May 1st, 2013

Voters Still Blame Labour For Economic Woes

Tory strategists could be forgiven for worrying that after three years of little or no growth and a £120 billion spending black hole this year alone, Dave and George’s reliance on blaming Britain’s economic slump on the last Labour government might be wearing thin with voters. Apparently not.

A study by media agency OMD of over 2,000 adults from across the UK has found that 53% still blame the previous Labour government for Britain’s ongoing economic problems, compared with just 39% blaming the coalition. 39% say Gordon is the main culprit, with just 27% fingering Cameron and 23% Osborne. Numbers Downing Street will be clinging onto…


  1. 1
    Will.socialists.ever.stop.being.hypocrites says:

    The 39% who blame the coalition for the economic slump are morons. What could Labour have done differently that would have improved rather than aggravate the situation? Borrowing too much money was what got us into this mess. We may have had a short term spurt of temporary growth but our borrowings would have soared along with interest rates.

    Spain now has higher unemployment today than the USA had at the height of the Great Depression. And so would we had Labour stayed in power.

  2. 2
    Jimmy says:

    The numbers are misleading, Gideon, You lot, Tories, etc.

  3. 3
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Given that Labour still summon Mrs Thatcher as a demon to get their vote out 21 years after she left office – Cameron ought to be able to do the same with Brown until 2031…but I’m not sure he in office long after May 2nd 2013.

  4. 4
    Vote UKIP says:

    Don’t forget the Conservative 2010 manifesto said the Tories would eliminate the bulk of the Deficit by 2015.

    It is still circa £120bn per year, and is going to continue until at least 2017-18, which means it is effectively permanent.

    Dave and Gideon are continuing Labour’s fuck up, and not taking real action to sort it. They are failures.

  5. 5
    Living in 97.1% white Merseyside says:

    New Labour weren’t socialists. That’s why I voted for that nice Mr Blair three times.

  6. 6
    Bye Bye Dave says:

  7. 7
    No such thing as society says:

    I bet another poll would reveal most of the electorate are morons.

  8. 8
    Michael Gove Maths says:

    I wonder who the 11% blame?

    and the 8% who blame neither party?

    the bankers?

  9. 9
    Will.socialists.ever.stop.being.hypocrites says:

    And diarrhea isn’t shit.

  10. 10
    Boring repetition of obvious FACT says:

    UK Youth Unemployment is higher than it would be because of all the unskilled immigrants that the LibLabConners have let into the country.

  11. 11
    Steve Miliband says:

    We are in a coalition with the Lib Dems. They are the problem not the Tories

  12. 12
    Threesome says:

    Foreign Aid.
    Green Idiocy.

    I bet Cameron can’t believe his luck. The public don’t like it but all 3 parties sing from the same hymn sheet.

  13. 13
    Bye Bye Dave says:

  14. 14
    Will.socialists.ever.stop.being.hypocrites says:

    How many blame the EU for our current situation? Most of the rest of Europe know where the blame lies. Ask a Spaniard, Italian, Portuguese, Cypriot or Greek or even a German.

  15. 15
    Mad, Bad & Dangerous Gordon McRuin ( Member in absentia ) says:

    England is in terminal decline; it is my and Balls’ Damnosa Hereditas, the scorched earth policy has succeeded; The Reign of Terror 1997-2010 will be etched deeply into the record books with Red blood.

    Red Ed Miliband minor will carry on my proud legacy in 2015.

  16. 16
    Early 21st Century man was very partial to fruitcake says:

    How the Clarkeosaurus became extinct :

                                                      ,      ,      ,       , 
                                                    ,      ,      ,       , 
                                                  ,     ,       ,     , 
                                               ,      ,       ,     . 
                                          _ _                                  
                                        -‘,  ‘,    ,       ,     .    
                                      UKIP‘C   ‘,                              
                                      UKIP ‘U    ‘,      ,     .     
                                        UKIP S,    ‘,                          
                                        UKIP   T,    ‘,      .     
                                          UKIP   A,    ‘,               
                                            UKIP   R,    ‘,              
                                            UKIP     D,    ‘,             
                                             UKIP UKIP ‘P   !               
                                                UKIP     I, !                
       _______________________                   UKIP UKIP E!             
      /                       \                    UKIP                   
     ! Oh dear,                \                                         
     ! I seem to have left      \                                          _
     ! my portfolio on the plane \                                      ,’! ! 
     \___________________________ \                                   ,’  ! ! 
                                 \ \                                ,’    ! ! 
     _____________________________\ \____________________________ ,’      ! ! 
    !                              \ \                           !        ! ! 
    !                               \!                           !        ! ! 
    !                                !                           !        ! ! 
    !                                !                           !        ! ! 
    !                                                            !        ! ! 
    !         S$,                   $$                    $$,    !        ! ! 
    !        $$N$,                ,THIS~                 7TO$,   !        ! ! 
    !       $T7$O$,              ,IS,THE,               7$$$$;   !        ! ! 
    !      ,SS777T$,            ,D8ONLY8M~             7N$$$$$   !        ! ! 
    !     ‘U$$77S7$$,           NN8POINT8MN,          7E$$$$$B,  !        ! ! 
    !     M$$$S777$O?,        ~$8I’VE,GOT8NO         7E$$$$$$E$  !        ! ! 
    !     $$77$IZ77$N$,      ,E$O=~:,  ,::?$$       7S$$77777$$  !        ! ! 
    !     E$$77Z777$$L$     ?N$NNN I’M A MN$I+     7$7$$$$$$$7B, !        ! ! 
    !     C$I7SELDOM7$Y$   ,O$O=~:, , , ,::?$T    7E$$$LEFT-77E, !        ! !  
    !     ‘I$$7RIGHT$$7$$ ?D$D BIGGER CLOWN $$+  7B7$$$OVER$$7L, !        ! ! 
    !      T;7$$Z777$$$BE$$ :~I=:,::+?;  =:$7MUST$777$$$$$$$$$I? !        ! ! 
    !      ‘S77$Z77777777=7::: ~:N THAN NN,::: $7$7$$$7777$$$$E$ !        ! ! 
    !       :U7$ZZ7777$77$7:: $:~, :: , , , , $$$$$777777777$$V~ !        ! ! 
    !       ‘J7$$$$$777$777::  ,:N BOZO NNN , ,:~7777777$$$$$$E, !        ! ! 
    !        ‘77ZZ777?   ?:~:  ,  : , , , , , , ?$$$$$77777$$D:  !        ! ! 
    !         ‘7777Z7788R4PE;IS;BUT;A;MINOR;DDOO$Z$$7777777N$’   !        ! ! 
    !          77777$ZD88O0MISDEMEANOUR0OOI$Z$II7=?$$$$IOI77’    !        ! ! 
    !          ‘7777$NM8OZZ$$$OZ$7777?I77I7++=+=~=~=I7777$$’     !        ! ! 
    !            ND$$=,:::,,,,,:::::::::~:::::::~~~~=??88Z       !        ! ! 
    !           ?OO7+=~::::::::::::::::::::::::~=~==+=+7O7,      !        ! ! 
    !           7OII+=~::~::~:~~::::::::::::~~~~====++?778D      !        ! ! 
    !           O$~Z?~:~~~=~~::::::::::::::~~~~=~++==??+Z$8      !        ! ! 
    !           IOZ$+=~::::::~~~=+=~~~~~~~~~==~===+==?+7O88      !        ! ! 
    !           =D8Z=~~~~+?I+=~~~====++==+~=~:~~~:~=++??$8N      !        ! ! 
    !           =7$?=~~++I+??77OZ7?+?=~+III$7I?II+???+??O8O      !        ! ! 
    !          +?I+===~+I~+++=+I+IO$?+=I7ZOZ$+???I7I??+7ONN      !        ! ! 
    !          ===+:=~==:I?$NDNMD$OZ=~=IZ7OZZ+:???I7????7D=      !        ! ! 
    !          =~+~=+=~+=+?+??I?II7+~~=+$OD+DNNNII?+++??7=+      !        ! ! 
    !          ~+==++=~=:=$+~?7$===~:::=?=?$IIIZ?=++~??I=$+      !        ! ! 
    !          ===~~++~+??+=::::::,:::~~====77I7$=+==?I?+7+      !        ! ! 
    !          ==?,++++=++~:::~+I~,~,:~=?I~~~:==??7?+?7I=+?      !        ! ! 
    !          ~~7,?+++=~~~~==?7Z:,::~====O+=~~~~=I??I7+?++      !        ! ! 
    !          ~==~++==+=++?I$Z87?+??I?++?OOI+==+==??I?I+?       !        ! ! 
    !           =II++++++I7$ZOZ$I?78OODZ$I7$O$II?I???II7=?       !        ! ! 
    !            =+++++=II7OZZ$I==+?$$$I??7$$O$777II?III+        !        ! ! 
    !            =++?+++??7$$$7I?++?I??I?II7$$Z$$$77?IIZ         !        ! ! 
    !            ++??++I?+I7I$OODN888O88Z77Z7$$7I7IIII$+         !        ! ! 
    !             ????+?++?I7$8MNDDZ77$8NNMNZIII?IIIIII          !        ! ! 
    !             ???????+?I7$+I$87$ZOZZ887I$III??I?7$           !        ! ! 
    !              ????I??I7I+==~+?=~==+?+++IIIIIII7$          =+~:,,     ! ! 
    !               ??II7I??+===?IIIII$II?++?IIII77Z          ;+~:,,:,    ! ! 
    !                ??7I7I?+==~++?+?+???+=++?I777$          ,ER+=~~=,    ! ! 
    !                 ?I7I77+=~:=~====+++=++?I777$            7ROR+?I     ! ! 
    !                  ?77777++==+==+=+?++?I7$$$$               ,:,     - ! ! 
    !                    $7III7I777$77I$II7$7777                 !     ! !! ! 
    !                     77IIIZZZZOZZZZ$Z7777$               : :!      - ! ! 
    !                       7$7Z$ZO88O8Z7$$77’               ~.~::~       ! ! 
    !  ~+=:,,:                7$$$ZZOONNZ77$’   :             ::,,:       ! ! 
    ! ,?+~:,,:,           ,I♥EU , I♥EU :,I♥EU   :          ?D78::::       ! ! 
    ! :TR==~~=:          ~=8BOZON=  ,:BOZO$88OO:DO=     ~~=~:88+~::       ! ! 
    !  7IAL++?           ~888:$OZZ88O8ZZOZO+:~~?=:~~~~~~~~~~~~:8O!        ! ! 
    !    =+~           ~~~=~O~:+?8RULE8ZOZO+~~~~=~:~~~~~~~~~~~::,!        ! ! 
    !                 =~~~~~88OOI~ONE8OOZZO=$~~~~=~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!        ! ! 
    !               ,~~~~~~~8OOZ8NEVER8$~===8~~~~=~~~~~~~~~~~~~~=!        ! ! 
    !           ,:~~~~~~~~~7OO8O0GIVE0OOOO888=~~~=~~~~~~~~~~~~~: !        ! ! 
    !      ,=~~~~:~~~~~~~~~8O88O80THE$OZOZO8OZ~~:=~~~~~~~~~~~:,  !        ! ! 
    !      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~OOOOO7VOTERS0OOOOOZ::~~~~~~~:~~~~     !        ! ! 
    !   ~ ?D~~~~~~~~~~~:~~D88OO8$8AN?$ZOOO888O+                  !        ! ! 
    ! ,:~:,8$~~~~~~~~~~~:8OOOOOO0EVEN088OO888O8                  !        ! ! 
    !::~:::~D~~~~~~~~~~~888OOOOO0BREAK0888OO8O8                  !        ! ! 
    !~:~::::DO+::~~~~~,8OOOOOO8O?7+++IO8OOOO8O8I                 !        ! ! 
    !   ,:~, O  ~~~~  8OO8OOOO88III?I?OOOO8OOO88Z                !        ! ! 
    !                8O0PANTALOONS?IO8PANTALOONS0N               !        ! ! 
    !               O8OOOOOOOOO888O888OOOOOOOOOOO8OO             !        ! ! 
    !              80PANTALOONS0ZI?=Z88O0PANTALOONS0O8           !        ! ! 
    !             8OOOOOOOOOOO88I??+?IOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOZ+         !        ! ! 
    !            ~80PANTALOONS08II??IOOOOOO0PANTALOONSO8Z        !        ! ! 
    !            8O8OOOOOOOOOOO8ODOD8O8OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO888       !        ! ! 
    !           ?O0PANTALOONS0OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO0PANTALOONS8,      !        ! ! 
    !           80PANTALOONS0OOOOO8O8OOOOOOOOOO0PANTALOONSO       ,7+=~, ,~+??HUSH?
    !           DO0PANTALOONS0OOO88? =88OOOO0PANTALOONS0Z:~~  $ZZZ$I+=~~==?I$N0E  
    !           :8OO0PANTALOONS0O8D       7PANTALOONS0O~~~+O88OOZZZZZZ$$7DNN0P  
    !            ~O8OOOOOOOOOOOOO8,             ~ZO$:~Z:=$O8O?ZZZZZZZ88PLOP ! 
    !             :NO80PANTALOONS=                   $7$$OOOI+ OZZONNNN0O ! ! 
    !                :$888888O,                    :7777, ,   ZND0S       ! ! 
    !      ~=+??+:    ~+~~=~::                     H        &IE  !        ! ! 
    !,+=~:::==LEFT0OOOOZZ+~=:   ,                  U     7PP?    !        ! ! 
    I??~:  ,~=+I$ZOOOOOZZZOZ8=  $I_________________S$8&PLO,______!        ! ! 
    7I?~~,,:~=?I$ZOOOOZOZ$87$77II77,               :H8?           ‘,      ! ! 
    HUSH?+==+?I7ZOOOOOZ7I7IIIII777ON                                ‘,    ! ! 
    P08$I???II7$OOOODNMNNDNDDDDNNNMI                                  ‘,  ! ! 
     L0NNNNNNNNNN0ES?~     +I7I=                                        ‘,!_! 
  17. 17
    Lost generation says:

    Not so sure. Think the main reason is the climate of welfare and life on the dole.

  18. 18
    Will.socialists.ever.stop.being.hypocrites says:

    It is a bit silly to blame solely Labour or the Tories when most of our laws and decisions are made outside this country.

  19. 19
    a non says:

    If Labour had better mouthpieces, other than their tainted crew now, I am sure the result would have been different.
    Despite Rusbridger of the Guardian, and The Independent and BBcee minute by minute attempts at undermining minimal Coalition successes or future plans, Ed Miliband and team still flounder.
    The organgrinders Tone and Gordon may have departed but Labour’s tune as practised by the monkeys remaining stays the same.
    The electorate with more than one brain cell will not be fobbed off this time around by a load of promises [from all parties].
    That the Lib dems still wish to maintain an uneven playing field by renaging on sorting out boundary changes has also won them no friends.

  20. 20
    Ron Barras says:

    The slump has deep roots because of Labour and Gordon Brown’s disaster:
    – breaking his own golden rule on safe public finances
    – giving bankers free money but asking for nothing in return
    – thinking that saving the banks was the same as saving the economy
    – adding layers of waste to the public sector
    – inflating a housing bubble that’s still deflating

    I could go on and on. Every time Labour get in they ruin the economy and destroy the economy for a generation. We’ve got to make sure Ed Miliband and Ed Balls don’t get near power.

  21. 21
    Steve Miliband says:

    I look forward to saving 1.78 pence in the pound if Labour introduced a temporary VAT cut

  22. 22
    The office of Sarah and Gordon Brown Limited says:

    You forgot to add Rich to your moniker

  23. 23
    Living in 97.1% white Merseyside says:

    What about the wasted 18 years?

  24. 24
    Wearing the Brown Ribbon says:

    Diarrhorea dear boy, Diarrhorea

  25. 25
    A vile, lying, cheating, arrogant bully, two-faced liar, economic illiterate & sanctimonious fuckwit says:

    Nuthn’s ma fult ye un’stn! It wa’ the Right Thang tae dee!

  26. 26
    eat a fabian for Mayday says:

    The BBC/Fabian Axis is getting rather rattled by the rise of Ukip, having quite forgotten their own record on eugenics and racialism:

    “Into the scarcity thus created in particular districts […] rush the offspring of the less thrifty, the less intellectual, the less foreseeing of races […] of Eastern or Southern Europe, the negroes, the Chinese – possibly resulting, as already in parts of the USA, in such a mongrel population that democratic self-government, […] will become increasingly unattainable. If anything like this happens, it is difficult to avoid the melancholy conclusion that, in some cataclysm that it is impossible for us to foresee, that civilisation characteristic of the Western European races may go the way of half a dozen other civilisations that have within historic times preceded it; to be succeeded by a new social order developed by one or other of the coloured races, the negro, the kaffir or the Chinese.”

    New Statesman, 20/8/1913 from an article by Sidney Webb 

  27. 27
    Can you believe this C*NT says:

    He’s been very quiet of late, don’t you think.

  28. 28
    Loan Sharks Closing In says:

    And the 12.5 billion loan that labour have pre-announced to pay for it?

  29. 29
    Chris I've seen the error of my ways, writing a book now Huhne says:

    Good morning Ladies and Germs!

    Only 12 more days and I shall walk amongst you again!

  30. 30
    John Tandy says:

    Think we all know who created the problem because we kicked them out in 2010 but is the current cure working and is it equitable ? Thats what will determine who Governs after 2015.

  31. 31

    Ken Clarke is the preternatural curate’s egg scrambled into an omelette.

  32. 32
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Piece on PFI in Devon – not entirely clear about who was responsiblie for the foul ups.

    8 major PFI projects in Devon which include :
    the upgraded A30;
    new schools in Exeter, Plymouth & Torbay;
    a community hospital in Tiverton;
    accommodation at Devonport Naval Base in Plymouth;
    Exeter’s combined court building was also built as part of a PFI scheme.

    Calculations estimate the capital cost of the new infrastructure is £530.2m and the total repayment cost will be £2.394bn.

    PFI began in the UK in the 1990s under the Conservative government of John Major, and accelerated during the Labour administrations of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.”

    Al Beeb being very coy about the fiscal incontinence of Brown and Blair – goes back to fall out mode – blame The Tories and John Major – bet they wish that Thatcher had started PFI…

  33. 33
    Wonga says:

    We can confirm that this payday loan will be available at 2784% APR

  34. 34

    Well they are all “Trot’s”

  35. 35
    Dear Mr. Gove says:

    Could yoy show your teaschers where to place the apostrophe and how to pronounce the letter H

    Thanks. Parent

  36. 36
    Gideon says:

    I’ll take it

  37. 37
    Steve Miliband says:

    Exactly. Pointless.

  38. 38
    The Political class are guilty. says:

    Not really. Considering both Labour and Tory signed law making over to Brussels.

  39. 39
    A Fiscal Study says:

    Remember! your home is at risk if you set fire to it!

  40. 40
    Hugh Janus says:

    Let’s not forget also that Bliar inherited a surplus, which McBust then set about squandering in very short order.

  41. 41
    Dodge This says:

    How Margaret Hodge’s policies allowed pa edophi les to infiltrate Islington children’s homes

  42. 42
    Will.socialists.ever.stop.being.hypocrites says:

    Very true.

  43. 43
    NWO think-tank says:

    Jam today and pay for it tomorrow (or never!). It’s never been cheaper to borrow from our chums and we can stimulate the economy by building homes for people we want to come here. Tax everyone to the hilt, hit the pensioners, savers, banks and private sector really hard, and make lots of pretend promises. We got it right in 2001 by bringing in 2 million and said we needed to build another 2 million homes. Problem was that our leader jumped to chase the money and didn’t get the EU president job – we’ve now got to finish what Labour started for our big socialist EU project. There were no mistakes, it is all planned.
    Two Eds are better than none.

  44. 44
    Ken Clarke says:

    I can’t find my Portfolio.

  45. 45
    Ffion says:

    Do you think my Willy might have it?

  46. 46
    Handycock sex Tourist on Taxpayer's money says:

    They certainly are in Portsmouth! Boaz.

  47. 47
    Old Blind Pugh says:

    Geedo, sorry a bit off topic it is coming up to the 50th anniversary of the Profumo affair, I know you like dealing in tittle-tattle there is nothing new under the sun, the National Portrait Gallery are trying to find out who is the girl on the back of a portrait of Christine Keeler (CUP36 fame) as they are putting an exhibition on later this year .

  48. 48
    Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

    He is really very worried about taking the whip from me and losing all the disguised donations that come in from my boys in Portsmouth

    If that happens the Party will be skint. Boaz.

  49. 49
    A typical BBC employee says:

    It’s all Fatcher’s fault!!!

  50. 50
    The Sun is out, hooray says:

    Your particular problems are of no concern.

  51. 51
    They hate her because she won says:

    The one thing we do still have is control of our budget because, thank God, we did not join the Euro. Labour spent us into more debt than we have ever been in peacetime.
    If you look at every single Labour government that has ever existed, they have left the economy in a worse state that they inherited. Those cretins are responsible. Brown and Bliar are the worst ever and should be shot as traitors.

  52. 52
    Guitar picking fool says:

    Banjo jimmy, back for more.

  53. 53
    Anonymous says:

    Been busy sorting out a job with the EU.

  54. 54
    paul daniels cheesy fingers says:

  55. 55
    get rid of them all says:

    and 50% blame Gidoen and Dave, who are essentially the same person.

  56. 56
    They hate her because she won says:

    No! The Banksters bonus tax will pay for it.

  57. 57
    JabbaTheCat says:

    “The numbers are misleading”

    Yeah, life must be difficult for you being numerically illiterate…

  58. 58
    get rid of them all says:

    Govt borrowing was trotting along quite happily at broadly the same levels it had since the 1970s, although it was higher than in the early New Labour years but certainly no higher than under the sainted Mrs Thatcher.

    It spiked massively at the same time as the banking crisis, govt receipts dropped and Labour – supported and continued by the coalition – took the decision to throw public money at the banking system after Lehman Brothers collapsed. So yes, Govt debt did increase under Labour but the most significant and damaging increase came about after Lehman Brothers went pop and politicians of all stripes panicked and threw money at propping up balance sheets in the City.

    It is willfully ignorant to just blame Brown for the debt situation – i appreciate it fits a convenient narrative but the stats don’t back it up. they ALL would have done the same (and in fact have done in Coalition)

    Blame the banks as much as the politicians

  59. 59
    Ah! Monika says:


    Today the Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude will announce that the Government’s Behavioural Insights Team – known as the “nudge unit” – will become the most high-profile area of Government to be “mutualised”.

  60. 60
    Anonymous says:

    You think?
    There is nothing from Dave to indicate what he would do it he was not in a coalition other than what he’s now doing. There is no indication whatever he would cut NHS, Education, Social Welfare (what a contradiction in terms) and associated government waste by at least 20% which is the minimum needed. Nor that he would be looking to reduce radically the levels of taxation on the real economy and to embrace the true Conservative notion of small government and state.

  61. 61
    "Facilities Management" spiv and PFI con-merchant says:

    Ooh, that light bulb needs replacing in the lobby.

    That’ll be £1248.50, please.

    Plus VAT.

  62. 62
    Old Blind Pugh says:

    So 50% of those people blame the terrible twins Gideon and Dave Boy and 38% blame Gordoom but where is B’Liar is he the first the real Teflon ©® coated man.

  63. 63
    V1le, vicious Labour ruined my Country says:

    Yes Labour wasted all the money and then tried to blame everyone else for it. Now we have this huge debt and a nation of welfare/charity spongers. If Labour get back in they will steal your savings, investments and pensions. Be Warned.

  64. 64
    Ah! Monika says:

    It’s a Rich cartoon of a giraffe on horseback.

  65. 65
  66. 66
    Ah! Monika says:

    oops #47

  67. 67
    Old Blind Pugh says:

    He loves it, he sounds so very earnest doesn’t he?

  68. 68
    LOLs says:

    PMQs should be a laugh today. Ed’s car crash interview on World at 1 will provide lots of jokes and one liners, as will Labour’s plan to combine voting with the lottery.

  69. 69
    get rid of them all says:

    PFI is a total folly pursued by our entire political class. when Govt can borrow at affordable rates, why on earth would any rational organisation choose to finance a project on markets which want returns two or three – or more – times higher.

    no business would make this choice, but Govt did/does – cheered on by it’s friends in the city and the dimmer parts of the media – transferring yet more of OUR money, degrading OUR services to their friends in the city.

    I am sure all this will be forgotten as generations of ministers retire comfortably in boardrooms of banks and service companies across the land.

    meanwhile our local hospital shuts wards to pay a bank loan significantly higher than if they’d borrowed from central govt.

    wankers, the lot of them.

  70. 70
    lost in Clacton says:

    I had my cat mutualised once.

  71. 71
    Steve Miliband says:

    They are the least worst option. Gordon f*cked the economy. The Euro area is f*cked. Banking system is f*cked.We went from loadsa credit to no credit. The tax system is f*cked. The NHS is f*cked. Schools are f*cked. They are far from perfect, but in the circumstances they could be a lot worse. Imagine Miliband as PM? That’s the alternative. then we would be f*cking f*cked.

  72. 72
    get rid of them all says:

    he is busy pursuing peace in a region where he killed 100,000s of people.

  73. 73
    Fact of life says:

    An open border policy, combined with a welfare state for all = social and cultural suicide.

  74. 74
    why would you put money in a pension? says:

    Annuity rates
    Joint life 50%, 3% escalation,
    no guarantee age 65 £4,308 per £ 100,000

  75. 75
    Spartacus says:

    At least sixty pct fink it was fatcher wot dun it
    – bbbc spokesperson said today

  76. 76
    Fact of life says:

    The politicians, most notably Gordon the Ruiner, enabled the bankers in the first place with his ‘light touch’ regulation and box ticking farce.

  77. 77
    bellender says:

    -22% tax [if you pay tax] = £64.62 per week

  78. 78
    Old Blind Pugh says:

    I think you are right there the Limpy Dems have very little input into government(or should I say so little it is not very noticeable). Unfortunately Dave is or was one of the few Torys that the general electorate trusted but he could not get an overall majority against Buster Brown, and Dave has changes his mind saying one thing and then doing the opposite.

  79. 79
    Wyle Cop says:

    Well said.

  80. 80
    get rid of them all says:

    they all did that, you can go back to Thatcher in the 80s with the Big Bang. Tories and Labour are equally beholden to the City.

    I must have missed the Tory backbenches jumping up and down demanding more regulation of the City from 1997 onward.

    On this he did nothing that Gideon wouldn’t have done in the same position.

  81. 81
    Vote Conservative for uncontrolled immigration says:

    Apparantly Dave has booked the removal van… is trending.

  82. 82
    dead Man walking says:

  83. 83
    Old Blind Pugh says:

    It’s all in the wording of the question and whether the interviewee is giving an answer that he really believes

  84. 84
    Old Blind Pugh says:

    “when most of our laws and decisions are made outside this country” so why are we paying £M’s for those clowns in the HoC and HoL?

  85. 85
    Fact of life says:

    ” I did not come into politics to cut anything” David Cameron 2010.

    “Dave is not much of a conservative actually, if he were an American politician, he would be an Obama democrat” Helena Bonham Carter 2012.

    There’s plenty more too.

  86. 86
    Fact of life says:

    Bliar and Gordon the Ruiner did certainly start the debt debacle.

    The problem is, apart from bluster, the coalition are doing nothing worthwhile to stop the spend, spend, spend, tax, tax, tax, madness.

  87. 87
    Fact of life says:

    To maintain the facade of democracy and not frighten the peasants that real power exists only within a tiny cabal of people, they have never heard of and can never remove?

  88. 88
    Phil says:

    Leaving office having stuffed their personal coffers and run up trillions in debt for future generations to pay off is Labour’s way of saying “we do not give a flying fxxk what happens to this country”.

  89. 89
    Head Auditor says:

    Get Coronation Street off our screens NOW Cameron!

    This country’s obsession with sex is becoming an International embarrassment

  90. 90
    Fact of life says:

    What ‘cure’ would that be?

    Borrowing £120 billion more than you take in revenue each year?

    Non-existent spending cuts?

    Millions taxed into fuel poverty?

    Billions pissed away on rubbish like the EU, DfID, useless wind farms, quangoland, fake charities and pressure groups?

    The ‘cure’ is killing the patient and destroying all hope of recovery.

  91. 91
    Fact of life says:

    Hodge was PIE enabler in chief. Mighty coy about her disgusting past these days.

  92. 92
    Ben Fellows says:

    You found my underage crotch though.

  93. 93
    Anonymous says:

    Nigel telling the truth again – at the Sovereign Man: Offshore Tactics Workshop in Santiago, Chile, on March 30 – April 1, 2013.

  94. 94
    Anonymous says:

    Nigel speaking sense again at the Sovereign Man: Offshore Tactics Workshop in Santiago, Chile, on March 30 – April 1, 2013.

  95. 95
    Anonymous says:

    Nigel speaking sense again.

  96. 96
    Edward F Bollox MP says:

    Thank the lord that the voters don’t blame me and Miliband F Minimus for feeding Gordon F Brown with all the shite advice

  97. 97
    Edward F Bollox MP says:

    I’m waiting for Have I got News for You, or possibly the extended version…

  98. 98
    lost in Clacton's cat says:

    …and bloody painful it was, too. Never again.

  99. 99
    Dim Dave. says:

    It may look like a u-turn?

  100. 100
    50 Calibre says:

    What about the T that seems to be missing from the alphabet of most people under 15. Some educashun they got I fink…

  101. 101
    Sir Barrington Minge says:

    And don’t forget BALLS!!

  102. 102
    Sungei Patani says:

    No, it is down to global warming.

  103. 103
    Sir Barrington Minge says:

    not to mention his sidekicks, Balls, Miliband, Cooper, Harman et al…they ain’t gone away either.

    Socialism is a mental disorder and the Labour Party is the asylum!!

  104. 104
    Gordo McMong says:

    It all started in America.

  105. 105
    Interesting says:

    where’s the rest of it?

  106. 106
    Joe says:

    No no no, it’s down to Labour pissing our money up the wall for a decade, banks lending to irresponsible morons who went bankrupt at the drop of a hat. Mass immigration of the unskilled third worlders in to the UK and the generation of welfarism.

    Altogether these are the main reasons why we are where we are today.

  107. 107
    CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

    Don’t believe polls.
    Labour are always viewed a lot more favourably by pollsters, than they are in reality.

    Probably something to do with most polling organisations being run by people connected to Labour and their media clients wanting the narrative.

  108. 108
    M says:

    Does anyone realise that socialism is not about economic incompetence .
    It’s about control .
    If everyone has money , there’s no control .
    Loose everyone else’s money you have control .
    Example :- North Korea

  109. 109

    Rather tenuous spin there Guido, old boy. For one thing 50% blame either Cameron or Osborne. Secondly, blame is one thing and played a big role in Gordon’s defeat. The next election is going to be fought on who has the best solution and it don’t look like Team Cameron will have a good track record going into the race.

  110. 110
    Nigel Farage says:

    Tower Hamlets result is already in:

    124% of residents voted by post. Labour hold.

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