March 15th, 2013

Rent-Swap Victory: Expenses Piggy Linda Riordan Sells Up

Regular readers will remember how Guido has been on the case of shamed Labour rent-swapper Linda Riordan. In October last year it was revealed how this expenses piggy rented out her London flat to another MP and skimmed off an extra £1,000-a-month in profit from the taxpayer, charging a rent of £1,560 on a property where her mortgage costs her some £500-a-month. The other MP in question, Iain McKenzie, amusingly insisted he had never heard of Riordan. Nonetheless, Riordan admitted that she had been caught red-handed and promised to kick McKenzie out, sell up and pay back the profits.

In the last few weeks Riordan has finally flogged her London property, putting an end to the whole dodgy arrangement. Whether her constituents will forgive her in 2015 is another matter…


  1. 1
    The Tap says:



    • 2
      The Tap says:

      And second


      • 4
        The Tap says:

        But wot about chemtrails?


        • 13
          V1le, vicious Labour ruined my Country says:

          Well done Guido, Ithink there’s another half dozen yet though?


          • Lord Mandelbum of Fondleboys says:

            Wot about the latest on Thumper Joyce though?

            Not a peep all night.

            And did Brillo and Portillo say something on This Week about news breaking that the racist Lord Ahmed has been kicked out of the Labour Party?

            Come on Guido, get with the programming!

            P.S. Please delete these twats who think it’s an achievement to post ‘First’ etc., tedious onanists.


          • Mad Jack the Jungle Quack says:

            Surely 650 of the thieving f_ckers?


          • The Old Fella says:

            “P.S. Please delete these twats who think it’s an achievement to post ‘First’ etc., tedious onanists.” Don’t be be a silly 8illy, Geedo won’t do that, it improves his stats, no. pages read etc there are others that post blanks


          • A vile lying cheating bullying two-faced liar & sanctimonious git who put Prudence on the streets says:

            It Was The Right Thing Tae Dee!!


        • 16
          My Tinfoil Hat is Chafing says:

          If you squint, they spell out “guacamole”, which, as Wikipedia confirms, is “an avocado-based sauce that originated with the Aztecs in Mexico”. I think there’s a message there somewhere.


          • East India Company Wallah says:

            Guacamole-thats what Mandleson has from the proletariats take-away


          • George Entwistle says:

            I have never heard of it. I am far too important to take note of every avocado-based sauce that comes my way.


    • 47
      Popeye says:

      But did she pay back the profits?


  2. 3
    steve smith says:

    Another dishonest dodgy liebour a*sehole . Oh and first btw


  3. 6
    steve smith says:

    Bollocks bloody Android phone is so slow not first shit


  4. 7
    hmmm says:

    what’s happened to maria miller’s expenses investigation?????


  5. 9
    Peter Grimes says:

    Of course they will forgive her.

    They can pin the red rosette on her fat, piggy arse and pretend she’s not the donkey they normally vote for. She is still one of them.


  6. 10
    aussie rules says:

    Another reason to reduce the nos of MPS by at least a third,there are still a number of MPS renting from former MPS including the member fpr Sinderland Central one Juilie Elliot who rents out a flat from that bastion of propriety and general do gooder Chris Mullin


    • 44
      The Old Fella says:

      How many Cons are doing exactly the same, it’s either liebore or LimpyDems, all politicians are from the same mould nowadays, I can not believe there are no Cons doing the same thing. What about Farage’s EU expenses and allowances, the government pay to the EU, we pay to our government by, logic we are paying Farage’s expenses.


  7. 11

    In the way that Iain McKenzie had never heard of Riordan, let us hope that neither we nor the HoC will ever hear of her again.


  8. 12
    mop says:

    just how many rooms does Ian Duncan Shit need given that he’s about to push the poor all into one room together as underoccupation of houses is suddenly criminal? … and Cameron, how many spare rooms does he have …. and Osborne???????? fucking tory scum


    • 31
      East India Company Wallah says:

      IDS pays for his own house-thats the difference
      Should you travel with someone on holidays to europe this year how many spare rooms will you hire from the hotel-just because someone else picks up the bill it doesnt infer entitlement


    • 38
      MOP (Educated) says:



      • 53
        Ten Romanians says:

        If you have a spare room can we live there while we claim benefits,beg and thieve?


        • 84
          Peter Grimes says:

          Only if you all claim HB and cut me in before you remit the balance home so that you can build a bling palace.


      • 124
        Equalizer1963 says:

        Ha ha…great retort MOP…seriously though, how many Bulgarians are you planning to fit in to your cupboard under the stairs?


    • 51
      The Old Fella says:

      It is acase of do what I say not what I do, do we really as a nation need as many grace and favour houses and Mansions as we have and how much do they cost to maintain for a few days of the year?


  9. 14
    steve smith says:

    Punchy Eric Joyce is hitting the headlines again. Tho the BBC radio 4 midnight news left it to last item ,other channels put him 1st 3 or 4 hmmmmmm


    • 39
      Lynn Featherbrain says:

      He’s a regular pisshead, is our Eric.

      2 types of drunk: the maudlin and the aggressive, and Eric is the poster boy for #2 (and in the other sense too, you filthy-minded creep).


    • 64
      The Old Fella says:

      It depends where they stand on the political scale, Joyce was thrown out of Liebore he was an ex army man and it is one of the things army men seem to do from squadies to commisioned officers a sort of right of passage.


      • 150
        Feald Marshel Willy Hague says:

        Joysce waz never a soleger e was a teecher in the educashun corr. E tort me an my mates – when e wasn’t tryin to get rite up our pasage


  10. 17
    Constituent feeling left out says:

    My MP has never troughed, fiddled expenses, home-flipped, smashed up a bar or been to prison. It’s a disgrace, I tell you.


  11. 20
    Vince says:

    I have no rent collection.


  12. 22
  13. 23
    Ed Magrittiband says:

    Ceci n’est pas une policy.


  14. 25
    Anonymous says:

    No wonder the booze sales are up in the HOC Eric Joyce as drank it all.


    • 62
      Floating Voter says:

      And we subsidise his booze. Minimum price policy for everyone else but not the troughers.


      • 67
        The Old Fella says:

        The answer, and Geedo would not like, ban all booze in the HoC, there are plenty of drinking holes in London, so if the little darlings get smashed out of their tiny minds folkes can see them for what they are.


  15. 26
    (I don't need no doctor) says:

    She has sold her property in london, but has she bought another property, and so start the whole process again?


  16. 27

    I see Eric Joyce got a few rounds in again last night , most of them rolling around the floor with the police


    • 43
      Anonymous says:

      Didn’t he nearly strangle a policemen to death?


      • 54

        Yes , with up to 50 HoC people stood watching , and nobody tried to help


        • 59

          And the most amusing thing is Camermong wants to impose minimum pricing on us while keeping subsidies on theirs

          “You only have to walk through any town center on a weekend to see violent drunks causing trouble with the police”

          Nah just walk down the corridor in the HoC


  17. 28
    Eric Joyce says:

    Next round’s on you.


  18. 33

    Nice to see the archaeologists in London routing about in those 7 “skelingtons “who are thought to have died in the Black Death 700 years ago
    no masks no gloves not much precautions being taken at all
    Back in the 1980’s they removed part of a “Plague pit” in Salford which contained 22,000 bodies the area was cordoned off and men in space suits removed the bones to a secure unit where they were re boxed and reburied in Agecroft cemetery
    Wonder how the NHS would cope with a new outbreak of the Black Death ?


  19. 36
    dead Ringer 4 a pig says:

    she doesn’t need a photoshop to look like a sow.


  20. 37
    Paniagua Solo says:

    She may have sold up, but has she paid the profits back?

    I seriously doubt it


  21. 45
    The NHS says:

    Mr Joyce, would you like a job as a nurse?


  22. 46
    Dunkin' Smith says:

    I object to the BBC using the Labour propaganda term “bedroom tax”. Then again that useless twat Camoron had the chance to dismantle the BBC after the Savile scandal. But he was too busy sorting out shirtlifter marriage.


    • 60
      Gawd Help Us says:

      Dave needs the BBC to help Labour win the next GE, he cant do it all on his own y’know.


      • 81
        Fat Pang of Poobah says:

        Thank you so much for clarifying my key working objectives.


      • 85
        The Old Fella says:

        Dave’s got Rupert hasn’t he. Oh I forgot, he is edging to towards UKip, don’t panic Dave, don’t panic. Follow Geedo to see which way Murdoch is heading


  23. 48
    Huge Grant says:

    Never mind that, or the Mid Staffs deaths, or the war in ‘Stan – the press are putting nasty stories about my latest films in the papers. They must be stopped! But please come and see my crappy films!


  24. 49

    256,000 short fall in school places by 2014 according to national audit office
    The population is breeding faster than at any time since the 1950’s

    “And Still They Come !”


    • 61
      Gyppos R us says:

      There will be another few hundred thousand in January 2014.


    • 66
      Happy Days a Coming says:

      Hooray for Socialism and the bruvverhud of mann.


    • 125
      Labour did f*ck all for 13 years says:

      There are many schools where English is the second language and where every effort is made to accomodate pupils who do not speak or understand Engliah by providing dual language Teaching Assistants to translate the lessons etc…say what you like about the French but at least they have no”truck” with providing translators etc in their schools…you learn to speak and understand French or you don’t learn


  25. 50
    Dave trougher to the Max says:

    But that is nothing compared to Dave claiming the maximum allowed on his cotswolds mansion, while he lives in number 10, weekends at Chequers and rents out his house what has a subsidised windmill on the Chimley.


  26. 52
    The BBC grooming the Nation for good says:

    Of course her constituents will forgive her,
    nothing they like more than a corrupt, grasping Socialist,
    so much nicer than those nasty Tories.


  27. 56
    Chris says:

    FFS, these people need to be arrested and charged with fraud.

    There should be a law requiring MPs to find a good deal for the taxpayer rather than bunging our money to each other.

    As for the voters, if the people of Kirkcaldy can vote for Gordon Brown despite his record of ruin and absence, then there’s every reason to imagine voters will stupidly back this greedy candidate.


  28. 65
    He needs help says:

    British men who have served in the armed forces are three times more likely to have been convicted of violent offences than their civilian peers, according to a study published today. Fact: Eric Joyce served as a private in the Black Watch before attending University and subsequently receiving a commission in the Royal Army Educational Corps. He left the army in 1999 in the rank of major


  29. 70
    Andy "Maybelline" Burn 'em says:

    Hasn’t it gone quiet about mid Staffs?


    • 102
      David Nicholson says:

      Deaths-what deaths?
      Can I claim my expenses now?


    • 131
      The Labour Party...We are to blame for NOTHING is that clear ?? says:

      We wish to put on the record that despite being in government between 1997 – 2010 when this was taking place that we had nothing to do with this at all. It is totally unreasonable to think otherwise and is obviously a politically motivated smear campaign by Tory politicians to mask the chaos created by their re-organisation of the NHS


  30. 72
    To Be Honest says:

    The Labour Party are the true Ugly/Nasty Party what with MP’s fighting and having to be arrested, ripping off the tax payer with the expense scandal, they are fully responsible for deliberately filling the Country with immigrants in order to give the right wing a “bloody nose” , causing the most catastrophic economy breakdown probably known to this Country. They have drained our taxes to fund an illegal war that Blair has yet to be tried for. They dumbed down our education system to a point where school leavers cannot find jobs due to lack of education, they are responsible for political correctness being communist at heart, Yet the Conservative Party still remains quiet and not reminding the communist shower of their mistakes, they could start by remining everyone of Brown virtually giving away our Gold reserves for a give away price, this will prove another historic mistake by the rabble of the century. Guess what, the public will still buy Labour’s lies and will learn that Miliband is something rather special in a very negative way, the key is to look at the history of these politicians, best bet is UKIP.


  31. 74

    I see Camermong and the Mad Frog Hollande want to give weapons to the Syrian rebels,without any agreements
    That would of course be the Syrian rebels who want a muslim state and have put all christians in the country on notice to get out or be killed when they take over ?
    These weapons will eventually come back come back to haunt us when they find their way into the hands of people who don’t much care for the British
    the very same weapons that have been handed back by our troops who now find themselves on the dole will be used to make a few more vacancies in our armed forces

    Politicians really are the thickest fuckers in existence


    • 88
      One Term Dave says:

      It is all worth it for the photo ops.


    • 126
      Look on the bright side. In 5 years they'll be using the arms we gave them to fight us !!!! says:

      Well after all we did the same in Libya AND look how well THAT turned out


    • 141
      Don't worry, be happy says:

      I’ve already opened an account with Betfred on daily mortality count. ‘Who wants to be a millionaire……I do’


  32. 76
    Does this breach Leveson? I think it does says:

    Unresearched drivel, and Twitter is a means to publish.


    • 136
      Matilda says:

      Will some one please ask the Yanks if they would like to take this cvnt in exchange for Piers?


  33. 77
    Does this breach Leveson? I think it does says:

    Unresearched dr1vel, and Twitter is a means to publish.


    • 80
      Does this breach Leveson? I think it does says:


      • 83
        Divine Brown says:

        Suck your dick?


      • 92

        Now Now lets not go spreading nasty rumors , even if it is so obvious


        • 93
          Guido Fakes says:

          Read all about it* in the Sun on Sunday.

          *actual ‘it’ discussed will vary


          • Keep Our Press Free says:

            Happy to take the publicity from News International for his crappy films though isn’t he?
            Bloody hypocrite.


          • Dictators control the media says:

            Why do Grant, Coogan, Moseley, Diamond,McCann etc think their opinions about the press are more important than millions of readers?


          • Steve Coogun says:

            I would like to do a ‘few lines’ for a newspaper


          • Matilda says:

            …. because they ALL have something nasty to hide which they would rather keep secret


          • Old England says:

            Its only the very naughty people,who live weird lives,who want the
            press shackled,i say ,”bugger off and live a decent life that no one cares about,and behave,and stop trying to threaten our free press”….There are
            sufficient laws in place to deal with journo’s who overstep the line,as long
            as our law enforcers,police,judges,do their bit…


      • 144
        Welsh activist. says:

        Remember this lady Grant.


  34. 82
    Tony Bliar resplendant in his white robes says:

    Nonsense. A good war cures all manner of ailments.


  35. 87
    George Monbiot says:

    I shall be in Westminster today……. well sweeping the pavements to be exact!


  36. 89
    Vince Cable says:

    I don’t remember Eric.


    • 108
      The BBC grooming the Nation for good says:

      The phrase to be used in these matters is:
      “I have no recollection of ……. ” (fill in whatever criminal act you were involved in)


    • 109
      Clogg says:

      I didn’t know Huhne had broken the law.


  37. 90
    Uncommon Knowledge says:


  38. 94
    Margaret Moran says:

    She shoulda just said she was depressed. Like I did! Weeeeeeee!


  39. 96
    CHRIS HUHNE 6714512 E wing HMP Wandswoth hotel says:

    Fuckin Hell Eric fancy seeing you here !

    “Yeh Chris i took on the police , but lost on points ”

    “Me Too”


  40. 97
    Paniagua Solo says:

    What 4ft tall with an orifice at each end that outputs shite?


  41. 99
    Eric 'Karaoke' Joyce says:


  42. 100
    Dickhead Dave says:

    I’m creating lots and lots of new jobs in education.


  43. 111
    Bugler Bert says:

    Re the “pigs in the trough”…………….If Liebore has its way on Monday, you. Guido, and the rest of the press, will not be able to report tales of MPs and their and expense fiddles ever again……………………duh


  44. 114
    YorkshireLad says:

    No we won’t!!


  45. 116
    99.876% of the population says:

    Who is Vince Cable?


  46. 117

    That bastard Eric Joyce should be up in front of the beak at any moment. A few days in prison plus a suspended portion of six months would seem to be very much in order.


    • 122
      Ah! Monika says:

      Don’t quite follow your logic this time.
      If you had an opportunity to black a few MPs’ eyes ……..


      • 127
        Jeremy Clarkson says:

        Only hit them !!

        What about lining them up in front of their families …..


      • 128

        Not sure I would take the opportunity, I’m afraid.

        I would rather see them banged up. Retributive justice would set an example to these parasitical creatures and discourage others who are only motivated by greed from coming into the system.


  47. 121
    Footage leaked of Eric Joyce fight says:


  48. 130
    Peter says:

    A philandering MP how rare! Perhaps we should employ the bedroom tax principle to them?


  49. 148

    All very sordid and extremely Dishonourable!


  50. 149
    Anonymous says:

    No doubt such stories and this blog will be censored in future.


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