May 1st, 2013

Shock as ComRes Poll Puts UKIP on 22%


If you took Guido’s advice yesterday morning you could have got evens on UKIP getting  50 seats. Guido got a bit greedy after lunch:

After last night’s poll those odds are now 10/1 on


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    Wurzel says:

    Bit late Gee – Doh


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      Davey Cameron says:

      See my rant about UKIP


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        Sheep make good girlfriends - they don't bleat says:

        Mein Fuhrer, ich denke, wir sollten einen nationalen notstand nennen, da Nige Farage hat das Land plötzlich in einem verdammten Zauber bekam, Mein Fuhrer.

        whoopy whoopy oop da doody – JAAAAA!


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          Sheep make good girlfriends - they don't bleat says:

          Lied von ihnen,



          • Sheep make good girlfriends - they don't bleat says:

            Capture a moment in time, I am, with two marvellous ladies still quite young., playing life’s games, for all of us to see, brilliantly.


          • Herman Van Rumpey Pumpey says:

            Look at them living the European dream. How can you not want to be part of that?


        • 163
          sheep needs a dog. says:

          when wonga is the new donga.


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      So near but so far says:

      Peaking too early. They no longer have the underdog advantage.


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        I thought this site was about free speech says:

        Driving around Buckinghamshire and Berkshire recently, true blue Tory ground I’ve not seen a single ‘vote Conservative’ placard, nor a labour one for that matter. I have seen though hundreds of UKIP posters, and about 3 Lib Dem ones. I’ve also seen people beeping car horns at people dressed in UKIP colours who are door knocking.


    • 176
      Anonymous says:

      Come all the electorate throughout the UK
      It’s time to ignore what the LIBLABCON say
      Lets face it these parties have all had their day
      Our politics need rearranging
      So go out and vote UKIP lets sweep them away
      For the times they are a changing

      Not one of them listens to our point of view
      They’d sooner give our cash to the EU
      So lets kick them out and try something new
      We can’t afford this lot remaining
      Political rethink is long overdue
      For the times they are a changing

      They lied about Lisbon and promised a vote
      There all Europhiles and in the same boat
      Their treachery just bring a lump to my throat
      As each other they just keep blaming
      So send them a message and let them take note
      That the times they are a changing

      We will no longer tolerate lies being told
      Tax breaks for the rich but more tax for the old
      Ruled from the EU and our birthrights sold
      They ignore us when we are complaining
      If we all vote UKIP their out in the cold
      For the times they all need changing


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    • 210
      Anonymous says:

      Alex Wood has his LEFT HAND raised the NAZI salute is done with the ight hand


  2. 3
    Dave says:

    Sam — do you know where the Imodium is? I’m getting the shits real bad.


  3. 4
    • 121
      Gordon (remember me?) says:

      I make porridge with Scottish coal. There’s nothing better to get things moving in the morning.


      • 167
        gordon is GB says:

        the genius of the full
        is that his abiliti 2 write destini is denied.


      • 177
        Gordon Brown says:

        You may very well scoff laddie but I’ll have you know my poos are becoming legendary. I’m not in the Guiness Book of Records yet but I’m told there’s a Brownian Motion entry in Wikipedia. Put that in your crack pipe and smoke it.


  4. 5
    Casual Punter says:

    What’s the odds on a South Shields earthquake?


  5. 8
    Terrible Certainty says:

    Vote… one.


    • 13
      Blowing Whistles says:

      If you are not going to vote – then don’t EVER FUCKING COMPLAIN about anything – get your Rse into the booth and ‘Spoil you vote’ [with a big black felt tip] – if you do ‘then you have the right’ to bitch and complain.


      • 34
        Anonymous says:

        I always vote. So…

        I hereby complain about your appalling standard of written English and total lack of any coherent statements, arguments or ideas.



      • 35
        Laughing hangman says:

        BW, totally agree, don’t dare complain of you don’t vote. People have died for the right to vote.


        • 48
          effoff says:

          Fine, YOU give a bunch of corrupt Idiots a mandate to control you but don’t expect the rest of us to comply.


      • 43
        Anonymous says:

        Don’t lecture people.
        Only a moron would give strangers a mandate to rule over them. Particularly incompetent ones.
        DO NOT VOTE.


        • 58
          Anonymous says:

          Only a moron would say “Don’t lecture people” immediately before doing exactly that.

          If you don’t vote, being ruled by strangers is guaranteed. Long way to those polling stations, though. Best to just do nothing, hey…



      • 116
        doh says:

        the implication of your comment is that the system works just fine without any sort of bias or interference and so it should be used because it is perfect – you really are thick and must be a ukipper – ukip by name arse by nature


        • 189
          Stand up and speak up or sit down and shut up says:

          Who said the system is perfect ?

          Ukip know the shortcomings of the FPTP system because they are fighting against the incumbency effect, but they just keep telling it like it is and hope that Joe Public wakes up to the threat of hegemony before it’s too late.

          If we all declined to vote the EU could well appoint a government for us. as per Italy and Greece.


  6. 10
    Anonymous says:

    Bet the LibDems will be dropping PR from their manifesto pretty quick now.


  7. 11
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Vote UKIP – and break the noses of the 3 Stooge parties and also break the legs of the press mongrels who CONSISTENTLY promote the duplicitous two-faced lying bastards?

    DOUBLE RESULT anyone?


    • 18
      rick says:

      Sounds good to me. Might even end up with the UK being governed by the Brits.


    • 44
      Anonymous says:

      And let’s use MORE CAPITALS and lovely VIOLENT IMAGES because we are just so REASONABLE and worth listening to.


      • 56
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Are you a professional troll paid for by the LibLabCon Merchants?


        • 60
          Anonymous says:

          Yup. All three. Monthly payments in gold and Bitcoins, with the occasional coke-and-whores trip to Vegas with my friends from Bilderberg and the Trilateral Commission. Kissinger on Karaoke is just incredible.

          But you I’m doing for free.


          • Dilbert says:

            You are Alistair Campbell and when the day of reckoning comes you will be strung up by your balls.

            Oh and I claim my 5 shekels


        • 135
          Anonymous says:

          Quite infantile using capitals for dramatic effect. Bit like your weird opinions.


          • gordon is GB says:

            gentle is the child.
            gentle is the gentle…in…the..
            does the gentleman ride……ladies like to balance… they do.


      • 124
        Chaucer says:

        What about the Pilgrims? They’re still there.


  8. 14
    Owen Jones says:

    UKIP are racists.


  9. 16
    Anon...........but Voting UKIP.ORG says:

    Good see after Ken Clarkes helpful contribution last weekend he has
    helped to boost UKIP’s % share of the Vote much higher……

    No doubt a bottle of bubble is on the way to Ken from some
    chap called Nigel………Thanking him for his thoughtful helpful


  10. 17
    A member of the public at large says:

    So less than a quarter are plmping for Labour.

    I wonder why not?


  11. 21
    the mystic mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

    did anybody bet on Bournemouth to win league one ?


  12. 27
    Calamity Clegg, Chief Cockroach says:



    • 33
      The Dutch Ambassador says:

      No Nick, it is too late for that. I recommend you lie low in Spain for a bit.

      We would find you to be a bit of an embarrassment if you return home to Holland just now. Wait a couple of years.


      • 120
        Fuck off Libdummies says:

        There are lots of unemployed in Spain, Nickelarse. You will fit in nicely.


  13. 39
    Border Terrier says:

    Can you be serious Guido? To promote the gobby fascist lite Farage with his saloon bar manners and 19th hole philosophy.

    You were once on the money.

    Sad decline.


    • 52
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Shouldn’t someone here should be flattered?

      Me personally – having been smeared by so many take great heart.


    • 201
      Anarchists In Blazers says:

      A 19th century philosophy like Marxism? You’re yesterdays man. Stop living in the fifties, but in Russia.


  14. 40
    Edward. says:

    South Shields – come on UKIP and ram this forthcoming by-election victory up Miliminor’s Marxist scumbags.

    Oh s&^£, I forgot about the postal vote – easy lav party hold then.


  15. 47
    RoadHog says:

    Well, in fairness, you called it earlier today and you’ve stated that you stuck some money on it, so fair play to you, whichever way it goes.


  16. 57
    Curious says:

    10% are ‘other’.

    What does that mean? Green? Trots? B&P?


    • 161
      The BBC says:

      ‘Other’ is where we usually hide the UKIP vote and then studiously not mention them.

      I don’t think we can get away with that any more. Fuck.

      How dare people vote for a party we don’t endorse? Who do they think they are?


  17. 63
  18. 65
    shittoryscum says:

    we don’t need no more fascists – we’ve got enough already


  19. 66
    One Man One Vote says:

    In 2012 the electorate of South Shields was 63,765.

    By contrast, a mere 21,837 people in the Western Isles made up the electorate for their MP, and only 33,755 people in Orkney and Shetland were represented by theirs. In other words, Scots were getting two (in fact more than two) MPs into Westminster to represent them compared to the one MP who represented the people of South Shields.

    Call this country a democracy where everyone’s voice has equal weight? Its a bloody disgrace.


    • 197
      Vectensian says:

      2010 General Election

      Electorates : Western Isles 22,266
      Orkney & Shetland 33,085
      Caithness, Sutherland & Easter Ross 47,257

      Isle of Wight 109,966


  20. 67
    shittoryscum says:

    precisely who do this government think they are??

    fucking facists that’s what!!!!


  21. 70
    • 75
      JH394823840923 says:

      Left wingers tend to behave more like fascists than the ‘Torys’.


    • 81
      Anonymous says:

      sweet, as long as i’m not paying for those false-market over paid fuckers.

      drop dead TRC, you’re a Hunting Hunt.


    • 134
      Anonymous says:

      Hang on. Are you defending the NHS? That’s disgusting.


  22. 71
    A Degenerate Betting Shop Punter Watching NFL Games On The Telly In An American-Theme Bar says:

    At least with the O/U in elections, you’re not going to have idiots like me yelling at the set, late in a low-scoring game, “No! Don’t go for the field goal! Go for the touchdown! I need all the points I can get, for the ‘Over’!”


  23. 72

    Labour supporters are often too bleeding lazy to turn out so UKIP may even overtake them. What about the odds on that?


  24. 77
    Jimmy says:

    The numbers certainly look impressive when you take the townies out. The Lemon Party has clearly made a big impact with the key people with webbed feet who point at aeroplanes demographic.


  25. 83
    Sheep make good girlfriends - they don't bleat says:

    UKIP are a here, and may I say it, a gone tomorrow party.


  26. 86
    Sheep make good girlfriends - they don't bleat says:

    Happy May 1 Workers day all, by the way,


    • 90
      Sheep make good girlfriends - they don't bleat says:

      bugger, that might have been a bit boring for some abouts, so….


      • 91
        Sheep make good girlfriends - they don't bleat says:

        Love Russia I do…

        in all ways…


        • 94
          Sheep make good girlfriends - they don't bleat says:

          Song for Caprice,

          WHAAARRTT? Yes I know she is a porn star, that get’s up to “things”. I’ve seen the vids, anything goes with her, and so on, up everywhere holes. But still, she is a sweet girl at heart, I think.


          • Sheep make good girlfriends - they don't bleat says:

            If I was twenty years younger I could see me marrying a Russian porn star – I could not give a damn how many pricks they have in their pin cushion, after doctor’s tests, of course.


          • Sheep make good girlfriends - they don't bleat says:

            ok ok , so Caprice is from the Czech Republic – same difference.


    • 194
      Owen Jones says:

      Now, that’s what I call a real Socialist state. And I won’t rest until we all live in this Utopia.


  27. 87
    Dave the fail says:

    Call me Dave’s only accomplishment is to enable men and women who look like men to marry each other.

    He is set to lose to a sallow skinned Marxist with a bad lisp.

    UKIP has to somehow rescue Britain from that.


    • 88
      Sheep make good girlfriends - they don't bleat says:

      The main thing is he is another public schoolboy fucking us up again. He needs putting up against the wall and shooting.


  28. 92
    Early 21st Century man was very partial to fruitcake says:

    How the Clarkeosaurus became extinct :

                                                      ,      ,      ,       , 
                                                    ,      ,      ,       , 
                                                  ,     ,       ,     , 
                                               ,      ,       ,     . 
                                          _ _                                  
                                        -‘,  ‘,    ,       ,     .    
                                      UKIP‘C   ‘,                              
                                      UKIP ‘U    ‘,      ,     .     
                                        UKIP S,    ‘,                          
                                        UKIP   T,    ‘,      .     
                                          UKIP   A,    ‘,               
                                            UKIP   R,    ‘,              
                                            UKIP     D,    ‘,             
                                             UKIP UKIP ‘P   !               
                                                UKIP     I, !                
       _______________________                   UKIP UKIP E!             
      /                       \                    UKIP                   
     ! Oh dear,                \                                         
     ! I seem to have left      \                                          _
     ! my portfolio on the plane \                                      ,’! ! 
     \___________________________ \                                   ,’  ! ! 
                                 \ \                                ,’    ! ! 
     _____________________________\ \____________________________ ,’      ! ! 
    !                              \ \                           !        ! ! 
    !                               \!                           !        ! ! 
    !                                !                           !        ! ! 
    !                                !                           !        ! ! 
    !                                                            !        ! ! 
    !         S$,                   $$                    $$,    !        ! ! 
    !        $$N$,                ,THIS~                 7TO$,   !        ! ! 
    !       $T7$O$,              ,IS,THE,               7$$$$;   !        ! ! 
    !      ,SS777T$,            ,D8ONLY8M~             7N$$$$$   !        ! ! 
    !     ‘U$$77S7$$,           NN8POINT8MN,          7E$$$$$B,  !        ! ! 
    !     M$$$S777$O?,        ~$8I’VE,GOT8NO         7E$$$$$$E$  !        ! ! 
    !     $$77$IZ77$N$,      ,E$O=~:,  ,::?$$       7S$$77777$$  !        ! ! 
    !     E$$77Z777$$L$     ?N$NNN I’M A MN$I+     7$7$$$$$$$7B, !        ! ! 
    !     C$I7$IS7777$Y$   ,O$O=~:, , , ,::?$T    7E$$$$777777E, !        ! !  
    !     ‘I$$7ZS777$$7$$ ?D$D BIGGER CLOWN $$+  7B7$$$$$$$$$7L, !        ! ! 
    !      T;7$$Z777$$$BE$$ :~I=:,::+?;  =:$7MUST$777$$$$$$$$$I? !        ! ! 
    !      ‘S77$Z77777777=7::: ~:N THAN NN,::: $7$7$$$7777$$$$E$ !        ! ! 
    !       :U7$ZZ7777$77$7:: $:~, :: , , , , $$$$$777777777$$V~ !        ! ! 
    !       ‘J7$$$$$777$777::  ,:N BOZO NNN , ,:~7777777$$$$$$E, !        ! ! 
    !        ‘77ZZ777?   ?:~:  ,  : , , , , , , ?$$$$$77777$$D:  !        ! ! 
    !         ‘7777Z7788R4PE;IS;BUT;A;MINOR;DDOO$Z$$7777777N$’   !        ! ! 
    !          77777$ZD88O0MISDEMEANOUR0OOI$Z$II7=?$$$$IOI77’    !        ! ! 
    !          ‘7777$NM8OZZ$$$OZ$7777?I77I7++=+=~=~=I7777$$’     !        ! ! 
    !            ND$$=,:::,,,,,:::::::::~:::::::~~~~=??88Z       !        ! ! 
    !           ?OO7+=~::::::::::::::::::::::::~=~==+=+7O7,      !        ! ! 
    !           7OII+=~::~::~:~~::::::::::::~~~~====++?778D      !        ! ! 
    !           O$~Z?~:~~~=~~::::::::::::::~~~~=~++==??+Z$8      !        ! ! 
    !           IOZ$+=~::::::~~~=+=~~~~~~~~~==~===+==?+7O88      !        ! ! 
    !           =D8Z=~~~~+?I+=~~~====++==+~=~:~~~:~=++??$8N      !        ! ! 
    !           =7$?=~~++I+??77OZ7?+?=~+III$7I?II+???+??O8O      !        ! ! 
    !          +?I+===~+I~+++=+I+IO$?+=I7ZOZ$+???I7I??+7ONN      !        ! ! 
    !          ===+:=~==:I?$NDNMD$OZ=~=IZ7OZZ+:???I7????7D=      !        ! ! 
    !          =~+~=+=~+=+?+??I?II7+~~=+$OD+DNNNII?+++??7=+      !        ! ! 
    !          ~+==++=~=:=$+~?7$===~:::=?=?$IIIZ?=++~??I=$+      !        ! ! 
    !          ===~~++~+??+=::::::,:::~~====77I7$=+==?I?+7+      !        ! ! 
    !          ==?,++++=++~:::~+I~,~,:~=?I~~~:==??7?+?7I=+?      !        ! ! 
    !          ~~7,?+++=~~~~==?7Z:,::~====O+=~~~~=I??I7+?++      !        ! ! 
    !          ~==~++==+=++?I$Z87?+??I?++?OOI+==+==??I?I+?       !        ! ! 
    !           =II++++++I7$ZOZ$I?78OODZ$I7$O$II?I???II7=?       !        ! ! 
    !            =+++++=II7OZZ$I==+?$$$I??7$$O$777II?III+        !        ! ! 
    !            =++?+++??7$$$7I?++?I??I?II7$$Z$$$77?IIZ         !        ! ! 
    !            ++??++I?+I7I$OODN888O88Z77Z7$$7I7IIII$+         !        ! ! 
    !             ????+?++?I7$8MNDDZ77$8NNMNZIII?IIIIII          !        ! ! 
    !             ???????+?I7$+I$87$ZOZZ887I$III??I?7$           !        ! ! 
    !              ????I??I7I+==~+?=~==+?+++IIIIIII7$          =+~:,,     ! ! 
    !               ??II7I??+===?IIIII$II?++?IIII77Z          ;+~:,,:,    ! ! 
    !                ??7I7I?+==~++?+?+???+=++?I777$          ,ER+=~~=,    ! ! 
    !                 ?I7I77+=~:=~====+++=++?I777$            7ROR+?I     ! ! 
    !                  ?77777++==+==+=+?++?I7$$$$               ,:,     - ! ! 
    !                    $7III7I777$77I$II7$7777                 !     ! !! ! 
    !                     77IIIZZZZOZZZZ$Z7777$               : :!      - ! ! 
    !                       7$7Z$ZO88O8Z7$$77’               ~.~::~       ! ! 
    !  ~+=:,,:                7$$$ZZOONNZ77$’   :             ::,,:       ! ! 
    ! ,?+~:,,:,           ,I♥EU , I♥EU :,I♥EU   :          ?D78::::       ! ! 
    ! :TR==~~=:          ~=8BOZON=  ,:BOZO$88OO:DO=     ~~=~:88+~::       ! ! 
    !  7IAL++?           ~888:$OZZ88O8ZZOZO+:~~?=:~~~~~~~~~~~~:8O!        ! ! 
    !    =+~           ~~~=~O~:+?8RULE8ZOZO+~~~~=~:~~~~~~~~~~~::,!        ! ! 
    !                 =~~~~~88OOI~ONE8OOZZO=$~~~~=~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!        ! ! 
    !               ,~~~~~~~8OOZ8NEVER8$~===8~~~~=~~~~~~~~~~~~~~=!        ! ! 
    !           ,:~~~~~~~~~7OO8O0GIVE0OOOO888=~~~=~~~~~~~~~~~~~: !        ! ! 
    !      ,=~~~~:~~~~~~~~~8O88O80THE$OZOZO8OZ~~:=~~~~~~~~~~~:,  !        ! ! 
    !      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~OOOOO7VOTERS0OOOOOZ::~~~~~~~:~~~~     !        ! ! 
    !   ~ ?D~~~~~~~~~~~:~~D88OO8$8AN?$ZOOO888O+                  !        ! ! 
    ! ,:~:,8$~~~~~~~~~~~:8OOOOOO0EVEN088OO888O8                  !        ! ! 
    !::~:::~D~~~~~~~~~~~888OOOOO0BREAK0888OO8O8                  !        ! ! 
    !~:~::::DO+::~~~~~,8OOOOOO8O?7+++IO8OOOO8O8I                 !        ! ! 
    !   ,:~, O  ~~~~  8OO8OOOO88III?I?OOOO8OOO88Z                !        ! ! 
    !                8O0PANTALOONS?IO8PANTALOONS0N               !        ! ! 
    !               O8OOOOOOOOO888O888OOOOOOOOOOO8OO             !        ! ! 
    !              80PANTALOONS0ZI?=Z88O0PANTALOONS0O8           !        ! ! 
    !             8OOOOOOOOOOO88I??+?IOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOZ+         !        ! ! 
    !            ~80PANTALOONS08II??IOOOOOO0PANTALOONSO8Z        !        ! ! 
    !            8O8OOOOOOOOOOO8ODOD8O8OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO888       !        ! ! 
    !           ?O0PANTALOONS0OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO0PANTALOONS8,      !        ! ! 
    !           80PANTALOONS0OOOOO8O8OOOOOOOOOO0PANTALOONSO       ,7+=~, ,~+??HUSH?
    !           DO0PANTALOONS0OOO88? =88OOOO0PANTALOONS0Z:~~  $ZZZ$I+=~~==?I$N0E  
    !           :8OO0PANTALOONS0O8D       7PANTALOONS0O~~~+O88OOZZZZZZ$$7DNN0P  
    !            ~O8OOOOOOOOOOOOO8,             ~ZO$:~Z:=$O8O?ZZZZZZZ88PLOP ! 
    !             :NO80PANTALOONS=                   $7$$OOOI+ OZZONNNN0O ! ! 
    !                :$888888O,                    :7777, ,   ZND0S       ! ! 
    !      ~=+??+:    ~+~~=~::                     H        &IE  !        ! ! 
    !,+=~:::==LEFT0OOOOZZ+~=:   ,                  U     7PP?    !        ! ! 
    I??~:  ,~=+I$ZOOOOOZZZOZ8=  $I_________________S$8&PLO,______!        ! ! 
    7I?~~,,:~=?I$ZOOOOZOZ$87$77II77,               :H8?           ‘,      ! ! 
    HUSH?+==+?I7ZOOOOOZ7I7IIIII777ON                                ‘,    ! ! 
    P08$I???II7$OOOODNMNNDNDDDDNNNMI                                  ‘,  ! ! 
     L0NNNNNNNNNN0ES?~     +I7I=                                        ‘,!_! 


  29. 99
    • 100
      Sheep make good girlfriends - they don't bleat says:

      Tidy. But what the fuck is “The Polish Situation” when it is at fecking home? Daily Snail gets me, most times. Buddy fascists.


      • 101
        Sheep make good girlfriends - they don't bleat says:

        Bluddy fascists even. Daily Wail is a fecked up British institution, and they know it, and they play with it.


  30. 105
    doh says:

    the number of videos reappearing here indicate to me that the tories are on the run – and so they should be – buggering kids, buggering the country – bugger off


    • 106
      albacore says:

      Take another look – it’s Larry the Lamb
      That’s posting most of the video spam
      And if what he says ain’t with a forked tongue
      It’s to Labour that he’s damned to belong
      Still, Lib, Lab or Con, what does it matter?
      That whole gang’s fat cats and getting fatter
      Who don’t give a rat’s for real British folk
      While creaming bunce from the sick E U joke
      Old videos are all they have to sell
      Vote UKIP and send the traitors to hell


  31. 108
    Will.socialists.ever.stop.being.hypocrites says:

    Can’t for the life of you understand why UKIP are doing so well?

    Maybe the fact that Spain now has a higher percentage of unemployed than America did at the height of the Great Depression.

    This is what EU membership does for you.


  32. 109
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Goodbye Dave.


    • 111
      Will.socialists.ever.stop.being.hypocrites says:

      When does the Don’t Unseat Dave (DUD) campaign start?


    • 112
      Dave rallies his troops says:

      Go back to your constituencies and prepare for………..Opposition !!


  33. 110
    Will.socialists.ever.stop.being.hypocrites says:

    Survation. Fieldwork 26-28 April: (Westminster VI) LAB 36% (-2) CON 29% (-2) UKIP 16% (+2) LD 12% (+2) AP 8% (+1) Change since 26/01 (MOS)

    Another poll giving UKIP 16%, taking votes off both Tories and Labour alike.

    Labour are as worried about UKIP as the Tories are.

    Don’t be a sheep vote for UKIP.


    • 114
      doh says:

      don’t be a sheep be a prick eh??


      • 117
        Will.socialists.ever.stop.being.hypocrites says:

        Well if you think that being a prick is putting your own national interest first, as every other EU country does, then it is not me who is the real prick.

        The real prick is the one who thinks the EU can better spend our £55 million a day on other European countries rather than ours thus allowing us to be able to spend that much less on health, education, etc. Of course if you don’t think health and education matter then you are an even bigger prick.


      • 202
        Anonymous says:

        Will you be first in line when they come for 38.5% of your savings or the value of your house?

        That will concentrate a few minds.


  34. 113
    And my nomination for most useless Tory leader in modern times goes to.... says:

    Let’s face it…it takes real skill fail to win a majority against the most hated PM in living memory and then make sure that you piss off your core supporters so they desert the party in droves letting a Labour Party led by someone the electorate doesn’t believe has any idea how to run the economy win the 2015 election……


  35. 118
    Anonymous says:

    Tomorrow is send dave a message day.Please support.


  36. 123
    Red Ed says:

    Did you hear me on the radio? I taught that Martha woman a thing or two that she won’t forget for a long while. She didn’t understand the Labour’s winning borrowing and spending policy even though it’s blindingly obvious to even a 7 year-old. Owen gets it and so does Martha now.


  37. 126
    Rob Roy says:

    The English people dithered at the last election and ended with the Government they deserved.

    Now they are forced to look at themseves in the mirror they do not like what they see.

    These local elections are the next step.

    Set Scotland free.

    Scottish people do not care if they will be worse off outside the Union as the Conservatives claim.

    They just want to be free.


    • 158
      Will.socialists.ever.stop.being.hypocrites says:

      So do we English. Hence the UKIP vote. Of course there are some who love to live in chains.


  38. 128
    Dim Dave. says:

    Willy comes to the rescue. :-)


    • 170
      Judge Dread says:

      Is this remark defamatory?

      Is this tweet defamatory?

      I will hear representations in my Chambers at 11 o’clock this morning


    • 209
      Coco the Vague says:

      Says the man who wanted to storm the Ecuadorian Embassy a few months ago.


  39. 129
    Delboy says:

    22% you say?

    And the rest!!!!!!


  40. 130
    Long John Silver's Parrot says:

    So our Guido went round all the Bookies yesterday putting on small bets with them all because he didn’t want to rock the market.

    He is truly all heart .


  41. 131
    Swiss Bob says:

    UKIP on 22%!

    Ahh hah haha hahaha hahha hhahahah. . . .

    This is the best political entertainment since Brown went on about ‘that bigoted old woman’ and lost the last election.


  42. 132
    dogleg says:

    The only way for change is to break the stranglehold of the Establishment (LibLabCon). People might not like UKIP but they are the strongest tool we have right now to do a demolition job.
    If the entire country, to a man, refused to vote then change would still not happen because presumably all the councillors would simply retain their seats.

    Once the demolition starts, we have to be careful that the turmoil doesn’t let in loose cannons or other nasty figures. We also have to keep in mind that the real power lies in Whitehall; a demolition job is badly needed there too.


    • 173
      Long John Silver's parrot says:

      An even better idea would be to refuse to pay taxes.

      The first National Taxpayers’ Strike.


  43. 136
    Living in 97.1% white Merseyside says:

    I’ve received no polling card so presume we’re not voting tomorrow in my area.

    Still, it means I don’t have shift my backside!


  44. 140
    One Term Dave says:

    When voters consider my triumph over gay marriage, they will vote for me in their droves.


    • 149

      After 40 years actively supporting the Conservatives, I joined UKIP the day following the HoC vote for Same Sex Marriage.

      It was the last straw.


  45. 142

    Chairman Mao, Ted Heath, Leon Trotsky, Antonio Gramsci, Herman von Rompuy, David Cameron, yooor boys took one hell of a beating!


  46. 144
    Will.socialists.ever.stop.being.hypocrites says:

    It would be priceless voting UKIP just to see the looks on the faces of all those snidey BBC presenters if UKIP do really well and they are forced to issue the results.


    • 150
      Thomas from Tonna says:

      If UKIP get a good vote it will be difficult to keep them out of the televised interviews in 2015.


  47. 148
    Maurice Minor says:

    Bye Bye Dave, close the door on the way out and take that C*NT Gideon with you.

    The world will be far better off utilising his fucking towel folding skills


    • 152
      Long John Silver's parrot says:

      Dave Cameron Chat Show Host, I heard.


      • 168
        Michael Fucking Parkinson says:

        Would anyone like to buy my 10 DVD Box set of Jamie Cullum interviews and receive a free Parker pen.


  48. 151
    Maurice Minor says:


  49. 154
    Mummy Jones says:

    Owen — you’re very quiet — are you worrying about UKIP — or just playing with yourself?


  50. 156
    Maurice Minor says:


  51. 160
    Gawd Help Us says:

    I’m rather concerned about what the “fruitcakes” and “clowns” in the Lib/Lab/Con party would do by way of revenge if UKIP do very well.


    • 178
      Be Afraid says:

      Do you think they’ll stoop to showing the results of a few quick google searches on ukip candidates? The scum.


    • 179
      Abdel from Tooting says:

      All I know is that my Council Tax is far too high and the local services I receive are frankly abysmal.

      I do not care whether one candidate thinks the other is a fruitcake or a clown.

      All I want to know is by how much they are going to reduce my Council tax and how are they going to improve my services.


      • 183
        Gawd Help Us says:

        Council tax is what I was thinking about. If UKIP had a lot of local Councillors would government funding be cut to those councils thus increasing the pressure to put up the tax then say “look what those nasty, evil UKIPers do they’re no good for you”.


  52. 166
    Fidel from Cuba says:

    Now have I got this right. Mr Cameron says he does not approve of anyone going around insulting UKIP members.

    So when Ken Clarke ,one of his own kind, goes round doing it no disciplinary action is taken.

    Clearly leadership of the highest quality here.


  53. 169
    Nigel Farage's mum says:

    He is not the Messiah, he is a very naughty boy.


  54. 175
    David Cameron says:



  55. 180
    Hang The Bostards says:

    If all the Tories have to say about UKIP is they are clowns….. then who really are the clowns ?

    Why not debate our EU membership Dave….. oh no I forgot, you want to leave that under the carpet and nasty Mr Farage knows where all the dirt is.

    Tories are dead .


  56. 182
    Anonymous says:

    Hague backs Coco Clarke.Nuff said.


  57. 195
    Hertford and Stortford says:

    Voting UKIP here


  58. 200
    Private_Schultz says:

    Guido, unless you’ve got your colours the wrong way round, surely the bigger shock is that Con are on 31.3 and Lab only on 24.2?


  59. 204
    Fuck the LibLabCon says:

    Vote Clown :)


  60. 207
    The Liblabcon nation wrecking crew says:

    Our imports are responsible for 1 in 3 births in the UK now.

    Can you say eff-nick cleansing? We knew you could.


  61. 208
    Lizzie says:

    ” Guido got a bit greedy after lunch”

    Liquid lunch?


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