March 19th, 2013

The Word of GOD

Former Cabinet Secretary Gus O’Donnell told the Daily Politics last week that “we need to be proud of our Civil Service – it’s impartial, it’s objective, it’s honest”. GOD had been confronted with a bruising column from Thursday’s Telegraph that attacked a mid-ranking Civil Servant who had addressed the weekly meeting of Permanent Secretaries, known in the trade as “Wednesday Morning Colleagues”.

Gus reassured the BBC that he “would be very annoyed about that particular meeting [leaking]” and said although it “happens every week” it “never, ever gets out…”. Really Gus? Never, ever?

Back in April 2010 the FT recounted comments from exactly that meeting. Sue Cameron was leaked a snippet from the “regular Wednesday morning meetings”. She was told that “Sir Gus O’Donnell, the present cabinet secretary, gave his colleagues a solemn undertaking. If Prime Minister Gordon Brown is forced to resign after the election, Sir Gus will not be breaking into tears”. How very impartial.

A few months later Sue Cameron was leaked another poisonous attack. This particular piece recounts how Sir Gus “demanded an explanation [over some matter] from Mr Heywood at the mandarins’ regular Wednesday morning meeting”. Gus came out of this piece frightfully well while Sir Jeremy was left rather bruised. Yes, Gus those meetings never, ever, ever leak do they? What was that about honesty…

Video via @liarpoliticians


  1. 1
    damned impertinent questions says:

    Sieve? Moi?


    • 16
      Popeye says:

      Open and transparent civil service?


      • 20
        Anonymous says:

        It’s not O’Donnell’s fault, he was born an arsehole.


        • 39
          The Civil 'Service' is full of the marxist maggots says:

          Two words, Common Purpose.


          • Divine "Cherry Red" Ed says:

            Talking of God…

            Proposed Dialogue with The Pope, in Full:

            Dear Pope, The Falklands are British. Now fuck off.


    • 26
      The Old Fella says:

      Gido here’s one for you someone failing to register hospitality, is it a Liebore, a LimpyDem, no it’s a Con, just thought you might like to know as you are interested in these things


      • 36
        V1le, vicious Labour ruined my Country says:

        It begins, all the cockroach MPs will be back in the trough again with no press to control them.


        • 61
          The Old Fella says:

          What all of them, 650 of the little darlings, there were not many of them not bashing the expenses, make them declare everything they grasp, if they don’t why not fine them double the amout they have fiddled. One of those empty office blocks could be converted to flats for out of travelling to work area mps rent free, if that does not suit they could find their own accomodation and pay for it themselves, travel work area should be the same as the job centre apply to job seekers, 11/2 hours public transport. I think that would do for starters, but I am not holding my breath


          • cynic says:

            It would be even better if no payments were made to politicians and their supporters had to support then,


    • 38
      Liar.Politicians says:

      Lefty civil service impartial?


  2. 2
    The BBC are cunts says:

    The Civil Service is like the BBC, statist, wasteful and institutionally lefty.


    • 6
      You'll never meet an intelligent civil servant says:

      Both also need to be broken-up and privatised ASAP.


      • 12
        Aztec Bar (Embracing Diversity) says:

        No chance with Dave 70% Man at the helm. He’s more Heathite then Heath FFS! Just as Maggie had to knife that f_cker we’ll need someone do the same to Dave. Trouble is not one of the current crop of Tory ‘rankers’ are either up to it or worth it.


        • 46
          Anonymous says:

          wanted: 650 spineless twats to sit with their noses in the trough shouting ‘aye’ when instructed. No intelligence, compassion, or independent thought required.
          Applications tweeted to……..


        • 51
          The Old Fella says:

          What is more to the point there is no one from the Tory rankers or in the present cabinet that even remotely would be acceptable to the majority of UK voters. So like it or not, you are stuck with Turn About Dave, he was the acceptable face of the Cons, get rid of him and have a ultra right winger and the Cons can say goodbye for half a centuary of power, you lads keep on doing the good work. If Dave had been subjected to same ridicul as young Ted Milliband had been subjected to he would have gone months ago. The LimpyDems made a big mistake by joining with the Cons, they should have maintained their independence they will lose seats as will the Cons in 2015. What voters want is a political party that does not pander to vested interests, and have mps that are honest, not fiddling expenses, and help their constituents with their problems. Liebore has a lot of bad form in the past “our friends in the north” so this lacking of trust is not just the Cons, the old liberal party had its share of nare do wells in the distant past.


  3. 3
    O'Donnell's statement in full says:

    “we need to be proud of our Civil Service – it’s impartial, it’s objective, it’s honest, it’s top heavy, bottom-heavy, employs 5 million utterly useless jobsworths, pays pensions to millions more, and sucks the life out of the economy.”


  4. 4
    Gordon Brown says:

    He sounds like a bigot. Where’s my Nokia?


  5. 5
    damned impertinent questions says:

    Never look at the leak itself. Its often inconsequential. Always look at the motivation and who benefits


    • 8
      A typical Labour-supporting parasite says:

      Benefits? Did you say ‘benefits’?

      Gimme gimme gimme gimme!


      • 56
        The Old Fella says:

        Well sunshine, I gather you will not be claim JSA or whatever it is called nowadays when a lot of those city jobs go abroad say to India, China etc these countries can operate the City of London Gambling Casino just as well and they have wide boys who will work at a mere fraction of your pay, they can speak English and at the top end are higher qualified. Get ready for the this quarter’s results are we going to dip or bob along on a very choppy sea?


        • 60
          A typical Labour-supporting parasite says:

          No, I won’t be claiming JSA. I’m a (successful) company director and I have private insurance against becoming incapacitated.



          • The Old Fella says:

            If your company goes belly up, shit does happen, what happens then, does your company pay the incapacity insurance, incapacity insurance and health insurance has a habit of suddenly not paying out as in travel insurance


    • 9
      Sounds familiar says:

      You quoting X from Oliver Stone’s JFK?


  6. 7
    Andrew Efiong says:

    Aha, he’s been flushed-out as a self-serving hypocrit and dishonest to boot. Exposed for all to see!

    He got a whole radio show to say how great he and his colleagues were. Not once did he mention their endless failures nor even the costs.


  7. 10
    Eric Joyce says:

    Roll out the barrel!


  8. 11
    G'od Botherer says:

    Your sclong is how long?


  9. 13
    Blah says:

    Jeremy Clarkson says your a liar


  10. 14
    The Civil Service motto says:

    Procastrination is what maintains us as the real power in the land.


  11. 18
    Screwed Taxpayer says:

    How much is this cnut paid? What are his benefits and expenses? How much is his gold plated inflation proofed pension?
    He’is just another one of the fucking public sector parasites feeding off the taxpayers


    • 21
      You're only jealous says:

      You don’t need to know his pension just keep paying the bill for it and his appearance fees for the House of Peers. The pension is probably the sort of number that only bakers can comprehend anyway!


  12. 19
    If only.......... says:

    In the days leading up to the Huhne guilty plea, there was a lot unreported arguments before the judge. Even before the current challenges to press freedom there appears to have been massive censorship of legal hearings which were of public interest.

    IF ONLY there was a courageous blogger committed to the freedom of the press who was outside the reach of the UK courts and so could report the whole truth with impunity. Anybody know where we could find a defender of truth and freedom like that?


  13. 24

    If I remember correctly, this self-serving, publicly funded parasite argued that curtails on the Freedom of Information Act were necessary because he believes it impinges on the honesty of cabinet discussions.

    Really, GOD? Surely if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear?

    What he appears to have forgotten is that everything he did at the Cabinet Office was on our time and involved our money.


  14. 25
    Politicians and civil servants are all congenital liars says:

    I suppose GOD was being honest when he denied telling Brown to stop bullying Downing St staff?


  15. 27
    Hugh Grant says:

    Please, uh, go and, er, buy, uh, one of my, er, films on, er, DVD. Hookers, uh, aren’t, er, cheap.


  16. 28
    Anonymous says:

    It was open & transparent to all that when Gordon wanted IR & HMC&E to merge, GOD went the whole hog and smashed them together in spite of the logic.

    Now remind me, how has that worked out ?


  17. 29
    Unemployed and skint in Birtley Colliery says:

    Went in my Job Centre yesterday and no new jobs since last week .

    28 full time jobs 68 per cent paying the minimum wage .

    59 part time jobs

    If you closed all Job Centres and let employers advertise direct the Government would save a fortune .


    • 74
      The Old Fella says:

      Commiserations to you, when I got made redundant Jan 1981, I went to the jobless centre, there were 8 noticeboards with 6 jobs on each, I read the first one, nothing grabbed my attention, so I went on to the next, I had to blink, the same jobs were on that board, and then on to the next, until I had seen every notice board, 6 jobs in a town of 500,000. That was before the job adverts in the paper and jobless centrecame out with not over 35 years old. These southern softies have no idea what will happen to them next dip (recession) and it will come.


  18. 30
    Grant is well known in the industry for being an unpleasant shit says:

    A few months ago, Daily Show host Jon Stewart was asked who his worst guest had been in all the years he’s been doing the show. Without hesitation, he said Hugh Grant. He said Grant was a total diva backstage and treated everybody like shit. “And we’ve had dictators on our show” Stewart said.

    Grant was such “an asshole”, Stewart banned him from ever appearing again.


  19. 31
    Reconstruct says:

    Still want to know what role, if any, the Cabinet Office played in the leak to Robert Peston which pushed Lloyds into the arms of Halifax, thus destroying two banks instead of one? Was this the hand of GOD, or just Gordon. The shareholders would like to know.


  20. 32
    One Term Dave says:

    I’m not thick but I’ve run out of suicidal policies that I can implement before 2015. Anybody help me out?


    • 34

      Your bolloxed up childcare vouchers scheme should do the trick my old mate. It’s a right fucking lash up.


    • 44
      Gideon Osborne - Strategy is my game says:

      How about paying State Pensions in cash through the Post Offices and closing all Post Offices except those in high crime areas!

      Never underestimate the mugging vote! The pensioners could do with the exercise anyway.


  21. 35
    Ed Miliband says:

    I’ll clear it with Hugh first


  22. 37
    Hugh Grant, Labour Leader says:

    I think that one of the first things I’ll do in my new job is sack that fucking retard Miliband. He gives the party a bad name.


    • 47
      Hugh Grant says:

      You plebs, watch my new film 4 dollars and a blow job. Filmed in a LA motel.


      • 55
        Mark Commode says:

        This is a new departure for Hugh. He plays a tongue-tied toff who keeps running his fingers through his floppy hair.


        • 67
          Curly says:

          Well, let’s face it, when you only have $400 million in the bank, it IS difficult to find a decent barber.


  23. 41
    My hamster has just bitten Freddie Star says:

    So poor old Gordon had no fucking chance then.


  24. 42
    GCMG says:

    God caresses my genitals


  25. 43
    (I don't need no doctor) says:

    Why won’t the BBC be fully open about it’s financial dealings. Why won’t they show all spending over 500 pounds. Why, because 500 quid is what a lunch for two BBC executives is commonly spent. You would not believe the lifestyle of some of the BBC management, and all paid for by the license fee payer.
    Where is Patten’s openness, to busy beating his wife, the arrogant shit.


  26. 45
    GOD? I don't think so. says:

    He’s full of shit and he don’t know it.

    You should hear the crap he spews out on the radio series that his friends at the BBC gave him.

    Nick Robinson is in love with him.

    How’s Jug ears coming along?


  27. 50
    Cyprus Bank Robber says:

    There’s no money left.


  28. 64
    Fred Blogs says:

    Good job O’Donnell’s parents didn’t call him Simon.


  29. 70
    Old Nick says:

    The civil service and all their works are far, far worse than any of you can imagine.


  30. 71
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Ah Sue Cameron I have three copies of her book “The Cheating Classes”.

    Here’s a snippet from the intro at page 7:

    “The Labour Government under Tony Blair has gone further in dismantling the checks and balances of our democracy. It has sidelined Parliament to an even greater extent. It has bypassed impartial civil servants and downgraded the Cabinet. It has replaced unelected hereditry peers in the House of Lords with unelected Labour cronies.

    It has tried to rig elections in Wales and London. It has demanded the right to appoint MPs to the very House of Commons committees that are meant to call Ministers and civil servants to account. It has packed Downing Street and Whitehall with political advisers – powerful, unelected, unaccountable placemen.

    These placemen, whose first loyalty is to Labour not to the public interest, increasingly call the shots. …” [end quote

    Labour obviously ‘hold something’ over Gus O D – for his ‘silence and continued silence’.

    The chapter about the Balchins – is worth backreading – it’s all about Local Planning issues and devious corruption and the despicable theft of peoples land and assets.


  31. 72
    Frankie the First says:

    I talk to Gus every day.


  32. 73

    Would, could or should GOD be honest?


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