March 13th, 2013

WATCH: Dark Dave’s New Party Political Broadcast


  1. 1
    Pop of the Tots says:

    Dave Lee Travis, the ex-Radio 1 DJ and Top of the Pops presenter, has been arrested over further claims of sexual offences, Scotland Yard has confirmed.

    Mr Travis, of Mentmore, Bucks, was arrested on Monday after answering bail following his first arrest in November 2012 as part of Operation Yewtree.

    He has been bailed to return in April.

    His arrest comes after a senior Crown prosecutor said a number of “significant” arrests are planned of people suspected of sexual abuse.

    At the time of his first arrest, 67-year old Mr Travis denied any wrong-doing and stressed that the allegations against him had nothing to do with children.

    In a statement, a Metropolitan Police spokeswoman said: “A man in his 60s who we term ‘Yewtree Four’ returned bail on 11 March and was interviewed.

    “The man in his 60s was further arrested on suspicion of sexual offences in connection with further allegations made to Operation Yewtree.”

    Meanwhile, the chief Crown prosecutor for north-west England has said a number of arrests are planned in the coming weeks of individuals under suspicion of committing sexual abuse.


    • 25
      I Remember You Hoo says:

      “What matters is, are you taking the right long term decisions for the country and it’s people?”

      I can answer that. No Dave, you’re not.


      • 73
        the savant 10.4 highway patrol says:

        Was the interviewer a taior’s dummy ?

        Or perhaps John Humphries gagged and hogtied ?

        Whoever he was not a titter did he utter .


      • 79
        Knuckle Dragger says:

        “A million more jobs in the private sector…. for East Europeans”


        • 101
          Dickhead Dave says:

          We will create thousands of new jobs … in job centres to cater for the influx of Romanians and Bulgarians.


      • 86
        Dave says:

        First when I worked through No. 10 I thought where I can play angry bird. Then looked around to see where I can give super to people who give us big money. Then thought how can I give myself, my family and friends tax cuts, thought this can be funded by increasing VAT to 20% and increasing employee NI.

        Nowadays I have lost hope of winning (sorry even last time I didn’t win) in 2015. I am trying to stay as long as PM, my follow ministers are trying to replace me. Once I lose by job as PM I am planning to go and give speeches for big money, I have helped them out so hope they will help me. I go around in my £200,000 jag (you paid for it) trying to find a nice country estate I can settle in.


  2. 2
    Disco Biscuit says:

    Looks like he’s given up on the diet again


  3. 3
    Paniagua Solo says:


    You really need to realise that just talk and bluster is NOTHING without fulfilment. You have been seen for the spin doctor that you are. Goodbye

    Vote UKIP


    • 7
      On behalf of Paniagua Solo says:

      Ed (which ever one it is going to be),

      I’m voting UKIP. Hello!


      • 14
        Paniagua Solo says:

        Vote Tory get Labour (or if they somehow are very very lucky Blue Labour)

        Vote LibDem get Labour

        Vote Labour get Labour

        Vote UKIP get UKIP or get Labour but at least with a large message



  4. 5
    Andrew Efiong says:

    What a boring video.

    Nobody will watch this, even political hacks will go and make a cup of tea!


  5. 6
    Liam Byrne ( aka Baldemort ) says:

    Glad to see that I got a mention. :)


    • 78
      the savant 10.4 highway patrol says:

      You ll never be forgotten through the annals of eternity — Baldy !!


  6. 10
    Jimmy says:

    Well I’m inspired.

    A lot of sighing. Is he asthmatic or just tired?


    • 20
      David Icke says:

      It a leak in the human suit


    • 106
      Screw Left-Right paradigm says:

      Just a lot of wind – he saves the crap to dump on the plebs (i.e. not the ‘elite’)

      More ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ from the cabbage patch twat


  7. 11
    A DLT with extra Simon Mayo says:

    What is the point of party political broadcasts I thought that was what the BBC was for?


  8. 12
    labourunionsbbc are one under the EU says:

    Well it’s convinced me . . . . I’m voteing UKIP.


  9. 13
    Mitch says:

    My local has started shutting early and not even opening some nights. When people don’t have money for beer, think things ARE that bad…


  10. 15
    Paniagua Solo says:

    Is this a clip from the latest ‘Dumb and Dumber’ movie?


    • 26
      Ed Balls and Ed Miliband says:

      Dumb and Dumbest


    • 27
      fruitcake says:

      and didn’t Cameron try to tell us that beer was cheaper than water?

      “let them drink beer” hmm, sounds familiar


      • 84
        the savant 10.4 highway patrol says:

        Shades of the Wedding Feast at Canaa old boy

        But this time turning unadulterated pisss into putatively potable fresh and invigorating spring water via the miracle of an ex public relations man.


  11. 16
  12. 18
    Executive Summary says:

    C U N T


    • 51
      Piss be upon him says:

      How do you spell that?.


      • 65
        Dicktionary says:

        H U H N E


        • 89
          the savant 10.4 highway patrol says:

          The media made great play yesterday of the fact that the Hoon is banged up in Wandsworth chokey which is situated ” … just round the corner … ” from his Clapham home .

          Wonder if he can vault the perimeter wall out at lights out and vault back in again before reveille so he can have ” conjugals ” at home with Tribbing-Man ?

          Alrenatively he may already have become so besotted wiith the charms on offer from Bubba the cellie that he prefers not to stray from “in -house comforts ” (?)


  13. 19
    David Lammy says:

    I accused the BBC of being racist but it was just the pigment of my imagination.


  14. 21
    Perry says:

    How can you think you are doing the right thing if thousands more children are going to be growing up in poverty by 2015. That can’t be seen as success – please tell me that wasn’t ‘planned’


    • 29
      Keep up the good work Dave.Love Tony Blair says:

      Of course we planned it. We hate you


    • 72
      Ryan says:

      You’re right. Time to open the gas chambers and throw the little underclass f*ckers in there. Why the hell should I waste half my life paying for these worthless sacks of flesh?


  15. 22
    Rumpledforeskin says:

    I’d like to see us in the Global Space Race please. Instead of paying for other peoples’. If I could make a sensible suggestion I think we should position ourselves making really small space ships, these would be much cheaper to launch and easier to land as they could land on a planet like a little leaf and could probably do the same exploratory investigations, if we were really clever we could make a little space ship that could make a bigger version of itself from the available materials.


  16. 23
    Old England says:

    No mention of Europe,which ,in my opinion,is shackling our country and holding us back..The impact of mass immigration,nor a proper vision for what remains of our country…Still better than Ed,but,cameron turned left,and i wont’
    forget it….


    • 31
      EU Watch says:

      You are handcuffed to an economic corpse which is trying to give you herpes.

      That is the reality of Europe.


      • 59
        A shot in the dark says:

        Neutron weapons look more and more appealing, get rid of the dross but keep the infastructure.


      • 75
        Europe comes back with a vengeance says:

        The EU budget that Cameron thought was settled has come back to bite him on the arse with a vengeance as MEPs vote it down and demand that UK cough up another £1.7Bn towards it and that the national veto is surrendered for this and all future budgets so that Cameron will be unable to veto any proposed increase . Methinks another Euro Summit by Heads of Government beckons before Easter.

        If Cameron can’t convince enough other members to vote this down he will be in the mire and calls for him to hold a referendum on membership will be deafening. The socialist group(inc Labour and LibDem MEPS voted to reject the budget deal so both Clegg and Miliband will also be under pressure to disown their MEPs as both lots voted against the wishes of the leaderships of the domestic UK parties)


        • 83
          EU Watch says:

          Very well said.

          At the very least this should guarantee UKIP do well in May, and whatever has been put down for the budget next week may fail and Tory leadership challenge will be started.

          Article 50 Lisbon treaty needs to be invoked.

          To be fair, pathetic as he is, Dave did try to be reasonable with those guys, but the EU is not really interested in having Britain stay, and a number of other member states do not have the courage to leave just yet. (Except maybe Cyprus)

          The vote today is not final, but signals with the other noises that EU is not willing to be reasonable in negotiation, so it is time for the UK to do what it should have done back in 2011.


          • Catty Comment (Ms) says:

            The UK should have done it in 1975 and voted NO!!


          • Old England says:

            I voted “NO”, in ’75,i was 22…I have hated the yoke of EU,and all the blind,self interest before country twats,who have shouted us down,40yrs of bitterness,and look where its got us,,fucking assholes,the lot of them


  17. 28
    Casual Observer says:

    Not that Labour are off the hook, but it has been over 2 years now and last year they completely messed up. That excuse is not washing any more.

    Renegotiate / Exit EU, cut taxes and increase spending is the only way to start undoing the damage Labour did. And to ensure that Labour do not get back into power in 2015.

    On all counts, Cameron has already failed. Time for a new broom.


  18. 32
    David Lammy is thick says:

    This tweet from the BBC is crass and unnecessary. Do we really need silly innuendo about the race of the next Pope?…— David Lammy (@DavidLammy) March 12, 2013


  19. 34
    David Lammy is thick says:


  20. 35
    Some neck says:

    Tesco buys Giraffe restaurants. Horse meat not on menu.


  21. 40
    Vince Cable says:

    nobody has mentioned anything to me ever…lah de dah I’m not listening…lalala still not listening


    • 95
      the savant 10.4 highway patrol says:


      Your memory lapses easily outrank Arsene Wenger s visual problems when he is asked to comment on the equity of one of his own players gaining a blatanly dubious penalty .

      Perhaps you should exchange your vision for his hearing .


      • 111
        Matilda the Finsbury Park footy fan says:

        Ah ha! You must be a spudulike! Bale is learning fast and already has a reputation as a high board performer. 4.5 – 4.7 – 5.1 – 4.8….. And as for Suarez, well….


  22. 42
    Breaking news says:

    Tory MP asks attorney general to appeal against Huhne and Pryce jail terms for being ‘too lenient’


    • 96
      the savant 10.4 highway patrol says:

      Quite right give them 80 years not 8 months .

      Rather like 70 year old Bernie Madoff who got 150 years and can thus look forward to being released when he is a sprightly 220 years young .


  23. 43
    stark says:


    Climategate 3.0

    tee hee


  24. 44
    Dave Lee Cameron says:


    I’ll show you how to spin.


  25. 46
    Incapable Vince, deputy Chief Cockroach says:

    Put it through my expenses, dear.


    • 58
      Do you know who I am says:

      Looks like the arrogant cow thinks she can just park where she likes as she is a very important person.


      • 81
        C.Trimingham says:

        How very dare you! Don’t you know who I am?


        • 103
          Jason Bourne says:

          Do you know who I am ?


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            The “Do you know who I am Celebrity Disorder”

            For all who interface with with Rude jumped up people – Celebrities, politicials etc …

            An award should go to the Virgin Airlines desk attendant in Sydney some months ago for being smart and funny, while making her point, when confronted with a passenger who probably deserved to fly as cargo..

            A crowded Virgin flight was cancelled after Virgin’s 767s had been withdrawn from service. A single attendant was re-booking a long line of inconvenienced travellers. Suddenly an angry passenger pushed his way to the desk. He slapped his ticket down on the counter and said,
            “I HAVE to be on this flight and it HAS to be FIRST CLASS”.

            The attendant replied, “I’m sorry, sir. I’ll be happy to try to help you, but I’ve got to help these people first, and I’m sure we’ll be able to work something out..”

            The passenger was unimpressed. He asked loudly, so that the passengers behind him could hear,”DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHO I AM?”

            Without hesitating, the attendant smiled and grabbed her public address microphone:”May I have your attention please, may I have your attention please,”she began – her voice heard clearly throughout the terminal.

            “We have a passenger here at Desk 14 WHO DOES NOT KNOW WHO HE IS. If anyone can help him find his identity, please come to Desk 14.”

            With the folks behind him in line laughing hysterically, the man glared at the Virgin attendant, gritted his teeth and said,”F… You!”

            Without flinching, she smiled and said, (I love this bit)”I’m sorry, sir, but you’ll have to get in line for that too.”


    • 67
      Ah! Monika says:

      Unlikely that Huhne will demand his conjugal rights.


    • 97
      the savant 10.4 highway patrol says:

      She s going the opposite way to the Visitors entrance .

      Does this mean she is being ” admitted through the Main Gate ?


  26. 60
    Huhne Watch says:

    I see Huhne has been put on a sex offenders wing. Is that for the offence of having sex with Vicky and Carina?


  27. 61
    EU Funded Pro-EU Troll says:

    Vote UKIP.


  28. 70
    Why isn't Dave defending the UK? says:


  29. 82
    Estate agents, double glazing sellers and car dealers everywhere says:

    What a convincing, genuine performance.


    • 99
      the savant 10.4 highway patrol says:

      i m sorry but I gave up after 1minute 17 seconds of the clip . I just have an allergy to watching human paint dry .


  30. 91
    BBC politics is controlled by Labour says:

    May we now take it that John O’Farrell is writing Ed Miliband’s jokes for PMQ’s, in which case Ed is turning his position as Leader of the Opposition into even worse farce. Its about time Dave picked this up and put him down as audtioning for Have I Got News. Hardly statesmanlike.
    And why is Ed always allowed to use his final question as a party political, usually for himself, without actually attempting to ask a question?
    Why doesn’t Dave ask him what the question was each time. Why doesn’t the speaker reprimand Ed? Is it in the rules that the Leader of the Opposition does not need to ask questions at PMQ’s, just tell a few scripted jokes? Does Ed have to pay the joke writer?


    • 94
      Apple John says:

      I think he just buys a jumbo pack of Christmas crackers and cribs the jokes. Perhaps he could try wearing a paper hat to make himself look even more authoritative.


  31. 100

    Sounds pretty good Dave lad.


  32. 105
    Jen says:

    Well said Dave!


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