite rightly, to take every advantage which is open to it under the Taxing Statutes for the purposes of depleting the taxpayer’s pocket. And the taxpayer is in like manner entitled to be astute to prevent, so far as he honestly can, the depletion of his means by the Inland Revenue.

    The law has not changed this judgement.

    What Hodge’s family trust is doing is tax avoidance. It is permissible so why she is wriggling is due to embarrassment of her own considerable wealth (c £25m) rather than of unlawful activity.

    In the case of Starbucks and the like, they are in exactly the same position. The details and amounts may differ but the principle is identical.

    She is the worst type of socialist. She wants the poor to be better off by the rich becoming poorer. However, that transfer of wealth will not be coming from her own affluence but from others whose forebears have not planned as efficiently.


  48. 48
    Sally says:

    In terms of a legal opinion shes a hypocritical old bag whose arse is on fire

  49. 49
    wallace says:

    Wish I’d known about the dam busters flight today. The sound must have been incredible bouncing off the hills.

  50. 50
  51. 51
    Labour=Waste says:

    More Labour sleaze

  52. 52
    How can we thank you says:

    Thanks mandy for sending out search parties to fill up Britain. I’m sure the little white kiddies in Oxford and Rochdale thank you from the bottom of their hearts.

  53. 53
    David Cameron, hugging a rainbow colored windmill on a windless day, and waving an EU flag says:

    I am a Conservative !

  54. 54
    Hodge Cannot Be Trusted says:

    Worse, she is in parliament and a legislator. She voted for these laws during Gordon Brown’s odious reign of calamity.

  55. 55
    HMRC says:

    Zactly. There is only one reason for her to hold her shares in trust and that is to avoid tax. Or as she would call it, tax efficiency. But tis no different to google.

  56. 56
    Bazinga! says:

    Once if you asked me to think of one sound that defined Britain, I’d have said the sound of a Rolls Royce Merlin engine.

    However, it’s now more likely to be a bearded mong and the call to prayer.

  57. 57
    Gas! Gas! Gas! says:

    Divvie Dave and the rest of the nation wrecking crew need a distraction and fast. A nice little pointless war in the middle east should do the trick……or perhaps not.

    Sooner or later the thinko british establishment are going to realise this aint 1914, and we aint going to be on the streets cheering our fathers, brothers and sons off to fight in yet another of your concocted wars.

    If the English are facing an enemy, it’s the vermin in westminster.

  58. 58
    Bazinga! says:

    Nice to see the BBC discussing those evil companies that avoid tax.

    BBC ‘complicit’ in tax avoidance for thousands of employees including household names, say MPs
    The BBC is today accused by MPs of helping thousands of employees – including some of its biggest household names – avoid paying tax.

  59. 59
    Bazinga! says:

    Tony fucking Bliar, Gordon Brown and Alistair Campbell are EVIL.

  60. 60
    Point of Information says:

    And Brussels.

  61. 61
    Bollocks to getting a pseudonym says:

    Same as Ralph Miliband. These socialist vermin settle in England, but do ever show any gratitude to the English people for saving them from gruesome deaths at the hands of their fellow socialists? They’re socialists. What a stupid question.

  62. 62
  63. 63
    Bollocks to getting a pseudonym says:

    Even if the EU ended now, and all its member states refused to pay pensions to their citizens on the EU payroll, I’m sure mandy’s MP pension and a few other Ponzi schemes would see him all right for the rest of his life.

  64. 64
    The Far Right says:

    Ed Balls

  65. 65
    Maria's just asking to have her seat pinched says:

    That’s it, she’ll never get my vote again.

  66. 66
    Django says:

    Hodge is Amazon’s winning card, as long as her tax affairs are open to question then they are untouchable. Amazon are laughing all the way to the bank and HMRC have said that they are in the clear. She’s a busted flush!

  67. 67
  68. 68
  69. 69
    G o'Ogle says:

    Our Glass turns dark the moment you ask us to search for anything evil.

  70. 70
    Calamity Clegg, Chief Cockroach says:


    POLL: Which Parliamentary Leader Is Most Useless?

    Thursday 16th May 2013

    LBC’s Iain Dale wants to know which of our Parliamentary leaders you think is most useless: Cameron, Clegg or Miliband?

    Let us know:

    Poll: Parliamentary Leaders

    Who is the most useless of our three Parliamentary leaders?

    39.9% Nick Clegg
    32.1% Ed Miliband
    27.9% David Cameron
    Thanks for your vote

  71. 71
    Other Hodge Dodges says:

    Jason Swift / Care Home Abuse cover up whilst she was in char of Islington Council early 90s.

  72. 72
    R Bitrage says:

    Splitting heirs, surely ?

  73. 73
    Terry says:

    All depends on the facts, but basic IHT rules are these:
    UK settlor (person transferring assets in) – can transfer assets up to available IHT nil rate band into discretionary trust without incurring entry IHT charge at 20%. However, shares in a trading company owned for 2 years will attract business property relief to reduce its value to nil, so shares in such a company could go in and face no IHT entry charge. Potentially there would be IHT 10-year charges at 6% on the trust and capital exit charges from 0.15% – 5.85% between 10-year charges, but no IHT would be paid if the only trust assets qualify for BPR ie just trading company shares.

    Contrast the position though with a non-UK settlor of non-UK assets. This would be an excluded property trust and could avoid all normal IHT charges as outlined above. It would be interesting to check the IHT domicile of the settlor as it seems from wiki that Mrs Hodge’s father was originally German.

    All this is irrelevant as long as the trust assets qualify for BPR, but if they are sold or otherwise turned into non-BPR assets ie ones on which IHT would ordinarily be charged, such as cash, the advantage of the trust becomes clear. An individual owning such assets faces a 40% IHT charge on them on death, whereas the 40% charge does not apply to assets in trust.

  74. 74
    Mr Hodge says:

    the real issue of these giant corps is not how much tax they pay, it’s the fact they are monopolies squeezing out chances of competition of which their tax structuring is just one aspect. It could be a lot fairer by simply having zero corporation tax for all companies, that would get the economy going a bit but Balls and Osborne wouldn’t understand that as they are both elitists and have zero worldly experience.
    Still, Margaret is a lying sanctimonious bitch, she knows damn well how the trust works, and who does she really think she’s kidding coming on tv all day. Even if you didn’t know her in real life and what she really is you can just tell from her reactions to some simple questioning.

  75. 75
    Anonymous says:

    Tax professionals are often too caught up in their own world to ask the bloody obvious questions. She has asked the bloody obvious and has received no proper answers, which is odd given the level of intellect within the tax world. She probably is wrong, there probably is no conspiracy, in which case a little bit of down to earth truth telling by the profession would go a very long way. Until then, she is quite entitled to carry on as at present.

  76. 76
    We'll have to drag you screaming out of no. 10 while you cling on by your fingernails, won't we ? says:

    Over-priced conservatory salesman, more like.

  77. 77
    'Gypsy' Dave Cooper says:

    Sad but true.

  78. 78
    Rob says:

    The greatest brain in the universe (Jonah) devised the UK tax rules, how can they possibly produce a result not in the UK’s interest?

  79. 79
    JH3242309849230423 says:

    FFS I would rather have Gold hidden in the loft.

    Inheritance would be as difficult as handing a Pulp Fiction style briefcase to my chosen one and saying, ‘there you are’.

  80. 80

    Not really.

    Heir restorative, I would have thought or perhaps trichology rather than trick-cyclist.

  81. 81
    Margaret Hodge says:

    It’s Saturday tomorrow.

  82. 82
    Incapable Vince, deputy Chief Cockroach says:


  83. 83
    Joss Taskin says:

    Does anyone else think Madge Hodge rhymes nicely with Tax Dodge ?

  84. 84

    Gesture politics are bad at the best of times. When they spout from someone as profoundly ignorant as she appears to be, it becomes downright offensive. She betrays a monumental level of arrogance that she should Chair the Public Accounts Committee but professes not to know the details of her own affairs.

  85. 85
    Iqbal says:

    All the beautiful sounds of the world in a single word
    Sharia Sharia Sharia Sharia…
    Sharia, I’ve just abused a girl for Sharia
    For now this stupid country
    Lets me abuse girls with impunityyyyyy
    Sharia, say it loud to PC councils like Rotherham
    Say it soft to the rozzers who don’t like it up ‘em
    Sharia, I’ll never stop saying SHariaaaaaaaaa

  86. 86
    Rubi Tonoleova says:

    If HMRC get her, do you think she’ll be asking for extensions of the payment period ?

  87. 87
    Anonymous says:

    Corporate lawyer here, though by no means a tax specialist and I don’t deal in probate or personal tax planning. However…

    Depending on the value of the shares at the time of the disposal and when she disposed of them, Hodge may have paid a lump sum in tax when transferring the assets into trust. However the rate this is charged at will have been lower than the later IHT liability.

  88. 88
    Taxing times says:

    That she understands perfectly how the tax set up works is very obvious.

    Her faux denial on the C4 interview was not only unconvincing, but even if she had tried harder it is incredible. Passing the buck to her dead father reveals something quite disturbing about her character and the dynamics of the family as well.

    Those matters aside: Simplified tax would be of benefit to both individuals and corporations alike.

    However, the avoidance which is in place for IHT that she is protected by the trust structure, whilst legal, does speak to the lengths that many go to in order to protect their wealth.

    Removing the incentive for such serpentine legal structuring by putting in place a very simple tax system where the rate of taxation is set at a level that is acceptable to those liable, is the only real solution.

    Hodge shot herself in the foot on this issue when she started making the moral arguments for larger multinationals to pay more tax than they were legally obliged to, on pain of their commercial interests being affected by a negative publicity campaign being run by the PAC and Government.

    That the PAC did not draw to peoples attention the underlying reason as to what enables large multinationals to avoid paying their share of tax on profits within the UK has done dis-service to her office.

    The reason is tax arbitrage enabled by EU tax law which allows for companies to be domiciled and liable in one member state, but otherwise trade freely in all.

    The HMRC cannot apparently compete with the 20% and less rates on offer in Luxemb0urg / !reland, so under these rules HMRC will be arbitraged out of tax it should otherwise be collecting.

    The ultimate losers here are the people of the UK as the gap in public finances has been and is being passed on through increased direct taxation and reductions in the provision of public services.

    This situation developed and evolved under the previous Labour Government, the current Coalition have done zero to rectify it so far.

  89. 89

    Her most convincing plea would surely be insanity.

  90. 90
    Gold Watch says:

    Do it:

    Good time to buy right now.

  91. 91
    Bazinga! says:

    Typical BBC cuunts. They stick the Newsnight apology over Help For Heroes on AFTER the programme ends. They didn’t have the guts to run it at the start.


  92. 92
    Anonymous says:

    Commenter 86, back again. Watched more of the video. If it’s a family company it may have been eligible for 100% IHT relief through BPR.

  93. 93
    Little Miss Dodge says:

    My mind has taken a permanent vacation for tax purposes.

  94. 94
    lojolondon says:

    Kay did much better than Krishnan IMHO. She pretty much blocked him and he backed down….

  95. 95
    Rottenham's rotten Labour Council says:

  96. 96
    Alice says:

    Brillo’s show really circling the drain these days. Two wonderful examples of female intellect tonight – Tessa Hewitt and Katie Price, ffs!
    The underlying question can only be,which of the two is the thickest?

  97. 97
    Fish says:

    Interesting answer when saying that the proportion of shares in her ‘DIRECT’ ownership was very small

  98. 98
    lojolondon says:

    Yep, and yet if you watch the Biased-BBC or any other mainstream media, you will not find any mention of the EU and their tax laws.

    Yet another reason to vote UKIP.

  99. 99
    Calamity Clegg, Chief Cockroach says:


  100. 100
    Urinals should be made out of Gold says:


    “There are many signs of gangster state America. One is the collusion between federal authorities and banksters in a criminal conspiracy to rig the markets for gold and silver.

    My explanation that the sudden appearance of an unprecedented 400 ton short sale of gold on the COMEX in April was a manipulation designed to protect the dollar from the Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing policy has found acceptance among gold investors and hedge fund managers.

    The sale was a naked short. The seller had no gold to sell. COMEX reported having gold only equal to about half of the short sale in its vaults, and not all of that was available for delivery. No one but the Federal Reserve could have placed such an order, and the order came from one of the Fed’s bullion banks, one of the entities “too big to fail.””

  101. 101
    Fish says:

    Now the Leveson thingy / Hacked off requirement was for apologies to appear in a prominent position. i.e. if a ‘Front page’ disclosure was wrong and an apology required by the regulator…it should appear on the front page.

    One rule for the lefties…one rule for the rest of the MSM

  102. 102
    Bazinga! says:

    Brillo’s career is rather like that of the Times, going down the pan, he really needs to get away from the human piss that is the BBC.

  103. 103
    Cleggers says:

    How did we get that many votes?

  104. 104
    Bazinga! says:

    Hodge is a wanker. When Amazon first started it was only in America, you had to order off the US site. I used ot also buy CD’s etc from a US company called CDnow. There’s no real reason for Google or Amazon to have any offices in Europe, they only do it for convenience.

    They could simply shut all of their Europe operations down and move everything to India or China and put their offices, call centres etc there along with warehouse distributions.

    Personally if I were Amazon, I’d do just that, you can fly stuff to Europe in 12 hours and cuunts like Hodge would have to explain the loss of thousands of jobs.

    If Hodge wants to hound tax dodgers why doesn’t she start with the human piss that is the BBC?

    Hodge thinks that these companies saying that they are operating within the rules is ‘evil’, funny as she and the rest of the cuunts at Westminster were quick to use that excuse when fiddling their expenses.

    Has 5 bellies Smiff paid back the 100K she claimed for living in her sisters spare room?

  105. 105
    Margaret Moran says:

    Oi! There’s only room for one Mad Mags in this town, sis!
    Come up with your own bloody wheeze! I got here first!

  106. 106
    Blowing Whistles says:

    The problem with the Dodger. There is some background to her being ‘elected as the chairwoman’. Some of you are not going to like this – so tough luck.

    If as has been published in the national press [Telegraph / Oborne] 80% of politicians … (remember “across the board”) upon being elected are invited to [and invariably do] become “friends of Israel”. Thereafter and once in the ‘club’ it appears that those who have joined find it ‘very very diffi.cult.ish’ to dare to say a word against a person such as the Dodge – because of the ‘fear’ of any backlash of A-semitism.

    There she was at Islington – and then made up as childrens Minister – and didn’t she just conceal a multitude of crimes … BUT WHO OF THE 80% DARES TO CALL HER A HYPOCRITICAL, LYING, TWO-FACED BITCH – over what she covered up in Islington?

    She is a place-puppet – and it is therefore asserted that there are so many spineless but craven 80%ers of ‘friends’ who dare not call the shot on her stemcorp. That’s the “trick” really – silence those who know not what they have been really duped into [FOI] such that they dare not call a j’wish woman front of Israel a criminal for all that she has ‘turned a blind eye to for her personal and financial gain and the gain of those who pull her strings as well. And what of the ‘neutered 80%ers – God fucking help us all for their utter ignorance and utter stupidity at being ‘silenced’ by such a trick – oh no you can’t say anything about Margi otherwise you’ll be an anti Smite innit a good trick eh?

  107. 107
    Gold Watch says:

    Yes – paper market has been manipulated quite a bit recently which has had effect of knocking down the price in $ terms.

    But, this shall be short lived.

    If you buy physical, you own physical.

    That will outlast the idiots who are fiddling with paper, and preserve your wealth.

    If you are concerned about the paper price, you should stick with paper. If you understand what gold / silver as currencies are then go with them, and don’t forget to give Bitcoin a decent look.

    Because Gold is not dependent on society being at a certain technological level of development it is a safer store of value.

    As Bitcoin can be instantly transmitted securely, they are better for actual transactions.

    Gold is the best bet, completely to JH’s point, and incidentally is tax free except for capital gains when you convert back to paper.

  108. 108
    The Guardian newspaper does it says:

    Google pay tax in Ireland cuz it’s cheaper and that’s cuz the paddies made it cheaper cuz they wanted the biz and tax income.

    Hodge should not be calling Google Evil for locating in Ireland, Hodge should be petitioning the government to make the UK a more attractive place for biz to locate than Ireland.

  109. 109
    Moral of the story...Cut taxes to earn more. says:

    Well Bugger me a Lefty has finally realised that lower taxes attract more taxpayers and in turn generate more income than high taxes.

    Well done the Paddies

  110. 110
    Blowing Whistles says:

    She relied upon advice from the Shyster Division to evade from the theft from the public purse issue – whom of course she is suborned and craven to and sucks up to.

    Is it not time to stand up to the dirty J’wish duplicity? Friends of Isreal – fuck off the lot of you, you suborned subintelligent moneygrubbing twats – you all been had.

  111. 111
    No Gordon, I'm the psychiatrist. You're the patient. says:

    Hodge is mental with the powers of logic of a retarded lobotomised rabbit . If I buy a cheap train ticket in order to avoid paying petrol tax am I morally obliged to pay part of the saving to the government?

  112. 112
    Not Blowing Whistles says:

    The cover up she was involved with at Islington did derail the police investigation that had established links between the p3d0 ring there and Haut de la Garenne in Jersey.

    The latter we were reminded about when the alleged remains of children were found recently, and when it was pointed out Savile was a frequent visitor (despite denials) and most of the ex residents came out detailing the abuse they had suffered.

    There was likely a link to Edward Heath as well in Garenne.

    Blairs decision to appoint Hodge Childrens Minister in 2003 following her performance at Islington was somewhat controversial. Public outcry was muted.

    Jason Swift, victim of the ring involving Sidney Cook, happened under her watch however it is unclear as to whether her departments or she herself had fore knowledge of that case. It is believed that Cook had access to Islington care homes though.

    The situation in Islington Hodge did inherit, but singularly did nothing to correct and moreover actively covered up. The cover up should be considered a perversion of the course of justice.

    It was a result of this scandal that saw Hodge temporarily leave politics and seek refuge in a position at PwC, before re-entering as Blair’s Childrens Minister.

    Of note, Keith Vaz was senior legal at Islington in the early-mid 80s.

  113. 113
    Alice says:

    The point is that companies shouldn’t be allowed to choose where they pay tax. Google, Amazon, and the rest should be paying tax in the UK for the profits they make in the UK, and devices that contrive to make it appear as though profits are not made in the UK should be disallowed!

  114. 114
    Mozzies dropping flares, Lancs to dump on top says:

    wot a load of bollox – see how long that comment lasts.

  115. 115
    The EUSSR supports the 1% says:

    The point is, is that companies are allowed. It is perfectly legal.

    Hodge should be changing the system specifically HMRC although I suspect their hands are tied by the EU.

  116. 116
    sick of em says:

    Hodge – the inveterate liar and scoundrel – how can someone so mediocre rise to the top despite her abysmal deeds in islington????

    says as much about the system as it does about her

  117. 117
    Izzet Werf Askin says:

    Is it set up in such a way as to keep dodgy creditors with questionable claims from going mediaeval on the assets of individual members of the Oppenheimer mischpuchah by bringing a potential lawsuit against one of them? There’s that to be considered, too.

  118. 118
    luis swarez says:

    plus her rael name is oppenheimer – a very wealthy friend

  119. 119
    Sid Snott says:

    why is cameron such a twat??

    centuries of inbreeding!


  120. 120
    The neo nuts looney toons says:

    When can we expect james wharton to come out

  121. 121
    The neo nuts looney toons says:

    I believe approx 20000 of. Irelands young are leaving every year

  122. 122
    The Far Out says:


    spt the difference

  123. 123
    Mark Skid says:

    Oh come on. Unless you are a simpleton, you know the answer as well as I do. Focus money brought these people to dominance seventy years ago.

  124. 124
    CarryHole is a vile Hunt says:

    Yes, Truly disgusting people and country.

  125. 125
    CarryHole is a vile Hunt says:

    The poor have NEVER become wealthier by punishing the productive.

  126. 126
    CarryHole is a vile Hunt says:

    and the local mosque

  127. 127
    Alice says:

    “There’s no real reason for Google or Amazon to have any offices in Europe, they only do it for convenience.”
    They have offices in Europe because they can exploit common EU cross-border trading regulations and different tax regimes, and can choose to pay tax in counties such as Eire and Luxembourg at significantly lower rates than, eg, UK, thus effectively undercutting competitors and creating something approaching a monopoly in their fields.
    Being based in Luxembourg means it can charge VAT on ebook sales, for example, at the local rate of 3% rather than the 20% VAT imposed on British-based ebook retailers.
    Amazon’s own accounts show its UK arm paid only £2.4 million in UK corporation tax on UK sales of £4.2billion, while receiving £2.5 million in government grants. And it’s not just a UK problem. Amazon’s tax affairs have been under investigation by the US, China, Japan and several EU countries.
    There’s no chance of them relocating. Their margins are so low as be eaten up by increased distribution costs and they know that they’d face stiff competition if they had to compete on level playing field.
    Agree with your points about Hodge, BBC and Smith, though!

  128. 128
    Anonymous says:

    So what is new about any politician not directly answering a straight question? They are all coached in the tatic,the only way to screw them on the record to to have 120% facts to hand and place them directly in front of the lying toads on camera. With a tad of luck you may just make them feel a tad uncomfortable only. There’re all twats and should be made extinct!!!!!

  129. 129
    Return of Chucky says:

    Discretionary trusts exist to reduce the taxable estate – its a “wrapper”. Generally trusts are set up for several reasons; 1. To avoid/reduce inheritance tax payable,
    2. To avoid incurring any CGT liabilities (esp on property etc), 3. To disguise true beneficial ownership and quantum of funds (ie ala Tony Blair and his offshore company / charities with >150 entities in the ownership structure including public speaking coffers for his grasping bitch wife..).

    The wider point? Hodge was doing a decent job in the PAC and I agree with the direction. She’s damaged the mission by not checking her knickers for skidmarks before declaring a shitty smell….

  130. 130
    Staring into the urinal whilst having a slash is more informative than watching the BBC. Discuss. says:


  131. 131
    Hodge Podger says:

    “Tax is a moral issue”?! Are you fucking barking mad?

    Who in hell would pay tax if it was avoidable any more than who would deliberately stand in dogshit? If it was a moral issue then just force every individual and company to pay 40% with no special status and nobody will complain as they would be “immoral”. You would put 500,000 accountants and lawyers out of work at a stroke.

    There’s nothing moral or fair about the collection or payment of tax and never has been. And there’s even less moral about how they spend your tax £.

  132. 132
    Hodge Podger says:

    There are wider reasons to disguise the ownership and control of Stemcor. Her father and father’s uncle had extensive business dealings with the Kashoggis and other salubrious characters in Egypt. Jonathan Aitken was a family friend. It would be a very interesting expose to see the origin of company funds and major contracts.

  133. 133
    Purple Rain says:

    Scottish racists off our streets!

  134. 134
    Maqb­oul says:

    So it’s a canny tax avoidance measure?

  135. 135
    Whtey has been so enriched, he's dissapeared says:

    Streatham might as well be called Ghana these days.

  136. 136
    Maqb­oul says:

    If we left the EU they couldn’t do that if they wanted to do business in the UK.

  137. 137
    Where are the police in all this? says:

    Mandelson’s pension is peanuts. The real question, which nobody is prepared to ask is this.

    How come before he went to the EU he had to get dodgy loans for a dodgy mortgage to buy a home, yet when he came back from the EU, after securing exclusive trading deals with the EU for Chinese and Russian oligarchs, he was able to buy a home for £8 million plus, for cash?

  138. 138
    Maqb­oul says:

    If Scotland votes for independence it would be the icing on the cake if they could take Liverpool with them.

  139. 139
    Lord John Burns says:

    Get the rope….

  140. 140

    Indeed. It seems that Hodge would >i>rather the poor become poorer than the rich become richer. This formulation was effectively used to condemn the Labour party by Margaret Thatcher, as you will well know.

    Ironic indeed that, after thirteen long years of Labour mismanagement and the passing of more legislation in that time than in all times previously combined, the gap between rich and poor actually grew.

    Wealth cannot be legislated for. It requires people who are not in politics to produce. Without it, there is ultimately no point in having any politics.

  141. 141
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    But don’t imagine this somehow absolves Google, Amazon, and all the rest.

  142. 142
    Where are the police in all this? says:

    She was also very fond of her PIE then too.

    So much so, that she visciously attacked any mention of and lied consistently about, the extent of child abuse, right under her ( rather large ) nose.

  143. 143

    Let the English have a referendum to decide whether Scotland stays in the Union or not.

    Since so many of the people there appear to be sub-human, as witness the treatment of Nigel Farage, it is surely far better than we quietly lower them overboard.

    Passports and visas will be required to allow them into England. Any repetition of that behaviour in our country will result in permanent exclusion and refusal of all future visas for the offender.

  144. 144
    albacore says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice to be one of those high-rollers
    Or yet one of the fat cat LibLabCon cajolers?
    Whatever the weather, that rank ordure does alright
    No matter how deeply it dumps us plebs in the shite
    The avoidance that counts about the treacherous lot
    Is how come they avoid getting taken out and shot

  145. 145

    I had thought the upperbound limit was currently 650.

  146. 146
    Green hypocrisy says:

    ….to Commonwealth countries too, mostly.
    Hate the Union flag until destitute

  147. 147
    Sarge says:

    Do not forget, PAYE was a wartime measure intended to be temporary.Lying counts with nothing missing.

  148. 148
    Hypocrite Watch says:

    Hodge is an ardent supporter of the EU and knows only too well the potential for arrangements such as her own, under EU law.

    Her phoney outrage is a mere mask, a crumb for the gullible, to ‘show how much she cares’.

    The gullible leftards buy into it, everytime.

  149. 149
    A R Balest says:

    Gordon has Pict the wrong quarrel.

  150. 150
    Page 3 says:

    …hence the revised charter??

  151. 151
    pearl neclesse says:

    You do seem to have certain issues…. Were you abused when you were little?

  152. 152
    Nothing Better To Do says:

    Yes, more like 90% if you take into account all the stealth taxes, double taxation and exorbitant charges for every single thing you need to do to survive in Britain.

  153. 153
    pearl neclesse says:

    Dear joss….. That’s most mirthsome..though you haven’t been paying attention..have you?

  154. 154
    pearl neclesse says:

    Why doesn’t George G lend her some of his spare AIDS?

  155. 155
    Guffaws says:

    Hodge is humiliated, exposed for profiting with a lavish family business from the very practices she denounces!

  156. 156
    Matilda says:

    Since as Hodge claimed she has no part in the day to day running of the company, should not the focus of any further enquiries be on her tax dodging relatives?

  157. 157
    Bluto says:

    Well he’s a committed lefty. He would not have backed down like that with a Tory.

  158. 158
    Lord Stansted says:

    Today is just beginning to prat on about co2. Time to switch to Classic FM.

  159. 159
    Lord Stansted says:

    True, but the governing class in the Republic don’t care. They still have their cushy jobs. As usual, it’s the ordinary paddies who suffer.

  160. 160
    Village Idiot says:

    It is indeed “The System”, and it needs a good shakeout…I am beginning to
    hate our elites,who have done so much damage while filling their boots,a plague on all of them…..And,today,70yrs after the dambusters,why did they bother??The elites gave our country away!!!!!!!!!!!!

  161. 161
    Jimmy, Jimmy Jimmy. Out, Out, Out! says:


  162. 162
    Long John Silver's parrot says:

    With satellite internet you can run a multi million pound business from a yacht at sea .

    Seas come without politicians.

    The odd pirate perhaps but no politicians.

  163. 163
    Will says:

    I think we should tell all the commonwealth countries to stand on thier own feet. What is surprising that the ones with a strong rule of law New Zealand and Australia Eric seem to have done better than certain other countries. Why do certain Afro carribean countries bvi and burmuda are doing better than other countries with corruption such as Jamaica !!

  164. 164
    Satan is Evil says:

    That Google man was very restrained and all credit tp him. I have a feeling I would have let rip at the grandstanding MPs. And as for being called Evil, do they know what Evil means?

  165. 165
    Peter Grimes says:

    The problem is the calculation of profit, and particularly transfer pricing. If Starbuck pay inflated prices for coffee to a sister company in a tax haven, profits are reduced. Similarly if Google pay inflated ‘intellectual property rights’ to a tax haven-resident sister.

    HMRC need to look much more closely at these scams, and assess if they were designed solely to avoid UK or other jurisdiction tax. Shouldn’t be too difficult, with a little will.

  166. 166
    Chuks says:

    Bermadu is a great place and hardly any Trash tourists too. Long may it remain so.

  167. 167
    One man's profit is another man's loss says:

    Long before this corporation tax thingy hit the headlines. Many great minds were trying to find an alternative as profit and losses are movable feasts. Some say a turnover tax may be more appropriate.

  168. 168
    Merlin says:

    Beware the ‘M’s and ‘D’s

  169. 169
    Vote Tory, get heir to Blair says:

    How many people question the money Beckham makes and where he pays his taxes?

    When does that ever come up in the media?

  170. 170
    Vote Tory, get heir to Blair says:

    What is isolationist about wanting to trade more freely with the rest of the world rather than being shackled to ‘Little Europeaners’?

  171. 171
    Lola says:

    She’s been reading ‘Mein Kampf’ – What the Party says, goes.

  172. 172
    Bazinga! says:

    Yes you are correct.

  173. 173
    Radio 4 says:

    They give her an open platform to speak a load of lies and then their “interviewer” will nod in agreement and tell everyone that that has cleared up that little misunderstanding and nothing else to see here and please move along.

  174. 174
    Vote Tory, get heir to Blair says:

    How does even an ethical global company decide how much profit is made in one country rather than another? It is almost impossible. The answer is quite simple. If a country doesn’t like it then they should reduce their company tax levels to the same as the ones it is competing against it. Only that will work. And it will bring in far more revenue than higher taxes do. High taxation kills businesses, growth and jobs. It is a no-brainer.

  175. 175
    Lee Moore says:

    That’s now. The question is whether there was any inheritance tax advantage when her dad set the trust up in the first place.

  176. 176
    golli says:

    Not to mention the shenanigans at Islington care homes when she was in OC of those affairs on that council

  177. 177
    Vote Tory, get heir to Blair says:

    They have nothing to be absolved about. What they are doing is perfectly legal. If people don’t like it then stop using Google, Amazon,etc. If a government doesn’t like it (and Labour did nothing about it when they were in power) then they should reduce their punitive tax rates for businesses. That way they will reduce tax avoidance and extract more revenue overall.

    Blaming companies is as stupid as blaming immigrants (rather than the politicians) for coming to live in this country.

  178. 178
    Vote Tory, get heir to Blair says:

    Blaming companies for paying as little tax as possible is as stupid as blaming immigrants (rather than the politicians) for coming to live in this country.

  179. 179
    Postal Votes are Labour Loo Paper says:

    Another shining example of a worthless deadbeat councillor getting a cushy number as the liebor sheep and Islington trendies vote tribally. Parliament is full of useless tossers who have never had a real job. No wonder we are fucked.

  180. 180
    Howzat1932 says:

    Brown Balls et. al. We’re responsible for the labyrinth of tax laws he used to sit for hours dreaming new tax laws.The best way to get G.B ltd.moving is a flat rate of tax sufficient to keep afloat the state.Sort out public sector pensions all workers retire at 65 this includes Police. Teachers.Civil Service. Their pension will reflect the amount they have contributed.Members of parliament will also retire at 65 special pensions for speaker Lord Chancellor should end.This would make me feel we are all in this together.As for our ill fated attempts to bring Arab states into the democratic fold by removing so called oppressive regimes all we have managed with the posturing of new multi millionaire Blair and his owner Bush is to make way even more repressive religious fanatics.Its off my chest I rest my case.

  181. 181
    Remember there is also the Islington child abuse cover up says:

    Everything about her body language, her facial expressions, wide staring eyes, licking of the lips, running out of breath at the end of a denial, all clear signs of lying

  182. 182

    How right you are Sir,this country rather than being served by immigration ,has become the lauging stock of the world .

  183. 183
    HenryV says:

    Isn’t that “the” question of the age? All of them are flawed, weird, weak, deluded, arrogant, self-serving, etc. and yet we still vote for them.

    According to many political activists going to Church is a declining minority issue. Yet well over twice as many attend a C of E service each week than belong to the combined membership of the big three parties.

  184. 184
    Joe Public. says:

    The more this stupid woman appears in public on Stemcor the deeper the grave she is digging for herself and her family.
    Now by default she brings up the word hypocrite, showing she is following her demise rather closely. Almost everyone following this woman’s tortuous journey now freely admit she is an odious hypocrite.
    To say she does not understand the workings of her father’s family trust fund vehicle, while berating global companies on their financial antics, is an insult to British people.
    She is now trying to change the focus of her misdemeaners to her own brother – that should be interesting.
    This woman reached her Peter Principle zenith many years ago, and should now go off the stage to a series of public hisses.

  185. 185
    Foney Farage says:

    Farage is such a nob!
    Labour protected Scotland from large scale 1mmigration, or the 1mmigrants just didn’t want to go there!

    The protesters are the usual rent-a-twat mob though. Most sweaties are probably just indifferent to UKIPs message. An ex London city spiv banging on about the EU, really isn’t that relevant to most of them.

    Immigration is the basis of UKRAPs protest voting support, rather than hatred of the EU.
    Fill Scotland full of muzzies and latvians, then they might get more support north of the border.

  186. 186

    The company is run by her brother Ralph Oppeneimer of course she knows whats going on.

  187. 187
    Owen Farage-Jones says:

    So it’s “Black Friday”for the price of gold then ?

    GOLD 1,375.30 -11.60 -0.84%

  188. 188
    Eva Braun says:

    He was bought up a Catholic you N@z1 twat!

  189. 189
    Evan Davies - the BBC's sniggering schoolboy says:

    This morning on Today Programme when discussing the newspapers we talked about the coalition breakup, Europe, Beckham, fire service reform going back to 2003 when nothing was done, and NA0-HS2.
    We did not mention the total waste of public money the BBC incurred in its move (and non move) to Salford which two major newspapers revealed.
    It is not in our DNA to criticize ourselves, only the right wing.

  190. 190
    Gordon Brown says:

    Taxcuts take money out of the economy.

  191. 191
    Big Brother Corporation. says:

    Murphy accepted at face value her obvious disinformation and protestations of innocence as a simple shareholder in her family business.
    This dog rolling over interview proves that some parts of the media are being forced very very reluctantly to investigate the rampant hypocrisy in left wing politicians.
    Murphy also was under direction on his questions from the wings as his eyes betray.

  192. 192
    Remember there is also the Islington child abuse cover up says:

    An interesting comparison is to compare the manner in which the Google spokesman answers the questions in an open and confident way and the way Hodge stuttered and stammered and wriggled in her seat during her grilling.

  193. 193
    Brother of Hodge Podge Oppenheimer says:

    My old man is dead, but my sister dragging me into her hypocritical political manoevering is upsetting me and our family.

  194. 194
    Remember there is also the Islington child abuse cover up says:

    Look, when Parliament thinks it fit to have someone like Keith Vaz chair select committees on ethics then nothing should surprise us.

  195. 195
    Unbelievable Truth. says:

    Can’t be true as the BBC did not cover it.
    Perhaps all those loony left wing racists and dimwits came up from Salford?

  196. 196
    JH3242309849230423 says:

    He treats guests pretty evenly and is happy to treat Labour empty suits as they deserve (such as ‘chief envelope licker’ Umunna) so he’ll never go far at the BBC.

    He will always be put in silly situations such as with Price and that fucking stupid celebrity boat during the last election in order to discredit him.

    All thanks to the open-neck-shirt wearing Guardianista lefty fucktards running BBC news. They think they are very, very clever you know.

  197. 197
    Gordon Brown says:

    I sold 400 tonnes of it at $249!

    It was the right thing to do.

  198. 198
    Anonymous says:

    “from the bottom of their hearts.”
    Don’t you mean “from the heart of their bottoms” ??

  199. 199
    Your not really getting the point of this discussion are you ? says:

    As long as she asks the same questions and takes the appropriate actions re her own family business.

  200. 200
    I hope she dies a slow and painful death says:

    It’s hopefully also a sign of a very large inoperable tumour.

  201. 201
    JH3242309849230423 says:

    Google’s free services create more wealth in a year than a million MPs could manage in a million years.

    I make nice money out of things Google let me use for free.

  202. 202
    Labour: Still corrupt, still nasty says:

    Evil, evil lying bitch. Well done to Krishnan.

  203. 203
    Separation of convenience to circumvent the proceeds of crime act says:

    I have more respect for Katie Price to be honest.

  204. 204
    Will says:

    Guido the front page of the times has a great report how the bbc may have cost help for heroes 4 million pounds and how it manipulated interviews to fit its agenda. This was compiled by Angus stickler who put together The Lord mcalpine report. It cost them £120,000 corporate donation plus loss of average £100,000 per well income . The charity cannot get its money back and does not want to spend donations pursuing the bbc and the beareau of investigative journalism. This is how bad the bbc on decent journalism has become

  205. 205
    Another answer says:

    Flat rate tax.

  206. 206
    Unbelievable Truth. says:

    She is simply taking on board the fact that over the last month she has been widely criticized as a very wealthy hypocrite.
    I hope that Brittan does come back and has facts and figures on Stemcor which he will use to reveal to everyone just how odious this woman really is.

  207. 207
    Anonymous says:

    Of course there was. There would be no point in setting it up if there wasn’t !!

  208. 208
    Our survey says says:

    a group of two dozen drunk students represent all of Scotland do they ?

  209. 209
    Witty Moniker says:

    BPR doesn’t apply to investment companies, family or not.

  210. 210
    The Stupid Goy says:

    What has ethnicity to do with upbringing?

    Now I may be a national socialist, but a twat I am not.

  211. 211
    Alexsandr says:

    Precisely. If someone should pay tax then parliament should change the law. Until they do that they should shut up. The notion that paying tax is a volutary affair based on column inches is so wrong.

  212. 212
    Alexsandr says:

    I think the muzzies and latvians are intellegent enough to stay away from the cold, the drizzle and the mosquitoes.

    Quite a few sweaties are too judging by how amny are in England.

  213. 213
    Nelson's Eye says:

    The point that was being made by Krishnan was exactly that – that a family company can be used to avoid inheiritance tax -which would normally be paid on family assets. She was turning the question on it’s head!

  214. 214…no… money… the Hodge a Dodge!

  215. 215
    fendel says:

    Remember Demetrius Panton….

  216. 216
    Universal Hiss says:

    Edinburgh University students

    Undergraduates by entry domicile: Scotland 41.4%; rest of UK 29.1%; rest of EU 10.0%; rest of world 19.5% (2011–12).

  217. 217
    Anonymous says:

    A family owned house attracts inheritance tax, but a family owned multinational doesn’t. Great.

  218. 218
    The Noble Lord Blaby says:

    Just taking a break from obsessing about Europe, and came across this clip. Just watch her face – is this the face of someone with nothing to hide?? I demand that she be called before the select committee for a grilling….

  219. 219
    Ivor Biggun says:

    Well, yes, yes, but have we learned anything new? She said that there is no inheritance tax on family companies and that is simply not true. There IS inheritance tax on family companies (unless you create discretionary trusts, which exist for the sole purpose of avoiding the inheritance tax that would otherwise be due) and I’m quite sure she knows that. So she’s a liar. But she’s a politician–of course she’s a liar. What else did anyone expect?

  220. 220
    Village Idiot says:

    I am not a Kristan Guru Murthy fan,but,credit where its due,.”Nice one Kristen,more of it please”….Hopefully,you have seen through these frauds,who fill their boots, instead of serving the people!!

  221. 221
    Bubbling under says:

    ……….5th column,is here,and,breeding fast,plus abusing whitey’s….

  222. 222
    BobRoberts says:

    Yeah… I’ve wondered about that one for some time as well. I wonder if there is a reasonable explanation – I can’t think of one off the top of my head… maybe I lack imagination?

  223. 223
  224. 224
    Liverpool 95% White Irish says:


  225. 225
    They hate her because she won says:

    Hardly any immigrants go to Scotland. Who the hell would want to? Scotland’s biggest export is whinging Scots who bleat on and on about how bloody wonderful Scotland is.
    The best outcome will be Scottish independence and England leaving the EU. We can then rebuild Hadrian’s wall, expel any shirking or drunken Scots and refuse entry to any more without a very expensive visa.

  226. 226
    The Boy Plunger says:

    The worst type of Socialists are those who own shares and moan when dividends are not paid or if they are paid bank the cheques straight away.

  227. 227
    Yvonne from The Colliers Arms Clydach says:

    A certain Local Authority not a million miles from Clydach was more than happy to meet Amazon and do a passable impression of as we say in Welsh a “lèche cul” .

  228. 228
    I hate Blue Labour says:

    I don’t believe a word that this woman utters. She is a tax avoider through and through.

  229. 229
    John Bellingham says:

    As Income tax was a temporary measure to help finance the Napoleonic Wars. Boney is dead now, can it be repealed please?

  230. 230
    John Bellingham says:

    Has Beckham actually worked in Britain in last few years? He has played footsie-footsie in other countries and has big contracts in Japan, China and the USA with multinationals–why pay taxes to help finance the lifestyle of the type of scum that watch soccer and listen to spice girl records?

  231. 231
    Archbishop Cromwell says:

    Never had Sky. Watching this is incredible. It’s like The Times to the BBC’s Guardian.

    I’m sorry but I’m just stunned. I didn’t think the BBC was impartial but after decades of nothing else on offer, I subconsciously internalised the lie a little.

  232. 232
    Ka'Likatifrianiqua says:

    The old bird is rattled and volunteers no help in understanding the management of her “” millions of pounds worth of assets “”. Gosh !

  233. 233
    Gorbalsballs says:

    They’re ALL lefties!

  234. 234
    Gorbalsballs says:

    Is she related to that Al-Fayed chap – he was born in Egypt?

    I bet he gave her a discount at ‘arrods.

  235. 235
    Gorbalsballs says:

    Perhaps he should have worn a kilt to please the caber tossers!

  236. 236
    Gorbalsballs says:

    All incoming Bulgarians and Romanians will be exported to Scotland, for training.

  237. 237
    Gorbalsballs says:

    If I attended, I’d Chukka a Brick.

    He’s wasting his time. Car valeting offers good opportunities.

  238. 238
    Gorbalsballs says:

    Accra? Is that near his constituency?

  239. 239
    Matei says:

    Law student here, failed Equity twice. Even I can tell Oppenheimer is talking out of her arse.

  240. 240
    Anonymous says:

    She’s either lieing or is completely incompetent – or maybe both!

  241. 241
    Anonymous says:

    You might want to learn a bit of history rather than recycling this myth! Yes it was originally introduced to finance the Napoleonic wars but that was repealed in 1801. It was reintroduced in 1803 and again repealed in 1816! What we have now comes from the Income Tax Act of 1842.

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