February 19th, 2013

Clegg’s Women Problem

Clegg may want to go back to the drawing board with his new soundbite for the LibDem spring conference. He’s planning to attack the male “presenteeism culture” in parliament. Catchy…

LibDems are drawing up “job-share” plans to help female MPs that include sharing portfolios. Before he gets carried away with plans for government, Clegg would do well to remember his own party has just seven female MPs. And their seats are not that safe.


  1. 1
    Kebab Time says:

    Job sharing?

    The people that usually have more than one job ( as mp) , job sharing?


  2. 2
    Lounge Lizard says:

    Does Sarah Teather come under the heading “female”?

  3. 3
    Calamity Clegg says:

    We may not have many MPs but they’re all two-faced double-dealers.

  4. 4
    Ian Bumboy-Smith says:

    Make the fuckers stack shelves for nowt and let them eat Tesco’s Value meats.

  5. 5
    F5 key says:

    I have been bashed all morning

  6. 6
    keredybretsa says:

    Cleggy sounds a bit Cloggy, wooden headed and bunged up.

  7. 7
    Butch Dave says:

    I could murder an Indian.

  8. 8
    Centre Parting says:

    In true Liberal style, the male MPs ‘seats” aren’t safe either.

  9. 9
    Monkey Spanker says:

    Their seats are not that safe when Handycock is around.

  10. 10
    Pryce Watch says:

    Jury started late, old news now. The reason is ironic though:

  11. 11

    In 2015 the Liberal Democrats will be restored to their rightful position in Parliament:

    5 seats.

  12. 12
    Mark Oaten says:

    Chocolate log anyone?

  13. 13
    Chris Bryant says:

    Dirty boy.

  14. 14
    Polly Tax says:

    Polly’s house cost her 1.59 million in Feb 2011. It is in valuation band G which is currently £2,213.75 per year.

    How much will her friends Nick and Vince be charging her?

    NW3 2BS

  15. 15
    Calamity Clegg says:

    Clegg’s so unpopular, he could stand for president
    of Iran and he’d still lose to Madmood Ahmadinnerjacket.

  16. 16
    Joke candidate for a joke party says:

    John O’Farrell has never made me laugh.

    Until he stood for parliament.

  17. 17
    Point of Information says:



    Puts this:

    In a very different light. Meow.

  18. 18
    Owin Jones says:

    “You’ll miss me when I’ve gone”

    Owen Jones dig at snipers

  19. 19
    Ben Bradshaw says:

    I’ll only eat a Tesco value meal if it’s 100% horse cock.

  20. 20
    Attenborough says:

    Female meerkat.

  21. 21
    Mike Handycock says:

    I could molest a mong.

  22. 22
    john@loggerheads says:

    Only to a very very broad and generous mind.

  23. 23
    This is who Labour who want to protect says:

    A jobless mother of 11 has threatened to move out of a custom-built six-bedroom council house if it does not meet her needs.

    Heather Frost is moving into the £400,000 home so her family no longer has to live in two houses knocked together.

    The 170sq m (1,850sq ft) property has two bathrooms, two living rooms and an open-plan kitchen diner.

    But Ms Frost said: ‘It’s being built especially for me. If I go there and I say to them I don’t like it, or it’s too small, then they will just have to build me a bigger one, won’t they?’

    The 36-year-old first fell pregnant aged 14 and has given birth to nine daughters and two sons before cervical cancer left her sterile in 2011.

    Ms Frost is a grandmother – her eldest daughter, Sophie, 22, has a two-year-old son. ‘Some other mums have called me a slag but I love all of my children,’ she said. ‘I’d love to have more kids if I could.’

    Neighbours in Churchtown, near Gloucester, have reacted with anger to Tewkesbury borough council’s decision to build her a new home.

    ‘It’s a complete disgrace. She’s got way too many kids as it is. She treats her womb like a clown car,’ one said.

    Robert Oxley, of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, added: ‘It’s scandalous that so much time and taxpayers’ money is being spent on one custom-built mansion.’

    But Derek Davies, of Tewkesbury borough council, said: ‘We have a duty to provide appropriate accommodation to people who are at risk of homelessness.’

    The Department for Work and Pensions plans to cap benefits at £500 a week in April regardless of family size

  24. 24
    WVM says:

    Dwarf first.

  25. 25
    Johnny says says:

    Don’t care if MPs are male or female, I just want competent ones.

  26. 26
    Who he? says:

    Au contraire, mon vieux.

  27. 27
    V1le, spiteful Labour ruined my Country says:

    It probably is! I don’t think the LimpDumbs should worry about their female MPs, they won’t have any after the next election!

  28. 28
    Hang her as an example says:

    Pity she didn’t become sterile at age 13.

  29. 29
    Fact Hunt says:

    Whatever happened to the the practise of the best qualified man or woman getting the job?

  30. 30
    Tosspot says:

    I would have thought being in the Lib Dem Party, their seats are quite safe.

  31. 31
    dennis says:

    Women are meant to look after the kids while men go out into the world as bread winners, why can’t these fucking pervs get it into their thick skulls?

  32. 32
    Owin Jones says:

    Can anyone recommend a fabulous right wing political blogger?

  33. 33
    Lord Stansted says:

    ditto male MPs

  34. 34
    Anonymous says:

    look at your shadow…the moreblessed the smaller the shadow.
    now try to remove the shadow? only poss if the light is immediately above.but that person is blessed.
    is all truth in the shadow…if so the shadow is honest.
    but the shadow is nothingfor itcannot be held….a zero in a physicalsense.
    so can the infinite one win…ever?
    so what cane before infinite…must be something mightier….. it allstarts and ends with a zero….as ultimately this is our including god’s greatest longing…but as as the desire of cat is out of the bag….hence the sc apparent conundrum. a cat in a radioactive box. if she movesshe dies…if she does not is she alive. some pplblow off on the help……lessness of othur. and rightly so.theyreveal the biggest truth. despite our scientiic and technologically driven speciality lite life. hence everyone has a pryce…..but then.

  35. 35
    Anonymous says:

    Not much “racial diversity” either.

  36. 36
    V1le, spiteful Labour ruined my Country says:

    The council is mad, they should put 2 or 3 secondhand caravans together if she is not paying rent and is on benefits.

  37. 37
    Joe says:

    … who don’t thieve lie spin and cheat?

    # You’ll have a long wait

  38. 38
    Casual Observer says:

    How about Owen Jones after a bad day and a few beers ?

  39. 39
    Dianna Fatbutt says:


  40. 40
    ukiponmybeastsofa says:

    Only inbred west country idiots vote Libdem (or those mongs in the highlands)

    Vote UKIP

  41. 41
    ukiponmybeastsofa says:

    Im all in favour of racial diversity
    They stay where they belong and I live in my own land without them

  42. 42
    Michael Gove says:

    All potential MPs should be made to take and pass the 11 plus. That will improve the competence of Parliament no end.

  43. 43
    Vazeline says:

    Vaz is a traitor and expenses cheat. Put him, Owen Jones, Mehdi Hasan, Sadiq Khan, Polly Toynbee, Len McCluskey, Bob Crow, Lee Jasper, Shahid Malik, Jacqui Smith – actually the entire Labour party – onto a rocket bound for the sun.

  44. 44
    The Faucet Society says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    You don’t actually believe in that rot, do you?

  45. 45
    Jacqueline Dromey says:

    I don’t fall into any of those categories.

  46. 46
    David's Cabinet Colleagues says:

    We’re gay.

  47. 47
    Joss Ayinglike says:

    It would certainly clear the Opposition benches.

  48. 48
    RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:

    Oooh, look ! A bandwagon. Wait for me !!

  49. 49
    Anonymous says:

    Sarah Teather comes in at a shade under 3′ 10″.

  50. 50
    Tea Cup says:

    Quite. Cut out the ugly and dumpy-looking ones; how many are left?

  51. 51
    Mr Muff says:

    Well there are only two blondes, which look half fuckable after a can of Watneys party 7…

  52. 52
    Casual Observer says:

    I’m not sure giving them all columns next to Guido is appropriate. That would wreck a worthy tabloid.

  53. 53
    No steps forward 100 steps back says:

    Why do they need to pass the 11+, they are great mathematicians just check out their expences and friends they hang around with, whats needed is what they want to do with plod, pay them by performance, if they’re crap as most are , the taxpayer will benefit.

  54. 54
    Bollocks to getting a pseudonym says:

    The snipers will have to learn to shoot properly, won’t they?

  55. 55
    Bollocks to getting a pseudonym says:

    Put the caravans together, put the whole scummy clan in the caravans, apply petrol and matches. The taxpayer saves a few grand a year, there’s a slight dent in the over-population, someone more useful can have a home, and there’s probably a slight drop in crime. As Del Trotter would say, everyone’s a winner, apres moi le deluge.

  56. 56
    Private_Schultz says:

    And of those 7, the hamster, Teather, has already been rejected as useless…

  57. 57
    Red Egg Millitit.....National Socialist. says:

    Why bother? They are heading into the wilderness :)

  58. 58
    Con Artists says:

    There are two issues here.

    1) the fact she’s had loads of kids.
    clearly that’s irresponsible in my book if she can’t afford them, and shows breakdown in education system and possibly family units.
    But that’s a choice she made.

    2) Building her a house.
    The council is under an obligation to provide her with a house.
    There is no debate on that, its the law.
    That is not her choice, that is the Governments choice. And thus as the people who vote for governments, it is also our choice.

    Just as all councils are under an obligation to provide anyone else with 7 kids a big house if they live in the UK. Such as illegal immigrants, or legal immigrants from Bulgaria or Romania as of Jan 2014.

    Worrying about this lady is therefore, in perspective, futile.

    Its like worrying about a spilt glass of water as a tsunami bears down upon you.

    In this case, a tsunami voted for by the plebs of the UK… Those who complain only have themselves to blame.

  59. 59
    Basil Jopling says:

    Do I have to apologise for being a man now .


  60. 60
    Dead in the water says:

    I am a member of the superior sex and proud of the fact.

    I will apologise to no one.

  61. 61
    Rinka Scott says:

    Never turn your back when there is a Liberal in the room

  62. 62
    Jimmy says:

    It’s a logical development from points sharing I suppose.

  63. 63
    Scusemequeen says:

    They may not have many women MPs but make up for it by having plenty of gay men ones. As for presenteeism – what does it mean? The Chamber is empty most of the time and MPs have longer holidays than anyone except teachers!

  64. 64
    Tuition Fees Fund Foreign Aid says:

    ditto Nick Clegg

  65. 65
    Juj jeff says:

    No excuse – get an earlier train.

  66. 66
    Catty Comment (Ms) says:

    Well, the second half of the postcode is spot on!

  67. 67
    Catty Comment (Ms) says:

    It’s fairly countryfied round that way so can’t they find an empty barn somewhere instead?

  68. 68
    Catty Comment (Ms) says:

    I don’t remember voting for the Federated States of Europe, and neither do I recall being asked for my views on any of the [however many treaties it is nowadays] that our traitorous politicians signed us up to behind my back.

  69. 69
    Catty Comment (Ms) says:

    Competence is in the eye of the beholder – or who you or your aunt Maud know.

  70. 70
    Curly says:

    .. and unejerkatid styoodents in Shefild.

  71. 71
    Curly says:

    If you refer to the 11+ of the 1950s, you can guarantee a 99% fail rate. Just listen to most of them speak if you need any further evidence.

  72. 72
    Catty Comment (Ms) says:

    Many of us knew that over 40 years ago mate. It’s only thick-headed troughing MPs and their hangers on who failed to see the wood for the trees.

  73. 73
    Catty Comment (Ms) says:

    presenteeism = the opposite of absenteeism. Hope that helps.

  74. 74
    T'Old Fella says:

    “Clegg would do well to remember his own party has just seven female MPs.” now as a percetage of seats compared to Cons higher, same with Liebore (what did happen to B’Liar’s Babes)

  75. 75
    T'Old Fella says:

    Is anybody?

  76. 76
    T'Old Fella says:

    He would lose in Iran anyway even if the bearded one was not there

  77. 77
    T'Old Fella says:

    Spitting Image certainly made me laugh, strange it stopped when B’Liar and Broon got into government, he was shooting thro’ open goals though, imagine what could have been made of the years 1997-2013, Prezza being egged, printers and nokias being thrown

  78. 78
    T'Old Fella says:

    Why not, Geedo is not afraid of a very little competion is he

  79. 79
    T'Old Fella says:

    If she turns it down the council have fulfilled their obligations, so it would be back where she left

  80. 80
    T'Old Fella says:

    What do you want, the moon

  81. 81
    T'Old Fella says:

    Including Gideon’s start in working life, does that say anything?

  82. 82
    Con Artists says:

    But Eastleigh is being asked in a couple of weeks. And the rest of us in a couple of years…

  83. 83
    SaltPetre says:

    Whoever gave women the vote, right to drive a motor vehicle and access to Parliament as a career should be shot.

  84. 84
    Four-eyed English Genius says:

    Blair’s Babes demonstrated why many consider it a bad idea to have female MP’s.

    (Balls’ Buffoons and Cameron’s Huhnes demonstrate why many consider it is a bad idea to have male MPs and Clegg’s Clots can be ignored)

    I think there should be more women MPs, but most women are too sensible to get involved in all that bollocks!

  85. 85
    Mine d'Boggles says:

    You may well be right – I took the 11+ in 1951 without knowing much about it having been abroad for three years. It was a hell of a shock, but I ended up at Michael Portillo’s alma mater Harrow County School for boys. It was tough, though the staff were good. Anybody remember Mr Eagers (? spelling), he was a bit off the wall (that’s why I remember him).

  86. 86
    Jimmy says:

    In terms of sheer productivity, these are impressive numbers, and ultimately a far greater contribution to society I suspect than anything Mr. Oxley has ever achieved.

  87. 87
    Anonymous says:

    But what will happen to the comiedienne Teather ?

  88. 88
    athelstan says:

    au contraire they are all old wimmin.

    Your not classing two rent boys Mark Oaten or bi guy Simon Hughes as “male are you?

    Let’s scrap their salaries and halve their expenses and then see who still wants to be an MP.

  89. 89
    Grollace says:

    The first-class idiot has few cards left to play – so why not have a go at a bit of Political Correctness just to annoy the present administration just a little bit more, yes, really get under their skin after successfully tying its hands and preventing it from enacting any sort of meaningful legislation?
    The electorate will have had its patience completely exhausted by these slimey political creatures that will stop at nothing to gain electoral appeal, even at the expense of the nation and its people.
    This is no longer a Coalition in power. It is more like what the police used to refer to as a good, old fashioned “domestic”.
    Who is backing the odds that this government will not last its full term. The Tories will not support a leader who is doomed to failure, (as this one surely is).
    Is it a coincidence that the temperature in Bombay is a sizzling 32C – about 25 degrees warmer than leaden-skied London. They all do it – don’t they? – swanning off to warmer climes at taxpayer’s expense whilst the Prols freeze, unable to afford the rocketing energy costs, subsidised by Al Gore’s Green Bank.
    The Britons sorely need some politicians who are truly going to represent the people. I can not see any of those in the present cabinet.

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