March 4th, 2013

David “The Jews” Ward Declares War on LibDems

Anyone would have thought David Ward wanted to have the whip suspended. Here are his latest comments on his punishment from LibDem bosses last week:

“I’m very disappointed and angry about this, because what has been said does not reflect what I believe was decided. And, as someone who has run race awareness classes, I find the idea that I have been sent on some sort of correctionary course to be patronising and quite offensive.”

That’s at least his fourth yellow card…


  1. 1
    Milton says:

    If you put any politician in charge of the Sahara Desert, in 5 years there’d be a shortage of sand.


  2. 2
    The Right Honourable George Osborne Mp says:

    I think we’ve got a very clear message, a loud and clear message that Britain cannot let up in dealing with its debts, dealing with its problems, cannot let up in making sure that Britain can pay its way in the world.


  3. 4
    Connaisseur says:


    You must just get used to being smeared by the z I o n I s t

    Backed by the proudly fascist government in I s r a e l


    • 14
      John Smith says:

      How’s your Hitler poster?


      • 30
        Grrr says:

        Is it the poster of Hitler in leather shorts.. mmmm ..dreamy


      • 79
        Anonymous says:

        LOL! A Z i o loon accusing others of racism! The Chuzpah!


      • 102
        You Know Who says:

        Excellent mien herr, let us hope your macinations to revieve the Riech is proceeding to plan.

        herr Rumpy Pumpy is doing his job.

        Sieg Heil.


        • 128
          Big Momma says:

          Someone has to fight the rampant Political Correctness from Liebor and the Limp Dims.
          I would also be angry if a whole bunch of the usual serial hypocrites (of whatever political party) had a go at me over racist allegations or other slurs.


          • Grrr says:

            Racists always pretend their victims.

            “I’m being descriminated against – while I spread filth and racism”


    • 90
      Anonymous says:

      The problem is that the huge numbers of brits who are now actually informed about the ZioLoons endless racist trickery are not democratically represented (yet). There is far too much asscrawling by lickspittles, of which Geedough is one too.


      • 96
        Quiet Bat Person says:

        Has it occured to you that a lot of the TFH anti-Zionist stories on the Interweb might be posted by Russian shills? Or are you a Russian shill too?


      • 122
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Comment noted. Glad to have noted it and that eyes are opening up.


        • 135
          Grrr says:

          Racist filth

          Like any disease – always ready to come back.

          And we killed so many millions of this type in WW2


  4. 5
    Shib O'Lith says:

    It’s a free country where everyone has the right to free speech


  5. 7
    Arbeit says:

    Send him to Auschwitz.


  6. 8
    Adolf Schicklegruber says:

    Good to see my special motif next to zis fine man


  7. 10
    Shib O'Lith says:

    Everyone is entitled to think for themselves and express their point of view


  8. 12
    lojolondon says:

    He is calling their bluff, the LimpDims are terrified of having another by-election so they will not discipline him, so he will continue to kick Clegg-ass until the next election.


  9. 13
    Casual Observer says:

    England regional England shares many similarities with South East England.

    There have been no by-elections in the region since 2010 GE.

    Eastleigh change in voting were as follow:

    The change in assumed from Eastleigh is as follows:

    2013 Election: South East: Eastleigh Changes
    Party|Change (%)
    Con  |    -13.96
    Lab  |       0.2
    LD   |    -14.48
    UKIP |      24.2

    If the voting pattern seen in Eastleigh was repeated in a GE tomorrow, based on the 2010 GE results, the following seats would change hands:

    2013 Election: Eastern – Based on Eastleigh Result
    Constituency                  |Change    |Majority (Over)
    Basildon South & Thurrock East|Con-->Lab |   1.06% (UKIP)
    Bedford                       |Con-->Lab |   9.38% (UKIP)
    Great Yarmouth                |Con-->Lab |   4.40% (UKIP)
    Harlow                        |Con-->Lab |    3.37% (Con)
    Ipswich                       |Con-->Lab |   7.80% (UKIP)
    Norwich North                 |Con-->Lab |   3.02% (UKIP)
    Stevenage                     |Con-->Lab |   4.91% (UKIP)
    Thurrock                      |Con-->Lab |   5.21% (UKIP)
    Watford                       |Con-->Lab |   0.55% (UKIP)
    Waveney                       |Con-->Lab |   9.47% (UKIP)
    Peterborough                  |Con-->UKIP|    1.15% (Lab)
    St Albans                     |Con-->UKIP|    1.68% (Con)
    Norwich South                 |LD-->Lab  |   2.30% (UKIP)
    Cambridge                     |LD-->UKIP |     1.92% (LD)

    The Conservatives would lose 12 seats in total. 10 to Labour, 2 to UKIP.

    The Lib Dems would lose two seats, 1 to UKIP and 1 to Labour.

    UKIP would be the dominant second placed party.

    On this projection, after the election the parties in Eastern England would fare as follows in terms of total seat count:

    Con : 40
    Lab : 13
    UKIP: 3
    LD  : 2


    • 15
      Casual Observer says:

      That should be ‘Eastern regional’ rather than ‘England regional’.


    • 17
      Call me Dave says:



    • 18
      Nigel Farage says:

      Yes…yes..yes…. but would I win a seat???


      • 48
        Casual Observer says:

        UKIP stand a better chance in Eastern England vs. South East.

        Assigning resources to the above indicated constituencies would certainly help tip the odds, especially if an early GE somehow gets called.


    • 31
      Spot the spin says:

      Only twats from the EU talk about regions in England.


      • 33
        Call me Dave says:

        I prefer the term Cantons


      • 44
        Casual Observer says:

        Check the electoral commission and how they divide up the map.

        It is standard terminology not to be confused with the European versions. Am not sure if the euro parliament positions directly map or not.


        • 72
          Democracy Now says:

          The electoral commission are stupid. If it wasn’t for them, our democracy wouldn’t be as deeply flawed as it is.


      • 83
        Truth says:

        Correct Sot the Spin, The EU have taken England off the Map and replaced it with regions and our Politicians are complicit in helping them, they are traitors and should be tried as such.


        • 113
          The Last Raven says:

          We have tried them and we have found them wanting – ever more.


          Time to check out.


  10. 16
    Owin Jones says:

    Gay Gay Gay Gay Gay Gay…… I bet that you didn’t know this celeb is gay


  11. 22
    jGOM says:



  12. 23

    The Commentator

    Once and for all: The leftist origins of National Socialism

    The debate about where Nazism should be placed on the political spectrum has enjoyed a renaissance of late. The answer is so obvious that we really needn’t have bothered


    • 85
      Anonymous says:

      LOL, The Commentator is a raving Hasbara site! Take any of their ZioPropaganda with spoonsfull of salt.


    • 125
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Read the whole article [2 pages of twisted rhetoric] several hours ago. It is an Opinion full of bull5hit that meanders and cherrypicks through Ed’s perception that he would like to sell as being ‘a once and for all piece’ that is not questionable – it is NOT A FACT BASED article it is a rhetorically twisted piece of opinionated bull5hit.

      Cherrypicked for a reason.


      • 131
        Stalin's Ghost. says:

        Of course the Nazis’ were fellow Socialists which is why I signed a pact with them to divide up Poland.
        But then they attacked me before I was ready to attack them.


        • 133
          Blowing Whistles says:

          Stalin the half-j** enjoyed his homosexual love trysts with many men and he enjoyed murdering and boiling innocent people to death.


  13. 24
    Lard Everard says:


    • 38
      Rennard is foxy says:

      That’s scraping the bottom of the barrel, or maybe just patting the bottom of Ms teather?


  14. 25
    ampbeast says:

    He is only Not following orders!


  15. 26
    Owin Jones says:

    Here is Nero’s letter to creditors


  16. 29
    Tachybaptus says:

    The yellow party only hands out yellow cards. That’s why no one ever gets sent off.


  17. 32
    South Park says:


  18. 34
    Stolen innocence 2012 of United Wheeldom says:

    Reblogged this on shared blogs.


  19. 35
    Galloway vs caller says:


    • 55
      Mossad agent says:

      I do not recognise the Respect Party.


      • 88
        Anonymous says:

        You don’t recognise any party other than a zioloonatic one.

        “Goy are donkeys to serve the Je ws” — Popular Rabbi Ovadia Yusef


      • 105
        The late Shah says:

        Freedom fighters in Syria = Terrorists.

        This is the truth.

        Dont Let Hague say anything different.

        The mans a total arsewipe.


  20. 36
    Timmy Tin Foil says:

    If the truth were known, isn’t there probably an agreement, something along the lines of “You gotta say wot you gotta say, and we gotta say wot we gotta say, and we’re all agreed that there’s no hard feelings, yeah?” I mean, they’re shocked– SHOCKED!– that an MP from Bradford would make such statements. And he’s shocked– SHOCKED!– that they’re shocked! They’re all “shocked,” my Aunt Tessie! All of this is Kabuki for the idiots out there naive enough to buy it, and a not-particularly-edifying spectacle for the rest of us.

    Here endeth the rant.


  21. 39
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    Seems like he’s trying to collect as many yellow cards as possible for his outrageous behaviour.

    One thing’s for sure the libdems are hardly bringing him into line are they?


    • 59
      Casual Observer says:

      Nope. Bradford East, David’s seat, is on only a 0.9% majority over Labour as well.

      Perhaps he is not being brought in to line by the party as his message may be helping to shore up the vote ?

      The progressive PC mob could hardly admit to that.


      • 126
        Blowing Whistles says:

        David is on a learning curve – that some 80% of politicians ought to get themselves on and fucking pronto.


  22. 40
    Calamity Clegg says:

    It’ll be the top stream on the oratory for my kids plus tutors from Westminster private school. just like the Blairs did :)


  23. 41
    Owin Jones says:

    Friday: Sentinel “remains in good health.” … Today: “Sentinel Media Ltd is no longer able to pay its debts.”


  24. 45
    Eastleigh lib-dem voter says:

    Did someone mention whip?


  25. 50
    Galloway is a friend to Islamists says:


    • 58
      Elsie Beattie (83 and a quarter) says:

      I find “Gorgeous” George Galloway to be rather easy on the eye, dear. What spews forth from his beard, however, can be rather disturbing.


    • 108
      Aurthur Scargull says:

      No hes not hes a friend of the vote early and vote often party, you know it makes sense if you want to trough.


  26. 51
    Eastleigh lib-dem voter says:

    Did someone mention whip? We lib-dem voters like a good whip, just ask Huhne and that bloke he married.


  27. 53
    Blinky and Wanker says:


  28. 54
    Memories, memories says:

    Leon Brittan speaks again: “I have no recollection of these matters. Sorry!”

    Elm House visits et al. Funny that. But poor memory is a prerequisite for politicians.


  29. 57
    Vicky Pryce says:

    I wanted my day in court, but…………..!!!!


    • 68
      Jemima Puddle says:

      When you stand in front of the toilet bowl, does your tinkle ever actually go in it?


  30. 61
    Marine Le Pen says:

    Votez UKIP.


  31. 67
    Civil service to stop servicing says:

    The UK’s largest civil service union has voted for strike action after a national ballot in a row over job losses, pay and pensions.

    The Public and Commercial ServiceUnion (PCS) says 61% of those who voted opted to strike, while 80% voted for other forms of industrial action.

    Turnout among the union’s 250,000 members balloted was 28%.

    The PCS, which wants a 5% pay rise, or £1,200, says potential walkouts could clash with the Budget later this month.


    • 69
      Poor adder says:

      I know they are civil service figures BUT …61% + 80% ??


      • 75
        David, call me Prime Minister if you like says:

        Lots of love. I can give you my Cast-Iron guarantee that 45% of these, so-called, workers will be in gainful employment come 2015.
        lol ♥ Dave (Prime Minister and Member)


        • 141
          Titty Falarious says:

          But only 28% of them even bothered to actually get up/go out and vote. So boundless enthusiasm there.

          I must be mistaken, but I had been under the impression that civil servants were on the whole quite bright, but the fact that they still contribute a chunk of their hard earned wages to support the luxury layabout lifestyle of the likes of Serwotka (another good old English name that!) and his union baron mates continues to amaze me.

          They should all resign en masse and give themselves a substantial tax-free annual pay rise, which over the years will amount to far more than Serwotka and his ilk will ever win for most of them.


    • 74
      Taxpayer says:

      If they can agree on striking for the next six months we might get control over the deficit and maybe even one day start payiong doen the national debt they created.

      Someone tell them to go fuck themselves.


      • 89
        Nworb Nodrog says:

        Mark Serwotka said: “Civil and public servants are working harder than ever to provide the services we all rely on………………………………….


        • 142
          Titty Falarious says:

          .. Nodrog, you forgot to mention “especially the regular dollop that goes towards my salary and perks”.


    • 110
      Lord George Brown says:

      Oh come on we all did algbera at skool didnt we lets hope they all go on strike and we dont notice.


  32. 76
    The vegetable lamb of tartary. says:



  33. 80
    David Spameron says:

    Oh dear!


  34. 91
    Hannibal from Carthage says:

    I think Mr Ward has a lot to learn .

    He should take lessons from our socialist friend Chuka .

    Last year Chuka managed to get the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs to sub him £4,420 for flights to Israel and Palestine .

    In addition Chuka received assistance from those good friends of Government Price Waterhouse ( £25,162.50p ) and the Institute of Chartered Accountants ( £9,592.08) .

    I trust they will be expecting nothing in return for this largesse.


    • 98
      Anonymous says:

      I wonder how much they’d give me to stop pointing out Zioloonaticism?


    • 111
      Chuka bunga says:

      How dare you.


    • 127
      Blowing Whistles says:

      None of the above comment have anything to do with me. and I do not DO SOCKPUPPETTING – to enhance a comment – I DON’T FUCKING NEED TO.


      • 146
        Anonymous says:

        Nor do I, there is enough Zioloonaticism to keep busy an army of posters. Their new Chuzpah is to go for Hollowcost Plus, of 22 million.
        (Interestingly that’s the number their Bolshevik kin are said to have killed in the Holodomor just before WW2, just before their yank branch declared war on Germany in 1933. Pointing out such actual facts though is apparently “anti-smeitic”.)


    • 144
      Curly says:

      Only a body like the Institute of Chartered Accountants would account scrupulously for the extra 8p.


  35. 93
    damned impertinent questions says:

    “as someone who has run race awareness classes”

    Now they don’t wear yellow stars one has to know them to spot them


  36. 99
    Great Granddad:Prime Minister in Waiting, New Utopia Party says:

    I can’t keep up with this substitute for English. Pray tell me what a “correctionary” is when it’s out for a walk.


  37. 114
    anon. says:


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