March 1st, 2013

Boring MP, Huge Result


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    David Davis says:

    Would you like some coffee Dave ?


    • 5
      Grant Shapps says:

      I’ll have a schnapps.


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        Cut-me-own-throat Dibbler says:

        UKIP leader Nigel Farage said: “If the Conservatives hadn’t split our vote we would have won.”



        • 44
          Herman & Jose says:

          The Conservative party are finished, well done Cameron.


          • Anonymous says:

            Exactly… Vote Ukip and get Labour!


          • Spartacus says:

            er . . . voted UKIP and got libdem

            or are you missing something?


          • Anonymous says:

            You don’t seriously think UKIP are going to win next general election do you?


          • Ma­qboul says:

            Nobody will win it on this performance. There’ll be another Coalition with UKIP in it.


          • Anonymous says:

            It has been divided between the party and the leadership since the 1990s so it would have been better if it had split then. Instead of waiting until now to adopt LibDem policies the wet pro-EU lump of the party could have joined them while the ones who support nation and independence could have become or joined UKIP.


          • The Treacherous Tosser in No 10 says:

            So they came second! – who cares? I’m still safe for preferment in Angela’s €USSR! And I’ve always got my wind farms to fall back on! – what?


          • Plato says:

            Does anybody know why Farage does not stand?

            He is very uncomfortable when asked.

            Whats going on?


          • Who Want's Some! says:

            The Conservative Party needs to be split the current leadership have more in common with the ruling elements of the LibDems and Labour than they do with grass roots Tory party membership. This has been the case for over 20 years now, hence Dave as the heir to Blair. The only way we will ever get a true Conservative Party that puts English concerns first (after the Scots go UDI in 2014 it will be English politics) is to split it and then create a new party. Labour may win the next GE in this process and sadly that is the possible price that is going to have to be paid to get our nation and our future back.


        • 60
          D milliband says:

          So True!.


          • Old England says:

            Farage likes the trappings of being an MEP,though he will cite next years
            EU vote as his main battle….Shame really..!!!


        • 62
          Cut-me-own-throat Dibbler says:

          That’s one small vote for UK. A giant headache for Ed Cammy-Nickers.


        • 86
          Jock McJock says:

          UKIP have soaked up all the ultra right wing, Xenophobic, delusionists – making the Tories much more electable.

          We wish UKIP every success as genuinely they need to be elected so we can see them operate. They deserve to be in the limelight, taking decisions and implementing their policies.

          No need to be a “If only..”


        • 108
          Quantrill says:



        • 165
          Rumbled says:

          John Redwood’s in meltdown on his blog, deleting comment left, right and centre. Things are a tad difficult this morning for a so-called eurosceptic who hasn’t the balls to step away from his traitorous party.


          • Who Want's Some! says:

            Redwood is the perfect example of the paralysis in the so called EuroSceptic element of the Tory Party. He’s yesterday’s man and has failed the test of political leadership. He is no threat to Dave and his pals.


      • 37
        Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

        The Electorate know that the Libdems give competent value for money, are conscientious, have integrity, work hard and are not a haven for perverts, as claims keep being made on this site say. That is why I keep getting re-elected. Up the Libdems and my boys financing them. Boaz.


      • 175
        fruitcake says:

        UKIP are a bunch of fruitcakes said Dave. So that’s “Tories losing to fruitcakes”

        Ahhh bliss.


    • 88
      Kng says:

      Cameron is a complete wanker

      The reason people are not voting Conservative is becuase they are continuity Brown

      11 kids £400,000 house and a pony paid for by the State means that sonething is very wrong


      • 105
        Eastleigh Tackling Climate Change Bollocks says:

        Did anyone see that ‘tory’ prick on the Daily Politics yesterday?

        Whining that there was nothing we could do to stop millions of Romanians and Bulgarians from coming to the UK, because, in his own words, ‘we are not allowed to’.

        Utter piss walking.


        • 129
          Anonymous says:

          And the only way to stop all these foreigners coming in is more Lib Dem MPs.

          Always works.


          • Anonymous says:

            Sour grapes from the Blue Labour party. Wonder why people don’t vote for you?, based on your policy and record in government, a vote for you may as well be a vote for labour.


          • Eastleigh Tackling Climate Change Bollocks says:

            Lib-Dim, Fauxservative or NuLabour are all the same beast.

            Millimetres apart ideologically, yet still trying to pretend there is a significant difference. People are waking up and they are seeing through the charade.


        • 195
          Who Want's Some! says:

          It will get worse before it gets better, once people finally get the message that our elite actually no longer control our own borders and the next wave of cuts really bite, but your taxes keep going up, the Scots piss off and put up controls to stop the east European ‘sweepings of the streets’ from just walking in and being given cash. 2015 GE will be crucial to winning our nation back


          • Red Ed Millibandwagon says:

            Happy to see the BBC are quiet on our poor showing but there again we did instruct them to do this.


      • 111
        Simon G says:

        Yes it is wrong but these are statutory rules regarding provision to people brought in under Labour’s wheeze of reducing child poverty. It was intended to keep families voting Labour forever.


      • 209
        MY LITTLE PONY says:

        Pony not paid for by the state! So that’s a saving to the taxpayer on the cost of hay.
        Every little helps!


  2. 2
    JohncMousley says:

    Could the Tories please stop splitting the UKIP vote. oh sweet revenge


    • 210
      Outraged, Eastleigh says:

      Sweet revenge indeed, even better if the fibbers, pervs and wrong ‘uns party had been stuffed into third place


  3. 3
    Kebab Time says:

    The winner was always going to be the State.


    • 45
      Herman & Jose says:

      Rubbish Billy, you have been hanging around with that twat Old Holborn for too long.


  4. 4
    BingoClinic says:

    …”Any cats out there like a bit of Lady Gaga?..”


  5. 6
    Pollytwaddle says:

    Oh my!

    Maybe I’ll have to change my line of twaddle and start dissing UKIP instead of the Evil Tories ™


    • 81
      Spartacus says:

      bbc described it as:

      and now ukip is the latest protest vote


      • 90
        JH20348923458734 says:

        One day a genuinely right wing, conservative party is going to gain power.

        On that day, they should tell every BBC interviewer, news editor, open neck-shirt-wearer, shirt-lifter and Director General they can get their hands on to get used to these two words.



  6. 7
    Casual Observer says:

    Thornton did not look too happy when admitting that he was surprised at UKIPs result.


  7. 8
    The Kaigat Of Wands says:

    Who’s going to be the first Conservative MP to jump?


    • 10
      Casual Observer says:

      Out of a window, looks like Schapps.

      To UKIP – Good question. Possibly M0rdaunt ?


      • 39
        Tory voter says:

        Shapps is an arrogant disaster. I am afraid that applies to a lot of Conservative HQ. In contrast many, possibly most, of the grassroots are rather likeable. In the words of Theresa May, it’s time to purge the “nasty” elements. Also time to be humble and instead of telling people what they want, it’s time to listen.


        • 43

          It’s all our fault for listening to a closet LibDem in blue clothing. The Cameroons have really mucked things up, both nationally and in the party and the sooner they are purged from the Conservative Party the better.


        • 52
          Ukip are the future says:

          Are you listening then? I’ll shout this just once: GET RID OF DAVE – NOW!
          Got it?


          • Old England says:

            Cameron has promised an EU referendum,but this is dependent on the
            conservatives winning the next election,which means we will not get one…
            If cameron was serious about the EU ref’and supported an EU exit,he could
            have put the wheels in motion to achieve that aim before the next election..From his present position,we will never leave the Wretched,twisted,corrupt and shackleing EU.It is quite obvious,cameron does not want to leave the EU,so,where do i go,…UKIP, or detatch completely from politics…


          • Who Want's Some! says:

            Exactly bit not just Dave all three main party’s leaderships share the same vision of the EU. We need to break the hold of the current leadership this will only happen through defeat in elections and on key policies. The opposition is still not strong enough or united enough to form a real electable alternative. But it will be as events unfold and reveal the full extent of the current elites inability to to do the job. It won’t be quick and it won’t painless, but UKIP are part of the process they won’t form the new party of future but from the battle that they will be used in this will emerge.


  8. 9
    JabbaTheCat says:

    Lol…Eastleigh inbreeds vote in the majority for open toe sandal socialists and swivel eyed loons. There are an awful lot of dim people out there…


    • 17
      Pollytwaddle says:

      4088, to be exact.


      • 27
        JabbaTheCat says:

        13,342+11,571=4088, interesting mathematical reduction formula at work there?


        • 51
          Herman & Jose says:

          The correct number of numpties in Eastleigh is 10,559, the idiots who vote conservative and get socialist Dave and tax and spend Gideon.


          • Astonished says:

            When you have 18 year olds voting Tory because they believe in “financial climate change”, it’s time to introduce some form of qualification for voting or even a weighted system.

            I’m also shocked at the number of politicians who have no experience outside of politics – it should be a requirement for them to at least to be able to understand the difference between debt and deficit.

            Diversity awareness alone isn’t enough, the MPs should be given some remedial lessons to make sure they have a basic grasp of maths.


      • 48
        Catty Comment (Ms) says:

        As I said on the previous thread:

        So, 13000 odd voted for him….

        … while 27000 voted against him.

        Isn’t democracy lovely?


      • 120
        Failwatch says:

        27989 Eastleighian still want exactly the same as the past 16 years – more immigration, more benefits, more pfi, more bank problems, no growth, more laws controlled by Europe, less EU rebate….. sheep.


  9. 11
    Mentalhealthwatch Operative says:

    I’m very worried that a relatively small geographical area can muster thirteen thousand dribbling berks who are still prepared to vote for the Liberal Democrats.


  10. 12
    Plantagenet says:

    UKIP’s not ready for primetime. We’ll see how all the new attention reflects on their fringey elements.


    • 14
      The Kaigat Of Wands says:

      Although I support UKIP I think you’re right, not about the “fringey element” but about prime-time – but you also miss the point. What does it say about things when, despite that, they pick up votes equally from both sides? Other than NOTA only Labour’s share of the vote held up.


      • 16
        Casual Observer says:

        It could be pointing to Labour / UKIP hung Parliament in 2015.

        There is possibility of some more by-elections though if the police and CPS pull their fingers out.


        • 18
          The Kaigat Of Wands says:

          Love to see it but I doubt it, on the other hand the Labour Representation Committee seemed eccentric and marginal in the 1900 election. UKIP’s secret weapon is the smug, entitled arrogance of the Conservative Party.


        • 84
          Observer says:

          Not to mention the Grim Reaper, as well as Tories wanting to spend more time with their families or to resume a career in the private sector while there is still time.


        • 206
          Bollocks to getting a pseudonym says:

          If an MP has to leave under a cloud, such as Huhne’s departure, that person’s party should be barred from fielding a candidate in the resulting by-election and possibly the same seat (or its replacement) in the newxt general election.


    • 28
      Jimmy says:

      To be fair the Lemon Party did break with its tradition of nominating swivel eyed loons and went with someone normal. Fortunately for Butch I don’t think they have very many of those. It’s as if they swapped candidates for this one.


      • 110
        Farrell says:

        And fortunately the Labia Party have plenty more cu­nts lining up for a hard election.


  11. 15
    Casual Observer says:

    There is no place for secret courts, better known as in camera courts, in an open democracy period.

    On this issue Ken Clarke is wrong:


    • 53
      Herman & Jose says:

      Clarke is a fascist, we love him.


      • 58
        Mohammed Attaboy says:

        Ministry acquaints a man with strange Ben Fellows.


      • 83
        Spartacus says:

        clarke is a drunken dinosaur

        BUT why is it the barristers like clarke (and blair) that want to continuously reduce the population to serfdom?


        • 87
          Gerry Mandering says:

          He attends Bilderberg you know. Just a few friends round for drinks and nibbles.


      • 226
        Historian says:

        Closed courts are a feature of closed societies, all of those appear to be socialist regimes.

        See for instance DPRK, Soviet Russ!a etc.

        No place in open democracies, that is for sure.


    • 80
      Liblabcon scum says:

      I’d dump the first 50 thousand Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants on Eastleigh.

      If you vote Liblabcon, then you can personally put up with the consequences.


  12. 19
    ian says:

    damn fell asleep before the cum shot


  13. 20
    Conspiracy Watch says:

    The Dickens dossier is much more interesting now:

    There could well be a copy in Argentina.


    • 232
      Bee ship says:

      The Police and Gvt targetting intel agents is bound to have repercussions.

      Rheinhart Gherlan formed the CIA the BND and Argentina’s Intelligence Service.

      Its certain that she took a copy with her. The good news is ‘they’ just want to get rid of the Paedophiles and corrupt scum from all parties.


  14. 21
    ian says:

    shame the tories split the ukip vote. vote tory get ed


  15. 22
    OMG DUH says:

    That result is a landslide for a Tory with a proper Europe message. Or any Europe message. Sort it out, Dave.


    • 56
      Herman & Jose says:

      Err, the tory candidate in question was an anti EU candidate, well as anti as mainstream tories are these days, you know, lets renegotiate at err, sometime in the distant future, umm when the clocks strike 90 o’clock and there is a unicorn sighted on London Bridge etc, etc, etc.


  16. 23
    New UKIP fan says:

    UKIP get my vote at the next GE. I’m fed up with all the immigration and Dave’s PC bullshit.


  17. 24
    Your Friendly Neighbourhood Snarky Remark Service says:

    We are waiting for the first person to say that if the Tories had stood down in Eastleigh, UKIP would have won, and all the Tories did by running their own candidate was to elect a LibDem, and that isn’t going to work out well for anyone in the long run. Didn’t we hear all that nonsense about how UKIP cost the Tories seats in 2010? Fair’s fair. Let’s see if they like it up them for a change.


    • 25
      Your Friendly Neighbourhood Snarky Remark Service says:

      In the process of being typed whilst ian at 3:23 am had already posted. We have a poster with rather clumsy fingers at this hour of the morning and it can take a while to crank one out.


    • 166
      Spartacus says:

      err, . . . nonsense about how UKIP cost the Tories seats in 2010

      Bolton West:
      Labour 18,329; Conservative 18,235; UKIP 1,901
      Derby North:
      Labour 14,896; Conservative 14,283; UKIP 829
      Derbyshire NE:
      Labour 17,948: Conservative 15,503; UKIP 2,636
      Dorset mid & Poole:
      Labour 21,100; Conservative 20,831; UKIP 2,109
      Dudley North:
      Labour 14,923; Conservative 14,274; UKIP 3,267
      Great Grimsby:
      Labour 10,777: Conservative 10,063: UKIP 2,043
      Hampstead & Kilburn:
      Labour 17,332; Conservative 17,290; UKIP 408
      Middlesbrough South:
      Labour 18,138; Conservative 16,461; UKIP 1,881
      Morley (Ed Balls):
      Labour 18,365; Conservatives 17,264; UKIP 1,506
      Labour 16,393; Conservatives 14,841; UKIP 3,491
      Plymouth Moor View:
      Labour 15,433; Conservatives 13,845; UKIP 3,188
      Liberal 23,635; Conservatives 23,460; UKIP 1,200
      Somerton & Frome:
      Liberal 28,793; Conservatives 26,976; UKIP 1,932
      Southampton Itchen:
      Labour 16,326; Conservatives 16,134; UKIP 1,928
      St Austell & Newquay:
      Liberal 20,189; Conservatives 18,877; UKIP 1,757
      St Ives:
      Liberal 19,619; Conservatives 17,900; UKIP 2,560
      Labour 15,977; Conservatives 14,996; UKIP 2,428
      Walsall North:
      Labour 13,385; Conservatives 12,395; UKIP 1,737
      Walsall South:
      Labour 16,211; Conservatives 14,456; UKIP 3,449
      Liberal 24,560; Conservatives 23,760; UKIP 1,711
      Wirral South:
      Labour 16,276; Conservatives 15,745; UKIP 1,274


  18. 29
    Borissimo says:

    I’m simply quite delighted at how this could pan out. There may not be truth in the public domain yet, but there does appear to be a God.


  19. 30
    EU Watch says:

    Anti-austerity protests across 40 cities in Portugal and abroad, organized by Que se lixe a Troika (Damn the Troika).

    The protests are scheduled for March 2nd.


  20. 31
    Cameron the Cunt says:

    UKIP would have won if Farage had stood himself. I can’t stand his party but he does seem to have a certain charisma which would have played out to his advantage this week.

    Hopefully someone will challenge Cameron for the leadership and the Tories will go into meltdown.

    David Davis will be smiling over his morning coffee.


    • 34
      albacore says:

      Oh yes, it’s the Tories that are splitting the vote
      The Eastleigh folks have told them they’re no good for nowt
      Cameron stepping down won’t be nearly enough
      Two more years of make-believe Conservative guff
      And we’ll NEVER climb out of the E U dustbin
      Masses more immigrants will ensure we’re locked in


    • 66
      Ken Clarke says:

      Nigel Farage already leads the real conservative party.


    • 227
      UK Watch says:

      Farage standing would not have changed the outcome. James was a very impressive candidate, and did very well.

      If Farage had stood: UKIP would still lose, credibility of both Farage and UKIP undermined (even with slight loss), false claim that UKIP is cult of personality remains credible.

      After last night, all of the above now lack credibility, and the postal vote should be under the microscope, a bit.

      James’ remark on her leader was very wise and smart. The UKIP is not about Nigel, and that message is coming across much louder now.


  21. 33
    bendy says:

    Mr Cameron …. Mr Cameron … can we have a word please?…………. “Oh Shit!!”


  22. 35
    Moby Dick says:

    Cameron might as well announce he has a Bulgarian/Romanian love child


  23. 38
    FFS says:

    low-turnout and protest votes. Typical by-election crap then.

    But proving a vote for UKIP helps Lib Dem an Labour MPs into parliament


    • 46
      Fruitcakes etc rub Dave's nose in the es-aithch one tee says:

      52% Turnout…higher than some recent elections I could mention.

      UKIP will decimate the Tories in the European Elections in 2014 and probably be top of the poll and send a few shock waves through Brussels elite as well…now THAT would be worth voting UKIP for


    • 57
      Herman & Jose says:

      On the contrary, voting for Fabian Cameron results in Labour and Lib-Dim yellow socialists getting into parliament. Presumably you can’t count?


  24. 41
    Archie says:

    Any joy from your contacts about the………… what, 14,000 “postal votes”, Guido, old sport? My nostrils detect the none-too-subtle odour of rodent!


  25. 42
    where the blind lead says:

    The question is how many of the fourteen thousand postal votes were libdem votes? We know that postal vote fraud is high in areas where the party has control over the town hall with its party members in key positions ideally suited to steal postal votes. If 80% of postal votes go to the ruling party you know something stinks. If UKIP had any sense they would call the police in and go through the register with a fine tooth comb.


  26. 50
    fella on the underground says:

    No comment yet from “Sandra in Accounts”

    Speak up woman.


  27. 59
    William says:

    Farage for Pope!


  28. 61
    Lard Everard says:



  29. 63
    In Vince ab Cable says:

    It would be nice if we could have a full audit of the large number of postal votes that was submitted, I am sure it would make interesting reading.
    The numbers involved are a real game changer depending on how they were cast. Just a thought.

    LibDems win after all the bad publicity they had since joining the coalition.

    Or perhaps the good people of eastleigh are really simple folk who dont understand what they do.


    • 140
      melvin says:

      When the postal votes are opened, representatives from all Parties are invited to be at the process in order to scrutinise the proceedings in the same way as it happens on election night with the opening of ballot boxes.

      Of course, local Parties often don’t have the knowledgable officers or hard workers who are prepared to undertake this important scrutiny.


      • 164
        Anonymous says:

        Just checking how an envelope is opened completely misses the point. How were the contents put in there is the question to be scrutinized.


        • 197
          John Bellingham says:

          Old age homes, care homes, hospitals are excellent places for canvassers to arrange postal votes for voters. In non-English-speaking constituencies, there is a different scheme.


  30. 65
    grs says:

    Vote UKIP for a federal Europe


  31. 68
    Real Conservatives Vote UKIP says:

    Rennard breath a sigh of relief as another failed Tory plot (predictable) to support the Coalition Tories in Eastleigh bites the dust.

    They have the desire but not the willpower let alone the wit.


  32. 69
    Person from Porlock says:

    Ironic that the night’s poor showing for Labour almost guarantees them to be, or to be the predominant part of, the government in 2015.

    Or sooner if the coalition now collapses. Or indeed if the Conservative party now splits.


    • 97
      RK says:

      I think that the Conservative Party is less likely to split than to simply see its voters drift away.


      • 127
        Person from Porlock says:

        Take Mad Nads. What point is there for her to hold on? She could state today that UKIP won a seat last night, hers!

        There are probably ten or more Conservative MPs who do not like the way things are running and can see annihilation in front of them who could do likewise with absolutely no damage to their prospects. It is in situations like these that you could find UKIP with representation in parliament. In 2015, some of them might even prevail as the sitting candidate!

        You may even see one announce today.


  33. 70
    Anonymous says:

    The first question the Lib Dem canvasser asked me was not about policy but whether or not I was going to vote by post …..The Lib Dems were desperate last night going around in vast numbers getting the people who had not voted out to vote .The Tories chose the wrong candidate


  34. 72
    AAa-RMAGEDDON says:

    UKIP wonderful lovely insane old fashioned racist UKIP. Welcome to EdM your PM in waiting. Under AV the tories would have won. Ironic huh?


    • 135
      Eastleigh Tackling Climate Change Bollocks says:


      You’re projecting again, take your medication.


      • 205
        Jack Ketch says:

        I have said before and I will say it again, being of the opinion that a certain Polish Labour MP should go to prison for charging the taxpayer a squillion pounds in expenses for his garden shed is not being racist. Thinking that Dianne Abbot takes up too much space in the House of Commons is also not racist. Believing that Chukkup Umana is a total dickhead is not racist.
        However, thinking that all the girly-boys in all mainstream parties cannot wait to get their hands and other parts on all of those doe-eyed young Romanian boys and be humiliated by lots of Bulgarian rough trade is probably homophobic, true but homophobic.


  35. 73
    Anonymous says:

    THGe rea


  36. 74
    Truth says:

    Well done UKIP (true Conservative Party) ,this shows that the Conservative Party are now finished thanks to Cameron.


  37. 75
    Bugler Bert says:

    The real shock for Cameron is that the electorate does not believe anything he says regarding the EU [promises to hold a referendum is the best example] Would you, the voter, work for a firm that refuses to have its books audited? Or work for a company that takes almost twenty to realize that it policy on fishing is nothing less than a complete criminal catastrophe? Well, I bloody would not, so get your effing finger out!


  38. 76
    stun says:

    I see the backdrop the stage where the candidates awaited the count has ‘Tackling Climate Change’ as its major message FFS. Still under Huhne’s spell then.


    • 139
      Eastleigh Tackling Climate Change Bollocks says:

      We must do everything in our power to prevent catastrophic climate change. We can control the weather I tell you, if we spend enough money on it. Honest.


  39. 77
    Centre Parting says:

    Boris and Nigel should sort this out together now, then we can have a proper election.


  40. 78
    bergen says:

    Oh dear.

    Dave’s plan to be returned triumphantly to power by a tsunami of grateful gay voters doesn’t seem to be working.

    What a pity. Never mind.


    • 98
      Big gay Al says:

      I thought about voting, but I decided to take some poppers and bum a rent boy instead – much more pleasant.


  41. 82
    Grollace says:

    Liberal hold. What’s the fuss then?


  42. 85
    John O'Farrell says:

    I can now go back to being unfunny on TV.


    • 104
      JH20348923458734 says:

      How about you just fuck off?

      I hope a Para or Marine who fought in the Falklands – or anyone who fought the IRA – sees you in the street, follows you and beats you to within – literally – an inch of your sneery, oh-so-clever life.


    • 217
      Red Ed Millibandwagon. says:

      Don’t worry you are on the Labour list to go for Bradford West?


  43. 91
    Victory 4 Elvis says:

    Daz Procter (Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts) 62

    David Bishop (Elvis Loves Pets) 72


  44. 95
    NelsonsGoodeye says:

    Sack Dave, get a an “old fashioned” tory in as PM. Only way the conservative party can survive. 1922 committee, where are you?


  45. 99
    EU. You can fuck right off. says:

    I’m not particularly wanting bankers to get ginormous bonuses but that is the UKs remit to sort out and fuck all to do with the EU.

    The EU is meant to be a single market trade club and not a platform for those with communist ideals to create a federal Europe.


    • 107
      Taxfodder says:

      spot on!


      • 125
        Boris knows what is right. says:

        Yesterday, Dave could have told the EU to fuck off and both won votes and protected Britain’s sovereignty. But he didn’t, Boris did though.


        • 192
          Crabtree says:

          Boris is pro-EU, surely.


          • EU Watch says:

            Boris appears to be pro-Europe, but has no truck with the EU.

            If he had said any different yesterday, he would be found swinging under Blackfr!ars bridge. Boris is not a fool.


  46. 103
    Taxfodder says:

    New coalition eurosceptic leader now, or lose the next GE…..

    A simple choice, the time for waffling and wrist wringing is over.


    • 183
      Oddly Helpful says:

      Strange that radio commenters, whether tory or market research experts both came out with the same ‘lead from the middle’ line when saying what to do about the ‘UKIP threat’,


  47. 112
    Limpdicks says:

    That was close! Without the postal voting scam we would have lost!


  48. 113
    Hang The B@stards says:

    Oh Dear !

    the airways are full of UKIP the new “protest” vote.

    The LibLabCon just don’t get it do they ? Times they are a changing, the Plebs are revolting against the EU machine.

    The EU is dead, long live UKIP


    • 186
      dame alistair stewart says:

      as usual i will be appearing in the long running pantomime that is itv news. usual time, usual place, usual shite.


  49. 115
    Gelert says:

    A great result. The Lib Dem victory should preserve the coalition with Clegg’s position much safer. Despite their performance Labour are the big winners here – UKIP polling 20 percent will hand Milliband the next election with biggest landslide in British electoral history.

    If the Conservatives are going to stop UKIP they have two choices.

    1. Hold an in/out referendum before 2015 in return for a UKIP pledge not to contest the 2015 election whatever the result of that referendum.

    2. Enter into an electoral alliance with UKIP for the 2015 election.

    On current polling this “Alliance” should win a comfortable majority in 2015.

    I can only see the UKIP challenge getting stronger. No amount of policy tinkering and “promises” from Cameron and Co are going to cut it. Eastleigh is a game changer i.e. the Conservatives are history unless they embrace options 1 or 2. I don’t think Cameron will be able to deliver option 1 which means the conservatives will have to embrace option 2 which will mean ditching Cameron.


    • 123
      Hang The B@stards says:

      Your analysis is flawed.

      Look at the increase in UKIP voting. then add the momentum of the EU elections which will be a UKIP landslide. All this before 2015.

      UkIP will be polling 30%+ everywhere. Which means a vote for UKIP means a UKIP MP.

      Only those committed to the LIBLABCON status quo are blind to the UKIP surge


      • 154
        Anonymous says:

        If a vote for UKIP means a UKIP MP there will be plenty of Golf Club bar takings taking a huge hit.


    • 136
      A pact with the europhile devil? No thank you. says:

      Why would UKIP do a deal with Cameron? He is a Europhile FFS. Only yesterday he let the EU dictate how much British banks should pay British workers. it was left to boris to tell the EU to fuck off.


    • 137
      Chris S says:

      Spot On !


  50. 116
    damned impertinent questions says:;_ylt=A7x9QbxAZDBRJX0ApzlLBQx.?p=you%20tube%20league%20of%20gentlemen%20dave&fr2=sb-top&fr=mcafee&rd=r1


  51. 118
    damned impertinent questions says:;_ylt=A7x9QbxAZDBRJX0ApzlLBQx.?



  52. 119
    Dave's Checklist says:

    1. Failed to dismantle BBC propaganda machine. Check
    2. Failed to stop postal voting fraud. Check
    3. Failed to secure electoral boundary change. Check
    4. Certain of humiliation in 2015. Check


    • 134
      Dave's Checklist Addenda says:

      5. Completely fucked up energy supplies and fuel prices. Check.
      6. Wasted money, energy, and effort to visit Father Christmas Land. Check.
      7. Completely fucked! Check.


  53. 121
    Big Jon says:

    Quick analysis

    1. Libdems. Not good. Given they have just about every seat on the council, this result is a bit of a disaster. They should have walked this.

    2. Conservative. Was wild hope they would win, but against well-oiled local candidate, seriously, they never were going to do it in a bi election where lib dems have a superb local machine.

    3. Labour. Actually, this is the worst result of all for the big three. They will say, well we weren’t expected to win, or even do well. But even they, as the party aspiring of government, will be worried that so few people in the South they would also have to make inroads into did so badly.

    4. And last, UKIP. Really a total disaster for them. If they can’t win a bi election when the Conservatives are so unpopular (so we are told) and the Lib dems are having their own little difficulties, to not win shows they will probably never win.

    So, one victor but no winners.


  54. 122
    One Term Dave says:

    Whatever the vote in Eastleigh, me and George are still the dream ticket.


  55. 128
    Person from Porlock says:

    Which MP is going to jump ship first today?


  56. 131
    Guy Martin to win TT2013 says:

    Conservatives would have done better if they’d had an electable candidate instead of that appalling woman


  57. 132
    Chris S says:

    UKIP will almost certainly come top in the Euro elections ( on PR, remember ) and will take millions of votes off the Conservatives and Labour in the local elections.

    Dave is going to come under real and increasing pressure and I doubt whether he will survive as leader till 2015 because a deal will need to be done before the General Election.

    UKIP can’t win the general election but on this upward trend they will certainly cost Cameron any chance of even getting the most seats so we will end up with a Lib-Lab coalition.

    Two left wing parties led by Ed and Vince will be a complete disaster for the country and we will never get any meaningful renegotiation or a vote on the EU.

    A deal will be resisted because it will cost Cameron his job but Conservative backbenchers will make it happen. It’s just a matter of when.

    Nigel Farage is a cunning operator : He will wait till after the Euro elections but will be just as keen to do a deal before 2015. Let’s hope it happens !


    • 144
      Hang The B@stards says:

      Wrong. Your just a LibLabCon sympathiser.

      If there is a coalition it’s going to have to be with UKIP


    • 151
      bergen says:

      I suspect you’re right that the Euro elections are starting to look an absolute nightmare for Dave and that we’re on course for another Lib/Lab pact in 2015.No doubt it will then be followed by a resumption of the Tories’ internal civil war.


  58. 133
    Anonymous says:

    The average voter in the Uk as i see it is very simple.
    Lib/dems vote for Lib/Dems,even if they have run over their mother.
    Labour vote Labour,even if they have run over their mother.
    Tory vote now let me think they have run over their mother shall i vote for the Cons or not
    Welcome EDD the next Prime Minister


  59. 138
    Reactions to results says:


    Dave – Third is not bad is it? It’s trying really hard and we will learn the lessons but it’s not bad. George, you’re good at figures, third’s not bad is it?

    George – Well, Prime Minister, in the same way that increasing the debt by record levels is actually controlling it, third’s pretty good. Look, last time we came second out of fourth and this time we’re third out of lots more so that is really, really good.

    Liberal gropers

    Nicholas – Despite the protest vote that a governing party always gets in mid-term and the disgusting antics of the former member, we managed to hold on to a seat. That is a real victory. (Phew thank God for Nigel otherwise this would have been totally disastrous. Did I say that out loud?)


    Nigel – Bloody hell that was a bit of a close run thing. A few more votes and we would have had to have thought what we would do with a Member of Parliament. Oh the shame that would have made us feel – what an unclean thought.


    Ed – See I told you Wunanshun would work!

    Beer, baccy and crumpet party

    Which part of our platform didn’t the voters understand?


  60. 141
    Must get a pseudonym one day says:

    UKIP need to take lessons on ‘managing’ the Postal Vote – that’s the margin-maker these days.

    I’m sure Galloway will offer some consultancy if the price is right.


  61. 143
    (I don't need no doctor) says:

    The one thing that stands out is the decision of Nigel Farage not to stand at Eastleigh.


    • 185
      Anonymous says:

      Eastleigh always was going to be a LibDem hold.

      Farage is just biding his time until the right opportunity arises.


      • 212
        alexsandr says:

        it was right of farage not to stand. He needs to show they are not a one man band and the excellent candidate at Eastleigh demonstrates more depth.


  62. 145
    One Term Dave says:

    I get the message. The electorate wants me to make more promises and to talk a lot tougher.


  63. 146
    Nigel Farage the Saviour of Britain says:

    Vote for my Party

    Down with the nasty Tories

    We are real xenophobes who want Britain to thrive as

    the money laundering, frauding and financial manipulation

    capital of the world…

    Why do you think the Russians love us? and all those drug barons?

    And all those Indian and other non doms?

    You cannot see the contradiction in what I am saying then?


    • 150
      Nurse says:

      Time for medication dear.


    • 153
      FT correspondent says:

      Not to speak of asset stripping private equity crooks

      “Hedge funds” which renege on their debts etc…

      And the list is long…


    • 157
      The Gay britain hating BBC says:

      Yes that is exactly how the Polly brain dead at the BBC present any viewpoint that defends Britain or presents Britain in a good light.


  64. 147

    Guys, never mind this by-election nonsense — let’s get on with the important same sex marriage legislation


  65. 149
    Gay (BBC accredited) Dave says:

    This is what happens when a tory leader pins his hopes on being elected by the homosexual BBC liberal vote and not by the Conservative vote.


    • 156
      One Term Dave says:

      Having got the gay community on board, my next electoral target will be the transgender community.


  66. 155
    where the blind lead says:

    How many postal votes did the libdems get? That is the only question that needs asking, what proportion of the libdem vote came from postal votes we have yet to find out. Postal voting is the modern method that corrupt parties use to get the result they want. You can imagine how many nursing home patients found they have voted libdem without knowing it, or even what day it is or even their own name and student digs with 20 postal votes per address.


    • 220
      Big Momma says:

      Postal voting is the elephant in the room that ALL political parties are trying not to see.


  67. 158
    The last Briton says:

    Many have said on this blog for a long time

    UKIP will sink what is left of the Tory Party

    And guarantee eternal clusterfuck-ups from Empty Ed and his Balls

    The front men for Lord Cashpoint Levy and the hedge fund operators of Hampstead…


    • 167
      PM Miliband and DPM Hughes says:

      I can feel the hand of destiny on my shoulder! (well the hand of Big Len McLuskey)
      The centre right are split! Hurrah! In comes my Wunashun! Ballsy unleash the spending!!!


    • 168
      Thursday child is thick in the head says:

      Two local council elections held where I live, the NuCons held one and gained one normally deep in Liebour territory , the one they held 32% voted and the one they gained 16% voted, UKIP is still in the boondocks.


  68. 159
    Moral Collapse Blair has no shame says:

    The bank I advise believe you should sell sterling short

    I am proud to have definitively ruined Britain…

    But I am now scuba diving in the Indian Ocean with all my ill-gotten loot…

    I am even catching up with all of Mandy’s and Natty’s pillaging Russian friends…


  69. 163
    Ex long term Tory supporter says:

    To summarise. Cameron is a useless tosser. The conservatives are going the way of the Liberal Party 90 years ago.

    Cameron has resulted in them being Finished. Dead. History. FUCKED


    • 174
      Anonymous says:

      Could you please be a bit less ambiguous?


    • 179
      Yvonne from the Colliers Arms Clydach says:

      Mr Cameron is my Prime Minister.

      He is also your Prime Minister.

      I would ask you to show him a bit of respect. Describing him as “fucked” is far from that.

      He is a truly marvelous man . He is always inviting people around for chill and rice and is a great lover of animals .

      He likes cats and horses.

      He does not go around blowing up twin towers and he does come from a good stockbroking family so there !


  70. 170

    Thith isth a gweat victowy for my party , our share ofth the vote wose by a massive 0.02%
    thanks mainly to my gweat uncle Bert and my aunty Ethel oh and that man fwom the post offith


  71. 172

    “Its all Labours fault, and Europes” I hear someone shout, followed by, “this proves we must not change course and everything we are doing is right.”

    Back in the real world the voters have sent a clear message. Pity I didn’t have Cleggs job for while I am very pro Europe I would also offer an in/out referendum. Why? because Europe will only succeed in the long term if the will of its people are behind it. And if Britain wants to be excluded that is its right. To be honest I am really suprised that Europe has put up with the decades of constant “we are special we deserve special treatment” in one form or another.

    I reckon Farage would have won if he had stood, for while we clearly diverge over the EU, I myself would have voted for him as a protest vote due to the p*”@ poor performance of our government.

    If any Labour bods are here ask yourself why people like me, born in a council estate, dont vote labour. Might be hard to swallow, but if you can impress people like me you might even win the next election. You should after all have been my natural choice. Yet I at one time joined the Tory party.


    • 202
      Crabtree says:

      Most of us here are pro-Europe but ANTI-EU.
      Got that ?
      Enough of the deliberate confusion.


  72. 176
    Yvonne from the Colliers Arms Clydach says:

    I would like to wish the new member for Eastleigh well and hope he is even more successful than the last incumbent of the office .

    I would also like him to confirm in open correspondence he has never indulged in any extra marital sexual activities which have so bedeviled this constituency in the past.

    I would also like him to email me details of all expenses claims he makes on a daily basis now that I have Excel.


    • 181
      Phil from Pentonville says:

      And if this new Mp wants an Ipad darling he can get the one back from the last guy because we paid 600 nicker for it .


  73. 178

    I would like to DP Clegg


  74. 184
    Tosspot says:

    Dave has not done his sums, Wind Power & Gay Marriage will not win votes from a large part of the electorate, Europe is also a contentious issue…


    • 187
      SLIMON HUGHES says:

      “Wind power and Gay marriage ” Is there an uneasy relationship between the two ?


      • 189
        chris huhne says:

        i shall shortly be getting married to several perpetually horny well endowed black men.


  75. 188
    Anonymous says:

    The sex offenders register must be really long in Eastleigh. That and an awful lot of speed cameras.


  76. 190
    Please God says:

    Please. pleeese, pleeeese let evidence come forwards that Libdem rigged postal vote.


    • 198
      Anonymous says:

      Watch the liblabcon close ranks when it comes to postal voting fraud. All sorts of shenanigans went on in Barking back in 2010 by all accounts.

      Our bent political class could teach Putin a thing or two when it comes to getting the ‘right result’ in elections.


  77. 214
    Anonymous says:

    Nothing to celebrate here Guido. Right Wing parties out-poll socialists by 3: 2 and end up with … a sandal-socialist. Good luck in South East LittleEnglandshire in 2015.


  78. 222

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