March 6th, 2013

Swinson Ducks the Question

Sarah Teather isn’t the only LibDem woman to have gone missing during the Rennard scandal. Guido noted last month and Cathy Newman asks this morning why women’s minister Jo Swinson, who investigated the initial claims, has stayed silent. How many women did she speak to? What did she do with the complaints? As if by perfect timing Swinson popped up on the Today programme this morning. Here’s a new one: when asked about randy Rennard she refused to answer “out of respect” for the accusers. The same ones that claim she told them they had to put up with it if they wanted to get on…


  1. 1
    Jail the bankers says:

    Talk about flogging a dead horse…


    • 14
      Blame it on the boogie says:

      Climate change is the most used wishy washy excuse by politicians and planners to dodge an answer or accept fault.

      Modern day flooding in the main is caused by poorly planned urban development, agriculture and someone elses “flood defences” but you can bet your bottom dollar that everyone from the top politician down to the3 council who neglects to unblock the drains will blame a flood, any flood on “climate change”, which used to be global warming, which used to be British weather, which is natural variation of the seasons and the weather.


      • 46
        Jail the bankers says:

        Did you misread “flogging” for “floodin”g by any chance

        Or are you still high?


      • 49
        Old England says:

        Back in the 50’s and 60’s,vast swathes of agricultural land was drained,i believe
        grants were involved,(no need for EU)..Rivers were dredged and banks cleared,ditches were dug,and maintained….It did not stop exceptional flooding,but,it cleared fairly rapidly…Since then our wonderful planners have seen fit to allow building on flood plains,and the concreting of acres and acres of soak away land…Flood defences seemed to be built regularly,and i had rose tinted glasses!!!!


        • 52
          Judge Dredge says:

          Lack of dredging is a major factor. Dredging supposed to upset the birds but wet behind the ears conservationists fail to realise that nature bounces back and 99% of what they consider natural landscape in the UK is actually man made.


    • 65
      Rambling Sid Rumpole says:

      Geedo if you really want to know, why don’t YOU personally approach her and get a lead on all your competitors, that is what your hero, Rupert, would have done years ago, go on, get out there, don’t keep relying on secondhand information, Rupert may make you his ace reporter.


      • 80
        Private Eye says:

        Good Point


      • 100
        Anonymous says:

        People won’t talk to Geedo any more, he’s sold out. They might as well go straight to Rupert.


        • 106
          keyah says:

          “sold out”. How quaint!



        • 122
          Rambling Sid Rumpole says:

          Anonymous says:
          March 6, 2013 at 10:08 am

          Well Rupy set him on, maybe a trial basis, Geedo does push himself to get himself noticed


          • Ramblin Sid for President of Venezuela says:

            Hello me deerio oh and don’t forget to nether your nadger’s scrunnit.

            I love your sense of irony – it’s almost as if there some other Lupert employment status than being on trial.

            Don’t go a lumperin in the further woods until the cuckoo calls.


  2. 2
    1001 reasons not to answer says:

    Like the excuse it’s before the courts.


  3. 3
    Stating the obvious says:

    Swinston is another brat pack member who has never held a real job.


    • 72
      Rambling Sid Rumpole says:

      Come on, the “real job” people in the HoC seems to be moving towards the minority


    • 158
      dutchy says:

      Steady on sir, Jo is mylocal MP and a lovelier more down to earth young ‘Scottish Lass’ has never graced the Palace of Westminster. She is married to another’ young turk’ Lib Dem, the MP for Chippenham strengthening Anglo Scottish friendship in these troubled times. Three cheers for Jo !!!


  4. 4
    Anonymous says:

    What about respect for the accused?


    • 19
      Gary Glitter says:



    • 21
      Libby Perve says:

      Respect means a proper investigation rather than trying to bury the story and changing your account of events all the time.

      Respect means not being shifty.

      Respect means taking difficult decisions.

      Respect means not claiming “retirement on health grounds”

      And more and more.


      • 82
        Rambling Sid Rumpole says:

        “means not being shifty” seriously how many in the HoC come in to the “not being shifty” category


      • 114
        Anonymous says:

        Respect is accusing some one through the correct channels, and not the media. Expressing concern over an issue within an organization, is not an accusation it is an attempt to have a person side-lined by the leaders. Any organization can choose to side-line anyone, just like they can choose to promote anyone.

        Only certain institutions can punish.

        I for one do not want alternate courts in this country. But the use of the media as a kangaroo court is just fuelling demands for the increase in the number of groups allowed to punish.

        The alternate is to admit our justice system is broken, and is worthless to even attempt to use. (That however is a valid, and essential, use of the media)


        • 130
          pissed off voter says:

          The ‘correct channels’ are, as it appears in this case, often are more part of the problem than a route to solution.


    • 27
      Rupert Murdoch says:

      She never showed me or my staff any respect.


  5. 5
    Andrew Efiong says:

    Aha, busted! She doesn’t want to ask questions about sleazy colleagues. It shows how the Lib Dems are on the run, ducking for cover rather than standing up to support colleagues in trouble.

    Above all we need to expose the Clegg Cover Up, he’s changed his story more often than he’s changed his underpants.


  6. 6
    Jo WinSome says:

    Look I said SFA out of respect for my job


  7. 7
    Alan Douglas says:

    Could Jo Swinson have been one of the randy lord’s actual conquests ? Her silence is very interesting.

    Alan Douglas


  8. 8
    Vimeiro says:

    Perhaps it’s because she fell for his charms.


  9. 9
    from Spain says:

    from Spain clear skies warm and Country on the way up according to
    the BBC.
    what a load of bollocks.


    • 12
      BBC says:

      We will fill the entire days output with Hispanic content to remind everyone that our dear leader Chavez has passed.


      • 28
        Better times a coming says:

        Soon we shall have our own Hispanic Leader.
        Senora Cleggora, step forward please.


      • 76
        Uni in the 70's....when life was a completly forgotten haze of sex, booze and illicit subst says:

        In the 70’s when the BBC high ups were probably at uni they most likely fancied themselves as “Wolfie” Smith and had posters of “Che” on the wall of their squats whilst shagging everything in a mini-skirt or dungarees(I make no comment on gender) out of their minds most of the time


        • 116
          Rambling Sid Rumpole says:

          I remember the mini skirt and the hot pants, trouble was the wrong sort totty wore them, they either had skinny legs or thunder thighs. I was in my early late teens early twenties in the 60’s drugs were just used by pop groups, uni students and idiots, especially in my neck of the woods. I did overhear one old woman when I was smoking a B&H cigar, a strange looking mottle brown and green colour, “Is he smoking marijuana?” I was never part of that had better things to do. Perhaps Geedo could enlighten us as how many journos on his not favourite rag are on something, they have always been addicted to booz by reputation


          • Love and peace man says:

            Ah, if you remember the 60s you weren’t really there!


          • Rambling Sid Rumpole says:

            I was, but I was not as high as kite and rarely drank alcohol (not that I did not have my moments) then again I was living a long way from London thank goodness


    • 25
      Harvard prof says:

      What goes up must come down…

      So said Werhner von Braun


      • 45
        Better times a coming says:

        ‘Cept he never came down, from working slave labourers to death to achieve his ultimate V1 and V2 weapons for the Fuhrer, going on upward to gain the US’s highest honour.

        Just goes to show, ‘It ain’t who you know, it’s what you know.’


        • 110
          I Mention No Names (Usually) says:

          It’s WHAT you know, about WHO you know, that REALLY makes for success in this crazy world in which we live. THEY know who they are, and what they’ve done, and so do I. A nominal consideration now and then never goes amiss. A nod’s as good as a wink, boss.


          • Anonymous says:

            The current delusional epidemic is ruining that idea. We can have all the dirt on a person we like. It is however, meaningless if all those in leadership are treated as not responsible for the culture, or the actions of their people.

            For some one to even say they believe they are the right person for the jobs is a delusion. They believe they are uniquely attributed. Anyone that states they are the only solution are always the ones to closely watch.

            As long as they believe their route is just, they can kill, abuse, maim with a clear conscience. Dirt will not stick to these sick people.


        • 165
          Rambling Sid Rumpole says:

          After the war where did he go, to that peace loving coutry the USofA


    • 31
      Harvard prof says:

      The wide boiys are betting on a Spa


  10. 10
    genghiz the kahn says:

    So who is going to go through O’Farrell’s new book for his views on Margaret Thatcher, and other Tories?


    • 41
      Tuscan Toynbee says:

      I will.
      O’Farrell’s comedic masterpieces are a joy to read.


    • 128
      Rambling Sid Rumpole says:

      I think Spittoon Image was one of those shows that could have just kept going, over the last 16 years there have been times when i really would have come into its own, why did it have to stop when Liebore came into office, the affairs of politics just keep giving and giving, as time goes on gives new impersonators a break, the present lt would be just as funny. It’s a fact that when the series ended politicos were queuing up to by their SI images .


      • 155
        Anonymous says:

        It stopped because writers and future Labour candiates like O Farrell wouldn’t want to bite the hand that feeds.


        • 167
          Rambling Sid Rumpole says:

          I know that, but you must admit that from to the present day (being non-political here) would supplied endless comedy down to the Hunt and Huhne comics


  11. 11
    Eurgh! says:

    Maybe all these wimmin limp dem MPs are hiding because we all now know the truth. The shameless bints have all had to shag Rennard themselves to get where they are! That’s the question they’re scared of being asked – “So Sarah Teather, Jo Swinson, et al – just how did you manage to pass the selection process?”


  12. 13
    Anonymous says:

    sorry wrong sentance we are fucked.


  13. 15
    Tessa Tickles says:

    “she told them they had to put up with it”

    And she’s women’s minister?? You have to be shitting me.


    • 50
      Better times a coming says:

      Soon all ladies be able to enjoy the attentions of their liberal Masters, thanks to the Ministry for Women promoting ‘all day’ marriage.

      Droit de Liberali to be introduced for all who wish to progress.


  14. 16
    finish work don,t fund the feckless says:

    talk about eating a dead horse,,,


  15. 17

    Little Ed Reallybland has made a video saying sorry for Labour getting it wrong on immigration
    It’s fucking pathetic ! , with the sad music playing in the background


  16. 18
    Emotional Injuries Lawyer says:

    Was Sarah Teather on a short list?


  17. 20

    I’d hate to be sued, by a Liberal Democrat no less, so I’ll suggest a *possible* skenario… minor minister agrees to soft pedal on complaints in return for assurances on future concessions that will *more* than make up for the temporary letting down of victims. If one of those concessions, perhaps the only one, is a better post for that minister, well, it will allow her to do so much more for women and stuff, so what’s the problem? Doing a deal worked for Clare Short…


  18. 22
    Grandstand on the Bandstand says:

    How come Mr Mrs Brown make such a fuss about one little girl hurt by the “bad guys” and ignore all the little girls hurt by Labour’s war making adventures?


    • 30
      Nauseated says:

      Because he is a deranged, one-eyed stinking hypocrite (and his spouse must be mad too).


    • 32
      Silly Sally B13COW says:

      She’s simply a sad attention-seeker.


    • 156
      Casual Observer says:

      Because Mr Brown is milking her plight as part of his UN Global de-education strategy. Have a look at the material he is pushing there and all will become clear.

      It’s not clear if Malala is being paid for this, or herself is truly interested / supportive.


  19. 23
    ████ 'changed my tune' Hoon says:

    LibDems – the most prolific and proficient liars of all the political parties : there’s some pretty stiff competition out there.


  20. 24
    Casting couch says:

    After the loons of Eastleigh have elected another Libdem the party will ruthlessly close this issue down as voters don’t seem to care about their sleaze, hence the silence.


    • 144
      Ede balls says:

      Simpletons not much else.


      • 157
        Casual Observer says:

        Postal votes, not much else.


        • 168
          Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

          In breeding, even their new MP lied about his job. His election literature said he was a business manager in actual fact he is a mortgage broker working for a private bank.

          Lies, lies and more lies from theLibdems.

          Clegg, Swinson, Cable, Huhne, Kennedy, Hughes, Pantsdown, Teather, Laws….. and on and on


    • 172
      Headhunter says:

      Yes, it has gone a bit quiet. Nick Clegg has not denied being in coalition. Perhaps no one has told him about that.


  21. 29
    Tom Watson says:


    • 34
      RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:

      Lend ???? A true socialist. Just borrow and borrow and borrow.


      • 58
        Thick as a Labour Prick says:

        That’s what I’m trying to do, borrow, borrow, borrow…..,

        And what’s wrong with that for a principled Socialiste.


    • 37
      The Murdoch Mob says:

      You don’t need any equipment Tom

      Just be yoursellf and everyone will laugh


      • 48
        red face says:

        Here’s an idea.
        Buy your own karaoke equipment with your inflated MP’s salary and then quietly donate it to a local club when you’ve finished your high-profile charidee fund- raising….


    • 53
      Paniagua Solo says:

      Why don’t you lease one over 200 years on PFI as your party loves expensive stuff to be off the balance sheet.

      That should screw you up financially, then we can all have a fucking good laugh. It is for charity after all.


    • 118
      (I don't need no doctor) says:

      Buy some you scrounging arsewipe. On your money you could easily afford to buy your own. MP free free free.


  22. 35
    Deep Throat says:

    One wonders what Jo Swinson herself had to “put up with” when getting herself selected as a Lib Dem candidate… Is the “casting couch” the method of selecting female parliamentary candidates?


    • 40
      Hollywood celebrity producer says:

      The casting couch is a tried and tested method for creating empty celebrities who we then promote

      Just look around a bit

      Lord Rennard called me many years ago to find out how we did it

      PS Guido has a celebrity promotion PR company for any wannabe celebs…


    • 145
      Simon Hughes says:

      She probaly didnt have to put up much


  23. 38
    Fixed says:


  24. 39
    Dave"The One Term Prime Minister" Cameron says:

    The Conservative led coalition wrestling sub-committee mourns the loss of legendary manager Paul Bearer (William Moody), who passed away Tuesday evening.

    I shall lead tributes at todays PMQ’s.


  25. 43
    Moonbat is confused says:


    • 56
      Paniagua Solo says:

      Cameron is universally described by a word that also starts with C, but is only 4 letters long and ends in UNT


    • 60
      Pondering the imponderable says:

      Why are Liberal Democrats described as Liberal and Democrats when they clearly aren’t ?


    • 66
      I'm just a common guy says:

      Ffs, Andy Pandy is more controversial the Camoron, Chavez was allowed to throw people in jail and take over businesses, Camorons only idea is homosexual marriages, Camoron would do better opening a woman’s lingerie shop.


  26. 50
    Anonymous says:

    After being educated at Stowe School and Oxford, why does Moonbat have to ask such ridiculous pointless questions?


    • 57
      Mad Guardianista Disease says:

      Must be something that they put in the Water at Guardian HQ. Not one of them leaves the building sound of mind.


      • 67
        Paniagua Solo says:

        Look for the little scar behind the left ear. Its where the Common Purpose DNA was implanted.


      • 71
        Simon Jenkins of arts and crafts fame says:

        I am very sound of mind

        I live in Albany and we are all in this together

        Like our very clever tax avoidance experts


    • 125
      Thomas Sowell says:

      Intellect is not wisdom.


  27. 55
    Anonymous says:

    Is she saying that she decided to put UP with it? Just grateful?


  28. 59
    The Mudoch Mob says:

    Who is behind th dirty tricks on Theresa May?

    It is not us, for once


    • 129
      Seen it, Sold the T shirt says:

      Pretending people are running a campaign against you is an old trick to get favourable press and be seen as a ‘player’. May is a has-been who will never lead the Tories. She is the person responsible for calling them the nasty party.


  29. 61
    Chris Huhne's taxpayer funded ipad says:

    This is womens week and Swinson is behaving like a lame excuse for womanhood .

    She is after all in charge of the “all party Parliamentary Group on Body Image” and managed to get a 10K donation for the “Body Confidence Awards” so she is not exactly behind the door when it suits her !

    The 10K came from people masquerading behind the name ” bareMInerals” from Soho who seem to like selling expensive cosmetics you do not find in Poundland and use an advertising slogan of “Hello Georgeous” .

    This woman is a disgrace to her sex , a disgrace to her office , a disgrace to her Party .

    A decisive Leader such as Mr Clegg will sort her out .


    • 73
      Yvonne from The Colliers Arms Clydach says:

      If anyone called me “Georgeous” they would get a good slap in the face.

      As a woman I find it most insulting if a man treats me like this .

      Ms Swinson has clearly found ten thousand good reasons to put up with it .


    • 94
      Sir William Wade says:

      Every week is women’s week.


  30. 63
    sadowitz says:

    “Heading Out” by Sue Perkins on BBC2 is the singularly most unfunny pile of crap I’ve ever seen on telly. It’s almost worth watching because it’s so bad.


    • 131
      JH2329483420 says:

      Her and that Mel Gizzybonk or whatever are strange cases, they have all the on-screen ease, talent and charisma of a hamster having a furious scorpion inserted into its anus.

      The paragraph above is funnier and more shrewd than the entire Perkins opus combined. In August 2012 she appeared on Tatler’s list of ‘coolest lesbians’. I rest my case.

      They seem to be on TV for the sole reason that they have been on it before. The shite that the BBC is pumping out as prime time comedy right now is just mystifying; if they cleared the decks for new talent from all comers (rather than just achingly trendy lefties) we might have some decent TV made again.

      It’s a shame, the US is making the best TV ever right now such as Breaking Bad, Boardwalk Empire, Louie (CK), Mad Men etc.

      We can only do period dramas well. It’s tiresome.


      • 137
        JH2329483420 says:

        PS – I am a proud non-license fee payer.

        I watch the US stuff from internet downloads, as it is usually shown on satellite channels at stupid times of day in order that the main channels can be stuffed with ‘will-this-do?’ shite like that produced by Sue Perkins.


    • 150
      Spike Millican (Retired) says:

      Yes but shes part of the establishment so is guaranteed an income for life quality has no place with luvvies.


  31. 69
    William Hague says:

    This is quite fascinating .

    What is the Committee’s stated view on male pattern baldness and a possible cure this side of May 2015?


    • 81
      A Doctor says:

      We are working night and day find a cure for Hague Syndrome, or New-Variant Shortarsism as it used to be known.


  32. 75
    Jo Swansong says:

    It’s my fundraising effort for Red Face Day.


  33. 79
    Fuck Off Herman says:


  34. 84
    Swerving Mervyn King says:

    We want to buy all gilts issued by the Government for the foreseeable future

    It is a mere accounting entry

    Dont talk to us about Weimar which never existed


    • 111
      A. Hilter II says:

      Keep up the good work! We’re waiting and ready to sort out the LibLabConners, Immigrants and other undesirables once and for all.


  35. 86
    Unemployed and skint in Birtley Colliery says:

    And how might I ask does this all party committee on Body Image help me get a job and lower taxes?


  36. 90
    Jhoo are a donkey! says:


  37. 93
    Huhne, Rennard, Swinson, Teather, Macshane, Hancock, Smith, Hewitt, Campbell, Mandelson et al says:

    Funny how it’s the Tories who still get tagged the nasty party, when the evidence suggests it’s Labour and Lib Dems filled with perverts, crooks, thieves and murderers.


    • 103
      An honest Tory says:

      You mean Brittan, Bottomley, Heath, Yeo, Afiyie, Laud, Portillo, Shapps, Fox, Hague, etc etc have all changed party?


      • 112
        Huhne, Rennard, Swinson, Teather, Macshane, Hancock, Smith, Hewitt, Campbell, Mandelson et al says:

        No, I agree they’re all wretched too. My point is that it’s ONLY the Tories who get tagged nasty, when there are just as many, if not more, in Labour and Lib Dems.


  38. 96
    Owing Jones says:

    Hugo. My Hero.


    • 102
      Just another tinpot dictator says:

      2011 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices – Venezuela:

      “the following human rights problems were reported by nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), the media, and in some cases the government itself: unlawful killings, including summary executions of criminal suspects; torture and other cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment; prison violence and harsh prison conditions; inadequate juvenile detention centers; arbitrary arrests and detentions; corruption and impunity in police forces; corruption, inefficiency, and politicization in a judicial system characterized by trial delays and violations of due process; political prisoners; interference with privacy rights; restrictions on freedom of expression; corruption at all levels of government; threats against domestic NGOs; violence against women; anti-Semitism in the official media; trafficking in persons; violence based on sexual orientation and gender identity; and restrictions on workers’ right of association.

      The government sometimes took steps to punish lower-ranking officials who committed abuses, but there were no investigations or prosecutions of senior officials for alleged corruption or abuses.”


    • 105
      Laurie Lend us a Penny says:

      I am bereft


    • 140
      Joseph Kennedy, grandson and namesake of the Ambassador says:

      Mine, too. I shall never forget his generosity in providing low-cost heating fuel for the people of Massachusetts, distributed through my company, of course. And I had the chance to repay this fine benefactor of humanity, through the efforts of my brother Bob Jr the environmental activist (he of the wife dr!ven to suicide), by getting my ex-brother-in-law Governor Andrew Cuomo (he of the uncanny Moe the Bartender resemblance) to outlaw fracking in New York State, even though it would bring thousands upon thousands of jobs to an economically-depressed region and lower fuel costs in the US.


  39. 98
    Sir Bumley Foghorn MP (Much Ranting in the Shires) says:

    Like her approach. When reporters asked us about Brittan and Heath in the 80s we fitted ‘em up with our friends in the Met. Can’t understand the fuss. Nothing happened that we didn’t all go through in first year at Eton.


  40. 99
    Steve Miliband says:

    When is Gordon saving the beaches of Fife?


  41. 104
    Lord Madoff Mandelson says:


    Please launch a thread on th Labour Party

    I think that young Ed has lost the plot

    He has no policies

    At least Tony and Gordon and I ran the best Ponzi scheme in British histort

    PS I cannot intervene personally any more because I am a bankster now catching up with Natty and Oleg and co


  42. 115
    Company Director Check says:

    Christopher Murray Paul Huhne



  43. 119
    Dave the Gays Luvver says:

    Mothers Day is totally unacceptable in our new Gay Marriage paradise. It is totally unfair that two caring guys should not each receive presents from their little children, just because they cannot be the real parents.


  44. 121
    The elephant in the room, or in this case, camel says:

    I notice that the BBC are still managing to report on a child grooming trial in the North without managing to mention the names of the men on trial or their religion. Funny, that.


  45. 123
    Owin Jones says:

    To be honest, Guido, I don’t even know what you’re arguing.


  46. 153

    With due respect to all ladies concerned. If you want to get on in Liberal Politics, then you’ll have to put up with the odd groper groping. Call that political way forward, I call it a liberty.


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