March 14th, 2013

Labour Race Row Peer Suspended, Again

20130314-090111.jpg This time Lord Ahmed’s comments about that old classic, the Jewish conspiracy, have forced Labour to act. The Times quotes Ahmed’s theory for why he was locked up:

“My case became more critical because I went to Gaza… My Jewish friends who own newspapers and TV channels opposed this”

The LibDems could learn a thing or two from Labour about dealing with race rows…


  1. 1
    Bfreesun says:

    Is that it? What else did he say?


  2. 2

    LibDems do not learn. They are masters of perversion.


  3. 3
    Oooh Err Missus says:


    • 11
      Minimum priced Booze does not affect MPs says:

      You are supposed to drink from the bottle and speak into the microphone Tom.


      • 26
        Dianne Fatbot says:

        FFS go man go man you whitey twat.


        • 53
          Twatty Fatty Arbuckle, MP says:

          ‘Ere, ‘ave you ‘erd this one….I always know when the ex mother-in-law is coming to stay, because I ‘ave to ask the “escort” to fuc.k off sharpish!

          No? Oh, please yourselves then – I usually have to! Bloody Murdoch.


      • 62
        Kath Licks says:

        Did someone say there’s going to be a Mensch Tax?


    • 13
      Kev, the socialist despiser says:

      No doubt Tom’s Sex is on fire, he looks like he’s lifting with the clap – Allegedly!!!!!


    • 15
      Steve Miliband says:

      So hungry, he eats the Mic


      • 52
        Axe The Telly Tax & Religion says:

        He thought they said “Hey Tom! here’s that Big Mac” you ordered ;-)


  4. 4
    Royal British Legion Dominoes Club says:

    Do they make tin foil taqiyah?


  5. 5
    Reimer says:

    A class act. Thank God my masters/captors saw fit to import such a creature.


    • 29
      Anu Fuckwit says:

      All priase to Allah, blessed behis piss.


    • 128
      golli says:

      “Being truthful means speaking the truth and also saying things that reflect reality”, according to the good book that supposedly rules the lives of Ahmed and other theological ideology sectarians.


  6. 6
    Allah says:

    Deport him back to fuck knows where.
    As usual anyone connected with the religion of piss is deranged.


    • 60
      you'll have to do much better than call me a little Englander says:

      classic bloke with a beard hiding something as the psychologists would say, this dude is about as dodgy as they come. If he’s transgressed the unwritten rule that you can’t criticise the Jews for anything then he’s stupid enough to be in Labour party. Not sure David can afford to kick out all the stupid in his party


    • 83
      Giordano Bruno, the stars have it says:

      Has anyone thought of worshipping a deity that DOESN’T still live in pre-stoneage times?

      None of the current ones (Hissy Chrissys, 4B’s, Vindaloo’s, hide and, arse slime-ists etc…) need apply.

      Colour, race and gender are random acts of the speciation of “modern” humans – at best 100,000 years old. You are what you are because your Mum happened to live there and her Mum before her. We are all descendants of the luckiest humans that have ever lived and died AFTER they bred, who had children that did the same. If we cannot find an excuse for harmony based on that, and not bloody fairy stories, we might as well have a bloody Jesuit as Pope.



    • 130
      Archie says:

      This bloke is my argument for ending immigration altogether!


  7. 7
    Mrsshitrit says:

    Good that he exposed himself as a conspiracist nut job


  8. 8
    David Lammy says:

    More blatant racism from the institutionally racist British.


  9. 9
    Peter Grimes says:

    How many race rows does Ahmed have to get involved in before his blatant anti-semitism, shared by many of his colleagues I might add, gets him thrown out?

    ZaNuLieBor – truly the nasty party!


    • 17
      mm says:

      so to oppose israel is to be anti semitic is it??? tosser -only another nazi could agree hey


      • 21
        Genesis says:

        You are not very good at History then mm?


        • 32

          The anti-Semitists are incapable of expressing any coherent rational thought. Only foaming mouthed bile as above your post.


          • Anonymous says:

            Just where do you think the corrosive “political correctness” eminated from and why?

            What if a certain in-group had higher cognitive ability than the out group.
            Would race equality legislation be to the advantage of that embedded group or would it be to the advantage of other, more overt, “persecuted” minorities in the out-group, perhaps of a different phonotype?

            Think WHO wins the most Nobel Prizes…this particular group like their prizes…


          • Why does the Aconcagua of Innuendo in your post lead me to suspect that you are opposed to my view?

            Just say what you mean and use a moniker other than Anonymous, if you have nothing to hide about your idea of what constitutes truth. I don’t have to agree with you to discuss the point rationally and you do at least appear to be capable of such discussion.


        • 44
          phil collins says:

          Land of Confusion


      • 80
        Parasite says:

        ZIOnazi you mean


  10. 16
    And Amy would have benefited from minimum priced Booze? says:


    • 18
      Royal British Legion Dominoes Club says:

      She needs a minimum price on cakes and pies


    • 27
      David Lammy says:

      You sure whitey wasn’t trying a bit of divide and rule? They’re always trying that.


    • 33
      Amys ectoplasm says:

      Just please fuck off.


    • 35
      Anonymous says:

      Diane, we know you’re reading. Do you think perhaps being a gut bucket conflicts slightly with your being a health nazi?


      • 90
        Bollocks to getting a pseudonym says:

        It might conflict slightly with her being a health nazi, but it definitely doesn’t conflict with her hypocxrisy. Nothing comes between a lefty and hypocrisy.


    • 37

      With Amy Winehouse’s dad @mitchwinehouse at launch of his new drug & alcohol education programme

      Can i have a pint of lager and half a dozen extacy tabs please ?


      • 47
        M102 says:

        Wasn’t big Di spotted recently drinking champers at 10 in the morning at a function?


      • 103
        Royal British Legion Dominoes Club says:

        Mitch Winelodges Drugs and Alcohol Education program lesson one:
        “Now kids, see this here spliff, this is a drug…mmmm ahhh yeah.. mmm naughty drugs and here in this glass.. hic.. hic is.. er was some al..hic cohol.. hic…. ”

        Di Flabbott “Hey mon don’t be so tight wid de spliff.. share it around mon .. gis me a big toke.. hmmmm ahhhh yes whitey dats jus’ hows I like eet.. oh an kids.. you musn’t do this shit.. ahhh now Mitch ya whitey gi me somma dat alchyhol before ya guzzle it all innit.. ya bad blud.. bad mmmm hic..”


      • 123
        You say prioritise, I say political posturing says:

        8 newspaper article for every ecstasy related death – 1 newspaper article per 800 smoking related deaths.

        MDMA deaths reducing year on year since 2005.
        MDMA related deaths, UK, 2010 – around 50.
        Smoking related deaths, UK, 2010 – 100,000.

        Bandwagon, anyone…NOOO, not you Militwat! Your up to your weekly quota.


    • 49
      MacGuffin says:

      She has that Carla Trimingham haircut thing going on.


    • 136
      Causal Observer says:

      A fat woman teaming up with a guy called Winehouse to tackle health / drug and alcohol problems is somewhat Orwellian is it not ?


  11. 19
    Spank Sinatra says:

    His case ‘became critical’ becasue he caused the death of another motorist by slamming into him whilst texting at the wheel. Any remorse? Naww. ‘Nuff said frankly.


    • 23
      Reimer says:

      Exactly. The report on the BBC (quelle surprise) mentioned the texting only, NOT its appalling consequences. But hey, what’s the death of a kufr between friends?


      • 96
        WoRaft ChIHUAHua says:

        How dare someone impede the progress of a Labour Lord going about his very urgent expenses claims. It is obviously an eeevil Toreee capitalist Thatcherite plot to smear him by diving under his tyres.


  12. 22
    Is Herman a Closet Socialist? says:


    • 28
      Storm clouds over Camoron says:

      WTF is he commenting on, the tosser seems to have invented another EU language, no wonder Europe is falling down the crapper with unvoted idiots like him in charge.


    • 110
      Royal British Legion Dominoes Club says:

      If Rod Hull was alive today he’d be spinning his grave knowing that Herman VanAerial Disease mentioned EMU without giving any royalties to his estate.


    • 137
      Social Dialog for the EU says:

      Fuck off you kiddie fiddler.


  13. 25
    shariabeast says:

    I much prefer normal Muzzies over the self chosen ones

    Polite, generous
    It’s the oddballs that give them a bad name


    • 36
      Reimer says:

      The nice moderates you refer to seem to disproportionately transmute into zealots in the fast-breeder reactor of Western Liberalism.


      • 41
        Ali Akbar says:

        Neutron weapons please.


      • 48
        SP4BS says:

        All the way through the 70’s 80’s 90’s they weren’t turning into zealots.


        • 64
          Reimer says:

          Numbers and prominence, dear boy. And the rise of an ever-more-avowedly pro-multi-cult nominally-native political class. And as to non-militancy orother problematic traits in the 80s and 90s…Ray Honeyford? Rushdie?


          • Pliny the Welder says:

            I blame the Russians for Afghanistan in 1979 and the septics for training and arming the Mujahidin/ al qaeda to defeat them.

            The law of unintended consequences.


    • 38
      yeah, right... says:

      I’m sure that the families of all those innocent people murdered in the name of islam over the past few years will take great solace from knowing that their loved ones were slaughtered by such nice people.


  14. 30
    Royal British Legion Dominoes Club says:

    The original one pound fish man.. come on ladies.. i sell you Yon Kipper.. only one pound.. disgusting man who would still be smelling of rotten fish if that Anti Brit Blair hadn’t smarmed his way into number ten with his fucking “things can only get better” bollocks.. yeah things can only get better for anti British dishonest, disgusting slime ball parasitic arseholes living off the backs of honest, hard working people.. fuck I am so angry about the state those blood sucking bastards have got us in I am shitting magma!!


    • 39
      Khan is best says:

      I wish you would be clear on your views.


      • 46
        Royal British Legion Dominoes Club says:

        I do apologise for my ambiguity, I have a problem expressing my views in a concise manner, I’ll try harder next time.


        • 89
          Old England says:

          For years i felt angry at the educated elites,and the decisions they make,be
          they Doctors,politicians,professors,business people,police or BBC,but i have
          gone through the barrier,and laugh at their imbecility and bullshit,which is what a lot of their lives consist of..Unfortunately,being enlightened,and able to
          see through it all,charities included,can make ones’ heart sink,but,i do not get so wound up,and adopt a calm,methodical mindset,above the fray,and look
          down on them,secure in the knowledge that i am a much better human than most of them….


          • Curly wonders says:

            You are like most of us. The problem is HTF do we get rid of them out of our lives for good?


          • Pliny the Welder says:

            When troops are strong,
            But officers weak,
            the result is
            Impotence. (Sun-Tsu circa 551 BC)

            Welcome to the UK, 2013


  15. 34
  16. 40

    Pope Francis reportedly said at a Mass last year for Argentine veterans of the Falklands War to mark 30th anniversary of the 1982 conflict.

    We come to pray for those who have fallen, sons of the country who went out to defend their mother country, to reclaim that which is theirs and was usurped from them.

    He found further common cause with Mrs Kirchner by saying to relatives of the Argentine dead Go and kiss this land which is ours, and seems to us far away.

    He said they would not go alone, adding: There are angels who will accompany you, who are sons, husbands and fathers of yours, who fell there, in an almost religious movement, of kissing with their blood the native soil.

    This is using the typically florid language of the Latino peoples. On the face of it, not good.


    • 43
      Prince of Denmark says:

      Why oh Why do we tolerate these fucks, what are our armed forces for .


      • 72
        Selohesra says:

        Perhaps he will send Swiss Guard in their fancy dress to ‘liberate’ the islands


        • 86
          Francis the talking mule says:

          Hi viz jackets for the Swiss Guards


          • You got your arses kicked from 7800 miles away says:

            We’ll give up the Falkland Islands when Argentina gives up Patagonia, the only physical proximity they have to them.


          • South American Indian says:

            what is this Argentina crap ? we had it long before those dagoes came and took it off us


    • 55
      papalbeast says:

      Iit is good
      You do not understand Christianity nor love
      I didnt serve in the Falklands but have had a bullet wizz past my ear in the UK
      You forgive and find peace
      All of those young Argies were just victims of blood sucking old men
      This pope will be a breath of clean air
      I HOPE


      • 78

        All of those young Argies were just victims of blood sucking old men

        Agree entirely, beast. That does not change the fact that the language I cited was exactly the same type as was voiced before the Argentinian invasion in 1982 – albeit before so many lives were lost on both sides.

        In Kirchner’s case, she is attempting to deflect criticism of her domestic mismanagement, the oldest trick in the book for a Latina politico.

        What was Monsignor Bergoglio’s excuse?


        • 88
          papalbeastwastedisposal says:

          Mr Cat
          Young men do silly things (as do old men who should know better)
          There is Divine intervention
          This is a Jesuit Pope
          A soldier of God


          • Mr beast

            I am familiar with Ignatius of Loyola and Francis Xavier from my various past travels to Iberia and other parts of the world.

            All people do silly things, you and I included.

            For me, Divine Intervention is not a matter in which I place credence but I completely respect anyone who does because, like all humans, I may be mistaken.

            That leaves us with adhering to beliefs and justifying them as one best can until, possibly, they become no longer justifiable.

            In Monsignor Bergoglio’s case, he was older than I am now when he was reported to make those remarks which I cited. In my book, that is old enough to be able to couch his words better.


          • Curly wonders says:

            SC, given the circs at the time perhaps he considered it wiser to just go with the flow – without looking ahead and expecting to be elected as THE big cheese.


          • I suppose he could be a Mont d’Or in which case he could go with the flow whilst at the same time being a Big Cheese.


          • Dicky Dawkins Does Dallas says:

            Being of the sky fairy business persuasion, looking ahead is frowned upon. Only looking back has merit – words written 2000 years ago, but none earlier than 17 years after the death of the Christ figure.
            So nice and contemporary, and we’ll all be as sound as a pound then.


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            SC – why not look at the ‘words’ of St Tony of Bliar and the older pitiful men who on both sides of the house of Cards who spinelessly failed the British public?


    • 56
      Ah! Monika says:

      Were the Cardinals able to Google this fellow to check on his credentials. Or was the black smoke burning iPads?


    • 67
      Christina "silly cow" Kirchner says:

      Oh yes, this is my moment. If I stamp my feet enough and get more botox I can use this situation to whip up hatred of the British.


      • 133
        steve smith says:

        Oh no she hasn’t had botox has she.? She was thr one world leader I could crack one off to.pah!!


    • 68
      Royal British Legion Dominoes Club says:

      Apologies to any non hypocritical Catholics who are about to read this rant.. This just goes to show how hypocritical the catholic faith is, bringing in a man who mixes politics with his religion, his Nation was borne of mass annihilation and decimation of entire races of indigenous people, the conquest of South America was a bloodbath, they stole the land from it’s rightful owners well after the Falklands became a British colony, I suggest he should consider history and realise that the invasion of the Falkland Islands 30 years ago was a serious mistake, the people of the Falklands have lived peacefully for centuries as British citizens, historically the Catholic church has had some really evil deeds done under it’s name. South American history is littered with their misdeeds.


      • 82
        papalbeastwastedisposal says:

        He was praying for young men who had lost their lives and trying to comfort their families
        What do you think Army chaplains are for?
        Most priests are excellent men (and women)


        • 109
          Royal British Legion Dominoes Club says:

          He should be admonishing the government that sent the poor devils to their deaths.


        • 115
          is the pope a fascist? says:

          Yeah right, that’s why he had to add:
          Go and kiss this land which is ours, and seems to us far away…sons, husbands and fathers of yours, who fell there, in an almost religious movement, of kissing with their blood the native soil.


    • 70
      Lord Pont says:

      The pope is Satan’s representative on earth


    • 121
      Archbishop says:



  17. 42
    shariabeast says:



  18. 45
    DC says:



    • 51
      Osama Bin Laden (in absence)busy with virgins. says:

      We are the religion of peice, we love everyone who is a muslim so no problem just convert to peice and we will love you its simples.


      • 65
        papalbeast says:

        No Muzzie wants to klill you if you leave them alone
        We are all of the same book


        • 116
          is the pope a fascist? says:

          No muzzie wants to kill you if you leave them alone (to keep on killing everyone else on the planet)


        • 138
          Life on Mars Attacks! says:

          … to beat their wives and daughters, cover them in cloth like canaries at night, to treat all woman as less than a beast of burden, to kill all who are not submitters, to act like they are conquerers of all the world…..?

          Nah, fire up the quattro drones!


  19. 54
    Winnie the Pooh says:

    The party stooge planted by Labour on Question Time: Complaints after diehard supporter attacks UKIP panellist on debate show


    • 75
      D Dimbleby says:

      It is pure coincidence that out of the audience I picked then listened patiently to an unhinged attack from and further encouraged for another go a known Labour activist who had been meeting with a Labour MP posting online all day about how she would use Question Time to attack UKIP. The audience is a truly random sampling of Guardian readers, diversity co-ordinators, environmental campaigners, labour party activists and those who enrich us.


      • 95
        Old England says:

        Like many,i stopped listening to it years ago,and it amazes me that the present
        goverment has done nothing to curb the left bias at the BBC,but i realise that
        Cameron has gone left,and we no longer have a proud ,right,conservative party,
        so,it obviously suits him,despite his bull….


  20. 61
    The Lord of all Creation (Top that one you twats) says:

    Oh go fuck youselves silly please.


  21. 63
    Moussa Koussa Mark 7 says:

    We should be all worried…that includes neo nuts !!!!!!

    You cannot even mention the “J” word without been hounded.

    In fact even if you say somethibng postive about the J’s…they are on your case.


  22. 69
    Moussa Koussa Mark 7 says:

    Dont forget neo nuts

    “””Sell in May to go away”””


  23. 71
    Questions says:

    And? What’s the coupon?


  24. 74

    Mr Cameron , With the roads in such an appalling state , (£10 billion to put right), volunteer teachers ,police and now military You also supposedly cut thousands of jobs from the ever wasteful public sector , in fact you have taken a hatchet to just about everything we had , yet you are borrowing more and more money and things are getting steadily worse

    Where is all the money going ?


  25. 77
    St Vincent of Cable Theft says:

    Just forget everything


  26. 79
    Henry Brubaker says:

    So he kills a man, yet is jailed as part of a Jewish conspiracy?

    To good to be jailed I suppose….


  27. 81
    Observer says:

    It is easy to see how Ahmed made such a mistake in his interview as it is not easy writing your notes while driving.


  28. 87
    JR says:

    Not British born so the law should be changed to be able to recind citizenship and deport.


    • 101
      Lord Pont says:

      Being British should be about genealogy not where you are born . The Chinese and Indians don’t go for this nonsense


  29. 93

    Already again!


  30. 99
    Red Egg Millitit... Social Naturist or National Socialist says:

    Mo, ham and ed….. will not be pleased this has come up again :)


  31. 104
    jimbo says:

    I am supporting the Human Race !


  32. 106
    Residing in 96.97% white Merseyside says:

    He may have a point. Look how they all went after Mr Huhne – and still are.


  33. 122
    A Hacking Cough says:



  34. 125
    Owens German cousin, Shep Schagger says:

    But only before he told lies, obviously.


  35. 135
    Jimmy says:

    Guido hates racism.


  36. 139
    A tree is not a forest. says:

    Group blaming comments shows the narrow analytical capacity of the very people who othertimes rightly condemn generalisations made about groups resulting from the actions of individuals. It is either that or worse still they are just plain uncaring journeymen.


  37. 141
    BBC Disinfotainment Commissioning Team says:

    Indeed. All that needs to be remembered is to keep to the areas where the RoP’ers are moderates.


  38. 143
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Lord Ahmed has been beholden to the banks for decades – he’s a property developer [See MOS of old] – that’s how he made his money. His conviction for killing a man on the motorway was conveniently quashed – by several of his friends all done during the reign of terror.

    Ahmed ‘fronted’ a false front APPG called SAFE [I have the names of the cross party MP’s who supported the APPG all of them subsequently shown to be liars, chancers and even lawyers (S Byers for instance) – The APPG had to be collapsed / kicked into the long grass because the ptb didn’t want the issue of bankers’ corrupt activities being exposed back in 2003 / 2005. The eventual implosion happened in 2008.

    To use a j*wish word – Ahmed is a


  39. 149
    joe hawkins says:

    bastard ahmed another twat that i lent a tenner to, where does he live


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